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Raul reluctantly agreed to rejoin the Glo by Jabot team. Brad urged Ashley to let him adopt her baby. Unaware that Nick was Matt's real target, Tricia gave him Ryan's laptop so that he could access the Newman mainframe computer.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 4, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, December 4, 2000

by Hale

Jabot Boardroom
The Brash & Sassy website sends the Abbotts into a panic about losing Phyllis. Jill is furious to be playing "catch-up" with the competition and has little faith in their new web director. She wants Jack to take action. Calmer minds suggest brainstorming some new ideas for the site and then seeing what the new guy can do before getting alarmed. Jill gets some good jabs at Nikki in before going along with the idea.

Meanwhile, Phyllis picks Malcolm's brain about how he thinks Jack will react to the success of the new site and the customers the site may be stealing away from Jabot. Malcolm reminds her that she is in a high stakes game now and leaves her to figure out how to handle it on her own. She is nervous when Jack calls to ask her to dinner, but Jack congratulates her on her success and assures her that he wants to keep their personal and professional lives separate.

Teen Angst 101
Raul helps Rianna with her Spanish homework, but turns down her attempted kiss because he has a cold. Mac asks Raul if he is staying away from Billy because of her even though she also lied to him. Raul explains that he should have been able to trust his best friend and is equally upset that Billy didn't trust him not to run to Jill when he found out what was going on. He also reminds Mac that if he and Billy were friends, they would all be hanging out together again -- is that what she wants?

Brittany and Billy sympathize about getting the cold shoulder from their former best friends. Brittany finagles her way into Billy's room and brings up the "incident" at the pool house. She suggests that they share a moment now that they both will remember. Billy likes that idea and gets up and locks the door.

The Williams
Cricket begs Paul to put their marriage first by going to Hong Kong together. She still believes the time away alone will do them good and is afraid because she feels him slipping away. Paul reluctantly agrees to the trip.

Michael asks Nina to talk to Chris about the trip -- he thinks she may be reacting rashly without thinking it all through. Nina is suspicious of his motives and reminds him that this would not be the first time he tried to "spin a web" around Christine. Later, both are surprised to learn that Paul has agreed to go to Hong Kong.

Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Jill runs into Ashley in a boardroom at Jabot looking for Jack. Ashley has dropped in for a second but isn't back at work officially yet. Jill updates Ash about Brash & Sassy's big promotion and how Glow is losing steam. Ashley is concerned but not panicked. Jill sees this as smugness on her and John and Jack's part. She then changes gears and asks Ashley if she's aware of Victor & Nikki. That gets her attention. Jill mentions that they are now broken up but worries what Nikki could have spilled while they were together. Ash asks what's the danger now that they are broken up. But Jill is still worried that Vic could still use Nikki to seek revenge. Ashley doesn't think Nikki is stupid enough to fall for any tricks. Jill thinks she's still vulnerable to him.

Christine asks Chantal to get some important paperwork need for the Hong Kong proposal, which is due in 1 hour. She's too swamped so Christine goes herself not wanting to wait for a messenger. While she is gone, Mary arrives and is determined to tell her daughter-in-law something she's been holding back on for a long time. Michael overheard Mary and figures it's about the trip to Hong Kong. He informs her that it's too late: they're going. Mary blames Michael and his manipulations for this mess. He mentions to her that he actually opposed Christine's idea and Mary asks him to be even more persuasive now. Michael laughs that Mary is ready to exploit the very quality she loathes so much in him to further her own agenda. Mary is convinced that the trip is not in Paul's best interest and pleads with him to convince her not to go. When Christine returns, Michael asks to speak with her. He suggests maneuvering their schedule in January allowing her to spend time with Paul without having to go away for three months. She's confused as to why he'd bring it up now. She then notices Mary's scarf and figures it out. She can't believe he fell for it. Michael points out that if two people as different as he and Mary actually agree on something then maybe it has merit. Christine privately wonders if she is wrong. But she faxes the proposal anyway.

