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Ramona showed up in Genoa City, and Jack realized that she was the woman who had helped Victor in New Mexico. Billy and Brittany kissed, which disappointed Mac. Callie spoke with Michael about divorcing Trey. Victor arrived home.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 20, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, December 20, 1999

Ryan dropped by Victoria's office at Brash & Sassy to offer an ear if she wanted to talk. Victoria zeroed in on Ryan's problems with his wife. Ryan let it slip that Tricia and he hadn't done it since the miscarriage. The doctor had canceled every appointment. Victoria advised Ryan to do something about it. Nick stopped by for the meeting on the new ads without the ad guys. None of the three was really thrilled with the new ads.

Victoria called to okay the ads then she, Ryan, and Nick all tried to convince themselves the change in ads wouldn't be a big deal as far as sales went. Ryan left, and Victoria and Nick commiserated about how they did not understand their father. Victoria told Nick about Ramona's call and that she had gone to to Genoa City to fetch some papers from Victor's private safe. Neither one of them had ever been given the combination.

Jack was looking out the Jabot boardroom windows when John walked in. Jack filled his dad in on the idea of a cruise for Ashley, but she was hesitating. John said, "You can lead a horse to water, but..." and Jack added that she was one stubborn horse just as Ashley walked in. Jill burst in with news that Brash & Sassy was killing their ad campaign. Jack thought Lady Luck was smiling on them, but Ashley and John were more cautious. Jack went off to celebrate.

John complimented Jill on getting the Brash & Sassy scoop. Jill told him that she would love to see Billy all dressed up for the dance, so John said he would find out Billy's planned departure time so Jill could just happen to drop by. Ashley seemed suspicious of the friendly attitude. She approached John about what was going on with Jill, but John told her not to worry. After John left, Ashley took out the cruise ticket and looked at it again.

At Gina's, Brad and Diane continued to discuss Nikki and Victor while Ramona listened intently. Diane went so far as to ask if Brad and Nikki were having an affair. Gina spotted Ramona and went over to her table, but Ramona claimed she needed some water and ran over to the bar to keep from having her listening post exposed. Ramona stayed seated at the bar.

Brad told Diane that Victor was in New Mexico, and Ramona was in Genoa City for the day to pick up some papers. Diane was sure she had to be more than a messenger, but Brad didn't think Victor was seriously involved. Even though Nikki knew Victor was in New Mexico, she couldn't bring herself to leave him. Diane pointed out that maybe Nikki was just using Brad. It had crossed his mind, but Brad was sure that was not the case. Diane left, and Brad also left shortly thereafter, without spotting Ramona.

Gina went to call Jack just as he walked in. Jack offered to buy Ramona a drink, but she had a flight to catch. That made Jack think that some things never changed, including her sad expression. Ramona told Jack that she had just found out about a betrayal of a very dear friend, and she didn't know what to do. Jack was able to get her name but not an explanation of how she had heard of him.

At Walnut Grove Academy, Raul thanked Billy for getting them a ride to the dance. Brandon asked Billy if he was going to "the" party, and Billy wouldn't commit. Later, Raul overheard J.T. tell Brittany that he was only letting Billy jack him around for her sake.

Nikki stopped by the Chancellor mansion, bearing gifts. Kay could not remember when she'd been happier and insisted that even Jill couldn't dampen her spirits. Nikki let Kay know Victor was still missing. With or without Victor, Kay wanted them to celebrate at the Chancellor estate. Then Nikki got defensive, wouldn't talk to Kay, and left.

Brock carried in a tree to decorate, and Esther was all flustered about the birth of a foal. Mac returned home but didn't seem interested in the decorating. Mac told everyone about all the parties after the dance that were just an excuse to get drunk. She went to get ready, and Brock had an idea.

Jill arrived at home and found out John called to tell her Billy had left already. Before Kay could explain, Jill started to blow a gasket then she heard Billy's voice in the entry hall. Billy looked impressed when he saw Mac. Everyone except Jill and Brittany told Mac how pretty she looked.

Tony told Tricia he had talked to Grace, and she had actually told him the whole story. He threatened to call Grace again and let Meg talk to her, but that would just hurt Meg. Tony ordered Tricia to back off, or he would tell Meg the whole truth. Barbie got a call from Keith, who planned to come home the next day, but she told him not to come.

Brad burst in the door at Victor's office, demanding to know why McNeil had emailed him. The chair turned around, and Nikki told him the email was from her. Nikki got up, closed the door, locked it, and then started kissing Brad.

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Brad wished there was more to Nikki's desire for him than her revenge against Victor. Nikki told him that welcoming the millennium from the canals in Venice sounded inviting.

