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Victor destroyed the newly hung portrait in Jack's office. Victoria tried to convince Nikki to stay away from Brad. Billy paid a surprise visit to Jill. Katherine announced that she was Mac's grandmother.
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Victor destroyed the newly hung portrait in Jack's office
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Victor vows to destroy Jack

Victor vows to destroy Jack

Monday, June 21, 1999

by Nel

Victoria returned to the ranch, elated. She told Nikki all about the board meeting and how it had ended in a hung jury because Ashley had abstained from the vote. Nikki was surprised, but she was sure that although Victor didn't regain control of the company that day, Victor would regain control of his company after he persuaded Ashley to vote in his favor. With Victor's return, Victoria said she didn't envy Jack and Brad. Nikki was surprised that Ashley hadn't voted with Jack. Victoria warned Nikki not to do anything in an attempt to help Victor. She claimed that Victor needed to handle the situation himself. She stated her surprise that Victor hadn't knocked Jack out when he'd walked into the office.

In Jack's office, Victor ranted about how Jack was a backstabbing coward. Jack ordered Victor to leave because Jack had a company to run, but Victor stated he wasn't done yet. Victor looked at the portrait of Jack and Brad over the fireplace and yelled that there was a problem. He wanted to deal immediately the with backstabbing and conspiracy. Jack claimed that what he and Brad had done had been strictly business and pointed out that Newman Enterprises had been going downhill and that he and Brad had saved it.

Victor accused Jack of conspiring to get Diane Jenkins a seat on the board. Victor stated that it was a known fact that he had decided to step aside until the rumors had died down. He said that Jack had known it wouldn't be a permanent arrangement. Jack countered that key people didn't want Victor to return. Victor said he hadn't realized how bitter Jack was. Jack told Victor to leave because he had work to do, but Victor refused to leave until he'd had his say. Victor said that he hadn't built his company to have it taken away by the likes of Jack. Jack claimed that was how John had felt when Victor had taken Jabot away from him.

Victor said that he would step on Jack and would grind him into dust. When he'd finished with Jack, there would be nothing left. He accused Jack of being in league with Michael Baldwin to finagle a seat for Diane Jenkins on the board, and as a reward, Michael would get a seat on the board, as well. Jack claimed that Michael was bright and would be an asset. Victor stated that neither Diane nor Michael would sit on his board, but Jack reminded him that it was no longer Victor's board.

Victor said that Jack had bitten off another chunk, and he vowed that Jack would choke on it. He told Jack to enjoy his leadership while it lasted because he didn't care how long it took or how much it cost -- he would leave Jack with nothing. He stated that Jack was deceptive, contemptible, and untrustworthy, and the door was ready to close on him. In his rage, Victor removed the portrait of Jack and Brad that hung over the fireplace, and he smashed it over a bust. The portrait was destroyed, and the frame broke into little pieces. Victor yelled that he would destroy Jack. Still in a rage, Victor walked to Jack's desk, picked up a pencil and snapped it in half. Once again, he yelled that he would destroy Jack, and he walked out of the office.

Brad was having a drink at Gina's when Ashley walked by him. Brad called out to Ashley and asked her to join him. Ashley sat down reluctantly and warned Brad not to make any attempt to guilt-trip her for abstaining from the vote. Brad asked if it was still a hung jury after Victor's influence on her. Brad stated that she'd always been vulnerable with Victor. Ashley reminded Brad that she'd been vulnerable to him, as well. She said that Victor hadn't made any attempt to influence her. Brad saw that as a different approach on Victor's part. Ashley said that she'd been against the takeover from the beginning. She wanted the dust to settle before she cast her vote.

Ashley noticed Brad's mood and commented that there was more going on with Brad than the vote. She wanted to know what was going on. Brad claimed he'd wanted to have a drink with someone he believed was on his team. Ashley said that business had always been a game to Brad, and she wanted to know when it had become personal. Brad said that since Victor's return, reality had set in. Ashley asked if that reality included a blue-eyed blonde named Nikki. Brad denied it, but Ashley commented that Brad hadn't only wanted Victor's company, but he wanted Victor's wife, as well.

