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Olivia dreamed of Nathan as she flatlined, but the emergency crew revived her. Paul suggested that he and Christine go to a fertility clinic. Nick's coffeehouse opened in Milwaukee. Phyllis became the new producer of the Jabot website.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, July 10, 2000

Chancellor Estate:
Mac phones Billy and they plan to meet at their special place (Victoria's Playhouse). She hangs up the phone and heads for the door, but Jill stops her. Jill "compliments" Mac for backing out of the commercial and letting Brittany have center stage. Then she wonders if Mac's new attitude is real. She warns Mac that she will be watching her like a hawk. Just then Katherine walks into the room.

Victor's Office:
Connie buzzes Victor to say there is someone there to see him. He tells her that he is not expecting anyone and that whoever it is should make and appointment. Connie tells him that the gentleman won't leave until he sees Victor. Victor tells Connie to call security. The door opens and a voice says, "Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you, Victor!" Victor turns around and is pleasantly surprised to see his old friend, Governor Jesse Ventura! He grins and says, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Victoria's Office:
Victoria and Ryan are planning strategy for Brash & Sassy. Ryan suggests an all girl, touring band with their name on it. Victoria says it is worth looking into, but she has a suggestion of her own. She has been thinking of a teen beauty contest. Ryan says that it might not sell, but Victoria says that it just might. They both agree that selling either of the ideas to Victor will be hard work, but they have to do something to overtake Glo by Jabot.

Genoa City Memorial Hospital:
Olivia is unconscious with a high fever. Neil tells her not to worry, that everything will be all right. Reese Walker and a nurse come into the room and Neil goes out to wait in the hall. Malcolm and Dru arrive and Neil is relieved to see them. Dru asks if Olivia has taken a turn for the worse.

Victor's Office:
Victor and Jesse Ventura are chatting about what they have been doing since they last saw each other. Victor asks why Jesse came by and Jesse says to thank him for all his help with the campaign. Victor smiles and says that he has enormous respect for Jesse and he was happy to help ... but what REALLY brought him by.

John and Jack are going over their summer campaign for Glo by Jabot. Jack tells his father about the web site. John asks if that means that everything that goes on at the pool and the pool house will be on the web 24 hours a day. Jack grins and tells him that they won't be taking any pictures of him swimming in the nude!
Chancellor Estate:
Katherine wants to know if Jill has been harassing Mac again. Jill says no and Mac agrees. Jill says that she is sure that everything will work out for everyone concerned ... then she turns and puts her coffee cup in Katherine's hands and says she has to go. Katherine looks at the cup as though it was a piece of dirt and gingerly sets it down on the coffee table. Katherine asks Mac what really happened between her and Jill. Mac assures her that she would come to her if she really needed help. Mac says that there is something she has to do and heads for the front door. She opens it to find Raul there.

Victor's Office:
Jesse tells Victor that he was in Genoa City on business and that he couldn't leave without saying hello to his dear old friend. Victor says he has a bone to pick with Jesse. He's upset that Jesse didn't enter the presidential race. Jesse says that there's always 2004! Jesse says that Victor should run with him ... they would be the "dream ticket". Victor says it would be interesting -- but which one of them would take the top spot? Jesse agrees that might a problem. He says that if their two egos clashed, the country couldn't survive it! He starts to get up to leave.

The Hospital:
Malcolm asks Neil to tell them what is going on with Olivia. Reese comes out of the room and they rush to ask him what is happening. Reese tells them that Olivia's temperature is up and that she has an infection. He says that the new bone marrow hasn't had a chance to take yet, so it's impossible to tell where the infection is. They are giving her very strong antibiotics.

Inside the room, the nurse is wiping Olivia's forehead with a cloth. Olivia finds herself in a long white gown in a strange place with clouds and stars. She hears someone calling her name. She asks who is calling her and where they are. The voice says, "I'm right her Liv", and Nathan appears in front of her. He says hello and she looks at him with surprise and doubt on her face ... she says, "Nathan?"

Victor's Office:
Jesse is just about to leave when Nikki barges through the door saying that she has to talk to Victor. She sees the Governor and apologizes to him for interrupting. Victor asks Jesse if he remembers his "former" wife, Nikki. Jesse says that he does and he can't understand how Victor could have let her get away. Nikki gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him that he's sweet. She says that she will come back another time, but Jesse insists that he has to go. Jesse tells Victor that they have four years to think about their dream ticket -- they shake hands and he leaves. Victor sits down at his desk and looks at Nikki, saying, "What do you want, I'm busy!"

