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Mac convinced Jack to reshoot the prom footage featuring Brittany as queen. Olivia received a bone marrow transplant from Dru. Victoria moved into the penthouse with Victor. Malcolm and Dru kissed. Olivia's condition deteriorated.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, July 3, 2000

Mac admits to Billy that she is afraid of Jill. She also tells him that she has to leave because her mother has legal custody of her. If Mac is found, she will have to return to her mother and stepfather, who terrifies her. At first, Billy has a plan to reveal Jill's threats against Mac, but after he sees Mac's fear, they decide to keep their romance a secret until they figure out how to handle Jill. Jack and Ashley watch a rough cut of the prom commercial. After seeing Mac and Billy together on tape, it becomes clear to Ashley that Billy and Mac have a connection. She tells Jack that once the commercial airs next week, everyone will know they're in love. Nick tells Victoria that he is standing by his mother and that she can forget about them working together to get Brash and Sassy back on track. When Victoria tells Victor that she can't stand to live at the ranch anymore, Victor permits her to move in with him temporarily. Tomas offers to help Nina write a new ending to her book, but he gets a phone call from his frustrated editor who pressures Tomas to complete his book immediately. Raul sees Mac's packed bag and asks Kay if Mac is leaving for the summer. Jill overhears the conversation and is thrilled. Kay assures Jill that Mac isn't going anywhere and tells her how excited she is about Mac's involvement in the campaign. Diane explains to Marissa that she will win Victor over by using the baby. After Victor becomes emotionally involved with the child, she will tell him that he's the child's father.

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Ryan asks Victor if it is okay for him to help Victoria pick up the pieces at BRASH AND SASSY, as well as help repair her personal life. At first, Victor feels that Ryan is emotionally unstable himself, but then admits that Victoria needs a friend now. Victoria tells Nikki that she doesn't blame Victor for being upset with Nick. She also understands why Nikki is restless, with Victor and her children out of the house. Victoria offers Nikki a job working with her at BRASH AND SASSY, but Nikki shocks Victoria when she reveals she already has a job at Jabot. Mac and Billy revel in their magical evening and share another kiss. Mac tells Billy to leave before his mother catches them. Billy doesn't care what his mother thinks, but leaves because Mac doesn't want anything to destroy their perfect evening. Mac is shocked to see Jill staring at her from the stairwell. Jill lashes out at Mac, accusing her of conspiring to win prom queen and having her sights set on Billy all along. She threatens Mac, saying that she will do anything to keep Billy away from her. Jill tells Jack and Ashley that the campaign is over because Brittany wasn't crowned prom queen. Billy arrives home on cloud nine. He tells Jack and Ashley that he and Mac won prom king and queen. Ashley realizes the campaign can continue, using Mac as the GLOW model. Drucilla is worried about the transplant tomorrow and can't sleep. Malcolm encourages her to ease her mind by dancing. He watches her and when she finishes, he cradles her to sleep. Olivia wakes from a restless sleep to find Neil at her bedside. She tells him that she is at peace and is ready for the fight of her life.

Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Billy and Mac manage to narrowly come home without being seen. However, they hear Jill questioning Raul in the living room so Billy quietly exits without being heard. When Mac enters the living room Jill asks her where she's been and Mac counters with "What's it to you Jill?" which infuriates Jill. Jill walks out to the entryway but doesn't see Billy. Before Jill can ask Mac anymore questions, Raul interrupts and tells Mac that she will now be the focus of the Jabot campaign. Kay enters and tells Mac how excited she is for her and that her face will be seen all across America. Mac objects and tells Kay that she does not want to be the focus of the commercial and asks Kay to not let them do it. Mac (quietly to herself) realizes that if she is in the commercial her mother may find out where she is. Kay questions Mac's reasons for not wanting to be a part of the campaign and Mac tells her that she doesn't want to be in the spotlight. (Jill is in the background quietly observing this and has a speculative look on her face.) Mac asks Jill if there is a way to put the focus back on Brittany and Jill begrudgingly says that they'll have to re-edit the footage and cut out the prom scene but it could be done. Kay tells Jill that she should be happy now since she didn't want Mac in her commercial anyway and tells her to run off and tell Jack her good news. After Jill leaves Kay questions Mac again about her reasons for not wanting to be in the campaign and hopes that she is not retreating into her old self again. Mac assures her that she is not and Kay goes up to bed. Raul asks Mac if the real reason she doesn't want to be in the campaign is because she's leaving town for the summer. Mac tells him no and wonders where he got that idea and he tells her he heard it from her father. She assures him that she is not leaving town. He tells her that he is happy because with the Jabot Internet campaign they will get to spend a lot of time together this summer. He then questions her about her book bag and all the clothes in it. She lies and tells him that she was going to take those clothes to the shelter. Mac feigns being tired and Raul leaves.

