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Brad told Nikki that he loved her, and he urged her to go to Italy with him. Billy invited Brittany to the dance, while Mac and Raul planned to go together. Olivia was concerned about the results of her blood tests. Tomas critiqued Nina's book.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 6, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, December 6, 1999

Brad's Office
Brad is glad Nikki came to see him; Nikki isn't sure why she did. Brad thinks it should tell her something since she ended up on his doorstep. Brad tells Nikki she has to stop making excuses for egomaniac Victor. It's Victor's way or no way and where does that leave you? In the position of having to be a good little soldier. Nikki asks what the alternative is. Walk away. Brad asks Nikki to go back to Italy with him. Nikki cannot believe Brad is serious. Nikki doesn't want to make a decision in anger, but she isn't closing any doors. They kiss, Brad tells her he loves her, and she leaves.

New Mexico
Nick presses Ramona to tell him where Victor is, but she can't. Even when Nick berates her about the last time he was looking for TGVN, she remains mum. Ramona finally relents a little and tells Nick that Victor is looking at some land. Nick leaves his card, just in case. After he leaves, Ramona calls Victor.

Vicki's Office
Vicki is looking at the new fan mail when creepy ad guy Ross shows up to tell her about his summons to see Brad and how Brad tried to throw his weight around and lay down some rules. Vicki is distracted by the communication from her big fan, and just barely keeps Ross from opening the newest fan letter. Vicki lets him know they hired an investigator to check things out. Vicki tells Ross he doesn't need to hang around until Paul shows, but he stays long enough to meet Paul before he leaves. Paul puts on the surgical gloves to read the new letter. He needs some legal advice from guess who and Vicki OKs this. Paul then does a preliminary fingerprint test, but finds nothing. Over at the stalker's shrine, another letter is being written. This one says Vicki reminds the fan of someone he once knew.

Abbott home
Jill gets a frosty reception from Mamie. Jack and Ash are not home and Billy arrives on cue when his name is mentioned. Billy claims he is not hungry and gets snotty when his social life is mentioned. He goes upstairs to do homework and calls Brittany. She thinks he must not have found another date, which Billy denies, then she agrees to go to the dance with Billy. Downstairs, Jill tells John she cannot understand the change in Billy's attitude. John tries to brush it off as just a teenage thing, but Jill is sure it's more. John compliments Jill on her efforts to get to know Billy.

Chancellor Estate
Raul rode the bus with Mac, even though it was out of his way. They talk about Billy's reaction to the dance and how he seemed to do a 180. Kay comes in and she and Raul chit chat a little, then Raul has to leave. Before he goes, he gives Mac her ticket for the dance. Mac walks him to the door and gets a little smooch good night, which Kay sees. Kay tells Mac they have to discuss something of the utmost importance -- a dress. Mac wonders what she was thinking, she doesn't do fancy dresses. Mac tells Kay she wonders about Billy, but Kay replies she does not need to worry about him.

Malcolm, Callie, Neil and Liv
The vacationing threesome arrive home just in time for Nate to go beddy-bye. At the hospital, Neil is pacing around and finds out Liv has regained consciousness. Neil tells Liv he's glad he came by when he did. He was scared, very scared. No messages on Mal's answering machine, power was out and Mal forgot to put in batteries for back-up before they left. Mal notices Callie is not wearing the ring and she tells him he should talk to Nate before she wears it around him. Mal thinks he should talk to Liv first. At the hospital, Liv asks if Mal and Nate know yet, but Neil didn't know how to get a hold of them. He left a message on the answering machine. Liv thinks Neil may have saved her life; she doesn't know how she will ever thank him. The doctor comes in and although her CT scan looks good and the concussion is minor, he wants her to stay overnight. Liv asks Neil to go by her office and make sure Rose knows where she is and that someone is covering for her. When Neil leaves, Liv wants to know what the doctor isn't telling her. The results of her blood tests aren't quite what he hoped for and he wants to run some tests in the morning.

Tuesday, December 7, 1999

Neil is surprised to find Malcolm and Callie have returned from their trip. He reveals Olivia's accident and Malcolm rushes off to see his ex-wife. When Neil notices the ring on her finger, Callie confirms that she and Malcolm are engaged. He asks her not to tell Olivia until she is back on her feet. Worried that Billy might be mad at him, Raul stops by to chat with his friend and is happy for him when he hears that he's asked Brittany to the dance. Brock returns home and finds Kay worried that his daughter thinks that his main concern is his work. Jill talks with Mac about the girl Billy's interested in and comments that she glad it's not her. Jack asks Billy about his love life. Nina brings Tomas a new copy of her manuscript and learns he already made some notes in the one she ruined.

Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Christine & Paul's Apartment:
After a night of love making, Chris and Paul are arising to a new day in the kitchen. They are having their morning coffee. Paul is asking if Chris will hear from Nina about Tomas critiquing her manuscript. Chris sure hopes so. She thinks it's great that Nina is getting help from as well known a writer as Tomas Del Cerro.

