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Nick convinced Millie to accompany him back to Genoa City. Millie testified that she had taken care of Cassie and that Alice had rarely been home. Millie begged Alice to give up Cassie for the child's sake. Tricia's doctor confirmed her pregnancy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 5, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, July 5, 1999

Ryan and Tricia sit in Crimson Lights drinking coffee. Tricia is watching a family at the next table with an adorable little baby. Ryan warns her about getting her hopes up. Tricia is disappointed that the doctor cancelled at the last minute but she understands that emergencies happen. Ryan just wants to get this over with as soon as possible so they can get on with their lives. Tricia warns him not to get his hopes up that the doctor will tell him that they aren't pregnant; she knows that she is pregnant. She wonders why Ryan is so upset at her pregnancy. Is it that he doesn't want to have a child with her? Ryan insists that his only objection is that the timing is all wrong.

Megan is daydreaming when her friend, Marnie, arrives. She complements Megan on finally having a smile on her face. Megan tells her that she overheard Tony and Grace talking and he confessed that he loves her and always will. She admits that when she thought that Tony and Grace were involved, she was wrong. She says that Grace has been trying to make Tony realize that the he belongs with Megan. Marnie wonders why they two of them aren't together right now and Megan confesses that Tony is still being stubborn and saying that they two of them don't belong together. But, she adds, she has plans to spend the day with Tony, only he doesn't know it yet.

Tricia goes to Megan's table and Marnie leaves. Tricia invites Megan to have the Fourth with her and Ryan but Meg tells her that she has plans with Tony. Tricia is disappointed. When Megan says that she hasn't invited him out yet, Tricia tells her that she is going to be hurt. Tricia then sees Grace and Tony on the other side of the room. Megan says that there is nothing between Tony and Grace and says that she is going over there right now and talk to him.

At Grace and Tony's table, Tony is thanking Grace for helping his to find a job, but he asks her to stop pushing him toward Megan. Grace agrees and asks him to take her on a picnic for the Fourth. They could go out to the lake and watch the fireworks later. Tony isn't in the mood for a picnic and tells her no. However, when Megan comes to the table to talk to him, he sends Grace for the sandwiches for the picnic. Megan invites Tony to spend the day with her but he tells her that she still doesn't get it. He isn't going to be spending any time with Megan; they are over and that is the end of that. He then tells her that he is spending the day with Grace at the lake. Grace comes back to the table with the sandwiches and she and Tony leaves. Megan is stunned. Tricia comes up and, with tears in her eyes, Tricia asks if that invitation is still open.

Brett arrives at Nina's but before he kisses her too passionately, he wonders if the course is clear. Nina tells him that Phillip is still at camp. She explains that he didn't come home for the holidays because he was having too good a time. When Brett is ready to go back to the passion, Nina tells him that she is expecting a call from Phillip. She has to give Ryan a call so he can talk to Phillip also. When she calls the apartment, Tricia and Ryan are still talking about the pregnancy. As soon as he learns that Phillip is due to call, he is ready to rush out the door. He turns to Tricia and asks if she minds and Tricia says that of course she understands.

Ryan arrives at Nina's and is surprised to find Brett there also. They engage in a little polite chit-chat until the phone rings. Nina answers and talks to Phillip first. Phillip is excited about all the good times he is having at camp. Nina gives the phone to Ryan but after only a few minutes, Phillip asks if Brett is there. Reluctantly, Ryan hands the phone to Brett. Phillip then gushes about how he loves the baseball card that Brett sent to him. They talk sports for a long time. Ryan fumes as he watches; he can't believe that his son is this close to Brett!

At Gina's, Lynn and Marissa are drinking alone. Gina comes to their table and says she can't believe they are sitting there alone when there are two very handsome, available bachelors at the bar. She talks them into going to the bar and meeting the guys. When they do, the guys, Sean and James, join them at their table. The learn that the girls are going to the lake for the fireworks. What do you know? That is exactly what they were planning on doing. So they might as well go together. The four of them get up and leave together. Gina smiles knowingly as they leave the restaurant. "Now if only I could find someone for myself," Gina laments.

Kay arrives at the shelter in a good mood and tells Birdie that she is going to see to it that everyone at the shelter is also cheered up. Birdie wonders if they can continue to be friends now that she knows that Kay is a rich lady. Kay tells her that money won't change their friendship but Birdie isn't completely convinced. Kay and Mac go to her car and brings back all the fixings for a great July 4th barbecue. She gets everyone to pitch in and help her get things set up. Not only does she have the grill and the food, she has the decorations to go with it. At the end of the show, everyone joins in to sing "America, The Beautiful."

