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Neil admitted he still had feelings for Dru. Brittany and J.T. had sex. Jill found out that Mac had signed for the missing express mail letter. Michael and Phyllis rekindled the wild romance they had once shared.
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Monday, August 7, 2000

by Audra McKenna

The Abbott House:
At the pool house, Brittany comes outside to where Billy and Raul are and asks Billy if he has seen the clip on the web site of him and "some other girl". Billy can see that she is upset, but tells her he has no idea what she's talking about. Then Phyllis comes outside and tells them all that she has loaded the final three clips on the site ... one of Billy and Mackenzie. Mac jumps out of her chair and says, "You did what??"

Crimson Lights:
J.T. is talking to his buddy about Billy hitting on some other girl on the web site. He can't tell for sure who it is, but he thinks that it's Mac. He hopes that this will cause problems between Billy and Brittany so that he can be around to "help" Brittany through it so she might turn to him. (What happened to Rianna, J.T.?)

Jabot Boardroom:
After being summoned to the Boardroom by Ashley, Jack and Jill arrive to find that Nikki and Brad are there also. Jack and Brad trade snide remarks and then Ashley shows Jack a letter from Victor addressed to the Board of Directors of Jabot. Jack suggests that because it isn't a legal document, that it can't be all that bad. Nikki tells him to read it ... it's not good news.

Victor's Office:
Victor is telling John Silva that they (Jabot) should have received his letter by now. He is hoping that the letter will divide the Jabot group -- the divide and conquer ploy. He hopes that they won't pull together in favor of Brad. John tells him that sometimes when you put pressure on a group of people, they do band together. Victor says he has to clarify his position. John feels that he has already done that in the letter, but Victor gets an idea and tells John he will be back and rushes out of the office, leaving John with a very concerned look on his face.

Neil's Apartment:
Neil doesn't understand what Dru is trying to say. She is having a real hard time telling him about Malcolm. Finally she tells Neil that she and Malcolm got "involved". Neil wants to know if they had another fight. She tells him that it was nothing like that. He asks her what she means by "involved". She tells him that she and Malcolm were intimate.

Crimson Lights:
Nina doesn't want to tell Tomas how she feels about his chapters, so she tells him that she just found the envelope this morning and hasn't read them. She says that Phillip was packing for his trip and had stuff strewn all over the place, including on top of the envelope.

The Abbott Pool House:
Mac is furious with Phyllis for putting her picture on the web when she was told not to. Rianna tells her not to flip out and Billy says that maybe Mac has her reasons for being upset. He suggests that they go in and check it out. They go into the pool house to look and Mac is relieved to see that it's only her back. Brittany wants to talk to Billy outside and they leave. Outside Brittany demands to know why he and Mackenzie had to go to a separate room to talk. Billy tells her to chill. She says that she told him that Mac shouldn't be on the project and wants to know why he is fighting to keep her there. Billy tells her that Jack wants Mac there to keep Raul from leaving the show.

Jack reads the letter from Victor, saying that they have 24 hours to sever any and all ties with Carlton, or Victor will go after Jabot in court. Jill and Jack tell Brad that he should just go away for a couple of years until his contract with Victor expires. Brad tells them that he would be happy to leave ... as soon as they cut him a check for $35,000,000.00, plus interest.

Olivia's Apartment:
Malcolm drops by to see Olivia. He wonders why Neil and Dru aren't there and Olivia tells him that they are down in Neil's apartment talking.

Neil's Apartment:
Neil is totally thrown by the news Dru just gave him. He accuses them of putting their own feelings ahead of Olivia when she was so ill. Dru tells him that it didn't happen then. He wants to know why Dru wanted to move back in with him. She says that maybe it was to save her from her feelings for Malcolm. Neil is really angry with them both for being so insensitive during a crisis.

Brad tells Jack that the best way to deal with Victor is to have a united front. Jack asks why they should deal with Victor at all, if they don't have to. Jill says that all Brad has to do is go away for a while. Brad tries to make them see that Victor is trying to divide and conquer. Jack proposes a Board vote on the situation. Nikki says they can't have a vote because John is out of town. Jack insists they have an immediate vote. Ashley tells her brother that she will vote ... when her father returns. Jack starts to disagree and she tells him that if he pushes her, she will vote against him. She turns and walks out.

