The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 29, 2000 on Y&R

Mac confided in Brock that she had feelings for Billy. Ashley confronted Victor about his machinations against Jabot, and she broke off all ties with him. Olivia had papers drawn up to give Neil custody of Nate.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 29, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, May 29, 2000

The Abbott House:
Jack is talking to his father on the phone, assuring him that all is well on the home front. He starts to tell him about the fiasco with the loan, but chickens out. He hangs up and calls Josh to see how he is making out with digging up the dirt on how many loans that Victor has control of. He tells Josh to keep digging..

The Jabot Lab:
Ashley is looking through some papers and files. She comes across the press packet from when Victor was missing in the desert. She starts to recall when he came back and has a flash back of when she first saw him and about telling him that she was so concerned for him when he was missing. She comes back to the present and thinks that little did she know how close they would become..

The Abbott's:
Billy is sitting by the pool looking at a picture of Mac that he carries in his wallet. Raul arrives for a pool party that they are having in honor of Memorial Day. Raul asks if Mackenzie has arrived, but Billy says no. Raul thinks it's strange, because Mac is never late. They wonder what could be keeping her..

The Chancellor Estate:
Mac is at her dressing table wondering how she could possibly think that Billy could care for her. She takes a picture of him out of her purse and rips it up, telling herself that she's dumb. Downstairs, Brock and Katherine are talking about Phillip Chancellor. Every year on Memorial Day, Katherine visits his grave with flowers. Katherine continues to blame herself for Phillip's death..

The Abbott's:
Brittany arrives and drapes herself around Billy for a big kiss ... telling him that there is more where that came from. Raul goes to call Mac and Mac pretends that she is not feeling well and doesn't feel up to coming to the party. Raul asks if she wants him to come over there and she says no. He tells her to lie down for a while and he'll call her back. In the house, Jill has just arrived and sees Jack. He asks her if she's there to check out the teen scene. Jill immediately thinks the worst of Billy and asks if he's having a big party. Jack tells her that it's just the usual foursome. Jill asks Jack how his father reacted to the news of Jabot's new partners..

Jabot Lab:
Ashley is still thinking back over her relationship with Victor ... when Victor found out she was pregnant. There are more flash backs of their first passionate kiss. Back in the present, she cries that she wanted to believe that he loved her..

The Abbott's:
Jack snaps that he hasn't told John yet. Jill says she doesn't envy him that conversation, especially because it was all Jack's fault. Jack gets on the defensive and she says he should be thankful that at least he doesn't have to tell his father that he lost the company again..

The Chancellor's:
Brock tells Katherine that she shouldn't blame herself after so many years. He tells her that they have to live with the choices they made in the past. He tells her that he's been thinking about Mac and her mother and wonders what could have happened to create such discord between them. Katherine is sure that it has a great deal to do with Mac's stepfather. They both agree that there is something troubling Mac and that she won't open up to either of them. Upstairs, Mac is lying on her bed and Raul calls back to ask how she's feeling. He begs her to come over to the Abbotts and she says she will. Brock comes to her open door just as she is hanging up the phone. He asks her if she is not feeling well and says he wasn't eavesdropping, but he overheard the tail end of her call. She tells him about promising Raul that she would go over to the Abbott's. Brock says that he knows she is going through a difficult time and he thinks it involves Billy. She says not to worry about it. He tells her he is not worried about her because he knows she had a good head on her shoulders. She says she's not so sure about that ... that she's had some pretty crazy fantasies lately. He questions if they were about Billy. She says that there's no way Billy could care about someone like her. They talk some more about feelings and she tells him that it's so good to have someone to talk to and who will listen to her. She says, "thanks Dad". Brock is elated because that is the first time she called him that. They hug and she tells him that she's so confused and asks him to please help her..

The Abbott's:
Jack and Jill are still bickering about the problems at Jabot. Jack wants to know where she stands. He asks here if she has cast her lot with Bradley. She says she hasn't cast her lot with anyone, but they have made a deal with Brad and they can't back out of it. Jack knows that and says he has his legal team looking into the problems they might have by taking Brad back on board. She chides that he sounds totally paranoid and reminds him that Ashley and Victor are an item and that should keep Victor in line. Jack mutters that there is no one more vindictive than Victor Newman. He tells her that she has no idea what lengths Victor would go to, to bring him down..

The Lab:
Ashley continues to go down memory lane. This time it's about when Victor allowed her more time to come up with the money when they were buying Jabot. She also remembers that Jack warned her about Victor, but she wouldn't listen to him. She flashes back to the lunch that she had with Victor where she told him that the only people who will love you unconditionally are members of your family..

The Abbott's:
Brittany is prancing about in a bikini and hanging all over Billy. Mac arrives and makes a beeline past Billy to give Raul a kiss hello, while Billy watches in obvious envy..

