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Ryan was not happy about Tricia's pregnancy. Katherine asked Mac to live with her at the Chancellor estate. Katherine arrived home and shocked Jill. Victor romanced Nikki, but Leanna Love's broadcast spoiled their evening.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 28, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, June 28, 1999

Special Thanks to Judy Hanna for her input in today's recap.

Strange things are happening at Jabot today for it seems the employed are nowhere to be found, and the fired are hard at work. Nina finds Ryan in his Jill's office preparing papers with high hopes that Victor will regain the company and he will have his old job back soon. Nina is looking for Jill to give her Phillip's address at camp but Nina is worried about how Jill's strange behavior lately might affect Phillip. She thinks that running Katherine off has Jill "hearing ghosts" at night but Ryan tells her that her writer's imagination is getting the best of her. Talk turns personal and Ryan tells Nina that she is a great mom and she responds that she couldn't have asked for a better father for Phillip. In fact, Nina's even offers to bury the hatchet with Tricia, which Ryan thinks is a wonderful idea. He asks how things are going with Brett and Nina smiles and replies that things are great. When they return to the discussion of Ryan's employment future, Nina suggests to Ryan it might be time to move on from Jabot. After all, there's too been much bad blood, not to mention the high stress level. It can't be good for family life, Nina assesses, and wonders if Ryan and Tricia might be expecting the pitter-patter of little feet in the near future. Ryan seems appalled at the thought and Nina tells him she's not trying to get into his business, but a new child would affect Phillip deeply. She would need time to prepare Phillip for the idea and Ryan says not to worry, as Nina won't have to do that soon.

Megan and Tricia discuss whether or not she should take the pregnancy test Tricia bought. Tricia snaps that it took a great deal of courage for her to even buy the test and she doesn't need any pressure from Megan. Despite Tricia's foul behavior, Meg insists on being with her sister. Tricia thinks Ryan would be surprised at first if indeed she is pregnant but she's sure that Ryan would love the baby. Megan replies, "If there even IS a baby." Tricia finally decides to take the test. Later, Tricia and Meg are staring at the home test and neither one looks thrilled.

After Megan leaves, Tricia stares out the window. Ryan comes home and asks if he got a letter from Phillip. He's excited because he finds one waiting for him. He mentions his talk with Nina and Tricia seems agreeable to Nina's suggestion of burying the hatchet. Tricia then suggests a change in lifestyle. Ryan wonders if she's going to quit school and tells her that she needn't do that because of his job situation. When Ryan guesses that Tricia is thinking of moving into their first house, she tells him that will probably be the next step and then she drops her bombshell -- she's pregnant. Ryan is shell-shocked.

Jack enters the house and slams the work he's brought home down, clearly mad at the world. Diane comes down the stairs and speaks but Jack is less than civil. When she asks Jack about dinner, he tells her he'll fend for himself and insults her minute culinary repertoire. Diane thinks he's tense and starts to rub his shoulders but Jack stops her. When Diane says she doesn't like having her head bitten off every time she opens her mouth, Jack replies maybe she should consider keeping it shut. He immediately apologizes when Diane mentions that she's supported him in every way -- especially in the boardroom. She suggests Jack should be taking his anger out on Ashley, gets angry and stalks past Ashley who is coming downstairs. Later, from the apartment, Diane calls a mud facial-clad Marissa demanding to see her and orders her to break her impending date, even when Marissa states that she really likes this man.

After Diane leaves, Jack greets Ashley as "Lady MacBeth." Jack decides that he should never have brought Brad in as his partner, siting that it would have made more sense for Ashley to have been in on it from the beginning. Ashley is livid and tells Jack she doesn't appreciate his tactics. In fact, she's worried about Jack's reputation in the business world.

