The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 15, 1999 on Y&R

Diane schemed to take possession of Victor's sperm sample. Jill told Brock that she had doubts that Mac was his daughter. Nikki decided to give Victor one more chance, but she found Ramona caressing Victor's hand.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 15, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, November 15 After reading the letter from the lab, Nikki doesn't believe it and accuses Brad of playing a prank on her. She orders him to leave and then calls the lab to confirm that victor's sperm is being stored. She's shocked to hear the truth. Running into victor at Gina's, John mentions how lucky they are to have their children involved in their business. John then invites Gina to have a brandy with him. Diane upsets victor by sitting at his table. He claims he never lied to her but she suggests they both know he did. Before he can find out what she is referring to, Brad interrupts. On the plane back to Genoa City, Paul calls his mother and explains what happened with Chris. Nina apologizes to the novelist but sticks her foot in her mouth again.

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Tuesday, November 16

Ashley explains to her father that Cole is off to Oxford alone and adds that they have grown apart and both want different things. Later, Ashley worries to Olivia that she might miss out on the experience of having a child. Malcolm reveals to Callie that Olivia gave him visitation rights for Nate. When he tells his brother, Neil suggests that it is time for him to focus on his son. Nina's new friend Tomas the novelist mentions he has read her work and will discuss her novel with her tomorrow. Cole stops by to say good-by to Victoria and she confesses that she will miss him. When Brad evades Victor's questions about why he interrupted his chat with Diane, Victor tells Brad he doesn't trust him so he better not be playing any games with him.

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Wednesday, November 17

When Diane calls the lab, they thank her for calling back and offer to FAX her a form so that victor can tell them what he wants done with his sperm sample. Diane realizes that Nikki must have called as well. Diane then asks Michael about property victor didn't tell her he had during the divorce proceedings. She gets Marissa to sign a paper from the lab as a witness but won't let her read that she's filling in 'victor's' decision about what to do with his collected sperm. Victor again tells Nikki that there will be no more Newman children. Nikki claims that she feels betrayed by the one man she is supposed to love and trust. When Olivia tells Neil that she needs some space, he suggests that she move on with her life.

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Thursday, November 18, 1999

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Victoria and Nick upset Victor when she refuses to push their national expansion in order to drive Jack into bankruptcy. Interrupted, Victor learns from Gary and Ross that Jabot has a new line going national to compete with their own line. He tells Victoria to quit if she wants to but warns that Brad will run her division if she is gone. Jack orders Brad to stay away from his sister or he will regret it. A shley advises her brother that he's barking up the wrong tree since Brad is interested in someone else. After Ashley leaves, Victor congratulates Jack on his new youth line but suggests that he is about to self destruct. A smug Jack tells him to save his pity but Victor vows to crush him 'under the heel of his boot'.

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Friday, November 19

Diane shows up at the fertility clinic and boasts that she has a signed consent form from Victor giving her permission to take the sperm sample. The technician claims that he can only give the sample to a doctor or technician. Upset by victor's knowledge of the younger Jabot line, Jack angrily asks Ashley if she mentioned the line in passing to Brad or victor. John arrives and hops into the discussion. When Jill stops by to ask about attending the family Thanksgiving dinner so that she'll be with Billy, she reacts to their attitude towards her and storms out. Nikki talks with Kay about Victor's sperm sample and listens as her friend advises her not to toss away a relationship because of this. Ramona surprises victor in his office and asks him to buy a piece of land in New Mexico that is about to be ruined by developers.

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