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The Crimson Lights grand reopening was a success. Grace threw Tony out, and he moved in with Megan. Nikki called off her rendezvous with Brad after a confrontation with Diane. Cole and Victoria kissed.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, September 27, 1999

When John tells Billy that he is staying in Genoa City and not going to live with Tracey, Billy flips out. He says that John isn't being fair. He pleads with John not to do this to him but John will not relent. He says that he wants Billy to get to know his mother and have a relationship with her.

While Ashley tries to talk business to Jack, she notices that he isn't paying attention but his eyes are constantly searching Gina's. She asks him what he is looking at or for and he tells her about the attractive woman he met earlier. He keeps hoping that she will return. Ashley says that it is time that he found someone else. But, when Jack begins commenting on the state of Ashley's marriage, she tells him that she doesn't want to discuss it. As he continues to comment, she angrily gets up and leaves the table. As she begins to walk out, she is surprised to see a familiar face at a nearby table.

In Victor's office, Ramona tells Victor that she is glad things have worked out for him business wise as well as in his personal life. He ignores her remarks about his personal life and goes on to talk about the seminar. She tells him that she wasn't sure about coming to see him; she feels he only invited her to GC for business reasons. He tells her that they are friends so there is no reason why she couldn't visit him. He would have been displeased if she didn't stop by. She drops the news that she is going home tonight and Victor is disappointed.

Grace and Tony are heavy into kissing when Tony pulls back saying he isn't going to do this. Grace can't understand how he could not be interested in her. She blames it on Megan. Tony doesn't want to go there. She tries again to seduce him but when he pushes her away, she becomes livid. She tells him to get out of her apartment, now! Later, when Tony runs into Megan and tells her that he is out on the street, she asks him to move into her place.

Billy goes to Crimson Lights and begins blasting his parents. He says that he is just going to leave. Mac tells him that he is stupid. He has two parents who love him, who think he is the moon and the stars and he wants to walk out on them? She says that he won't be two blocks from home and he will miss the stables and the swimming pool. When he says that it is nothing to her and she doesn't know what she is talking about, she gives him a lesson in Street People, 101. By the time she is finished describing what life is like on the streets, he has the look of fear on his face.

Cole, unaware that Ashley is at Gina's, walks in and sees Victoria sitting alone. He goes to her table and sits with her. He asks if the offer of the tack house is still on the table. She says that it is but she doesn't think it is a good idea. She says that Ashley won't like hearing that he is working there. He says that he doesn't care; he has to finish his book and he can't write it at the Abbott house. Victoria wonders why he can't write around his wife; he was always able to write when he was married to her. Unknown to Vicki, Ashley has walked up behind them and overhears this last sentence.

At the Lodge, Brad questions Nikki about her reasons for sleeping with him. Is it just to get back at Victor? Nikki says that it is because she wants to sleep with him. Bradley gets up, kisses her and says that he will go and arrange for the room. While he is away, Nikki decides to go to the powder room and freshen up.

As he leaves, Diane walks in and arranges for a table by the fireplace.

While Nikki is freshening up, Diane walks into the powder room. The two women stare at each other until Nikki begins making condescending comments to Diane. Diane isn't about to take that so she begins to make some comments of her own. She lets it slip that she had a very interesting conversation with Bradley recently. She says that he came to her apartment and they discussed Victor's vasectomy. She says that she knows that Nikki wants to have him reverse the procedure so that she can get pregnant. Ironic, she says, since the only reason he got the vasectomy was because she, Nikki, persuaded him to do so. Nikki tells her to get out before she does something to her that she won't like. Diane smiles with satisfaction knowing that she has hit home, then slowly turns and walks out of the room. Nikki collapses into a chair and bursts into tears.

Brad has the room and is waiting for Nikki to return. He fails to notice Diane telling the maitre de that she has lost her appetite and leaves the Lodge. When Nikki comes out, she slaps his face and tells him that she will never trust him again. She rushes out of the Lodge also.

Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Ashley and Vicki get into it after Ashley hears her remark about not being able to work with Ashley. Their remarks to each other are cruel. After a time, Cole tries to break them up. Vicki says she has to leave but as she is leaving, she tells Cole that he can have the tack room anytime he wants it. Ashley sees red. She can't believe that Cole is even considering moving back to the tack house. He will be moving right into the middle of the enemy camp! He says that the Newman's aren't his enemy; what she and Jack have against the Newman's has nothing to do with him. Ashley is shocked that he would show so little loyalty to her family, which is now his family. He says that he is going out there to write; this is all about his work. He says that he can't work in all the turmoil that is going on at the house. He says that Ashley's priority is business but his is his work; he needs to finish his book because of all the contracts that he has with the publishers. Ashley says that she can understand his needing to finish his book but she can't understand that in all of Genoa City, the only place he can find to write is at his ex-wife's estate. Jack walks up and tells them to keep it down or charge admission. Cole, without a word, gets up and walks out. Ashley tries to tell him that they will talk about it at home, but he just brushes her off. Ashley is near tears as Jack sits down and tells her tells her that he's been there.

Megan asks Tony how he feels about staying with her. He says that her old man would go nuts, but she says that he will never find out. If he is worried about Tricia telling him, she wants there dad returning even less than she does. She promises him a room with a view in a great big house with a private bath, a girl to cook for him and a garage for his motorcycle and other "toys." Just then they are interrupted.

Sharon is preparing for the opening of Crimson Lights. Everyone is busy getting ready. She goes to the bar and gives Nick a call. He asks how things are going and she says that so far, things are fine. She hopes he will be there for the opening but he tells her that he may be a little late. But, he will be there; he wouldn't miss this for anything in the world. He tells her that he is in Victor's office now but he will be leaving soon. After she hangs up, one of the band members tells Sharon that the stage won't hold all their weight. Sharon panics. Seeing Tony with Megan, she tells him that they may not have a band. He goes to check the stage and says that he can fix it. He goes to his motorcycle to get his tools.

Raul asks Mac how she is doing. She says that she is worried about Jill, especially now that Billy will be leaving the house. All she can do is stay out of Jill's way, but the only thing that will make her feel better is for Kay to come home.

Tony returns with his tools and begins working on the stage. Before long he has it fixed and everything is fine. He returns to the table where Megan is waiting for him and she says that at her house, there is a lot of broken things for him to fix, if that is what makes him happy. He finally agrees to move in if he can have his own private room and this is only for a couple of days.

Nikki slams into the house yelling for Miguel. She finds a note saying that he has gone to town shopping. What a time to go shopping! She says aloud. She begins pacing and ranting about Brad. "Damn you, Brad!' she begins. "How dare you discuss my life with anyone and Diane of all people?" She remembers the conversation she had with Diane. "Why did I ever think I could trust Brad?" Just then, there is a knock at the door and when she opens it, there stands a very angry Brad. She tries to keep him out but he tells her that he deserves a chance to explain. He admits to going to see Diane and talking to her but his reason was that she was getting suspicious of the two of them. He didn't want her causing trouble for Nikki and was trying to protect her. He says that letting her believe that she wanted a baby with Victor would keep her from thinking about the two of them together. She says that he was doing the same thing that Victor always does; he was trying to protect her. She doesn't want to be protected and she is tired of being lied to. She thought he was different but he isn't. He promises that it won't happen again; he will allow her to take care of herself and make her own decisions. He says that they can get past this; they have to. She says that she isn't sure, but right now, she is tired and doesn't want to talk about it any more. She says that she would appreciate it if he would leave now. He agrees to leave but says he isn't walking out on her life. He says that she means to much to him and there is too much between them to give up. He reminds her, as he leaves, that there is no Ramona's in his life and never will be.

Victor finally comes into the office and Nick tells him that he wants to show him something. He opens his briefcase and shows the newspaper ad to his father. Victor says that he and Victoria have done a great job; he is impressed with their work. Nick is pleased. As Victor walks by the briefcase, he sees the ad there for the opening of CL and asks about it. Nick explains that there is a grand opening as someone has bought it and they are reopening. Victor guesses that Nick is happy he wasn't the one who bought it; at least he doesn't have to contend with that problem. The phone rings and Victor goes to answer it as Nick says that he is leaving; he and Sharon have plans today.