Victoria's Office:
Ryan asks if Nick is still in on Brash & Sassy. Victoria says Nick is definitely out. She tells Ryan that she's upset with Nick for siding with their mother.

Jack tells John that he has a line on a hot web production girl from New York. John is relieved that things are back on track. Jack admits that things were a little tense for a while. John wants to know the reason why Mac backed out. Jill comes in and says someone has given Mac a reality check.

Chancellor Estate:
Raul is there to tell Mac that they have to go to the Abbott house to check out the setup for the web site. Mac tells him to go ahead, because she has something to do first ... she'll see him there. Raul looks after her with a totally confused look on his face. Katherine has heard the whole exchange and asks Raul to come in the house. He tells Katherine how confused he is. She says that's all part of being 16, but she admits that she is wondering what is going on with Mac too and she suspects that Jill Abbott is the cause.

The Playhouse:
Billy is pacing -- waiting for Mac. She arrives and they hug and kiss. She tells him about dropping out of the commercial. She tells him that she couldn't risk having her mother find out where she is. He says he understands. He tells her that there is another good reason that she is out of the commercial.

Victor's Office:
Nikki blasts Victor for saying that she took the job at Jabot out of revenge ... and then he turns around and has Victoria move in to his place when Diane Jenkins is still there! He says that Victoria can take care of herself. She asks what makes him think so and he says because if Diane causes any trouble, she'll be out of there! He demands to know the real reason that Nikki is there to see him.

Victoria's Office:
Victoria tells Ryan that she moved in with her father and found the "witch lady" herself living there. Ryan tells her to take the first step in resolving things with her mother. He tells her that they need each other.

Jill says that Mac is out of her league being the star of a cosmetics commercial. John says that he thought Mac was a fine choice. Jill says that is a matter of opinion. John wonders if Jill was responsible for helping Mac change her mind. Jill looks a little uncomfortable, glances at Jack, and then asks John why he would say that. He says that he knew that she wanted Brittany to be the star and he also knows how Jill likes to control things. She insists that she did not force Mackenzie to make her decision and she resents that he would say that. She says that all she is trying to do is help the company thrive. Meanwhile, Jack has been sitting supposedly looking over some papers, but listening to every word of this exchange. John thanks Jill for her last remark and then says that he has a meeting to go to and leaves. Jill asks Jack if she has to ask where John's suspicions came from. Jack says that his father needs no prodding to have doubts about her. Jill gets in! to a little snit and says that she and John have been getting along beautifully for the last year. Jack agrees, but tells her that she is about to screw that up. She wants to know how, but just then Frank comes in with the final cut of the prom commercial. Jack asks Frank if he is sure there is no trace of Mackenzie in the ad. Jill wants to know why Jack is so concerned about Mackenzie. Jack says that they made an agreement with Mac and he intends to live up to it. After looking at the tape, Jack says he likes it and to have it ready to go on TV tomorrow. He says he has to go and leaves. Jill rewinds the tape and she and Frank take another look at it. Franks sees that in one shot, you can see Mac way in the back in the mirror. He wonders if he has enough time to re-cut the tape. Jill says to forget about it ... she's not catering to Mackenzie.

The Playhouse:
Billy tells Mac that the film showed how they felt about each other. He says if the ad had aired that everyone would have known their feelings for each other. He says his mom would have freaked. Mac says that she feels guilty about not being straight with Brittany and Raul. She tells Billy that Raul came to the house when she was leaving to come to see him. She admits that she didn't handle it too well.

Victoria's Office:
Ryan says that he will always be there for Victoria, day or night. He kisses her cheek and leaves the office. Victoria calls the Ranch to speak to her mother, but Miguel says that she's not home yet. She asks him to tell Nikki that she called and that it's important. When she hangs up she gives a big sigh, indicating the turmoil that she is in.

The Hospital:
The nurse takes Olivia's temperature and rushes out the door. She tells Dru that Olivia's temperature is spiking and that has to find Dr. Walker. Dru, Malcolm and Neil put on hospital gowns and go into the room. Dru ties to talk to Olivia. Olivia's eyes are closed and she keeps saying, "Nay ... Nay ... Nay". They can't understand what she is trying to say.

