The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 18, 2000 on Y&R

Ashley named her baby Abby. Nina defended Tomas to a reporter. A drunken Tomas presented Nina with an engagement ring, but she was unable to give him an answer. Brad made plans to legally adopt Abby. Raul appeared to be getting sick.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 18, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, December 18, 2000

by Hale

At Gina's Victor learns from Ashley that she named her baby Abby. Their small talk upsets Ashley which Brad notices when he arrives to talk about his meeting with the attorney. In a good mood, Tomas stops and buys a bottle of Gina's best champagne. At Nina's, Tomas overhears the reporter advise Nina that he thinks Tomas is washed up as a writer. She boasts that Hollywood is about to make a movie of his last novel but the reporter's even less impressed. Ryan accuses Victoria of trying to set up his wife by using Carter. Victoria suggests that Tricia might be attracted to Carter though Ryan is outraged by her statement. He insist that he is in no danger from his wife. Tricia complains to Carter about Victoria and her fear of losing Ryan. He suggests that wouldn't be so bad for her after all. Using the name CleanQueen, Mac chats with Billy over the Glow-by-Jabot website and asks if he's involved with Brittany. He refuses to talk about it. Raul and Rianna explain to Mac why they can't spend New Year's Eve together. Mac admits she knows about the website offer so her friends suggest that they may be able to help her win the contest. Meanwhile, Jill catches Brittany in the pool house.

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Pool House:
Jill questions Brittany on why she's in the pool house when just minutes earlier she was leaving the Abbott house when Billy interrupts and covers by saying he had asked her to wait there for him so they could go to the movies. Jill explains to Britt that she had asked Billy to spend time with Philip and herself and that they would be going to a concert. Phillip calls to say he can't go as he was on his way to his friends' birthday. Billy is free to spend the evening with Brittany . Jill wasn't born yesterday, she knows that they were up to something. But Brittany evades an ugly scene by asking if she and Billy could have the unused tickets. Jill and agrees and declines the invitation to join them. Later on, at the main house Jill apologizes to Brittany for her earlier behaviour and expresses that she is very happy Billy & Brittany are back together. She reminds Jill that it was Billy and Mac who deceived her, not Brittany. Jill realizes that but reminds her that despite Billy's stand-offish attitude towards his mother she will still look out for him. after Jill leaves Billy returns and Britt rips up the tickets. She has other things she'd rather do. They return to the pool house for some privacy. Brittany expresses concern over using the pool house as they were almost caught. Brittany suggests going to a little place she noticed on the property earlier. She doesn't know it but that place is Ashley and Traci's old playhouse which during the summer served as Mac and Billy's secret meeting place. Billy refuses to go there. He begs her to drop the subject but she won't let it go until she realizes that he and Mac used to meet there. He promises that the Pool House is just fine. He locks the door and they embrace. But Brittany can't go through with it because of Mackenzie she insists.

Carter's Apartment:
Tricia asks Carter if he's threatening Ryan's life. He expresses his anger at the way Ryan has treated her and his fault in the marital problems. Tricia insists that it's Victoria's fault but Carter is adamant. Ryan is just as much to blame and deserves to be punished! He clams and apologizes for upsetting her. He won't go after Ryan he promises. He wishes she felt the same way about him that she does for Ryan and even agrees to support her if she and Ryan reconcile. As she leaves she runs sMackenzie dab into Larry Warton. She asks who he is and Carter tells her that Larry used to live there. Larry seems taken with Mrs. McNeil. Larry updates Carter: they got the shipment of Extasy and it's in the warehouse that's under Nick's name in Milwaukee. Carter wants det6ails and he wants them now. Carter reveals that they will be running Extasy out of Crimson Lights. Larry doesn't buy that people will believe Nick would do that. He has no reason to. Carter thinks it will work. Carter's got a kid lined up who will buy from 'Nick' and distribute to his friends, telling them that he's working with the son of the Great Victor Newman. Larry doesn't understand how they will get Nick to sell drugs without knowing it. He concedes that it will be tricky but doable. He has it all worked out he insists. By the time the deal goes down Carter will be long gone. Larry worries that the kid will spill all to the cops but Carter isn't worried. Everything will point to Nick he insists even down to fingerprints on the drugs themselves. Then, as Carter holds the keys to freeing Nick, he will engineer a deal with Victor scoring a big payoff for both himself and Larry. Larry wonders why include him since he hasn't done much. Carter assures him that he will earn his keep. Larry won't go to jail again he insists to Carter. Carter then reminds Warton to call ahead first. They can't risk wrecking things with Tricia. They'll need her to make everything work. At her apartment Tricia can't help but think about Carter and her fear that he isn't who he seems to be.

Thomas overhears Nina defend him to the reporter and decides to leave rather than enter. The reporter apologizes for upsetting her. She wants to end the interview. Before he leaves he expresses that he too wants Thomas to get his muse back. He wishes her well and departs. Later Nina worries when Thomas hasn't returned as promised. A drunken Thomas returns making fun of the reporter. Nina notices his 'condition' and is clearly disappointed. She realizes that he overheard the reporter. He's glad he did. He is no longer under the delusion that his Muse will return. Nina begs him not to beat himself up. He insists that he's on top of the world and to prove it he hands her an engagement ring.

