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Olivia hired a divorce lawyer. Brash & Sassy was wildly successful; Victoria received fan mail. Diane found out that Victor's sperm sample was going to expire in three months. Nikki learned that Victor had offered Ramona a job in Genoa City.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 4, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday October 4

Today's recap was provided by Judy A Hanna.

Cole has his hands on Victoria's shoulders, as there comes a knock at the door. Ashley calls out but when there is no answer, she calls again. "Are you in there, Cole?" she shouts. "We need to talk. I still care about our marriage and I hope you do too." The door opens and a cold unsmiling Cole stands there. As they stand at the door, Ashley finally asks if they can talk inside; he steps to the side and allows her to come in. The room is now empty except for the two of them. She asks if he slept well and says that he could have called her last night; he admits that he should have. She says that she isn't there to hassle him, just to talk. She understands how difficult it is for him in the last stages of editing a book, but lately she thinks it is more than that. She doesn't want them to grow apart. All they seem to do lately is argue and arguing doesn't settle anything. He accuses her of being there only to hassle him about living in the tack room. Ashley denies that but says that he has to admit that living near Victoria is not good for their relationship. "I'm not here to be around Victoria," Cole says. "I'm here simply to finish my book." Ashley notices the two coffee cups on the sideboard. "Then why are there two cups?" she asks. "Victoria has already been here, hasn't she? It is already affecting the two of us." Cole says that Victoria simply brought him some coffee to help him wake up. Ashley asks if something happened. Did he have one too many cocktails? She knows that he never drinks alone. He admits drinking too much but wants to know what she is accusing him of. Ashley simply says that she is trying to show him that being near Victoria is not good for their relationship. She tells him that he is very important to her whether she is still important to him or not. He says that she is important---their marriage is important---and she should know that by now. Then what has happened? How did it come to this, Ashley wants to know? Looking at her, all Cole will say is that he has to start on his rewrites. He goes to the computer and, in Victor Newman fashion, completely ignores her presence. Ashley sighs and walks out of the house. Nikki is staring out the window toward the tack house when Victoria comes into the house. She asks her daughter what is going on down at the tack house. She mentions seeing Cole's car there earlier and now Ashley's car is there. Vicki explains that Cole came to her the night before and asked if he could return for a couple of days, a week at the most. Nikki is horrified but not as much as she is later when Vicki hints that something almost happened between her and Cole the night before. She says that she dodged a bullet and told him that she didn't want to be in the middle, but she doesn't expect that Ashley will be coming around any more after today's visit. She then turns on her mother and asks about Bradley. When Nikki says that it is over, Vicki wants to know what is over. yesterday she told her that there was nothing there to begin with. She wants to know just how far things went between the two of them. Nikki isn't about to be grilled by her daughter and tells her so. Vicki accepts this but has only one more question: does this mean that now she will concentrate her energies and attention on working out the problems she has with her father and getting the marriage back on course? Nikki says that the problems between her and Victor were not of her making. She now realizes just where she stands with Victor. He can say that she is the center of his life all he wants, but she knows better; she learned that the hard way.

John is showing Billy around Jabot when Jack and Jill arrive for a meeting. Things are cool between mother and son but she asks him if he is settling in with his father. He says that he is more comfortable there. Jill is hurt but says nothing as Billy hugs his father good bye as he heads for school. Later, John chastises her for being so cold to Billy but Jill says that it works both ways. John says that he had Billy there this morning so that the two of them could run into each other and start repairing the lines of communication. Jill doesn't think anything much can help their situation. The meeting gets started with Jack sitting his father at the head of the table. He passes around some reports for their consideration. Just then, Grace comes in and Jack introduces her as his personal assistant.