Paul is working at home when he gets a visitor. Opening the door he sees him mom standing there with a casserole in her hands. She says that since he didn't invite her to dinner, she took the initiative and brought his favorite, sauerkraut and ribs. As she comes in, she sees a woman's coat on the couch and mistakenly thinks that Christine is home. He tells her that it isn't Christine's coat; he has a woman in the house. She is appalled and begins to tell him so when Lynn comes out of the kitchen saying that dinner will be ready soon. Paul takes great pleasure in telling Lynn that his mother thought he had a romantic rendezvous planned. He continues to tease her with innuendo until Lynn leaves, telling him that she has a dinner date. A little later, the doorbell rings again and when Paul opens the door, there stands Kay. She looks extremely exhausted and dejected. She comes in and asks about Mac. Now more than ever she hopes that she can make a home for the girl, she says. Paul asks if she brought Brock home with her and she tells him that she never even got to see him. After finally attempting to find her son, she may never see him again, she tells Paul.

Billy is packed and ready to leave. Jill wishes that he would stay with her but he says that would be a disaster for both of them. She tells him that she is sad that things got so bad between them over the summer; all she wanted to do was show him how much she loved him. She says that she had a wonderful summer planned and doesn't know where it went wrong. When she says she will once again be alone in this house, he says that she has Mrs. Chancellor. She laughs at this and says that until she gets back, she has to put up with Birdie and that thief, Mac. Billy asks her to lay off Mac; she isn't a thief. He says that he was all ready to leave town on his own but she talked him out of it. Jill is horrified that he would even think of leaving home. They have a good talk. He says that she should respect him enough to allow him to express his opinions. She says that she would also like to be shown some respect; he won't listen to her either. He says that he isn't a puppy she can dress up and show to her friends. She says that there is one thing that she wants him to hear and believe: she does love him. He says that he knows she does love him----as much as she can love anyone. He gathers up his bags and leaves. Jill has tears coming down her face. When the door closes , she breaks down completely.

George Cayman arrives in Victor's office to give him an update on the Seminar. He says that everyone was very impressed with Ramona. He is thinking of offering her a job in the pharmaceutical company as their herbal chemist. Victor thinks that is a good idea and offers to tell her himself. George says that this is a relief because he doesn't know how to get in touch with her. Victor says that she is at her hotel but George tells him that she has already left town. She said she was flying out tonight.

Vicki arrives home and asks Nikki if she has been thinking about what they discussed when they last talked. Nikki asks her if she is feeling any better and she brags that at least she got to stick it to Ashley. Nikki wishes she could stick it to a few people. She tells Nikki that she got her wish; she has ended things with Brad. Vicki says she wishes that things never started, but she thinks that now things will be much better between her and Dad. "Don't count on it! He is still seeing that woman for New Mexico." Vicki is disgusted and tells he mother that Ramona is only here for a seminar. "You knew!" Nikki says as she walks out of the room.

Nick arrives at CL and asks how things are going. Sharon tells him about the problem with the stage and that Tony fixed it. Looking around, Nick wonders where everyone is. The place should be filling up by now. Just then, Mac and Raul come out of the back room and she finds the flyers advertising the opening. Nick calls Chad from the back and asks him about them. Chad realizes that he has messed up; he forgot all about getting them distributed; he got distracted. Nick says that he is trying to save a business here and he can't have distractions. They can't have an opening if nobody comes.

Diane returns home angry. She pours herself a glass of wine while she tells Marissa about running into "that condescending Nikki." She admits that she said some things that she shouldn't have said since they could hurt a friend. There is a loud knock at the door and Marissa opens it. Brad is there and he wants to know where Diane is. Seeing her, he asks her what the hell she was doing shooting off her mouth to Nikki.