At the shelter, Mac told Katherine she didn't appreciate people telling her what to do. Katherine smoothed Mac's ruffled feathers and asked if Mac planned to stay, because as troublesome as Mac was, Katherine had become used to having Mac around. Mac claimed the same thing about Katherine. Katherine asked why Mac had returned and if she'd changed her mind about going back to her grandmother's house.

Mac vehemently stated she would never go back there again, but Katherine tried to convince her to try one more time. Mac said she didn't want to deal with Jill. Katherine suggested that Mac grab a bite to eat, and they would talk later. Katherine claimed she had something she needed to do. After Mac left, Katherine said that Mac was closer to her grandmother than she knew.

When Mac returned, she asked Katherine why it was so important that she reconnect with her grandmother. Katherine said it would be the most important thing in both of their lives. She encouraged Mac to go, but Mac wanted Katherine to go with her. Katherine said that Mac needed to go alone and that her grandmother would be thrilled to meet her. Mac said she needed to have a shower and change her clothes, but Katherine assured her that her grandmother would be thrilled to see her the way she was.

After Mac left, Katherine called Esther and asked where Jill was. Esther explained that Jill was at the office and that something big was happening there. Katherine told Esther she needed Esther to do something, and she didn't want any questions. She informed Esther what she needed her to do.

At Jabot, Malcolm approached Jill's office, but he heard what sounded like moans of pleasure from the other side of the door. He hesitated then decided to knock. Jill invited him in. When he entered, he saw Nash was giving Jill a massage to loosen the tight knots in her back and shoulders that had been caused by stress. Malcolm said he wanted her to look at some photos for their ad campaign. Jill was impressed with the photos and approved them. Malcolm was about to leave, but Jill asked him to stay. Jill said she wasn't in a rush to leave because there was a conspiracy at home, and it had been driving her crazy.

Malcolm received a call from Olivia, who was in San Francisco at a seminar. She told Malcolm that her seminar was done, but she'd been asked to participate in another one the following day. Malcolm told her to do what she wanted because she would do what she wanted to, anyway, and he disconnected the call. Jill invited Malcolm for a drink, but he claimed he needed to work.

Alone in her office at Legal Aid, Christine wondered how to tell Paul there was no baby.

Mary arrived at Paul's with a pot roast, very excited. She told Paul that Christine needed to cut back on her hours. She provided Paul with a book of baby's names. Paul told Mary that they didn't know if Christine was pregnant yet, but Mary ignored Paul and said she'd waited a long time for the day to arrive when there would be a baby. Paul teased that she wouldn't have a problem babysitting. Mary said she wouldn't mind babysitting "her." Mary said she had a feeling it would be a girl. Paul said it was too early to pick names because they hadn't had any confirmation that Christine was, in fact, pregnant.

Paul told Mary that he'd never loved anyone as much as he loved Christine, and to produce a child with her would be the icing on the cake. Mary promised she'd cook for them every other night, and she insisted that Paul had to get Christine to cut back on her workload and relax more. Christine arrived. Mary told her that she'd brought them a pot roast. Mary happily announced that Christine was eating for two. Christine wasn't amused and walked to the desk to check the mail. Mary told Paul to make sure that Christine got some rest. At the door, Mary congratulated Christine and mentioned that she'd left a book with baby names for them.

After Mary had gone, Paul asked if Christine wanted to look through the baby book. Paul saw that something was bothering Christine, and he asked what the problem was. Christine informed him that she wasn't pregnant. Disappointed, Paul said it hadn't been the right time for them, but they would try again. Christine thought it was sweet of Paul to suggest they go out for dinner or a movie, but she wanted to stay at home and take a hot bath. Paul thought it was the best suggestion for both of them. After Christine left the room, Paul picked up the baby book and looked heartbroken.

Mac arrived at Chancellor estate, and Esther opened the door. Mac told Esther she didn't want to enter if Jill was there because she didn't want to deal with her. Esther assured her that Jill wasn't there, but Mrs. C. was. Left alone, Mac looked around the room in awe then decided she would leave. She was about to head toward the door when Katherine descended the stairs and asked if Mac was leaving. Mac was stunned and just stared at Katherine, unable to comprehend that Katherine was her grandmother.

