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Billy planned a party when he learned that Jill was going to New York. Nikki researched vasectomy reversals. Katherine went to India to look for Brock. Nick and Sharon happily announced that they had purchased Crimson Lights.
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Monday, August 30, 1999

While J.T., Billy, and Raul sit at one of the outside table at Crimson Lights, Billy reminds J.T. that he'd love to help him with the party but he's going to be in New York City on Friday, finally out from under his mother's thumb. J.T. says that he's got to find someone to help him and leaves. Raul calls Billy on his subtle deception to J.T., stating that he couldn't have been of help anyway since Billy's on restriction. Billy tells him that everyone doesn't have to know that now. He thanks Raul for helping him "get through" the summer in GC and states that Raul should come to NYC sometime but Raul makes no promises. He leaves Billy at the table and goes inside, stands at the jukebox and watches Mac at work. Mac is surprised that one of her customers, a young man who introduces himself as Patrick, has left her a $2 tip. It's more than the usual fifty cents she gets for serving coffee to patrons. Patrick remarks that she made his visit to the coffeehouse very enjoyable and she earned every cent of it. Mac blushes and shyly thanks him. Raul approaches her when Patrick leaves and she shares the story of the generous tip she received with Raul, who seems a bit protective of Mac, even to the point of a mild display of jealously which totally goes over Mac's head. He reminds her that they didn't get to see the video last night because of Jill's arrival. Raul states that it wouldn't be good for them to go to his house to watch it and Mac laments that things are impossible at home for her as well. Raul asks her to go out with him this weekend to the movies. Mac, realizing she's being asked on date, stutters momentarily but says yes. Raul grins from ear to ear. Mac has to get back to work and as soon as she's gone, Billy joins him, having watched the exchange from the outside doorway. He's eager to find out if Billy "made his move" on Mac and when Raul doesn't answer immediately, Billy accuses him of "wussing out." Raul smiles and tells Billy that he and Mac have plans for the weekend. J.T. joins them with sad news -- no one is going to be able to help him host his party and begs Billy to stay just until Labor Day. Knowing that Jill won't budge on her decision to keep Billy grounded, J.T. wonders if somehow they could get Mac to help through Katherine. J.T. assures him that where there's a will, there's a way and he will find a way to get around Jill, Katherine, and Esther. Billy nods his head in approval and seems excited about J.T.'s project.

A courier delivers the final papers to Nick. It's official -- he and Sharon now own Crimson Lights. Sharon already has some ideas about expanding the menu and bringing in bands on the weekend. She doesn't want to face Victor with this news thought because he was adamantly against this venture. Nick tells her that this is exactly what his father did with NE. He took a company, built it from the ground up and now it an international conglomerate. Nick says he doesn't want to tell his father about it now anyway. He wants to build up the business and show his father what a success he can be; that he has a lot of Victor Newman in him. Both Nick and Sharon are excited at the prospect of saving the place where they first met. Sharon says that perhaps they should celebrate with champagne but Nick looks at her lustily and says he has something else in mind. Sharon grins and admits that she was thinking the same thing. Both clamor up the stair to indulge in a little "afternoon delight."

Paul is just hanging up the phone with Chris when Lynne and Katherine enter his office. Katherine asks Paul to stop searching for her son because after something Mackenzie said about Brock not keeping in touch with her over the years, she has concluded that she has family that is just as dysfunctional as the one Mackenzie left. Her immediately concern is that Mac will leave and never return. Paul vehemently disagrees with Katherine, stating that Mac's mother did Brock a disservice when she didn't tell him about Mac when she was pregnant with her. Brock never got a say in the matter and now Katherine knows this precious piece of information -- that Brock has this wonderfully vibrant daughter -- and she too is deciding whether or not Brock should be told. Katherine sees the validity in Paul's words but decides that telling him he has a daughter over the phone isn't the way to go about it. She wants to tell him face to face. They know where Brock is now, so Katherine is going to India.

