The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 8, 2001 on Y&R

Victor demanded a paternity test. Phyllis told Jack about Victoria's scheme to get company secrets out of him. Ryan decided to leave Tricia. Olivia tried to establish a relationship between Neil and Nate. 'Carter' refused a management position at Crimson Lights.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 8, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, January 8, 2001

Billy, Mac, Raul & Rianna
Billy asks Mac why Raul seemed so reluctant to leave with Rianna earlier. They joke about Raul's fear of doctors and Mac updates him about the kids at the shelter. Billy asks Mac if she would mind if he started volunteering there again. She agrees and he thanks her by telling her how good volunteering makes him feel. Raul returns from the doctor (he says it was just a cold) and is irked to learn that Billy will be helping out at the shelter again. Mac defends Billy. Raul leaves on an "errand" and pays Billy a visit.

Nina and Tomas
Despite his fears that doing movies really is a step down from writing, Tomas gets excited about the prospect of having his book made into a film. While he is gone, the producer arrives and tells Nina that he wants to turn her book into a movie.

Vicki, Ryan, Trish & Carter
Victoria interrupts Nick & Sharon's honeymoon planning to gripe about Ryan missing a scheduled photo shoot because of Tricia. Tricia is begging Carter to help her save her marriage when Ryan returns home to talk. Carter hides and Ryan grills a nervous Tricia about her reaction to his visit. She tells him she "refuses" to answer his questions because he has already deemed her a liar and a slut. Ryan admits that he has been sending her mixed signals and was wrong to do so. He tells Trish that he came home to tell her that he has made a decision -- he thinks they should separate. Tricia hysterically begs him not to go, but he says it is for the best and goes. Back at the office, Victoria berates Ryan for letting his personal problems interfere with his work. He tells her that he has moved out and she offers to let him stay with her. Carter tries to calm Trish down, saying that she is "in shock but will be OK." Trish thinks Victoria is behind Ryan's decision and wonders if she will offer Ryan a place to stay. Carter reminds her that they already have a plan for revenge against Victoria. Trish tells him to forget the "computer chips" and warns that Victoria is a dead woman if Ryan moves in with her.

Marissa tells Lynn how glad she is to be working for Paul, even temporarily -- she is just grateful not to be working for Diane anymore. Paul returns and tells a stunned Lynn that he is not going to Hong Kong and doesn't need Marissa anymore.

Victor is furious that Diane went to see Hope. He calls Hope to see what Diane wanted from her and reassures Hope that she has done nothing wrong by speaking to Diane. He also tells Hope how much he wishes that their son was nearer so he could spend more time with him.

Michael is impressed that Diane went to see Hope and asks how she found her. Diane tells him about her promise to give Leanna Love "exclusive" rights to the baby's first pictures in return for the info, but thinks it was worth it because of what Hope told her about Victor not wanting to be without his son. As they talk, Diane goes into labor. She gives birth to a boy while Victor is waiting at home to talk to her.

Tuesday, January 9, 2001

Abbott House:

Raul demands to see Billy now. He is determined to stop Billy from going to work at the shelter. Raul suspects that Billy is interested in more than just helping the kids-he wants Mac again. Raul tells him that if he's so into volunteering there are other places he go. Billy theorizes that Raul wants her back and sees Billy as a threat. Both boys claim they just want to be Mac's friend. Billy claims he's being totally up front with both girls. Raul tells him to back for Mac's sake. Billy asks him if Mac still has feelings for him. She does, Raul reveals. She hates what her relationship with Billy did to her, how she lied to her friends all summer. She still has a thing for him and he's concerned that Mac will fall back into Billy's spell. Billy tells him he believes they can be friends, but Raul is convinced that nothing but trouble can come of it. But Billy will do whatever he wants, consequences be damned Raul spits as he storms out.