Helena questioned Ramona's feelings for Victor. Ramona admitted that she was fonder of Victor than she had ever dreamed. Jack was telling Ashley about his chance meeting with Ramona. Ashley thought the name sounded familiar. Jill remembered that Ramona Caceres was the same woman Victor had been stranded with in the desert.

Tricia confessed to Ryan that she was scared Tony was going to reveal her secret to Megan, which would destroy her relationship with her sister. Ryan wanted to move on with their lives, and that included sex. Tricia rebuked him, telling Ryan he was being cruel and thoughtless. Megan was happy that she and Tricia were getting along and that they could all spend Christmas together. Tony assured her that the holidays would be everything she had ever wanted.

The teenagers decided to return to the Chancellor estate after the party. At one point, Billy went to find Mac. Brittany assumed she was off with Raul.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999

Ashley entered Victor's empty office. She looked around, walked over to Victor's desk, and looked at some envelopes and papers on the desk. Brad walked in saying that it had to feel weird for her to enter "enemy territory." She smiled and told him that she was quite happy at Jabot. She asked him where Victor was, and Brad said he didn't know. She said that he had been gone a long time. Brad said that Victor was just being Victor. He told her that Ramona had reappeared in the picture, and he thought that was fascinating.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jill was getting great pleasure in telling Jack just who Ramona was and how she figured into Victor's life. He said maybe she just had the same name, but Jill told him that she had been interviewed on the Leanna Love Show, and she described her to Jack. He realized that it was the same woman. Jill delighted in telling Jack that Ramona and Victor had been stranded in New Mexico together for months. She reminded Jack that Victor's testosterone worked overtime and that she thought that they'd been more than "just friends" in the desert.

Brittany and Billy were in the Chancellor stables, looking for Mac, but she hid when she heard them walk in. Brittany was asking Billy about his feelings for Mac. She said she saw how he looked at her and thought there was something going on there. He said there was nothing going on but that he thought she was interesting. He said he was trying to figure her out and realized that "what you see is what you get," and he thought that was pretty boring. Brittany asked why he hung around with her, and Billy said because she was with Raul. Billy started turning on the charm to Brittany, and they started kissing. Mac peeked up from her hiding place and watched them.

At the Chancellor house, J.T. was trying to get into the liquor cabinet and made a snide remark about it being locked. Raul walked in from the stables and asked where Billy and Brittany were. J.T. and Rianna told him that they had gone down to the stables, looking for him and Mac. J.T. and Rianna left to go to Brendan's party. Katherine walked down and asked Raul where everyone was.

In Jack's office, Jill kept on about having the impression that Victor and Ramona were close. Jack told her that Victor wasn't even in town, so Ramona couldn't have been there to see him. Jill told him that he shouldn't lose his heart over a woman who was involved with Victor -- especially when there were better opportunities right there in front of him.

In New Mexico, Elena and Ramona were at Ramona's office. Elena wanted to know where Victor was staying, and Ramona told her that he didn't want anyone to know where he was. Elena asked if he was staying with her, and Ramona wouldn't say. Elena said she could tell that Ramona was attracted to Victor and wanted to know if anything was going on. Ramona said that she was attracted to him, but they had not acted on it. She said that if it were anyone else, she would tell Victor to go home to his family and work things out, but she was disturbed with herself that she could not do that.

At the Chancellor house, Raul told Katherine that everybody had gone down to the stables to see the new foal. He said that J.T. and Rianna had left to go to another party. Katherine asked where Mac was, and Mac walked into the room. Raul told her about the other two leaving, and Mac wasn't surprised. He asked her if she'd seen Billy and Brittany, and she lied and said no. She said that she was tired and wanted to go up to bed.

Raul said he would catch a bus home, but Katherine said that she would have Robert drive him home. Katherine went to find Robert, and Raul asked Mac if she was okay. Mac told him not to analyze her and that she'd see him the next day. She went upstairs. Brock asked Raul if something had happened, and Raul told him that they'd had a little argument earlier.

Paul and Christine were snuggling on the couch at home. Christine said how happy she was for Nick and Sharon and their family. She said it had to be wonderful sharing the holidays with their children. Paul said not to worry because they would have a baby someday and suggested, "Who knows, maybe you're pregnant right now." She shook her head and told him, "Not this month."

In Victor's office, Ashley wanted to know what Brad was talking about, and he told her that Ramona was very important to Victor. He told her that she was acting on his behalf and that she was there at the office that day to get something for him. He thought there was more going on between them than everybody thought. Ashley said, "So, you think Nikki is waiting for her white knight to come charging in?" Brad said he had no problem telling Nikki to walk away from Victor, and Victor had no one to blame but himself if Nikki left him.

