The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on Y&R

Grace moved to New York City. Diane ordered the lab to deliver Victor's sperm sample to her home. Victoria received some creepy fan mail, and she asked Paul to investigate. Nikki arranged a rendezvous with Brad. Olivia doubled over in pain.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday November 22, 1999

TGVN office

Nikki walks in and says well hello. Victor wonders why she's there. Nikki tells him she thought she got some good advice from Kay, but now she's not so sure. Ramona says she doesn't understand what is going on, but ... Nikki replies neither do I, don't feel like you're alone and leaves. It's too complicated for TGVN to explain to Ramona. Ramona apologizes, Victor apologizes, then he says he is who he is. Ramona reminds TGVN that when he was in NM, he told her Nikki was his whole world. Right now he feels angry with her. Ramona tells him anger could lead to wounds that may never heal. This time Ryan interrupts. Ryan is to check out the NM land tomorrow. While Ramona talks to Ryan, TGVN has more flashbacks, and surprise, surprise, Victor has decided Ryan should stay on GC. Victor calls home and tells Nikki that a business matter has come up and he is leaving town tonight. Nikki asks if he will be back in time for Thanksgiving, and when he isn't sure, she hangs up n him.

Wedding plans

Sharon and Laird have made some progress. Laird still has his nose out of joint over Nikki's snub. Sharon really lays it on thick to smooth the ruffled feathers. After he leaves, Sharon wonders why Nikki didn't meet with him. Sharon and Cassia go up to the main house to update Nikki on the decisions they made and Nikki snaps at them. Sharon tells Nick about Nikki not meeting with Laird. Nick is sure whatever is going on, it's nothing to worry about.

Bye Bye Gracie

Grace stops by to say good-bye to Cassia. Sharon tells Grace she can't forget or forgive her, but she will always be grateful she found Cassia. Grace brought a stuffed animal, then tells Cassia she is being transferred. Cassia asks if she has to, then tells her she will miss her. Sharon tells Grace good luck. Nick gets home before Grace leaves, and he wonders what is going on. Grace tells Nick she wishes him the best and leaves. Nick hopes Grace learned her lesson.

Diane's freezer escapade

Diane bluffs the lab tech, gives her Victor's phone number, and the lab tech relents. They don't have delivery this late, but Diane says just find a way to get it there, I'll make it worth your while. Diane goes home just in time to see the freezer delivery guy. What a use for Hope's old room! Diane snaps at Marissa when she walks in. Marissa came back because she was worried about Diane acting so weird. Diane tries to get rid of her again, then orders her to leave. Diane lies and says she has a date coming over. Ding dong. The lady from the lab shows up and Marissa says you are not Diane's date, and leaves. The lab tech apologizes and takes the Vicicles to their new home away from home. Fan mail

Nick agrees it is not just Vicki, he thinks the fan mail is a little off. Neil, Ross and Gary come in and Nick reads it to them all. Ross advises her not to mess around and call the police. Vicki is afraid of the adverse publicity during the Christmas season and refuses. They put off counter strategy on the Jabot move until after the holiday. Neil and Nick try to convince Vicki not to ignore it. Neil comes with the idea of asking Paul to check it out. Vicki agrees to this. Later, when Vicki is alone, she keeps glancing at the fan letter.

At CL, Gary asks Ross if he really thinks Vicki is really in danger. He made a big deal out of it, to show Vicki she can count on him. It's all part of his campaign.

The fan writes another letter. The camera pulls back, but all we see is a backwards baseball cap and an ear.

Mac and Brock

At Crimson Lights, Billy gives Mac grief for working all the time instead of getting to know her dad. She gets in a good one with I should listen to you, because you're such an expert on family relationships. Raul comes in and wonders if they're fighting again. Raul came by to split a piece of cake. Mac tells Raul what Billy said and is not too happy when Raul agrees with him.

Mac goes home and Brock suggests they have desert. Mac tells him she had cake for dinner. She tells Brock her stepfather is a loser. Brock asks about her mom, but instead of answering she asks Brock about his relationship with Amanda. Did you love her? Brock loved Amanda with all his heart. Mac wonders why it didn't work out. Amanda knew it would have torn him up to choose between her and his work. Mac tells Brock she respects him, then goes upstairs before either one can open up more.