Victoria's office:

Victoria offers the tack house for Ryan to stay in. Ryan leaves Victoria to a call. Later Tricia arrives and slams the door shut. She 's not looking for Ryan, she's looking for Victoria. Victoria plays dumb, wondering what Tricia wants. Tricia coldly calls her on it. Victoria's plan is working so far, Tricia claims. Victoria swears she's not manipulating him. This is all Tricia's fault. Victoria continues to taunt Tricia, while Tricia fumes convinced that Victoria poisoned Ryan against her. She won't let her get away with it she tells Victoria as Ryan enters. Victoria blabs that Tricia threatened her about his living with Victoria. He stuns both women by revealing that he's decided to stay with Neil. Tricia concedes defeat as Victoria hides her disappointment. He asks what happened with Tricia but she won't go into it since he won't believe her anyway. She's dangerous she insists and Ryan refuses to see it.


Nina is shocked that Harvey, the movie producer, wants to make her book, not Tomas', into a movie. He loves the book and is really excited about making it into a feature. She tells him they can't speak there and sends him to Crimson Lights. She will meet him there. Nina tells Tomas she has an errand and rushes out. Tomas senses that she's holding out on him.


Victor has returned to the apartment only to find it empty. He calls the security man asking him to check the tapes to see if there is any indication as to where Diane went. He is surprised to see Michael walk in. He learns that Diane sent him to get her overnight bag. She gave birth, he reveals to the stunned father. The security man arrives and informs Victor that Diane went into labor while with Michael. He also provides another tape of Diane mentioning Leanna Love.


Diane coos with her newborn son, wondering what to name him. Leanna Love arrives, beaming at the birth of the newest Newman heir. She wants the cameraman to be allowed into the room, but Diane is hesitant. Leanna Love reminds her of their deal. It all depend son Victor's mood she reminds Leanna. If Victor embraces the child and accept shim as his own, then the deal is off. Leanna doesn't believe it will work the way she hopes. Michael arrives, telling Diane to think positively. The last time they teamed up against Victor they did well. Leanna and Michael scheme to make Victor squirm but Diane is still holding out hope that Victor will come around. She senses a renewed venom within Michael where Victor is concerned. He explains that he held back where Newman is concerned out of respect for Christine but feels it's time take him down. This is entirely of Victor's doing and he deserves to be punished. Diane is adamant about zero negative publicity until she learns how Victor will react to the baby. Michael informs her that Vic insisted bringing her overnight bag himself. She sees this as a big plus and orders them out of the room. Playing the Madonna to the hilt, Diane strategically places the baby in her arms, the picture perfect mother, waiting for Victor's arrival. Victor finally arrives.

Warton's apartment:

Larry calls Matt/Carter wondering what is going on. He's furious that Matt has left him high and dry considering that the rent on the warehouse is due tomorrow. Matt explains that he may not be able to use Ryan's computer again as his marriage to Tricia is in shambles.


Mac and the director Ned discuss Billy's working there. Mac seems genuinely happy that she will be working with him again. Ned asks about the Glo by Jabot event and wonder if there will be more. Mac hopes so, she'd like to work on it again. Mac doodles a heart as she fantasizes Billy professing his love for her. Later Billy arrives for duty. Billy surprises her by telling her he can't tutor with her today. She senses something is wrong. He tells her he doesn't think it will work out. She lays a guilt trip on him as he tries to explain. He leaves, both upset.

Neil's office:

Ryan updates Neil on his moving out of the apartment. It's for the best he believes. Neil wonders where he'll go now. He tells him that moving in with Victoria would be a big mistake.

