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Nikki found Victor holding Ashley's hand, and she walked out on Victor. Ashley wanted to have a baby to solidify her marriage. Katherine told Mac that Brock was dead. Katherine thought she saw an apparition of Brock, and she fainted.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 18, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, October 18

Today's recap was provided by Judy A Hanna.

Abbott home

Raul and Billy are still studying when Jill drops by with Billy's Yankees sweatshirt (in a gift bag yet!). Raul leaves to get a soda and Jill tells Billy she regrets that they do not get along. She just wants a hug from her only living child. Billy reluctantly lets Jill give him a hug. Raul returns just as Jill tells Billy that they've heard Brock has been killed. Jack comes downstairs as the guys leave to go comfort Mac and greets Jill with I thought I saw your broom parked outside. Jack tells Jill she looks like someone died or something. Jill tells Jack that she wonders who Mac really is and Jack tells her to back off Kay right now. Jack tries to get rid of Jill before his date shows up. Leanna gives Jack one hell of a hello before she finds out Jill is there. Leanna goes to wait for Jack in the car. Before Jack leaves he offers Jill one piece of advice: find someone to have fun with, it will change your outlook.

Chancellor estate

Raul and Billy get the cold shoulder from Mac at the door. Mac gets real snotty with the guys when they offer their support. Mac puts on her tough act, she never knew Brock, why would she be upset? Raul sits by Mac, puts an arm around her, and she leans on his shoulder and starts to cry.

Gina's, after the fight

Diane continues to tell Brad she sees Nikki is attracted to him; Brad keeps denying anything is going on. Diane is sure there is. Brad accuses Diane of just wanting to get Victor back. Diane denies wanting Victor back, but she knows she hit a nerve when she mentioned Brad to Nikki. She is convinced Nikki has a real battle going on inside. Brad looks encouraged.

Newman ranch

Vicki comes home, then looks out the window down toward the tack house as Nikki comes down in a robe. Vicki wonders why Nikki is not going to meet Victor. Nikki tells Vicki that Diane ruined her dress, leaving out mention of the fight. Vicki sees through her excuses and encourages her mom to go change and meet Victor. Vicki is looking down toward the tack house again when Nick strolls in to pick up some mail. Vicki brings Nick up to date on the state of their parents union. Vicki tells Nick that not every relationship has a happy ending like he and Sharon and goes back to the window. Nick wonders what she's looking for out there, but he knows Cole is down at the tack house.

Sharon comes home from a PTA meeting and Lisa leaves. Cassie comes down to find out about the meeting. Nick comes home and they find out they both stopped by Crimson Lights even though they were going to stay away tonight. A mention is made of their perfect life (uh-oh). Nick tells Sharon about Vicki then calls the house to check up on her. Watchdog Miguel reports Vicki left.

Tack house

Cole is finally done with his book when the phone rings. It's Steve checking on the progress and asks Cole to email him the book. Later in the week they need to go over the dates for the book tour. Knock on the tack house door and Vicki walks in. Cole tells her the book is all finished, he didn't call her as promised because he just got done. Cole asks why Vicki came down and Vicki responds she was curious. Cole wants to know if that's all. They are interrupted by Nick and Sharon's arrival with champagne. Unless this isn't a good time asks Nick as he looks at Vicki. Cole lets Sharon have a sneak preview of the book giving Vicki have a chance to tell Nick she knows why he dropped by. She doesn't know whether to slug him or thank him. Cole suddenly remembers he forgot to call Ash.

Colonnade room

Ash and Victor have a glass of wine while quizzing each other on why their respective dates are AWOL. Victor asks Ash if she is concerned about Cole working at the ranch. It concerns him, for Vicki's sake. Ash lets Victor know that things are not great with Cole right now. Victor says Ash will always be very special to him. Ash thinks they should change the subject, so they talk about the fact they are both there to bridge a gap with the person they love. Ash tells Victor she does not want to fail in another marriage, when the phone rings. Ash tells Cole to finish his celebration and she will see him at home. Victor is holding both of Ashley's hands, and looking pretty intimate, when Nikki walks in. Nikki steps aside quickly when she sees this.