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Victor returned to the ranch and told Nikki about his meeting with Jack. Nikki was shocked when she heard Victor boast that he was going to destroy Jack if it was the last thing that he did. What really seemed to frighten her was the calm voice in which Victor made his threat.

Sharon met Tony at Crimson Lights to find out how he was doing since he was out of jail. He told her that he was staying with Grace and that Grace was the one who had bailed him out. Sharon asked him if he'd heard about Grace's testimony, and he said that Grace had told him about it. He said that it wasn't her fault, but Sharon wasn't buying it. She warned him about getting close to Grace again and said that she would only hurt him again in the end.

Tony said that there wasn't anything romantic going on with him and Grace. He then asked about Sharon and Nick. She said that Nick had been great since the custody hearing had started, but she still wasn't sure where they stood as a couple. She admitted that he was still sleeping on the couch, but they were acting more like friends than a married couple. Tony advised her that they needed to find out what they had left between them.

After talking about the board meeting, Victoria asked Nick how his marriage was going. Nick admitted that he wasn't sure where they stood. Victoria advised him to talk to Sharon and try to put the marriage back together before it was too late.

When Sharon returned home, Nick was making plans for a romantic evening. He poured wine and told her that he wanted to talk to her about something serious and important. She wanted to talk to him, also, but when she did talk, it was about her worry over Alice and Cassie. Just as Nick began to talk to her, the phone rang, and it was Tony. Nick had to wait for her to finish her conversation before he could talk to her.

When Sharon hung up, Nick poured more wine and began again. Suddenly, Sharon stopped him and asked if he'd heard something. Nick said that he hadn't, but Sharon was afraid that Cassie was having another nightmare. She said that she needed to go check on her. Nick tried to tell her that he really wanted to talk, but he told her to go ahead and see to Cassie.

Malcolm and Jill had left the office and were enjoying a beer at Gina's. Jill told him that she still didn't feel like she was at home at the estate. She said that it should change soon, as she was hoping that her son could stay with her for the summer. She said that there was a lot out there for them to do. Jill went on and on about how much Neil had helped her with her son. Malcolm became dead quiet.

When Jill finally noticed that Malcolm wasn't responding, she asked if there had been a falling-out between the Winters brothers. She said that siblings were always having little tiffs, but they were still siblings. He said it was more serious than that. Once again, his phone rang, and when he answered, it was Olivia. She asked if she was interrupting, and he said that she was.

Olivia said that she would be brief. She told Malcolm she had decided to stay for the second part of the conference. She said that she would call and explain to Nate. He told her not to bother; he and his son would do just fine without her. Jill questioned his tone with his wife. Malcolm told her that he and Olivia had split up, but that was all that he wanted to say about it.

Cole was proud of Ashley for the way she'd voted at the board meeting. She was surprised, since she thought he would have wanted her to vote for Victor. He said that he just wanted her to do what she thought was best. After he left the room, Ashley settled down to do some work, but Jack stormed in, furious with her for not backing him up at the board meeting. He said that she had turned her back on him and the family just when he'd needed her the most.

Ashley tried to get Jack to understand where she was coming from, but he wondered what their father would say when he found out that she'd turned against them. She said she wouldn't stand there and be accused of what she hadn't done and turned to leave. Jack grabbed her arm and turned her back to him just as Cole walked back into the room. Cole demanded that Jack take his hands off Cole's wife. When Jack said it was between him and Ashley but didn't remove his hand, Cole knocked his hand off Ashley's arm.

Jack and Cole squared off and were about to come to blows when Diane walked in on everyone shouting. She asked what was going on, and they told her that it was just a family disagreement. Ashley dragged Cole away, leaving Jack and Diane alone. When Diane tried to find out what was going on, Jack turned on her and said that it was all her fault. She asked how it could be her fault, and he reminded her that since she had moved in here, she hadn't tried to get along with his sister and her husband.

Diane failed to see how that could cause what she had walked in on. She also reminded Jack that it hadn't been easy for her, either. She said that he had never once backed her up. Jack talked very harshly to Diane. He began to rant about how he had to take everything from everyone, and he was tired of it. It was time that he began dishing it all out to everyone else. He failed to notice when Diane turned and walked out of the room.

