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Victoria accused Gary of being her stalker. Gary took Victoria to the tree house on the ranch. Katherine refused to grant Jack a loan to save Jabot. Victor schemed to make sure that Jack could not make the loan payment in time.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 8, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, May 8, 2000

Gary Dawson's Apartment:
The show begins with a replay of Victoria in Gary's apartment. She enters the bedroom and discovers the shrine of pictures on the wall and the notepaper and the envelopes that the stalker used. She is horrified to see all of this and turns to run out ... Gary is standing at the door to the bedroom. Victoria is startled that he is there and screams.

Nick Newman's Office:
Sharon brings a picnic lunch for the two of them. She tells Nick that she was feeling so good that she thought she would do something special. With a sneaky grin on his face, Nick says it's a little early for lunch. He goes to the door and tells his secretary that he will be in conference and then closes and locks the door. He tells Sharon that there is something else they haven't done at the office lately ... he takes her into his arms and starts kissing her as he manipulates her backward to the sofa, where they fall in a passionate embrace..

The Penthouse:
Victor and Neil are discussing their strategy regarding Jabot, totally unaware that Diane is in her room listening to every word they are saying. Victor goes upstairs to get some papers and tells Neil to go in the kitchen and pour himself a cup of coffee. When all is clear, Diane takes advantage and grabs her purse and sneaks out the apartment door..

Chancellor Estate:
Jack arrives to find that Nikki is also there. He wants to know what Nikki is doing there and Katherine tells him that she was there to talk to her about his company. Jack tells Katherine that anything they talk about must not get back to his father. Kay says he has a point. Nikki tells Jack that she is there to tell Katherine no to give him any money..

Nick's Office:
When next we see the young lovers, Sharon is dressed only in her very sexy undergarments, telling Nick that she is sometimes afraid of allowing herself to get too happy because she's afraid that things will turn bad. Nick tells her that he feels like that sometimes too, but he thinks that it's a sin not to appreciate the good times. He reminds her how lucky they are and all the good things they have. They kiss. The conversation gets around to Victoria and Gary. Nick tells Sharon that he saw Gary that morning and sort of grilled him about Victoria. He tells her that he thinks that Gary is a good guy and has a head on his shoulders ... we will see now won't we Nick??

Brad invites Diane to join him at his table. She whines to him about Victor. She tells Brad that he was right -- that while Vic was "making nice" to her, he was making love to someone else. (This girl is so demented that it's comical). She tells Brad that she can't believe what a fool she's been (Hey I can!). She says that Vic is the fool if he thinks she is going to go away quietly. Then she tells Brad that Vic's latest conquest is Ashley. Brad about hurls his coffee at that one..
Ashley is trying to reach Victor on the phone, but he hasn't returned to the office yet. Poppa John comes in and wants to know why she has such a big smile on her face..

Chancellor Estate:
Jack can't figure out why Nikki would talk Katherine out of loaning money to his family. She tells him it's because he has perfectly good loan available to him elsewhere. He says that if it is the loan from her and Bradley, she's crazy. She tries to tell him that if he takes the money from her and Brad, he will be getting their expertise as well as the cash. He tells her that they could structure a loan from Katherine in such a way that it would bring Nikki into the company. She says no -- that if she doesn't have a financial interest, that Ashley would be able to stop it. They bicker about it for a moment longer and then he turns to Katherine and puts the pitch to her for the money. Katherine reminds Nikki of the idea she had of her and Nikki putting up the money, not Brad. Nikki tells Kay that she has to do it her way and if Katherine agrees, it will help to give her the power to turn her life around. Katherine then turns to Jack and tells him she is sorry but she ca! n't give him the money. He says that she is making a mistake. Kay says that maybe she is making a mistake, but he put her in the hot seat, forcing her to choose sides and she has to side with Nikki. She turns back to Nikki saying she hopes to hell she is doing the right thing. Esther comes in and tells Katherine that she is needed elsewhere in the house, and Katherine leaves. Jack glares at Nikki. He tells her that what she has done is "classic Victor Newman" ... that she sees what she wants and goes sneaking around doing what ever she has to, to get it. She agrees that maybe she learned a thing or two from Victor about how to get what she wants ... and that it's about time. She tries to tell Jack that it would be a win/win situation for him to have Brad and her at Jabot. He tells her that she is so nave that she hasn't a clue what she is doing. They bicker back and forth about who is doing what to whom and he finally yells at her not to do him any more favor! s and slams out the door.