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Ashley tells Cole that it is too late now for their celebratory dinner; he might as well continue to celebrate with Victoria, Nick and Sharon. She hangs up and Victor comforts her. He is holding her hands as he guesses why Cole will not be meeting her after all. Through all of this, Nikki is standing behind some plants and watching. Victor tells her that he will be there for her and she leaves. Victor returns to his table just as Nikki steps into the room. He tells her that he is glad she is there. Are you? She asks, coolly. What is the matter with you? He asks, but she doesn't answer. He tells her that she is looking beautiful and she only thanks him. He finally tells her that he doesn't appreciate being kept waiting for this long but he is more interested in trying to find some common ground where they can meet and begin a fresh start. Since it is growing late, he orders the main course from Jacques instead of a la carte. Once Jacques leaves, Nikki cattily remarks that she is sure that his previous guest kept him entertained while waiting for her. So you saw Ashley and me he asks her. "Not that I needed to see her," Nikki responds. "I can still smell her perfume." Victor says that he was only comforting her; she was upset that her husband stood her up---the same thing that almost happened to him. Nikki tells him that she had to go back home and change her gown since his ex-wife tossed wine on it. She now has to explain the fight with Diane and when she tells him that she slapped Diane in Gina's, he gets upset that she was fighting with Diane in the first place and in public in the second place. Now you are blaming me? She says that the only way not to run into one of his ex-wives or lovers is to stay home all the time. When dinner is brought to them, Victor eats hardily but Nikki only picks at her food. "Can't we get past this?" Victor asks. Nikki says that she would like to go to the powder room but she is afraid who would be at the table when she got back. Ramona, possibly or Leanna Love. Victor is angry. He is trying to fix things but she isn't even trying. He says that he prepared a surprise for her tonight. She says that no amount of romantic dinners or surprises will fix what is wrong with them. She thinks it is better if she leaves. Wiping away her tears, she gets up and leaves. Right after she leaves, the wedding consultant arrives and introduces himself to Victor. Victor doesn't even shake the hand that he offers. Instead, he tells him that he won't be needing his services; he will pay him for his time and trouble. The consultant continues by saying that his daughter told him...but Victor shouts at him to send him the bill and he will pay it.

Callie brings dinner to Malcolm at the studio. She lets him know that she is going to Chicago to see her agent but really, she is going to Detroit to see Trey. Malcolm tells her not to allow her agent to talk her into a long tour. She can take a gig in GC or in Chicago but no farther.

After Cole gets off the phone with Ashley, Nick and Sharon announce that they are going to the club. They invite Vicki to go along with them but she asks for a rain check. They are hesitant to leave Vicki and Cole alone but there is nothing that they can do. After they leave, Vicki suggests another drink before he packs up and leaves. They drink to inspiration. Vicki says that she liked having him back in the tack room and he agrees that it was a great place to work. She asks if he is sure that he has to leave and he says that he does. She reminds him that his plans with Ashley fell through so he can stay. He says, however, that he and Ashley need to talk. Vicki says that she will miss him and he thanks her for everything. When he reaches the door, he hesitates and Vicki thinks he is coming back but he leaves anyway. Alone in the room, Vicki has a flashback of memories from when she and Cole were married. Outside, Cole also hesitates, remembering.

Neil goes to Olivia's office and says that they need to talk. She says that it has been a long day and she wants to go home. He says that it is going to be a long rest of the year if she doesn't stop and rethink her choice of lawyers. He says that Michael Baldwin is the wrong person to choose. He talks about what a job he pulled on Victor in the divorce and how he almost took Sharon's baby away. Olivia says that he has been helpful to her as well as professional and dedicated. As for Diane, she was his client and she got what she wanted. Her case is simple and clean but Neal says that there is no such thing with Michael Baldwin. He admits that he talked to Michael and Olivia is furious. She says that he is biased in the Newman's favor and he isn't giving her any credit for having any intelligence. She demands that he stay out of her affairs and let her make her own decisions. Furthermore, she orders him to stay away from Michael.

