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Dru got tested to see if she was a positive match for Olivia's bone marrow transplant. Ashley found out that Victor had bought the Abbotts' loan. Billy and Mac agreed that they would be best friends.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, May 22, 2000


Jabot Boardroom::
Brad tells Jack he doesn't want to invest in Jabot. Nikki quickly whisks him out the door to try to talk some sense into him. She insists that he loves Jabot, but he just wants to see Jack grovel. Brad says he can't stomach the thought of having to deal with Jack on a daily basis. Nikki threatens that she'll get the money from Katherine and then Brad will be out of it for good..

Newman's Office::
Bryan Forsythe is caught off guard that Victor has changed his mind about the situation with Jack Abbott. Forsythe questions Victor's reasoning and Victor says that he has re-evaluated the whole thing and is leaning towards letting Jabot refinance the loan..

Genoa City Memorial Hospital::
Malcolm questions Dr. Walker about Olivia's condition. Walker tells him that Olivia may need a blood transfusion. Malcolm is totally surprised that her condition is so serious and demands to know just what is going on. After thinking about it for a few minutes, Dr. Walker agrees to tell Malcolm the whole story about Olivia's A-plastic Anemia. (Whatever happened to patient/doctor confidentiality?))

Crimson Lights::
The evil Warton is still slithering around. He goes over to the table where Sharon and Nick are sitting and bids them farewell and leaves the coffeehouse. Nick is concerned that there will still be trouble down the road with Warton. Christine and Paul Williams arrive at the coffeehouse and Sharon loudly introduces Paul to everyone in the place as the hero of the day. Everyone applauds and Paul bows to the crowd..

Neil's Office::
Neil and Dru are hashing everything out. Neil wants to know if there is a way that they can work things out together. Dru suggests that Neil move to the Newman Enterprises Paris office. Neil tells her that he is now Victor's right hand man and the power structure at Newman has changed since she left. Dru accuses that he thinks it's ok for her to give up her job, but he won't make any compromises for her..

The Hospital::
Dr. Walker discusses the need for a bone marrow transplant. He says that he advised Olivia to ask her sister to be tested as a possible donor, but Olivia refused to do it until it was the only option left..

Nikki and Brad are still at it and Jack comes over and tells Nikki not to beg because nobody needs Brad anyway. Brad tells Jack that Jabot does need him and that he'll bail out the company only if Jack leaves. You can imagine Jack's response to that! Ashley comes between them to stop them from fighting. Brad says that Jabot is only in trouble because of Jack. Jack tells Brad to go to hell and storms out of the room ... Nikki goes chasing after him and then Ashley and Jill try to get through to Brad..

Crimson Lights::
Sharon, Nick, Paul and Chris are having coffee and Nick is once again thanking Paul for his heroics in capturing Gary Dawson. Paul tells them that he stopped by the police station to give his report on what happened and that Nick and Victoria should do the same. Nick apologizes for the way he treated Paul throughout the case and Paul says it's ok ... he's just going to add 10% to the bill. LOL. Then Chris and Paul leave..

Newman's Office::
While Victor is talking with Forsythe, Ryan McNeal knocks on the door and asks to speak to Victor. Victor asks Forsythe to leave them alone for a while and he leaves. Ryan tells Victor that he is going to Seattle because of union problems. Victor wonders why a man of Ryan's position should be going to take care of a problem like that. He feels that it might take several months to fix the problem and what will happen to his job here? Ryan explains his personal problems with Tricia. Victor tells him to do what he thinks is best and that he will always have a job when he returns. (Haven't heard anything about this ... wonder if Scott Reeves is leaving the show?))

Brad tells the girls that Jabot is not big enough for him and Jack, no matter how many corporate goodies they want to dangle in front of him. Meanwhile over in Jack's office Jack is trying to blame this whole fiasco on Nikki because she put the kibosh on Katherine's money. Nikki snaps back that he is the one who approved the loan in the first place, so he shouldn't point fingers! (You go girl!) She tells him that all of them are looking at this in there own way and none of them is being any more selfish than the other. She says maybe he doesn't want her to buy into Jabot because he wants her to be under his thumb as his protégé. He says that regardless of her ambitions, that she is still very much a neophyte in the business world. She realizes that and points out to Jack, just what is at stake for her by doing this. There could be a huge fallout with both Victoria and Victor. Jack goes to the phone and tries to get in touch with Katherine but finds out that she is out of town and can't be reached. He insinuates that Nikki told Katherine to leave town in the nick of time..