Nick drops by Crimson Lights to check out some invoices and to see his wife and business partner. While he goes into the back, Raul arrives at Sharon's request and she has a word with him. As they talk, Mac arrives and begins to prepare to work. Sharon calls her to a table for a word. She reminds her that in this state, she has to be in school until after she is seventeen. When Mac says that she doesn't see anyone about to turn her in, Sharon advises her that she knows and cannot legally have her working for her as long as she is not in school. She tells her that she has taken the liberty of acting in Katherine's behalf and enrolling her in Walnut Grove Academy. Now Mac knows why Raul is there. She can't picture herself in a private school, but she will give it a chance. Raul tells her that there are a lot of cool people there and he wants to walk her to school on her first day. Sharon says that she will work Mac around her schedule.

Diane sits at Yves with the letter for Victor in her hands. She is obviously curious. When Marissa offers to take it to Victor's office for her, she hesitates. She asks if Marissa has a letter opener in her bag. All she has is a metal nail file but she hands it to Diane who proceeds to carefully open the letter. Diane reads the letter, which informs the recipient that his semen sample will expire in three months. It is necessary that they know his intentions concerning the sample or it will be destroyed. "Kimberly, you bastard!" Diane spits out, upset at the news. "You know how much I wanted a baby and you could have made it happen all the time!" Marissa offers to reseal the letter and deliver it but she says that she will handle this personally. She says that she needs some time alone and Marissa understands and leaves. Diane gives the matter some thought. She again says that she and Victor could have had a baby after all and he didn't tell her about this. If he didn't tell her, then he must not have told Nikki. Why else would she be visiting his urologist? So, she thinks, if he hasn't told Nikki, then it means he doesn't want a child. But Nikki does! And Nikki doesn't know about the available semen. If the letter never reached its addressee, then it would be like the information never existed. Mail gets lost all the time. "What do I do?" Diane asks herself. "What should I do?"

As the Abbott meeting is ending, Grace says that she has one thing to bring up for consideration. She mentions the ad campaign that NE has just launched and mentions that now they don't have a teen line with which to compete. Jill says that they are not in competition with NE. Grace says that she understands that but they do have an empty spot in their line up now. She wants to introduce her idea as a countermove against B&S. After she has made her presentation, John says that he likes the idea but reminds them that they have no resources right now to put it into motion. Jill agrees that it is a good idea and wants to think more about it. After everyone leaves, Jack complements Grace on her work, saying that they are going to make a great team. "Is that what we are, a team?" Grace asks. He asks what she sees them as and she says that she would rather not get into that right now. However, she wants to make herself perfectly clear. "I am willing to do anything.... and succeed here," she says without every breaking eye contact.

Brad enters Victor's office with a report and finds it empty. But before he can leave, Victor enters and asks what he is doing there. He then asks Brad if he is seeing anyone romantically right now. Brad asks what business it is of his and Victor goes on to say that not too long ago, he was seeing Diane Jenkins. He wants him to reacquaint himself with the lady and find out if she knows Jack Abbott's plans for the future, especially where it pertains to Jabot. Brad is furious and refuses to do it; he says that he resents Victor's even asking him to do this. As he starts to walk out, Victor tells him to stop right there! If he walks out of the office, he can just keep on walking; he will not tolerate this insolence from an employee, especially someone in Brad's position. Got that? Brad tells him that he isn't being insolent but he will not wine and dine Diane to get information for Victor. He adds that it wouldn't make any difference anyway, since Diane isn't close to the Abbotts any longer. Jack despises her and she has no standing with anyone else in the family or at Jabot. Victor tells him that a simple no would have been sufficient and his evasive attitude is unacceptable. Brad tells him that if that is so, then pay him off and he will be rid of him; he doesn't give a damn one way or the other. "Don't tempt me," Victor says as he wishes Brad to have a good day.

At Walnut Grove, Mac tells Raul that it hasn't been so bad so far but she has only had a couple of classes. She tells Raul that she is worried about being home alone with Jill now that Billy has gone. They wonder where he is now just as Billy walks in. He is surprised to see Mac there but thanks her for the reality check and for putting him in his place earlier. He says that he has moved in with his dad and Mac leaves for another class. He tells Raul that he feels like he needs to walk on egg shells around Mac but he wishes he could do something for her; he isn't happy about her being in the house alone with his mother. Raul says that maybe there is something that he can do.

