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Ashley was devastated that Diane was pregnant with Victor's child. Mac told Katherine the truth about her relationship with Billy. Brittany had big plans to get even with Mac and Billy. Ryan let Victoria be his roommate for a while. Tricia returned.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 28, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, August 28, 2000

by Audra McKenna

Inside the Abbott pool house, Billy was trying to convince Mac not to run away, but Mac felt that they were running up against roadblocks everywhere they turned. She said that the time was right to run. Meanwhile, outside, Brittany was pumping Phyllis to tell her how to get back at Billy and Mac. Phyllis ignored her pleas and called for everyone to gather around because she had something important to tell them all. She asked where Billy and Mac were, and Raul said they were probably in the pool house. Brittany glared at the pool house and then at Phyllis. Phyllis just shrugged her shoulders.

In his studio, Malcolm was trying hard to get the right look from Dru and Heidi. Heidi was giving a great performance, but Dru was obviously not into it. Finally, he stopped and told Heidi to take a break because he wanted to have a powwow with Dru. Dru told him that she didn't have confidence in her work anymore.

Malcolm reminded Dru of when she'd first started out as a model and all the confidence she'd had back then. She remembered, but she felt that she didn't have the desire anymore. He completely changed gears on her and told her that they would stop the shoot and go do something else then. He started to put away the cameras, and Dru was obviously shaken by his sudden change.

At the Jabot lab, Olivia could see that something was bothering Ashley. Ashley told her that she and Victor were through.

Victoria decided that she had made a mistake to go see Gary at the psychiatric ward and knocked on the door for the guard to let her and Ryan out. The door opened, and she was face-to-face with Gary. Victoria gasped and took a step back. The guard assured her that Gary's doctor was nearby if they needed him. Gary apologized for startling her and went to sit down at the table, while Victoria looked at him like she had a very bad taste in her mouth.

At Crimson Lights, Nick was worried that Victoria might go to see Gary. Sharon wondered if maybe Gary was really sincere in just wanting to tell Victoria that he was sorry. Nick didn't buy it. He thought that Dawson was still a danger to his sister. He said that maybe they shouldn't leave on their trip yet. Sharon told him that the kids would be there shortly and would be very disappointed if they couldn't go on their vacation. She suggested that Nick try to contact Victoria on her cell phone, so he got up and went to the phone.

At the psychiatric ward, Victoria answered her phone. She quickly left the room to take the call. She told Nick that she was in a meeting and couldn't talk right then. Nick reminded her that they were going on vacation, and if she needed him, she should call Sharon's cell phone because he'd forgotten his at the office. Victoria agreed and told him to have a good trip. She went back into the room. Gary immediately started to tell her that Nick had visited him, but she said she already knew about it. She said that she was not sure why she was even there. Gary thought that she was there to give him a chance to tell her how sorry he was for what he had done to her.

Back at the Abbott home, Billy tried to tell Mac that it was not realistic to run away -- they had families that would worry about them. Just then, Brittany flounced in, all smiles, and told them that Phyllis wanted to see them all outside.

At Victor's penthouse, Diane was venting at Marissa about not being able to talk to Victor because he was behind closed doors with Ashley. She was sure that the two of them were back together again. Marissa said that she couldn't be sure of that. Diane ranted that Victor was the father of her child, and if he thought he was going to avoid that, he was sadly mistaken.

In the Jabot lab, Olivia was stunned that Ashley had broken off the relationship with Victor. Ashley said that it was Victor who had made the decision. She told Olivia everything that had happened, with Victor putting it in writing that he wouldn't sue Jabot or Brad. She said that it had made her change her mind about Victor, and she had gone over to see him with the hopes that they could begin again with their relationship, but Victor hadn't wanted to. She felt that she'd hurt him too much. Olivia told her that she had every right to mistrust Victor. Ashley told Olivia she felt that Victor thought they were even and that they should go their separate ways.

At Crimson Lights, Carter, a.k.a. Matt Clark, was grilling the kid who'd put up the rave notice about what went on at a rave in Genoa City. He asked what kind of "refreshments" people could get. The guy said mostly beer. Carter said that he had been to a few raves in New York City, and people could score a lot of stuff at them. The guy told him that they were just as cool in Genoa City, and people could get just about whatever they needed.

