The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on Y&R

Brad proposed to Ashley. A mysterious bump appeared on Cassie's arm. Sharon and Nick feared it could be an early sign of tuberculosis. Jill continued to threaten Mac about contacting Mac's mother. Tomas went on a drinking binge. Tricia went to 'Carter' for comfort.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, October 9, 2000


Victor admits to Nikki that he's going to have a paternity test performed as soon as Diane's baby is born. She learns about the gift he sent to Ashley and leaks that Brad's got Ashley's attention these days. Meanwhile, Brad's upset by the present from Victor and complains to Ashley about hurting his feelings. When she insists that she wants a loving man, Brad offers himself and suggests that she marry him. After Olivia denies that she deliberately tried to keep him from Dru, Malcolm calls to book a flight to Paris. Jack invites Brittany to his office where he confronts her about the website sleep over. Brittany quickly rails at him and claims that she did sleep with Billy. She then storms out while Jack considers whether she's telling the truth. At school Billy apologizes to Raul for not telling him about Mac but claims that he and Mac felt they had to hide everything because of Jill. Raul finally punches Billy and knocks him to the floor, blasting him for his lies and deceit. J.T. finds him nursing a sore jaw and lets Billy know that he's aware of more than he thinks he is. Brittany finds them together and continues to make Billy feel miserable about their "night together." Paul is shocked when Chris enters his office and insists on talking.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Brad continues to push Ashley on the idea of marriage. He seems to make some progress, but isn't quite at the finish line yet. In the midst of their conversation, they are interrupted by Jill who definitely takes notice of the closeness between the two. Later, she heads over to Jack's office asking for his help with Billy. She begs him to let her know why her son is no longer speaking to her. Claiming her doesn't want to get involved, Jack tells her to back off...she won't be getting any information out of him. Becoming spiteful that she isn't getting what she wants, Jill decides to ruffle Jack's feathers by telling him about her run-in with Ashley and Brad and how she has noticed a special "closeness" between them lately. Refusing not to let anything go on between his sister and his nemesis, Jack heads over to Ashley's office to find out what's going on for himself. Over at the law offices, Phyllis comes by to meet Michael for dinner and finds him snooping around Christine's office. When she tells him that she went to see Victor, Michael expresses his concern over her dealing with the dangerous Mr. Newman. Not wanting to harp on it, Phyllis quickly changes the subject to the fact that Michael is in Chris' office. When Michael updates her on the latest with his partner and her husband, Phyllis congratulates him on finally getting what he wants....Christine and Paul breaking up. Michael assures a skeptical Phyllis that he in no way wants that and that he is confident that Christine and Paul will work things out. Meanwhile, the couple in question continues to argue over the baby situation. Paul questions his wife's honesty and commitment to their marriage. Chris becomes devastated at the thought that her decision may ruin their relationship and declares her love to her husband. Taking her in his arms, a tearful Paul tells her he loves her too. Back at the penthouse, Victoria returns home to find herself under fire by Victor for her contract with Phyllis. Victoria stands her ground and seems to convince her father that she made the correct decision. Over at Crimson Lights, Nick and Sharon are relieved to get Cassie's latest test results that seem to show that she is fine. Their relief, however, is short-lived when the family returns home and finds a red spot on Cassie's arm. Nick manages to calm Sharon down and the two decide they can't do anything about it until the morning. Finally, Nina is shocked to find a drunk Tomas passes out on the couch. She tries to snap him out of his depressed mood, but leaves after she decides her attempts are futile.

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Victor interrupts an argument between Victoria and Diane. He notices Diane has bought a crib for the baby and Diane tells him that she is prepared to convert the guest room where Victoria is sleeping into a nursery. Victor asks Diane what she wants from him and Diane tells Victor that she only wants Victor all to herself. When Victor tells Diane that he doesn't want her, she leaves. Justin from the lab pays Victor a visit and tells him that he was able to retrace the movement of his sample. He confirms that Victor's sample was probably used in Diane's insemination. Ashley drops by to thank Victor for the baby gift and Victor assures Ashley that she will be a wonderful mother. Before leaving for work, Brad asks Ashley to marry him again and Ashley tells him that she's been thinking about the idea, but doesn't want to make a hasty decision. Brad meets with a jeweler while Ashley goes to work. Tricia goes to Newman Enterprises to drop off a folder Ryan left at home. When she arrives, she finds Ryan and Victoria embracing and overhears Ryan telling Victoria that they have to avoid each other until Tricia is well. After Nick, Sharon and Cassie return from the doctor's office, Sharon and Nick are worried that Cassie may have tuberculosis. Matt makes Cassie a smoothie and tries to console her. When Tricia arrives, she confides to Matt that Ryan may be attracted to someone else and she cries in his arms. Nina drops by Tomas's apartment to find that he's thrown away all of his manuscripts. Nina asks if Tomas is jealous of her productivity. Tomas admits that he is, but he is also very happy for her.