The Chancellor's:
Jill comes home to find Esther with flowers ready for Katherine to take to Phillip's graveside. She and Katherine get into a war of words and Jill is her usual snide self ... blaming Phillip's death on Katherine..

The Abbott's:
Brittany comes over to Mac to say hi. Mac comments on her swim suit and Brittany tells her she should put her suite on too, because it is a sure way to a guy's heart. Mac looks at her like she's sick. Billy asks Brittany if she brought the sodas ... duh, she forgot. She says she will go and get them and she goes in Billy's pants pocket and gets his wallet. Billy grabs it away from her. She apologizes for invading his space and he tells her that a man's wallet is his castle. He gives her the money to get the sodas..

The Chancellor's:
The "girls" are still at it and finally Katherine tells Jill that the reality of the situation was that she was an alcoholic back then and she was intoxicated the night she picked Phillip up at the airport. She says that she has turned her life around. Jill snaps that Phillip is dead and there is no chance for him. Katherine tells Jill that she is pathetic for constantly reliving the past. They start shouting at each other and Brock comes in and breaks them up. He asks them if they think that Phillip would have wanted the two people he cared the most for to act like children. He asks if this is the way they choose to honor the man they both loved on Memorial Day..

The Lab:
Still remembering the good times with Victor, Ashley cries that she refuses to believe he was just taking advantage of her..

The Abbott's:
The kids are talking about plans for summer. Billy is not sure if he will be released from house arrest. Brittany insists they work on his parents because her dad just bought a new boat and she wants them all to come to their cabin and go water skiing. The burgers and dogs are ready and Raul and Brittany go in the house to wash up, leaving the "star-crossed" lovers alone. Billy gives Mac a burger and says he is glad she came over. She tells him she only came because of Raul and that she is sure that Billy would just as soon she wasn't there. She knows how in love with Brittany is ... she walks away just as Jack comes around the corner. Jack asks Billy for a hot dog. Brittany comes back and asks if Billy is going to give her a burger or is she just supposed to admire them from afar. Jack says his little brother is real good at admiring things from a distance, and walks over to another part of the pool area. Billy and Mac exchange looks while Jack watches them. Jack's cell phone rings and it's Josh. He talks for a minute and then goes into the house. A little later, the kids are through eating and Mac and Raul leave. Brittany goes in to get changed, while Billy sits and looks at the picture of Mac. He tells himself that he has to get rid of the picture before Brittany sees it -- but he puts it in his pocket..

At Phillip's graveside Katherine puts the flowers down. She remembers some good times with Phillip. Jill arrives to put her offering at the grave. Katherine says they will give her time to be alone, but Brock suggests that Jill might appreciate some company right now. Jill thanks Brock and says that she misses Phillip very much and that she takes comfort from his memory..

The Lab:
Ashley remembers when Diane Jenkins told her about overhearing Neil and Victor saying they were going to bring Jabot to its knees. She remembers telling Diane that she didn't believe a word she said, until Diane mentioned the name Forsythe. Just then Jack comes into the lab and tells Ashley that he has bad news. He tells her that all of their loans have been bought by some one ... there is no hard evidence that it is Victor, but he has no doubt that it is ... and the credits roll.

Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Still furious that she has left Victoria alone at the house, Victor tracks down Nikki and orders her home immediately. When she arrives, Victor and Kay tell her that Victoria is upstairs getting dressed to go to work. All three agree that she shouldn't go back yet, not when the memory of Gary and what happened is still so fresh in her mind. Victor leaves the room and Nikki tells Kay that she was at Jabot and that she and Brad are both on the Board now. When a shocked Kay leaves, Victor comes back in and the two confront their daughter together. Victor tells Victoria about his conversation with Ryan and that he agrees with his ex-son-in-law that she needs some help. Victoria tries to convince her parents that she will be fine, but eventually gives in and agrees to go away to a spa for a while to recuperate. A relieved Victor and Nikki say goodbye to Victoria. After she is gone, Nikki begins to tell Victor about her latest business venture, but is cut short when he abruptly leaves. In the meantime, over at Jabot, Jack confirms for Ashley that it was Victor who bought their loans. He tries to calm his sister down by assuring her that there is nothing Victor can do to hurt them as long as they make their loan payments on time. When Ashley finds out that Victor began to make his purchases of Jabot's loans around the time that they began dating again, she heads over to Newman to confront him. Elsewhere, Nick and Sharon discuss Christine's new working arrangement and whether or not she should handle Cassie's adoption. Nick thinks that they can't turn their backs on their friend, but Sharon feels differently. She assures her husband that she doesn't want to lose Chris as a friend and she believes that she has the best intentions when it comes to them and Cassie. She does, however, remind him of how close they came to losing Cassie because of Michael Baldwin and that if there is even the slightest chance that he could become involved again, they should think twice. Nick gives in and agrees that it's not worth the risk of losing their daughter. When Christine shows up, she is disappointed to learn that Nick and Sharon have decided to hire John Silva as their lawyer in the adoption. As Neil and Malcolm make amends after arguing over the fact that Neil didn't tell his brother about Olivia's condition, Dru visits her sister in the hospital and assures her that nothing is more important than her health...not even her modeling career. When Reese comes in with Olivia's latest test results, Dru becomes aware of how important she is in the scenario. Now that Olivia definitely needs the bone marrow transplant, it will be vital that Dru is a match. Later, Neil visits Olivia and is shocked when she makes a startling request. As Malcolm listens from outside the room, Olivia tells Neil that she is changing her Will and naming him as Nate's legal guardian if she should pass away...not Malcolm!