Crimson Lights:

Nina meets with Harvey. Nina does her best to get Tomas' book into a movie but Harvey isn't convinced it would be an easy film to make. He's much more interested in making her book into a movie. He gleefully runs off casting suggestions and wonders about her agent as well as contract points. She can't talk about it right now. He thinks she's holding out on him for more money, but she just needs time. He's stunned that she's even hesitating. He's leaving tomorrow, get word to him or forget about it. Tricia secretly meets with Carter outside, telling him of her confrontation with Victoria. Her behavior in Victoria's office frightened her. Full of rage. She felt this way before with Tony. He tells her they have a plan with Victoria and they should stick to it. She wonders how they will get at her with Ryan (and his computer) gone. He has another plan but it requires $500. She can get the money. Nina informs Tomas' editor about the change in the movie deal. He feels guilty having set this in motion. She asks him to try to convince Harvey to do Tomas' book instead of her own. He can't, he insists. Tomas arrives, wondering what has her all frazzled.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

At the hospital, Victor stands in the doorway of Diane's room as she holds the baby. She asks if he'd like to hold his son, and he says no. Meanwhile, outside in the hall, Leanna Love and her cameraman are attempting to get a picture of the baby. Just as they walk down the hall, Terrence, the security provided by Paul Williams, tells her that she can't go down the hall. She tells him that he is not a hospital attendant and can't order her around. Just as she tries to bully past Terrence, two other security officers dressed in black trench coats come and carry her out. Diane wonders what the commotion is, and Victor asks if she doesn't recognize the voice. She says that it sounds like Leanna. He asks what she's doing at the hospital. Diane makes the excuse that she has her sources. Victor asks Diana if she's talked to Leanna since she "bullied" her way into the apartment. Diane said no. Later, Victor checks with security to make sure that there are guards at the nursery and at Diane's door. When he re-enters the room, Diane asks who the man is who opened the door. Victor tells him that it is security to protect the baby. She tells him that he is thoughtful and says that they should name the baby. Victor says that before she does that, he'd like her to agree to a paternity test.

In the ranch study, Nikki is on the phone with someone discussing the new Jabot product. Victoria walks in just as Nikki hangs up. Nikki tells Victoria that she's had a great day and is happy about the new product. Victoria tells her mother that she questions whether this good mood is genuine or just the result of her diving into her work trying to forget about Victor. Nikki tells her that she's no longer upset about that and that they both knew it was only a temporary situation. They could never be together because of her Jabot affiliation and even more so now that it has been revealed she was a major investor. She stands by her investment and truly believes that her independence would not be had she not invested in Jabot. Later, Victoria appears in the studio eating dinner while Nikki is watching the stock market. Leanna appears on the television announcing the birth of Victor Newman's new son and the terrible ordeal she went through to report the news. Nikki comments that the dreaded event has finally happened. Victoria says that she can't believe they are connected to Diane by blood. Nikki tells her that they may not be and that Victor will insist on a paternity test. Victoria says that she would be shocked if that baby weren't Victors and would think that Diane would at least have covered that base.

At Newman Enterprises, Neil contemplates calling Malcolm and finally does. Malcolm answers but doesn't want to talk to Neil. Neil tells him that he can't keep putting him off, and Malcolm says, "Watch me." And he hangs up. Alex Perez is standing in the doorway, and after Neil hangs up she asks if this is a bad time. They begin to discuss her strategy for the HMO case. Neil says that it's good work, but he thinks they should take another approach. He thinks they should approach the HMO president and let him know about their intentions. Alex reminds him that Victor is trying to set precedence and making a deal with the president won't do that. Neil accuses her of wanting to make a name for herself. They both agree that Victor will just have to make the decision. Olivia walks in and asks if she's interrupting anything, and Alex gladly walks out. Olivia comes bearing gifts, a peace offering, as she calls it. She wants to thank Neil for spending New Year's Eve with them even if Malcolm did come and ruin it. He tells her that he's been trying to talk to Malcolm but that he won't talk to him. She says that she thinks she's finally gotten her point across to him. Neil seems upset and Olivia wonders if he blames her for the distance between him and his brother. She then says that she doesn't care but that she has to do what's best for her son. Neil says even if that means taking the man away from him that he calls his father. Neil tells her that not a day goes by that Malcolm doesn't think about Nate. Olivia reminds him of the incidents with Callie and Dru. Neil says that he still thinks she is wrong. She doesn't think so and becomes perturbed. She walks out.

