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January 1 to 5, 2001
Tricia found "Carter's" pills and confronted him about them. Ryan told Tricia he felt they shouldn't be living as a married couple anymore. Paul told Christine he wasn't going to put his life on hold for her. Christine went to Hong Kong alone. The Glo by Jabot and Brash & Sassy promotions were both big successes. Victoria thought Phyllis should sleep with Jack in order to scoop out the competition. Jack felt vulnerable to Phyllis, and he felt he knew what kind of information he could scoop out of her. Ashley agreed to let Brad adopt Abby to make her his daughter legally. Malcolm asked Alex out on a date. Marissa quit working for Diane because she sensed there was no future there, since Diane was about to give birth. Diane went into labor and had a baby son.
January 8 to 12, 2001
Diane had her baby, a little boy named Christian Victor Newman. Victor demanded a paternity test. Nikki went to the Newman penthouse to offer Victor support. Ashley and Brad put their legal notice for Abby's adoption in the paper. Alex and Malcolm went on a dinner date, and they noticed Phyllis having a date with Jack, as well. Phyllis told Jack about Victoria's scheme to get information out of him, and she admitted she didn't play those games anymore. Nina and Tomas were surprised Paul hadn't gone to Hong Kong with Christine. Ryan decided to leave Tricia, move out of the apartment, and set up temporary residence with Neil. Olivia decided that Neil was a better father figure for Nate than Malcolm, and she tried to establish a relationship between Neil and Nate. Nick offered "Carter" the management position at the third Crimson Lights coffeehouse, but "Carter" refused.
January 15 to 19, 2001
Nina and Tomas agreed to work on the movie together. Tomas was still frustrated he couldn't put the right words into place. Nina arranged for Phillip to stay with Jill while she and Tomas worked on the movie. Mary thought that Christine's decision to move to Hong Kong instead of having Paul's child had been unforgivable. Ashley and Brad had the wedding night they had always planned. Victor finally admitted to Diane that even while they had been married, he had never wanted to have kids with her. Jill admonished Jack for not being there for his son, Keemo. Jack and Nikki remembered the child they had lost many years before, and they envied Diane and Ashley for having babies. Jack wished he had another kid of his own. Tricia almost committed suicide, but "Carter" rescued her. "Carter" thought Tricia was even more unstable because she wanted to leave town. Victoria called Keith to talk to him about Tricia. Ryan and Victoria got into a heated argument, and Victoria felt she might have damaged her relationship with Ryan.
January 22 to 26, 2001
Jack met the child who had received his baby's heart. Little Jack called Jack and Nikki his guardian angels and thanked them for a second chance at life, since they had donated their son's organs. Phillip stayed at the Chancellor estate while Nina and Tomas worked on their screenplay. "Carter" tried to rape Sharon while she was passed out after she'd consumed a margarita laced with ecstasy. Nick returned home and didn't like seeing his wife in an inebriated state. "Carter" told Sharon he would seriously think about the management position. Paul angrily told Mary to butt out of his marriage so he and Christine could sort out their problems together. Tomas' ego took over the screenplay project. Tomas told Nina that without his help, Nina's book wouldn't have been as good as it was. Nina felt crushed. Nina planned to go alone to Los Angeles and work with the movie producer and screenwriter. Mac tried to convince Billy not to go to the rave, since there would be drugs there. Mac remembered when Billy had almost lost his life after drinking too much. Brittany told Mac to leave Billy alone. Ashley asked Neil and Olivia to join the Carlton family for dinner. The paternity test results for Diane's baby were in. Diane reminded Phyllis of the schemes Phyllis had pulled in order to convince Danny he was the father of little Daniel, and she added that Phyllis was an unfit parent.
January 29 to February 2, 2001
Victor informed Diane that the paternity test results proved that he was not the father of Diane's baby, and he told a shocked Diane that she would be leaving town, never to return. Matt planted ecstasy in a coffee bag at the coffeehouse to set up Nick, and Jordan made the buy from an unwitting Nick. Tomas told Nina that he wouldn't be there when she returned from Los Angeles. He said that her success would make him happy, but they were better off without each other. Jack told Phyllis that he thought they should break up, but they ended up making love instead. Paul pondered joining Christine in Hong Kong and making a baby together.
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February 5 to 9, 2001
Victor threatened Diane and told her that she had one week to move out of Genoa City, or she would face criminal charges. Diane attacked Nikki with a letter opener in an effort to get Nikki to admit changing the sperm samples, but Ashley walked in and broke up their fight. Diane and Leanna plotted to crush Victor. Brittany wanted Billy to prove his love to her. Billy gave Brittany the ring he had once given to Mac. Mac saw the exchange and was devastated. Brad's adoption hearing for Abby was only one week away, just before Abby's christening. Phyllis and Jack continued their romance, and she felt it was time they go public with their relationship. Ashley continued to pressure Jack to find someone and settle down, but Jack hesitated to name his mystery woman. Ashley asked Olivia and Neil to be Abby's godparents.
