The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 27, 2000 on Y&R

Christine and Paul decided to stay in Genoa City for the holidays. Billy accused Jill of causing his breakup with Mac. Victor exploded at Neil for not telling him sooner about Nikki's secret investment in Jabot.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 27, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, November 27, 2000

by Hale

Turkey Day Tidbits

Billy and Mac
Billy and Mac met at their secret place where memories were stirred up for both of them. Mackenzie questioned Billy about his renewed relationship with Brittany. He explained that since Mac was keeping his distance from him he assumed they were over. After a pause for reflection, Mac agreed and gave back the ring Billy gave her.

Nina and Tomas
Nina overhears Jill talking to Phillip about spending more time together over the holidays and possibly taking a ski trip with her and Billy. Nina is concerned that Phillip will become a pawn for Jill in her struggle to fix things with Billy. Later, Nina and Tomas discuss taking a trip to New Mexico together.

Jill Jill asks Billy how his holiday was and started to tell him of her idea to go on a ski trip when Billy breaks down crying. Jill is bewildered but comforts her son.

The Newmans
Victoria interrupts Nick and Sharon's romantic evening because she wants to leave her mom and dad alone to talk. She explains to Nick that Nikki is about to tell Victor that she was the other investor to bail out Jabot. Nick is blown away at the news but Sharon thinks Nikki may be able to get through to Victor.

Up at the house, Victor senses that Victoria and Nikki are keeping something from him. Nikki tiptoes around the subject, but finally tells him that it was her $35 million that saved Jabot.

The Winters
Olivia is furious at Malcolm. Malcolm wants Neil to help soften her up a bit, but Neil thinks she will eventually do the right thing for Nate's sake. After Malcolm leaves, Neil and Olivia discuss the breakup of Malcolm and Drucilla. Neil thinks more went down in Paris than they know and stresses to Olivia that his brother is feeling hurt and alone.

The Williams
Cricket excitedly tells Paul of her idea to go to Hong Kong together. Paul is upset that Chris would think that was a good idea and corners her on the fact that she wants to get away from his mom. He says she is just upset that he won't go on her "silly, little cruise."

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Victor is stunned by Nikki's revelation of her investment in Jabot. Nikki explains that her desire for independence is what motivated her investment, not vengeance. She hopes she can see that. He can't believe she's trying to justify her actions. She points out that he was going to extend the loan anyway plus the fact that he had the chance to file a major lawsuit against them and didn't so he shouldn't accuse her of thwarting any plans of his to get Jabot. He betrayed her, he screams. And she knew exactly how he would react and that's why she kept it from him. "Liars always get caught!" he accuses. She denies even thinking about it recently. He thinks that's a little convenient. She asks him what was so awful about what she did. That she can even ask him shows how little she understands him. She realizes he's upset but asks him to take time and come to peace with it as he did with her working there. He asks her who the hell told her he was okay with that. He's tolerated it, nothing more. He never forgot about it and this recent revelation only fuels his fury more. That she could work with the two men who want to destroy him is something he will never forget. Nikki counters that he's been lying to her. He's been obsessed with Ashley for months and that is what this anger is all about. She upstaged him by bailing out Jabot because he planned on riding in on the proverbial white horse to save the day she accuses with tears in her eyes. He tells her that she's ruined a lot of things between them and sarcastically hopes that it was worth it to have a job at Jabot.

Brad and Ashley bring their baby home for the first time. Brad surprises Ashley with a living room full of flowers and balloons. Ashley is touched by the warm homecoming. The new parents enjoy the time as a family at home and reflect on the unusual circumstances that brought their daughter into the world. Ashley reveals her fears about being responsible for a baby to Brad and her joy in knowing that she's not alone. He reminds her that they need to pick a name ASAP. Ash wants to be sure that it's a proper name that fits the baby. He jokes that "Baldy" is seems to fit. They put the baby to sleep and marvel at their wonderful family.

Jill comforts Billy. He doesn't want to talk about what upset him but Jill let shim know that she is there for him and that she's concerned about him. She mentions her wanting to spend time with him and Phillip. He'll think about it. She admits that part of the reason is to try to bridge the differences between them. He reminds her that it was her doing that wrecked their relationship. She tells him that it is better without Mac in his life, he disagrees and tells her to drop the subject. Jill wants to mend fences and wishes him a goodnight when he says he is tired and needs to go to sleep.

Victoria is pacing anxiously waiting for news of what is going on between her parents. She goes to the office to get her mind off things. Ryan is working at home. Tricia tells him he can go to the office if he wants since he's 'put in his time with her'. He assures her that it's not a chore being at home but acknowledges that he does need to get some things done. Ryan bumps into Victoria at the office and she tells him what's going on at the ranch. She asks him what he's doing there and asks him to keep her company for a while. Victoria asks about his life. Ryan seems optimistic. Victoria wonders about the holidays and asks where they will be in a year. She kisses him but he cautions her not to get ahead of herself. The phone rings but they hang up. It was Tricia, who has confirmed her fears that Ryan is with Victoria.