Meanwhile, at the Abbott Home, Billy comes home and before he can quietly get upstairs, Jack asks him where he's been. Jack wonders if he's been to see Brittany. Billy tells him that he hasn't. Jack tells him that the gentleman thing to do would be to tell Brittany the truth. Billy tells him that he can't do that because his relationship with Mac has changed. Billy tells Jack that if he confides in him about his relationship with Mac, he has to promise not to tell anyone about it. Jack promises that he won't say anything. Billy tells Jack that he and Mac have decided to keep their relationship a secret because of his mother. Jack tells Billy that after the Jabot commercial airs; everyone with a TV will know how he and Mac feel about each other. Billy tells Jack that he has to re-do the commercial without the prom sequence. Jack tells him that the entire campaign only works because of the prom. They are interrupted by a phone call from Jill telling Jack that Mac does not want to be in the commercial and that they have to put the focus back on Brittany. Jack tells her that it shouldn't be a problem to re-edit the tape and focus only on Brittany getting ready for the prom. Jill can't believe that Jack is going along with it and not questioning if she had anything to do with it. Jack tells her that if Mac doesn't want to be in the commercial there is nothing they can do about it and that they will have to work with what they can and hangs up. Billy is relieved by what he has just heard and tells Jack that now no one has to see that commercial with he and Mac dancing at the prom.

At the hospital Neil sees Ashley walking by and calls her in. He tells her that Olivia is sleeping so he decided to sit in the waiting room and not disturb her. She asks how she is and he tells her that the surgery went fine but it's too soon to tell if the bone marrow transplant worked. Neil thanks Ashley for being there for Olivia, he knows how much it meant to her. Ashley tells him she wouldn't be anywhere else. Ashley tells Neil that he looks uncomfortable around her and he admits to her that he is. He goes on to tell her that he knows about her relationship with Victor and everything that transpired. He tells her that he hopes he's not speaking out of turn by telling her that he knows that Victor is very upset about what happened between them. She tells him that he is speaking out of turn but since he brought it up she admits how much Victor hurt her by going after her family. Neil counters that he was only going after Jack. She asks him if he loves his family and he tells her yes. She tells him that she loves her family too and that when Victor went after Jack he went after her too. Neil tells her that Victor hated hurting her and changed his mind about the Jabot loan and was going to give them an extension. Ashley counters that he came to this revelation of feelings after the fact but Neil tells her that Victor instructed Forsythe to give Jabot an extension on the loan but before Forsythe could put the wheels in motion, Jack told him the money had already been transferred. Ashley doesn't believe him and asks if he was in the room when Victor gave the order and Neil tells her that he wasn't but he has every reason to believe that he did attempt to and he did it all for her. Ashley still isn't so sure. Neil drops the subject and tells her that he's going to get something to drink and asks her if she would like anything but she tells him no. Neil leaves and Ashley is visibly effected by what Neil has just told her.

Malcolm and Dru are having dinner. Dru admits to Malcolm that she now feels useless. She has done her part to help Olivia but now she doesn't know what to do with herself. Malcolm tells her that she has done all she can do for her sister and what a wonderful thing it was. Malcolm suggests that they do something to keep their minds off of it by either taking the kids to the amusement park or going to the casino. Dru admits that it is a good idea and thanks him for helping her take her mind off things. Dru leaves to freshen up while Mal pays the check. After she leaves he makes a mysterious phone call to someone about Dru.

Nina, Chris, Paul and Mary are having desert after watching the fireworks and they all agree how great they were. Mary mentions all the families that were there and how excited all the children were. Nina notices the uncomfortable look on Chris' face when Mary mentions children. Paul gets up to take Mary home and offers to come back and get Chris but she tells him that she wants to spend some more time with Nina and Nina offers to bring her home. Paul agrees and he and Mary leave. After they leave Nina asks Chris what's wrong and she finally admits that she wants to hold off having children. She has just started her own law practice and trying to bring a child in the mix will be too much. She wants to focus on her career and new law practice. Nina isn't buying this as the only excuse and calls Chris on it. Chris then admits that she and Paul have been trying for a long time and every month that passes and she's not pregnant puts on more pressure. She tells her that she wants to get back on the pill and take the option off the table for a year or two. Nina asks her how she thinks Paul will feel about it. She tells her that he may bring up Michael. Chris admits that this may happen but she does not plan to string her husband along. Nina urges her to be honest with herself and her husband.

Meanwhile, when Paul drops Mary off at home, he questions why she was so quiet in the car. She admits that she wants to talk to him about something but doesn't want him to get upset with her for bringing it up. He tells her to go ahead and tell him. She goes to the desk and pulls out a pamphlet about infertility. She tells him she has done some research and even has a clinic listed on the back that has a good success rate. Paul thanks her and tells her that he's glad that she came to him about it and not Chris. She asks if he thinks Chris will be receptive to it and he assures her that he thinks Chris will be.