The Hospital::
Malcolm asks Dr. Walker if Dru would be the prime candidate for bone marrow. Walker agrees, but says it is still not a certainty that she would be a match. Malcolm asks about the donor Data Bank. Walker explains that with African Americans, it is hard to get people to sign up. Malcolm tells him that he will sign up immediately. Walker tells Malcolm that if Dru is not a match, they will have to go to the Data Bank and pray for a miracle..

Jill and Ashley try to explain that Jack would not be Brad's boss. They say that Brad would answer to the Board, on which they and John Abbott sit. They try to tell Brad that they and John would be his allies. They come on real strong, playing on his sympathies. Over at Jack's office, Jack tells Nikki that she has learned a lot from Victor. Nikki looks at him sweetly and tells him that learned just as much from HIM! She says that he and Victor are not all that different ... they both go after what they want and that's exactly what she is doing. She asks him if he is going to "play", or lose his father's company ... again!!

Neil's Office::
Neil asks Dru why she can't just come back. She says she won't limit her career to the USA, just as she wouldn't ask him to limit his to France. She tells him that she wants it all and he says that nobody can. She says that she can't give him what he wants. He says that the thing between them will never work out, no matter how much they want it to work..

The Williams' Place::
Chris is telling Paul what a wonderful job he did saving Victoria's life. She gives him a present ... it's a sexy picture of her for his desk at work. She says every detective should have a picture of an admiring blonde..

Crimson Lights::
Sharon wants to know why Nick didn't mention Warton to Paul. He says he didn't want to make a big deal out of it. They talk about the possibility of Warton causing problems in the future. Sharon suggests that Nick find him a better job somewhere far away and he might be grateful enough to leave them alone. Meanwhile, Warton is lurking outside watching them. He is talking to himself in true soap opera fashion, saying Nick and Sharon should enjoy themselves now, because soon they will be dancing to HIS tune..

Newman's Office::
Victor is having flash backs about the bad times with Jack and the good times with Ashley. Forsythe comes back in and Victor tells him that he has made his decision..

Neil's Office::
The two of them have come to an agreement that there is no use in trying to get back together. Dru says that she and Lily will be flying back to Paris in the morning. Neil leaves to go to have dinner with Lily at the Abbotts. After he leaves, his phone rings and Dru answers it. It's Malcolm telling her to come to the hospital..

Jack's Office::
Jack answers the telephone. It is Forsythe calling on the speakerphone from Victor's office. Forsythe tells Jack that he has signed the papers to extend the Jabot loan. Jack tells him that won't be necessary as they are going to pay off the loan. The money is being wired to their account today. Forsythe says that he doesn't understand and Jack says, "oh I think that you do", and hangs up. Victor looks like he just swallowed something vile and wants to know where Jack Abbott got $70,000,00.00 to pay off the loan ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