As Paul gazes at Christine's picture, he remembers when she told him that she wants a life with him and how she was sorry for all that she put him through. His reverie is interrupted when Nina knocks at the door. She guesses that he is thinking of Chris. He tells her that he is thinking of their weekend on the beach in Hawaii and how perfect it was. He confides in Nina that he is worried that when Chris returns, she will be different. He has nothing to base his fear on so Nina tells him not to worry. She then confesses to him that she just mailed off her novel to a string of publishers and agents. He wishes her luck as she leaves to go home to sit by the phone and wait for that call which will make her a published author.

Ross and Gary go to Crimson Lights hoping that Victoria will stop by. Gary warns him about getting into office politics but all Ross wants is to get to know her outside of work. Just as they give up and are leaving, Nick and Sharon arrive. As Ross and Gary get up to walk over to where Nick and Sharon are, Nick is wondering if they need to hire a bouncer. Sharon suggests Tony but the new bartender, Cody, says that there is no need for one. Cody greets Nick and is introduced to Sharon. They talk for a while, asking if Vicki will be stopping by. Nick doesn't think she will but all of a sudden, Vicki walks in. She joins her friends at the bar and when everyone begins to talk shop, Sharon says that business talk isn't allowed in there. A girl comes up and asks Gary to dance. He goes on the floor with her and Sharon suggests that dancing is a good idea. She gets Ross to take Vicki out on the floor.

Ashley arrives home and John greets her, asking about Cole. She tells him that Cole didn't show up and John gets angry. He thinks it is time he had a word with Cole himself. Ashley thinks that maybe John and Jack are right, she isn't Cole's top priority. As John says that he will talk to him, Cole comes in. John demands an explanation. Cole says that he owes an explanation only to his wife and asks John to leave the room. John is about to say more but Ashley asks him to leave and he does. Cole apologizes saying that he got hung up. Ashley asks with what or whom. She accuses him of leaving her hanging while he parties with Victoria. Cole says that Victoria only stopped by to congratulate him on finishing the book. Ashley doesn't believe that Victoria "just dropped by," but that is no reason that he didn't call her earlier than he did. Cole agrees that he should have called earlier but continues to insist that Victoria had nothing to do with it. He insists that Ashley has nothing to worry about from Victoria. Ashley says she knows that Victoria has been coming on to him; she has seen it with her own eyes. You are way off base, Cole says. He says that they have a problem but it has nothing to do with Victoria. Now that he has finished the book, he wants to put the past behind them and start over. Does she want that also? She says that they owe it to themselves to try. She asks him if he wants a night cap but he just wants to go to bed. He invites her up but she says that they will start fresh in the morning. After she is alone, John comes back in and asks if they have reached an understanding. She says that she hopes so. He leaves and after a few moments, she grabs her bag and wrap and leaves the house.

Wednesday, October 20

Provided by "Audra McKenna" AT THE RANCH
Victoria is having her morning coffee from the tray set out by the ever-faithful Miguel. Nikki comes down in her riding clothes and Victoria asks her how the romantic dinner with Victor turned out the night before. Nikki indicates that it was less than a romantic evening. Victoria asks what happened because Dad had planned a big night so that they could become closer. Nikki says that when she got there, Victor was all lovey dovey with Ashley and that after seeing that the evening went down hill from there. Victoria asks why Ashley was there and Nikki tells her that she was there to have dinner with Cole but that he had stood her up. Victoria wonders about that. Nikki says that Victor will never accept that she has changed and says she's going riding. Victoria calls after her asking her to explain what she means, but Nikki just slams out the door.