Victor walks in Victoria's office and asks her if she's ready to leave. She tells him that she has a few more things to wrap up and then she will be. He tells her that they will not be living alone at the penthouse, that Diane is still leaving there. Victoria can't believe that Diane is still there. She knows that the 90-day period should have been up a long time ago. Victor tells her that some things came up and asks her not to pry into his personal life. She tells him that she hopes that he is not letting Diane ensnare him again and he assures her that there is nothing romantic going on between he and Diane. Victoria agrees to have dinner with the "dragon lady" and Victor leaves. Victoria tells herself that she's sure Diane wasn't expecting her to be in the mix.

Meanwhile at the penthouse, Diane is setting the table and Marissa walks in with some packages from Gina's. Diane tells Marissa that she is excited about Victoria having dinner with she and Victor. She knows that Victoria has always hated her and now she's willing to sit down and "break bread" with her. To her it means that Victor is now seeing the penthouse as "home" and thinking of her as "family." Marissa isn't so sure but doesn't say anything.

Later, Victor and Victoria arrive and Diane tells Victoria how glad she is to see her and how happy she is that Victoria is having dinner with them. They sit down to eat and after dinner Victoria comments that dinner was delicious and it tasted like something she's had before. She facetiously goes on to say that it tastes just like Gina's red linguini and meat sauce. Diane admits that she did get it from Gina's. Victor has a smirk on his face as Victoria goes on to ask if Gina made the salad too. Diane tells her that she made the salad. Victoria comments that the salad was good and the table was lovely. (The look on Diane's face was priceless when she had to admit that she didn't make the dinner.)

Over coffee Diane again tells Victoria how glad she was that she had dinner with she and Victor. Victor starts to tell her that Victoria is not just a dinner guest when the doorbell rings. Diane answers it and it is the driver with some of Victoria's clothes. Diane tries to stop him but Victoria tells him to come on in and leave them anywhere. After the driver leaves Diane asks what's going on. Victor tells her that Victoria will be staying with them for awhile. He mentions that he has an early day tomorrow and goes up to bed. Diane asks Victoria how long she plans to stay? The night? The weekend? Victoria tells her, "No, the rest of my clothes will be delivered tomorrow. I'll be staying indefinitely." (Another priceless look on Diane's face. The monkey wrench has just been thrown.)

Thursday, July 6, 2000

Diane offers to make peace with Victoria, but Victoria isn't buying it. She assures Diane that she doesn't want Diane living with Victor any more than Diane wants her there. Nikki sees Miguel carrying bags out of the house. He tells her that Victoria has moved in with Victor. Nikki is determined to get through to Victoria and goes to Victor's apartment to talk to her. When she arrives, Diane answers the door. Nikki assumes Diane and Victoria are allies when Victoria comes to the door, stands beside Diane and refuses to let Nikki in. In an effort to change Dru's mood, Malcolm calls her old ballet teacher. Madame Lore surprises Dru with a visit. Dru dances and admits dancing is therapeutic for her. Madame Lore convinces Dru to drop by the studio tomorrow. Chris and Paul are reluctant to approach each other with their ideas on having another baby. As Chris prepares for work, she is stunned to find Paul's infertility information. Nina tells Ryan how much Phillip enjoyed spending the holiday with his dad. When Nina asks about Tricia, Ryan gets defensive, but finally admits that Tricia is in London with her father and he doesn't know when she'll be back. Ashley drops by to check on Olivia and she tells Olivia about Victor changing his mind about the loan. She admits that she doesn't know what to believe, but she knows that Victor is too late. Olivia encourages Ashley to talk to Victor and give him a second chance.

Friday, July 7, 2000

Nikki begs Victoria to try to work out their differences. Diane intervenes, but Nikki tells her to stay out of it. Victoria asks Diane if she's noticed that she's been stabbed in the back and tells her mother she has nothing to say to her. Nikki accuses Diane of using Victoria to get on good terms with Victor. Malcolm and Dru almost kiss, but the kids barge in and disrupt the moment. After they send the kids off to camp, Malcolm admits he's a little thrown by the interrupted kiss. Olivia tells Neil that she's feeling much better and attributes it to Neil's presence. As Neil updates Olivia on how well Nate is coping, Olivia begins to get thirsty and flushed. Neil calls the nurse and they discover that Olivia's temperature is rising rapidly. Dr. Walker concludes that Liv may have an infection. Neil calls Malcolm and Dru and they rush to the hospital. Paul finds Chris reading the infertility brochure. He explains that this was his mother's idea, but he is excited that there is a way for them to get pregnant after all. He tells Chris that there is an opening at the clinic to begin the process and Chris agrees to go along with it.


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