February 12 to 16, 2001
Diane decided to leave Genoa City, and she shared heartfelt goodbyes with Marissa and Michael. Nikki was relieved that Diane had skipped town. Victor wanted to get to the bottom of who was responsible for switching the sperm samples. "Carter" was in deep trouble because the ecstasy pills he had gotten from a dealer in Milwaukee had been a bad batch. Jordan took some and ended up in the hospital. Mac saved J.T.'s life by convincing him not to take the pills. Ashley set up Jack with Bunny Hutchinson for Abby's christening. Phyllis was not thrilled about Jack's date, but Jack assured her that he was enthralled by his relationship with Phyllis. Keith arrived in town and blasted Ryan for destroying Tricia, and Tricia added that she felt Ryan had abandoned her when she had needed Ryan the most. Keith caught Victoria and Ryan kissing and was not impressed. Larry worried that he could be implicated if the kids spilled that "Carter" had supplied the ecstasy at Crimson Lights.
February 19 to 23, 2001
"Carter" went to visit Jordan at Genoa City Memorial and made sure Jordan didn't get out of there alive by turning off Jordan's respirator. Jordan's friend, Mark, wouldn't speak to the detective without a lawyer present. Abby's christening went well. Bunny and Jack had a good time, and Phyllis tried to crash the party. Phyllis locked Bunny in the closet at the chapel and paid a visit to the Abbott house. Phyllis hoped she hadn't screwed things up with Jack. Nikki admitted to Victor that she was responsible for the sperm sample switch, and Victor thought about pressing charges against Nikki. Brittany was jealous of Mac's attempts to save Billy, and she felt Mac was causing trouble in Brittany and Billy's relationship. Olivia hoped Neil could take the scenic route on their way home from the reception. Victoria and Ryan had an unpleasant run-in with Keith. Larry called the D.A.'s office and revealed some secret information about Nick. Nick planned a memorial for Jordan at Crimson Lights.
February 26 to March 2, 2001
Jack was irritated with Phyllis because she had crashed the christening party. Jack overheard a message from Victoria, who had instructed Phyllis to spy on Jack to get information about Jabot's spring web campaign. Phyllis told Jack that she cared for him deeply and that she had no intention of spying on him. Phyllis had a non-compete clause in her contract with Newman, and she couldn't work for six months if she left the company. The police got a search warrant and found drugs at Crimson Lights in a coffee bag. Nick and Sharon were stopped at the airport for questioning, and they had to delay their flight to Puerto Rico. Keith and Ryan collaborated to help Tricia get well. Keith suggested to Tricia that if she didn't cooperate, they would sign her into a mental hospital. Nikki called her detective to find out who the father of Diane's baby was. Nikki was surprised to hear the results. Nate told Malcolm he wished he could see Malcolm more often. Alex confronted Olivia about shutting Nate out of Malcolm's life. Olivia was defensive, and she walked out on Alex.
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MARCH 2001
March 5 to 9, 2001
Nick was arrested on drug and murder charges. Nick advised Sharon to be strong for him. Isabella went to see Paul about a man who had possibly been following her. Isabella told Paul her husband had beaten her. Paul agreed to take on the case. "Carter" told Tricia he wasn't going anywhere for some time, but he swore to himself that he would get revenge on Sharon and Nick for what they had done to him years before. Malcolm threatened to tell Nate that Olivia was pushing Malcolm away from Nate on purpose because she thought Malcolm hadn't been a good father. Tricia decided to hide with "Carter" so that Keith and Ryan wouldn't try to follow her. J.T. laid a kiss on Mac, and Billy and Brittany happened to notice; it drove Billy mad. Brittany threatened to break up with Billy because Mac constantly hovered around them. Paul thought about visiting Christine in order to resolve his marital issues. Michael found out Christine would be back from her business trip early, and he went home to pack and go to Hong Kong before Paul did. Jack told Jabot employees about Brash & Sassy's spring campaign, and he implored them to create a plan to beat the competition.
March 12 to 16, 2001
Nick's bail was denied, and he was retained in jail. "Carter" made Tricia promise not to tell a single soul where she was while they were still in Genoa City. Victoria and Ryan took off for Boston to find Megan. Malcolm was still upset about Olivia's decision, and he vowed that Olivia would get her just deserts. Billy had a dream about Brittany, but the girl in his dreams turned out to be Mac. The Glo by Jabot kids planned to go on vacation for their spring break. Brad thought it was a good time for him and Ashley to have the honeymoon they'd never taken. Mary ran into Phyllis, who spilled the beans that Michael was already in Hong Kong. Mary went to see Paul and told him about Michael beating him to see Christine.