The caterer, Laird Worthington, comes to Victor's office all in a tither. He tells Victor that he's very upset because he was treated so rudely the night before and he's never had that happen to him before. Victor says that there is nothing to talk about, that his plans have changed and Worthington will no longer be needed. Brand Carlton is listening outside the door and hears Worthington say he realizes Victor is having troubles with his "lady friend", but if there is going to be a wedding that he would still be available. Brad knocks on the door saying he is sorry to interrupt, but that they had a meeting. Victor tells him to come in and then tells Worthington to leave. Worthington starts to complain and Victor yells at him to leave and send him a bill.

When last seen, Malcolm and Callie "retired" to the prop couch at the studio for a long night of lovemaking. It is now morning and they are waking up. Malcolm is saying how good they have it. That they aren't those kind of people who play mind games on each other (excuse me? Callie is lying to Malcolm about being married to Tray, as we speak). Callie says, are you talking about Olivia? She brings up the fact about Olivia getting Michael Baldwin for her lawyer and what does he think she's trying to get? Malcolm says he just wants to get through the divorce. Callie says she doesn't think it's going to be a simple case. Malcolm doesn't want to talk about it so he starts making love again.

Olivia is at Michael Baldwin's office asking when things are going to get going on the case. Michael says these things take time and things have to be negotiated. She gets angry and tells him that she doesn't think there is anything to negotiate. She wants a simple divorce. He says he is meeting with John Silva to discuss the case today.

Tricia is having morning coffee in the living room and Ryan comes out of the bedroom in his P.J.'s. He comes up behind her and snuggles her neck and they start kissing and smooching and things get pretty heavy. She pulls back saying she's sorry but she's not ready for that yet ... it's too soon. He says he understands. She says she's going to the doctor today and that the doctor told her that it would probably be about 6 weeks before she would be ready for love. He tells her not to push it, he can wait. Ryan goes to get dressed and the phone rings ... it's Grace. Tricia tells her that she's not supposed to call her at home, but Grace says that it's urgent ... they have to talk about Tony and Meg. Tricia tells her she'll be over in about 15 minutes. Ryan comes out of the bedroom and asked who was on the phone ... Tricia says it was a telemarketer. She says how come you're not ready to go to work and he says he thinks he'll stay home this morning to keep her company. She tells him that she's made plans for the morning and that she'll be fine and tells him to get going or he'll be late.

Is this place open 24 hours a day? Tony and Meg are having coffee. She tells him that she's going out hunting for a job today. He says he wants to give her something and hands her an envelope. She's all excited because it's the first time he's given her a gift. She opens the envelope and finds a key. She asks if it's the key to his place and he says yes. He says there's a card too. She gets all weepy eyed and says it's very special. He says she should have a key, so she can come and go when ever she wants to. By the look in her eye, she thinks this is a very big gesture on his part.

Callie is telling Malcolm that she's going to Chicago for the day to see her agent and she'll be back that night. (She's really going to Detroit to see Tray to get a divorce.) Malcolm says that he thinks he should go with her, but she tells him that she wants to do it alone and that he'd just be bored. He jokingly asks if she's got a boyfriend in Chicago. She sneers at him and he tells her not to forget that he's the only one for her. Then John Silva comes in. He tells Malcolm that he is meeting with Michael Baldwin today. Malcolm says he wants to be at the meeting and Silva says absolutely not. This is just a meeting to find out what they want. But Malcolm insists. While they are talking, Callie interrupts and tells Malcolm she's leaving for the airport and he lets her go.

Baldwin asks Olivia about visitation rights for Malcolm with young Nate. Olivia tells Baldwin that Nate's real father was killed and that little Nate has had enough trauma in his life ... she wants Malcolm to have visitation whenever he want. Baldwin disagrees and tells her what if Malcolm gets married again, what if he has children, what if he goes for full custody? He says that she has control of her son now and she should keep it by not putting any visitation rights in the divorce papers. He says these things have to be negotiated. She says that the two lawyers are killing a marriage. He says does that mean that she has hopes for a future with Malcolm? He says if she does, she'd better speak now. She says it doesn't matter because she's made her decision.