Diane steps off the elevator at Victor's office and hesitates, considering the letter. She puts it back into her purse and knocks at his door. He says, "Come in," and she does. He is busy and doesn't look up to see who is there. He is surprised when she speaks. He wants to know what she is doing there. She starts by saying that things have been so tense between them that she thought that they might be able to ease things a little. He tells her that the two of them have nothing to say to each other. You might be surprised at what we have to talk about, she tells him. "I have no time for games," Victor says, returning to his work. "I'm a busy man so please leave." Diane says that she has learned something very important that he just might be interested in hearing.

Tuesday, October 5

Victor looks at Diane with contempt and asks her what she is selling. Diane says that she was only trying to help him; she doesn't need to sell him anything. Doesn't he know how wealthy she is? He should; she doesn't NEED to sell anything. "Don't play coy with me!" Victor says. "There was a time when we were close and we knew all about each other. I suggest that we leave it at that and let bygones be bygones." "How very kind of you," Diane says with quiet sarcasm. Victor turns on her angrily and says that she aligned herself with the two people she knows that he hates with a passion so he doesn't trust her or anything she has to say! Diane tells him that she came there with only the idea of helping him but with his attitude.... Victor interrupts to tell her that she has made a very big mistake; he doesn't need any help from someone like her so good bye! Diane starts to leave but stops herself. She asks him about her board seat and Victor says he won't take it away from her but he does have some advice. "Don't show up an any of the board meetings," He begins in a hard voice. "No one wants you there. No one will listen to you. You will never again vote be allowed to vote on anything that will matter. You are not wanted or needed at this company." His voice raises to a roar as he continues. "You are a ghost. You are a nonentity! No one sees, hears or cares one iota about anything you have to say." Diane tells him that he is making a very big mistake; she could have helped him with something important. He says that he knows all about her; she showed her disloyalty when the chips were down and she will never have that chance again. She asks him if he thinks that he is perfect; has he never lied or cheated? She hopes he doesn't answer no to that because she knows better. She then tells him that she voted with Jack and Brad in order to protect what was hers; she knew he would try to find a way to take her board seat from her as he is proving right now. As she talks to Victor's back, she taps the letter with her fingers. I could have helped you but now you can forget about it, she tells him in measured tones. Just then, Neil comes into the office and apologizes for interrupting them. Victor tells him not to worry; the visitor was just leaving. Diane leaves the office but stops just outside the door. Fingering the letter, she says, "You will never know about this letter. You will never know that the sperm bank is about to throw your sperm into the trash. There will be no other little Newmans. And to think, you could have had a child with me. YOU BASTARD!"

Olivia goes to Michael's office and asks about her attorney, Mr. Wiese. Michael says that he has talked with Mr. Wiese and he is very tied up in court with a time-consuming case. He says that he has just finished some high priority cases and is in a lull right now. Mr. Wiese told him that if it was okay with Olivia, he could handle her case. She tells him that she isn't interested in drawing this case out any longer than necessary. She believes him to be highly competitive, enjoying the battle, the filing and all that goes with a case. He agrees that he is but also says that he can handle a simple case as well. He says that if she becomes his client, her case will be his highest priority. She says that if he can handle it the way she wants, then he can be her attorney. She stresses that it has to be a clean and simple divorce since her family, especially her son, has been hurt enough. Michael says that she is the boss, but he wants her to know that not only will he be protecting her interests but her son's interests also. He says that he would not be doing his duty as an attorney if he didn't tell her that many times when people get in too big of a hurry, they come to regret it later. She says that she sees his point but that won't be necessary in this case.

Kay visits Nikki at the ranch and tells her that she arrived home last night but spent the night with Paul. She just couldn't go home and face Mac. She tells Nikki that she suspects that Brock is dead. When Nikki protests that she doesn't know for sure, she talks about the enormous numbers of casualties that arrived from the fighting. She just doesn't know how she is going to face Mac and tell her that her father is dead. Nikki says that Victor has resources all over the world; she wants to get his help on finding out what happened. She then talks Kay into keeping quiet about her suspicions until she knows for sure. She reminds her of all the times that Brock lucked out of a bad spot. Kay feels that now Brock's luck might have run out.