Tuesday, November 23

Victoria is surprised when Nikki reveals that Victor has left town on business. Nikki denies that they argued about Brad before he decided to leave. Later, she's upset to learn that the company jet flew to New Mexico. Ashley and Jack are disappointed when John announces that he's inviting Jill to have Thanksgiving dinner with them for Billy's sake. Brad complains to Diane at Gina's about his relationship with Nikki. He reveals that he has heard nothing since telling Nikki about Victor's sperm sample. Knowing she has the sperm sample at her place, Diane advises him that she doubts Nikki will be having a child with Victor. After Diane leaves, Ashley sits with Brad who reveals that he's been thinking of leaving town. Just then, Nikki calls and, fed up with Victor, tells him that she wants to meet him at the Lodge where she's rented a room. Wanting to see Mac, Billy accompanies Raul to the Chancellor estate where they offer to help get Thanksgiving ready for the shelter. Billy apologizes to Mac for the harsh words he spoke to her the other day.

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Wednesday, November 24, 1999

by Audra McKenna

  • At The Restaurant: Brad's cell phone interrupts his and Ashley's talk ... it's Nikki and she's telling him she wants to see him. She tells him that she's booked a room for the two of them at The Lodge. Of course he immediately starts to drool and says he'll be right there. He tells Ashley that he has to leave and she tries to get him to continue his conversation about the possibility of his leaving town. He says he has to go and he books it outta there in one big hurry.

    The Abbott Place:
    Jill is pacing back and forth in the living room of the Abbott House. She had found out that once Billy realized that she was coming for Thanksgiving dinner that he then went over to the Chancellor house to help with the dinner for the homeless that Katherine is putting on. She's feeling sorry for herself again. John tells her that he's proud that Billy would want to help the homeless and she just whines that the only reason he did that was so he wouldn't have to spend the evening with her. John gives her a bit of advice to be patient where Billy is concerned.

  • Nick and Sharon's: Nick comes home and tells Sharon that he's sorry that he missed Cassie's school play. Sharon turns and points to the staircase with a flair and Cassie comes down the stairs in her costume and says her line for Nick. Nick gives her a big hug and then Sharon tells her to go get changed for dinner. There's a knock on the door ... it's Victoria. She wants to know if Nick has heard anything from their mother. She can't find her and she thinks all hell has broken loose.

    Olivia is telling Malcolm that she's not really feeling up to going to Florida, but she has promised little Nate and she can't go against her word. Malcolm suggests the he and Callie take Nate with them to the islands. Olivia wonders how Callie will feel about that, but Malcolm tells her that Callie originally suggested that they take Nate, but that he didn't think Olivia would go for the idea. Olivia agrees to let Nate go if he can get a ticket for him. Malcolm goes to the telephone to make the call.

    Chancellor Estate:
    Raul and Billy arrive at the Chancellor door and Mac lets them in. She's kind of cool to Billy and he apologizes for his behavior the previous night. She says it's ok. Katherine comes in and is surprised to see Billy there. Brock is whisking around the place organizing all the food and cooking and Mac thinks he's great. Billy and Raul go to help Brock. Mac asks Katherine when Brock is going back to India, but Katherine doesn't know.

    Malcolm arranges the ticket for Nate and has called Callie and says she's cool about Nate coming along. Nate comes home and Malcolm tells him that he's going to go with him and Callie because his mom has to do some doctor stuff and can't get away right now. Olivia looks at him gratefully for not telling Nate that she's not feeling well. Nate says he'll miss his mom, but he's really looking forward to going with Malcolm and Callie. Malcolm tells Olivia that he's worried about her and she should really take care of herself while they are away. He leaves her his itinerary. She thanks him for everything ... he leaves, and she sinks into the couch.

    The Abbotts':
    Jack is chomping on a piece of celery. Ashley comes up and tells him she saw Brad and Diane at the Restaurant. Jack makes some snide remark about them being an odd couple. Ashley says that they are not romantic ... Brad told her so. She tells Jack that Brad is really down in the dumps and is considering leaving Genoa City.

    Crimson Lights:
    Neil is having a cup of coffee when Callie comes in. They exchange pleasantries and Callie sits down. She thanks Neil for standing up for Malcolm in the divorce hearing. They chat for a minute and Neil asks about their trip. Callie tells him that little Nate is coming with them. Neil wonders about that. Then Malcolm and Nate come in and Nate tells Neil he's going away with Malcolm and Callie. Neil asks why and Nate says his mom has doctor stuff to do. They gather everything up and leave for the airport.

    The Lodge:
    Nikki is pacing back and forth in the room telling herself that she must be crazy to be here waiting for Brad. She decides to leave and gets her pocketbook and goes to the door ... da da! Brad is standing there! He says, "a little impatient aren't we? What's going on?" Nikki says that this was a bad idea. Of course Brad says it wasn't. Nikki says she's not sure why she asked him to meet her. She just can't explain. Brad sees that she's upset about something and begs her to stay and talk to him.

