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Nick's old enemy, Matt Clark, returned and worked with Larry to get revenge on Nick. Olivia questioned where her relationship with Neil might lead. Ryan told Victoria that Tricia had left him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, June 12, 2000

Jack Abbott's Office:
Jack and Brad are giving each other the silent treatment when Jill walks in and asks if somebody died. Jacks asks her what she wants. She says she wants to discuss her idea for Glo by Jabot. Both Jack and Brad agree to the idea. Jill says they should all meet in the Boardroom so she can get feedback from everyone else, but Jack insists that he and Brad are fine with it and there is no need for a meeting. Jill is spooked by the sudden "harmony" between Jack and Brad. Jack ignores her remark and asks if she has Brittany all ready for the campaign. She says it's all under control. Jack tries to get rid of her by telling her that he and Brad are in a meeting. She wants to know who is going to referee. Just then Michael Baldwin appears at the door.

Walnut Grove School:
Raul asks Billy what is happening with the ad campaign. Billy is surprised that Raul is so interested in it. Raul says he's only interested if Mac is a part of the whole thing. Billy says he should ask Mac if she wants to be a part of it. Raul isn't sure if Mac would go for the idea of a group of kids living in a house with cameras in their faces all the time. He says it's not Mac's thing. The scene changes to where Mac, Brittany, Rianna and a couple of other girls are. Brittany is pretty sure that the campaign is going to happen and she's planning a trip to New York to check the boutiques for prom dresses. Rianna says that Jabot should be providing the dress, but Brittany doesn't want to wait.

Nick and Sharon's:
They are trying to pick a date for Cassie's adoption party. Sharon asks if his parents know about the new coffeehouse that is set to open in July. Nick says that he hasn't found the right time to tell them yet. He says that his dad is working on some secret project and is keeping him out of it. Nick is beyond being ticked off.

Jabot Lab:
Ashley and Victor are in an embrace. They are telling each other how much they love each other. Ashley says that their affair should be over and Victor tells her it will never be over. Ashley pulls away saying there are issues that aren't going to go away, just because they say they love each other.

Baldwin Williams Law Offices:
Paul arrives to see Chris with the idea of taking her to lunch. However, Chris has already ordered lunch sent in and asks him to join her. The deliveryman comes in and sets the lunch out on the table -- a very elegant lunch indeed.

Jack's Office:
Jill is quite amused at seeing Michael there. Jack tells her to leave. Michael closes the door behind her and innocently asks the two of them what they wanted to see him about. Jack plays the game and "brings him up to speed" by telling him the story all over again. Jack says that they called him in for legal advice. Michael indicates that it is a complicated situation. Brad asks if Michael would like to take a few days to think about it, but Jack presses Michael to take a stab at it right now.

Jabot Boardroom:
John Abbott is in deep thought when Jill comes in saying they need to talk. They talk about their new investors and Jill says that they had no choice but to take Brad and Nikki's offer. John says that it's easy for Jill to say, considering that she came into the company as an outsider herself. Jill starts to retort, but just then Nikki sashays into the room. John thanks Nikki for her part in the rescue of Jabot. But he tells her that a seat for her on the Board does not seem appropriate. Nikki asks why and John explains that if she were on the Board, she would be privy to a great deal of confidential matters. She tells him that she would never divulge anything about Jabot to Victor. She tells him that when she made the offer to invest in the company she was offered a seat on the Board. She says that at the time, she didn't think that she needed it, but now she does. Jill tells them that Jack and Brad are discussing Brad's position right now in Jack's office and maybe they should call the paramedics -- LOL. She tells John that there is another matter she needs to talk with them about.

Nick & Sharon's:
Cassie comes home from school and asks when the adoption will be final. Sharon says it will be official by the middle of the week. Cassie jumps for joy. She asks when they can have the party and Nick says this Thursday. Cassie gives him a big kiss.