After Ashley assures Jack that she didn't leak any information to Victor, the siblings and Jill lament over the fact that they are now in a partnership with Nikki and Brad, Victor is left wondering how they came up with the $70 million needed to pay off the Jabot loan. Baffled at the recent events, Victor orders Forsythe to find out ASAP where they got the money and to report back to him first thing in the morning. In the meantime, Nikki and Brad head to Gina's to celebrate. As Brad voices his concern for Ashley and the fact that she wasn't acting like herself during their meeting, Nikki wonders how her family will react to her latest venture. Nikki then expresses her desire to be hands on in the company, but Brad advises her to back off a bit in the beginning. Later, Brad goes back to Jabot to see if Ashley is o.k. Ashley thanks Brad for his concern, but tells him that she would just like to be alone. Alone in the office, Ashley phones the penthouse. When Victor answers, she says nothing and hangs up. Over at the hospital, a panicked Dru arrives to see Olivia. Malcolm tells her everything he knows. When Dru chastises him for keeping her sister's illness from her, Malcolm assures her that he had no idea how serious her situation is. When Reese gives them an update, he explains that Olivia may need a bone marrow transplant and that Dru is the most likely match. Dru can't believe she wasn't told about everything sooner, but agrees to get tested immediately. When Neil arrives, Malcolm and Dru become enraged when they figure out that Neil has known everything all along. Dru can't believe her ex didn't fill her in. Neil tells her it's her own fault for taking off to Paris and choosing not to be a part of the family. Over at the Abbott's, Billy, Raul, Brittany and Mac wrap up their pool party. After everyone leaves, Brittany sneaks back to spend some time alone with Billy. Their romantic evening is ruined when they are caught by a furious Jill. Meanwhile, Mac returns home and fantasizes about Billy kissing her.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Abbott HOME
Ashley is sitting by the pool, after a morning swim, and is obviously thinking of Victor. Jack walks out. Ashley defends herself to Jack; attributing Victor's desire for revenge was against him, not her. She tells him that she and Victor never talked about business, therefore, she didn't make herself vulnerable to him in that aspect. Jack wants to know how involved she was with Victor anyway but she tells him that any questions about her and Victor personally are off limits. Nikki walks out to the pool and interrupts them. Ashley leaves to get dressed for work. Nikki wants to know why Ashley is in a bad mood. She feels that Ashley needs to accept her because she's going to be around a lot more now that she invested in Jabot. Jack tells her that the last thing on Ashley's mind is Nikki. However, he does warn her not to make Ashley angry, after all, SHE IS the President of Jabot and she is no match for Ashley in the boardroom. Nikki guesses correctly that Ashley's problem is with her new romance. Jack tells her she doesn't want to know and tells her to drop it. She does. She tells Jack that she will be late to the office this morning because she is going by the hospital to see Victoria because she may be released from the hospital today. She's worried that some people may think ill of her if she shows up for her first day of work late. Jack tells her not to worry and she leaves.

Victor and Neil are still discussing how Jabot was able to repay their debt and where the money came from. Neil receives a phone call and finds out that the money was wired from two separate banks in Genoa City. The banks knew how much trouble Jabot was in and wouldn't let them borrow the money. They wonder if the money came from private sources. They also wonder if somehow Jabot got wind of what was really going on. Victor orders Neil to find out where Jabot got the money. Victor leaves to see Victoria at the hospital.

Nick comes in and Victoria is very glad that he has arrived. She is going stir crazy in the hospital and is ready to leave pronto. She asks him to go search for her clothes and find out if her release papers have been signed. Nick leaves to check. He comes back with her clothes and leaves to let her change. Later Nikki and Victor arrive and Victor tells her that he has spoken with her doctor and her released papers have been signed. She's anxious to leave but they tell her she has to wait for the nurse with a wheelchair. She's against it but Nick reminds her that it is hospital policy. After the nurse arrives, they all leave.

At the ranch, Victoria is welcomed with open arms by Miguel. He offers to fix her breakfast and she happily accepts after eating hospital food. Seemingly in a good mood she tells him she will eat it in the kitchen so it will make her feel more at home. Victor and Nikki are not buying her happy routine and express concern over her instant recovery. Victoria insists that she's fine and tells her parents not to worry about her. Victor leaves for the office and Nikki goes into the kitchen to fix coffee. Victoria decides to take a walk but as she goes to the door she crumbles to the floor in tears after she has flashes of her relationship and captivity with Gary

Jack walks in on Ashley in his office. She has a worried look on her face and he wonders if it is more bad news. She tells him no. They discuss how Victor tried to ruin them. Ashley tells Jack that Victor is not the type of person to exact his revenge halfway. She wonders how Victor was able to get Forsythe in his pocket unless he actually owns Cheyenne Properties. Ashley tells Jack that they should investigate their other creditors to find out if Victor owns more of Jabot's debt.

Mac comes downstairs to the living room and looks at the picture of Billy sitting on the desk. She tells the picture that it doesn't mean anything that she had a fantasy about him. She leaves for school but when she opens the door, Brittany is standing there. She asks her what she's doing there but before she can answer Jill walks up and tells her that she invited her. Mac leaves. Jill and Brittany go into the living room. Jill and Brittany discuss her relationship with Billy. Brittany assures Jill that she really cares for Billy and doesn't want anything bad to happen to him. She regrets what has happened in the past and admits that she has changed. Jill is not so sure. Jill assumed she was a good kid based on the fact that she was from a good family. She tells Jill not to worry so much. She, Billy, Raul and Mac will all be going their separate ways when college starts. When that time comes, it won't be so important anymore, even though it is important now. Jill admits to Brittany that she has always agreed that parents should not interfere with their children's relationships but she wants some assurances from Brittany that she won't send Billy down the wrong path. She asks Brittany about Billy's drinking and Brittany tells her that she hasn't seen Billy take a drink since he ended up in the hospital. Jill tells Brittany that she will continue to support their relationship if she makes sure that Billy stays away from alcohol. Brittany assures her that she will.