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Thursday, October 12, 2000

by Ruth Molloy

Victor and Ashley had a cozy conversation about her future plans and he discouraged her from rushing into any firm plans until after the baby was born. He slammed Diane and the way that she got pregnant which stung Ashley, but she hid it well. Before she left, she thanked him again for the beautiful baby gift. He started to tell her something -- again -- but said "Nothing" and bid her farewell without speaking his true feelings.

Meanwhile at Jabot, Brad and Jack tussled over Ashley's living arrangements. Jack had a real estate agent coming in to talk about homes that would be perfect for a new mother. Brad found that amusing, but didn't divulge his plans with Ashley. He subtly asked for a truce but Jack was interrupted by the realtor and told him that they would probably never finish that conversation.

When Ashley did finally arrive at work, Brad cornered her quickly and admitted that he knew that they shouldn't rush into anything but wanted to "make it official." He pulled a jewelry box from his pocket when Jack entered the room.

At the Chancellor Estate, Jill called Billy trying to set up some time to talk. He made excuses and then hung up on her. She caught Mackenzie before she left for class and insisted that she tell her what was going on with her son. Mac refused to help and then told Jill that she and Billy were no longer friends. She said that Jill had been right about one thing -- they were not good for each other and never would be. Jill was confused about that but Mac left without another word. Jill hurried off to talk to Brittany.

At school, Brittany stalked Billy acting like a concerned friend and then turning the tables when he asked her to please not say anything else about the whole situation so that his mother would not find out. She told him that he had no right to ask for any favors at this point. He left for class and Jill came running down the hallway wanting to talk to Brittany.

At the coffee house, Victoria tried to enlist Nina's support in her crusade to save their ex-husband from Tricia. Nina wouldn't have anything to do with it and left Victoria helpless. Meanwhile at the cafe where Carter spends break time, he played the concerned friend while making jabs at Ryan's behavior in order to get closer to Tricia. He gave her his telephone numbers and told her to call any time. After she left, Larry Warton came over to his table. He expressed his suspicions about Carter's true focus in this matter, wondering if he wanted to actually make some money here or just get close to certain women in his life.

Tricia went directly to the coffee house and confronted Victoria about her intentions with Ryan. They spoke of "who was going to win" and maliciously promised to just wait and see how it turned out.

Sharon arrived home still thinking about the possibility of losing her daughter to tuberculosis. Her mother was waiting for her with news of Halloween costumes and wanting to try them on the children. Sharon broke down into tears at the sight of Cassie's favorite vest. She told her mother all about the doctor's visits and the spot on Cassie's arm. Her mother tried to reassure her that nothing was final yet.

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Friday, October 13, 2000

by Soap Central

Jack walks in on Ashley and Brad just as Brad shows Ashley an engagement ring. Jack advises Ashley not to make any big decisions right now since she's so emotional. Brad tells Ashley that Jack has picked out a house for her and Ashley tells Jack that she will move when the time is right for her. When Jack leaves, Brad assures Ashley that he loves her and he wants to go through with the engagement. Jill asks Brittany about Billy's behavior and Brittany suggests he may be upset because they broke up. Later, J.T. introduces himself to Jill. He tells her that Billy has been down lately and he knows why. J.T. taunts Billy by telling him that Brittany is talking to Jill about Billy's relationship with Mac. When Billy sees Brittany, she assures him that she only told Jill that he was upset because of their break-up. Victoria tells Ryan that Tricia confronted her at the coffeehouse, but Ryan accuses Victoria of gunning for Tricia. Warton threatens to turn Matt in to the police, but Matt reminds him that consorting with a felon would violate Warton's parole.

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