Victor is on the phone. He hangs up and Brad asks him about the guy that was in the office when he came in. Victor says he had plans but they fell through and he doesn't want to talk about it. Victor's private phone rings and it's Victoria. She wants to come and see Victor immediately. He asks if it's about Brash N' Sassy and she says yes. Victor says ok, hangs up and tells Brad that he has another meeting and they will talk later. Brad leaves and pauses outside the door thinking back to what he overheard before. He keeps hearing the guy say "if there is to be a wedding" ... He says to himself "can that be possible?"

Victoria comes in to see her father and he wants to know what it's about. She tells him it's about saving his marriage to her mother. He gets mad and tells her that's the end of the conversation and she stomps out the door.

Tricia is at Grace's place. Grace is saying she wants to make sure that Tony and Meg break up and the only way that can happen is to make it look like Tony can't be trusted. She tells Tricia that she has to somehow get into Tony's place and hide one of bras in the apartment so that Meg will find it. She says that will drive a spike between them. Tricia says why should SHE do it, why not Grace. Grace says because Tony's landlady knows her and she'd never be able to get in. Grace says that if she doesn't do it, the alternative is wedding bells. Tricia says ok. Tricia goes to Crimson Lights to see Meg and they get into a little set-to. Then Tricia backs off and says why don't Tony and Meg have her and Ryan over for dinner some time. If they are going to be a couple no matter what, maybe she should get to know Tony better. (scheming little witch)

Nikki comes back from her ride and is in the Tack Room. Brad walks in and says he knew she'd be there. She says what do I have to do, get the police to get rid of you? Brad tells her he knows that she and Victor aren't really married. Victor made the big gesture when she was shot and presumed dying in the hospital, but it wasn't legal. That's why they went on they trip to the island .. to get married. But it didn't happen. He tells her she's living in a fantasy world if she thinks Victor is ever going to change. Victor only loves his business and can't treat her the way she should be treated. All this time Nikki is crying and trying to tell him he is wrong. But he won't listen to her. He says the clock is ticking and she has to wake up and see the man who loves her. He says he knows it hurts to let go but she's not happy and Victor can't make her happy. He tells her she's not tied legally to him and she should get out now. She says, I suppose you're my reality? He says, you're free to be my wife. She has her back to him and he tells her to think about it. He doesn't expect and answer right away, but soon. And then he walks out. She is crying and thinking ... she turns around and says "Brad", but he's gone ... and the credits roll.

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Thursday, October 21

Today"s recap was provided by Dianna Burrows.

Jack and Leanna are in his office smooching when she tells him that she is thinking about relocating. Expecting him to think it is because of their relationship, she is upset when he asks her if this is part two of her media blitz against Victor. She can't believe he figured that out but tries to convince him otherwise. She realizes then that Jack may be using HER also, so she asks what this "thing" between them is. He tells her it is a deeply satisfying, no strings attached, relationship. She gets a hard look on her face just as Grace comes in. They are introduced to each other and Leanna leaves quickly. Grace tells Jack that she has a proposal for a new teen line. As he looks it over, he is impressed with the numbers. He tells her to come up with a name. Grace begins to leave but stops and asks about Leanna. She guesses that it was a personal visit and Jack just grins.

Katherine is remembering Brock when Mac comes down and tells her she is leaving for school. Kay tries to convince her to stay home but Mac needs to be busy and not stare at the four walls all day. After she leaves, Jill comes in to find Kay gazing absently into space. She apologizes for what she said about Brock before and comments that he was practically a saint the way he helped so many people. Kay breaks down and cries and Jill holds her. After awhile, Kay realizes that this is JILL and she backs off. She tells Jill that she is surprised. Jill knows how she feels, she lost a son too. As they talk more Kay suddenly realizes that she may have pushed Mac away with all of this. She hopes she will not lose her now.

Malcolm continues to argue with John Silva about going to the meeting with Michael Baldwin. Finally John says ok but he has to keep his mouth shut.