Paul Williams' Office:
Paul and Lynn are discussing the meeting with Ross Lee. Paul is getting the distinct impression that Gary might be the stalker. He tells Lynn that Greg (the D.A.) is getting a court order for them to look at Gary's bank records to see if he made a withdrawal for the $7,000 bail money. He says that they haven't got any real proof that Gary is the stalker, so they have to go easy. Lynn mentions that it is pretty creepy, considering Gary is now dating Victoria. Paul wants to speak to Victoria to see that she is ok, so he asks Lynn for Victoria's cell phone number..

Gary's Place:
Gary tells Victoria not to look at the pictures on the wall ... it's all garbage. Victoria is petrified of him. He goes toward her to try to lead her out of the room and she backs away. He tells her not to be afraid of him and grabs her and pulls her out of the room. (Heather Tom does some superb acting in this scene sequence ... an award winning performance). Victoria cringes at his touch and whimpers as he takes her to the living room. He sits her down on the couch and tells her that "it's not what it looks like". She says that he's the stalker. He yells that he's not. He tries to explain that the person who did that was completely different. He says that person didn't know Victoria but admired her from afar ... but when he got to know her, he changed ... he wasn't so afraid. She whispers, "he?". Gary tells her "he" changed completely. He asks her to tell him that she understands. Her cell phone rings and she grabs for it. He lunges at th! e phone and snatches it away from her. He throws it across the room and begs her not to talk to anyone until she understands that he's changed. She is trembling and crying and her eyes are searching the room for a way out.

John is saying that he thinks Ashley's smile is from her pregnancy. He tells her that he has no more reservations about it and is happy for her. He is looking forward to when the baby comes. She tells him that her baby will have the best grandpa on the planet. He gives her a look and says he has a feeling that there is something more going on with her. She tells him that she is seeing someone. He questions who it is and says he is the last to know. Ash assures him that he would be one of the first to know ... she just wanted to wait until things were more solid to say anything. He asks her if she is concerned about his reaction for some reason..

The Penthouse:
Neil broaches the subject that Victor doesn't seem as elated as he should be, considering how close they are to putting it to Jack. Vic says there may be further ramifications if he continues what he has been planning to do. Neil asks if he has given up on giving Jabot autonomy as long as Jack is out of the picture. Vic explains that it would work, on a business level, but on a personal level it could cause an enormous amount of bitterness. He tells Neil not to misunderstand him ... Jack deserves what he gets, considering all he has done to Vic and his family. (Have you forgotten Vic? It was you taking Jabot away from the Abbotts in the beginning that started this whole thing!) Vic says that if he continues with what he is planning that it will hurt both John and Ashley deeply and it doesn't sit right with him. He tells Neil that he wants to sleep a little longer on it. Neil understands. Vic tells Neil that when Forsythe calls, he wants to speak with him personally..

Bradley is having a hard time believing that Ashley is with Victor. Diane asks why and he says that Ash is in a place right now that wouldn't allow a relationship with Vic to be in the cards. Of course Diane wants to know what "place" that would be. Brad ignores the question. Diane goads Brad by telling him if he still wants Ashley, he should hang on, because Victor and Ashley's relationship will not make it..

Lynn and Paul have called Victoria's cell phone, the office and the ranch and left messages everywhere for Victoria to call back. Paul is really worried about her. The phone rings and it is Greg, the D.A. ... he's found out that Gary withdrew the money from his bank the day that Ross was bailed out. He tells Paul that he is waiting on a search warrant for Gary's place. Paul tells him to keep him posted and hangs up. Before he can ask, Lynn hands Paul the phone number for Dave, Victoria's bodyguard..

Victoria is trying to appease Gary by saying that she understands that he has changed from the man who wrote the letters. He tells her that he thinks of "that" (pointing to the bedroom) as a different person. He recalls when he first met Victoria and feeling that getting close to her would be so unattainable ... that person couldn't think of her as a friend, let alone anything else. The tears are streaming down both their faces. Hers, in terror and his, in remorse. She asks him why the letters kept coming. He says that he tried to stop them, knowing how upsetting they were to her, but he couldn't. He says when they started to get closer over the last month, that he felt less afraid and shy and he liked her so much that he was sure something was going to go wrong ... that's why he wanted to take things so slow. He shows her a brown paper sack and tells her that he went to buy a scraper and he was going to scrape all the pictures down off the wall so he could move ! on with his life ... their life ... together. She just stares at him with a look of total confusion and part disgust..