On the "other side", Olivia is saying Nathan's name and asking what he is doing there. He tells her that he is here to see her. She says that is not possible. She tells him she knows what is going on ... she is running a high fever and so she must be delirious. He tells her that she is not hallucinating. She asks him why he brought her here. He says that she came to him -- he didn't bring her there. He asks if she has no idea why she is here. He asks her if she if frightened. She asks him if she should be frightened and he says no. She asks him how she can be talking to him when he is dead. She wants to know if he is telling her that she is dead too. She looks around toward what looks like a stained glass window that his shining brightly.

The Playhouse:
Mac says she feels guilty about running out on Raul. She remembers that he came over to tell her about the web site. She tells Billy that she can't do that either. Billy says he will drop out too then. She tells him not to because that would cause more questions. He puts his arms around her and tells her that she will be safe now ... her mother won't find her ... there's no way that she could.

Victor's Office:
Nikki is telling Victor that she saw Victoria at the Penthouse. He asks why she went there and she says she wanted to try to come to some understanding with Victoria. He says that it's too soon for that. She says that she felt horrible that Victoria and that dreadful woman were siding against her and when she told Victoria she wanted to talk, Victoria said she had nothing to say to her. Victor says, "what the hell did you expect ... she's still angry with you". Nikki tells Victor that it was humiliating to have her daughter being an ally with Diane Jenkins. Victor says in a snotty voice that he's sorry that she was humiliated. Nikki realizes that she is not going to get any sympathy from Victor and she says, "I'm sorry I bothered you!" and slams out the door. Victor leans back in his chair with an angry look on his face. He takes off his glasses and throws them on the desk ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Over at Jabot, Nikki tells Brad about Victoria's plans to move into Victor's penthouse. She admits that she is not only upset about the fact that her daughter is going to be living there, but that Diane is also still living there. Trying to calm her down, Brad turns the subject of their conversation to the anti-aging moisturizer. He tells her that he is headed to Zurich that evening. Suggesting that the trip would do her some good, Brad convinces Nikki to join him. In the meantime, still upset about her argument with Nikki, Victoria is visited in her office by Nick who has stopped by to find out how things are going with the Brash & Sassy campaign. Victoria tells him that she has met with Ryan to discuss strategies. She then asks her brother if he has seen or spoken to their mother. Nick admits that he had seen Nikki that morning and that she was upset about Victoria's decision to move in with Victor. When Victoria becomes reluctant to share her feelings with him, Nick becomes angry, saying that it is obvious that she no longer trusts him, and storms out. He heads back to the ranch to spend some time with Sharon and do some work on the opening of the new Crimson Lights. At the same time, Victoria heads over to Jabot to speak with her mother. Discovering that Nikki has already left, Victoria is forced to deal with Brad who chastises her and calls her a spoiled brat for the way she's been acting towards her mother. While all of this is going on, Matt makes a phone call to Warton and arranges a meeting. Elsewhere, Mac and Billy meet up with Raul and Brittany for the photo shoot at the Abbott house. When Jack begins to take the photos, Mac is forced to tell everyone that she doesn't want to be a part of the ad campaign. Her decision sparks Raul to consider pulling out of the website project. They decide to use Rianna while Raul confronts Mac about her decision. Not wanting to give away Mac and Billy's secret relationship, Jack is forced to deal with an angry Jill who can't understand why he doesn't want to fight harder to change Mac's mind. Over at the hospital, a panicked Dru tells the doctor that Olivia is getting worse. He tells her that they are doing everything they can for her sister, but that it just may not be enough. When Nate arrives, Malcolm tells him that his mother may not make it. As they go to the chapel to pray, Dru and Neil stand by as Olivia begins to fade.

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

While the emergency crew is trying to revive Olivia, she is still in her "dream heaven state" talking with Nathan. She tells him that she now feels confused. She tells him that she is not ready to go yet because of Nate. Nathan tells her that Nate will always be a part of her just as he is a part of him. He tells her that Nate has a lot of people around who will be there to take care of him. She tells him that she is his mother and she wants to be there to take care of him.

Meanwhile, in the Chapel, Malcolm and Nate are finishing their prayers and they sit down. Nate asks Mal if God hears prayers, why hasn't he helped his mother. He then comments that if his mother dies and goes to heaven, God will take good care of her but if he prays real hard, will he let his mother stay with him. Malcolm doesn't know quite what to say so he just takes Nate in his arms and holds him.

Outside Olivia's room, Dru and Neil are waiting while the emergency crew tries to revive Olivia. Dru is frantic with worry because she's afraid she is going to lose her sister.