The Pool House:
Phyllis is telling the group that Day 1 of the shoot is officially over. J.T. sneaks into the yard, but no one sees him. He sneaks over and hides behind the pool house. Mac asks Phyllis if she can help with the clips for Day 2. She tells Phyllis that she has taken a lot of notes that she should see. Phyllis knows exactly why Mac wants to be with her when she uploads the clips, but she smiles and says that Mac can come with her. Phyllis goes inside to get her laptop. Mac whispers to Billy that she hopes to be able to keep and eye on what goes on the web. She says she doesn't want any more surprises. At the corner of the pool house, we see J.T. lurking and watching.

The meeting is breaking up and Jack asks Nikki to stay for a minute because he wants to talk to her. Nikki tells him to save his breath because she is not going to side with him against Brad. She tells Jack that he made promises that he should keep, and turns away from him. Jack is incredulous that she wouldn't side with him and he walks out with a shocked look on his face. Jill turns to Brad and asks him why he just doesn't take his salary and disappear for a couple of years. He tells her that he has three reasons: 1. He doesn't rattle; 2. He doesn't run; and 3. If he were out of the picture, Victor would crack Jabot like and egg and his investment would be down the tubes. Jill just shakes her head and leaves the room. Now alone in the room, Brad and Nikki discuss whether Ashley will side with Brad. Brad isn't sure that she will. Nikki says that Victor might sway Ashley to side against him.

The Lab:
Ashley arrives at the lab to find Victor waiting for her. Warily, she asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that if she votes against Brad, he will take no further action against Jabot. Ashley says that he makes it sound so simple. She says that she is not convinced that he would be true to his word because of his hate for Jack. Victor tells her that he will forego his vengeance on Jack. Ashley says, for that Victor expects her to throw Brad to the wolves.

Crimson Lights:
Tomas asks Nina if she is comfortable with Phillip going off on this trip. She says that she's a little paranoid about it and tells him that some of the parents are flying with their kids to get them registered. He suggests that she do that too. She says that if she does, she had better get going to pack. He asks her if she will make the time to read his chapters while she's on the plane. She wonders if he really wants her opinion and he tells her that he trusts her completely.

Neil's Apartment:
Neil is still venting about Dru and his brother. Dru tries to tell him that she didn't plan it that way. She tells him that he will be able to see Lily whenever he wants to. He tries to give her a guilt trip about Lily wanting them to be a family. She tells him that she tried hard to make it work, but they just didn't fit. He lashes out that his brother was obviously a good fit. She calls that a low blow. Neil says that no way is she taking Lily to live with her at Malcolm.

Olivia wants to know what's going on with Malcolm and Dru. Malcolm says he doesn't want to discuss it with her until she is feeling better, but she says that she wants to talk now. She tells him that Dru already told her about it and asks him if he and Dru are planning to be together. He admits that they are, but they don't really know where they are heading yet. Olivia says that now she knows what Dru and Neil are talking about downstairs. She says that Neil will be very upset. Malcolm thinks that Olivia is being pretty cool about the whole situation.

Pool House:
After Phyllis and Mac leave, Billy suggests that they go to a movie. Brittany lights up and asks if it will just be the two of them. Billy says he meant that Raul and Rianna should go too. Brittany suddenly changes her tune and says she doesn't want to go. Billy tells her to be that way then, and the three of them take off for the movie. Brittany watches them go and then goes into the pool house to change. J.T. slinks around the corner watching her.

Brad wants to know if Nikki thinks that Victor could influence Ashley. Nikki tells him that she has had a few conversations with Ashley lately and feels that she is still vulnerable to Victor. She says that she has picked up vibes from Victor also and thinks that he still wants to be with Ashley. She says she doesn't think that Victor will sue Jabot because of his feelings for Ashley. Brad wonders if Ashley knows about this and Nikki says that she doesn't think so because of the distance between Ashley and Victor lately.