John tells Ashley that if her mood is any indication of the man she's chosen, he must be terrific. She says she's happy he feels like that because she hates keeping secrets from him. He says he heard for a while that she was keeping company with Victor ... not dating ... but you know what I mean. She says that she understands what he means. He goes on to say that now she is telling him that she has met someone and that really makes him happy. He says he doesn't want to pry into her life and that her relationships are her own. She says she doesn't think he is prying and that she really wants him to know ... enter Jack, in a huff. John wants to know what's the matter with him and Jack gives him a lame excuse. Being the trusting father that he is, John believes Jack's excuse and then tells them both that he has some calls to make, and that he and Ashley will continue their talk another time. After he leaves, Ashley asks Jack what happened with Katherine and he whines the whole! story to her about Nikki and Brad pooling their resources. She tries to make Jack think about their offer again ... they only have 2 weeks before the payment is due. The phone rings and it is Forsythe. He strings Jack along about being interested, but that he can't meet with him until next week. Jack says that's cutting it close, but Forsythe indicates that it's quite possible that the loan will be extended. Jack gets off the phone and tells Ashley that they don't need Nikki or Brad anymore ... that Forsythe as good as said the loan would be extended..

Brad wants to know why Diane is so sure Ashley and Victor aren't going to make it. She tells him that she is holding a lot of cards that Victor doesn't know about. Brad says it sounds to him like payback and that can be very dangerous territory. He suggests very strongly that she walk away. She tells him that she won't go into battle unarmed ... she has a very powerful weapon. He wants her to share it with him. She starts to explain when Nikki comes up to the table saying, "Oh Brad, here you are!"..

Victoria makes a run for the door, but Gary catches her. She screams and he puts his hand over her mouth and tells he's not bad and that if she hadn't come in there and seen all the pictures, she never would have known. He tells her to shut up ... she's still screaming and crying through his hand..

Paul gets Dave the bodyguard on the phone and asks where he is. Dave tells him he is outside Gary Dawson's apartment building waiting for Victoria. Paul tells him to go up to the apartment and wait for him outside the door ... he'll be right there..
Nikki and Diane sneer at one another. Diane asks if Brad was waiting for Nikki and he nods yes. She says she had no idea that those two where so chummy and that she will leave them to their "business". Nikki says "see ya" and plops herself down in the chair that Diane just vacated. Nikki is not at all pleased about the company Brad is keeping..

The Penthouse:
Victor is remembering his conversation with Ashley when she told him how close she and Jack are and the unbreakable bond they have. The phone rings and it is Forsythe telling Victor the Jack bought the act. He says that the scheme is working beautifully..

The Corridor Outside Gary's Apartment:
Dave is at the door and Paul comes up the stairs. Paul explains that Gary may be the stalker. He tells Dave that the D.A. is getting a search warrant, but he doesn't want to wait. Paul says that they should go in and for Dave to "get the door". They both pull out their guns and Dave kicks in the door ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Victor and Forsythe are going over the plan to ruin Jack when Victor gets a call from Paul, telling him that Victoria is in trouble. Nikki and Brad are at Gina's when Victor calls Nikki to meet him at the D.A.'s office. Paul explains to them that Gary is the stalker and has abducted Victoria. He assures them that she will be found soon. Sharon and Nick are making vacation plans and fail to answer the phone call from Victor. Diane wants to vent her problems regarding Victor to Michael, but he isn't interested in her love life. She then tells him that she overheard Victor and Neil talk about Jabot and how they are taking revenge on Jack. Michael advises her not to say anything and let it blow up in Victor's face. Billy and Mac meet up at the shelter after school. Brock arrives and questions why Billy is there. Mac wants to know why her father was rude to Billy. Nina is surprised to see that things are going well with Chris and Paul. Chris tells Nina that Paul decided to support her decision to work with Michael. Katherine lets Jill think that she is giving Jabot the money to pay off the loan. Jill is furious.

Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Nikki suggests that maybe Gary and Victoria just went off to be alone together. After all, they have been dating for some time now. However, Paul tells her that he went to Gary's apartment and found a wall of pictures of Victoria and the stationery the stalker was using. Nikki is visibly upset. She prays that Victoria is okay. She wonders if they have the train stations and airports covered. Paul tells her that he is sure Gary won't take Victoria to a public place for fear of her being recognized or escaping. They have the make, color and tag number of Gary's car and have given pictures to the airport, train station and bus station just in case. Victor tells Paul to hire investigators in every state within 200 miles to help the police find Victoria. Paul gets right on it. Afterwards, he tells Nikki and Victor there is no reason for them to stay at the DA's office. They agree to go home in case Gary calls for a ransom or Vicki happens to escape and calls home. When they get home Miguel greets them. They ask if anyone has called and he tells them no. They ask if he's been able to get in touch with Nicholas or Sharon and he tells them no and the children are not at home either. Both Nikki and Victor wonder where they could be.

Later, Nikki and Victor try to keep their spirits up. Victor tells Nikki that Paul is paid to think the worst but it is their job to be hopeful. Nikki tells Victor that it isn't necessary for him to stay the night at the ranch on her account. However, Victor tells her that he wants too.

Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, Nick, Sharon and the kids arrive at the hotel and Nick encourages Cassie and Noah to take a look at the view. Sharon remembers that she didn't pack any pajamas for the kids but tells them they will get some from the store downstairs. They visit the new coffee house and when they return Nick notices that he didn't recharge his cell phone before they left Genoa City but is assured that no one will be looking for him tonight anyway. They decide to have pizza for dinner and share an enjoyable family dinner together. Cassie wishes they could stay in Milwaukee for a week but Sharon tells her that Nick has to get back to work and Cassie has school. Nick tells her that when they get home they have a big project. Cassie wonders what it is. Nick tells her that he has been thinking about his old tree house and wants to know if she wants to help him fix it up. She tells him yes and asks if Noah can help too. He tells her that he's old enough now and should be able to help. Noah has already fallen asleep and Cassie goes off to bed so Nick and Sharon can be alone. They talk about how lucky they both are to have each other and their children in their lives. They kiss and begin to make love.

Mac asks Brock if he has a problem with Billy working there with her. He counters and asks her if she does and she tells him no. Brock then tells her that he guess he doesn't either. One of the kids calls for her and she goes back in the room with Billy and the kids. Brock tells Mac he'll see her later at home. After the kids leave, Billy tells her they should get going because Brittany and Raul should be at his house soon. He asks her if she wants a ride but she says no, she'll see him there later. Billy leaves as Mac looks on.

Later, at the Abbott's Billy answers the door to Brittany and they kiss. Raul walks up and tells them jokingly to cut it out; they have all night. Brittany comments to Billy that she saw a house by the pool and Billy tells her that it is the pool house. Raul asks if Mac has arrived yet and they tell him no. Soon after, Mac arrives. Brittany asks if they are going to join she and Billy for a swim. They opt not to and Brittany and Billy leave. In the pool house, Brittany walks out in a cute two-piece bathing suit and Billy tells her she looks great. She tells him that she's glad they can finally be alone together. Billy wonders if Raul and Mac are okay about them leaving them alone. Brittany assures him that they are fine because she and Raul spoke earlier and he and Mac want to be alone together just as much as they do. They hug and then kiss. Brittany pulls away and starts looking around and Billy asks her what she's doing. She tells him that she's being sure they are alone and then pulls out a bottle of liquor. He asks her what she's doing and she tells him to loosen up and asks him to take a sip. He tells her that she's the only one who seems to need to loosen up and takes the bottle away from her. He assures her that he won't ask her to do anything that she is not ready to do yet. She tells him that he is an incredible guy and they hug.

Back at the house, Raul and Mac walk in from the kitchen and notice that Brittany and Billy aren't back yet. Raul tells Mac that it's nice hanging out with Billy and Brittany again but he likes being alone with her too. Mac looks a little uncomfortable and Raul apologizes for making her feel that way. Billy and Brittany walk in. Billy thanks them for coming over and they all decide to leave and will see Billy tomorrow at school.