Walnut Grove:
The girls are telling Brittany how hot the dresses are that Mac is looking at. Brittany asks Mac to show her the pictures and she gulps when she sees them. She sweetly says that they are nice, but Mac won't be able to find either of them in Genoa City. Rianna tells Brittany that Mac's grandmother knows Lauren Fenmore and will have the dresses flown in. Three of the girls leave for class, leaving Brittany and Mac alone. Brittany tells Mac it's cool that her grandmother knows Lauren Fenmore. Mac asks Brittany which dress she likes best. Brittany tells her that either one would do. Mac thanks her for looking at them and says she has to get to class. Billy and Raul are at the doorway and Raul says he'll walk Mac to class. Billy tells Brittany that he thinks the dresses are great. Brittany ho-hums them and Billy asks if she's jealous. Brittany says no way, she and Mac are totally different types -- and besides, the dress she'll get in New York will blow everybody away!!

Jill tells John and Nikki about the campaign and says everyone agrees to it so far. Nikki agrees but John thinks that the cost would be too great to follow the kids around all summer with a camera crew. Nikki says that she would like to be involved with it. Jill is not too thrilled with the idea, but agrees and then leaves the room. Nikki tells John that she is going on a tour of the building and leaves. John goes back into his deep thought.

Jack's Office:
Michael gives them his opinion on what could happen if Victor sues. They ask him what the solution is. He says that he is there in an advisory capacity only and that he doesn't want anything he says to be construed as legal advice. He says that he is only telling them what he would do if it were his company. He says that Victor is a treacherous adversary and he wouldn't thumb his nose at him by giving Brad a seat on the Board. Brad wants to know what he is supposed to do then. Michael suggests that Jabot's Men's Line doesn't directly compete with Brash & Sassy and that Brad should head that department. Brad is a little miffed at the fact that he is ruling out a seat on the Board. Michael suggests using someone as a proxy so Brad's voice would still be heard on the Board.

The Lab:
Victor tells Ashley that there are no longer any issues between them and that what she fears from him won't happen. He says he won't fight them in court because of Brad. He tells her that their relationship has changed him. She wants his promise in writing. He wonders if she doesn't trust him and she says that after all that's happened, she can't trust him. He says it doesn't have to be that way. She says she wishes that were true. He shakes his head and walks out. Nikki is just coming around a corner in the hallway when Victor leaves and she sees him. The wheels are turning in her mind.

Nick and Sharon's:
Cassie is calling all of her friends to come to her party. She gets off the phone and asks Sharon if she can call Paul and Christine. Nick and Sharon get funny looks on their faces. Cassie wonders why Mr. Silva is her lawyer and not Christine. Then she answers her own question by saying that Christine is too busy with her clients at Legal Aide. She asks Nick for the phone number and he says he'll get it if she gets him some more juice. Then he calls 411.

Christine's Office:
She and Paul are discussing Nina's romance with Tomas. The phone rings and it's Cassie inviting them to her party. Chris asks to speak to Sharon to find out if they really want her to attend. Sharon says of course and Chris says that the will be there.

Walnut Grove:
Raul asks Mac if she wants to be involved with summer campaign for Jabot. She says ok if her dad and grandma agree. He's happy and he hugs her, but she looks like she's not too sure about the whole thing.

Nick & Sharon's:
Cassie asks if she can invite Alice and Millie to the party. Sharon obviously doesn't want her to but says that she can. Cassie calls and talks to Alice. Alice is visibly upset about the adoption becoming final, but says that she and Millie will come to the party.

Victor's Office:
Victor is staring out the window when Neil comes in and tells him that he still hasn't found out who the second investor in Jabot is. Neil asks what has happened since they found out about Brad. He asks Victor if he has talked to Ashley. Victor tells him that he has spoken to her. He says that he knew Ashley would be hurt by all of this and that just before Jabot paid off the loan, he had instructed Forsythe to refinance the loan. Neil asks if he told that to Ashley and Victor says he didn't because it would have sounded like a lie, after the fact. Neil is very surprised at Victor for letting Jack Abbott off the hook.