Back in the "dream world," Nathan tells Olivia to take his hand. It is not her time yet. He asks her to call on all her strength and fight to recover. The emergency crew "jump starts" Olivia one more time and they receive a pulse. After they order tests, Reese comes out and lets Dru and Neil know that they were able to revive Olivia but it is still touch and go. Dru and Neil are joyous and after they embrace, Dru leaves to tell Mal and Nate.

At the Chapel Mal and Nate are still embracing as Dru comes in and gives them the good news. She tells Nate that his prayers worked but they should not stop praying. She asks him if he knows the Lord's prayer and he tells her yes. They all get down on bended knee and say the Lord's prayer.

Upstairs in Olivia's room Neil is standing by Olivia's bed as she opens her eyes and he begs her to come back to them.

Later, Mal, Dru, Nate and Julia return to Olivia's room as Neil comes out and says that Olivia has turned a corner. Her temperature is dropping and she's awake. They all embrace and go into Olivia's room. Dru goes to her side and tells her how much she loves her and she's glad she didn't lose her. Mal interrupts to say that Nate would love to see his mother. Nate walks over to Olivia and they share a touching hug.

Victoria stops by Jabot to see her mother but runs into Brad instead. Brad tells Victoria that she should be ashamed of herself for the way she's treated her mother. He defends Nikki's working at Jabot and that she should be proud of her mother wanting to work. Victoria tells him that she doesn't mind that her mother has a job she minds that she's working at Jabot. Victoria tells Brad that she's sorry he doesn't have a family to meddle in but to mind his own business when it comes to hers. She tells him that if he can't tell her where her mother is, she'll find someone else who will. He tells her he'll save her the trouble. Her mother is in Europe on business and that she also had to get some distance from her. Victoria leaves.

Later Ashley comes in surprised to find Brad. She thought he was going to Europe. He tells her that he sent Nikki instead. She's more than capable of handling the business at this stage and it will also be a good learning experience for her. Ashley tells him not to expect everyone else to have the same confidence in her abilities as he does. Brad goes on to apologize to Ashley for letting his frustration with her feelings for Victor to get the better of him. She tells him that if he thinks his apology is enough to get him back in her good graces that he needs to think again. She tells him that he has to make it up to her. She asks him if his offer to be her Lamaze coach is still on the table. He happily agrees and they decide to have dinner before her first class. As they are leaving, he tells her that she has never looked more beautiful than she does at that very moment.

Victor leaves a message for John Silva to call him about Brad Carlton.

Later, Victoria arrives at the penthouse as Victor is coming downstairs. She tells him that she went by Jabot to see her mother to try to open up the lines of communication but ran in to Brad Carlton instead. She asks him if he knew that Brad was working there. He tells her that he does know about it and that he also has a non-compete clause contract and is in flagrant violation of it. Victoria asks Victor why he hasn't gotten back at Brad for betraying him. He tells her that he has his reasons but Victoria doesn't understand why he hasn't sued already and walks upstairs. After she leaves, Victor comments to himself that everyone is wondering what his plans are for Brad Carlton. He has plans and they aren't pretty.

After Raul quits, Jill wants to put an end to the entire ad campaign. Jack and Jill begin to argue and Jack tells Brittany and Billy to leave them alone for a minute. Jack tells Jill that they are not going to pull the campaign and he'll work something out by morning. Jill doesn't think he'll be able to and tells Jack that if everything is not resolved to her satisfaction by morning, she will fight him tooth and nail in the boardroom against it. Billy comes back just as Jill is leaving and tells his mother to at least give them a chance. She walks out saying that she's fresh out. Jack comes up with a suggestion that since Mac doesn't want to be in front of the camera, why don't they hire her behind the camera as a production assistant in order to get Raul to return to the project. Billy thinks it's a great idea and they go inside to tell Raul.

In the house, Brittany rails on Raul about he and Mac pulling out and tells him that they are only thinking about themselves. She thought he was interested in making some serious cash this summer and if he quits, he won't be able to find a really good summer job because all the good jobs are already taken. Jack and Billy come in and tell Raul about their idea and he says it's a great idea if Mac agrees. Jack asks where she is and Raul tells him that she went home. Jack and Raul leave to go see Mac to tell her about it and Billy tells him that he'll go too. However, Raul tells Billy to stay behind because it may seem that they are ganging up on her. Billy agrees and reluctantly stays back with Brittany.