Meanwhile, Olivia is questioning Michaels motives. She thinks he is using Nate as a pawn. Michael convinces her otherwise and they leave for the meeting. Malcolm and Olivia exchange harsh words when they see each other. Olivia defends Michael to him. In the other corner of the room, John and Michael also exchange words. John stresses that this divorce should be as simple as possible. They start the meeting and go over all the details with no problems. Finally, visitation with Nate is brought up and Malcolm wants the usual every other holiday schedule. Michael drops the bomb and says that any visitation will have to be at Olivias discretion only.

At the coffeehouse, Tricia is trying to convince Megan to have her over for dinner at Tony's apartment. Megan says no way and flat out tells Tricia that it won't happen. Tony comes in and Tricia brings the same subject up to him. He is surprised and says "You mean you want to hang out in MY dumpy old apartment?" Tricia says yes and he says it is up to Megan. Megan still says no. Tricia goes to get some sugar and Megan and Tony whisper that someone must have put some happy pills in her coffee. They kiss as Tricia looks on with a disgusted look. Megan leaves to walk Tony out, and Tricia starts going through Megs purse looking for the key. Tony sees her through the window and he and Megan stare in at her.

At school, Billy and Raul decide they will go to visit Mac after school and show their support. Later when she shows up they are surprised. Raul has to run and catch up with a teacher so Billy asks Mac how she is doing. She says ok. He mentions that it is a good thing that she and Mrs. C have each other. Mac gets a weird look on her face and Billy guesses that something is wrong. He guesses that she is angry and tells her that he knows all about being angry. She decides to open up to him and tells him that she is mad that Kay went looking for Brock.

In Detroit, Callie cannot convince Sam to tell her how to get in touch with Trey. He tells her to get lost. Apparently Trey is on a world tour and won't be back for a long time.

Friday, October 22

Jill tries to comfort Kay, telling her that she has lost a son and that won't be easy to get over. Kay on the other hand, is more worried about Mac. She says that Mac is trying not to show her feelings but she senses the pain the girl is feeling inside. Jill says that it isn't possible for Mac to be feeling the same pain as Kay because she never knew Brock. Kay says that she only made things worse by going to look for Brock. Jill says that her intentions were honorable and there was no way she could have predicted what happened to Brock. She should stop punishing herself. She doesn't know how Mac is feeling because of the emotional state that she is in. If Mac is feeling a loss, she will confide in Kay soon and then the two of them can help each other through this loss.

At the Academy, Billy talks with Mac about her feelings at the loss of her father. Mac puts on a brave front saying that she doesn't feel anything because she never knew Brock. He is just another man who died. However, Billy can see through her and asks her to be honest about her feelings. She is. She tells him about how he was her fantasy all of her life and how she always knew that one day he would come back just when she need him the most. Now she has not only lost her father but her fantasy. All her life she built him up in her mind until he as bigger than life. All she had to do was wish hard enough and he would be there. Now that is all over. Billy tells her to look on the bright side, now she doesn't need her fantasy any longer. She has people who care about her. Her grandmother loves her a lot. He wonders if she has told him everything that she feels. Mac admits that she feels hard at Kay for waiting so long to go looking for her father. If she had gone sooner, she would have found him before he showed up at that village to be fired upon. She can't understand why Kay hasn't been in contact with her own son for so long. Billy reminds her that she doesn't know what went on on either side. The class bell rings and Billy asks her if she would like to go home. But she says that she will go to classes. After Billy leaves, Mac thinks for a while then goes to her locker, puts her books up and grabs her coat and leaves the school.