Crimson Lights:
Nina is sitting in the coffee shop drinking coffee by the gulp full. She is obviously very nervous about meeting with Tomas this morning and finding out what he has to say about her manuscript. Ryan arrives and sits down to join her for a coffee. He sees that she is really jumpy and asks her what's the matter. She tells him about her critique and that she's meeting Tomas shortly.

Sharon & Nick's:
Cassie is getting ready for school when Nick comes in the front door. She is happy to see him home from his trip. The give each other hugs and kisses and then her bus honks outside for her, so she rushes off to school. Sharon comes in from the kitchen to welcome him home and to ask how the trip went.

Victoria is having breakfast and reading the morning paper when she notices that a man who sitting across from her is staring at her. She quickly becomes rather paranoid and wonders why he is staring at her. She tells herself that she's being silly about this, and then the man gets up and comes over to the table. She immediately tells him to leave her alone and get away from her. He is able to tell her that he is Tom Norwood, the brother of Samantha, a girl she went to school with. She finally settles down a bit and asks how Samantha is and they chitchat for a minute. Then she gets up quite quickly and says she has to get to the office. He wants her to stay and have coffee and she says no and leaves.

The Abbott House:
Jack is having morning coffee and Ashley enters the living room. Jack immediately starts questioning her about where she was last night. She tells him to stop interrogating her. He tells her that he has a pretty good idea where she was anyway ... she turns and leaves the room.

Genoa City Memorial:
Neil brings flowers for Olivia and asks her how she is feeling. She says she is feeling a little better. Neil comes on strong and tells her that she's got to take better care of herself, blah, blah, blah ... and she tells him he sounds like her doctor. He asks if she's going home today and she says she hopes so. He tells her not to rush it if the doctor says she should stay another day. She says she doesn't want little Nate to see her in the hospital. Neil wants to know if she told that to Malcolm last night when he visited her and she says yes. Neil says that if she has to stay in the hospital that she should see Nate, because he will worry about her. She says Nate has had too many traumas to do with people in the hospital and she won't put him through that again.

Malcolm's Pad:
Callie asks Mal if he thinks Olivia will get home from the hospital today. He's not sure. He's wondering how Olivia managed to fall and hurt herself like that ... she's always been strong and not subject to fainting or anything. He says she could have bled to death. Callie says it's lucky that Neil found her and took her to the hospital. Little Nate comes down from upstairs and immediately starts asking Malcolm to take him to see his mother. Mal makes up a story that Liv is already at work and very busy, so he'll have to wait until after school. Nate is not happy about that and says he wants to see his mom now. Callie then suggests that they call Olivia and he can talk to her and then see her after school. Malcolm is grateful that Callie came up with that and goes and gets Liv on the phone. He gives Liv a clue that Nate thinks she's at work, and she talks to Nate and tells him she'll see him after school. Callie goes to make flapjacks for Nate's breakfast.

Christine & Paul's:
Paul phones Victoria. She asks if there's any news on the fingerprints. He tells her he is taking the letter to the lab this morning. She asks him to call her as soon as possible with the results. By the sound of her voice, Paul realizes that she is much more disturbed by this whole thing than she is willing to let on.

Sharon & Nick's:
Sharon asks Nick what happened in New Mexico. He tells her that Ramona wouldn't tell him anything and he thinks she's covering for Victor. He says there's nothing to do but wait until Victor comes home. He tells her the trip wasn't a total waste. He says he had a lot of time to realize that working for his dad is a roller coaster ride. He says he's going to stick it out until his dad comes home, but the next time Victor tries to order him around regarding his personal life, he will stand up to him. He says he has the coffeehouse, and he really doesn't need the hassle of his father.

Crimson Lights:
Ryan is surprised that Tomas is giving his critique today ... she only gave him the manuscript yesterday. Nina wonders if he read it all or just skimmed through it. She tells Ryan she tried to give Tomas a fresh copy yesterday because she spilled coffee on the first one, and that Tomas said he'd already started to make notes in the margins. She's thinking that he's going to tell her he hated the book. Ryan says no matter what Tomas tells her, it will make her stronger and wiser. He has to get to work, so he gives her good luck and leaves. She looks scared stiff!

Sharon & Nick's:
Sharon tells Nick that she supports whatever decision he makes. She feels that he has accomplished so much at Newman Enterprises as well as taking on the responsibility of the coffeeshop and she understands why he feels the way he does. She says it will be many years down the road before he will be in a position to take over Newman Enterprises and it's not worth all the stress until then.

Crimson Lights:
Nina keeps looking at her watch and then decides to leave. She gets up and starts to put on her coat, when Tomas comes in. He says, "am I that late"? She tells him he's only about two minutes late. They talk about being prompt and she tells him that she's usually late for everything. He say's, "but today you're early." He tells her he wasn't sure that she's even be there.

The Abbotts':
Jack is opening the mail when Ashley walks in the room and asks why he's still there. He says because he wants to know where she was last night and who was the lucky man. She says man?? He tells her he knows she still married to "whatshisname", but with him gone now, she can't be all work and no play. Ashley tells Jack to mind his own business. She's not dating and she doesn't want or need his help ... she tells him to just stay out of her business.