At dinner, Brad asks Nikki if she trusts him. She responds that she doesn't and it should be obvious why after the stunt he and Jack pulled. Nikki starts to leave, but Brad talks her out of it. Meanwhile, Victor and Victoria enter The Lodge. Once they are seated, Victoria makes a pitch for rehiring Ryan, but Victor doesn't know when he'll be able to do that. He promises Ryan will be rewarded for his efforts. Victor rants about Jack running "his company" and can't decide which one is worse, Jack or Brad. Victoria asks about the "mysterious woman" and Victor assures her that their paths will likely never cross again. Victoria reminds his father not to neglect her mother and Victor switches gears and decides to call Nikki but his cell phone is dead. Victoria's breath is taken when she sees Nikki and Brad across the room and she sends her father out to the payphone so she can do some damage control. Brad tries to get Nikki to admit she has feelings for him, but Nikki says it's only friendship. Brad mentions Ramona and what she was doing with Victor all alone in the desert and Nikki tells him he's being cruel. He also mentions that Nikki never had to worry about his loyalty when they were together and Nikki agrees. Victoria arrives and informs her mother that Victor is there and Nikki and Brad are able to slip away unnoticed. Victoria looks both disgusted and intrigued. When Victoria and Victor rejoin each other, Victoria asks about the press conference and Leanna Love's questions. She thinks saving his life must have created a bond, but Victor makes nothing of it. They discuss Ashley being the fly in Jack's ointment and this causes Victor to ask if Victoria still has feelings for Cole. She claims that Cole is history now and she won't make waves. Victor believes that Ashley is the weak link in the Board vote. Victoria remembers her mother and Brad and comments that Ashley may not be the only one. Diane walks in and tells Marissa that she appreciates the fact that Marissa put her plans on hold. She really needed someone to talk to tonight. Marissa looks less than enthusiastic, but before Diane can give Marissa the old "sob story," Victor shows up at their table and asks to join them.

Leanna Love and her cameraman go in the diner looking for Ramona. Leanna tells him to keep the camera out of sight because Helena threw her out when she was here the last time. They order cherry pie alamode and their wait is considerable. Finally, the object of their interest enters and Leanna declares that this is going to be her best piece of work ever.

Sharon and Nick kiss passionately and Nick asks Sharon if she's sure he's what she wants. Sharon, in return, asks Nick if this is what he wants. Nick tells Sharon he loves her so much and Sharon stuns him with a request to make love. They ascend the stairs hand in hand. Candlelight and music set the scene for their anticipated passion. Slowly and erotically, Nick and Sharon undress each other, stopping frequently to murmur, "I love yous." The two make torrid love, covering every inch of the other's body. In the afterglow, Nick tells Sharon nothing will ever tear them apart again. Sharon replies she loves him now and forever. Again, the two make love, this time more slowly and deliberately. Sharon asks Nick if he really meant it when he said forever. "More than you'll ever know," Nick assures Sharon. Nothing will ever come between them again. He would rather die than live without her. The depth of his words re-ignites Sharon's passion again and she becomes the aggressor for what seems to be yet another session of lovemaking.

Tuesday, June 299, 1999

Jack is fuming when Mamie comes into the living room. She mentions that she heard a lot of raised voices coming from in there. Jack says that she should speak with his sister about it. He tells her that Ashley has turned her back on the family. Mamie says that knowing Ashley, if she is going against the family, she must have a very good reason. She tells Jack that he shouldn't forget that his family is the most important part of his life. She warns him that if he keeps pushing the family away, he will soon lose them.

Nikki returns home to await Victor's return. When there is someone at the door, she wonders if it is Victor. Opening the door she is surprised to see her friend, Katherine, standing there. She says that she had given up ever seeing her friend again. She soon realizes that Kay doesn't know what has been happening while she was away. She fills her in on what has been happening at the office and about Victor's trials in the desert. When she brings up the "other woman," Kay assures her that she is Victor's only love.

At the Lodge, Victor asks if he can join Diane. Diane looks at Marissa and she takes the hint and leaves. Victor thanks Diane for trying to delay the board meeting until he returned. She tells him that she really means it when she says that she is glad that he is back and alive. He apologizes for the hurt he has caused her. When she doesn't respond to his wishes, he accuses her of still being bitter about the divorce. He says that there is nothing he can do about that now; it is all water under the bridge, but she doesn't need to let it color the way she lives from here on out. He tells her that she is a smart, independent woman. He urges her not to let anyone dictate to her how she should vote. She accuses him of trying to get her vote. He says that it doesn't matter how she votes. He will be getting his revenge in any case. But he tells her that he believes she is decent deep down and he wants her to listen to her inner voice in making her business decisions and not to Jack. Going back to his table, Vicki asks what he was doing talking to Diane. He says that he is working on getting his company back and having Diane on his side will be a definite benefit.

Paul and Chris are about to leave for their date with Nina and Brent when Lynn comes into the office. They invite her to come along but she says she already has a date. She is going to the Jazz Festival at the Depot; she obtained tickets months ago. Paul is impressed because the concert is sold out. They wish her a good time and leave. Right away, she gets a call and it is from her date. She is disappointed when he has to cancel the date.