March 19 to 23, 2001
Victor reassured Sharon and Nikki that they would find evidence to prove Nick innocent of selling the tainted drug that had killed Jordan. Jack introduced Sean, Phyllis' replacement on the Jabot web site. Phyllis informed Michael that she had slipped to Mary about Michael's trip to Hong Kong.
March 26 to 30, 2001
Larry brutally attacked "Carter" at Crimson Lights. Larry was put in jail, and his cell was right across from Nick's. Nick agreed to pay off Larry if Larry confessed to everything. Larry denied that he was guilty of any wrongdoing. Sharon was still upset about Nick being in jail, and she missed him dearly. Nikki offered to make a care package for Nick. Victor asked Paul to get a picture of Matt Clark and send a copy to every plastic surgeon in the Midwest. Phyllis was devastated to learn that Jack had been spying on her to get information for Jabot. Phyllis said she would never speak to Jack again. Alex told Malcolm that Neil wasn't supportive of Olivia's decision about Malcolm and Nate. Tricia found "Carter's" drugs, which she thought could be the same ones "Carter" had used to drug Tricia the first night she'd slept with him. Ryan and Victoria came up empty-handed while visiting Megan in Boston. Mac found out Brittany had lied about sleeping with Billy on the last night of the summer campaign, so Brittany made an excuse to go to the Abbott pool house to destroy the evidence against her.
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APRIL 2001
April 2 to 6, 2001
Isabella was attacked by a man who she believed her husband had hired. Paul offered her temporary shelter at his place. Michael advised Jack to hold on to his feelings for Phyllis and give her some time. Jack sent Phyllis numerous bouquets of flowers and admitted he had made a terrible mistake. Jack was in love with Phyllis and wanted no other woman but her. Mamie suggested that Malcolm pretend to run into Mamie and Nate at Gina's so Malcolm and Nate could spend time together. Victor pressured "Carter" to leave town as soon as possible, because Victor didn't trust "Carter" around Sharon. "Carter" was furious and asked Sharon to meet him to devise a plan to get Victor off "Carter's" back. Ryan and Victoria went out for a nice dinner and ended up back at the tack house to rehash their old feelings; they discussed how Victoria had changed since her marriage to Cole. Tricia called Ryan on his cell phone. Ryan knew Tricia was okay, but he still worried about her situation and felt she was in terrible danger. The ecstasy pills that Brittany had bought from J.T. at the rave linked Nick to the drugs, and his chances of bail were eliminated. Raul continued to feel thirsty, and he almost passed out due to dehydration. Rianna was frustrated about Raul's attitude, but she cared deeply for him and wanted to help him out.
April 9 to 13, 2001
Phyllis gave Jack an ultimatum: if Jack wanted their relationship as much as she did, then Jack needed to trust her with his family secrets and the access code to his computer. Katherine suggested that she take Mac on a trip to Hawaii over spring break. J.T. asked Mac if he could go along. Paul told Isabella that if her husband were released from jail, she would be more at risk; therefore, Paul wanted her to continue staying at Paul's apartment. Tricia called a pharmaceutical company to have one of "Carter's" pills analyzed. Alex told Malcolm that he might have more rights to Nate than Olivia realized. Malcolm and Nate met for a brief time as Gina's, thanks to Mamie. Nikki advised Jack to fight for Phyllis' affection and regain Phyllis' trust. Nick thought he could get the truth out of Larry. "Carter" thought of a way to keep Larry silenced. Victor's suspicions about Matt having plastic surgery were confirmed.
April 16 to 20, 2001
"Carter" asked Tricia to visit Larry in jail. Tricia gave Larry the message that he'd be out in a week or so. Victor made arrangements for Cassie and Noah to visit Nick on Noah's birthday. Mac allowed J.T. to go along with her on the trip to Hawaii. Rianna was worried about Mac and J.T., and she gave Mac advice about sex. Michael planned a trip to Fiji for Christine after she was done with her case. Billy and Rianna searched online for an ailment matching Raul's symptoms; there was a high possibility that it was diabetes. Later, Raul was admitted to the hospital. Paul remembered the good times he'd had with Christine. Paul opened up to Isabella about his marital problems. Raul's fate was in Olivia's hands. Ryan realized that Tricia could have broken into the Newman Enterprises mainframe to create the fake shipping label that had been used to frame Nick. Victoria admitted she was involved with Ryan.