Meanwhile, at the Chancellor Estate Jill and Katherine are still arguing about Katherine getting involved with Jabot. Jill is being her usual unreasonable self. Katherine asks her if she would rather Jabot go under rather than accept money from her. Jill tells her that she hopes Jabot never gets that desperate. Jill tells Katherine to stay away from her business and away from anyone in her family.

Later Brock tells Katherine that Billy is now working at the Shelter. She wants to know how that happened and he tells her that it was John's idea. They discuss the possible ramifications of Billy and Mac working together given their growing feelings for each other. Katherine is not happy because she knows that if Jill finds out she will make Mac's life a "living hell" and she will not allow that to happen. Brock tries to tell her that Jill will not but she assures him that Jill has not changed and is the same vindictive woman as ever.

After Kay leaves, Jill walks in. Brock tells Jill that she and Katherine are making their living arrangements unbearable and he wants her to stop. Jill tells him that it is Katherine's fault but Brock counters that it takes two to tango. Jill tells him that she knows that he will never take her side and will always take his mothers side. She tells him that she will take care of her family and he can take care of his.

Diane and Michael are still discussing what she should do about the information she has on Victor. Michael turns around and sees Chris at the door and she walks away. Michael yells after her but she keeps walking. Diane admits to Michael that she knows that Victor plans to take over Jabot and she wants to tell Ashley so she can blow their relationship out of the water. Michael warns her that if she does, Victor might find out and it will ruin any chances she has of a relationship with him. She agrees and decides not to say anything. But she promises that before the day is out, she plans to pay Ashley back for taking Victor away from her.

Later, as Chris starts to leave the office, Michael asks to speak with her. He assures her that there was no conflict of interest because he was giving Diane some personal advice. Chris tells him she knows their conversation was about Victor. He tells her that Diane still holds some hope of a reconciliation with Victor and that she has some information on Victor but he told her to stay out of it. Chris tells him that if she finds out that he has lied to her their partnership will be over; there are no second chances. Her phone rings. It's Paul. He tells her that there has been a development in Victoria's case and asks her to come to the DA's office and she leaves.

Thursday, May 11, 2000

Dru is shocked to find Malcolm at her door in Paris. When he questions her about the state of her relationship with Neil, she admits that they did get carried away and made love while she was in town, but that things still can't work out between them. She explains that she isn't ready to give up her modeling career and that Neil would never move to Europe because of his career at Newman. Back in Genoa City, Mac and Kay discuss Mac's relationship with Billy. Mac assures her grandmother that there is nothing romantic going on between them and then asks her to get Brock to lay off of her about it. Later, Mac runs into Billy at school and the two get into an argument about what went on at the pool party....more specifically, who was doing what and with who. Elsewhere, Jack and Ashley talk about Jabot's financial problems. Jack tells his sister not to worry. He is sure that they will get the loan that they need. He then gets on her case yet again about her rekindled romanc! e with Victor. In the meantime, Victor goes to the ranch to comfort Nikki as they wait for word on Victoria. When Miguel tells them that Nick and Sharon still are not home, they wonder what could be going on. Unfortunately, as the young couple continues to enjoy their stay in Milwaukee, they fail to see a television bulletin reporting Victoria's kidnapping. Back at the treehouse, Gary finally takes the tape off of Victoria's mouth. When she begs him to let her go, he grow angry and says no.

Friday, May 12, 2000

Victoria talks Gary into getting some water. When he leaves, she is able to free her wrists. Gary returns and Victoria hides her hands. As Victoria is telling Gary that she forgives him because he is her friend, Gary begins to hear Gabrielle's voice telling him how pathetic he is. He screams that he will shut her up. Victor is discussing the Forsythe issue with Neil when Ashley arrives at his office. Victor fears she has overheard his conversation. She embraces him and then suggests he go home and be with Nikki. Jack visits Nikki at the ranch to try and comfort her. Mac is questioning Billy about his evening at the pool house when Brittany arrives. When Brittany expresses how much fun she had last night, Mac's face reveals there is something wrong. When Mac leaves, Brittany asks Billy if Mac has a thing for him. Mac watches as the two kiss. Mamie arrives at Olivia's office. She wants to know what's going on between Olivia and Neil. Liv admits there's something there, but the timing hasn't been right. Sid catches Malcolm before he leaves. He tells Malcolm that Dru must come to grips with her life...otherwise she is going to lose her lucrative modeling career.

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