Diane returns home and Jack says that he has been worried about her. She tells him that she went out to dinner. As she is less than friendly with him, Jack tries to tell her that he is sorry. But Diane keeps telling him that she doesn't want to talk to him. She is tired of being the "whipping boy" in the house and almost didn't return at all. Jack finally apologizes for the way he has been acting. Diane doesn't know whether to believe that he is serious or not.

Ramona enters the diner and is talking with her friend about her ordeal. Leanna goes to the counter long enough to overhear that this is the right person. She goes back to her partner and tells him to start the camera. Speaking really sweetly she begins a conversation with Ramona. The owner of the diner tries to throw them out but Ramona says she doesn't mind talking to Leanna. The owner is about to toss them out anyway but she gets an important phone call. While she is away, Leanna asks some innocent questions to throw Ramona off guard then she slips the big question in. "So, when did you and Victor Newman become lovers?" Leanna asks. Ramona is shocked but Leanna continues to fire questions about them being lovers. The owner comes back and orders them out of the diner. Leanna whirls around and tells the cameraman to take some background questions. She repeats the questions that she asked Ramona then says that it is a wrap. They leave. Ramona isn't worried because she only told the truth. Her friend isn't so sure, however.

Paul discovers that Brett is a baseball fan. He says that Gina has a TV set in her office. He suggests that they take their beers to the office and catch the first inning of the game while the girls catch up. Later, Paul and Chris leave. Brent asks Nina if she has been thinking about them moving in together. Nina still isn't sure about that move. Brent thinks that she is concerned about what Ryan will say but he tells her that nothing has changed between the two of them as far as he is concerned.

Tricia tells Ryan that she has just taken the pregnancy test and it was positive. She has a big smile on her face but Ryan is shocked and upset. He can't believe that this is happening to him and at this time, especially since Tricia was on the pill. Tricia says that she is happy that she is having his child; she is disappointed when Ryan isn't happy. She is unhappy and accuses him of not wanting their child. She leaves the room in despair.

Marissa ends up at Gina's and tells her how she had to cancel a date to fly to her bosses side. Then her boss dismissed her just like that! Just then, Lynn arrives at Gina's for dinner since she can't go to the jazz festival. She tells Gina her problems and asks if she would like to go to the festival with her. Gina says that it is a busy night and she is short staffed. Lynn resigns herself to another lonely night. Marissa joins her and Lynn remembers her from the other day. Marissa says that they are both in the same boat; she lost her date for the night also. When Gina returns, she wonders why the two of them aren't using those tickets. Marissa had already said that she was planning on going to a disco club with her boss. Lynn says that it isn't disco but if she is game, they have 15 minutes to get to the Depot.

Wednesday, June 30, 1999

Ryan is on the phone talking with the doctor's office trying to set up an appointment for Tricia. She walks in on this. After he hangs up, with hurt in her voice she proclaims that he doesn't want this baby! He says that isn't it, the timing is just all wrong. Their discussion escalates into an argument. Trish declares that "sometimes things just happen!" Ryan says in this day and age they don't have to. "You're telling me that you aren't ready, aren't you?" Trish asks. He says that the timing is just awful. Trish thinks that he will get used to the idea. He insists that they visit the doctor for another test as he doesn't trust the home test results.

Billy and Jill are up early, talking about the concert that they went to last night. Jill is so happy to have him with her, she would do anything to keep him happy. They decide to go horseback riding. Billy goes to the stables to check out the horses while Jill goes upstairs to get dressed. Jill thinks to herself how they are a "real" family again!

Cassie is playing in the living room when Nick and Sharon come down the stairs laughing and cuddling. She takes notice of this and asks Nick if this means he is finished sleeping on the couch? Nick confirms that he and Sharon are back together. Cassie says this is just like a fairy tale, a happy ending! She adds that they are a real family again and nothing can hurt them now!

Lynn is already hard at work when Paul and Chris walk in. They compare notes about their evening last night. Chris and Paul discuss Nick's testimony yesterday and how Michael Baldwin made Nick admit his affair with Grace. This really hurt their case! They could use Millie's testimony if they could only find her! Paul suggests that maybe Al could help? Chris doubts if he would help them now since they had him arrested, but Paul still wants to try to find him. Chris is worried that Alice might actually win back custody of Cassie.