April 23 to 27, 2001
Ryan told Victoria that Tricia had possibly used Ryan's laptop to get into the Newman mainframe to help frame Nick. Olivia managed to stabilize Raul, who regained consciousness. Olivia remembered that Billy and Rianna had mentioned that Raul had seen two doctors but had received no diagnosis of his condition. Christine called Paul from Hong Kong. Paul was upset Christine hadn't made the effort to meet him halfway in order to spend time together. Christine decided to work on the case a bit more and then take a nice vacation. Paul was worried that his marriage wouldn't last much longer. Tricia met with Michael to discuss what she had learned about "Carter's" mysterious pills. Tricia thought "Carter" had used the drug on her to try to rape her. Tricia tried to kill herself by turning on the stove, but Ryan found her. Before Ryan could help Tricia, "Carter" attacked Ryan with a bat, leaving Ryan unconscious. Phyllis found out that the Jabot campaign had been canceled. Phyllis agreed to give her relationship with Jack a second chance. Mamie thought that Neil might have feelings for Alex. Malcolm and Alex discussed having children someday.
April 30 to May 4, 2001
Larry suddenly had a change of heart and warned Nick that Sharon was in great danger from Matt. Larry told Nick that Matt had undergone plastic surgery to change his appearance, and he explained more about how "Carter" had framed Nick as his revenge. Malcolm wondered what things would be like if he and Alex decided to go to the next level in their relationship. Neil told Malcolm that he would testify for him in court for visitation rights with Nate. Olivia missed Neil and felt lonely without him in her life. Brittany wanted J.T. to spread fake rumors about sleeping with Mac. Victoria and Paul rescued Ryan from "Carter's" apartment. Victor saved Sharon from "Carter's" clutches. Knowing that jail could be in her future, Tricia tried to commit suicide by driving off a cliff.
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MAY 2001
May 7 to 11, 2001
Tricia and Matt were found in a car at the bottom of a ravine. Tricia went into surgery, and Matt was in critical condition. The D.A. allowed Nick to visit Matt in his hospital bed to prove that Matt had set him up. However, Matt, with his dying breaths, told Nick that he had raped Sharon on their margarita night. After Nick called for help for Matt, who was gasping for breath, Matt pulled his breathing tube from his neck. Matt told Nick that he had finally won, and then he died, letting the police find Nick holding the breathing tube in his hands. Phyllis moved in with Jack. Brittany discovered that "Queenclean" was Mac and told Billy, and Billy confronted Mac.
May 14 to 18, 2001
Nick told Victor that Matt had pulled out his own breathing tube and had placed it in Nick's hands to frame Nick for Matt's murder. Paul dug up some evidence from the hospital to link Matt to Jordan's death. Larry pleaded the Fifth Amendment in court and refused to provide any more information, as it could implicate him in Matt's crimes. Nick begged Larry to testify and to give evidence of Matt's dealings to help exonerate Nick from both murder charges. Malcolm threatened to take Olivia to court to get visitation with Nate. Both Mamie and Neil agreed to testify on Malcolm's behalf and not Olivia's. Jack advised Phyllis that to win the blessing of John and the Abbott family, Phyllis had to just be herself and let things happen naturally. Phyllis advised Sean that dating Jill could lead to trouble. Sean told Phyllis to back off and let him handle his own relationships. Brittany told Mac that she had told Billy who Queenclean really was. Billy and Raul became friends again, since Billy had given Raul a second chance at life.
May 21 to 25, 2001
After Larry testified that he had helped Matt frame Nick, Nick was found not guilty on all the charges that had been filed against him. Dr. Kimbrough told Olivia that he saw no signs that pointed to Raul having diabetes. Lynne handed over evidence to Paul that indicated that Isabella's husband had operated an escort service. Isabella told Michael that she wanted out of the plot that they had hatched to keep Paul in Genoa City.
May 28 to June 1, 2001
Tricia signed herself out of the hospital. Tricia returned home to her apartment, and she thought that Ryan was still her loving husband. Mac pretended that she had made a copy of the tape in order to get Brittany to tell the truth. Brittany admitted that she hadn't slept with Billy in the pool house the previous summer. Nick and Nikki pleaded with the judge to reduce Larry's sentence. The judge granted Larry time served plus the maximum probation period. Raul shoved Mac in an elevator with Billy, and the elevator stopped between floors. Neil admitted he found Alex attractive, but he wouldn't act on impulses because Alex was dating Malcolm. Brad wanted to take a more active role in Colleen's life. Ashley was supportive but not too thrilled with the idea. Jack wished to have a child of his own.
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JUNE 2001
June 4 to 8, 2001
Nikki offered Larry a job at Jabot. Ashley remained skeptical about Colleen moving to Genoa City. Tricia agreed to be admitted to Fairview Psychiatric Hospital. Billy broke up with Brittany and reunited with Mac. Nick and Sharon reconnected in an exotic way. Malcolm agreed to postpone his battle for visitation until school let out for the summer. Paul was shocked to learn that Christine had agreed to take a case in Australia.
