The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 22, 2001 on Y&R

Jack met the child who had received his baby's heart. 'Carter' tried to rape Sharon. Nina went to Los Angeles without Tomas. Mac tried to convince Billy not to go to the rave. The paternity test results for Diane's baby were in.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 22, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, January 22, 2001

Jack & Diane
Jill tries to enlist Jack to help her close the growing gap between her and Billy, but Jack refuses her that he won't fix what she has broken. Jill thinks he is being cruel and lashes out at him, saying that he could never understand how she feels because he has no children of his own. She takes it even further by jibing that he hasn't seen his adult son Keemo for years and is completely alone. Jack returns to work in a foul mood but doesn't want to discuss it with Nikki. Finally, he reveals that the son that they lost would have been 7 years old today if he had survived. Jack is furious with Jill for making him remember his loss and reminding him that almost everyone -- even Diane -- has a child. The couple shares an emotional moment.

Diane reminds Victor that the "reason:" he had his vasectomy was that he thought she didn't want children. Victor clarifies that he never EVER wanted to have a child with her. She thinks she could have convinced him, but he forcefully denies it. Diane says he must accept the baby because the baby needs his father. Victor says he rues the day when she will have to sit their son down and tell him he was born without his consent and he had no part in the conception at all.

Nina and Tomas
Nina runs into Jill and mentions that Phillip may need a place to stay for a while as she and Tomas pound out her screenplay. Jill congratulates her on her success and loves the idea of Phillip staying with her for a few weeks. Back at home, Tomas still has writer's block and is frustrated to the point of wallowing in self-pity. Tomas lashes out at Nina for "dumping" Phillip on Jill just so she can work on her screenplay. Nina tells him to relax. He says he can't believe who he has become. Things start to smooth out between the two until Nina asks him to read her ideas for the scene they were working on. When Tomas gets ruffled, Nina calms him down by explaining that it was he who inspired her and that they are collaborating as a team.

Mary brings dinner over to Paul and tries to talk him into working less and getting out more. When asked if he had heard from Christine, Paul says they are having trouble hooking up because they are in different time zones. Mary confronts him about pretending everything is ok. Paul explains that he is not a swinging single and is definitely not in the mood for socializing.

Brad brings Abby to visit Ashley in the lab. They ooh and aah and talk about having more kids. He expresses sympathy about the way in which Diane's child entered the world but Ash doesn't want to talk about Victor.

Carter arrives early for dinner and helps Sharon -- who left the kids with their grandparents-- prepare tacos. Carter asks the reason for the dinner invitation, but Sharon wants to wait until Nick arrives to discuss it. When they are finished with the food preparation, Sharon whips up a pitcher of margaritas and they share a toast. At Crimson Lights, Victoria finds out Carter is coming to dinner and invites herself so she can pick his brain about Tricia. Later, Nick gets a call about a crisis in the Milwaukee shop and calls Sharon. She explains that she can't cancel dinner because it is already made and Carter is there. She says she will try to soften up Carter a bit on her own. When Carter finds out Nick will not be back until late, he pulls out some of his date rape drug to spike the drinks.

Tuesday, January 23, 2001


Nikki calls Jack at his office and he's in a bad mood. She invites him to dinner to cheer him up which he sees right through. He regrets even mentioning the anniversary of their son's birth. She says that she needs him to be there for her. He agrees to go. Jack arrives and is surprised by her sudden chipper mood. They reminisce about their married days and she reassure shim that she enjoys his company and it isn't out of pity. They enjoy a nice meal. He thanks her for reminding him that there were good times along with the bad from their marriage. She tells him that part of the reason she invited him over was to remind him that some good even came out of the tragedy of their baby's death. The doorbell rings. Jack is shocked to see Suzanne Cook and her son, the boy who got their son's heart.

Crimson Lights:

Nick is on his way to Milwaukee to oversee a problem at the other coffee shop. Victoria asks him about Carter's reluctance to accept the job managing the 3rd coffee shop. She wants to see if she can get him to side with her against Tricia. Later Warton stops by for a smoothie. Nick questions his reasons for visiting GC again. Warton vaguely mentions his good friend and their plans for a big money making scheme. Nick asks him to leave after he's done with his drink. Larry suspects Nick doesn't like him there because it reminds him of his prison days. After he leaves Nick tells Cody that he suspects Larry's visit had more to it than it seemed.

William's Investigations:

Mary tells Lynne and Marissa that she's been staying away out of fear for what she'd say about Christine and how unforgivable she thinks her behavior is. Paul overheard and asks to speak privately with her. He tells her she's the last person he'd take objective advice from. She mentions that her reluctance to accept Christine is well founded first with her feelings for Danny and then the partnership with Michael capped off with her change of mind about the baby. Mary thinks that Christine's leaving for Hong Kong is the last straw.