Birdie and Mac are at the shelter. Birdie asks about Kay and Mac tells her about the mansion, pool, grounds, etc, and how Kay wants her to live there with her. Birdie can't believe that Mac hasn't jumped at the chance! Mac explains that she couldn't handle Jill...the tension. Birdie says she would give anything for the chance to live like that! She thinks Mac should be able to just avoid Jill in such a big house, and if not, stand up to her! Give it a shot! Mac thinks Birdie is pushing her and wants her to stop.

Katherine and Esther are discussing Jill and how she doesn't know Katherine is back yet. is Nikki, she wants to hear the whole story about where Katherine has been! Kay begins by telling her that she had to either leave the house or kill Jill! Nikki remarks that Kay may have made the wrong choice! She tells her about almost jumping off a bridge, getting mugged, and ending up at the shelter. The experience was meant to be as it gave her time to was good therapy. Kay tells Nikki about meeting Mac but doesn't tell her that Mac is also her grand daughter! When Nikki suggests that Katherine just give Jill the house, Katherine says "No way!" She has decided to fight Jill. After Nikki leaves Kay tells herself that it is time to find Jill and "get it over with!"

Nick and Sharon walk into Paul's office, smiling, happy, and announce that they have good news! Chris guesses that they have reconciled. Nick asks if this won't help their case when Sharon testifies today. Chris says it's not that simple. The Judge won't be convinced that they aren't lying. One night won't prove anything! Sharon wants Cassie to testify and tell the Judge how happy they all are now. Chris feels this is too risky and wants to just wait and put Alice on the stand after Sharon. She says Alice won't look so good. Sharon is really worried about Michael Baldwin's cross examination and how he will try to make her look like a bad mother.

Megan arrives at Trish's apartment and they discuss Ryan's reaction to the news that Trish is pregnant. Trish tells Megan that Ryan thinks it was an accident and doesn't know that she intentionally tried to get pregnant. Ryan walks into the room as the phone's the doctor's office. They can be seen by the doctor immediately. Ryan thinks this is good, they can find out for sure!

Jill comes downstairs ready for her ride with Billy. He comes in and informs Jill that he has changed his mind about horseback riding. What he really wants to do is drive into town and check out the local action, without his Mom tagging along! Jill is visibly hurt, but gives him her car keys and follows him to the door. He hurries away barely looking back to say goodbye.

Sharon is on the witness stand. Chris questions her about Cassie amid numerous objections by Michael Baldwin. The Judge advises Sharon that she still has a long way to go to convince her that she is responsible enough to get Cassie due to the fact that Sharon kept Cassie without the legal rights.

Jill walks back into the house dejected. She is thinking about Billie and how she can convince him to stay with her. She couldn't bear it if he left! Kay walks in.."Hello, Jill!" Jill has a look of surprise on her face when she sees Kay, then she smiles.

Back in court, Sharon tells the Judge that Cassie never mentions Alice, she hated the visits with her, and she "freaked" at the thought that she might have to go back and live with Alice. Michael Baldwin begins his cross-examination by declaring that Sharon and Nick both hate Alice! He shouts that they have brainwashed Cassie with their negative feelings for Alice! Chris jumps up and objects and she and Michael begin a heated argument in the courtroom. The Judge is pounding her gavel on the bench shouting for "Order in the court!" Sharon just sits there shocked at the scene before her!

Thursday, July 1, 1999

Pandemonium reigns in the courtroom as Michael Baldwin attacks Sharon and Christine tries to object to his actions. Once the judge gets the court back to order Michael again attacks Sharon trying to get her to admit that she and Nick have brainwashed Cassie into fearing and hating Alice. He tries to show the judge that Sharon and Nick have spoiled Cassie with a life of luxury---big houses, elegant grounds, swimming pools and stables. Sharon tries desperately to deny these allegations and Christine tries to object, but the judge wants to hear it all. On redirect, Christine is able to put into evidence Sharon's testimony that she has never "bad-mouthed" Alice to Cassie; she would never do that to her daughter. When Christine finishes with Sharon, she rests her case but says that they may call one more witness later IF they can find her. Paul enters the court room and tells Chris that he wasn't able to get any information from Al.

Billy stops by Crimson Lights and runs into Nina. She can't believe that he has grown up already. After she tells him that Phillip is at camp, she asks him how long he will be staying. He says that he will be leaving soon; he doesn't want to hang around with his mother. Nina tells him that his mother has been going through a lot of changes and needs him right now. Billy says that he has made plans of his own and doesn't want to get hung up with his mother. Nina says she remembers what it was like to be 16, but now she knows what it is like to be a mother also. She says that it won't kill him to stay around a while and hold his mom's hand.

