The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on Y&R

Diane told Victor that she had used his sperm to get pregnant. Victor declared revenge upon Diane. Jill admitted to Katherine that Mac's birth records were valid. Brittany caught Mac and Billy kissing.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, August 14, 2000

Ashley & Victor
As expected, Victor is stunned to hear that Ashley voted to keep Brad at Jabot. He is furious that she turned her back on what he considered to be a very generous offer to avoid a lawsuit. Ashley pleads with Victor to understand that when she heard her father's surprise at the idea of her voting to oust Brad, she was reminded of the promise she had made to Brad to protect him from Victor's wrath in exchange for his bailing out Jabot. She could not go back on her word. Victor can't even believe she values a promise made to such a "treacherous bastard," but Ashley feels that she meant her promise and that's what counted, not the character of the man she promised. Victor is irate that she would risk alienating him over Brad Carlton. Ashley points out that it was Victor that put her in this position, not Brad, and that all of these troubles were initially caused by Victor's scheming and manipulating. Victor insists that her brother Jack caused ALL of the problems Jabot was having. He goes on to try to explain the magnitude of his gesture, forcefully elaborating that one does not just drop a vengeance that has been so carefully planned and executed. Victor spits that he had been willing to drop his vendetta against Jack because that because of the depth of feeling her had for her and then walks away. Ashley makes a final appeal to stop the Newman/Abbott war by pointing out the action/reaction nature of it to Victor. Victor says that walking away is not in his nature. Ashley asks if she should now expect the "full wrath of Victor Newman" to come crashing down on them. He is amazed that she is asking him that question and calmly replies -- "after all I have done for you, what do you expect?" Ashley quickly leaves and Victor slowly tears up the offer to rescind the lawsuit.

The Jabot Boardroom
Jack, Brad and Nikki discuss the situation. Brad explains to Jack that he couldn't leave Jabot because he felt it would be like turning Ashley over to Victor. Jack warns Brad to stay away from his sister and states that her family will look out for her, but Brad mocks Jack's past so-called support. Nikki fumes as she listens to Brad and Jack fight over Ashley and tries to break it up. She asks Jack what legal strategy he plans to use to defend the oncoming lawsuit. Jack explodes that he is not ready to choose how to react yet and attacks Nikki for her presumptuousness. He says he is thinking about it and points out that they should not panic, but plan instead. They all agree on that point, but after Brad leaves, Nikki goes after Jack. She is infuriated that he would think she allowed herself to be ruled by her emotions or men. She has changed and he is not at all that different. Jack apologizes for pushing that button and they reminisce about their old romantic escapades. Nikki feel that just because they are both single doesn't mean they can pick up where they left off. Jack says that may be true for the whole thing but asks for a picture perfect moment. He kisses her.

The Brash and Sassy Crew
Ryan reads the letter from Gary aloud despite Nick's objections. Victoria listens to Gary's apologies and offers to help her heal from what he has done if he can. An angry Nick is surprised Ryan would give any credence to what Gary says since he is a convicted lunatic who needs to convince people he is better so he can leave the hospital. He believes that Victoria's therapist should have been the judge of whether or not Victoria knew about the letter, not Ryan. Ryan assures him that the therapist is just a phone call away if she is needed. Vicki interrupts the discussion to say that she wants to forget about Gary. She says that she is angry that he is trying to insert himself back into her life, but feels that they need to get back to work. She tries to change the subject by citing her surprise at the success of the new Jabot web site. She rattles off some new promotional ideas, but stumbles when her gaze falls on the letter. When Ryan asks if she is ok, she tells him to burn that letter. She wants to focus on her work and forget about Gary.

The Coffeehouse
"Carter" and Cody compare notes on Sharon when they notice Warton come in. They head over to throw him out. Cody comes on strong and Warton resists the ejection, saying that he can't believe the Newmans are still treating him so poorly. He starts to make a scene, but Carter gets him out quickly. Sharon thanks him for handling the situation so well and relays the events to Nick when he arrives. Nick informs her about Gary's letter and Victoria's seemingly calm reaction to it. Sharon is sure that Victoria had to be affected by it and urges Nick not to worry about it. She then reiterates how impressed she was with Carter's brave act.

Later, Warton and Carter meet to discuss how it went. Carter is upset that Warton was late and warns him not to put him in danger of discovery like that again. Warton agrees but tells Carter that he noticed the vibe he was giving to Sharon and asks him why he was trying so hard to impress her.

Drucilla and Neil
Dru pays a visit to Malcolm at his studio, convinced he left early because he was upset over Lily's intrusion on their romantic evening. Malcolm reassures her that he left because he had a 7 a.m. photo shoot and is happy to welcome Lily into his home.