Michael's office:

Phyllis pops by wanting to go out. He fills her in on the fact that Paul didn't go to Hong Kong with Christine. He's been keeping in touch with her but it's all business. Phyllis suspects he's looking for more. He feigns nonchalance but it's obvious Phyllis hit a nerve. She 's worries about him. He reassures her that he's fine. She cautions him about pursuing Christine. She will destroy him. He tells her to mind her own business.


Thomas and Nina are working on the screenplay. He's upset that she seems to be patronizing him trying to booster his spirits. He critiques her ideas with no explanation. Phillip interrupts and Nina tells him that he'll be staying with Grandma Jill. He's excited and Nina calls Jill with the good news.

Chancellor House:

Jill tells Esther to prepare a guest room, which she refuses to do. Jill informs Kay that Phillip might be staying for a few weeks because of Nina's work on the screenplay and wanting space. Kay's put off by Jill's heightened intensity over Phillip's stay. She thinks Jill's up to something and doesn't want Phillip put in the middle of it. She puts Jill on notice that she'll be watching her. Nina arrives with Phillip. She asks if he's sure about this and he wonders if she's okay. He sensed the tension between her and Thomas. She'll be fine.

Nick & Sharon's:

Matt realizes he has the rohypnol in his jacket pocket and contemplates using it on Sharon. She tentatively asks him about considering accepting the job promotion. He agrees to think about it, for her. He offers to get her a refill for her margarita and slips in the drug. Before she takes a sip Victoria stops by. She almost takes a sip of Sharon's but Matt stops her and makes her a fresh one. He asks what she's there for. She asks him to let Tricia confide him and find out what she's up to. He agrees and Victoria heads up to the house. Sharon decides to pass on her second margarita. He insists on helping her clean up. She's up to finishing her drink now and takes a sip.

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Just as Billy and Brittany are doing homework at Crimson lights, Jordan (the Rave thrower) comes in. They walk over and Billy grills him about the Rave. Jordan asks Billy why he's asking so many questions if he went to a rave in Chicago. Billy covers up and says he was just wondering if things were the same at all Raves. They get into a discussion about drugs, alcohol and whether or not Billy and Brittany will have a problem getting in because they are in high school. He reassures them that they'll have a good time no matter what age they are. Brittany calls Rianna over to her table and says that she thinks it'd be a good idea if she and Raul joined them at the Rave. Rianna says that Raul isn't into Raves and they probably wouldn't go. Rianna joins Raul, and he asks what she and Brittany were talking about. Mac comes over and asks if they've heard anything else about the Rave. They say nothing new, and Raul asks Mac if she's still interested in going and why. She says she'll find out info on her own and walks away. Later, she tries to talk to Billy about the bad things that go on at Raves. He rudely tells her that alcohol wouldn't be his problem at the Rave but that Ecstasy is big. He then adds that there's also a lot of dancing, so he's not worried. He walks away angry, scoops Brittany up and goes back to the Abbott House. J.T. walks up to Mac and offers to take her to the Rave once again. Once again, she declines. At the Abbott House, Billy tells Brittany that he thinks he's accomplishing his goal of putting distance between he and Mackenzie. Brittany is happy, and they kiss and hug. Just as Brittany says she wishes he could hug her that way forever, his mind shifts to Mac who is at the coffeehouse thinking of him.

At the Newman ranch, Jack is introduced to another Jack who has the heart of the son he and Nikki lost. The little boys mother, Suzanne refers to Jack and Nikki as the guardian angels, and she tells the story of how her son saw the scar on his chest and asked where it came from. She told him that these two guardian angels gave it to him. Jack and Jack discuss their names and their love for baseball and the Cubs. While Little Jack is in the kitchen, Suzanne tells them that she and her husband would never be able to thank them enough for what they've given them. They appreciate it especially knowing how hard it was to lose their son. Little Jack comes back with a bag full of cookies from Miguel. They decide it's time to go. Jack gets their coats, Nikki thanks Suzanne for coming, and Jack and Jack shake hands. Just as they are about to walk out of the door, Big Jack asks Little Jack if he can have a hug, and he says yes. When they leave, Jack thanks Nikki and says she is an amazing woman. Nikki tells him that the way Jack was with Little Jack shows her that he'd be a great father. Something about the way he was with him is evidence to her that "the heart does go on", as Jack put it.