At first, Jill is unhappy to see Katherine back home and accuses her of spoiling everything for her. Kay can't see what she is spoiling unless Jill has some nefarious plan underway to rob her of her home. Jill storms out but later returns, contrite, and apologizes for her behavior. She wants to bury the hatchet but Kay wonders why she would want to do that and what Jill would expect in return. Jill says that she is glad she is home but can't she just go back to where she has been staying---just for a little while? Kay asks what she is up to and Jill tells her that Billy is back and she wants to spend some time with him. Kay guesses that Jill thinks that she would spoil things for Billy with the constant bickering. Jill begs Kay to understand and give her this time with her son; she reminds Kay that she knows that Jill loves Billy more than anything in the world. Before Kay can answer, Billy comes in calling out for his mom. He comes in to where Jill and Kay are talking and there is a friendly conversation. After he leaves to go upstairs, Kay tells Jill that she has a charming, level-headed son and she would never take her vendetta out on him. As she is leaving, she drops her bomb: she will expect something in return. What? Kay tells Jill not to worry; she will know soon enough.

The judge tells Michael to call his first witness and he calls Alice to the stand. He leads her through several tender memories of her and Cassie when she was a young child. She admits that she left when Cassie was about three but she always kept Cassie in her heart. Michael then asks her about her reunion with Cassie and despite the testimony of Sharon that Cassie was afraid of Alice, she says that they got along very well. She testifies that Cassie relaxed after a while and they had a good time together. Michael asks her about what she can give Cassie and Alice says that she can't give her the luxuries that the Newmans can, but she thinks that a lot of children have grown up without all those luxuries and private school and THEIR OWN HORSE. She admits that she hasn't got a job but she has been doing home study and learning data processing. She has been assured that she can get a job as a temp and when she gets more experienced, she can get a regular job. Michael sits and Chris gets up to cross examine her. She concentrates on her relationship with her mother. Alice says that she was close to her mother, but Chris gets her to admit that they weren't that close. Chris brings out that she didn't approve of her mother but she left her daughter in her care anyway. She accuses Alice and some other person of hiding Millie so that she can't come into court and testify as to what an unfit mother she really is.

Jack is waiting for Brad at Gina's and he is very annoyed that Brad is twenty minutes late for their meeting. When Brad shows up, they argue about each of them having their own private agenda as far as this takeover is concerned. Jack lets it slip that he has probably lost Diane's vote and he isn't sure at all about Ashley's vote. He rallies and tells Brad that their ship is in danger of sinking if the two of them don't settle their disagreements and pull together. He says that despite all their differences in the past, the fact is that he did pick Brad to work with, mainly because he has the ability to stay calm under fire. He reminds Brad that the two of them have accomplished a lot in just a short while. Then Jack tells him that he has a plan for a counter attack. If they are successful, Newman will never be able to get rid of them. He wants to know if Brad is on board for the next step; it is a win/win situation.

Nikki comes downstairs calling for Victor and realizes that he has already left for the office---so what else is new, she asks herself. Miguel tries to temp her to going poolside for breakfast but she isn't interested, no matter what he offers her. He finally says that he made fresh croissants just for her and Nikki gives in and says that she will be out by the pool. When she leaves, Victor comes into the room and remarks that that was a hard sell! After Miguel brings a feast to the pool, Victor comes out and surprises her. As they are laying in the lounge and kissing, she suddenly hears music. She looks up and two Spanish guitarists are playing romantic music for them. They continue to enjoy their lovemaking while the music plays on. Eventually they get up and dance. She says that she wishes it were like this every day and he promises that it will be. A little later, he says that he will send the musicians away and they can go to their bedroom. However, the phone rings and Victor answers even though Nikki begs him to let it ring. Victor obviously gets some bad news and tells Nikki that he has something to take care of and he will be right back. Victor goes into the house and turns on the TV. The Leanna Love show is about to air and she announces that she has an exclusive for her audience. She has the whole story of how Victor Newman survived in the desert and how he was rescued. She has the exclusive interview with the new woman in Victor Newman's life. As Victor shakes his head, he doesn't realize that Nikki has entered the room and is also watching the screen.

Friday, July 2, 1999

Nikki and Victor watch Leanna's interview with Ramona. Leanna has edited the actual interview to make it seem as though Ramona has confessed to being Victors lover. Victor is furious and Nikki gets tears in her eyes. Victor begs her to believe that it is untrue. Nikki doesn't know if she can handle being dragged through the mud by the press yet again. He suggests he put more guards around the ranch but Nikki says she thinks now is a good time to go and visit her sister Casey. Victor tells her he will miss her terribly.