Ashley assumes the adoption meeting Brad had with a lawyer didn't go well. But before he can go into it she notices that Victor is within earshot and asks to change the subject. Not knowing that Victor is there, he senses that something is bothering her. She assures him that she prefers to have the talk privately. Jack arrives, waiting for take-out. Brad invites them to join them and Jack fills them I on the Glow contest's initial success. He tells them they need to find a new webmaster ASAP. Ashley insists on discussing it in the morning. Jack tries to discuss there but she becomes upset and asks to leave. Before it degrades into an argument the couple heads out but not before Jack notices Victor and puts two and two together. Jack goes up to Victor and comments on Ashley smart decision to leave when seeing Victor. He 's just imagining things but Jack presses that Victor is trying to insinuate himself into Ashley's life. Jack has held off confronting this adversary out of respect for his sister but no more. Vic says that Jack held off because whenever he's confronted him in the past it's always ended badly. Jack laughs at Victor's attempt to scare him. Victor comments that jack has always done better and sticking knives in people's backs rather than confront them directly. Jack changes the subject back to Ashley who is smart enough to have escaped Victor's clutches . Jack comments that it will free Victor up so he can deal with Diane, who clearly wants Victor. Jack makes a point of thanking Victor for taking her off his hands. Victor gets in his own dig by pointing out how none of the women that Jack cares about or has ever cared about share his opinion of Victor. Vic tells him that Jack has never measured up to him and never will.

Chancellor House:
Raul insists that Mac wouldn't have to win a contest to join them. She should be able to go too if she wants considering she worked on the original promotion. But then Mac insists that she can't go. It's a live webcast. Her mom might see her. Raul thinks they can still do it with out her being seen on camera. She agrees to think about it. Jill returns to the house wondering why Raul & Rianna are there. After Raul and Rianna leave Jill questions Mac about her friendship with Rianna (Brittany's best friend). Jill wonders if Mac is trying to get closer to Billy. Jill insists that Mackenzie is the last thing on Billy's mind.

Ashley & Brad's:
Brad informs Ash that there is a way to adopt Abby without notifying the father: they can do it as long Ashley she doesn't know who the father is. He theorizes that the father is someone that she met on the cruise and has since lost contact with. Since she can't realistically tell the father about Abby they have a loophole. Brad suggests covering themselves by publishing a notice in the paper about Brad's intention of adopting Abby. He will let Ashley think about it. She is clearly conflicted.

Crimson Lights:
Raul and Rianna are relieved to have gotten away from Jill. Rianna agrees but is upset that he keeps talking about Mackenzie. She was looking forward to spending time alone with him New Years. He promises to make time for her. Before they kiss he sneezes.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

After Brittany said no to Billy's sexual advances, he tried to convince her that he was over Mackenzie. Brittany told him that she could not be with him in "that way" especially when he admitted that he still thought about her. Billy told her that he could never hurt her because she meant too much to him. She still wasn't convinced, so she left.

Nina was not sure of the sincerity of Tomas' wedding proposal because of his drunken state. She said that she wasn't sure of what her answer was. He tried to convince her that the interviewer's remarks did upset him but in no way affected his decision to ask her to marry him. At the door with gifts that Chantal went out and brought was Christine. She gave gifts to both Nina and Tomas. Tomas gave his thanks and left, still upset. Nina told Christine of her dilemma and Christine said that she was worried that Tomas' drinking was a pattern. Nina asks her advice, as to whether she should marry Tomas or not. Christine told her that it was her decision to make. Nina told her that she'd miss her when she went to Hong Kong. Christine commented that they did have telephones. Nina added that it wouldn't be the same. Christine leaves, and Nina looks at the ring.

At the office, Michael Baldwin walks right into Alex Perez who is looking for Christine. Michael tells Alex that she's not there and offers her any assistance. He immediately recognizes her as a lawyer and comments her on her intelligence and mental agility that he can see in her eyes. Alex is looking for Christine in order to get her view on working for Victor Newman. She wonders why Christine did not take this case since she has done work for Newman in the past. Michael tells Alex that he's had dealings with Victor Newman, and Alex soon realizes that it may not have been good dealings and that Christine's involvement with Newman Enterprises could be a conflict of interest. Alex then asks Michael if he knew Neil Winters. Michael lets her in on the secret that he once was on the Newman board and that he had indeed worked with Victor Newman. He told her that Neil is a skilled businessman but can at times be difficult to deal with. She says that since Christine is not there that she'll have to leave.. He tells her to come back anytime. She says she will.