Brad continues to berate Nikki, telling her not to do something she is going to regret. She's trying to convince herself that she still loves Victor by having another child with him. Heatedly, Nikki tells him that he's the most presumptuous man she's ever met. Victor interrupts them and asks what's going on. Nikki replies that she was just getting a few things off her chest and Brad excuses himself. Victor asks Nikki to respect his decision to keep Brad on because he knows what he's doing. Brad is just a pawn in his little game. One false move and Brad will be out on his ass, Victor assures her. Nikki is still unsettled from her conversation with Brad and Victor asks if there's something else going on. Nikki says that she usually allows Victor to handle business matters but this time she thinks that Victor's judgment in allowing Brad to remain at NE is being clouded by his overwhelming hatred of Jack. Victor firmly tells her that he's not going to change his mind about Brad and their conversation is interrupted when Nikki's cell phone rings. It's Dr. Reilly's office saying that there has been a cancellation if Nikki would like to come immediately. Nikki accepts and tells Victor that she must leave for a meeting now and scoots away from the table before Victor can say anything else.

Brad goes to Jack's office to sign some papers since they still are co-CEOs of the company. Brad comments that the great alliance is over and hopefully they'll never cross paths again. Jack comments that the purchasing of Jabot and leaving NE was nothing personal against Brad. Brad tells him that it is personal and that Jack is an amoral, backstabbing, double-crossing snake. Next time, he'll be much more careful whom he casts his fortunes with. Besides, it looks as if Jack is going to be left in the cold with nothing to give John after all. Jack has no deal with Victor yet and doubts he ever will. Brad walks out of the office and flippantly adds, "Enjoy your career." Jack promises himself, and to Brad in absentia, that he most definitely will.

In the Jabot lab, Jill tells Ashley that she knows she and Jack need cash to buy Jabot and she's ready to use her 20% to raise the rest of the cast that's needed to buy Victor out. Ashley doesn't jump at her offer and Jill promises that she won't be making this offer again even if they come to her begging on their hands and knees. Ashley informs Jill that they could have already had the money because she met with reputable investors in New York but Ashley turned them down because she didn't like their terms. Jill asks her to pass the offers along to Jack anyway. When Jack and Ashley meet, Ashley tells Jack that he was right not to go to Jill. She tells him about Jill's visit to her and about the offer but she's puzzled by Jill's motivation. They both know how she feels about the Abbotts and how she burned their father twice in divorce. However, Jack is beginning to feel pressed and tells Ashley that beggars can't be choosy. The only other avenue Jack thinks they can safely take is to ask their father for help. He comments that it's like asking someone to buy their own birthday present, but times are desperate. He knows John's itinerary in Australia and proceeds to call him immediately. Jack wants this thing settle once and for all.

John reaches Jill in her office and tells her that he'll be home on Friday after re-working his itinerary and he's anxious to see Billy. Jill calls home. "Chancellor residence," answers Esther. Jill is furious and reminds her that she owns half of the house and she wishes she'd refer to it as such. When she demands to speak with Billy, Esther tells her that he's not there and Jill flips because Billy has disobeyed her, taking the bus into town against her explicit instructions. She hangs up and Neil enters her office as she very nearly falls to pieces. She proceeds to tell Neil about her troubles with Billy and Neil suggests that she give the relationship more time. Billy's only been here a short time and she's still thinking of him as "little Billy," the son she sent off with John years ago. Jill sees that Neil is exactly right. She intends to fly to New York to talk to John, telling him she needs to spend more time with Billy. She embraces Neil with profound thanks.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Nick and Sharon arrive at the coffeehouse as the new owners and proudly look around at their new "baby." Mac is talking to Raul and Billy about the club closing. Billy says that the club is the only thing he will miss when he leaves except for Raul and Mac. He says that he will be out of there by Friday when his dad returns from Australia. He says that he has to leave now and get back home before his mother finds out that he left. "Too late!" Jill says from behind him.