The Lab:
Nikki walks into the lab and Ashley asks her what she's doing there. Nikki asks Ashley what Victor was doing there and Ashley tells her that it's none of her business. Nikki says that she has a right to know why their main rival was there consorting with the President. Ashley tells her to leave. Nikki says that it's amusing that she was just accused of being a security risk by John. She says she should have reminded John that she's not the only one with a past connection to Victor. She asks if Ashley's connection is current. Ashley slams her book on the counter and tells her to shut up.

Nick & Sharon's:
Cassie tells Sharon that Alice and Millie are coming to the party. Then she goes to her room to work on party plans. Nick tells Sharon not to worry about the adoption. Sharon wonders if there might be something that Alice could do to stop the adoption.

Millie is excited that she will see Cassie again. Alice is wondering if Michael Baldwin's call had anything to do with the adoption. She reminisces about when she had Cassie. She says she wants that feeling again some day. Will she make trouble for the Newmans yet?

Christine's Office:
Chris isn't really sure if Sharon wants them to come to the party. Paul says her feelings of doubt will pass. Chris says that it's Nick and Sharon's problem, not hers.

Walnut Grove:
Billy is on the phone with his mom. He tells the group that the part of the campaign about following the kids around is out because it would be too expensive, but the prom queen angle is still ok. Raul says he has an idea how they can make it all work out.

Victor's Office:
Victor explains to Neil that he would love to see Jack Abbott destroyed, but he is Ashley's brother. Victor tells Neil that he is in love with Ashley and to spare her, he will spare Jack. Neil brings up the non-compete clause in Brad's contract. Victor says that he's not going to do anything about that for now.

Jack's Office:
Michael says that he gets the impression that Jack is not happy with him. Brad wants to know what he means. Michael says it's time they lay their cards on the table. Jack tries to shut him up, but Brad wants to hear what he has to say. Michael tells Brad about Jack's offer and then he tells Jack about Brad's offer. Both Brad and Jack start calling each other names. Michael quickly tells them to calm down because they have both crossed the line. He then says he wants to leave them with a little legal advice. He says they should find a way to co-operate with each other. They will need all their energy the day that Victor comes for them ... and it is a certainty that he will, some day soon. He tells them that their solidarity will be their best defense. He bids them a good afternoon and wishes them both good luck.

The Lab:
Nikki suddenly realizes that Ashley is personally involved with Victor. She accuses Ashley of sneaking around behind her back with Victor when he and Nikki were still together. Ashley denies it, saying that Nikki is going too far with this. Nikki claims that Ashley has already gone too far. The two women stand nose to nose, glaring at each other ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

As Nick discovers that his mother is working for Jabot, Nikki and Ashley continue to argue about Ashley's relationship with Victor. Nikki lashes out and accuses Ashley of sleeping with the enemy. The two begin a "who knows Victor better" argument that turns even more bitter when Nikki makes a comment about Ashley getting "knocked up" by a complete stranger on a cruise. An enraged Ashley slaps Nikki and the two get physical. Eventually, Ashley, shocked at her own behavior, steps away. When Brad comes in, he starts in on Nikki and warns her to mind her own business, especially when it comes to Ashley's private life. After Nikki leaves, Brad and Ashley discuss Victor's promise to leave Brad alone now that he is working at Jabot. Elsewhere, as Brittany discusses her budding relationship with Billy with Rianna, he heads over to the shelter only to find out that his schedule has been changed and that he will no longer be working with Mac. When Billy becomes upset and confronts Ned about the change, Brock comes in and takes the blame. Over at the hospital, Neil visits Olivia after her first chemotherapy session and encourages her to keep fighting. Olivia chooses to look at the positives and see that the whole ordeal will make her a better doctor. Meanwhile, Malcolm offers his comfort and support to a emotionally drained Dru.