The Lab:
Victor is promising Ashley that if she votes Brad out of Jabot, he won't sue them. She asks if he is serious this time. She reminds him of his promise to her that he wouldn't go after Brad. Victor says that at that time he had offered her a deal and she didn't accept it. She tells him that she didn't accept it because he wouldn't put it in writing. Victor says that this time he will put it in writing. Ashley tells Victor that when Brad came on board at Jabot, she promised that she would stand behind him. Victor can't believe that Brad is more important to her than her company. She tells him that her word of honor is important to her. Then he asks her if she is aware of the long battle she could be facing if he sued Jabot. She shakes her head sadly and says, "there you go ... threatening me again."

Crimson Lights:
Tomas asks Nina again if she will take the chapters with her on the plane. She agrees to take them. He asks when the flight is and she looks at the time. She jumps up and says she has to go because she hasn't even packed yet. They kiss goodbye and she starts to leave. He calls her back ... she forgot the chapters.

Pool House:
Brittany has changed out of her bathing suit and is remembering a conversation that she had with Rianna at the coffeehouse about Billy and Mac. She remembers J.T. coming up to the table and telling her that Billy has a crush on Mac. There is a knock on the door and Brittany yells that she's not going to the movie. But it's J.T. ... under the guise of looking for Rianna. Brittany asks him if he really thinks that Billy is interested in another girl.

Neil's Apartment:
Dru tells Neil in no uncertain terms, that Lily will stay with her. He says he can just imagine Lily being confused to see mommy necking with Uncle Malcolm. Dru tells him that he is crazy if he thinks that she would compromise their daughter's innocence. He says that she is being really selfish on this and if she thinks that he is going to let his daughter live with her and Malcolm, she has another think coming. Dru yells back that Lily has been with her for a long time ... they have traveled all over the place together. He demands to know if Lily has witnessed any of Dru's affairs. Dru slaps him across the face. She warns him not to make trouble, because he will lose. He tells her not to count on it. She slams out of the door.

The Lab:
Ashley says that Victor is using his money and his power to manipulate her again. He says that he is trying to help her. She doubts that. He tells her to look at her options. She can either keep her promise to a man who has never kept a promise in his life, or she can lose the family business. He implies that it isn't a difficult choice. She says that it's obvious it wouldn't be a hard choice for him to make. He wonders if other factors are involved with her choice making. He says that he will wait to hear from her. She snaps that she knows that she only has 24 hours. They stare at each other ... he turns and walks toward the door. As Victor is walking away down the corridor, Brad comes around the corner behind him and sees him. Brad walks slowly toward the door to the Lab and looks in to see Ashley in tears. He starts to go in, but changes his mind and leaves.

The Pool House:
J.T. says that he has no proof that Billy is seeing someone else. He tells Brittany that he doesn't think Billy treats her right. She agrees with him. He offers her a drink from his flask and she takes a couple of swigs. He tells her that she can always count on him for whatever she needs.

Tuesday, August 8, 2000

J.T. continues with his plan to break up Brittany and Billy by putting more ideas into Brittany's head about her boyfriend and Mac. Seeing that she is upset, he offers her a drink. As the alcohol begins to take effect J.T. puts the moves on Brittany and two end up sleeping together. When they are finished, Brittany begs him not to tell anyone. In the meantime, Mac and Phyllis continue to work on the website over at Crimson Lights. Phyllis pushes Mac to confide in her as to why she doesn't want to be on camera. Just as Mac is about to come clean, Billy shows up. The two decide to meet up at their secret place but their plans are thwarted when Brittany shows up. Elsewhere, Brad meets with Michael to discuss Victor's case against him and tells his lawyer that he's not so sure that he will have Ashley's vote. At the same time, Jill attempts to persuade Ashley to not vote for Brad, but Ashley remains undecided. Back at the law offices, Christine tells Michael that they shouldn't be taking cases involving Newman Enterprises or Jabot. Michael defends himself, saying that they need the money and then reminds her about his concerns about her wanting to have a child. They are interrupted by a visit from Phyllis. Back at Neil's, Dru breaks the news to Lily that they will not be living there after all. Neil breaks down into tears when Malcolm arrives and takes Dru and Lily home.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Jill confronts Mac about her mail. She tells Mac that she knows that she signed for her package and didn't give it to her. She wonders if Mac read it and was so afraid of what it said that she threw it away. She tells Mac that tampering with someone else's male is a federal offense. Upset and crying, Mac begs Jill not to contact her mother. She tells her that she cannot let her mother know where she is. Jill tells Mac that as long as she doesn't do anything to upset her, then they have nothing to worry about and Mac leaves. Jill wonders aloud to herself if Mac is afraid that if she talks to her mother, she'll find out that she really is a fraud.