Jill and Billy go out on the patio and talk. She tells him that they will be leaving right now for the estate but he refuses and tells her that she is way off base treating him like some kid. She says that he was grounded and deliberately disobeyed her. She tells him that they will either discuss this at home or here in the coffeehouse in front of his friends. She doesn't want to make a scene but he says that she already has. When she says he hasn't seen a scene yet, he says he will take the bus home and meet her there.

Back in the coffeehouse, Nick calls for everyone's attention just as Victoria comes in unseen. He announces he and Sharon have bought the coffeehouse and it will remain open but everyone should tell their friends so that business will continue. Without a word, Victoria leaves as all the customers applaud Nick and Sharon. Nick talks with Chad and he agrees to keep working. Sharon talks with Mac without knowing who she is. She says that they are hoping that she will stay on and when she learns who Mac is, she says that Katherine has told her about her, all good things. Mac says that her grandmother is a good woman.

Neil arrives in Victoria's office with some papers but finds it empty. Before he can leave, Malcolm arrives to speak with Victoria. When he tells Neil that he is there to find out how Victoria liked the work he did, Neil is surprised that Victoria contacted him about the work. Malcolm is confused until he realizes that Neil advised Victoria not to use him. The two of them get into it again about Olivia. Malcolm says that even though he didn't encourage any closeness that one night didn't mean that a few nights later he wouldn't have allowed Olivia to talk him into intimacy. They are about to come to blows when Victoria arrives. Malcolm leaves and Victoria wants to know what is going on, but Neil doesn't have anything to say.

Back at the estate, Jill and Billy really get into it. Both of them have some really hard things to say to each other. Billy accuses her of only thinking of herself and her career. He says that she really gets off on controlling people at work and she is only interested in boosting her ego and pleasing herself. The sooner he gets out of there, the better, he tells her. She says that he was supposed to be there until after Labor Day and that is what she expects. He wonders why she would want him to stay any longer than necessary. They have nothing in common, he tells his mother as he walks out. Jill swears that whether he wants to stay or not, he will stay and they will work this out.

Ashley visits Olivia at her office and asks if things are better with Malcolm. Olivia admits that they are not and even admits that even though she didn't have an affair with Neil, she wanted to. Malcolm interrupts their talk and Ashley leaves. Olivia thinks that Malcolm is there to work things out but he tells her he is there to talk to her about telling Nate of the change in their relationship. He says that the two of them together just is not working.

Diane and Marissa are having lunch. Diane says that she has an appointment with her doctor this afternoon. She needs to know just what is wrong with her lately. Marissa suggests that it is psychosomatic and Diane agrees that it very well may be, but she needs to know for sure.

Nick enters Victoria's office with information that he has set up appointments with three ad agencies for the Monday after Labor Day. She asks for the financial report on Jabot and how much they have invested in Brash and Sassy. He says that it is almost ready. "Almost?" Vicki asks. She wants to know why it isn't ready. He says she only asked for it yesterday and she feels that was plenty of time for him to prepare it. He says that he has been busting his butt getting all of this lined up for her; what else does she want? She asks about a cup of coffee. She then tells him she was there for his announcement. She wants to know if Dad knows about his buying the coffeehouse. Nick says that this is a private purchase; it is no different that someone else taking up flying or some other pastime. This has nothing to do with Newman Enterprises. Vicki says that Dad will not see it that way. Also, she tells him, he promised to help her out with this B & S deal and that didn't include taking off to run a coffeehouse. He says that he will be there to help her out but what he does on his own is his own business. He doesn't have to get his dad's permission or hers either, for that matter. This is his business.

Nikki arrives at the doctor's office and is asked what her reason is for seeing the doctor. She tells the receptionist that it is personal and private and she would prefer to only talk with the doctor about it. When she is given some papers to fill out, the receptionist remarks that she didn't fill out most of the papers. She says that she is there on her husband's behalf, not her own.