Jack is alone at Gina's when Gina brings out the food that he ordered hours before. He tells her that his appetite has gone south; he has had one of those days. She leaves and Jack puts some money on the table and starts out himself. Suddenly he sees a familiar figure at the bar. "Just when you are giving up, life gives you a second chance!" he says. He goes up behind Ramona and says that he is glad that they meet again. She turns, looking sad with tears in the corner of her eyes.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

When John arrives to pick up his son, Jill announces that he has already left. Seeing her reach for another drink, John assures her that things will work out but Jill suggests that it would be best for everyone if he took Billy and moved back to New York. John insists that Billy needs his mother in his life. When Victor returns to the ranch, he finds a defensive Nikki questioning him about his failure to inform her about Ramona's arrival in town. Victor claims she is there for business but Nikki doesn't believe him. She implores him to give more of him to her but Victor insists that she has all of him. He then storms out. Jack offers a listening ear to an upset Ramona at Gina's but she leaves to catch a plane before he gets her name. Nick uses a local radio station to let the listening audience know about the Crimson Lights' grand re-opening. As the band plays and the dance floor fills up, two teens get into a fight. Tony and Nick break up the fight and order them to follow the rules or get out. Paul urges Kate not to give up hope that her son is still alive. Brad tells Diane that Nikki is an old friend and she now thinks he let her down. Callie and Malcolm have fun together only to take a break when Malcolm hears a message from Nate revealing that he made it on the football team.

Thursday, September 30

Cole knocks at the door of the ranch house and gets Victoria out of bed. She invites him in as he says that if her offer of the tack room is still open, he would like to move in tonight. She tells him that the offer is still open but why tonight. He says that he is so far behind and he isn't tired so he would like to get started right away. He begins to talk about his marriage and how he is having problems at home. As they share a nightcap, he tells her that lately he has been thinking about how things used to be between him and Vicki. She tells him to go home to his wife, but instead, he kisses her. Then they kiss each other very passionately.

Jack tells Gina that he met his mystery woman again but he still doesn't know her name. As he describes Ramona to her, she says that he really has it bad this time but she is glad for him. Grace walks into the restaurant and sees Jack. When he sees her, he begins talking to her but she is somewhat cold to him. She informs him that she has been fired from NE. She begins to berate him for not getting in touch with her even though she has tried to reach him for weeks. He tells her that he realizes that he has been remiss but he has been busy. She mentions that now she is without employment, and Jack is puzzled. He tells her that he meant it when he said that she had a job with Jabot. She is delighted and asks what he will have her to do. He says that she doesn't know anything about the cosmetics business but she says she can learn. He says that she is going to be working directly under him. After Jack leaves, Grace approaches the bar and begins talking with Gina. She realizes that she was too hard on Tony; she was worried about losing her job and took it out on him. She says she has to go and look for him and set things right.

The opening at Crimson Lights is ending and the coffeehouse is closing down. Chad once again apologizes for forgetting to take out the flyers. Nick says that everyone is entitled to a mistake now and then. Ryan compliments Nick on the good job he has done. As he and Tricia are leaving, she sees Megan and Tony. Tony has his duffle bag with him and Tricia demands to know where he and Meg are going. Tony tells her that he is looking for an apartment and Meg is helping him. Tricia is about to make a scene but Ryan stops her. Tony and Meg leave while Ryan calms Tricia down. When they again start to leave, she says that she wants to make a stop on the way home.

Grace arrives at CL just as Nick and Sharon are on their way home. She mentions that it looks like she is late for the party but she doesn't leave. Before Nick and Sharon can get out of the building, however, she tells them that she has been fired from NE but she has a job with Jabot. Nick is surprised and shows it. "That's right," Grace smiles. "I'm working for the enemy now." Nick and Sharon leave. Chad asks Grace if she wants anything. She says that she is only looking for Tony. He tells her that Tony just left and she guesses that he is with Megan.

Tony and Megan arrive at her house and Megan suggests that he park his motorcycle in the garage. She is about to tell him where he will sleep when Tricia tries to come in the house. However, the chain is on the door keeping her out. Tony takes his bag and goes into the other room. Tricia is let in and she begins chiding Megan about Tony. She then starts criticizing her about dropping out of school. Finally, to Megan's relief, Ryan convinces Tricia to come home with him. Tony comes back in saying that that was close. He tells her that he wants a room in the basement. They kiss.

At home, Tricia is still upset that Tony could be at her home with Megan. She says that he could have parked in the garage to hid from her. Ryan doesn't know what he is going to do with her.