At the Abbott house, Phyllis told the kids about the sleepover. She said the girls and boys would sleep in separate sections -- to a few moans and groans from Rianna and Raul. She told them that their parents wouldn't approve otherwise. She looked at Billy and told him that his mother was concerned about it. He asked when she had seen his mother, and she said she had seen Jill just before she'd left town on a business trip. On hearing that his mother had gone out of town, he and Mac gave each other worried looks.

At the psychiatric hospital, Gary told Victoria that he wished he could take it all back. He pleaded with her to forgive him. Victoria was revolted at the idea and told Ryan that they were leaving. She bolted out the door, saying it bad been a mistake to go there. Ryan caught up to her in the hallway and told her that she couldn't go -- not yet.

Carter went home after his shift at the coffeehouse and found Larry Warton sitting there. He wanted to know how Larry had gotten in, but he said he was glad Larry was there because he had some information for him. He told Larry about the rave parties. Larry didn't seem too excited about a kids' party, but then Carter asked him if he'd ever heard of ecstasy.

In Malcolm's studio, Dru wanted to know what they were going to do about the shoot. Malcolm said that he would just tell his client to get another photographer, because it wasn't working. All the while, he was putting the cameras away. Dru thought he was joking, but he told her that he'd "be damned" if he was going to take somebody's picture if they weren't giving him what he needed for the ad.

Dru insisted, in a very sexy tone, that she could give him what he needed. Malcolm told her to prove it, and she slunk over to a table and draped herself across it, striking a come-hither pose. Just then, Heidi reappeared from her break. Malcolm welcomed her back, telling her that Drucilla Winters had finally decided to enter the building. They started the shoot all over again.

Billy served Brittany and Rianna some drinks at the Abbott House. He went over to Mac and asked her if she wanted a drink. She said no and moved away to another spot. Rianna suggested that they all go down to the coffeehouse to tell everyone about the sleepover. Brittany said she'd pass, and Billy didn't want to either.

Raul said he'd go, and he and Rianna went into the house to change. Brittany went into the pool house to find Phyllis. Billy and Mac talked about running away. Billy was still trying to talk Mac out of it. Finally Mac got mad and told Bill that if he didn't want to go with her, after all, he should just say it.

Diane phoned to speak with Victor, but Connie told her that he was not there. She asked Connie where he was and when he'd be back, and Connie said that she couldn't give Diane that information. Diane slammed down the phone, grabbed her purse, and charged out the door. A very puzzled Marissa watched her leave.

Olivia told Ashley to give Victor some time, and he was sure to change his mind. She reminded Ashley that Victor was a proud man, and if anybody reached out, it should be Ashley. Ashley wasn't sure that she could do that. She was afraid of rejection and more heartbreak. Olivia said to trust that Victor wanted it as much as Ashley did. Ashley said that Olivia had given her something to think about.

Billy took Mac out of the yard and around to the side of the house. He told her that he would do anything for her as long as he felt that it was the right thing to do. He said that he didn't feel that it was the right time to run. He reminded her that Jill was out of town for a couple of days and that they had some breathing room. Mac snapped at him that he was using his mother's absence as an excuse to do nothing. He said that he was using the time to think.

Mac apologized for snapping -- she said that she was uptight. She tried to tell Billy that it would be like an adventure for them to go -- they could look out for one another. He asked if she really wanted to break her grandmother's heart. He questioned if she really wanted to give up all that she had to run away and be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life. She said that she thought he was ready for that. He explained that if running away was their only option, he would do it, but they both had a lot of reasons to stay. He took her into his arms and hugged her.

At Crimson Lights, Nick still wasn't sure if they should leave on their vacation yet. The kids entered, and Sharon said that they should go. She told him that Victoria was a big girl and could take care of herself -- and besides, she had Ryan to look out for her. They gathered the children together and left for the airport.

Ryan talked Victoria into going back into the room and telling Gary what she had gone there to say. He said that it was time that she got it out of her system.