Ashley wanted to know if Brad was trying to convince her or himself. He told her that in no way was Nikki to blame for any of it. Ashley told him about how Victor had tried to set things right with her at the private dining room and how snotty Nikki had been to him, and Nikki hadn't even tried to make up with him. She told Brad that he'd been the "other man" in the picture for a long time. He intimated that she still was hung up on Victor -- in fact, so was Diane. Ashley told him not to compare her with Diane.

Brad laughed and said that, since Victor was a "free agent," it would be fun to see the two of them fight for him. She said there was too much history with her and Victor, and she wouldn't want him. Brad's cell phone rang, and he had to leave. Just as he was leaving, two guys walked in, delivering Victor's portrait, and they asked Brad what to do with it. He told them to ask the lady. She said to hang it over the mantel. They did and then left. She walked over to the picture and smiled as if remembering some good times with Victor, then she thought of something and had a startled look on her face.

At Sharon and Nick's place, Sharon and Cassie were listening to The Nutcracker music. Sharon was combing Cassie's hair. Cassie had a sad look on her face and said she was thinking about Alice and Millie and if they were having a nice holiday. Sharon asked if she wanted to call them, and Cassie was delighted at the thought.

In New Mexico, Ramona said that she should do the right thing and help Victor to find his family again but that she was being selfish. Elena asked where things stood with his wife, and Ramona told her about overhearing Brad and Diane talking about his affair with Nikki. Elena wanted to know if she was going to tell Victor about it. Ramona said she was afraid that if she told him, he would be vulnerable to her. She said that he'd had feelings for many women in his life, but there was a certain bond with Nikki that had lasted many years.

Ramona said she was afraid that if she acted on her feelings for Victor, he would just be reaching out to her because he was hurt. The phone rang, and it was Victor. She asked him when she would see him. In response to what Victor told her, she answered, "Now?" She hung up the phone and told Elena that Victor was leaving town, and he was not sure when he would return. Elena told her she had a big decision to make when he got back -- whether to tell him about Nikki or not.

Jill entered the Chancellor house, all gushy and sweet, just as Billy and Brittany returned from the stables. Raul told them that Mac and gone to bed, J.T. and Rianna had gone to the other party, and Robert was driving him home. Billy and Brittany wanted to go to Brendan's party, too, and Billy asked Jill if he could have her car. She said no but that Robert would drive them to the party.

Ashley returned to Jack's office. Jack told her all about what Jill had told him about Ramona. Jill said he was jumping to conclusions. However, Jack said he understood why Ramona had reacted to his name like she had. He got mad at Victor, because he was assuming that Victor had told Ramona bad things about him. He said it really bugged him that when he met someone new, Victor had his hooks into her. Ashley told him that she had decided to accept his gift and that she was going on the cruise. He was happy for her.

Everyone at the Chancellor house had gone to bed but Brock. He was in the living room, trimming the tree and listening to "Silent Night." Mac walked down in her long flannel nightgown. He held out his hand to her and asked if there was anything she wanted to talk about. She didn't say anything but allowed him to lead her to the tree. She had tears in her eyes as, in a very touching moment, they trimmed the tree together.

At Sharon and Nick's home, Cassie talked to Alice on the phone. They talked about their Christmas trees and agreed to send each other a picture of their trees. Millie and Alice had their heads together while talking on the phone, and Millie asked if Cassie was happy. Cassie said everything was just great, but she missed Millie. Millie told her that she missed Cassie, too. Cassie hoped that maybe they could visit soon. Cassie then thanked Alice for giving her family to her. Millie and Alice fought back tears.

Thursday, December 23, 1999

Victoria suggested to Nikki that they go skiing over the holidays, but Nikki already had plans. Victoria hoped they didn't involve Brad. Brad confirmed with the airline that he had two first-class tickets to Italy. He then went to talk to Nikki. She decided to leave a letter to her family, stating that it was best if everyone celebrated the holiday season in their own way. Nick and Victoria were reading the letter when Victor walked in.

As Ashley got ready to leave on her trip, Jack told her to keep an open mind should the opportunity come knocking on her door. She promised she would.

Malcolm found Olivia and Neil at the hospital. He assumed that she had gone back to work. When Malcolm left, the doctor entered and told Olivia that he had the results of her test.

Callie called John Silva to ask about a divorce. She claimed it was for a friend of hers. When John found out the particulars of the case, he informed Callie that her friend's divorce would take at least a year. Callie explained that her friend didn't have a year.

Christine headed over to her office after Mary visited the apartment, talking about Paul and her having a baby. Michael Baldwin welcomed Christine back to work with a plant. He sensed something was different about her.

Friday, December 24, 1999

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