Nikki leaves the doctor's office with a lot of pamphlets that the doctor suggests she read. As she is about to leave, she sees Diane just as Diane looks up and sees her. Nikki remarks that Diane isn't wearing her engagement ring and she would be interested in knowing who called it off. However, she suggests that it has to be Jack who ended things now that he doesn't need her board vote any longer. Diane informs her that she is the one who ended the engagement. Nikki is surprised that she would give up such a large expensive piece of jewelry. Diane says that it was never about the jewelry. As Nikki continues to talk down to her, Diane brings up a very beautiful woman in New Mexico named Ramona. She warns Nikki that with Victor you never really knew where you stood. Nikki accuses Diane of being jealous that she has Victor and Diane has no one. Diane says that Nikki is really a bitch. "Yes, but I have Victor," Nikki says with a smile as she waltzes out the door. Diane considers the office door that Nikki exited from. She goes to the receptionist and asks if that isn't the Urologists office and when the receptionist answers yes, Diane has a speculative look on her face.

Paul visits Katherine and suggests that instead of her going to India alone, he wants to go with her. After Katherine agrees, she tells him that she wants this to be kept secret, especially from Jill. Paul says that if he calls and Jill answers, he will not mention it and he will tell Lynn to do the same. After showing Paul to the door, Billy steps into the room and Katherine realizes that he has overheard her conversation with Paul.

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Kay questions Billy on how much of her conversation with Paul that he overheard. He heard enough to know that she is leaving town and doesn't want Jill to find out. He tells Kay that he won't tell his mother since he doesn't want to get in the middle. Jill walks in at this moment and asks what he is talking about. Kay covers for him, but Jill isn't satisfied with her answer. Billy leaves to go pack and remarks that he can't wait to get on the plane tomorrow! Jill and Kay continue to discuss how Billy leaving is hurting Jill. Kay gives her advice and points out Jill's drinking habit. Jill doesn't need advice and wonders why Kay suddenly is so concerned. Kay informs her that it isn't concern, but pity! Jill is making the same mistakes that she did with Brock by drinking.

Diane is sitting at Gina's when Michael Baldwin walks in and joins her. She asks for his help solving a puzzle. She wonders why a woman goes to a Urologist. He guesses that she is talking about Nikki and Victor. Michael isn't interested but offers that maybe Victor is considering a vasectomy. Diane tells him about how Victor got a vasectomy already, at Nikki's urging, while Diane was married to him. She claims that her life would have been so different if she had had a child with Victor, if not for Nikki's interference! Diane adds that if Victor is considering a reversal, she hopes it doesn't work!

Nikki comes home after her appointment with the Urologist. She has what she considers great news from the doctor about the success rate for vasectomy reversals and can't wait for Victor to get home so she can share it with him. When he arrives, before she can tell her news, he lectures her about meeting with Brad. As he points his finger at her, he warns her that he won't tolerate her meeting with Brad again! She lets this go and begins telling him about her visit to the Urologist. Victor asks her "what the hell are you talking about?" He can't understand what has gotten into Nikki wanting a baby at this stage in their lives. He thinks it would be better if they spent more time alone, not raising another child! He ends by announcing "no more children for me!" She claims he has his work and asks him "what do I have?" Victor thinks that something else is bothering her and suggests a weekend away together. Nikki appears to like this idea until Victor adds that he doesn't want to hear anymore about babies. She begins to quote Brad's words to her about Victor thinking that she is too old to have another baby...she's a grandmother! After questioning how much Victor values their relationship she runs upstairs leaving a bewildered Victor wondering what has just happened.

Nick and Victoria argue over his buying the coffee house. She thinks it is beneath him! He tries to tell her that it is important to him, he needs meaning in his life. Vicki tells him that if he needs meaning "you would do better to shave you head, sit in some cave and contemplate your navel!" She points out that their father won't understand either! Nick figured that already and he can deal with it. He claims that their father always listens to Vicki..."except where Brad Carlton is concerned!" she replies. Vicki then goes in to a tirade on Brad. When she is finished, Nick asks her what that was all about and accuses her of hiding something. She admits there is something he doesn't know about and proceeds to tell him about Nikki's "spying" on Brad for their father's sake. Vicki now fears that Brad may be falling for Nikki again. "If Dad finds out, it will get ugly!" Nick says.