Billy and Brittany are heating up in his room. They begin to undress while kissing passionately when Jack calls out for his brother from downstairs. They scramble to dress and look presentable before letting him in. Jack notices Brittany and is thrown. Billy brushes it off saying that they were 'just listening to a CD'. Jack will speak with him downstairs. Jack knows exactly what was going on. He understands teenage hormones and gives his brother some gentle advice. Go slowly he advises. It wasn't too long ago that Billy was torn up over Mac. That's over, Billy insists. When Britt arrives downstairs he asks them if they've seen the B&S website. They haven't but they like the contest idea. Britt suggests a similar contest for Glow. Jack doesn't like the idea of following B&S footsteps especially when the Glow house was such a hit. Jack wants to reclaim their audience. He decides to combine the two ideas with a spin. He wants the Glow kids to go back on-line as part of a contest. Jack's open to ideas for their contest as long as it can beat B&S. Billy and Britt express some concern over all four of them working together again since the tension is still thick between them now. Jack isn't hot on the idea of using only two of them. After Jack leaves Billy asks Brittany if they could continue another time. She agrees.

Raul asks Mac how she would feel if became friends with Billy again. Rianna arrives before she can answer wondering what movie they should see. Raul's cold acts up again. When Mac mentions buying Christmas gifts Raul laments about his lack of funds. He explains that most of the money he earned working for the Glow campaign is stashed away for college. He can't touch it. His boss from his part time job is irked that he didn't work there this summer and hasn't been giving him nearly as many hours. The mention of the Glow house clearly upsets Mac. Raul decides to clear the air once and for all. He points out that the summer is bound to come up once in a while and asks if they can focus on the fun times rather than the negative. Mac agrees. Raul needs to get another job and fast. Rianna suggests putting off the movie due to costs of tickets. They'll stay and listen to music at the coffee shop. Mac finally answers Raul's earlier question: she has no desire to hang out with Billy & Brittany. Billy and Brittany arrive, still upset about not being able to help Jack. He doesn't think the others will agree to help. Brittany hopes they'll see it as business. She approaches Rianna with a proposition.

Nikki is obviously deep in thought when Katherine stops by the office asking to be included in any holiday plans Nikki might have. She knows it will be the best of holidays since she and Victor are reunited. Nikki updates her much to Kay's disappointment. Nikki is stoic about the break-up. Kay thinks she's covering up her true feelings. Nikki offers another explanation: she's been dumped by him one too many times and no longer gives a damn. Kay asks what went wrong. Nikki explains about Victor finding out about her investment in Jabot and how she feels he prefers her being his puppet rather than an independent woman. She's relieved to have found this out before she got in too deep. Kay consoles her long time friend. Nikki is mad at herself for getting pulled in again. She regrets not taking Kay up on her original offer of Katherine giving Jabot the money in exchange for a job for Nikki as it would have been the perfect solution. Kay asks her not to give up. Kay wonders if maybe Vic has cooled off. It's worth a shot to approach him and calmly discuss it. Nikki sees it as hopeless. Kay thinks it's worth the risk.

Thomas praises Nina for talking such good care of him. It's Chinese take-out she points out. He's happy as long as it's with her. She laments about Paul and Christine's problems. She doesn't think Christine is as sure of her plan as she should be. Nina's going to miss her friend but Thomas thinks it's the perfect time. He shows her an early Christmas present: a trip for them and Phillip. She's moved by his gesture and they kiss.

Wednesday, December 6, 2000

Victoria and Phyllis explain their contest idea to an impressed Victor. When Victoria suggests putting Malcolm on the payroll, Victor thinks it's too expensive a proposition. After Phyllis leaves, Victor reveals that he doubts he'll ever talk to Nikki again because of her betrayal and adds that he'll be moving off the ranch. Victoria urges her father to stay there for the holidays but he refuses. Phyllis gives Malcolm the good news but he doesn't like leaving Jack out in the cold because he's a good customer. When Phyllis reveals her plans to go out with Jack, Malcolm laments that they didn't have any time together. Rianna turns down Brittany when she asks about reuniting to the website over the holidays. Mac later advises Raul and Rianna to take the job because it's good money. They give Brittany and Billy the news. Jack advises John about reviving the Glo by Jabot website though he worries Rianna and Raul won't be interested. Jill starts to blame Mac but Jack explains he doesn't need her for the special. Billy and Brittany interrupt with their good news so John and Jill congratulate Brittany. Jill later worries about Mac interfering but Jack assures her that Billy has moved on in his life. Larry advises Matt that he's found a source for the Ecstasy drug. At home Ryan leaks to Tricia that his password is built into his computer program. Brad convinces Nikki to go to Europe over the holidays and asks her to leave as soon as possible.