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

Nikki confronts Leanna about her broadcast and her lies about Victor. Leanna taunts her by saying that Nikki is worried about Victor and Ramona. Although Nikki denies it, she still exhibits evidence of her doubts which Leanna picks up on and tells her that she understands what she is feeling. She accuses Nikki is coming to her, not to rant about her broadcast, but to find out how she can find Ramona. Leanna encourages Nikki to find Ramona and ask her about her time with Victor. When Nikki agrees to see Ramona, but not for the reason Leanna thinks, Leanna says that she will give her all the information that she has on one condition. Nikki has to give her the exclusive regarding anything that Ramona has to say. Nikki agrees on one condition; if she determines that there was nothing between Ramona and Victor, Leanna has to make a retraction of her broadcast. Leanna agrees to the terms and sticks out her hand to shake on it, but Nikki refuses to shake her hand. Instead, Nikki turns and walks out of Leanna's office.

Crimson Lights is a busy place. Jill and Billy arrive and share a booth and coffee. Jill talks to Billy about staying after he tells her that he was here the other day and had a talk with Nina. He would like to see Phillip but he is out of town. Jill says that he needs to see Phillip and he won't be at camp the entire summer. But Billy reminds his mother that when Phillip returns, he won't be in town. Jill is stunned when he tells her that he is leaving tomorrow.

Callie enters the coffee shop. The server says he will be with her in a minute and she replies that she isn't in a hurry. As she reaches for a menu, she notices a "help wanted" sign over the counter. When the server returns, she asks him if the job is still available. He tells her that it is and asks her name. He recognizes her name as a singer and tells her that she wouldn't want to work as a waitress. She assures him that she wants the job and takes an application to one of the booths to fill out.

Malcolm is disgusted when he sees his brother come out of Olivia's bedroom. Neil goes to Olivia and kisses her on the cheek and says that he is leaving. Malcolm is ready to leave also but Olivia stops him, saying that she wants to talk to him about something. Malcolm thinks he knows what the discussion is about but allows her to have her say. He is stunned when she tells him that she has been giving their marriage a lot of thought and she thinks that they should give it another try. Malcolm is waiting for the other shoe to drop but when she doesn't have more to say he tells her that there is something that she isn't telling him. She denies this but before Malcolm can say anything more, Nate comes into the apartment. When he sees his mother, he rushes forward and hugs her. Malcolm takes this opportunity to leave. Nate tells his mother all about the fun he and Malcolm had while she was away, especially the fireworks on the Fourth.

Malcolm goes to Crimson Lights and sits down to read a paper. Callie sees him and goes to his table. She tells him that she has applied for a job as a waitress here. Malcolm tells her that Olivia is back. Now he feels that it is time to find his own apartment and he wants Callie to help him.

Victor tells Vicki that her mother has gone to stay with her sister for a while. He explains that she doesn't want to be in town for the media circus that is bound to follow Leanna's broadcast. Vicki wonders if that is the only reason she went to visit Casey. Victor doesn't know of any other reason she would leave but Vicki hints that it could be because she didn't believe his explanation about Ramona. Victor is adamant that she believes him. He reminds Vicki of the board meeting and Vicki slaps her forehead in frustration because she has forgotten it altogether. She asks Victor if he is coming but Victor says he will not walk in the boardroom until he is back as CEO. Vicki tells him that they have to bide their time but they also have to keep their hand in the running of the company. Victor doesn't see it that way and allows Vicki to leave alone.

In the boardroom, Jack and Brad are just finishing going over the papers that Michael has prepared for them. Jack congratulates Michael for his usual thorough job. It is time to call the meeting to order but there are only three board members there. Jack calls Diane and wonders why she is still at home and not at the meeting. Diane tells him that she isn't going to the meeting; she will have no part of what he and Brad are planning. Jack is disgusted when he hangs up. Just as they are about to call everything off, Jill waltzes in and she is in a bad mood. Since she makes a quorum they call the meeting to order and give her a copy of the papers. She doesn't know what they are and doesn't feel like reading through them. Brad makes a motion to accept the papers; Jack seconds the motion and Michael calls for a vote. There are three "yeas" and Jill abstains. The motion is carried. Jill gets up and says she has other things to do and she will not be staying for the rest of the meeting. Jack and Brad don't care because the motion has carried and now their future with the company is insured. Neil and Victoria show up for the meeting at this time. Neil doesn't like the new acquisition that Jack and Brad are proposes. Vicki agrees with Neil. Jack says that it doesn't matter because it is three to two. Victor walks in and says that it is a tie. Brad and Jack don't seem to mind at all. Victor says that he will see them tossed out of the company. He then just turns and leaves as do Neil and Vicki. Jack and Brad smile and say that they won't be tossed out of the company without it costing.