Callie and Mac are discussing the decor at Crimson Lights when Neil walks in. Mac excuses herself and leaves. Neil asks Callie to stop seeing Malcolm to let him give his marriage a chance. She doesn't want to hear his moralizing! She reminds him that he pursued Liv, too. Neil pleads "for Nate's sake." They continue to argue over each other's motives where Liv and Malcolm are concerned. He accuses her of "trapping his brother" and she tells him not to lay a guilt trip on her!

Malcolm visits Liv at her office and tells her that it is best if they split. He wants them to "learn from their mistakes and move on." Olivia is worried about Nate's reaction. They both agree to attend counseling with him to help Nate cope. Malcolm brings up the "legal stuff." "You mean divorce" she says. He wants to keep it civil and wants Olivia's word that she will let him see Nate. He advises her to get an attorney and she angrily replies that she will! After he leaves she breaks down and cries.

Trish has candles lit, dinner cooking, and a sexy new dress on when Ryan gets home from work. He takes in the scene and she asks if he is surprised. They kiss and decide to have "desert first." Later, still sitting by candle light, she asks if Ryan is happy about the baby now. He assures her he is and suggests that they go shopping in the morning for a bassinet. "This is how I dreamed it would be" Tricia beams. He gives her a gift...a baby name book...with some names already marked. She is so happy! Ryan has a look of mixed emotions on his face as they hug.

Malcolm walks in on the argument between Neil and Callie and breaks things up. She leaves as Malcolm tells Neil that he needs to speak to him. Malcolm denies that he wants to work things out with Olivia and tells Neil to ask her himself. "The door is wide open for you." Neil tells him that this is not what he wanted. Malcolm tells Neil not to blame this on Callie that he and Neil are big boys and knew what they were doing. Callie rejoins Malcolm and he tells her that he and Olivia are history and are getting a divorce. This news pleases Callie and she suggests they go home so she can "cure what ails him."

Mac and Billy are out by the pool discussing his leaving in the morning. She tells him that she may be leaving, too. They wish each other luck and part.

Still in her office, Olivia is crying when Neil walks in behind her and takes her in his arms. She hangs on to him and cries on his shoulder.

Thursday, September 2

Mac joins Raul and Billy beside the pool, on her way to work. Billy gives her a word of advice -- avoid his mother Jill for a couple days -- Mac replies, "The next couple lifetimes." After Mac leaves, Billy admits that Mac is not so bad -- human in fact. Billy & Raul say good-by, and Billy invites him to New York sometime.

Kay stops to see Nikki on the way to India to find Brock. Much to Kay's surprise, Nikki announces she approached Victor about having another baby. Nikki warns her not to start on her too, "This is not an outrageous idea. But according to Victor is the most ludicrous thing on earth. He basically said I am too old to be anything but a grandmother!" Kay tells her that she would think a baby is the last thing Nikki would want at this stage of her life. Nikki spills the beans that "Brad doesn't think she is too OLD to have a baby, and would LOVE to have a baby with her!" Kay asks Nikki to promise her she will have nothing personal to do with Brad again, then reminds Nikki that she has everything she ever wanted -- and begs her not to throw it away. They hug, and bid a tearful good-by.

Victoria has been summoned to her father's office. Victor tells her he feels Nikki is at loose ends to satisfy, and cannot imagine why -- after all they had been through. Brad enters, before Victoria can respond. Victor tells Brad about Victoria's photo shoot with Malcolm. Brad surprises them all by calling the shots excellent, and admits that Victoria was right -- they need to go full speed ahead on the new Brass N Sassy. Brad insists on being part of the advertising pitch meetings, much to Victoria's dismay. After Victor leaves, Victoria lets Brad know that he will never win her over.