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Friday, October 1

Vicki brings coffee to Cole in the tack room. He is just waking up and says he will live. She tells him that they had quite an evening and in the cold light of day, they did the right thing showing restraint. He doesn't agree. She says that it was interesting but it was only a kiss. No, he tells her, there were feeling there, feelings that had been all bottled up for a long time. He thinks that they should do something about these feelings; it is time to let them out and examine them. She says that maybe it was the alcohol or maybe they were just two lonely people caught up in the moment, but whatever the reason that they kissed, they should be grateful that it didn't go any farther. He says that it won't go away; they will have to face it eventually. He agrees that they shouldn't do anything about it now. However, as soon as he finishes his book...? He also has to see where things stand between him and his wife. Vicki says that she doesn't want to be dragged between him and Ashley again unless he knows that he has real feelings for her; she wants to get on with her life. She says that it isn't fair that he just wants to keep pulling her back into his. If he doesn't have feelings for her, then he should just back off.

Ashley visits Olivia in her office. When Olivia tries to blow her off, she reminds her that she is a patient; she has an appointment for a yearly check up today. Olivia apologizes and looks over her chart. Her labs are good but she doesn't appear to be feeling so well. After looking over all the data, Olivia says that Ashley is in perfect health. She wonders if Ashley is thinking about starting a family and Ashley says that the timing is wrong. She tells Ashley that her husband didn't come home last night; she admits that he has been taking his frustrations out on her lately. Now she suspects that he has gone to the tack house to work. "Have you reached a point of no return?" Olivia asks. Ashley says that she hasn't but she doesn't know how Cole would answer the question. Olivia tells her to find out where Cole's head is and communicate with him; don't let things fEsther until there is no going back. Don't do as she did; it is too late for her and Malcolm. If she wants to keep Cole as her husband, she must open her heart a little. Ashley says she knows just what to do and leaves.

Tony is making his "world-famous" omelet for Megan and she is quite delighted. Once it is finished, they enjoy it with the sounds of Italian arias playing in the background. He says she should see the mess in the kitchen! But, when she offers to take care of it, he says that it is the cook's job to clean up. The phone rings and Megan finds her father on the other end. Tony is joining in on the arias in a not-so-perfect voice and daddy wonders what that awful noise is. She quiets Tony and turns off the CD player. Going back to the phone, she tells him that everything is fine---both with Tricia and with her "semester." Later, Tony wonders if her old man has ESP or something. He says that this proves it for him; he has to leave. He says that he has a job now that will pay some pretty good bucks. She thanks him for breakfast and tries to tempt him into staying. He gives her the paper's classifieds with some apartment ads circled and asks her to call them for her. She agrees. But when he leaves, she tears the paper up and throws it away.

Miguel has prepared his buffet when Victor comes down asking if he has seen Nikki. Miguel says no and this puzzles Victor since she was up hours ago. Nikki comes in from riding and she is still cool and distant to Victor. He asks why the hell she didn't tell him she was going for a ride; he could have come along. She says she wanted to be alone to think about a few things. Nikki is still questioning him about why he didn't tell her about Ramona coming to GC. He doesn't know why he should; he has people come for business reasons all the time and he never tells her about it. What is so different about this? She asks if he saw her while she was here? Wisely, he admits that she stopped by the office. Nikki asks if she will be coming back and again he tells her that she probably will. He tells her that she has been offered a job in the Pharmaceutical Company. "What is the matter with you?" he demands. "I don't like being grilled like this! Now that is enough about Ramona Casseras. Now what about your second item?" Nikki asks if this is a board meeting. Victor says that if she won't bring up the other subject, he will tell her what is all about. "It's about your having another baby!" He says, shaking his finger in her face. "That isn't going to happen! Let us be clear about that!" He then reminds her that she was the one who talked him into having the vasectomy in the first place! She says that it was because of Diane. Things are different now. No, he says. You decided then that there shouldn't be any more little Newman's running around; now you have changed your mind. She tries to explain the difference in Diane having his baby and in her having his baby but he accuses her of just trying to twist the facts and everything that he says. What does she want anyway? She says that she doesn't want anything; from now on, he can dictate and she will follow his orders. "Is there another alternative?" Victor asks. "You want to bring another life into this world for you own satisfaction and...." She interrupts and says that he has made it perfectly clear what he wants and doesn't want. She will no longer cling to her desire to have a baby with him. There will be no more Newman children. He has heard her last word on it. She gets up and begins leaving the room. Victor shouts to her back that the vasectomy was her idea in the first place. He shakes his head in disbelief and frustration.