Sharon thanks Nick for being there for her and his family and they decide it's time to focus on positive things. They discuss plans for a 3rd coffee shop. They both think that an out of state location is the next step. They decide they need a solid manager. Sharon suggests Carter. Nick will re-look into his resume to see if he has any useful experience. Sharon wants to groom Carter for the position now no matter what experience he has.

After Ryan leaves Tricia calls up Carter/Matt. He comes over and they discuss Victoria's intentions towards Ryan. He suggests a way to help with her problem. He fuels her hatred towards Victoria and tells her he has an idea to get back at her. He suggests getting to her through her work, make it appear as though she fouled up at the office. To do that they'd have to get access to her office. Tricia isn't sure she likes where this is going but he manages to paint Victoria as the devil incarnate. Tricia is confused by his insistence on getting Victoria. She asks him to leave before Ryan returns. Matt is mad that Tricia isn't responding as well as he'd like to his plan. After she confirms her fears about Ryan spending time with Victoria, Tricia calls Matt and tells him that she is in on his plan to get back at Victoria.

Rianna asks Raul if he wants to comfort Mac. He denies it but Rianna insists on cheering Mackenzie up. Mac accepts the company. She's enjoying talking as good friends with Raul again. They all share their respective Thanksgiving tales. Mac is glad that Rianna is looking after a cold-stricken Raul. Raul wonders if Billy and Brittany's reunion is what's bothering her. She assures him that she's fine but is touched by his genuine concern and is happy about him and Rianna. Rianna is pleased on the patch-up work she performed on Mac & Raul. He thanks her but reminds her it will take some time. He goes to kiss her when he gets another sneeze attack.

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Victor tells Neil that he has two strikes against him now, because he failed to tell him the second he found out Nikki was responsible for bailing out Jabot. Neil apologizes, and tells him that he's interested in a tough lawyer, Alex Perez, to assist in the HMO situation. Neil meets Alex, and is surprised to see she is a woman. When Victoria goes to see Victor, he tells her that Nikki's behavior was intolerable, and he has left the ranch. Nikki tells Jack that Victor moved out after finding out she bailed Jabot out. She goes on to explain that Victor was not going to foreclose on Jabot because he wanted to make Ashley eternally grateful to him, but his plan backfired when Nikki and Brad came up with the money. Brad and Ashley decide to name the baby "Abby." Tricia is ready to seek revenge on Victoria, and asks Matt to tell her the plan. Tricia says that getting a pass into her office may be too complicated, and Matt tells her that they may be able to gain access to Newman files through Ryan's laptop. Raul asks Mac if she wants to hang out with him and Rianna this weekend. At the same time, Rianna suggests to Brittany that they all double date. Rianna changes her plans when she finds out Raul wants to hang out with Mac. Nick offers Matt a promotion as manager of the third coffeehouse, but he questions why Matt only has references from the past four years.

Thursday, November 30, 2000

Ashley & Brad spent an intimate morning before work as newlyweds. Olivia stopped to visit and invite them to a Christmas party. She and Ashley talked about Malcolm's surprise visit. After Olivia left, Ashley called the hospital to certify the baby's name Abby Carlton.

Malcolm returned to his studio thinking back about being played for a fool by Drucilla. Phyllis stopped in and gave him a bad time for leaving without a word and not calling when he got back. She tried to get information out of him without success, then offered him a photography job associated with Brash & Sassy's Christmas promotion. He promised to keep his calendar open then asked her to go out to dinner and dancing with him.

Meanwhile, Jack and Jill had a discussion about whose fault it was that they lost Phyllis. Jack was sure that she had a weapon up her sleeve for Christmas they were just wondering what it could be.

Neil sparred with Alex Perez, the attorney who was interviewing to work on the Newman case against the HMO. They realized each other's identities after meeting in the coffeehouse earlier that day. He clearly disliked her and almost kicked her out before Victor arrived for the interview. Despite Neil's efforts, Victor was impressed with her energy and candor and the fact that she would be dedicated to the case personally. Victor asked her to wait in Neil's office while they talked to another attorney. She made herself at home, eating an apple and hooking her laptop up to check her email. Olivia was surprised to find this woman at Neil's desk when she arrived to invite Neil to the party.

Nicholas asked Carter/Matt about references back past 4 years ago. He said that those jobs weren't worth mentioning and Nick seemed to accept it. Carter was very upset, though, and asked to run home for a few minutes. Larry Warton called with good news about a drug dealer that they could use. Carter couldn't get excited about that because he was worried that the plan was all washed up. Then he got an idea something to do with 7 year old Milwaukee yellow pages. . . .