Mac demanded answers from Katherine. She asked one question after another, but before Katherine could answer her, she had another question. Katherine finally had her remain quiet long enough for Katherine to explain that it had been a long time before Mac had said the name of her grandmother. There had been no way to know that she was that grandmother. As to why she hadn't told Mac before she'd left, Katherine said that she had been in shock. She promised that she would answer all Mac's questions the following day after they'd had a good night's sleep.

Mac admitted that it had been a couple of days since she had slept. As she was getting ready to go back to the shelter, Katherine told her that she was already home. Katherine had Esther take Mac up to her very own room. "This is my home?" Mac questioned. Katherine told her that she was family.

Jill walked in, ranting about her terrible day and night. She said that she when Malcolm had taken her back to the Jabot parking lot, she had found that someone had let the air out of all her tires. She said that Malcolm had driven her home. After Jill went upstairs, Esther said that the night was nothing compared to the surprise waiting for Jill in the morning.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

Victor was sitting at his desk while a growing mob of reporters was gathering outside the door. Neil walked in, and Victor thanked him for his loyalty while Victor had been gone. Neil said no thanks was needed. Jill barely made it past the crowd and into Victor's office. He thanked her, too, for her loyalty and said that her and Neil's actions in the board meeting hadn't gone unnoticed. She told him that they'd always known that he would return and had never given up hope.

Victor said it was time to let the world know that "Victor Newman is back!" Jill opened the door, and a large group of reporters, including Leanna Love, poured into the office. "What is she doing here?" Victor demanded. He wanted Neil to throw Leanna out. Neil and Jill both convinced him that that would be the wrong thing to do. They didn't need to make a scene. Victor had to agree but told them both to keep an eye on her.

The interview began with Victor announcing that he fully intended to retake Newman Enterprises. Leanna Love asked him if he had forgotten about the obstacles in his way, namely Jack Abbott and Brad Carlton.

Nikki was staring out the window at the ranch when Victoria walked up and asked her about the worried look on her face. Nikki said she was thinking about the board meeting and how Victor might need some help "to move things along." Victoria hoped Nikki wasn't still thinking about her plan to get close to Brad as a way to spy on him and Jack. Victoria didn't trust Brad and told her mother so. Nikki said that she had to do it to help her husband. They continued to argue the point until Nikki made Victoria promise not to tell Victor. Victoria agreed as long as Nikki would think about what she was planning to do first and be careful.

Paul and Christine were having breakfast at Gina's. She tested him to see if he was paying attention, as he seemed distracted. They talked about their disappointment that she wasn't pregnant yet, as they had hoped. They would just keep trying.

A messenger arrived with a package for Christine. The social workers report and a message from the judge were enclosed. She began reading the report and told Paul that it didn't favor Sharon or Alice, as the social worker hadn't made any final conclusions as to who Cassie should live with. Christine decided not to tell Sharon and Nick about that, since it wouldn't change anything. She remarked to Paul that it was "frightening how even the race appears."

Nick woke up, still thinking about the night before and how things needed to change for him and Sharon. Sharon arrived downstairs, said good morning, and asked how he had slept. He replied, "Only so-so." She admitted that she hadn't slept well because she'd had too much on her mind. She told Nick that she'd had the impression that Nick had wanted to tell her something the previous night. He said he'd thought the same thing about her. She went for coffee.

The phone rang, and Nick picked it up. It was Christine, who told him the social worker's report was back. She said the judge wanted to reconvene the hearing that day. Nick told Sharon about the call. Sharon remarked that at least it meant no more visits for Cassie with Alice, and they could all get on with their lives, "whatever that means." Nick asked her what she wanted it to mean. She said she wanted a secure home for her daughter.

Nick acted disappointed. Sharon asked him to tell her what was wrong with him. He reminded her that he loved Cassie, too, and thought of her as his daughter, also. Sharon asked him if he planned to be in court with her that day, in view of all that was going on with his dad that day, too. He assured her that he would be there. They went upstairs to dress for the hearing.

Trish and Megan were having coffee at Crimson Lights. Trish was still going on about her possible pregnancy and how Ryan had been in such a foul mood lately and had even been drinking. She was "suffering" right along with him. Megan wasn't very sympathetic. She thought Trish should take a pregnancy test, and if it was positive, she should tell Ryan. That wasn't what Trish wanted to hear. She accused Megan of not giving her any support; she got up and walked out on Megan.