At Walnut Grove Academy, Raul tells Billy that by moving back in with his mother, he could help Mac out a lot. Billy understands how that would help but he isn't the Red Cross! He can barely keep his own act together. Raul reminds him of all the times Mac has protected him, suggested that now it is his turn to pay her back. She needs someone to run interference with Jill to keep the heat off. Billy says that he feels for Mac but he is no saint; he can't do it. He leaves Raul standing alone. Later, Raul runs into Mac again and offers to let her go to his house to study so that she won't have to worry about running into Jill. She says that she will just look at it as a challenge. If she can hold her own with Jill, she can survive anywhere. Billy comes up just as she says that. She speaks to him and then leaves. Billy watches her leave and says that things really are getting to her. He says that his mother has too many things going on in her life right now to bother Mac very much.

Grace tells Jack that she really meant what she said; she will do anything to succeed here. Jack says that she shouldn't worry; she has a great deal of potential. He says that his also agrees with him after the way she handled herself at the meeting. Grace worries that she didn't make that good of an impression on Jill. Jack rolls his eyes and tells her not to worry about Jill. The two of them keep getting closer and closer to each other. Jack asks her where things stand with her and Michael Baldwin. She says that they had a major parting of the ways not long ago. Trust me, she says, we will work very well together. Jack tells her that he knows they will; he likes working with someone that smells as good as she does. She asks him why he kept her on; he rescued her several times; why? He says that he likes torturing himself with self-imposed restraint. She wonders what is restraining him now. Is it that he still loves Diane? He says that he just feels that they shouldn't rush things; the timing is off at this moment. She agrees that for now they will keep it strictly professional and Jack says that they will need separate buildings to accomplish that. She leaves to return to work and Jack exhales deeply when he is alone.

Nick arrives in Vicki's office for a meeting. While they are alone, she asks about the opening at Crimson Lights. He tells her all about it and asks that they keep it between them for a while yet. He tells her about Grace coming by and announcing that she is working for Jack now. Vicki says that he is welcome to her since she knows absolutely nothing about the cosmetics business. Nick warns her not to count Grace out; she is smart. He also warns her about getting involved with Cole again. The ad people stop by with responses from a focus group where they showed Vicki's picture and the ad. They begin to read some of the remarks which all seem to be good. Soon Ryan comes in with two large cartons of mail announcing that Vicki is a hit! Seeing all the fan mail, Vicki is tickled. But, she says that they can't rest; they have to keep the ball in the air and excite the customers. She wants new ideas and she wants them now. They do take some time to read a few of the fan mail letters. Eventually, they get to at least six proposals of marriage. Finally, Gary reads a letter that tells her that he is her biggest fan. H says that she is beautiful and tells her to keep up the good work. Vicki says that she likes that one; it is simple and sweet.

The camera moves away to the wall where all her pictures are located, including the nude picture of her as Miss September.

John Silva talks to Malcolm on the phone. He says that he still hasn't heard from Olivia's attorney. He has the paperwork ready to file as soon as he gets her signature. He tells Malcolm that he will give her a call and see what the hold up is. After hanging up, he calls Olivia on her cell phone. She is still in Michael's office.

Mac returns to the estate and asks Birdie if Jill is around. She tells her that the coast is clear. She also tells Mac that she regrets that she didn't take advantage of her youth and get an education. She never studied when she was in school and it was a waste. She promises to watch her back until Mrs. Chancellor returns. Raul and Billy arrive about that time and Billy is on the verge of telling her that he is going to move back in when the door opens and Kay is home.

Callie and Malcolm are talking when John arrives at the studio. He says that he now knows who is representing Olivia and this could be big trouble.