    Nick and Sharon's:
    Victoria is asking Nick if he knows where their dad has gone. Nick has no idea. He wonders if maybe mom and dad got into another fight. Sharon says maybe, because when she was over there last night Nikki was acting real strange. She didn't seem to be interested at all when Worthington the caterer came in to discuss the wedding, so Sharon had to do it all. Victoria tells her she should have told them ... they could have intervened (like all good Genoanians!) Victoria asks why would their dad leave on business on Thanksgiving weekend. After she leaves, Nick calls the hangar and finds out that Victor went to New Mexico and hopes his mother doesn't know.

    Chancellor Estate:
    Brock is still racing around getting everything organized and ready for the dinner. Bill asks him if he's seen Jill and Brock tells him not since the morning. Birdie says everything is coming along just fine for the dinner. Katherine thanks her for all her help. Birdie says this will be her last supper here, and Katherine asks why. Birdie tells her that she has found an apartment of her own. It's the first step in trying to get her daughter back. She's held her job for six weeks now and she feels she's ready for her own place. Katherine tells her that she will be missed, but that they will stay in touch. Mac comes in and asks "Grandma" if they can do anything else. Katherine says it's all done. Billy and Raul get ready to leave ... Mac gives Raul a kiss on the cheek with Billy standing there feeling uncomfortable.

    The Abbott Place:
    Ashley is looking through the photo album. She tells Jack that this celebration is missing the sound of children around. She's wondering if she'll ever have any kids. She laments about Cole being half way around the world and her biological clock is ticking. Jack tells her that he knows her all too well ... if she wants something to happen ... it will happen.

    Later, Jill comes into the empty living room and pours herself a drink. Billy comes home and says, "hey, you're here." He tells her he's been at Katherine's to help with the dinner and she says she's proud of him for helping. She says that they have a lot to be thankful for as they are wealthy. He agrees that they are rich, but not so sure about more to celebrate. She asks him if something is on his mind. He says there's a girl he knows... she asks if he's interested in her and he says, sort of. She asks if the girl is interested in him and he says no. She asks if he's been nice to this girl and says that he hasn't really been very nice. She tells him that maybe he should change his strategy. He tells her it's a complicated situation. Jill tells him he's a great young man and any girl would be happy to go out with him. He says, "yeah sure ... you have to say that ... you're my mom."

    The Lodge:
    Nikki tells Brad that Victor has gone to New Mexico and asks him if he's surprised. Brad says nothing Victor does surprises him any more. She tells him that she walked in on Victor and Ramona at the office and the next thing she knows is he's off to New Mexico. Brad asks if it was a business trip and Nikki says Victor told her it was. Brad says that he had given up on Nikki and then she called him. He says he thought he'd never see her again. She tells him it was risky of him to give her that letter about Victor. Brad insists that she knows where she stands with him and she never knows what's happening with Victor. They gaze into each other's eyes.

    Chancellor Estate:
    Esther brings the last of the food into the dining room and goes to tell Katherine that everything is ready. Brock says before they go in to eat, he would like to say a prayer. They all hold hands and he thanks the Lord for all their blessings, and for bringing him safely home to his wonderful mother and for bringing his beautiful daughter into his life. They all say "amen" and he tells Mac that she's his princess.

    Liv is talking to her doctor, saying she's glad he can fit her in. She says she's sure it's nothing, but she wants to get it checked out. She says she'll be right over and hangs up. Then she staggers across the room to pick up her pocketbook from the chair and doubles over in pain and passes out on the floor.

    The Ranch:
    Nick and Sharon and the kids arrive for Thanksgiving dinner and Miguel tells them that Mrs. Newman is not home yet. They wonder where she could be. Miguel gets a couple of plates of food ready for the hungry children.

    The Abbotts:
    They are all looking at the photo album. Jack brings everybody a drink of champagne ... Billy gets apple juice. John makes a toast. Ashley says she's hungry for dinner ... they all go in, but Billy stays behind a bit. Jill tells John that she thinks she's getting closer to Billy because he shared a confidence with her. Billy is obviously thinking about Mac ... he picks up one of the glasses of champagne and chugs it back and goes in for dinner.

    The Lodge:
    Nikki tells Brad that he's coming on too fast. Brad gives her the usual garbage about being the one of her drams ... he says he wants her and goes to put his arms around her. She shakes him off and he gets a little ticked and starts to leave. At the door he tells her he would have done anything for her ... he has passion and desire for her ... that she deserves to be worshipped ... it's a shame, it could have been so different. Nikki (crying as usual) says, "don't go, I'm so alone, don't go", as she heads toward him. He turns back to her and takes her in his arms and they kiss. While holding the kiss, he moves her into the room and elbows the door shut ... and the credits roll.

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    Thursday, November 25

    Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air.

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    Friday, November 26

    Due to the post-Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless will not be shown.

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