Sharon is overjoyed that Fred has followed Alice as she took a new route back to Madison. If they are lucky, they will find Millie! However, Lynn is having a problem locating Paul. Nick says that he will meet Fred while Chris and Lynn continue to try to find Paul.

When Nick arrives to meet Fred, he is angered to find out that Fred has lost Alice. Fred explains that a truck cut him off and when he was able to get around, Alice had disappeared. They split up and drive around looking for Alice's car. In thirty minutes, they meet up again and neither of them has had any luck. Fred mentions that he knows the area because he and Paul have been there visiting nursing homes. When Nick suggests that they go to the nursing homes again, Fred reminds him that they already looked for Millie there and she was not a patient. Nick says that Alice could be moving Millie around frequently. They decide to give it a try.

Alice and Millie have words about why Alice is there. Millie says that knowing Alice, she is there to get something from her. Alice says that she is about to win her case and get Cassie back. She wants Millie to come back home and live with her and Cassie; she wants her to help her while she works. When Millie refuses to help her after the way she has been treated, Alice blows up and rants at Millie. Millie asks her to listen to herself. Is this the way she is going to react when Cassie every time Cassie doesn't lay down and roll over when Alice wants her to? Alice angrily starts to leave but at the door she turns back. She says that the Newmans aren't perfect. She paints an ugly picture of all the lies that the Newman's have told in court. She says that Nick Newman even got up in court and admitted to committing adultery. She then tells her mother that if she doesn't win, it won't mean that the Newmans will automatically win. She makes her mother believe that if Alice loses, Cassie will go to a foster home. Think about that! She tells Millie as she leaves the room in tears.

Millie thinks about all that Alice has said. She calls the nurse and tells her to call her daughter and tell her that she wants to talk to her. As the nurse turns to leave, she is startled to see a strange man standing in the doorway. It is Nick.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

In Madison, Nick tells Millie's nurse that he is a friend of Alice's and is supposed to meet her there. The nurse was going to call Alice to come back, but Nick offers to deliver the message personally. After the nurse leaves, Nick introduces himself to a puzzled Millie. Nick tells her how they have been looking for her for a long time. She asks why he is here. He tells her that he wants to take her to Genoa City, and he wants her to testify for them. When she acts hesitant, Nick asks her if she is being held against her will? He asks her to remember why she gave Cassie to Tony and Grace in the first place! Millie asks Nick if Cassie is happy and if she really does have a better life with them. Nick tries to assure her that she does and that Alice is trying to take all of it away. He asks if Alice has told her things about them? Nick begs for her help and tells her that he needs to take her with him now. "Millie, I need you to trust me. I'll answer your questions later. Please do this for Cassie's sake."

Jill has a pool party for Billy. Jill thought Billy would like to meet some kids his own age. Billy announces that his mom is trying to set him up. Later, the kids ask Billy about living in New York City. He says he loves it! Jill is counting on them to convince Billy that life in the country is as good as the city. Billy announces that he is heading out west to meet some buddies and go rafting. One of the girls says that she is having a party tomorrow night and wishes Billy would come. The party is over, everyone leaves. Billy tells his Mom that this was a really nice goodbye party. Billy knows what she is trying to do, but he is still taking off. Jill practically begs him to stay. She tells him that she loves him, needs him. Billy tells her that it's always what SHE wants, what SHE needs. His plans are made and he won't reconsider. He tells his mother "goodnight" and goes inside. Jill is clearly hurt.

At Crimson Lights, Callie wonders if Malcolm's moving could mean that he wants her to move in with him. When Malcolm returns to the table, Callie volunteers to call a couple of places. She goes to a pay phone. Both she and Malcolm arrange appointments for the morning. He asks Callie to go with him to look at the apartments and she eagerly agrees to go. She then asks Malcolm why he is in such a hurry to move when his wife just returned to town? Did they have an argument? Malcolm tells her that Liv asked him to give their marriage another try to to move back in with her and Nate. He tells Callie that it is too late for that. Callie looks shocked.