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

After Victor feigns ignorance to Ashley's accusations, she blasts him for conspiring to destroy Jabot while wooing her. She tells him that he has been conspiring for months to bring down Jabot by not only buying the balloon payment but by also buying up all of Jabot's other loans. Victor wants to know how she found out but she tells him it doesn't matter. She tells him that she is no longer blinded by her feelings for him and sees him for the manipulative, ruthless man he really is. He reaches out to her but she tells him not to touch her. She tells him that she never wants anything to do with him again. She leaves his office clutching her stomach in tears. After Ashley leaves, Victor blames his troubles on Jack.

Jack comes into Gina's and bumps into Atlanta Braves baseball player Brian Jordan. Jack tells him that he's a big fan and offers to buy him a drink. Brian declines because he was on his way out the door. Gina stops Jack and asks him whom he was talking to? He looked familiar. He tells her who he was and jokingly asks her what kind of baseball fan she is. She tells him he looks a bit weary and he tells her that she's looking at a man who just dodged a fatal bullet. Diane is also sitting in the restaurant and asks Jack to sit with her and tells him that she overheard his conversation with Gina. She asks him what fatal bullet he dodged but he puts her off. She goes on to guess that he discovered Victor's plan to take over Jabot and paid off the balloon payment in time. He's surprised to say the least and wants to know how she knew. She's surprised that Ashley didn't tell him that she was "deep throat," the source of the information. She tells Jack that he should thank her for helping Jabot and for getting Ashley out of Victor's clutches. Jack guesses correctly that she didn't do it out of the goodness of her heart, she did it because she wanted to torpedo Ashley's relationship with Victor.

Chris tries to alleviate Sharon's concerns about her handling Cassie's petition for adoption but Sharon tells her she doesn't think she should handle Cassie's adoption because she sees her in a different light due to her partnership with Michael Baldwin. Chris tries to tell her that Cassie probably won't even have to see Michael Baldwin but in case she does, it can show Cassie an example of how people can change. Sharon can't believe that Chris actually believes that Michael has changed but Chris tells her that if she of all people can believe that Michael has changed then Sharon should trust her. Sharon tells her that she may be able to believe that Michael Baldwin has changed but she will never forget that Michael tried to take her child away from her. When Sharon finally confesses that she doesn't trust her anymore because of her partnership with Michael, Chris angrily walks out.

Meanwhile, Mary bustles into Paul's office very proud of her son and the fact that he rescued Victoria from her kidnapper and got his photo in the paper. She asks him if it will be okay if she sends a copy to his father. He tells her it's okay. She notices that Paul is troubled and asks what's wrong. He confides in Mary and Lynn about Cassie's adoption and that Sharon and Nick are not comfortable with Chris handling the adoption because of her partnership with Michael. Mary tells him that Chris should have realized it would happen sooner or later. Paul tells her that she did but it doesn't mean that it hurts any less. Mary reminds Paul that he should support Chris and not tell her I told you so.

Michael's secretary, Chantal, reminds him to call Alice Johnson. He is hesitant but tells her to get Alice on the phone. Nick barges into Michael's office ordering him not to call Alice and to stay away from his daughter. Nick states that Chris will not be handling Cassie's final adoption so there is no need for Michael to call Alice. Michael can't believe that Nick and Sharon fired Chris because of him. When Michael finally does speak to Alice, he holds back the real reason why he called her saying he only wanted to check on her and see how she was doing. After she hangs up with Michael she begins to think of Cassie and wonder if Cassie ever thinks of her or misses her.

Later, Chris complains to Paul that she won't be working on Cassie's case any longer and that Nick and Sharon no longer trust her. He urges her to realize that not everyone is going to agree with her decision about Michael. He tells her not to beat herself up about it and urges her to move on.

At the hospital, Malcolm overhears Olivia asking Neil to be Nate's guardian should anything happen to her. He leaves before he can hear Neil's response. Neil tries to get her to see reason; that it should be Malcolm and not him but Olivia does not trust Malcolm to keep her son safe. She tells him that she is going to change her will to reflect that she wants him to be Nate's guardian. Obviously thinking of Malcolm, Neil explains to Olivia that he'll have to think about it and he can't give her an answer right now.