At the Chancellor Estate Mac attempts to explain to Kay why she dropped out of the Jabot Internet project. Kay assumes it's because she's uncomfortable being around Billy. She tells Mac that she doesn't have to be around anyone she doesn't want to. Jill walks in the front door and comes in the living room and calls Mac a prima donna. She rails on her for ruining the campaign for everybody by first dropping out of the ad campaign and then the Internet campaign and dragging Raul right along with her. Mac doesn't understand and Jill tells her not to pretend that she didn't realize that Raul wouldn't want to be a part of the campaign if she wasn't. Kay tells Jill to get out of the living room and she "happily" leaves.

Later Billy calls Mac and asks her if she accepted Jack's offer and she tells him that she did. She tells him that she's been thinking about him and he tells her that he has too. They both agree that they hate lying to Brittany and Raul but know that it's the best thing for now. Billy attempts to tell Mac that he loves her when they hang up the phone but he ends up telling her to have sweat dreams instead.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

Christine and Nina meet up and discuss Christine's decision to go back on the pill and her reluctance to tell Paul. Nina advises her friend to tell the truth before the situation gets out of hand. Christine admits that she feels guilty, but that there is no way she can have a baby and the career she wants at the same time. Meanwhile, Michael becomes upset and begins to wonder what's going on when Christine says she is unable to meet with a new client and won't tell him why. Over at the hospital, Reese updates everyone on Olivia's condition. He tells them that her white blood cell count is finally beginning to rise and that she may be able to go home soon. When Olivia receives the news, she tells Neil about her experience and seeing Nathan. She tells him that she could hear Nate praying and that's what made her fight to come back. Meanwhile, Malcolm makes breakfast for elated Dru. They discuss the good news and the fact that Dru was able to save her sister's life. Overcome with emotion, the two fall into a passionate kiss. Elsewhere, Brittany and Billy head over to Jabot with Ashley. While there, they witness a heated argument between Jill and Jack about the plans for the website. When they return to the Abbott's, Brittany confides in Billy that she is worried that Mac's decision to pull out of the project will ruin her plans for the summer and their opportunity to be together. At the same time, Mac and Raul go to the pool house and discuss her new job behind the scenes. When Raul begins to kiss her, Mac pulls away and tells him to stop. Back at Jabot, Ashley tells Jack that he needs to hire someone to run the website. He agrees and makes a call to a mysterious old friend in New York.

Friday, July 14, 2000

Victor and Victoria meet with John Silva to discuss Victor's options in regard to Brad's non-compete clause. John gives Victor his options to directly Brad but also tells Victor that he can sue Jabot as well. Victoria wants her father to forge ahead and Victor dismisses her. Victoria goes back to her office to find Ryan and Neil there and tells them she wonders why her father will not go after Jabot as well as Brad Carlton. She ask Neil what he knows her father's motives.

Jack and Brad discuss his new project. Their conversation leads to talk about Ashley and Victor when Ashley appears wanting to know what they are talking about. Ashley tells them that she is not going to get involved with Victor again.

Jack is very happy to hear that then realizes that Jack and Brad were talking about her when she came into the room. She tells Jack to stop treating her like a child and tells Brad she will never confide in him again. Jack is alone in the boardroom calling New York about the web producer he wants to hire. He tells the producers agent that if this woman is not interested to go to his next person on the list when Phyllis enters telling how impatient he is.

Paul picks lunch at Gina's when he runs into his mother who questions him about the fertility clinic. Paul tells his mother that they have an appointment scheduled today. Mary is ecstatic and tell Gina that she could be a grandmother by next year this time. Meanwhile, Chris is thinking about her conversation with Paul about having a baby when Michael enters. Michael wants to know why she is not willing to meet this prospective client right now. She tells him she has something personal to take care and she will meet will the prospect. Michael is upset that she will not tell him what her appointment is.

At the coffeehouse, Nick, Sharon and Cassie are preparing to go to Milwaukee for their new coffeehouse opening. Warton appears and watches. While Nick and Sharon are out of the room, Cassie goes to the jukebox and Warton strikes a conversation with Cassie. Cassie fills him in on her family's plans and realizes she is unable to find her favorite doll. Sharon notices Warton walking with Cassie towards the door as she runs to them in horror. At the Abbott house, Billy is wondering where Mac and Raul are. Brittany tells him that they are in the pool house. Billy wants to go there but Brittany tells him that she thinks they need some alone time. In the Pool house, Raul is kissing Mac and get a little too aggressive for her as she pulls away. They argue about his aggressiveness. Raul begs Mac not to be angry with him and that he was would never do anything to hurt her. Bill and Brittany appear and Billy notices that Mac is upset, Billy demands to know what Raul did to Mac.

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