Ryan and Victoria come in from work and share take-out. She tells him about her therapy session and how much it helped her to talk about it. She also tells him that she's still afraid that something will happen and trigger memories of Gary. When she goes to the kitchen to clean up, Ryan begins to read his mail and notices a letter from Gary. Victoria walks in and sees the look on Ryan's face and assumes that it is a letter from Tricia. She decides to leave him alone to read his mail in private.

Phyllis walks in on Chris and Michael's argument and sarcastically tells Chris that she decided to take that job after all and stay in town. Chris tells her that Michael was just filling her in on it. She turns back to Michael and tells him that maybe they should reassess their partnership and leaves. After she leaves, Phyllis badgers Michael to tell her what he and Christine were arguing about. He admits to her that he said some things that he should not have said. He tells her that he wants his partnership with Christine to work because he made a commitment and also because Christine is the one person in the world who shouldn't trust him and if his partnership with her is a success than he would have proven to her that he is a changed man. Phyllis urges him to dump Christine and find a new law partner because she knows that Christine will never be able to forget about the past. After pumping up his ego a little bit, they leave to make love.

Later at home, Chris confides in Paul about her argument with Michael and that there situation has now escalated into reconsidering their partnership. Paul urges Christine to not allow Michael to ruin what could be the most enjoyable time in their lives. He also tells her that no matter what decision she decides, he will stand by her 100% and she thanks him for it. He changes the subject telling her the good news that the fertility clinic called with the results and everything is normal. She is very happy about the news and they both admit that they will just have to try a little harder. They also adjourn to make love.

Dru comes in with a very disappointed Lily. Dru tries to cheer her up to no avail. After Lily goes upstairs, she confides in Malcolm that she didn't realize how hard it would be on Lily. Malcolm tells her that both Lily and Neil will come around; it will just take some time. She tells him how upset Neil was and he tells her that he loves his brother but he doesn't have a right to tell either one of them how they should live their lives. Malcolm kisses Dru but she pushes him away in fear that Lily will walk in on them. He tells her that he wasn't trying to put the moves on her; he just wanted to let her know how much she means to him. He understands that they cannot reveal their feelings to one another in front of Lily. Lily comes back downstairs and wants to know if Dru will be sleeping with her in the same room they were in the last time they stayed with Malcolm. Dru assures Lily that they will be sleeping together in the same room. After Lily goes back upstairs she tells Malcolm that she knows they have a lot to talk about but right now she has a very upset little girl and she needs to be with her right now and goes upstairs.

Olivia goes to the phone to call Neil wondering to herself if he would rather not hear from anyone but then someone knocks on the door; it's Neil. He complains to Olivia about Dru and Malcolm's behavior and how much it has hurt Lily. Olivia suggests to Neil that what has happened may be a blessing in disguise but Neil is not buying that. She then tells Neil that it seems to her that he is more upset because Dru, which means that he still has feelings for her, once again has rejected him. He tries to deny it with tears in his eyes and thanks Olivia for being a wonderful "friend." He tells her that he has dumped on her enough and leaves. Olivia thinks to herself that she really wished Neil knew how much she cared about him.

