The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on Y&R

Diane revealed her pregnancy to Victor. Dru was a close match for Olivia's bone marrow transplant. Katherine called Lauren to fly in for Mac's prom gown fitting. Nikki found out that Ashley was the other woman in Victor's life.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, June 5, 2000

Jabot Boardroom:
Brad is asking Ashley if the breakup with Victor is connected to the loan payment. She tells him about Victor acquiring all of the Jabot debt. She tells him that Jack thinks that Victor was just using her that she's not sure of that. She breaks down in tears and Brad puts his arms around her to comfort her ... while Nikki appears in the doorway ... if looks could kill!

Victor's Office:
Neil explains his absence from the office and Victor is very concerned for Olivia. Neil tells Vic that he has had a hard time tracking down any information on who put up the money for the Jabot loan payment..

Jack's Office:
Michael Baldwin has been summoned by Jack. They trade niceties and then Michael tells Jack to cut to the chase and tell him why he's there..

Walnut Grove Academy:
Billy sees Mac and asks her if they are still on for the tutoring class at the Shelter the next day. Raul overhears and asks if Billy is falling behind in his grades. Billy tells him that he and Mac have been working together at the Shelter. Raul is a little disappointed that Mac didn't mention this to him before..

The Photo Studio:
Dru is telling Malcolm that Olivia has to come first right now and that they have to hold their own feelings in check and not upset her in any way. A male model comes in for a shoot. Then Malcolm gets a call from the female model that was supposed to do the shoot ... she says she is sick. Drucilla Winters, fashion model extraordinaire, comes to the rescue and does the shoot..

Nikki, obviously miffed by what she just saw, walks in after the clinch between Brad and Ashley is over. Ashley says it's about time she got there (she was supposed to have been there earlier for the Board Meeting). Olivia calls to ask Ashley to come to see her at the hospital. Ashley hasn't heard about Olivia and yet and is concerned by the sound of her voice ... she says she will be right there, and leaves..

Victor's Office:
Neil has found out that the money came from an account at the Genoa City Federal Bank, but he can't find out whose name the account is in. Victor tells Neil that the Jabot group knows that he holds the rest of their debt. Neil says that if they know already, why doesn't Victor demand to know who bailed them out. Victor doesn't want to get too heavy-handed at the moment (considering how upset Ashley was at him.))

The School:
Billy and Mac tell Raul about how they started to tutor at the Shelter and say that it's no big deal. Raul looks like he's not too pleased to be kept in the dark. Brittany comes up, wondering when they should drop over at Billy's that night. They decide that 7 o'clock would be a good time. Billy's cell phone rings and it is his mother looking for Brittany. She asks Billy to tell Brittany that she wants to see her at her office as soon as possible. Brittany wonders what she has done now ... and the two of them take off to see Jill..

Brad tells Nikki about Jill's proposal of following the life of a teenage girl (who uses Glow by Jabot) up to and including when she gets crowned Queen of the Prom. Nikki is sitting there obviously thinking of other things. Brad asks her if she heard what he said. She says she heard every word, but wants to know what was going on with him and Ashley..

The Hospital:
Ashley comes to see Olivia who tells her all about the disease that she has. Ashley asks her how she is feeling and Olivia tells her that she feels better now that she is there with her..

The Studio:
The photo shoot is in full swing and we see many different poses. Finally they wrap it up and Dru tells Malcolm that he is much more relaxed behind the camera these days..

Jill's Office:
Billy and Brittany come in. Jill tells Brittany all about the campaign and asks her to be the spokesgirl. Brittany is overjoyed at the prospect and hugs Jill. Jill tells her that it is not a done deal yet because it has to be approved by the Board. She tells Brittany to be discreet about it. Brittany promises that she will, and then Billy asks her to wait outside because he wants to talk to his mom. He asks Jill about easing off with his "house arrest" and she promises to talk to his dad about it..

Jack's Office:
Jack gives Michael a dollar as a retainer so that their conversation is privileged. He tells Michael about Brad being a partner in Jabot. He mentions the "non-compete" clause in Brad's severance agreement from Newman and says that they have to keep Brad's involvement with Jabot under wraps as long as they can. Michael asks where he fits into the picture and Jack says he wants him to help them avoid a lawsuit..

The Hospital:
Olivia explains to Ashley what is involved with getting a bone marrow transplant. She will get chemo to kill off her bone marrow and then get Dru's marrow and hope that it "takes.".