Tony went to Grace's office. He had been job hunting, with no luck. As soon as he had to answer the question "Have you ever been arrested?" on the applications, the interview was over. Grace offered to loan him money to buy the tools he needed to start his own auto repair business. He thanked her for being his friend. Grace wondered if it would eventually lead to them being even more. When Tony gave her a disparaging look, she demanded that he stop denying his feelings for Megan then and asked how the meeting she'd set up between him and Megan had turned out. He told her that he'd left before Megan had shown up and that it would be best if he never saw her again.

Megan was still at Crimson Lights when her friend Marnie showed up. She saw Trish leaving and asked about the bad mood she seemed to be in, wondering, "Tony again?" Megan said it was not "this time." It was just that she couldn't tell Trish exactly what Trish wanted to hear. Marnie asked about Tony, as she was anxious to hear how it all turned out. "At least you have a life!" she told Megan, quipping, "I have to live vicariously through my friends." Megan decided, against Marnie's protests, that the best thing that she could do was to march over to Grace's office and just confront her regarding Tony.

Michael Baldwin was reading his copy of the social worker's report when Alice rushed in. He asked her how her latest visit with Cassie had gone. She told him that she hadn't thought he'd cared. He informed her that he was in the case to win. He could tell from the look on her face that the visit hadn't gone very well.

Michael told Alice that, from the report, the social worker believed that she was sincere and really did want to be a mother to Cassie. There was room for optimism. It proved that Alice was not the woman that Sharon had portrayed her to be and that Alice had a good, kind heart. He told her to "hang in there." Alice promised that she would be a wonderful mother.

Paul dropped Christine off at the courthouse as Nick and Sharon arrived. Sharon asked about the report. Christine avoided telling her about it by saying that court was about to start. When the judge called for the first witness, the social worker, a woman walked up to the stand. Neither Michael nor Christine knew where the original guy was.

Trish went back to her apartment and called for Ryan as she walked through the door. She was surprised to find him up and dressed. He told her about Victor's return and how it was only a matter of time until he had his old job back, a job he loved. He apologized for his recent bad behavior toward her. He was in a hurry to get to the office to see what was going on. After he left, Trish pulled a home pregnancy test out of her purse.

Megan was at Newman Enterprises, asking for directions to Grace's office. A secretary pointed out the way. As she reached the door to Grace's office, she heard Grace and Tony talking inside. They were arguing about Megan. Grace agreed to drop the subject if Tony would tell her how he really felt about Megan. As Megan listened outside the door, he admitted that he loved her and probably always would. He added that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Back in Victor's office, Leanna asked about his ordeal in the desert. Victor glared at her and gave a brief description of his plane crash and rescue. He didn't admit that Cliff had actually held him captive. Leanna pressed him for details and accused him of ducking her questions. She then asked about the woman involved, the one he hadn't mentioned. Nikki and Victoria were watching the press conference on the television at the ranch.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

Megan stood outside Grace's office and heard Tony declare his never-dying love for her, and she was happy beyond description. Inside the office, Grace said that he had finally admitted his true feelings. She would help him as much as possible and promised never to bring the subject up again. She said that she had a meeting to attend and left the office. As she opened the door, she found herself face to face with a smiling Megan.

Grace said, "I guess you must have come to see me, but I'm sure you would rather see someone else. Here he is; he's all yours!" She left, and Megan announced that she loved Tony, also. She went to him and kissed him. He told her that what he had to say didn't mean anything; nothing had changed. She said that she would never give up on them having a future together and walked out of the office with the same dreamy look on her face.

At the press conference, Victor was ambushed by questions from Leanna Love. She wanted to know about his time as a "captive" in the desert. She asked him about the mystery woman who had called his daughter but hadn't helped him to leave the desert. Victor tried to get the conference back on track and talk about Newman business, but all the other reporters took up the chant and had questions about the mystery woman and his relationship with her. Victor finally called off the press conference.