Thursday, December 7, 2000

Jack and Jill argued about whether or not he could spend time with Phyllis. All the while, Phyllis was at Malcolm's studio talking him into finding a dress from Paris for her to wear for her date with Jack. They found a slinky red number, in which Olivia saw her kissing Malcolm, all excited about the evening ahead. Olivia hassled Malcolm about his behavior not being like that of a true father, and he countered with the fact the he was being played for a fool by Drucilla. Phyllis showed up at Jack's office as Jack was trying once again to get rid of Jill. Jill finally left with her usual warnings. Jack and Phyllis decided that their relationship would not please anyone, but they didn't mind it was them against the world.

Brad and Ashley were doing baby laundry when Ashley came across the rattle that Victor had given her in a drawer. Brad insisted that she could give it the baby, but she refused. A messenger brought Abby's birth certificate to their door. They shared a loving moment thinking about being together and being parents. Then, suddenly, Brad jumped up saying that there was a problem.

Sharon told Nick about Carter looking for another job when Victoria arrived at the coffee house all upset about their parents fighting once again. They tried to calm Victoria down and Nick warned her about not trusting Ryan to take care of the problems with Tricia. She was very sure that she would be totally on her guard until they were rid of Tricia for good.

At the apartment, Tricia waited until Ryan went to bed, then called Carter to meet her at his place. He took a break from work and she slipped away with Ryan's laptop computer. Carter entered a transaction, telling Tricia that he was using Victoria's name to get her in trouble, then he changed it to Nick's. Carter wanted to get intimate, kissing her and telling her that he missed her. She gave in a little bit, but had to leave right away so that they didn't get caught. Tricia arrived home after Ryan had arisen trying to find his laptop to enter some ideas that he had. He asked her if she knew where it was she had set it down beside the couch on her way in.

After Carter returned to the coffeehouse, he started watching Sharon as she worked. He approached her apologizing for bringing up old wounds, then he asked what Matt had done to her. She hesitantly told him of the date rape and he asked her if she liked Matt. She said that, of course she didn't have a thing for him she just didn't think that he was capable of such a thing. Carter touched her face and asked her to look into his eyes. She recognized him as Matt and he pushed her to the wall, holding her mouth silent and kissing her neck. . . . Then he awoke from his daydream and vowed that it would come true very soon as soon as he got Nick out of the way. . . .

Nikki and Victor had final words at the ranch. She didn't let him leave because she wanted him to know that she was leaving anyway and he could stay. She tried to convince that their relationship was based on true feelings not events that happened in order to get further in the business world. He insisted that he could never trust her, but did admit that he did not hate her. She left in tears, torn up about what seemed to be lost forever. . . .

Friday, December 8, 2000

Ashley and Brad are at home when Brad expresses his discomfort with the fact that many people know he's not Abby's biological father. He is bothered by the fact that the real father is out there and could one day come out of the woodwork to claim his daughter. She assures him that it won't happen. He wants to take steps to ensure that it cant. He wants to adopt Abby. She wants to wait a while before rushing into anything. It clearly means a lot to him. It's a second chance for him since he couldn't be there for Colleen. He won't do that again with Abby. Brad senses that Ashley isn't crazy about the idea. She doesn't think it's necessary. He presses her on it, wanting to know why she's hesitant to take the next step. Does she still have feelings for the biological father?

Tricia continues to pretend she doesn't know where Ryan's laptop is. She slips it near the couch unseen. He wonders if she moved it. He suspects that she used it but she balks, saying she has her own. Why all the questions about the passwords, he asks. She was just taking an interest in his life nothing more. She heads out again to the store leaving Ryan still curious.