Mame and Ashley discuss today being the deadline for Victor's proposal, and await Jack's return with the financing. On her way out, Mame runs into Jill at the door, with a smug retort, "Oh! And I was having SUCH a pleasant morning!" Jill accuses Ash of letting Mame in on the Jabot deal, and gives them one last chance to accept her offer. Ash politely thanks her, but turns her down. Jill is furious and says as she leaves, she expects the Abbots will be soon kissing Jabot good-by. Jack phones Ash from Argentina, still unable to find John, who has changed his itinerary.

Ryan and Tricia return from a baby equipment buying spree and share some tender expectant parent moments. Ryan apologizes for his original attitude about the baby, and Tricia is only too happy to forgive. Megan walks in and is thrilled to see them so happy. Tricia tells her how secure she finally feels.

Ramona has finished reviewing Victor's notes on the herbal medicine manufacturer he is thinking of buying. Her friend suggests she FAX him a personal note with her findings, and Ramona has a flashback to their good-by in the hospital as she writes it.

Kay tells Mackenzie she is leaving for a few days, and begs her not to tell Jill, and promise not run off while she is gone. Mac agrees.

Jill bursts Billy's bubble that she is taking his trip to New York instead, and he is staying in Genoa City.

Brad calls Nikki and invites her to meet him, but is rebuffed. Brad intercepts Ramona's FAX to Victor, and decides Nikki needs to see "Think of you often, hope you are well, will never forget what you did for me."

Friday, September 3

Victor reads Ramona's FAX as Nick enters his office. Nick is impressed, but warns Victor of having anything to do with Ramona while Leanna is on the prowl. He reminds Victor that he will soon regain control of his company, and be rid of Jack. Victor says that is not enough -- Jack Abbott deserves severe punishment -- and he will get it, none too soon.

Brad walks in on Nikki at Gina's and informs her of the FAX. Nikki reads the FAX and is unmoved, says Victor wanted Ramona's informed opinion about a bunch of herbs, so what? Brad infers an ongoing relationship that Victor has neglected to mention. Nikki says the reality is that she and Victor love each other, he gives her everything. Brad counters that Victor gives her only what he wants her to have, then guesses that Victor said no to Nikki's suggestion of another child.

Ryan and Tricia are at the doctor's eagerly looking into Lamaze, and asking to know the sex of the baby. The doctor is called away, and her assistant is left to handle the ultrasound, while the happy couple cuddle and coo. The ultrasound begins, then the assistant makes a disturbing face.

Ashley and Cole argue again about her preoccupation with Jabot and their lack of home life. Ash vows once this is over she will strike an even balance between job and home -- but Cole doesn't buy it. He feels things will only get worse, and that their future is bleak.

Jill tries to explain to Billy how much he means to her, and wants his respect, then demands that he stay in Genoa City while she talks to his father in New York. Billy accuses her of holding him prisoner and is afraid that she will "tell all" to John. Jill tells Billy to behave himself, (famous last words) and leaves.

Billy vows to make Jill regret being so harsh with him, and invites J.T. and the gang with the "Labor Day party without a home" to the Chancellor mansion. The teenagers arrive at the Chancellor's complete with keg, just missing Esther leaving to spend the holiday with her daughter. The wild party begins expecting to go non-stop all weekend, as the forgotten Birdie walks in looking bemused. Birdie asks if Mama knows -- fine, it's your funeral -- and asks if Mac is in on this.

Sharon and Cassie show up at Crimson lights to do research. Sharon quizzes Raul and Cassie checks out the juke box. Nick arrives, and the researchers give their findings. Raul and Mac leave for the movies together.

Ashley arrives at Victor's office to agree to the deal, to which Victor asks, "Where's the money?" Ash asks for another week. Victor firmly states that if the money is not in his hand by the end of the day, the deal is off, and Jabot remains with Newman. Ash questions Victor's motives, which makes him mad, and he slams a book on the desk. Ashley shifts gears, and begs for her father and herself reminding Victor of how close they once were, accusing him of never really caring for her if he turns her down. Victor tells her not to ever question what she meant to him.

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