Alex joins Malcolm at Gina's. He asks her about her day, and she doesn't want to reveal that it was Neil who rubbed her the wrong way that day. Malcolm keeps asking her, but she gets up, asks the waiter to play some salsa music, and they dance.

Nina is in the middle of telling a lie to Tomas when she sees Paul come into the coffee house. She asks him what he's doing there, and he tells her that he didn't go and wasn't going. She asks why Chris didn't tell her, and he tells her that he doesn't know. He says he changed his mind when John Silva told him that Chris would be working all day. He and Nina get into a disagreement as to who was wrong in their decisions, him in deciding not to go to Hong Kong or Chris in deciding to have a baby. Just as she is about to comment on his remark, Tomas tells her to let it go. Paul says that the conversation is over, and he leaves. Nina and Tomas go back to her apartment and she tells him that there is something she needs to tell him. She tells him that she was talking to Hugh when he walked into the coffeehouse. She was talking to him because she'd previously talked to the filmmaker. Tomas guessed that he wasn't going to make his book into a movie. He's upset but is happy that it was her who told him. She tells him that there's more.

At the coffee house, Raul finds Rianna waiting for him. She asks if he'd seen Billy. He asks why, and she says because he and Mac were talking about him earlier. Just then, Mac walks in with the news that Billy came in to the shelter but only to tell her that he was not going to tutor. Raul asks her why it's so important to her. She tells him that even though Billy isn't his favorite person right now that he was good with the kids. She's upset and Raul isn't making it any better so she walks away. Rianna says that it's obvious Mac still has feelings for Billy. Raul complains about Billy's decisions masking his jealousy. He sneezes. Rianna tells him that he needs to go home and get some rest. He leaves, and Rianna goes to Mac and tells her that there must be a logical explanation as to why Billy backed out. At the Abbott house, Mamie answers the door to Brittany who has come unannounced. Mamie tells her that Billy is at the shelter tutoring. Mamie leaves Brittany to tend to her Banana bread and Brittany wonders why she ever thought Billy would get over Mac. Billy walks in the door and Brittany tells him that she knew he was at the shelter tutoring the kids, and she knows it was only to get closer to Mac. Billy tells her that he was doing it to make up for the pain he put Mac through. Brittany asks him how long will he have to work there to make up for that. He tells her that he's not going to work there anymore because Raul came over and "laid into him." Brittany tells him that she now understands that he was going to do it for Mac and that now he's not going to do it for Mac. He turns it around and tells her that he's doing it because he wants to mend fences with Raul. He reassures her that he no longer has feelings for Mac and seals it with a kiss, just as Mac is watching.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

Nina had to tell Tomas that Harvey wanted to make her novel into a movie instead of his. He was upset and left her apartment, insisting that he would not end up drunk in a gutter.

Victor convinced Diane to agree to a paternity test on her baby, although she refused to sign the consent papers. Nikki gave the news to Nick and Sharon, finding them ready for an intimate evening alone. Nick asked why she was so calm in the face of media scrutiny and Leanna Love's lies. She gave some excuse and the kids told her about their feelings that Victor had been very hurt by her and was vulnerable. She paid him a visit, offering support. Victor let her in the apartment and she made sure that he wasn't considering backing out on the paternity test. She encouraged him to be sure.

At Gina's, Jack & Phyllis began an evening together when Neil walked in to find Malcolm and Alex tearing up the dance floor. Neil changed his mind about worrying about this brother and went home. Malcolm and Alex enjoyed each other's company, sharing a little personal information about Little Nate, Olivia, and Neil.

Phyllis told Jack about Victoria's suggestion that she use her relationship with him to help Brash & Sassy. Phyllis tried to convince him that he could trust her after all that she had done.

Little Nate asked his mother if he could spend time with his Dad and she refused. Nate got upset about it and was sent to bed. Mamie was there and gave Olivia a piece of her mind about what she may be doing to Neil by assuming that he wants to be a father to Nate and how she may be damaging her relationship with her son.