Megan and Tony catch Tricia going through Megan's bag and ask him what he is doing. She says she was only looking for a tissue but Tony doesn't believe her. She asks if he is accusing her of stealing or something. Tony says that she is up to something. Megan reminds him that he needs to go back to work and she walks him to the door. She tells him that sisters go through each other's purses; it is okay. While she is kissing him goodbye, Tricia goes through the purse again and takes the keys. Back at the table, Megan says that she feels like she should be a referee and this proves that they aren't ready for a dinner together. She is ready to go shopping for dinner and Tricia panics because she has Megan's keys. She tries to delay her but without luck. Therefore, she says that she will go with her. While Megan pays her bill, Ryan comes in. Tricia talks him into keeping Megan at the coffeehouse until she gets back. She tells a puzzled Ryan that she is going to get a surprise for Megan.

When Michael announces they don't want unlimited visitation written into the custody agreement, Malcolm goes ballistic. Jumping up, he yells at Olivia about keeping him from Nate. John tries to keep him quiet but he goes on to say that they cannot take Nate away from him. Michael quietly says that there was no formal adoption of Nate. Malcolm says that Michael is trying to screw him. He turns on Olivia and says that her attorney is just trying to find things to cause them to fight. Michael says that this is just part of the law. "You are a joke!" Malcolm shouts. Olivia has never seen Malcolm act this way and she is both frightened by his behavior and puzzled. John grabs Malcolm and pulls him aside, telling him that he is playing right into Baldwin's hands. He reminds Malcolm that this is what he warned him about. He wants him to leave now before it gets worse. He gets ready to leave but before he does, he turns back into the office. "Olivia, I can't believe you! How can you allow this man to manipulate you like this." Turning to Michael he says, "You are brainwashing her, man." John grabs his arm and hustles him out of the office while telling Michael that he will call him about setting up another appointment. After they are alone, Michael asks Olivia if she is okay. She says that she has never seen Malcolm like this before. She begins wondering if there is a chance he will lose it with Nate. Michael says that he will probably never lose control when he is with Nate; probably he will be a perfect role model for her son. However, it is up to her to protect Nate and never let there be a chance of this happening. Olivia says that she didn't want this to get ugly and Michael tells her that they didn't do anything to make it ugly; it was Malcolm who lost control. He promises her that if she is strong and stays the course, she will thank him later.

A restless Vicki paces Victor's office. She stops by the phone and makes a call to the Abbott house, saying she is glad when Cole answers. She says she was just wondering how he was doing. He says he is fine and she goes on to ask him about Ashley and whether things are okay with them. He isn't comfortable talking to her about his marriage. He asks why she called and she says that she just wanted to hear his voice. Without her knowing, Victor has walked into the office and is listening. He hears her ask Cole when she will see him again and wants to be sure that they stay in touch. When she hangs up, she tells her father that she was talking to Cole but she doesn't want to talk to him about it; she wants to talk about something else. He sits behind his desk and tells her to go ahead. She says she wants to know what happened to the evening he had planned with her mother. He says that the evening was a disaster and that is putting it mildly. He tells her what happened saying that when her mother finally showed up she was in a lousy mood. "Couldn't you charm her out of it?" Vicki asked. He says that he tried but she refused to be charmed. Vicki says that there was another reason she was in a bad mood; she got there in time to see him playing hands with another of his ex-wives. He tells her he knows that Nikki saw him with Ashley, but it was completely innocent. Vicki says it wasn't innocent to her mother but Victor says that he doesn't know where this incessant jealousy is going to end. His conversation with Ashley was perfectly innocent and that is the end of the discussion. He then wants to know what is going on with her and her ex-husband. Why was she talking to Cole. She says she was just checking in with him but Victor says that he doesn't believe it. He wants to know the truth; what is going on between them? Why did she bring him to the tack house except to have him near her? Vicki denies anything between them but Victor says she is protesting too much. She finally admits that there is something between them and has been since their baby died. She can't bury her feelings for Cole and he can't either. Victor says she shouldn't be opening up old wounds. He also reminds her that Cole is now married. Vicki asks her father if Ashley seemed like a fulfilled woman loved by her husband. She says that it is too late for Ashley; there is nothing she can do to save her marriage.