Neil tells Victor about a company that they bought last year and whipped into shape. Now it is ready to be sold for a nice profit. Victor is impressed but tells him to take it slow because they don't want it to seem like a fire sale. Again, Neil apologizes for interrupting him and Diane. Victor says that he didn't interrupt; that insufferable woman just wants to get back into the fold. However, they won't have to deal with the woman any longer. She has absolutely nothing to hold over his head.

"You shouldn't have treated me like that, Victor," Diane muses as she strokes the envelope. "I know something that you don't know. Now what do I do with that knowledge? Do I tell Nikki, a woman I absolutely despise? Or is there another way to take advantage of my little bomb. So many options! What do I do?"

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Wednesday, October 6

Malcolm is very upset upon hearing that Olivia hired Michael to handle her divorce. Callie suggests that Olivia may not have known the attorney's reputation before hiring him. Meanwhile, when Olivia tells Michael that she does not want a messy divorce, Michael promises to look out for her best interests. Malcolm later confronts Olivia and demands to know why she has hired such an aggressive lawyer. Callie calls Detroit to speak to Trey but Sam gives her the runaround again. Sam orders the secretary to stall Callie and keep her from Trey should she call again. Kay is thrilled when Mac reveals that she has started school. However, she loses her enthusiasm when Mac asks about her trip. Kay struggles to hold back her emotions but admits with tears in her eyes that the trip was a disappointment. Mac comforts her with a hug. Gary and Rod work on ads with Victoria and Gary suggests the next photos be taken in the office. At the Crimson Lights, Rod confides to Gary that he's attracted to Victoria. Ross warns it's a bad idea to date your boss. Nick watches as Victoria gets a kick out of giving an autograph to a young fan. Ashley tells an upset Jill that she agrees with Grace to get their own teen line going. She also asks Jack to stay out of her marriage.

Thursday, October 7

While on her way into Victor's office , Nikki's cell phone rings. She answers it and it is Brad. "Please talk to me Nikki," he says. She quickly hangs up and replaces the phone in her purse. She walks into Victor's office and tells him about Kay trying to find out about Brock. Victor says he will call some of his people and have them see what they can find out. Nikki is ready to leave but Victor asks her to stay. He wants to talk about something that has been bothering him. With a hopeful expression on her face, Nikki sits down and asks what it is. Victor is really glad that he has regained control of Newman Enterprises, but it really irks him that he let Jabot go back to Jack Abbott. Nikki sadly looks down and Victor adds that he is also concerned about Brad Carlton. Perking up, Nikki asks why. Victor says he is the bad apple of the company. He isn't sure that Brad will be able to relinquish control and take orders from him now. He is also thinking that something in Brad's personal life is wrong. He has a hunch it is with a woman. Nikki asks if while he has been doing all of this thinking, has he thought about the two of them at all? Yes, of course he has. They talk about when they were on the island together and how close they were. Victor hugs Nikki and tells her that he feels that their love can overcome any obstacle.

Jack and Ashley discuss Grace's proposal for a new teen line. Ashley likes the idea, but says that Jill doesn't. What else is new? Ashley also tells Jack that Jill thinks he is doing a little skirt chasing by hiring Grace. Jack can't believe it and Ashley starts to tease him about it. She says it is time for him to meet someone. He then asks how it is going with Cole and Ashley says there has been no change. Jack finds out that Cole is working at the Newman ranch and is outraged. On Victoria's turf! He starts for the door saying that he is going to knock some sense into that jerk. Ashley yells at him to stop.

Victoria comes home and gazes out the window as she remembers the kiss she shared with Cole. Miguel comes in and asks if he should take some food down to Cole. Victoria says she isn't sure if he wants to be disturbed. She will let him know if she talks to Cole. The phone rings and it is Cole asking her to please come down to the tack house. She says she can't, she was just running out the door. Later the door bell rings and it is Cole. He calls her on her lie and she lets him in. He is so excited about the progress he has made since he has been at the ranch. He would like to have a drink to celebrate. Victoria suggests that he should be doing that with Ashley and he says he will, but now he wants to have a drink with her. She finally agrees and he pours some sherry. They share a toast and then Cole says he really appreciates her letting him work out there. It has made all the difference.