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

In the lab, Jack comes in to tell Ashley about his meeting with Brad. However, Brad is already there and tells Jack that he's too late. When Jack starts to badmouth Brad, Ashley stops him and lectures Jack about working together as a team to save the company. Annoyed, Jack asks Ashley if she would like to have dinner. Brad counters with his own offer of dinner and Ashley accepts.

Cassie calls to invite Victor to her part and he happily accepts. At the main house, Nick finds a folder with Jabot and Nikki's name on it. Nick is stunned to realize that Nikki's job is at Jabot. Nikki admits to Nick that not only is she working for Jabot, she helped bailed them out of a situation that Victor created. Nick realizes that it must have been what he had been working on with Neal but wouldn't tell him about. Nick has misgivings and tells her that there could be repercussions if Victor finds out. Nikki tells Nick that she had to so something for herself that would bring her out of his father's shadow. Nick asks if Victor knows about it. She tells him that Victor knows that she works for Jabot but doesn't know that she was the one who bailed them out of trouble and she wants to keep it that way.

Later, Jack arrives at the ranch. He was surprised that she called and asked him to come there. He wasn't sure what kind of welcome he would receive. Nikki tells him not to worry because Nick knows about her job at Jabot. Jack wonders how he took the news and she tells him that he took it quite well. Jack tells her that he's worked out his problems with Brad concerning his role at Jabot but for now, it doesn't include a board seat and he hopes that it stays that way. He admits that he just saw Brad and he and Ashley are out to dinner. This doesn't sit well with Nikki but she covers when Jack asks her if she has a problem with Brad and Ashley going out together. She tells him that he should be worried about Victor and Ashley instead. She admits that she knows about Victor and Ashley's relationship. He wonders how she found out and she told him that she saw Victor at Jabot and put two and two together. Jack does not like this because he realizes Victor is still trying to get back with Ashley. He says that Ashley has jumped from the "frying pan into the fire" with regards to Victor and Brad. He knows that Brad is trying to make inroads with Ashley. He doesn't understand how she or Ashley can't see what kind of man Brad really is.

Back at Nick and Sharon's, Nick tells Sharon about his mother working and investing in Jabot. He now knows that after his father finds out what she has done, there will be no ties left between his parents. They then discuss the coffeehouse in Milwaukee. Nick has decided that the guy they hired to run it really can't handle the responsibility so he is going to fire him at the end of the week. Sharon is worried that Nick will become too busy. He assures her that he won't be consumed with work once the new coffeehouse is built. He tells her that nothing means more to him than his family. He knows that at first he will be pretty busy but he promises her that he won't let it take over his life the way his fathers work takes over his.

After Victor hangs up with Cassie, Diane walks in. She notices that he is brooding over something and tries to pry. When he doesn't respond, she asks him if he's had dinner. He tells her no and asks her if she has had dinner. She tells him no and he asks her out to dinner. She happily accepts. Victor goes upstairs to change. Marissa walks in with Diane's luggage and notices that she looks happy. Diane tells her that Victor asked her out to dinner. Marissa tells her that the offer she made on the house looks as if it will go through and she will be able to move soon. This does not sit well with Diane so she orders Marissa to call her realtor and pull her bid. Marissa wonders if she will be able to do so and Diane tells her that if she can't handle the job she will find someone else who can. Victor comes downstairs and they leave.

At Gina's, Brad and Ashley discuss his problems with Jack but she tells him not to try to turn her against her family. She starts to think of Victor and can't understand why he did what he did when he knows how important her family is to her. Brad advises Ashley to keep away from Victor if she really wants to get him out of her system. Unbeknownst to them both, Victor and Diane enter and are seated at a table across the room. Diane tries to get Victor to open up about his relationship with Ashley since she knows that it seems to have fizzled out. Trying to make herself look good, she tells Victor that if Ashley had any since, she would do whatever it took to maintain her relationship with Victor. She admits to Victor that she still has deep feelings for him even though she is pregnant by "another" man. He was never far away from her thoughts. Meanwhile, Brad asks Ashley to dance. As they whirl around the room, Ashley spots Victor with Diane and they sit back down. Brad asks her if she wants to leave and she says no. Brad tells her that sooner or later Victor will see her. Ashley doesn't want this to happen so they decide to leave. Back at Diane and Victor's table, she looks close to telling him who the father of her baby "really" is but Victor receives a phone call.