Ashley and Brad are discussing the holidays and what can top the recent events of having a baby and getting married. Brad suggests having another baby, and the doorbell rings. It's the deliveryman delivering a Christmas tree. Once again the doorbell rings. This time it's Olivia and Nate. Nate would like to see the baby. Brad takes Nate upstairs. Ashley tells Olivia how Brad would like to adopt Abby and be a father to her in every way. Olivia tells Ashley that she only wishes Malcolm were as responsible and dependable like Brad. She says that she wishes she's thinking of restricting Malcolm's involvement in Nate's life and that she would like him to spend more time with Neil. Ashley asks if maybe Olivia's looking for not only a role model for Nate but a husband for herself. Olivia says that Neil has just always been there for them. Ashley then brings up the fact that Olivia is putting Neil in a difficult position taking privileges away from his brother and giving them to him. She asks Olivia if she's thought of that. Before she has time to answer, Brad and Nate come back downstairs.

Mrs. Chancellor is in the living room when Mackenzie comes downstairs. Mrs. Chancellor asks Mac if she's o.k. with not having a party and spending New Year's with her family. Mac then tells her that she might be going out anyway to the Glo by Jabot party. Mrs. Chancellor doesn't think this'll be a good idea especially if Billy and Brittany are there. Meanwhile, at Jabot a one again sick Raul and Rianna are pleading Mac's case to Jack. They ask if it would be possible for Mac to come to the party. Jack says it'd be fine with him, he likes Mackenzie, but Mackenzie doesn't want to be on camera, Jill doesn't like her and Billy and Brittany will be there together. Both Raul and Rianna say that it won't be a problem and that Mac is thinking about. Jack tells them that he's thinking about it also. Raul sneezes, and Jack gives him the number to his doctor. He tells Raul that he now works for Jabot and that's one of the perks.....Meanwhile, Billy is looking at the Opal ring and thinking about Mac, and Mac is staring out the window thinking about Billy.

Thursday, December 21, 2000

Jill spent the day making trouble in several places wherever she went. First, she brought a second Christmas tree into the Chancellor Estate and insisted that it be decorated her way and that she have Christmas dinner during certain hours on the holiday. Kay and Mac talked about whether or not Mac really wanted to attend the New Year's Eve party, considering the way that Jill would treat her.

Next stop for Jill was Nina's apartment. Nina and Christine had been visiting about Tomas and his proposal. Jill barged in with invitations to Christmas dinner and wanting to know when Phillip could spend some time with her and Billy. She offered to invite him to the New Year's Eve party and he was excited about it, but they wouldn't be returning from vacation until the next day. Jill left trying to make Nina feel guilty about it, in her usual huff. Soon thereafter, Tomas arrived wondering if Nina had made up her mind about marrying him. She was nice to him and calmly told him that there were very important issues that they must resolve before they talk about marriage.

At Jabot, Raul and Jack asked Billy whether or not he would allow Mac to be invited to the party. He balked at first, using Brittany as an excuse, but then agreed after Raul told him about her original plans to have a party at her house. Jill walked in to Jack's office after the boys left and he had to break the news to her. She refused to let it happen -- "over her dead body!"

At Crimson Lights, Brittany was short with Billy before he went to Jack's office and was very curious why Jack wanted to see him without inviting her and the others. J.T. sensed her jealousy relating to Mackenzie, and offered to help her out by doing something to make sure that Billy would never want to touch Mac again. Brittany brushed him off, which ignited his fires of revenge once more.

Alex and Neil discussed their work schedule over the holidays and butted heads about the entire issue. He insisted that he was taking Christmas week off to be with family and she continued to badger him about getting going on the project to help those sick people. In the end, he still wouldn't budge.

Nick brought home a fir tree for the family and Victoria came to visit while they began decorating. He told her the news about Victor moving back into the penthouse and she was saddened as her hopes of a close family for Christmas were dashed. The siblings reminisced about growing up in a loving, happy house. Tears came to Victoria's eyes.

Malcolm arrived at Olivia's apartment with presents for Nate and let him open a video game right away. Olivia was on a rampage about everything that Malcolm did as a father and told him that he should come over on Christmas morning but had to leave before noon dinner. This upset him and they fought about his suitability as a father and how hurting him was really hurting Nate too. She told him to come during the allotted time or don't come at all. He left without giving her an answer.

Friday, December 22, 2000

Victor and Vicki discuss his reasons for moving back to the penthouse. He wants to keep an eye on Diane who is now conspiring with Leanna Love.

Nina isn't comfortable answering Thomas' proposal until they work through their issues. She thinks their trip to New Mexico is the best way. She then asks Phillip if he wouldn't mind not going with them. He'll stay with Ryan for a while and then Jill as well. When he realizes he'll be able to go to the Glow New Years party he gets very excited.

The Glow kids discuss Mac not wanting to attend the New Years Party. Meanwhile Jill adamantly refuses to allow Mackenzie to attend. Jack pulls rank and then offers a compromise when he learns she wants Phillip to attend.

Christine and Paul share some wonderful holiday time with Mary. They make plans to all spend time together before the trip to Hong Kong and all is going along very nicely until Christine opens her present to discover that Mary gave her maternity wear.

Nick and Sharon hope Victoria is handling the news of Victor moving out well. When Victor arrives Cassie is saddened to learn he won't be there for Christmas dinner. He tells Nick and Sharon that he can't spend the holidays with Nikki as it would be a sham. Unbeknownst to them Nikki has returned home and is listening in on their conversation.

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