Kay and Mac are talking about what is bothering Kay. Mac can tell that something is up, but Kay won't tell her. Jill comes in and is not happy to see Kay. She immediately calls Mac a thief and a liar. She tells Kay how dumb she is for believing that Mac is her granddaughter. Kay is old, alone, and rich and that is why Mac is making up this story. She just wants to be in her will! Kay tells Jill to get out before she tears her face off. Jill leaves but on the way out yells at Kay that she has no proof that Mac is her granddaughter.

Paul is on the phone planning and three day trip to Hawaii to see Chris. Lynn suggests that she go and reserve a plane ticket for him. As she is leaving, Nina comes in. They tell her about the trip. Nina was hoping that Chris would be back by now. Paul asks what she needed and she said it was just girl talk, she'll wait until Chris comes back. Paul gets her to confide in him that she has seen someone who looks really familiar, but she can't figure out who it is. Later, at Crimson Lights, Nina is looking at a book she has just purchased. The back cover shows a picture of the author. As she is looking at it, the same guy walks into Crimson Lights.

Grace runs into Brad and starts to give him a hard time about her being fired. He says it was not his doing, no hard feelings. They start talking and Grace figures out that something personal is bothering Brad. He asks her advice on how to win a woman's trust back. She quickly figures out it is a married woman. She tells him that she has been down that road and it blew up in her face, so she is not the one to give advice on that subject. She gets up to leave and leans over Brad seductively. She tells him to stop chasing married women and find one who is single.

Billy is doing homework when John comes home. He sits down to discuss Jill with Billy. Billy has nothing good to say about Jill. He tells John that he tried all summer to get along with her and it was impossible. John tries to tell Billy the importance of a relationship with his mother and that she needs him. "Well where was she when I was growing up and I needed her?" Billy yells. Since he was old enough to know what a mother was, she hasn't been there for him. She abandoned him! She was never there and it can't be fixed now. Crying, he runs upstairs and yells that it is too damned late!

Friday, October 8

Jack threatens to go find Cole and knock some sense into him but Ashley stops him and tells him that she will deal with her marriage her won self. She says that you don't judge a marriage at it's worse moment. She says that it will take some time so she wants him to just stay out of it. He promises that he will stay out FOR NOW, but if he hurts her again, he will answer to him.

Victoria makes a toast to Cole for finishing his book. He says that he owes it all to her but she won't take the credit. She asks if he shouldn't go home and he says that he should but he isn't thrilled at the prospect. He wants Vicki to go out to dinner with him to celebrate. She says that she has work to do. He says that he wants her to promise that she will go out and celebrate with him. Before she can answer, the doorbell rings and she goes to the door. It is Ryan and she whispers that thank goodness it is he. Loudly, she says that he made perfect timing. When they go back into the room, Cole looks disappointed. He says that he will hold Vicki to her promise and she reminds him that she didn't promise him anything. He threatens to stay there until she does promise. In front of Ryan, he is speaking in a very intimate tone of voice to her. To get him to leave, Vicki promises to go out to celebrate with him. "Nice timing, Ryan," Cole says as he leaves, giving Ryan a hard angry look. Alone, Ryan wants to know what is going on. Vicki tells him about the night before and he tells her that she is playing a dangerous game. She says that she can't help it if she feels a pull to Cole, but she isn't going to allow anything to happen. She thanks him for showing up on time to prevent things from getting any more serious. He wonders who is going to be there to play mother hen the next time.

Nina returns to Crimson Lights with the book by the author that she met in the coffee shop the other day. She tells Chad that she read it a few years ago and it was good; now she is going to read it again. Soon, Tomas comes into the coffee house and takes a table opposite her. She stares at him so much that he calls her on it. She reminds him that she met him a few days ago and he tells her that he remembers. However a coin for the telephone doesn't give her the right to stare at him. She is sorry and embarrassed. Flustered, she says that she knows who he is. He denies that she does. He says that he gets mistaken for that fellow all the time. When she keeps on, he gets up and leaves. Nina wonders why he won't admit who he is. Ryan arrives and she tells him about it. He says that everyone has a twin somewhere.