Friday, December 1, 2000

Phyllis and Malcolm catch up and discuss her involvement with Jack Abbot. She hasn't heard from him since the wedding and is unsure of how to proceed. Malcolm is amused at her relationship qualms. Jack arrives to see Malcolm and is surprised (and a little jealous) that Phyllis is there. Phyllis reassures him that they're just good friends. Malcolm tells him that he better make his move if he wants to hang onto her. Jack is satisfied that it wasn't romantic but then questions if it's about business. She eventually confirms that it is. Jack cools towards her when talk turns to business. Jack wants to book Malcolm for some shoots but learns Phyllis has him booked up for a while. Phyllis fears this will hurt their growing the relationship but won't outright release Malcolm from her schedule but promises to settle dates ASAP. He coldly brushes it off as nothing personal and leaves. Phyllis thinks it went well but Malcolm disagrees.

Neil informs Alex that NE is still undecided about whether or not to hire her firm to deal with the HMO problem. Victor enters and asks her to prove herself. He asks her if she'd be willing to relocate to GC for the case. She hadn't thought of that but seems willing. She asks who she'd be working with most. It would be Neil. She has no problem with that. Neil will go along with any decision that Victor makes. He mentions Neil's concern that she is too confrontational but hopes they can get past their personal differences and work well together. He offers her the job on the condition she move to Genoa City. He leaves them to get started. Neil questions her to see if she is really prepared for this. She assures him that she is ready and able to dive right in and asks him to put his reservations aside for the sake of the very important case.

Christine tells Michael about her research and connections to the Hong Kong case. She's still hopeful that Paul will agree to go along. Michael warns her not to get ahead of herself until she's ready to commit fully. Michael questions whether the move to HK is taking things to an extreme. She assures him she knows what she's doing. The deadline is that afternoon so she needs to hear from Paul soon.

At the office, Paul is still torn as to what to do. Lynne assures him that the office will be fine if he goes. Mary overhears and asks what they are talking about. He informs her what Christine is proposing. Mary is stunned at Christine's plan. She thinks it's a terrible idea. The only thing that can solve the marriage is a baby she declares. He hasn't made his decision yet and she implores him to trust his instincts. When Christine arrives Mary excuses herself. Christine needs an answer from him. He can't believe she's pressuring him like this. He needs more time but he's up against a deadline. She interprets his hedging as a "no"

Cassie and her friends visit Nick at the coffee shop with Sharon. Both Nick and Sharon are enjoying spoiling their daughter. Carter arrives and delivers Nick an envelope. It's pay stubs and other papers from his previous jobs from before the previous 4 years (fakes). Nick is reassured. Later Jill arrives to get some coffee. She's amused by the Christmas excitement in Cassie and her friends but is disturbed when she overhears Cassie mentioning Nikki and Victor being together again at the Ranch. She questions Cassie to see if Victor is at the Ranch permanently. She then asks Sharon but she is evasive. Sharon questions Nick's scrutinizing Carter's references. He just wants to be sure and finds Carter's earlier evasiveness about his missing years odd. Sharon asks if Carter was offended by Nick's questions. She tells him that she understands his wandering years but explains that the Newman's have learned that they must be careful whom they trust as they have been targets before. She lists Victoria's stalker Gary as an example. He asks if anyone ever went after Nick. Sharon mentions Matt but doesn't want to get into it. Meanwhile Nick calls Carter's references but the numbers are no longer in service. He finally gets in touch with one but doesn't recognize Warton's voice as the 'receptionist'. Warton gives the phone to his friend who gives 'Carter' a glowing review. Nick is pleased.

Nikki is at work when Jill arrives asking for Jack. Nikki takes shots at Jill's confrontational style in business referring to Jill's recent argument with Jack over the website. Nikki tells her she wants to be present when they discuss the website. Jill tells her she shouldn't be there because of her obviously divided loyalties. Nikki reminds her that the website features of all of Jabot's products so she will have a say. Jill would rather Nikki not be involved at all considering that Nikki is sleeping with the enemy she accuses. Nikki tells her it's none of her business. She's capable of separating business with personal matters. Jill scoffs. Nikki hisses back that maybe Jill wouldn't be so miserable if she learned to shut her mouth once in a while. Jill won't tolerate Nikki 'shacking up' with Victor. Nikki claims she has more of a right to be at Jabot since she put up $35 million, Jill slept her way there. Jill counters that Nikki slept her way to the $35 million. Jill claims that Nikki's had her fun and now it's time for her to move on and crawl back into Victor's bed. They viciously slap each other.

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