At school, Mac tells Raul that Brittany showed up at the house when she was leaving. They wonder if Jill will forbid her from seeing Billy. They both agree (Mac reluctantly) to speak to Jill on Brittany's behalf.

Later, Raul and Billy discuss their relationships with Brittany and Mac. Raul asks Billy if he's having sex with Brittany. He admits that they haven't had much time together and reveals that his big talk about having all the action in New York was just talk. However, he jokingly admits that the girls do throw themselves at him. Billy wonders if he's getting to that point with Mac. Raul admits that he thinks about it but he would never push Mac to do something she wasn't ready for. Mac walks up as the bell rings and Raul tells them he'll see them both later. Billy comments about the time he spent alone with Brittany, which upsets Mac and she walks away.

Tomas stops by to fix breakfast for Phillip. He knows that Ryan leaving upset him and would like the chance to help him feel better. However, it is past 9:00a and Phillip has already left for school so he fixes breakfast for Nina instead. Afterwards, Tomas shows Nina the rest of the surprises he left in his sack. He tells Nina that he wants her to shave off his moustache. Nina puts the shaving cream on Tomas and begins to shave him. Things get a little hot when she decides to straddle him while shaving him.

Thursday, May 25, 2000

When Paul shows up at Crimson Lights, Sharon shares the news that she and Nick are quickly moving ahead with Cassie's adoption and invites him and Chris to a celebration party that evening. When Chris shows up, Nick and Sharon tell her the good news. Chris is thrilled that things are progressing so well, but tells them that she won't be able to serve as their lawyer in the adoption because of her recent career changes. Paul informs a stunned Nick and Sharon that Chris is now in a partnership with Michael Baldwin. Back at the ranch, Victoria continues to have flashbacks of Gary. When Nikki asks her if she is o.k., she says she'll be fine, but becomes angry when she finds out that Ryan has gone to Seattle. When Ryan calls, Victoria tells him she's doing great, but her ex sees right through her. When he questions her further about what's bothering her, Victoria breaks down and tells him that she feels stupid for trusting Gary and letting him get so close to her. Meanwhile, Nikki heads out to meet Brad. As the two share a kiss, Jill catches them and starts a fight with Nikki. Brad eventually gets involved and breaks the fight up. Over at the high school, Billy chases after Mac. When he finally catches up to her, she becomes upset and tells him that she doesn't think they should see each other anymore, even as friends. Billy tries to tell her it isn't possible, but is cut short when she runs away again. He eventually runs into Brittany and asks her what was said in her conversation with Jill. Brittany tells him that she assured his mother that he hasn't taken a drink since the night he ended up in the hospital. She tells him that she is in love with him and that she won't try to pressure him into drinking anymore. In the meantime, when Nina stops by the school to do something for Phillip, she runs into Mac and asks her what's wrong. When Mac confesses her attraction to Billy, Nina tells her she has to tell him how she feels. After Nina leaves, Billy pulls Mac into another room and tells her they need to have a long talk. Mac happily agrees.

Friday, May 26, 2000

Kay visits Victoria and tries to convince her to rest before returning to the office. Victor is furious when he finds out that Nikki left Victoria alone to go shopping. In the Jabot boardroom, Jack, Jill, Ashley, Brad and Nikki are trying to define their roles in the company. Nikki is insulted when Ashley states that she should be placed where she can get the best training. Later, Nikki is taking in the ambience of the boardroom when Victor calls, demanding to know where she is. Sharon and Nick are stunned that Chris is working with Michael Baldwin. Chris asks them to give him another chance. When Chris leaves, they approach Paul and ask how he can support what Chris is doing. Back at the office, Chris is upset that Michael made a pitch without talking to her first. Michael defends himself by saying many law firms are after the case. He feels justified when he receives a call telling him they have the case. Billy and Mac talk about their relationship. Billy decides that they will be best friends since he has Brittany and she has Raul. Nina asks Tomas if he read her manuscript while she was out.

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