Paul and his mother are still in the middle of a heated discussion about his wife when he shouts at his mother that she needs to leave and give him some space. Shocked at him raising his voice at her, she leaves. After she leaves, Paul decides to call Chris. He gets her in her limo, but it is a bad connection. He tells her he misses her, but she does not hear him. He gets up, grabs his suitcase and leaves. Just as he closes the door, the phone rings. Chris leaves a message that she asked her limo driver to pull over so she could call, but she guesses she missed him. She says they'll keep trying until it works. Meanwhile, at Gina's Michael and Phyllis are at a table that Phyllis tells Gina is Siberia. She tells Michael he's punishing her for the comments she made by making her eat there. He tells her she's wrong. Just then, Mary walks over to their table and tells Michael that it's his fault that Chris and Paul's marriage is over. She storms out just after she tells him that she hopes he has a guilty conscience that keeps him up all night. Phyllis tells him that the glint in his eye proves that he's pleased about this revelation of Mary's. She tells him that she won't be there when Christine "stomps on his heart." She gets up and leaves, stating she has lost her appetite.

After finishing her Margarita, Sharon can hardly stand up. She says she feels woozy, and soon after she passes out on the sofa. Carter makes sure she can no longer hear him and tells her he'll be right back. He unbuckles his belt, pulls his shirt out and put the deadbolt on the door. He goes back to Sharon on the sofa, touches her, pulls ups her skirt, unties her blouse and says, "I've been waiting for this for so long." Just as he is about to kiss her, he hears a car in the driveway. It's Nick. He hurries and buckles his belt, ties Sharon's blouse, pulls down her skirt and takes the deadbolt from off the door. Just ask Nick comes in, he picks up the phone pretending to be calling Nick. He says thank goodness you're here. Nick sees Sharon and asks if she's o.k. He realizes that she may be drunk, and takes her upstairs. Victoria knocks at the door, and Carter answers. Nick joins them after he puts Sharon to bed. Victoria asks where Sharon is, and Nick says that she's not feeling well, and it's probably the Margaritas. Victoria says she doesn't think they were that strong. Carter says that because Sharon doesn't drink very much, they may have affected her differently. Victoria asks Nick why he's not in Milwaukee, and he says because Trina found someone to reinstate their account. Carter decides it's time to leave, and says he'll be o.k. to drive. When he leaves, Nick tells Victoria that he's upset Sharon got drunk with an employee. Victoria has work to do, so she can't stay and talk as Nick would like, so she leaves. Nick picks up Sharon's Margarita glass and smells it trying to figure out what happened. Meanwhile, outside Carter's Tricia knocks but gets no answers. She rumbles through her purse and finds a key. She opens the door only to be met by Warton. He tells her not to be afraid and that she should get to know the real him. She tells him she wants him gone and will call the police. He tells her to calm down and that she should try yoga to do that like he did when he was in prison. He tells her that he wants to know more about her and begins to walk closer to her. She tells him to stay away from her and attempts to leave, but Carter is at the door. Warton leaves because he doesn't want any trouble. Tricia tells Carter that she's glad he's there. She asks where he's been. He says at dinner, and she asks with whom. He tells her that it doesn't matter. After all he's been through, she's all he needs. Before she can say anything he grabs her and kisses her.

Thursday, January 25, 2001

Victor and Diane received the news that the paternity test results would be in later today. Diane gloated that he would have to change his attitude when he found out the truth. Victor left and had breakfast at Gina's, depressed. At the ranch, Victoria gave her mother a bad time about entertaining Jack Abbott. Nikki assured her that they were just very good friends. Nikki left the ranch and found Victor at Gina's. She tried to offer comfort, but admitted that she knew how Diane felt.

Sharon apologized to Nicholas for getting drunk the night before with Carter. They decided that she must have been nervous about talking to him about managing another coffee house, but then she remembered that they had discussed that topic. Nick held her in his arms, still disturbed about the whole thing.

Tricia told Carter that he had been too rough with her the night before and he apologized. He calmed her down and then gave her the good news that he would agree to leave town with her, it would just be another couple of weeks yet. Tricia was thrilled at that news, then left his apartment. Larry was waiting to see Matt -- he agreed that Blondie was potential trouble. Matt started talking about his time with Sharon. Against Larry's warnings, he fantasized out loud about someday making sure that Sharon was his......

Tomas faxed an idea to Harvey behind Nina's back, then was defensive when she asked why he hadn't included her. A telephone call came from the president of CBS, relaying a message from Harvey asking them to come to LA right away and work directly with the screen writer. It didn't sound like they liked Tomas' idea, which sent him in another rage at Nina. They made arrangements to go, but Nina has serious reservations about including Tomas in the contract.....