Victor reminds Nikki of how they felt on their island retreat; they rediscovered each other there and he would like to get back to that again. He says that all they have to do is try to there is nothing that they can't do. He hugs her and she thinks that maybe he is correct. Just as she is about to give in, George comes into the office saying that he needs Victor's immediate attention. Victor tells him to come back later, but George says that it is too important. Victor excuses himself and Nikki walks away while they talk. George says that he has called Ramona several times and she isn't responding to the job offer. He feels that she is waiting for Victor to call her. He reminds Victor of how important it is to get her on board. George leaves and Nikki is angry. So Ramona is coming to Genoa City to work at Newman Enterprises? Victor says that it isn't decided yet but he hopes that she will come be on staff soon. Nikki says that they both know that if he asks, she will accept. Victor can't understand her attitude. Doesn't she understand that Ramona helps people feel better? She says that she might as well not say anything; he is going to do what he wants to anyway. She stalks out with Victor shouting at her, "What the hell is the matter with you?"

Tony and Megan have dinner together then get romantic. She tries to get him to move into the room next to her but he insists on staying in the basement. He asks her about the list of apartments and she admits that she didn't make the call. She doesn't want their good times to end too soon.

Grace and Tricia get together to talk about Megan and Tony. Grace feels that Tricia is having second thoughts and Tricia admits that she is. Grace warns her that the longer they sit around, the closer Meg and Tony are getting together. She admits that neither of them really trust each other but they can still work together. They go over a few plans that won't work. Finally Grace says that if they can get Tony to think Megan is interested in someone else and vice versa, then they can get them to distrust each other. That will break them up.

Jack goes to Gina's and tells Gina that he is still looking for his mystery woman. Gina says that she is looking also but hasn't seen her. He gives her his cell phone number and tells her to give him a call if she does come in. Just then Jill stops by and asks what dream girl he is talking about. She thinks that he is waiting for Grace but he sets her straight. She sits with him and tells him that it is time he tried a real woman for a change---that is, if he is up to it. He asks if she is propositioning him and she doesn't deny it. Now that there are no complications, like her being married to his father, it could work. He is tempted but before he can say anything, Leanna Love interrupts. She needs to talk to Jack alone. Jill says she will wait at the bar. Leanna says that thank God she found him. She won't talk in the bar and she won't go back to Jabot with him. But she tells him that she knows a place. "Come with me; I promise you wont' be disappointed." He gets up and follows her out. As he passes the bar, he hesitates and looks at Jill but leaves. "What a coward you are, Jack," Jill laughs. "Silly son of a ..."

In New Mexico, Ramona's supervisor asks her what is taking her so long to make up her mind about the position with NE. He says that if she is worried about the clinic, don't. They will be short staffed for a while but they will get by. This is a wonderful opportunity and she should take advantage of it. He leaves and she considers all that he has said.

When Cole returns home, he is surprised to find Ashley waiting for him. He tells her that he was able to work better and almost got the book finished. A day or two more and he should have it finished. He says that he really needed this change. She says that since his block has been removed, this is cause for celebration. She asks if he would like some champagne. No, he says. He doesn't want to celebrate too soon and jinx things. He will save the celebration until he has the book finished. She offers him food but he declines. He says he is going up to bed. She attempts to get close to him, but he backs away. She says she will be up soon. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves. She is in tears.

John comes downstairs and finds Ashley by the fire. He asks if Cole is home and why she isn't upstairs with him. She doesn't want to talk but says that things will be okay. He didn't realize that things had gotten that bad. She says that she isn't giving up. Cole is her husband and she knows that he loves her. She will fight for her marriage even though it may hurt her pride. He holds and comforts her.

Victor is about to leave the office when he gets a call from Ramona. He tells her that he is glad that she called; he says it is good to hear her voice and he has been thinking about her. There is a knock at the door and Ashley calls out to Cole. "Are you in there?"

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