Jack and Brad meet at Gina's. Jack has an idea that he thinks will secure their futures. He suggests they go to the board with an enhanced incentive project for key executives that will get everyone better bonuses, stock options, etc. Buried in this agreement will be a clause for CEO's that will give them a bundle of money. If Victor succeeds in getting the company back it will then cost him so much it would potentially cripple the company. Jack and Brad will be able to walk away with enough to ensure them a new start. They notice Ashley at another table and Brad goes over to join her. She warns him not to make any pitches for her to come to his side. He reminds her that he is also having problems with Jack. She then points out that they are dining together so it couldn't be that bad. She tells him she hopes they didn't break any laws along the way. Brad goes back to Jack and they continue their conversation. Jack says that all they need is a "quorum" consisting of 4 board members in order to pass the new proposal. If they have Jack, Brad, Michael, and Diane, the majority vote will win. So if Diane votes against them they can still pass it with the other 3 votes.

In the court room Christine has Alice on the stand. She throws a lot of questions at her. Where is Millie? Why doesn't she know where her own mother is? Did she ever take any parenting classes? Read any parenting books? Does she expect that Cassie will always be an easy child? She brings up Al and how Alice didn't know he was a child molEsther or that he tried to sell the Newmans Millie's whereabouts. This shows that Alice is not a good judge of character. She also brings up the fact that Alice and Al were married on the morning of the first court hearing.

Malcolm and Callie are having coffee at Crimson Lights. Callie wants to go out that night. She thinks it will be good for Malcolm. He tries to tell her she is expecting too much from him and she cuts him off. They discuss why Olivia hasn't come back yet. He is upset that she has left him dangling for 6 weeks. He thinks she definitely wants out of the marriage and she can't even stand to be in the same town as him. Callie asks if he is still in love with Olivia. He says yes he still has strong feelings after all the time they have been together and raising a son. Callie says she is going to make sure the day will come that he forgets all about Olivia. He leaves to go home after agreeing to meet Callie later.

Michael and Alice are at Gina's discussing the court hearing. Nick walks in to get some sandwiches to take back to Paul's office where he is meeting Sharon, Chris and Paul. He sees them and slides into a table nearby to eavesdrop. Alice is talking about how she actually has hope that she will get Cassie back. Michael says he feels good about how things are going. Michael has to go so he leaves and Nick slides into his empty seat. Alice freaks out and says she has nothing to say to him. Nick is very nice and talks to Alice about how hard it will be for her to raise Cassie all by herself. He brings up that with her mother gone she will have to pay for a babysitter. He says he hopes she can pull it off. She says he hopes she falls flat on her face. He tells her she is wrong because he loves Cassie and if she got custody he would hope for the best for Cassie's sake. He leaves and Alice appears to be lost in thought.

In Paul's office Sharon is worried that her testimony has ruined the case. Christine doesn't want to speculate. Nick comes in and tells them about his meeting with Alice. He says he hopes that Alice will go to Millie after their conversation. If she does the guy they have tailing her will find out where Millie is. About then the phone rings and Fred reports that Alice is on her way to a location he hasn't seen her go to before.

Olivia shows up at Neil's office. She has decided to try to work things out with Malcolm. She realizes that Malcolm was telling the truth about Callie just being a good friend. She doesn't trust Callie but she thinks it's time she fights for Malcolm instead of pushing him away. Neil tells her that now that she has made this decision it doesn't mean all the pieces will just fall together. He tells her how Malcolm still won't speak to him. Olivia apologizes for putting Neil in the middle. He offers to take her home so she won't have to call a cab.

Olivia is gazing at a photograph of her and Malcolm when Malcolm walks in to the apartment. He is surprised to see her. She tells him she wants to speak with him, but since she just got in maybe he could come back in a little while. He can't believe she expects him to leave and come back. She starts to say just for a little while when Neil comes in from the back room. Malcolm gets a knowing look on his face as Olivia looks guilty.

Leanna is at her office reveling in the fact that her interview just aired. She tells her associate that this is not revenge from her marriage to Victor but from the fact that he had her fired last year. She can't wait until the "great man" calls to chew her out over it. As she sits down at her desk Nikki walks in. Leanna is surprised but recovers quickly. She tells Nikki she is delighted to see her and asks her how she liked the interview.

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