At Carter's place, Warton thought that Carter wanted them to deal dope to kids and said no way. Carter said that he had another plan, and it was not dealing dope to kids.

Brittany found Phyllis in the Abbott pool house and wanted Phyllis to tell her how to get back at Billy and Mac for what they'd done to her. Phyllis asked her what kind of payback she was looking for. Brittany wasn't sure, but she wanted to break them up as painfully as possible. Phyllis asked her what she wanted then. She wondered if Brittany wanted to get back with Billy. Brittany didn't know. All she was sure of was that she wanted to break them up. Phyllis said there was only one game that was a sure thing.

Dru was playing at being upset over the reverse psychology that Malcolm had pulled on her. He kissed her and said, "Whatever works, right?"

Olivia was gone, and Ashley was looking over some files in the lab when Diane walked in demanding some answers about Ashley and Victor. Ashley wanted to know why she would ever tell Diane anything about her personal life. Diane insisted she had a right to know. Ashley asked what right, and Diane demurely said that she was pregnant -- with Victor's child. Ashley's jaw dropped as she looked in stunned silence at Diane's stomach.

Phyllis told Brittany that she should drop hints that Billy was cheating on Mac. Brittany wanted to know how she should do it, and Phyllis told her to use her imagination.

Victoria went back into the room and told Gary that it was her turn to talk. She told him that his apology didn't cut it. He'd abducted her, he'd made her fear for her life -- she demanded to know if he realized what that did to a person. He started to answer, and she shouted at him to shut up. She told him that he had insinuated himself into her life and made her trust him. She said that she'd even thought she had been falling in love with him. Gary had tears in his eyes.

Victoria said that when she thought about all the times she had let Gary touch her and kiss her, it made her sick. She yelled again that it made her sick -- then she lunged at him, punching and slapping him, shouting, "I hate you! I hate you!"

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Feeling she'd gotten enough out of their visit, Victoria began to leave the psychiatric facility when Gary asked her to wait a minute. He assured her that what had happened had in no way been her fault. He was the sick one. He asked her to believe that he loved her and that, as sick as it was, he had done everything because of that love. Victoria told Gary that she hoped that he could get well and live a normal life. But, she added, she didn't want him to ever contact her again.

Content with the exchange, Victoria left with Ryan in tow. They returned to the penthouse and celebrated the end of a horrible experience. Victoria thanked Ryan for being there for her. The two discussed the direction their relationship had taken over the past few months and ended up sharing a kiss.

In the meantime, Diane showed up at the Jabot lab and informed Ashley that she was pregnant with Victor's child. When Ashley refused to react in a negative way, Diane boasted that Ashley was just jealous that Diane would be giving Victor something Ashley never could. Just as the conversation became heated, Brad interrupted and politely told Diane to leave. As he and Ashley mended fences and renewed their friendship, Diane headed over to Newman to see Victor. When she arrived, she was surprised to find that Victor had left indefinitely and left Neil in charge.

Over at Crimson Lights, Nina surprised Tomas by returning a day early. The reunion grew tense when Tomas asked her what she'd thought of his novel.

Things continued to heat up over at the pool house as Brittany began to lay the bait that would make Mac think that Billy was cheating on her. Brittany told her that she and Billy were doing great and hinted that their relationship was becoming very intense. As she left to take a shower, Billy entered and asked Mac what was going on. She told him about the conversation and admitted that she was worried about his relationship with Brittany.

Billy managed to assure Mac that she had nothing to worry about. Later, knowing that Mac was watching, Brittany told Billy how excited she was about the sleepover then planted a kiss on him. When she headed home, an angry Mac confronted Billy and asked if Brittany was a good kisser. Billy apologized, swearing he had been caught off guard. When he promised to find a way to end things with Brittany, Mac broke down in his arms and said that she just wanted to be with him.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Mac finally confessed to Katherine that Jill was threatening to call Mac's mother if she ever started dating Billy. She admitted that she and Billy were secretly together and worried what would happen. Katherine revealed that she and Brock had hired Paul to keep an eye on Amanda and would go to court to earn custody of her if need be. Mac asked her not to tell Brock.