Friday, January 12, 2001

The Carltons':

Brad and Ashley discuss the legal notice of Brad's intention to adopt Abby being published later that day. Brad reassures her that it will be fine. Ashley worries that Jack, who still thinks Christian is the father may see the notice and freak out. He's sure Jack will never see it as it is only being published in Miami (where the cruise she became pregnant on left from). They look forward to him being able to adopt Abby. Ashley goes to get today's paper and is shocked to learn of baby Newman's birth.


Nina has invited Paul over to discuss the movie development. Tomas didn't take the news well she tells him. Paul reassures her that Tomas is hurt but cares for her deeply and will eventually come around. She thinks that this is too much for him. Paul volunteers to go check up on him for her. She considers not taking the offer but Paul tells her that if she doesn't Tomas will feel even worse. Harvey stops by on his way out of town, wanting an answer to his offer. Harvey promises her that he will protect her vision by hiring a top screenwriter. Nina will accept on one condition.


Paul arrives and Tomas realizes Nina sent him. With a hint of bitterness he tells him all the reasons why he's happy his movie isn't going to be a movie then laments his loss of muse. They console each other over their shaky lives. Tomas decide she can't hide in his misery any more. Rationally he's excited for her but privately hates it that it's not him.


Nate is withdrawn, not interested in the weekend plans Olivia has made. He secretly makes a call to Malcolm. He wants Malcolm to spend time with them this weekend. Olivia overhears and takes the phone away. He tells her that she is the one who is hurting Nate, not him. She tells him she will handle it and hangs up. Mamie stops by, wanting to make sure that their argument from the night before is over. Olivia tells Nate that he went too far in calling Malcolm behind her back after she made it clear that he was not going to be involved. Olivia sees that the situation is growing tenuous so she come sup with an idea. Olivia is convinced that Neil is the perfect father figure for Nate and is determined to make him see it.

Photography studio:

Phyllis visits and sees how upset Malcolm is over his relationship with Nate. She tries to cheer him by asking him about his dinner with Alex and expressing her jealousy over seeing him with a new friend. She also mentions seeing Neil arrive and then quickly leave. Malcolm couldn't care less what Neil thinks. Phyllis finds it amusing that the woman Malcolm was seeing was Neil's co-worker. The only reason he was out with her was to push Neil buttons she tells him.

Nick & Sharon's:

Nick and Sharon enjoy a quiet moment at the house. The romantic moment is interrupted by Victoria who wants to discuss their new baby brother. Victoria's worried that Nikki seems to be taking it too well. Victoria thinks Nikki has been handling Diane's pregnancy too well ever since they all found out. They decide to go see how their father is doing.


Michael stops by with diapers for the new mommy. Diane is ready to be discharged. Michael wonders if she's ready to re-enter enemy territory so soon. She tells him about Victor's desire for the paternity test. Diane's isn't worried about it, the sooner he accepts the child as his the better. Diane wants to name her child before leaving the hospital. She hates it that Hope already used Victor jr. Michael suggests a more subtle approach like his middle name Christian. She likes it but doesn't feel it has the same impact. The nurse then enters asking if Diane has picked a name yet.


Alex and Neil stop by to speak with Victor about their strategy for the HMO case. Vic reads over the proposal and listens to their arguments as to which direction to take. Alex wants to take the HMO to court while Neil hopes to settle without risking losing any advantage. Alex is convinced that in order to set legal precedent they must take them by surprise. Victor sides with Alex. They will take them to court without going to the HMO first. Outside the apartment Alex asks Neil why he didn't stop and say hello at Gina's the night before. He had other things to do he tells her. Later Nick, Sharon and Victoria stop by. He tells them that he asked Diane to agree to a paternity test. While Victor takes a call in the other room Diane, Michael and the baby arrive. Diane introduces Nick and Victoria to their brother: Christian Victor Newman.

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