Meanwhile, Victoria and Nikki were home, watching the press conference. Nikki grew more and more rattled as the conference progressed. She didn't understand why Victor was protecting the woman and admitted that her mind had wandered to places she would rather not go whenever she thought about Ramona. Victoria tried to reassure her mother, but it was impossible to completely free her from doubts.

After Victoria left and Nikki was alone, Nikki got a call from Brad, who had also been watching the press conference. He felt that it was the time when Nikki was possibly at her weakest. He asked her how she was doing, and when he heard the tension in her voice, he asked her to lunch. Nikki said that with Victor back, she couldn't, but he wondered what was wrong with two old friends having lunch together. She agreed to meet him at the Lodge. Hanging up, Nikki wondered what he was up to and decided that she would soon find out as she rushed upstairs to get ready for lunch.

Grace met with Brad and noticed that he looked preoccupied. She wondered if he was worried about his position since Mr. Newman was back. Brad assured her that they were very well entrenched. He wondered if she was having second thoughts about which side she was on. Grace told him that she was on his and Jack's side "now more than ever."

Brad asked why, and Grace explained that she was still on the blacklist as far as the Newmans were concerned. She told him about testifying for Sharon and Nick in court and that it had backfired. Instead of being grateful for her at least trying to help, Sharon still would not give her the time of day. "You did the best you could, didn't you?" Brad asked. When Grace said that she had, he told her not to worry about it.

In court, a woman named Miriam was called to the stand. Both sides of the courtroom were puzzled by her appearance in place of Ted, the social worker. When Michael rose to make an objection, the judge told him to sit back down; she would give him an explanation for what she was sure he was objecting to. She then explained that Ted had suffered a heart attack that morning and would be unavailable to testify for a long time. They were lucky that his associate understood Ted's notes enough that she could testify and interpret his thinking on the subject.

Miriam testified that in order to be fair and start both parties off on equal footing, certain facts had to be factored out of the equation. First, they had to assume that abandonment wasn't a regular thing as far as Alice's behavior was concerned. In talking with her, he felt that it was a one-time thing and that she was rehabilitated. Therefore, he proceeded from the point that she was the legal mother and deserved custody. Second, since there was such a big difference in the financial standing of the Newmans and Alice, they had to discount that fact from consideration. Therefore, even though Alice didn't have money, a job, or any job skills, she was on an equal footing with the Newmans, who could give Cassie everything that she would ever need. Once he had leveled the playing field, there was no way he could recommend one above the other.

When Christine cross-examined Miriam, she tried to find out why Alice's behavior in the past wasn't used against her. Both Miriam and the judge told her that Alice had to be treated as if she were the natural mother, and so far, the state wanted to keep children with their mothers, no matter what the mother had done in the past; the future was all that mattered. They were unable to explain to Christine just how or when this rehabilitation had occurred. Next, Christine tried to bring up the support of Cassie. The judge ruled that inadmissible because the state didn't take children away from parents simply because they didn't have a job, job skills, or money to support the household. When Michael questioned Miriam, he has her testify that Ted had seen only good in Alice.

Christine called Nick to the stand next and had him testify to his feelings for Cassie. He said that between Noah and Cassie, there was no difference in his mind and in his heart; he was their father, and he loved them both. However, when Michael cross-examined him, he attacked not Nick's love for his children but his marriage. He wanted Nick to prove to him that he had a strong marriage rather than just a sham of a marriage.

Once the press conference was over, Victor was alone with John Silva, Jill, and Neil. Victor demanded answers to his questions, the first of which was the legality of the takeover. John said that Jack and Brad had been very careful to do everything by the book. When Neil and Jill reminded him that Jack and Brad had had the support of the stockholders, Victor wanted to know how they'd been able to convince the stockholders that they were doing a better job. They quoted the profits to Victor, but he didn't believe that was enough. They told him about how everyone felt that Victor's life was out of control with all the scandal and that he was losing his touch.

Neil said that although they were on Victor's side, even he and Jill had had to wonder when proof had been given about his carelessness. Victor was stunned to hear that Jack had claimed Victor's deal with Forrester had been for 200 million dollars. He corrected them, saying it had only been 20 million dollars. They said that they had seen the flow sheets themselves. Victor concluded that, somehow, they had gotten into his computer and changed the numbers. He said that that was an illegal act, and he would see them both in jail, where they belonged.