After a snide remark from Brittany at Crimson Lights, Raul found Billy and searched the attic for his camping gear, reminiscing about their past good times while camping. Hearing that he was having trouble with Brittany, Raul urged him to break up with her quickly. Billy began to worry that Brittany knew about him being with Mac. Meanwhile, Brittany boasted to J.T. about her plans for revenge.

Christine leaked to Paul that Michael didn't care if they started a family. Tomas pressed Nina for her opinion about his writing, but she tried to delay the truth. Unable to delay the inevitable, Nina finally admitted the characters were weak as was the plot. Upset, Tomas stormed out.

Phyllis surprised Michael in his office with a catered dinner and an offer to "inaugurate" his office. After sharing a passionate kiss with Ryan, Victoria was upset when Diane returned home and revealed Victor had never ordered her to leave.

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Victoria's day got off to a bad start as the usually cocky Diane greeted her as she got ready for work. Her mood lightened, briefly, when Victor called to check in. After discussing work, Victoria asked her father where he was and when he was returning. Frustrated that he wouldn't answer her, she asked if he would at least get on the phone with Diane and tell her that she had to move out of the penthouse immediately. When Victor refused, a stunned Victoria hung up the phone, and Diane reported that she was pregnant with Victoria's father's child.

Not knowing how to react, Victoria left and headed over to her office at Brash & Sassy. When she told Ryan the latest news from home, he told her that it was time she moved out of Victor's. Victoria agreed but didn't know where to go. She caught her ex off guard when she suggested moving in with him. Meanwhile, in London, Tricia began to write a letter to Ryan but was forced to throw it away when her father told her it was time to leave for Paris.

Over at Gina's, Brad and Ashley shared breakfast together and discussed their first night at birthing class the previous evening. Brad managed to brighten Ashley's mood by reminding her that no matter what had happened with Victor, she would soon have a baby that would help her move on. Later, Brad confronted Diane and warned her not to be overly confident about her situation and what Victor would do about it.

Elsewhere, Christine visited Nina to find out what had happened when she'd told Tomas that she didn't like his book. Nina said that things hadn't gone well but felt better when Christine assured her that, in the end, Tomas would appreciate her honesty. Still not convinced, Nina was forced to face the music when Tomas arrived.

At the Chancellor estate, Mac and Katherine discussed Mac's romance with Billy a bit more. When Katherine casually turned the conversation to the subject of sex, Mac assured her grandmother that she was not ready for that and that Billy had not pressured her in any way. She did admit that she'd had some concerns about Brittany but was assured when Katherine said she probably had nothing to worry about and that she shouldn't be jealous.

At the Abbotts', Jack pushed Billy to let him know what was bothering him. Billy finally admitted to Jack that the situation with Mac was taking its toll and that he was having nightmares about it. Sympathetic to his little brother's problems, Jack agreed to do anything he could to help Billy and Mac be together. Billy seemed to be relieved, unaware that Brittany was at Crimson Lights, plotting with Phyllis to get revenge at any cost.

Friday, September 1, 2000

Jack lectured the teens about making the final website adventure an exciting one. He then found Phyllis deep in conversation with Brittany, but the ladies wouldn't reveal what they were talking about. After Jack left, Brittany admitted to Phyllis that she was going to sneak a drink or two into Billy but was worried because he'd almost died the previous winter, thanks to too much booze. Phyllis doubted that a couple of drinks would hurt.

Mac leaked to Billy that Katherine had hired someone to keep an eye on her mother, so she thought they could start telling people about their relationship. Billy didn't think it was safe yet. Phyllis started the final session with Brittany rubbing lotion on Billy. Brittany pushed Billy to make the night special by starting off with a drink.

After apologizing, Tomas confessed to Nina that he felt he'd lost his writing talent. He then asked her for a favor. At Gina's, Diane took great pleasure in revealing to Nikki that she was carrying Victor's baby. Jack spotted them together and learned Diane's news from Nikki.

Addison Fields congratulated Christine and Michael on their work for his company and offered them a big retainer. Paul handed Christine a home pregnancy test kit. Ryan agreed to allow Victoria to move into the spare bedroom. After she settled in, Victoria answered the door at Ryan's place and found Tricia there.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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