June 11 to 15, 2001
Victor refused to understand why Nikki had hired Larry. Tricia suffered from delusions at the psychiatric hospital, and she began drug therapy. Ryan and Victoria assured each other that they would have a future together. Nick and Sharon grew closer. Jill decided to take a more subtle approach to keep Mac and Billy apart. Brittany changed her mind and tried to convince everyone that she could handle working for Jabot. Jabot planned to have the Glo by Jabot kids work at a boutique during the summer. Rianna convinced Raul to post his diabetes story on the Jabot web site. Paul kissed Isabella and later apologized. Phyllis tried to figure out what Michael was up to. Neil fantasized about Alex. Malcolm planned to propose to Alex. Traci and Colleen decided to spend the summer at the Abbott home. Traci was very upset with Steve. Ashley witnessed John have another memory lapse.
June 18 to 22, 2001
Victor told Nikki that all they would ever have in common was their children. Nick asked Victor to back his decision not to expand the coffeehouse so that Nick could spend more time at home with Sharon. Sharon had flashbacks of Matt. J.T. continued to avoid Mac. Katherine decided to petition the court for legal guardianship of Mac, and she told Jill about it. Mac agreed to let Brittany participate in the Jabot summer campaign. Mac decided that she wanted to be involved -- in front of the camera this time. Brittany asked Jill about Mac's secret. Victoria asked Brittany to give her a call. Jack considered blackmailing Jill into backing off of Mac by using Jill's relationship with Sean. Sean and Jill made love, and he shared some of his past with her. Phyllis overheard Michael talking with a mystery woman, but he demanded that Phyllis not try to investigate the woman's identity. Paul scheduled a visit with James, but he canceled it after Isabella received a threatening letter. Traci told Jack that Steve was having an affair. Colleen was excited about working for Jabot. Malcolm tried to get a reluctant Alex to open up about her past. Alex's connection to Newman Enterprises made Raul's doctor very nervous, and the doctor confided to Olivia that Lawson Medical was a source of frustration for him.
June 25 to 29, 2001
Traci told Colleen, Ashley, and John about Steve's affair, and Colleen became furious. Brad got angry when both Ashley and Jack tried to keep him from comforting Colleen. Victor told Ashley that he wondered what might have been between them. Larry had an unpleasant confrontation at Jabot, but Nikki stood by her decision to hire him. Olivia decided to go undercover at Lawson Medical. Paul asked Isabella to go through James's belongings in search of a clue. Jill refused to tell Brittany about Mac's past, so Brittany decided to search for answers on her own.
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JULY 2001
July 2 to 6, 2001
Traci decided to return to New York City to confront Steve, and Colleen was unsure whether she would stay at the Abbott manor with John, Jack, and Phyllis, or with Brad and Ashley. Jill convinced J.T. to join the Glo by Jabot kids for the summer, angering Billy. Jack proposed to Phyllis and convinced her to accept. Tricia checked herself out of the hospital, signed the divorce papers, and began to confide in an apparition of "Carter." The Newman family held a Fourth of July barbecue, but Victoria made love with Ryan instead. Malcolm considered taking Nate out of the country with him if he was unable to get visitation rights. Victoria set up Victor and Nikki to accidentally meet at Eve's in an effort to get them to reunite, but the couple ended up bickering instead.
July 9 to 13, 2001
Victor told Nikki that he respected her for standing up for what she believed in -- keeping Larry on at Jabot -- and told her that they could be friends. Nikki decided to do some investigating of her own into Isabella's past. Isabella and Mary bonded while discussing children. Tricia appeared to be about to poison Noah. Sharon and Victoria became uneasy when they heard that Tricia was out of the hospital. Victor demanded that Keith take a leave of absence to keep a close eye on Tricia. Alex talked Malcolm out of skipping town with Nate, and Malcolm arranged a "prom night" for her. Michael expressed his concerns to Malcolm about Olivia's position where Nate was concerned. Jack convinced a gun-shy Phyllis to marry him. The Jabot Boutique got underway. Brittany sent a letter to Mac's old school and requested that they forward it to Mac's mom. J.T. tried to warn Mac about Brittany, but Billy interrupted. Rianna seemed hurt by J.T.'s obviously real feelings for Mac. Colleen remained upset about Steve and remained at the Abbott home.
July 16 to 20, 2001
Tricia gave Noah a piece of candy, and Noah later identified Tricia to Sharon as the lady who had given it to him. Victor had the candy analyzed. After the "prom," Alex told Malcolm that she was falling in love with him and that she wanted to move in with him. Malcolm was delighted, until he realized that such a move would look bad for his case with Nate. Olivia refused to let Nate stay with Malcolm while she went out of town, but Mamie promised to help Malcolm visit with Nate while Olivia was gone. Olivia got the goods on Lawson Medical's recruiting tactics and agreed to testify against them. Paul kissed Isabella passionately before he left to search James's cousin's cabin, where he found nude photos of Isabella and evidence incriminating James. Paul got immunity for Isabella, but he was very distraught about what he had found. Michael defended Christine to Mary, who became so upset with their conversation that she slapped him. Traci agreed to let Colleen move in with Brad and Ashley. Jill raked Brittany over the coals, and Brittany sought comfort from Sean, who was convinced that she was out for revenge.