After feeding the kids dinner and letting them play awhile, Dru sends them off to put on their pajamas and brush their teeth. She stops Lily and asks her if Nate has said anything to her about his mom. Lily tells her that the only thing Nate has said is that his mom is in the hospital. Dru tells Lily that she wants her to really be there for Nate because he enjoys having his cousin around. She tells Lily that she will be staying at Olivia's house. Lily asks her if she doesn't want to be with her and her daddy anymore but Dru assures her that she has to stay at Olivia's because she has to make sure that she stays well and doesn't get sick because she's going to help Olivia get well again. Lily accepts this; they hug and she goes off to bed.

Later Mal stops by and tells her that he can't believe everything that has happened lately. Dru tells him that she can't either. She can't believe that Neil and Olivia kept her illness from them. She tells him that she was all ready to go over and confront Olivia about it but she realized that the important thing is for Olivia to get some rest and to get better. They should both just let it go and be there to support Olivia. They both agree that despite their frustration with the secrecy, they will be there for Olivia.

Malcolm goes in to see Nate before he goes to sleep and tenderly tells him that he will always be there for him.

Thursday, June 1, 2000

Nick and Sharon stop by the main house at the ranch to say hello to Nikki and Victoria. When they arrive, Nikki informs them that Victoria has gone away to a spa to get over her ordeal with Gary. Sharon notes that Nikki looks different and that her new business attire is very flattering. The couple then tells a delighted Nikki that Cassie's adoption should be finalized by mid-month and that John Silva is handling the case instead of Christine. When Sharon asks her mother-in-law if she can count on her to help out with plans for a celebration party, Nikki tells her that she can't make any commitments. When a curious Nick and Sharon push, Nikki is forced to admit that she has taken on a new job, but reveals only that it is in the fashion industry, not that it is with Jabot. After she leaves, Nick tells Sharon that he thinks it's great that his mom is making a new, independent, life for herself. In the meantime, Victor shares breakfast with Diane as the two discuss the fact that it is her last day living at the penthouse. When Diane tells him that she hasn't found a house yet, but will get a hotel suite for now, Victor offers to pay for it. Diane refuses and Victor leaves. As she packs things up with Marissa, she starts to have stomach pains. At the same time, Victor heads to the office and receives a surprise visit from Nikki who says she has something to tell him and that he won't be very happy about it. Over at Crimson Lights, Nina asks Mac what happened with Billy. Mac tells her friend that she never told him how she really feels. When Nina asks why, Mac explains that Billy doesn't have any feelings left for her and that he is really falling for Brittany. Meanwhile, Brittany pays Jill a visit and tells her that since she is a shoe-in for Prom Queen, she thinks Billy would have a great shot at being named King...that is, if he can go. Jill tells a delighted Brittany that she and John have decided to lift Billy's punishment for one night and let him go to the Prom. Over at the hospital, Olivia tells Dru that she has asked Neil to be Nate's legal guardian if she should die. A shocked and hurt Dru chooses to hide her feeling for the sake of her ailing sister and leaves. Later, as Michael begins to draw up the initial papers to have Olivia's Will changed, Malcolm confronts Neil about his ex-wife's request. Malcolm can't believe it when Neil tells him that he didn't turn Olivia down. Neil explains that he has full faith that Olivia will be o.k. and that it won't even be an issue. He also says that if Olivia doesn't make it and he were to gain custody of Nate, he would never shut Malcolm out...he would give him his son. A skeptical Malcolm isn't ready to give up the fight.

Friday, June 2, 2000

Nikki explains to Victor that she is doing design work at Jabot. He accuses Jack of using her and suggests she has better things to do with her time, like taking a long cruise. Nikki hands him her business card and leaves. Ashley realizes that Jill is on to her pregnancy and decides to make a formal announcement at a board meeting. Jill can tell that Brad and Jack already knew her news. Jill feels the company needs a GLOW girl just as Victoria was for BRASH & SASSY. She knows the perfect person... Brittany. Later, Brad asks Ashley to be honest with him about her relationship with Victor. Mac and Brittany have a talk at the Coffeehouse. Mac hopes they can be friends. Raul and Billy are shocked to see Mac and Brittany arrive at school together. J.T. hears Rianna talk about Brittany becoming prom queen, but J.T. doesn't want her to win because he thinks she hangs out with losers now. Neil must make a decision about Olivia's proposal to become Nate's legal guardian. After he hears Dr. Walker tell Olivia what she will be going through with the chemotherapy, he agrees to watch over Nate. Malcolm is still angry with both Olivia and Neil, but Dru believes he must let Olivia handle it herself.

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