Diane is having breakfast on the patio at Yves when Michael comes by. He teases her, saying that she is sitting there thinking about Victor Newman and being "put out to pasture." He sits and joins her for coffee and asks if he was right about her thoughts. She says he was partially right but she isn't obsessed with the man. She says that she thinks that Victor's vasectomy has become a thorn in his side. Michael asks if she thinks that Victor now wants another kid but because of the vasectomy, he has a dilemma. Diane thinks that is a possibility but there is more to it. Michael begins speculating as to why Victor would want his vasectomy reversed. Finally, he says that maybe it is because there is a third person involved. Her reaction tells him that he is correct. She says that she is just trying to put the pieces together to find out why Nikki was at the Urologist. After Michael leaves, Marissa arrives and Diane tells her that Michael kept her amused while waiting for her. Marissa begins going through the mail. She comes to a letter and says that someone is behind the times. The letter is addressed to Victor at his old address and stamped with timed and dated material. Diane at first tells her to forward it on to the office, but she changes her mind and asks to see the letter. Examining it, she sees that the letter is from a laboratory marked personal and confidential. She wonders what kind of lab this could be from.

Ryan is having coffee while reading the paper. He declines breakfast when Tricia offers it and says that he is going to Nina's; he has a gift for Phillip. Tricia tells him that she will be going out later and he guesses that she is going to check up on Megan. He warns that if she puts too much pressure on Megan, it could backfire. He wants her to back off and heal. After he leaves, Tricia says that if she waits, it will be too late. She calls someone and asks him or her to come over.

Nina is busy with her writing, wearing headphones, so she hear the knock at the door. When the bell rings and she ignores that, Ryan come in on his own. He frightens her and she scatters papers all over the room. He wonders what she is doing and teases her about being embarrassed about the papers on the floor. She says that writers are supposed to make a mess. Nina gathers up her papers and tells Ryan that this is a work in progress. She admits that she has written her first novel! He is excited for her. She has been working on it in bits and pieces for forever. When he asks, she says that this probably had a lot to do with her break-up with Brett. She didn't have enough time to give to him. She is pleased with herself, so much so, that she will buy her ex-husband coffee to celebrate.

Grace stops by Tricia's and asks what it is that she wants. She wants to form an alliance to separate Tony and Megan. Grace is surprised, since the last time she tried to talk to her about this, Tricia practically threw her out. Tricia throws into her face the fact that Tony has moved out on her. Grace says that the reason Tony left is because she kicked him out. It was a stupid mistake. She hasn't been thinking clearly lately. Tricia says he would have moved out eventually; he is involved with her sister and has talked her into dropping out of college. Grace can't see why Tony is to fault if Megan dropped out of school. She says that Tony is not a bad guy. Maybe for you, Grace, but he isn't right for my sister. She wants to know if she can count on Grace. This is her worse nightmare! Grace says that she will talk to her soon about this.

At Yves, Nina tells Ryan that Phillip doesn't know about the novel; she doesn't want him to be disappointed. She tells him that getting published is a long drawn out processes even IF you find someone who will publish it. He asks about what the book is about and she teases him asking him if he thinks he is in the book. She could tell some tales! She then relieves his mind by saying it is more about her. She asks him not to tell anyone; she will tell them when she is ready. He kisses her before he leaves. A man at the next table is watching and asks about the pay phone. As Nina is leaving, she sees that he needs change and she gives him some.

Vicki says that she is not going to play "what if" with Cole. There is nothing more to say; she is not going to reminisce with him. He puts his hands on her shoulders and says that isn't what he wants to do with her. He says that he doesn't want to hurt her, but...

There is a knock at the door and Ashley calls out to Cole. "Are you in there?"

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