Mackenzie arose early in the morning and thought about how Billy had acted at the coffee house. She started to get her coat on and go somewhere, when her grandmother reminded her that school started late that day. They talked a little about her birthday party and Phillip procured an invitation for himself, against Jill's wishes. When Kay mentioned a date to reserve the coffee house, Mackenzie was hesitant to commit to it. Her grandmother tried to find out why, but left Mackenzie alone giving up on it for the moment.

Billy and Brittany had been visiting at his house, eating the breakfast that she brought as a surprise. She suggested a way that they could divert Mackenzie's attention -- fix her up with someone without her knowing that they were behind it. Billy rejected the idea and Brittany was suspicious. He made up for it with kisses and kind words, then Brittany had to leave to pick up some homework before school. They were both surprised to find Mackenzie at the door about to knock......

Friday, January 26, 2001


Victor and Nikki discuss the Diane situation. Victor can't believe Nikki can understand Diane's motivation. She remembers wanting to have Victor's baby herself. Victor can't compare anything she has ever done to what Diane has pulled. Nikki's shocked that he's defending her after the betrayal he claims she pulled on him, but he is adamant that nothing she has done compares to the depths Diane sank to. He wonders how the impact of Christian being his will have on Nick and Victoria. Nikki wonders what would have happened if she and Vic had had the child she wanted last year. She is proud of her recent accomplishments but still feels a void. She feels she said to much and goes to leave but Vic asks her to stay and kisses her on the cheek.

Olivia's office:

Ashley visits Olivia and wants details about her evening with Neil. It went well. Ash thinks Olivia is holding back. She doesn't want her hurt but Liv thinks she's needs to take that chance. She wants to make a go of it with Neil and is determined to do it.

Abbott House:

Mac is there and wants to speak with Billy. Brittany asks her to leave but she refuses. Brittany leaves them but not before making sure Billy intends to make things clear with Mackenzie. She's worried that Billy will be tempted to do drugs if he goes to the rave. He wonders why she's so worried. She thinks he's susceptible to temptation (Extasy) citing J.T.'s party last year. She asks him not to go but he says he doesn't answer to her anymore, they're no longer dating. She leaves.


Nina can't believe Thomas' attitude. He's on a creative high and thinks Nina's jealous of it. They continue to work on the script but Thomas isn't interested in any of her ideas, thinking his are automatically superior. Nina takes issue on his stance as 'senior' writer, putting her foot down that it's HER book. He says that if it weren't for him there would be no book. Before his input, her book was mediocre. She's incredibly hurt by this but he continues on that he led her the entire way and should continue to.

Crimson Lights:

Phyllis is in a bad mood but Malcolm tries to cheer her up. She explains her mood is due to her friends Michael Baldwin's imminent bad choice where Christine is concerned. He advises her to back off lest she push Michael away. She doesn't want Christine to get her hooks in Michael. Mal tries to get her to let it go and focus on her own life. He tells her to play the field and if she does it might get Jack's attention. She ask how things are between him Alex. Mal thinks Neil's got a thing for Alex. Phyllis thinks it's a great way to get at Neil but he claims that's not why he's into her. Alex then enters. Malcolm introduces Phyllis to Alex who is still in a mood about her encounter with Neil. Phyllis excuses herself.

Newman Enterprises:

Neil tells Ryan about his enjoyable, relaxing evening with Olivia and the nice change of pace from the firestorm of having to work with Alex. Alex is in Neil's office, waiting for him. The exchange words and she storms out. Neil is furious at Alex's behaviour. He vents to Ryan about how Alex gets to him which Ryan finds slightly amusing. Neil relays Mal's theory that Neil has a thing for her but Ryan thinks Mal is just trying to keep her for himself. Neil thinks Malcolm is just trying to goad him and is way off base.

Walnut Grove:

Brittany fills in Raul and Rianna about Mac's visit to the Abbott's house. Britt thinks Mac is just clinging to Billy but Raul claims she's not. Rianna, sensing that he's getting upset, asks Raul to take her to the library. Mac shows up and approaches Britt and tells her that Billy is headed for trouble.


Diane is sick of being Victor's doormat. She has the power now and intends to play her hand. She learned something from her visit with Hope. When Hope moved away with Victor jr. Vic was devastated. Marissa can't believe Diane would move away. Diane reassures her that it's only a bluff but Marissa warns that he might just let her go. She hopes that it might be the key to getting Vic to accept them. The only key. Later Victor returns home. A lab technician arrives with the results of the paternity test. He opens the envelope and loss at the results...

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