Abbott HOME
Ashley asks Billy if it is tough on him being girlfriends with one girl and being in love with someone else and having to be around them both during the web site production. Billy tries to play it off but Ashley admits to him that she saw the raw footage from the prom and she could tell that he and Mac are in love with each other. Billy denies it and Ashley lets him off the hook. She then tells him that he is at a time in his life where being in love should be pure, innocent and fun and shouldn't be bogged down with dishonesty and deceit.

Thursday, August 10, 2000

by Ruth

Nikki and Brad arrive at Michael Baldwin's office to discuss last minute strategy before the big Jabot board meeting. Brad surprises them both when he considers backing off from the fight to make things easier for Ashley. He knows that she is torn and doesn't want to see her hurt more. Michael is very confident that they can win based on case law that he has found. Ashley and her father talk about the situation, her father knowing that her personal feelings for Victor are making it hard for her. As predicted, he will stand behind Brad because they promised that they would. As they gather at the meeting, Brad and Michael are lucky that John Abbott allowed them to have their last word before the vote. Ashley reveals Victor's promise that he will not sue Jabot and put it in writing if they fire Brad. The votes are cast, as we knew that they would; Everyone anxiously awaits Ashley's vote.

Over breakfast, Victor tells Diane that she should really tell the father about the baby. He seems concerned about her and is giving fatherly advice. Diane takes it as a good sign, but is anxious about his reaction when she tells him the truth. Victoria overheard part of the conversation and rushes to Ryan's apartment to vent. Before she arrived, he read the letter from Gary offering to help in Victoria's recovery in any way possible. Ryan was trying to get in touch with the psychiatrist to get some guidance right before she came in. Victoria pushes him to tell her about the letter that she thinks came from Trish, when he is saved by the bell -- the doctor called back. He excuses her politely and starts his story. . .

At the office now, Victor makes final preparations to complete the agreement with Jabot that he promised to Ashley. Neal knows what he is doing and reminds Victor about his rules against mixing business and personal decisions. Victor gives his usual "do as I say and not as I do" reply, saying that sometimes you have to do what you have to do. The pen hits the paper as he wonders what Ashley will end up doing. . .

Jill and Brock are talking about how important Mackenzie has become to him and how badly he feels that Jill doesn't think that she is Brock's daughter. Jill acts like she is sorry and might consider spilling her guts if she had more time. The next thing we know, she gets a call from the private investigator with new developments on Mac's birth records. Jill tells him to work on that quickly and, if he doesn't find something soon she will make her next move -- contact Mackenzie's mother in some way.

At their secret place, Mac and Billy console each other. She wants to tell him the whole story about why her mother can't be allowed to find her but he is willing to wait until she is ready. She tells him about her confrontation with Jill and they agree that there's a good possibility that Jill won't make a move toward her mother if Mac behaves and/or she is worried about losing Billy if she hurts Mac. Billy must have been contemplating his conversation with Ashley about young love and how simple it should be. He tells Mac that if she feels compelled to move to Plan B and run away, that he would let her under one condition -- that he go with her!

Friday, August 11, 2000

Ashley votes against firing Brad. Nikki gives Brad the good news and he's shocked. Nikki explains that the board has not decided whether they will form a united front with Brad or fight on their own. Ashley quietly leaves the boardroom to give Victor the news. Victoria tells Nick she assumes Ryan received a letter from Tricia. Ryan overhears Victoria and tells her that the letter he received was actually from Gary Dawson. He gives her the letter against Nick's wishes. Kay is worried that they could lose Mackenzie if Jill brings Amanda into her life. Brock admits that in a casual conversation, he gave Jill all of the information she needs to locate Amanda. Brittany tells J.T. to leave her alone, but he insists that what they shared meant the world to him. Rianna joins them, and J.T. leaves. Rianna tells Brittany she suspects J.T. is cheating on her, but it might be for the best since he's a jerk. After Rianna leaves, J.T. tells Brittany that if she thinks she can set him up and then blow him off, she's dead wrong. Jill leaves the meeting and finds Raul at the pool house. She senses something is wrong and he tells her that Mac broke up with him. Sensing Mac is planning to get closer to Billy, Jill books the next flight to St. Louis.

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