July 23 to 27, 2001
Victor, Nick, and Sharon learned that Tricia and Keith had gone to Boston to attend Megan's graduation. Nikki invited Larry to share her lunch with her. Ryan and Victoria discussed plans for their future. Jack gave Phyllis an engagement ring and tried to convince her to consider having children with him. Olivia discovered that Nate and Malcolm had spent the afternoon together and that Mamie had been involved. Rianna confronted J.T. about his feelings for her when they had been involved. Brittany's letter to Mac's mother was returned -- address unknown. J.T. found the letter and threatened to expose Brittany and their sexual past. Brittany anonymously chatted with Mac on the Glo by Jabot web site, and she posted Mac's full name in their chat. Christine arrived home unexpectedly and found Paul and Isabella kissing on the sofa. Christine decided to take another extended job in Australia without speaking with Paul. Paul and Isabella made love, and Paul later fretted about being unfaithful. Colleen asked Brad why he and Traci had divorced.
July 30 to August 3, 2001
Nikki gave advice to Larry about blending in with his coworkers at Jabot, and she planned a trip to Brazil to research a new product for Jabot. Victor, Ashley, and Abby spent some time together at the park. Paul was served with divorce papers. Victor told Paul that Christine had been in town, and Paul and Michael later realized that Christine had witnessed an intimate moment between Paul and Isabella. Mary offered to have Isabella move in with her. Alex took over Malcolm's visitation case and offered to settle for less time with Nate. Michael urged Olivia to accept the new terms. Sharon told Nick that she was pregnant, and they discovered that she was further along than they had originally suspected. Katherine was granted legal guardianship of Mac. Rianna admitted that she and J.T. had had sex when they had been dating, which infuriated Raul.
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August 6 to 10, 2001
Victor and Nikki shared breakfast at the ranch. Victor arranged for 24-hour surveillance on Tricia. Nick and Sharon told Cassie and Noah about the new baby. Paul confided to Nikki about what Christine had witnessed. Isabella was surprised to find Paul waiting for her at his mother's house. Jack confided to Nikki about his engagement and Phyllis' reluctance to have children. After Phyllis and Jack planned their engagement party at the Colonnade Room, Phyllis experienced abdominal pain. Colleen found Abby's adoption papers and asked about Abby's paternity. Traci accepted Brad's invitation to go to Genoa City for a visit, which upset Ashley. Ashley told Brad that she was no longer comfortable having Colleen stay with them. Billy asked Sean and his mother to carefully edit the video recordings of Rianna's conversation with J.T. Jill told Billy about her involvement with Sean. Raul and Rianna finally discussed her past with J.T., and she tried to convince him that their first time together would be special. After Raul stormed off, Rianna told Mac and Billy that she no longer intended to be a part of the Glo by Jabot house. Sean informed Jack, Jill, and Ashley that the hits to the Glo by Jabot website had doubled because of the tension among the group. After hearing testimony from Malcolm and Olivia in the visitation case, the judge insisted upon hearing from Nate directly.
August 13 to 17, 2001
Nikki left for Brazil after she shared a tender goodbye with Victor. Paul told Isabella that Christine had been in town the night they had made love and that Christine had seen them together. Paul warned Michael not to get involved in his and Christine's divorce. Michael kissed Isabella. The judge granted regular visitation to Malcolm. Malcolm proposed to Alex. Billy told Mac that he loved her. Raul broke up with Rianna after she refused to have sex with him. Brittany kissed Sean on-camera. Colleen expressed her desire to have a relationship with Brad, which upset Ashley. Ryan and Tricia's divorce was granted. Keith witnessed Tricia "talking" to "Carter." Tricia daydreamed about poisoning Ryan and Victoria. Phyllis was rushed to the operating room.
August 20 to 24, 2001
Sharon and Nick worried about the night she and Matt had drunk margaritas. Keith was rushed to the emergency room after he'd suffered a stroke. Rianna blasted Raul about his attitude. Malcolm and Nate had a great visit. Alex accepted Malcolm's marriage proposal. After emergency surgery, Phyllis was no longer able to conceive children; Jack was torn. A distraught Paul confided in Lauren. Brad and Colleen bonded.
August 27 to 31, 2001
Phyllis returned Jack's engagement ring. Victor agreed to let Tricia move in with him, and he reactivated surveillance in the penthouse. Malcolm gave Alex an engagement ring. Raul and J.T. got into a shoving match over Rianna. Mac's mom spotted Mac on the Glo by Jabot web site. Lauren and Katherine plotted against Jill and Sean.