Ashley is busy in the board room when John comes in. She says that she stayed at work all night because she couldn't sleep. John sets in on talking about Cole and the way he is treating her. She insists that now is a good time for them to put their marriage back on track. When he says that it is a one-sided arrangement with Cole taking but not giving, she gets angry at him and tells him not to be putting her marriage down. She says that now that the book has been finished, they will have more time to work on the marriage. John says that now that the book is finished, he will be busier than ever with selling the book. She tells him that if all he can do is spread doom and gloom about her marriage, she would rather he just left her alone. He tells her that he will be there for her when she needs it and he feels that she will be needing him soon. He leaves and as Ashley is putting away some papers, she examines a baby picture of Billy. She seems to have made up her mind about something and leaves the board room.

John and Malcolm go to the coffeehouse. Malcolm is still very angry and John tells him that he had better get a grip and try to control himself as he is playing right into Michael's hands. When Malcolm says that he wishes he had knocked Michael's head off, John says that it is statements like that that will cause him to lose the case. Callie comes into the coffeehouse and joins them. They tell her what happened in the lawyers office. She tries to point out the positive to Malcolm saying that Olivia didn't say he couldn't be a father to Nate. But Malcolm is sure that Olivia wants to take Nate away from him and he wasn't going to have it. John says that he didn't hear that at all. He says that if he had been Olivia's lawyer, he would have advised the same thing. He points out that each of the attorneys are doing the best they can for their respective clients but the negations are not at an end. Callie agrees with John. Malcolm accuses them both of being on Olivia's side. He gets up and walks out of the coffee shop.

When Ashley arrives home, Cole is reading the paper. He greets her but she doesn't answer at first. This causes him to think that she is still upset with him, that and the fact that she didn't go to bed all night. He asks if she slept on the couch and she tells him that she went to work. He takes the blame for her staying out especially since he has been staying at the ranch. She says that they still need to celebrate and he says that he would like that but first they need to clear the air. Cole says that they need to talk more and keep the lines of communication open. Ashley says that they have just been going around in circles but she isn't giving up. She says that she feels that they need something to solidify them as a family. Do you have something in mind? Cole asks her. She says that she does. How would he feel about having a baby?

Tricia makes a rush visit to the key makers and asks if he can do a rush job for her. When he says that he can, she hands him Megan's ring of keys and asks him to make a copy. Since she doesn't know which is the one she needs, she tells him to make a copy of all of them. This makes the man suspicious and he wants to back out of doing the job. She says that if he will make the copies, she will pay him double.

Meanwhile, Ryan is boring Megan with office stories trying to keep her there. She finally tells him that she has to go but he again tries to stop her. She asks him if he is trying to keep her there. When he says that he isn't, she doesn't believe him. She notices that he is anxious and uneasy and she accuses him of stalling her to keep her there for some reason. She wants to know what he is up to.

Kay is in tears as she grieves for Brock. "Why can't I get you out of my mind, Brock?" She cries aloud. "Stop torturing yourself, Kay. He is gone. All you have now are your memories." She has a flashback to when Brock wanted to come home. He had been telling her that he had found God and she didn't believe him. As she considers whether to allow him to return, he begins singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic to her. "Mine eyes have seen the glory..." he sings to her. Kay, in the present, slaps her hands over her ears trying to block out the sound. She returns to her flashback and Brock begins preaching to her about how God has forgiven him. He talks about how there is a connection between God and man just as there is a connection between mother and son. Would she deny him the privilege of returning home? He is her flesh and blood, he reminds her. In the present, Kay says, "Now you are with Him. My biggest regret is that I never had the chance to say goodbye." She hears him singing again and realizes that she isn't thinking back in the past. As his voice continues to fill the room, Kay cries out for it to stop. She puts her hands over her ears but it doesn't block out the sounds. She says that she has to go for a walk. Jumping up, she goes to the closet and grabs her coat. As she opens the door, someone is standing there. As she begins to faint, Brock rushes in and grabs her. "Duchess..."

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