Crimson Lights:
Raul is being pouty about Mac and Billy working together and not saying anything about it to him. Mac says it wasn't worth mentioning. She tells him to stop talking about it ... that there is something better to do ... and she leans over and kisses him..

The Hospital:
Ashley and Olivia are going down memory lane about when they went to college together. They remember talking about their futures and they agree that their dreams have come true..

Brad tells Nikki that he was just consoling Ashley and Nikki wants to know why. He tells her that they learned today that Ashley is pregnant. Nikki is flabbergasted and wants to know who the father is and how far along she is. Brad tells her that Ashley is in her second trimester, but that Nikki should not get involved in a whole lot of office gossip. He changes the subject and asks her where she was earlier when she was supposed to be at the Board Meeting. She tells him that she went to see Victor and Brad demands to know what she told him..

The Studio:
Malcolm and Dru are looking over the proofs of the shoot. Malcolm looks at Dru and tells her that his brother was a fool to let her go. He starts to lean forward and they almost kiss, when Dru backs away and says she has to get changed..

Crimson Lights:
Brittany sure knows how to be discreet! She blabs the news to Raul and Mac and then to Rianna. Then Rianna tells J.T.

The Hospital:
Ashley tells Olivia about what has been going on at Jabot. Then she says she had better go because Olivia needs her rest. She leaves the room and breaks into tears out in the hall..

Jack's Office:
Jack asks Michael to be an "objective" mediator between him and Brad. Of course Jack will pay Michael handsomely for him to "mediate" in Jack's favor..

Victor's Office:
Victor says that they have to find out who loaned Jabot the money. After discussing it for a while longer, Victor wonders if maybe somebody invested the money in Jabot instead of loaning the money. Neil can't think of any individual in town with that kind of money. Victor thinks he may know of someone. He buzzes Connie and tells her to call Brad and "tell" him to come over right away..

Nikki calms Brad down by telling him that she didn't tell Victor about them investing in Jabot. Brad's phone rings and it is Connie. Contrary to Victor's instructions, she politely requests that Brad come to Newman Enterprises at Victor's request. Brad tells her that he will have to get back to her. He tells Nikki about it and wonders if he should go ... and if he does go, will he be playing right into Victor's hands? ... and the credits roll.

Tuesday, June 6, 2000

Nikki warns Brad not to go to see Victor. She is sure Victor will know if he is lying, but Brad disagrees. Brad tells Victor that he knows about the Jabot situation through Ashley and how betrayed she feels. He assures him that even if he did have information about what was going on he wouldn't tell him. Victor is sure that Brad knows more than he is letting on. When John arrives home from his trip and wants to know about the business, Jack reveals that Brad and Nikki are the new investors in Jabot. Chris doesn't think that Michael did the right thing by siding with Jack; he needs to be objective if he is going to mediate between Jack, Brad and Victor. Mac is feeling the strain of working with Billy and asks Brock to help change her schedule at the shelter. Billy is looking at a picture of Mac while saying good night to Brittany over the phone. Victor arrives home and is surprised to see that Diane is still there. She starts lifting a heavy bag when Marissa stops her. Victor asks what's going on and Diane reveals that she is pregnant.

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

John complains to Jack and Ashley about their decision to bring Brad and Nikki into Jabot. They both state that they had no choice. They tell him Jabot had nowhere else to go to borrow the money. They had to go to private donors and both Brad and Nikki wanted in. He wonders if it was a loan. They tell him it was an investment and they both want to be on the board. Jack explains that they're lucky Brad and Nikki put up the money or else Victor would have stolen the company from them again. John wonders how Brad and Jack will work together but Jack assures him that he will do what is best for Jabot. He also mentions that Brad had a non-compete clause in his contract with Victor and legally can't accept a job with Jabot but they are trying to keep his involvement with Jabot under wraps until they can figure out what to do. He is working on it with an attorney. John reminds Jack that Jabot does not have the cash flow to get involved in a big legal battle with Victor. After John goes to bed, Jack tells Ashley that they shouldn't tell John that Victor has bought all their other loans also. Jack presses Ashley about the status of her relationship with Victor and tries to comfort her but she turns away.

Brad tells Nikki about his meeting with Victor. Brad knows that Victor is on a fishing expedition and won't rest until he finds out who gave Jabot the money to pay of the balloon payment. They also discuss his non-compete clause with Victor and his problems with Jack. He knows that they will need an arbitrator. As they are talking, Brad spots Michael and decides to speak to him. He goes to Michael and tells him he heard about his new law firm and how happy he is for him. He tells Michael that he may need some legal help from him trying to lay the groundwork for his dealings with Jack and his impending lawsuit from Victor. Before he can tell Michael about his idea, he is interrupted by a call on his cell phone.