Neil joins Olivia and Nate for dinner. They discuss her trip to San Francisco with Olivia telling him about all the meetings and lectures. This left no time to site see. Nate gets grossed out when his mom starts talking about kidney transplants at the dinner table and reminds her that they are eating! She apologizes for this and excuses Nate from the table. Neil remarks that it was nice of them to invite him to dinner. Nate says that it was Malcolm's idea to invite him. Olivia tells Neil that she told Malcolm she wanted to save the marriage, and Malcolm turned her down. "Time hasn't softened the man, it's made him colder." Neil was hoping he was wrong about that. Olivia speculates that Malcolm is acting jealous. Neil says it may be possible. Olivia wonders if Malcolm thinks there is something else going on in their relationship. Neil not stopping his friendship with her because Malcolm is paranoid. Olivia feels she should come clean with Malcolm, tell him about the feelings she has for Neil. "NO, Liv, don't go there!" Neil has an early meeting and gets up to leave.

Sharon is at home waiting to hear from Nick. When the phone rings, she thinks that it must be Nick calling. It is Tony, asking for an update on the trial. She goes into the details, telling him that the trial isn't going as well as they thought it would. They need Millie and they almost found her! She begins to get hysterical and Tony tells her he will be right over! Grace walks into the room and hears Tony telling Sharon he is coming over. She asks if there is something wrong? Tony doesn't offer any information. "You think that I am a spy for Michael Baldwin?" "I despise him!" Tony leaves without giving Grace any details.

Mac tells Kay she made a lot of people happy, the party was a blast. "It was cool" says Mac. That's Kay's one goal in life, to be cool. Kay thinks her idea of Mac living with her is cool, too. Kay asks if she is afraid of Jill. Mac tells her that Bertie thinks she is nuts not taking her up on the offer, but she's just not sure she's ready. "I promise if you come live with me, you won't regret it for the rest of your life." Kay knows that Mac ran away from an alcoholic home. "Let's get something straight, for 20 years I haven't had a drink...with or without you, I will continue to make it." Kay pleads with her to give it a try, even for a few weeks. If Mac isn't happy, she can leave. Mac will think it over, they can talk again in the morning.

Michael is drinking alone at the bar in Gina's. Gina asks him what is the matter? He is on top of the world as far as his case is going. Grace walks in, and walks by him. She sits at a table, spots Michael, and is about to leave. "That's a dangerous move Grace...turning your back on one of your bosses." She asks if the words sexual harassment mean anything to him. Michael tells her he doesn't care if she comes or goes, and lets her know that his case is going well. "How do you look at yourself in the mirror?" She accuses him of turning this case into a personal vendetta against Chris. Michael tells her to look at herself, she's in love with a married man, lives with a man who loves someone else and is obsessed with a child that isn't even hers! Michael thinks it's sad. He tells her they could have had so much together and she threw it away for nothing! "How can you be so heartless?" She tells him this shows her what a shallow man he is. She adds that he is sitting in the bar all alone, "and you think I'm pathetic."

Sharon fills Tony in on the court hearing. Sharon thought she would have heard from Nick by now. "No news is good news" says Tony. Sharon tells him that things in court are a disaster, Michael is tearing everything apart. Sharon tells him that Nick has been wonderful through all this. Tony asks if this means that they are back together? That's the one good thing in all of this. Sharon fears that just as her family if finally whole again, she could loose her daughter. Tony hugs her.

Bertie tells Kay that she "struck out" with Mac. Bertie and Kay both think that Mac is comfortable in the shelter. Bertie offers to move in with Mac at Kay's place to be a familiar face to Mac. She will only stay a couple of weeks to let Mac get settled. Kay thinks this is a generous offer but she is skeptical as to whether Bertie can resist the liquor in her house. Bertie tells her that she has to deal with it sometime as there's a big world out there full of bottles. Kay tells her one strike and you're out! Bertie can live with that. Kay tells her it's a deal. "Now all we have to do, is convince Mac."