Carter fantasizes about revealing his true identity to Sharon. He promises that it will happen soon, once Nick is out of the way. Sharon wants to go home to see the kids but Nick is tied up in a meeting with Victoria and since they came in the same car she has no way home. Carter offers to take her to the Ranch himself. Before they head out Nick and Victoria emerge form the back asking where they're going. Victoria offers to drive Nick back herself so Sharon take the car. They ask Sharon to check on Nikki when she gets home. Victoria wants to give Ryan a call on the pretense of business but Nick asks her not to. He knows she is trying to stir things up between Tricia and Ryan, knowing how Tricia would react to Victoria calling this late. They change topics and discuss Carter. Victoria thinks he's too eager to please. Nick defend shim and mentions his plans for Carter. When Nick has to take a call Victoria asks Carter to speak with her a minute. Tricia arrives and spies Carter talking with Victoria. She asks about his Nomad days and his motives for wanting to manage the third coffee shop. He wants this he claims. She's impressed with his answers and even smiles. Suddenly Tricia is there giving Victoria the evil eye.

Olivia presses Malcolm about what happened between him and Drucilla. He doesn't want to discuss it with her. He does explain that he went to see if they could have a serious relationship but apparently Drucilla disagreed and dumped him. They had cleared up the confusion that caused her to leave town. Afterwards they enjoyed a brief time together until he asked her if they could settle down. She didn't want to. Isn't that what Olivia wanted, he asks. She came to talk about Nate, not rub it in about his failed relationship. She's upset that he left her holding the bag while he explored things with Dru. Before she can explain more she is beeped and must leave.

Alex Perez arrives on Neil's doorsteps, wanting to go through some paperwork before the morning. Neil's is bothered that she's interrupting his downtime. Sensing the friction she asks him point blank what bothers him so much about her. He brushes it aside wanting to focus on work. He's concerned that she might step on the wrong toes, considering she's representing a company with a certain reputation. "Stuffy" she jokes. She doesn't care if she has to step on some toes as long as she gets the job done and the good guys win. Malcolm interrupts, wanting to vent. He didn't mean to interrupt and ask Neil to call him when he's done with Alex. Alex asks Neil if he's' aware of any documents the HMO may have passed around that is essentially a guide book as to how reimbursements should be distributed. Dawson Medical wouldn't want anyone to see it. Alex tells him to keep an open for it as it could be the nail in the HMO's coffin if they were to get it. She expresses satisfaction ion how well they can work together when they want to. She leaves him to the rest of his relaxing evening.

Diane and Marissa dine at Gina's. Diane can't be bothered with the Christmas decoration-planning Marissa suggests. Diane isn't in the mood to celebrate the way things are between her and Victor. Michael arrives to get take out when he spots them sitting at their table and decides to say 'hello'. Marissa excuses herself. Michael picks up on Diane's mood and why. Michael explains about the Hong Kong deal. She's happy that at least his life is moving forward. Before he leaves, he asks her to make sure that Victor is with Nikki. She's not being objective he points out. But she stands firm on her belief that Victor couldn't care less about her or the baby. She made a huge error in judgment thinking that Vic would come around.

Sharon arrives at the ranch to find Victor alone. He tells her Nikki should be back sometime before Christmas. It's a business trip that came up suddenly. She tries to comfort him and he invites her to join him in a glass of wine. They reflect on the past year and look forward to things to come. She asks about any regrets he has. She implores with him that it's not too late. He claims it is. When she mentions that he could still find happiness with Nikki he stops her. he didn't realize that that is who they were talking about. When she asks who he was thinking about, he tells her he probably shouldn't say. Once again, he closes up about his personal life and changes the subject to his grandchildren. Sharon asks about his plans but he doesn't know what he's going to do. She can understand his reluctance to return to the penthouse. He promises her that Diane will get what's coming to her. She asks about the paternity test he's planning on. Sharon doesn't understand what Diane could gain by lying at this point. he just wants rid of her. She points out that if he is the father than he will have a permanent bond with her .

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