Meanwhile, Neil tells Mamie that Drucilla has moved in with Malcolm. She is shocked and condemns her behavior, demanding that Neil put his foot down and go get Dru and bring her home. Neil is sure that it would never work because she is so headstrong. Mamie pleads with him not to give up on Dru, citing that maybe She and Malcolm got together but that doesn't mean the relationship is for real. Drucilla walks in and Mamie says her goodbyes.

Dru thanks Neil for sticking up for her and tells him that Lily is confused and disappointed that she hasn't seen much of her father. She wants them to work out some specific terms for visitation. Neil reads this as her trying to use Lily to get what she wants because he can't believe she didn't come to work things out with him. Dru insists that the most important thing they have to deal with is Lily because she needs her father. A hurt Neil lashes out at Drucilla, accusing her of wanting Lily out of the way so she wouldn't disturb her new love nest with Malcolm. Drucilla is furious that he thinks she would be that kind of mother and storms out.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Jack and Nikki continue their romantic interlude, but hold themselves back, deciding that it would be better to explore their feeling after the battle with Victor is over. The two discuss Victor's situation with Diane. Jack believes that Diane is hell bent on getting revenge on Nikki and that she should watch her back. As the two discuss the situation, Diane stuns Victor by showing up at his office and laying the claim that she is carrying his child. In the meantime, back at the Jabot lab, Ashley and Brad argue over recent events. Ashley blasts her friend for not stepping down from his position at Jabot and instead forcing her to vote on the matter. Brad is forced to admit that he wanted to her to have to vote so that she wouldn't go running back to Victor. Amazed at the revelation, Ashley tells him to leave, claiming that he is no longer a friend to her. Elsewhere, Dru goes to see Malcolm at his studio and tells him about her run-in with Neil. At the same time, Olivia tries to give Neil advice on how to deal with her sister. When the two finish their conversation, Neil places a call to Dru and asks her to come meet him at his office. Over at Crimson Lights, Nick and Sharon bask in the success of their Milwaukee shop and discuss opening at third. While they consider their options, Warton and Matt continue to plot their revenge on the happy couple.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Diane tells Victor that he is the father of his baby. He asks her how could he be because they have not had sex in a long time and he also had a vasectomy. She tells him that with modern technology anything is possible. She tells him that she intercepted a letter sent to him at the penthouse from the lab about his sperm sample. She reveals that she thought it was fate because she has always wanted to have a baby with the man she loves. Victor is furious and blasts her for doing something so deceitful. After all, he didn't want a baby with her when they were married; let alone now that they are divorced. He tells her what a deceitful, conniving, devious woman she is and tells her that he will most likely bring charges against her. He tells her that she has broken the law and betrayed his trust by getting pregnant without his consent. She tells him that whatever he does to her, to remember that he will be doing it to the mother of his child and walks out.

Dru arrives to see Neil and he apologizes to her for the hurtful things he said to her. After setting up Lily's visitation schedule, Dru wants to know why it bothered him so much to hear that she and Malcolm were seeing each other. She tells him that that she only felt free to pursue a relationship with Malcolm because he thought that he was moving on to a new life and ready to get involved with Olivia after she got better. She reminds him of the conversation he had with Olivia at the hospital and wonders if he was really serious about what he said. She tells him that he needs to talk to Olivia about what they discussed in the hospital.

Jill arrives at her private investigators office and tells him that she wants to inform Amanda immediately where Mackenzie is but anonymously. They both decide that the private investigator will call Amanda and tell her that he is a reporter wanting to find out about her daughter being involved in the Glo by Jabot summer campaign.

Meanwhile, at Paul's office, Kay and Brock tell Paul and Lynne that Jill knows how to contact Amanda. She knows her last name and that she lives in St. Louis. Paul asks if they have found out the real story behind Mac running away from home? They tell him no, that they only know that her stepfather was an alcoholic. Paul calls a friend of his and finds out that Jill booked at ticket to St. Louis. Paul decides to put Amanda under surveillance in case she does decide to come to Genoa City. If she does, they will be ready for her when she arrives.

Nikki thanks Ashley for voting for Brad. Ashley tells her that the only reason why she did it was because they promised to stand behind Brad but her decision could cost her father his company. Nikki tries to convince her that everything that's going on is Victor's fault and Ashley counters that Brad is not blameless. Nikki tells Ashley that the only reason Victor did what he did is because he wants her back. Ashley tells her that it doesn't matter, that Victor is out of her life for good. They argue some more but Ashley tells her that she is tired of arguing and to leave her lab. Ashley walks over to the counter and as she is filling a beaker, she drops it. Nikki wants to know what's wrong but Ashley tells her that it's nothing but she is clearly shaken up about something.