Jill returned to her office and was delighted to find Billy waiting there for her. She grabbed him and hugged him tightly. She was very happy to see him. He said that John had sent him; John had heard that she'd wanted to see him, so there he was. Jill gave him another hug as she babbled on about how excited she was to see him.

Nikki arrived at the Lodge, dressed to kill in a little black number. At the entrance, she was assailed by doubts about what she was doing there, but before she could change her mind and leave, Brad saw her.

Friday, June 25, 1999

In the courtroom, Michael Baldwin asked Nick how stable his marriage really was. Nick admitted they'd had problems, but they were on the mend. Michael brought up how sexual infidelity might affect the marriage and asked if it was true that Nick had slept with Grace Turner, Sharon's best friend. Nick responded that it had been one time only and not an affair. He insisted it had just been one horrible mistake.

Michael then turned around and said that Alice had also made one terrible mistake. He asked if she should be forgiven. Christine objected, but the judge wanted to continue. Michael suggested that maybe Nick and Sharon were acting like they were back together to convince the judge to give them Cassie. He suggested that it might be a worse situation than only having one parent.

Nick got upset and told the judge that he knew how much he had hurt Sharon and that it would take time for her to heal. He felt that they had become closer and closer because of Cassie, and there was nothing phony going on. He then told everyone that his marriage was the most important thing in his life, and he stressed how much he loved his wife. Recess was called, and Nick and Sharon stared at each other and slowly left the room.

Alice told Michael how amazing he was. He felt he had made the judge question the honesty of the Newmans. When leaving, Christine stopped Michael. She said she couldn't believe she had helped him get his license back. She implied that she would get the goods on Alice if he didn't start playing fair. She left, and he appeared very worried.

Jill and Billy reunited, and Jill started making plans for the summer. He told her to hold on because he had plans. He was going whitewater rafting with his buddies. He could stay with her one week then and one week later in the summer. She was disappointed but reluctantly agreed. They started to make plans for the week. Before he left, he told her he was sorry if she was disappointed and said he knew all about how busy schedules could mess up plans. She looked guilty as he walked away.

Nikki met Brad at the Lodge. After hesitating for a moment, she joined him at the table. She ordered sparkling mineral water, and he ordered the same. She suggested he might want something a little stronger. They talked about Victor being home again. She was glad he was home but upset that he would have to focus on work so much. Brad brought up the press conference and the fact that Victor had been with Ramona all that time. Nikki got tears in her eyes and wondered what had really happened between them. She then asked Brad how she could be sure she could trust him. He said she couldn't be sure unless she gave him a chance.

Victoria found Victor at Newman Enterprises and told him again how happy she was that he was back. The reason she'd dropped by was to tell him about a program that Memorial had started to help with AIDS Awareness. She was making a contribution and challenged him to match it with a donation from the Newman family. Victor was proud that she was involved with the program. The conversation went back to Nikki, and Victoria said she hoped he didn't neglect her while trying to get the company back. Victor assured her he wouldn't. She tried to ask about Ramona, but he dodged the question. He called home to invite Nikki to dinner, but she was out, so he and Victoria decided to go to eat at the Lodge.

After a good night's rest, Katherine and Mac met downstairs at the Chancellor estate. Mac thanked Katherine for letting her stay there. Katherine suggested they eat and then go shopping for some new clothes. Mac said she wasn't ready for that; she still had to get used to the fact that Katherine was her grandmother. She had never had a family, and it was a major scenery change.

The conversation switched to Jill. Mac said she had just left home to get away from that kind of environment, and she didn't want to get in the middle of this one. Katherine begged her to stay. Mac said they should both go back to the shelter, but Katherine said she was not a runner; she was a fighter. She shouldn't let Jill run her out.

Nick and Sharon arrived at home and talked about what had happened in court. She said that she had been waiting for the "knife in the gut" feeling, but it had never come. She told Nick not to let it get to him. She had been affected by what he'd said in court, and he said he hadn't just been talking to the judge. She said she was surprised to find he felt that way about her, and he was shocked. Neither could believe the other hadn't known how they'd felt. She got some wine, and they talked about all the time they had wasted. They embraced and shared a passionate kiss.

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