Neil and Olivia continue to talk about their unresolved feelings for each other. Olivia tells Neil that she wished she wouldn't have brought it up because it makes her uncomfortable. Neil admits that when Dru came back they both were finally able to admit that they still had feelings for each other but that nothing had changed. They realized that they won't ever reconnect again and encourages her to get better so they can explore their feelings for one another.

At Malcolm's a distraught Dru reminisces about her relationship with Olivia admitting that they really never got along. She was hoping to resolve those issues but knows that now she may never ever have the chance. Mal admits that he wishes he were the one who could be there to support Olivia but that his brother is there instead. Dru asks Mal if she can spend the night on his couch because she can't stand to be in Olivia's house looking at all her things and her pictures and thinking that she may not ever come home again. She begins to cry and Malcolm holds her and tells her that she is not in it alone and that he will be there to help her get through it.

REMEMBER MATT CLARK? (They didn't show his face.)
Matt Clark calls Warton and tells him that he will be in Genoa City in a few weeks. Warton asks him what his plans are for Nick but Matt tells him not to worry, they will take care of the "rich boy." Warton tells him he hope it involves money because he doesn't want to be driving his old car and living in a dump all his life. Warton mentions Nick's new coffeehouse in Milwaukee and Matt says that Nick can't be in two places at once. "When the cat's away, the mouse will play."

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Sharon and Miguel prepare for Cassie's party. Nick tells Sharon he set up an interview with a potential new manager for Crimson Lights II that evening. John Silva comes by to drop off the adoption papers. Sharon and Nick are thrilled that Cassie is officially theirs. The party begins at the ranch and Nikki realizes Victor will be attending. The party guests mingle and when Chris arrives, Nikki wonders why she isn't handling the adoption. Nick tells her that Chris is now a partner with Michael Baldwin. Alice and Millie arrive. Alice eases the tension when she gives Cassie a photo album containing baby pictures of her. Sharon overhears Alice and Chris discussing Michael Baldwin's recent phone call to Alice. Sharon yells at Chris for getting Michael involved in the adoption. Nina tells Chris that she doesn't have enough time for her writing because her time is divided between Phillip and Tomas. She admits to Tomas that he's taking up too much of her time. Esther tells Jill that Mac will be wearing a Lauren Fenmore creation to the prom. Jill wants Brittany to be the belle of the ball, and plans a trip to Rodeo Drive to find the perfect dress. First, she has Brittany model some dresses from New York in front of Mac. Once Jill learns that Kay is having problems getting in contact with Lauren Fenmore, she calls off the trip. To everyone's surprise, Lauren arrives with Mac's dresses in tow.

Friday, June 16, 2000

Victor tells Neil that his major concern is mending fences with Nick. He decides to stop insisting Nick sell the coffeehouse and give him a board seat at Newman Enterprises. Chris defends Michael to Sharon, saying that he never told Alice about the adoption. Alice only found out about the adoption after Cassie called to invite her to the adoption party. As the party winds down, Trina comes to interview with Nick. Victor eyes them carefully and tells Nick they should talk later. Nick is very impressed with Trina's credentials and welcomes her aboard as head of the Milwaukee store. Victor overhears Nick telling Trina his hopes of opening a string of Crimson Lights in the future. Victoria makes a surprise visit to Ryan in Seattle. She tells him she couldn't stand being a patient any longer and needed to leave the spa. When she asks how Tricia is doing, Ryan accuses her of looking for gossip about his wife and him, but he finally admits that Tricia left him. Jill tells Kay that Lauren's dresses are overkill, especially for a girl like Mackenzie. Mac tries on dresses and finally finds the dress she will wear to her prom. Jill and Brittany make plans to fly to L.A.

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