Nick returns home, bringing Millie with him. When Sharon sees her, she anxiously asks "Millie?" "Yes, I'm Alice's mother." Sharon thanks her for coming, offers her tea and food. Sharon tells her she looks well, healthy. Millie announces that she is much better now. Sharon knows Cassie will be thrilled to see her. Nick says that Millie isn't sure she's ready to testify. Millie asks where Cassie is, learns she is at a friend's house spending the night. Millie is very tired but Sharon wants to settle this issue of Millie testifying first. Nick suggests they let her rest. "I'm sorry" says Sharon. Nick shows her the way to her room. Sharon is pacing the floor downstairs as Nick returns. Sharon wonders why Millie is acting the way she is. Nick isn't sure, but he does know that Alice was with her just before he got there. Sharon figures that Alice must have told her a bunch of lies about them and that they must get though to Millie. She is their last chance!

Thursday, July 8

Marnie is waiting for Megan when she finally arrives at Crimson Lights. Megan explains that her car died right in the middle of a busy intersection. Marnie secretly calls Tony to come to the Lights and fix a car. When he arrives, he learns that the car belongs to Megan. When he hints that this is a trick just to get him there, Megan tells him that he doesn't have to fix the car; she will get someone else. When he realizes that she really does need some help, he agrees to work on the car. Megan accompanies him to the car and uses every opportunity to be "close" to Tony.

Tricia and Ryan are in the doctor's office waiting for her to appear. Ryan again warns Tricia that the home pregnancy test could be wrong. She answers that she knows that but it could also be right. She asks if she is supposed to be happy that her husband is not happy that she could be pregnant. The doctor arrives and learns why the two are there. She asks a lot of questions concerning symptoms that she might be experiencing. Ryan tries to explain away any symptoms that she is having. Later, the doctor returns to the office with the blood test results and congratulates them on being expectant parents. Tricia is overjoyed but Ryan is unable to express any happiness at the news.

Alice arrives at Michael's office and informs him that she went to see her mother yesterday when she left GC. Michael explodes with fury. He asks her what possessed her to do that. She says that he told her to. He denies telling her any such thing. She says that he reminded her that she would need someone to help her with Cassie so that she could work. Also, Chris drove that point home when she was on the stand. Michael tells her that because of her stupid mistake, the Newmans probably now know where Millie is. Realizing this, Alice is worried.

Chris arrives at the Newman home at the bequest of Nick. When she sees Millie, she expresses her joy at seeing her in such good health. She assumes that Millie is ready to testify but Nick tells her that there is a problem. He wants Chris to talk to her and make her understand that for Cassie's sake, she has to testify. Leaving Chris and Millie alone, the Newmans go to pick up Cassie from her friend's house.

Chris asks Millie why she has changed her mind and Millie says that the Newmans aren't what she thought they would be. Chris guesses that Alice has told her about Nick's indiscretion with Grace but Millie says that it was adultery, not an indiscretion. Chris explains that Nick made a mistake but he is sorry and Sharon has forgiven him for it. Millie says that she just can't be put in the position to send her daughter to jail. She says that she made a lot of mistakes with Alice and she feels that she owes her for them now. Chris wonders if it is fair for Cassie to pay for Millie's mistakes with Alice. Just then, Sharon and Nick return with Cassie. When she sees Millie, Cassie rushes to her and gives her a big hug. She says that she has missed Millie so much and she thinks that she could now be a part of her new family. Nick assures her that that is a good possibility. Millie questions Cassie about why she likes it here. She asks if it is because Sharon and Nick give her anything that she asks for. Cassie says that those things aren't important. What she gets is love and security from her Mommy and Nick and her little brother, Noah.

Billy comes down to breakfast still determined to leave. He apologizes to his mother for the harsh words he used with her the night before. He assures her that he loves her but he is eager to spend time with his friends.

Katherine goes to the shelter to try once again to talk Mac into staying with her. Mac is on the phone asking about bus schedules. Kay talks to Birdie and asks her to talk to Mac. Birdie goes to Mac and tells her that her grandmother loves her and she should give her a chance to prove it. She also needs Mac. She says that the liquor cabinet in the mansion is well stocked and she can't trust herself to live there without Mac to help her resist the temptation.

Jill offers to take Billy to the airport but he says that he has already called a taxi. Jill still wants to drive him but he refuses. He goes up to get his bag leaving Jill in the hallway with her heart breaking. Just then, the door opens and Kay comes in with Mac and Birdie. Jill wants to know what they are doing there but before Kay can answer, Billy comes down stairs ready to leave. He stops long enough to give Mac the once over, then rushes out to his taxi with his mother crying as she gives him one last hug. Returning into the house, Jill is heartbroken and cannot say a word. She quietly rushes up stairs with Kay looking on with sympathy. However, she quickly cheers up and shows Birdie the way to the kitchen. She gives her granddaughter a welcome home hug.