Victoria's Office:
Ryan comes in and catches Victoria up on the business news about the ad campaigns and the comparative figures between Brash N' Sassy and Jabot. She is almost rude to him. He says he realizes that she's upset because he couldn't tell her where her father was, but he thinks that maybe that's not the only reason she's upset. She doesn't say anything. He tells her that maybe he can help. She tells him that another letter came and that Paul is checking it out for fingerprints at the lab. Nick comes in and curtly tells Ryan to leave because he wants to talk to his sister alone. Ryan leaves but says he'll be back for the meeting. Nick tells Victoria about the trip. She wants to know if he thinks that something is going on between their dad and Ramona. He says he doesn't think so.

The Hospital:
Olivia tells Neil that it was wonderful to hear Nate's voice. Neil tells her that Nate had a great time with Malcolm and Callie. She said that means that they are getting closer than ever. Neil says he's going to look for the doctor to see what the results of her tests were.

Christine & Paul's:
Christine asks who was on the phone. Paul tells her it was a new client, Victoria. He tells her about the letters and that he couldn't get any prints off the last letter, but he is taking it to the lab this morning. Chris asks if Victoria is holding up and Paul says he hopes so. Chris asks if there is anything she can do ... she knows that Victor is out of town and it must be hard for Victoria without her father around. Paul wants to know how she know Victor was out of town and she tells him that she called his office yesterday to thank him for sending her to the seminar. Paul seems a little miffed that on her first day back at work, she had time in her busy schedule to call Victor.

Malcolm is worried about Olivia. Callie comes in from feeding Nate and Mal thanks her for coming up with the idea of phoning Olivia. He tells her he thinks she's great with little Nate. She wants to know if he told Olivia about their engagement last night when he visited her at the hospital. He tells her he didn't think it was the right time, that he wants to wait until she's at home and feeling better.

The Hospital:
Olivia is daydreaming about little Nate ... she has a worried look on her face ... almost as though she feels that she won't be around for her son. I get the feeling that she is self-diagnosing and thinks that the blood work means something nasty. The doctor comes in and she asks him is she can go home today. He tells her she can leave later in the day. She asks him about the results of further tests and he says they aren't what he'd hoped for, but maybe it's from the stress she's been under lately. He tells her that she should go home and eat properly and get lots of rest and try to get rid of the stress. He wants to run some more tests in a couple of weeks. She still has a very worried look on her face.

Crimson Lights:
Tomas offers Nina a cup of coffee and she says no. She asks him to sit down and he does. She says that he must read fast, and he says not really. She asks him if she should change this or that and she's really fidgety. She apologizes for her anxiety. He says that she should calm down, that it's only a book, not her. She says, "you didn't like it!" He says, "I didn't say that ... actually I think you should start over." Nina just stares at him as though she can't believe what she just heard.

Victoria's Office:
Nick tells Victoria that Ramona told him nothing, that she is very loyal to their dad. He says there is nothing that they can do until Victor comes home. Ryan and Neil arrive for the meeting. Ryan wants to discuss Victoria's safety ... he says that is top priority. They discuss that the letters are getting more personal. Nick says that if there's the least chance his sister is in danger, that they will pull the ad campaign and get her out of the public eye.

Thursday, December 9, 1999

Nick tries to talk Victoria into pulling the campaign ads for her own safety. She feels they are close to burying Jabot's new line "Glow" and doesn't want to retreat. In fact, maybe the letters are being sent by someone at Jabot to discourage them from doing any more ads. Jill tells Jack that "Glow" is a flop and he should have listened to her. Jack disagrees and wants to up the media buys. He refuses to lose to Victor. Tricia wonders if Grace implicated her to Megan and Tony in the bra caper. She goes over to find out. Megan tells her that all she wants is to be happy with Tony -- and she doesn't need anyone trying to break them up. Tricia understands why they are both upset and tells them how sorry she is. Paul watches Chris with a client at her legal aid office. He is amazed at her compassion for others. Nina doesn't agree with Tomas' opinion about her book and storms out of the coffeehouse.

Friday, December 10, 1999

Jill gets on Jack's case about the "Glow" product line until Jack finally leaves. John can't believe that Jill continues to argue with Jack. He wishes she would hold her temper. She agrees to do so because she is so fond of John. Victoria begins to take the "fan's" letters seriously. Paul suggests they pull the "Brash & Sassy" ads now. The alternative is to get 24-hour security for Victoria. Megan hopes to convince Tony to spend Christmas with Tricia and Ryan. She calls Tricia to make dinner arrangements for next week to see how things go. Tricia agrees, but wants to handle the dinner plans herself. She tells Ryan that she has a way to show Megan how wrong Tony is for her. Mac wants to know what's bugging Billy. He only tells her that he isn't excited about going to the dance. Jill approaches Brittany about the dance. Brittany confirms that she is going with Billy, and promises not to reveal that they spoke.

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