Dru and Malcolm are in Olivia's apartment after she has put the kids down for bed. Malcolm reminds Dru that she is not supposed to be around children. Dru tells him not to worry. Neil stops by to tell Dru that she is a match with Olivia, which enables her to donate bone marrow to Olivia. They both notice that Neil is not very enthusiastic about it and wonder what is wrong. He tells them that Dru is not an exact match but close enough to be a donor. Neil also tells them that Olivia will have to undergo chemotherapy before the transplant. After Neil leaves, Dru worries that she will not be able to help her sister.

At the hospital, Olivia begins to break down when Dr. Walker confirms that she must have a bone marrow transplant. When Neil arrives back at the hospital, Olivia tells him that she wants to see Nate, fearing that it will be the last time she will see her son.

Trying to get Chris' thoughts off Cassie's adoption, Paul organizes an evening out on the town for the both of them, Nina and Tomas. Nina and Paul arrive first and Paul confides in Nina about Chris' problems with Nick and Sharon over Cassie's adoption. Chris and Tomas arrive and they enjoy a wonderful dinner. After Gina serves paella, Tomas offers Gina a cooking tip for the authentic Spanish entrée. Nina and Chris discuss her partnership with Michael and Ryan's nightly phone calls to Phillip.

Victor arrives at the penthouse wondering why Diane is still there. She was supposed to be gone before he got there. She tells him that she is almost finished and should be gone within the hour. She goes to pick up a box but before she can, Marissa walks in and yells at Diane not to pick it up because it is too heavy. Victor wants to know what is wrong and she blurts out that she's pregnant but she didn't want him to find out this way. She becomes very emotional and tells Marissa she will meet her back at the hotel. Seeing her distress, Victor tells Diane that she can stay another night at the penthouse. After she goes to bed, Victor wonders who the father of her baby is.

Later Victor calls Ashley begging her not to hang up. He pleads with her to meet with him to discuss what has happened between them. She tells him that he has deliberately hurt her family and hangs up on him.

Thursday, June 8, 2000

Jack, Ashley and Billy head for the Coffeehouse to find out if the kids are actually going to vote for Brittany. Jill's idea of a prom queen for the GLOW GIRL might be just what they need to promote the product. Jack asks Mac's opinion of the idea and she thinks it's very cool. Later, Mac and Kay discuss her dress for the prom. Kay thinks she can have one delivered from Lauren Fenmore out on the coast. Victor asks Diane who the father is, but she doesn't want to discuss it. Victor informs her that his plans have changed and she can stay at the apartment until the escrow closes on her new place. Diane is thrilled, believing all along that this baby would keep her in Victor's life. Back at the office, Neil informs Victor that part of the Jabot loan came from Brad's account. Malcolm worries that Olivia is sicker than she is letting on because she has suddenly decided to let Nate visit her. Olivia is thrilled to see Nate and knows she must get well to be there for him as he grows up. Nina tells Ryan how disappointed Phillip is that Ryan didn't call. She wants to know if Phillip can visit him in Seattle next weekend. When Ryan insists the timing isn't right, Nina asks what's going on.

Friday, June 9, 2000

Brad thinks the prom queen ad campaign might work, but is angry with Jack for keeping him out of the loop. Jack insists they can't do anything to make Victor suspicious. Neil doesn't understand what Victor is going to do with the information regarding Brad's loan to Jabot. Victor insists he wants to use it to his advantage and goes to see Ashley. Victor lets her know that he is aware that Brad is breaking his contract with Newman Enterprises by working for the competition. However, he promises he won't move forward with legal action because it would put a financial strain on Jabot. Ashley is stunned and kisses him. J.T. is upset because Brittany is excited about being crowned prom queen and possibly GLOW GIRL. He decides to do something to change her mood. Amberly and Pam agree that Brittany is full of herself. They wish that someone sweet like Mac would win. Michael tells Chris that Nick and Sharon made a big mistake by not letting her handle Cassie's adoption. He feels bad about the whole situation. Nick tells Sharon that when the adoption is over, maybe they can become friends with Chris again. Sharon isn't sure she can ever trust Chris' judgment again. Nina agrees to go sailing with Tomas as long as she is home before Phillip gets back.

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