Court is reconvened with the judge asking if counsel is ready for closing remarks. Michael announces that he is ready but Chris says she has one more witness. Michael objects; he says that he should be allowed to depose any surprise witness. Christine says that he set the precedent by calling his own surprise witness. She also says that this witness is in frail health and she doesn't want this to be a long drawn out process. The judge agrees. Alice leans over and asks Michael if it could be her mother. She gets her answer when Chris calls Millie Johnson to the stand. A weak Millie comes into the courtroom and Alice drops her head into her hands.

Friday, July 9, 1999

Tricia and Ryan are having coffee at the coffee house. Tricia mentions that she has a prescription for prenatal vitamins and Ryan realizes that their health insurance is void since he has not been working. He complains about the timing and Tricia offers to ask her father for help. Ryan says no way to that idea. He keeps going on about the timing being bad and finally Tricia tells him that she is pregnant and whether it is sooner or later, he is going to have to get used to it. She gets up and leaves him there alone. Ryan decides to visit Victoria and find out when he can expect to have a job. He goes to the Newman ranch and confronts her. Victoria guarantees he will get his job back but she can't say when. He tells her he is broke and has no health insurance. She thinks there is more to his story and he tells her Tricia is pregnant. She asks how he let that happen and he gets mad and leaves.

Tony is checking Megs car out when she bends over next to him to look at the engine. He tells her she is crowding him and to move away. She wants to help, she could be his assistant. She keeps on flirting so he smiles and asks her to remove a cap and check the fluid level. She can't get the cap to turn so he hands her a greasy wrench to use. She thinks it's disgusting but she goes ahead and does it as he grins in the background. Later he starts the engine and the fluid sprays out all over her face and shirt. He helps her clean up and comments that he told her it was a dirty job. After the car is working she offers to buy him coffee. He turns her down and says he'll send her a bill and then leaves.

Jack visits Ashley in her lab. She confronts him about calling a board meeting that she couldn't attend. He tells her there was a tie vote at the meeting so she asks who was there. When she finds out Diane was not there she asks him about it. He admits to trouble with his fiancée. He says he's going to smooth things over with Diane and Ashley says that Diane is not stupid and he can't just sweet talk her. Jack leaves to go call Diane. Ashley calls and asks for the minutes from the board meeting.

Diane is working when her assistant arrives. She tells her she didn't go home the night before and that is why she is working so early. Diane says more and more she thinks her relationship with Jack is not based on love. The phone rings and it is Jack. He says he was checking to make sure she was there before he came over. Diane tells him not to bother, just say what he wants on the phone. Jack says he is coming anyway. When he arrives he blames Victor for the way he has been treating her. She says he can't blame Victor for everything and that he has really hurt her. He comments that she is not the only one he has acted like this to. What is it that she wants? She wants to be Mrs. Jack Abbott, but only is she is certain that is what he really wants. He looks at her for a moment and then goes and gets his calendar from his briefcase. He hands it to her and tells her to pick a wedding date.

Millie is escorted into court. Michael objects and tells the judge that it is a little late to bring in this witness. Chris argues that Millie is a necessary witness and the judge says ok. Chris gets Millie to admit that she is the one who took care of Cassie. Alice never had a job for long. Alice didn't say a word when she left about where she was going or when she would be back. After two and a half years she gave Cassie to Grace for two reasons. One was because she couldn't care for Cassie anymore and the other was because Grace told her Cassie would have a good life with her real mother. Millie claims it was her fault that Alice didn't know how to raise a child. Michael cross examines and Millie says she knew she would get stuck raising Cassie. Michael makes it sound like Millie was always criticizing Alice and that nothing Alice ever did was good enough for Millie. Maybe Millie was so angry at Alice that she gave Cassie away to get back at her for leaving. When Chris gets to question again she asks why they had such a poor relationship. Millie says it was her fault. Alice grew up with no love and no father. She has never had a loving relationship. Chris asks why Millie thinks Alice adopted Cassie. Millie says because she wanted someone to love, but that is unfair to the child. Millie stands up and says to Alice that she knows she made mistakes but please don't do this to Cassie.

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