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September 3 to 7, 2001
Tricia realized Victor had her under surveillance. Victor rehired Paul to watch Tricia. Neil noticed Alex's engagement ring. Jack proposed to Phyllis in front of all the guests at their party. Ashley sulked while Brad and Colleen danced. Jill arrived in time to witness Brittany and Sean dancing, and she later broke things off with him. Lauren decided to extend her stay in Genoa City. Amanda asked Cody about Mac.
September 10 to 14, 2001
Jack proposed to Phyllis. Jill called things off with Sean. Mackenzie was shocked to see her mother in town. Isabella was concerned that something was bothering Paul. Due to news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this week of shows was preempted every day but Monday.
September 17 to 21, 2001
Phyllis accepted Jack's proposal. Jill and Sean broke up. Lauren tried to thwart Isabella's attempts to get closer to Paul. Cassie inadvertently tipped off Amanda about Mac's connection to the Chancellors. Sean tried to reconcile with Jill, to no avail. Sean stayed on at Jabot, and Brittany kissed him again. Amanda told Mac that she was sorry about what had happened with Mac's stepfather and for doubting Mac. Isabella went to the hospital after a car accident, and she learned that she was pregnant. Larry offered to help shake up Tricia. Alex turned down the job offer at Newman Enterprises. Steve arrived from New York. Ashley continued to be insecure about the bond between Brad, Colleen, and Traci.
September 24 to 28, 2001
Ashley confided her fears to Victor. Lauren convinced Isabella to stay in town after she learned about Isabella's pregnancy. Paul punched Michael when Michael informed him about a court date for his divorce. Malcolm was upset to learn that Alex had decided to work at Michael's law firm. Sharon had a nightmare about Matt and the baby. Tricia considered moving out of the penthouse, and her visions of "Carter" began to disappear after she took her medication. Traci and Steve decided to reconcile and return to New York. Colleen ran away.
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October 1 to 5, 2001
Nick grew worried that Matt had given roofies to Sharon and had raped her. Katherine agreed to be the new Newman baby's godmother. Ryan and Victoria discussed the possibility of getting married on their vacation in Greece. Olivia's hostility toward Malcolm softened. Rianna asked Raul to give their relationship more time. Mac discovered Colleen at the homeless shelter but did not tell anyone. Paul confronted Lauren about Isabella, but Lauren did not tell him about the pregnancy. Isabella left town.
October 8 to 12, 2001
Nikki returned from Brazil. Victor's surprise visits to Tricia's therapy sessions prompted her to take her medicine regularly. Sharon experienced cramps and spotting. Nick demanded that Sharon's doctor perform tests to determine the date of the baby's conception, but he didn't explain why. Neil and Olivia officially began dating. Sean arranged for Lionel Richie to serenade Jill, but she wasn't convinced to give their relationship another chance. Billy was furious when he learned that Mac knew Colleen had been at the homeless shelter. Colleen returned home to Traci.
October 15 to 19, 2001
Nikki surprised Victor with a romantic Brazilian-themed evening. Victor appeared to gain Tricia's trust. Ryan gave Victoria an engagement ring, and they set a wedding date. Nick told Sharon that Matt had claimed he had raped her, but the doctor advised to wait until the baby was born to have a paternity test. Olivia and Neil made love. Brad confronted Ashley after Jack told him that she had confided in Victor. Michael told Lauren that he knew Isabella. Isabella became infuriated after she witnessed Lauren and Paul having dinner. Upset after seeing Rianna and J.T. talking, Raul accidentally overdosed himself with insulin and fought with J.T. Raul went into insulin shock, and he stabilized in the emergency room. Billy and J.T. fought about Raul and Rianna. Billy forgave Mac. Colleen and Traci returned to New York.
October 22 to 26, 2001
Tricia stopped taking her medication and devised a plan for revenge on Victor. She also learned of Ryan and Victoria's wedding plans. Ryan found a new home for himself and Victoria. Sharon refused to have a paternity test, and she tripped over a chair after she heard Nick's car crash outside their home. Isabella slapped Lauren and accused her of wanting Paul for herself. Isabella made love with Michael after she confided her fears about Paul. Phyllis overheard Alex and Neil discuss their feelings for each other. After he shared a kiss with Alex, Neil ended things with Olivia. Phyllis confronted Alex but decided not to tell Malcolm right away. Raul broke up with Rianna.
October 29 to November 2, 2001
Sharon's baby girl was born prematurely and later died. Unbeknownst to Nick, Sharon demanded a paternity test. Tricia drugged Victor and appeared to be about to rape him. Nikki offered to tutor Larry. Brad and Ashley made up. Amanda insisted on anonymity at the shelter. Raul blew off homework and agreed to attend a concert with Brittany. Sean did a striptease for Jill.