Abbott HOME
Mac asks Phyllis why she didn't tell her about the clip she uploaded of Billy and Brittany arguing. Phyllis tells her that it was a last minute decision. Brittany is still upset with Billy and is not speaking to him. She decides to go in the house to find out what new messages are on the web site. Rianna is already on line and as Brittany looks over her shoulder, she notices that all the comments are about she and Billy's argument. Rianna encourages Brittany not to worry about it because Billy really loves her. However, she is still upset so she decides to go back outside. Raul is sitting by quietly listening and after she leaves, he goes over to Rianna and tells her that maybe they should talk to Brittany and Billy and try to help them make up. Rianna thinks it's a good idea. Raul goes back outside and talks to Billy. He asks Billy what is wrong with he and Brittany. Billy comments that he thinks Brittany is getting tired of him. Raul encourages him to work it out with Brittany because he doesn't want to see him go through what he went through after his break up with Mac.

Later Phyllis mentions that she watched the commercial and has decided to upload some of the images onto the web site. Both Billy and Mac mention that they haven't seen the commercial and decide to go inside to watch it. As they are watching it, Mac notices the brief moment that she is in the commercial in the mirror and panics that her mother or someone who knows her mother might see it.

Olivia fantasizes about Neil coming over and telling her that it is now time to pursue their relationship together and that they share a passionate kiss. The doorbell interrupts her; it's Neil. He comes in and asks her if she's been thinking about the conversation they had while she was in the hospital. She admits that she has been thinking about it and he tells her that it is now time to discuss their relationship.

Thursday, August 17, 2000

by Ruth

At the pool house, Billy tried to let Brittany off the hook in their relationship, but she professed her love to him. Jack tried to get Phyllis to back off on the kids, but couldn't take a chance of making her more curious by coming down too hard on her. Raul and Rianna watched both commercials to see if they could tell where Mac showed up in the mirror on the second one. Phyllis found out about the first commercial and is adding that to her list of melodramatic ideas to ensure the success of the web site. J.T. sneaked in after everyone else had gone and watched the first commercial. He was then convinced that he now has the ammunition he needs to take Brittany away from Billy.

At Gina's, Michael Baldwin happened upon Diane, who was still upset after her conversation with Victor about carrying his child. She spent time agonizing over the mistakes she had made, but then realized that there may be ways to get money from Victor if she can't have his love.

Victoria went to visit her father with news about the teen campaign. He hinted at what happened between him and Diane, but wouldn't tell her the whole story. Victoria wondered if he would let her be the one to kick Diane out of the apartment, but Victor wanted to do it himself. After Victoria left, Victor called the lab to find that "his wife" had transferred the specimen in April. He hung up when he heard that. The lab techs talked about it and they had known that there would be trouble with that one. One of them thought that there may be something he could do about it.

In Olivia's apartment, she and Neal talk about how Dru reminded him of their conversation about their future together. Olivia wanted it to happen, but closed the subject because she knew that if Neal didn't think of it without being reminded, then he must not be totally over Drucilla.

At the coffee house, Nick and Sharon talked about plans to be away for a couple of weeks. Nick's only reservation about that stemmed from his worries about his sister and the letter the Ryan received from Gary. Nick told Ryan in no uncertain terms that he didn't want anything else to come up while he was gone and he needed to know about any more contact from Gary first before Victoria was informed.

Jill and the private investigator in St. Louis received a fax that confirmed Mackenzie's story just before they were ready to place a call to Amanda. Jill had to admit that Mac is Brock's daughter, but still wanted to get rid of her. She planned to return home to think about it before she took another step. She knew that Katherine would figure it out if Amanda followed Jill back to Genoa City. And that could not happen no matter what the cost. She had to cover her tracks very carefully.

Friday, August 18, 2000

Mac, Billy and Raul discuss their plans for the evening. They decide on a movie and go to Brittany and Rianna with the idea, but Brittany wants to spend time with Billy alone and Rianna is going to try to find J.T. When Brittany goes to freshen up for Billy, J.T. finds her and shows her the tape of Mac and Billy at the prom. Devastated from what she sees, Brittany finds Billy and cancels plans with him. Billy is glad he can now spend time with Mac and they kiss as Brittany watches unseen. Jack, Nikki and Ashley discuss whether they should join forces with Brad or fight Victor on their own. When Jack sees how stressed Ashley is, he proposes she take temporary leave. Victor tells his lawyer that Jabot did not accept his proposal and he is continuing with the lawsuit. Nikki comes to his office to talk to him about the lawsuit and it's effects on Ashley. Over dinner, Phyllis tells Michael that he's always had feelings for Chris, but he tries to deny it. Michael finds the idea insane and gets a call from Chris to meet him at the firm. Tomas and Chris have a heart to heart about their relationships. Tomas admits he's worried that Nina didn't like his chapters.

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