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November 5 to 9, 2001
Tricia raped a drugged Victor, but he was arrested for raping her. Paul saw Tricia put evidence from the penthouse in her purse, but she disappeared before the police could question her. She later decided to go after Victoria. Victoria and Ryan continued planning their wedding. Jill and Sean reconciled. Malcolm and Olivia concluded that Neil was involved with another woman. Traci told Brad and Ashley that she was worried about Colleen's recent behavior and her new friends. Colleen and her new friends smoked marijuana.
November 12 to 16, 2001
Traci found a marijuana pipe in Colleen's room and confronted her about it. Phyllis told Jack about her plans for in vitro fertilization and suggested that they have a smaller wedding. When questioned by Olivia, Alex denied being the other woman in Neil's life. Rianna and J.T. kissed and went on a date. Victor's DNA matched evidence in the rape kit, and evidence of drugs was found in his blood. Victoria was shocked to find Tricia waiting for her in the bride's room of the church -- dressed in an identical wedding dress and veil.
November 19 to 23, 2001
After she stuffed Victoria into a closet, Tricia showed up dressed in Victoria's gown at the wedding ceremony and subsequently shot Ryan, who later made it through emergency surgery. Tricia was arrested, but she had no memory of the horrific events at the church. Phyllis began fertility treatments. Traci met Colleen's new friends and later searched Colleen's room for drugs. The Abbott family celebrated Abby's first birthday and planned a cruise. Amanda discovered that her abusive ex-husband was searching for her. Sean and Jill made plans for their vacation.
November 26 to 30, 2001
Genoa City residents were devastated to learn of Ryan's death. Tricia confessed and was transferred to the psychiatric unit of the jail. Nina and Phillip were unable to return to Genoa City for Ryan's funeral due to Phillip's illness. Christine phoned and offered her condolences. Diane received a chilly reception from Jack and Victor. Ashley agreed to be Phyllis' matron of honor. Isabella told Michael that she was carrying his child, and she insisted on public acknowledgment and financial support. Mac asked Amanda to stay in town. Colleen admitted to Steve and Traci that she had smoked pot.
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December 3 to 7, 2001
Victoria asked to see the videotapes of the penthouse surveillance and the wedding. Christine returned home for Ryan's funeral, but she left after she learned that Isabella was still in town. Michael told Diane about his situation, and she later guessed that Isabella was the woman in question. Michael agreed to Isabella's request for child support. Sean and Jill offered Isabella a modeling job at Jabot. After observing Rianna and J.T., Raul and Brittany made plans to spend more time together. Mac had a nightmare about her stepfather. Jack and Nikki searched the files of the man she had hired to switch Victor's sperm sample.
December 10 to 14, 2001
Jack and Nikki found the Robertson Lab file. Phyllis grew upset when Nikki inquired about Phyllis' willingness to have Jack's children. Victoria had a difficult time returning to work. The paternity results of Sharon's baby returned, but the unopened envelope was placed in her chart. Neil continued drinking, and he blurted that Malcolm was the reason Neil and Alex were hiding their feelings for each other. Ricky and Colleen were suspended when they were caught smoking marijuana on the school campus. Brad became upset when John insisted on helping with Colleen. Amanda and Larry met. Jill and Sean enjoyed their camping trip.
December 17 to 21, 2001
John convinced Traci and Steve to let Colleen return to Genoa City with him. Rianna and J.T. made love. Raul's brother, Diego, arrived in Genoa City. Sharon got the results from the paternity test. Nikki discovered that Jack was Christian's biological father, but she was summoned to Colorado to be with Casey before she could share the news with Jack. Alex assured Malcolm that she was committed to him. Neil blew up at Victoria when she mentioned a business deal that he had blown. Isabella found an apartment in Genoa City.
December 24 to 28, 2001
Jack and Phyllis were married. Lauren was shocked to learn that Isabella had told Paul that Isabella was pregnant with Michael's baby, and Lauren threatened to tell Paul the truth. Malcolm told Olivia that Neil was no longer welcome in his home. Nikki paid a surprise visit to Diane in Milan and attempted to make amends. Sharon gave Nick the results of the paternity test, which proved that Nick had fathered Sharon's child. Mac and Amanda discussed their feelings with each other.
December 31, 2001 to January 4, 2002
Sharon blamed Nick for the death of their baby daughter. Nikki was relieved to discover how well Diane was taking care of baby Christian, and she decided not to tell Jack he was the father after he confided that he and Phyllis were in the process of in vitro fertilization. Phyllis experienced adverse reactions to the hormone therapy. John convinced Traci to let Colleen remain in Genoa City. Jill turned down Sean's marriage proposal. Alex told Neil that she didn't have romantic feelings for him.
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