The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on Y&R

The paternity test results proved that Victor was not the father of Diane's baby. Matt planted ecstasy in a coffee bag at the coffeehouse to set up Nick. Tomas left Nina. Jack told Phyllis that they should break up, but they made love instead.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, January 29, 2001

Victor spent some time brooding over the trouble Diane had caused him and his family, including the new baby. He summoned the family to his office.

Nick and Victoria discussed Nick's shock at seeing Sharon so drunk with Carter. Victoria reminded him of how great Sharon was and suggested he cut her some slack for being human. Nick ran into Sharon in his dad's office and told her that he forgave her for the previous night and was sorry he had overreacted. He also joked that he hoped the next time she wanted to get wild, she would do it with him.

Nikki ran into Katherine at Gina's. Katherine asked for Nikki's help in planning Mac's birthday party. Katherine was worried about Mac being so tightlipped about the problems in her life, but Nikki reminded her that teenagers were like that. Nikki related her recent conversation with Victor and asked if Katherine thought he could have been talking about their decision not to have another child. Victor called, and Nikki left for Newman Enterprises. Victoria and Nikki arrived, and the family speculated on whether the news about the baby would be good or bad.

Mac tried to persuade Brittany to stop Billy from going to the rave, and the two girls argued. J.T. overheard their fight and let a passing Raul know that they were fighting over Billy. The argument got so heated that Brittany shoved Mac and told her to get some self-respect because no one was interested in what she had to say.

After Brittany stormed off, Raul approached Mac to get the story. He was upset to learn that Mac would get so upset over Billy. Raul reminded Mac that there was nothing they could do about Billy. He told her that she was not Billy's guardian angel.

Nina ran into Jill and mentioned that Phillip might need a place to stay for a while as she and Tomas pounded out her screenplay. Jill congratulated Nina on her success and loved the idea of Phillip staying with her for a few weeks. Back at home, Tomas still had writer's block and was frustrated to the point of wallowing in self-pity.

Tomas lashed out at Nina for "dumping" Phillip on Jill just so she could work on her screenplay. Nina told him to relax. He said he couldn't believe who he had become. Things started to smooth out between the two until Nina asked him to read her ideas for the scene they were working on. When Tomas got ruffled, Nina calmed him down by explaining that it was he who had inspired her and that they were collaborating as a team.

Diane ran into Phyllis at Michael's office. They bickered and things escalated into threats and nasty words. Malcolm bought Alex a coffee and offered to help her straighten things out with his brother even though they were not actually getting along. He also offered a confidential "ear" to what he saw as a driven woman who needed to win.

Ashley invited Neil to take Olivia over for dinner. He didn't give her a firm answer, but when Alex interrupted their conversation, Ashley could tell that the woman was under his skin.

Tomas continued to lambaste a stunned Nina, but eventually revealed that he was afraid if he went to Los Angeles, he would lose what little self-confidence he had rebuilt. Nina agreed to go alone. When Nina asked if he would be around when she got back, Tomas evaded the question by saying, "Where else would I be?"

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Nina stopped by Paul's office to update him on her trip to Los Angeles and to ask for his help with Phillip while she was gone. He revealed that he knew about Tomas and was caught off guard when she revealed that Christine wanted to get pregnant while working in Hong Kong. Nina then paid Tomas a visit, and as he talked about the great times they'd shared together, she spotted his suitcase and realized that he was leaving town and leaving her.

Alex apologized to Neil for being so pushy and stated that the case was too important for any bickering to get in the way. The two jumped into their work together, but when Neil later asked why she had apologized, she finally confessed that she had talked with Malcolm. Neil was furious that she had done so and let her know it.

When a weary Michael returned from court, he found an angry Phyllis waiting to complain about Diane's treatment of her. She apologized for her comments earlier about him and Christine and then asked him to take her out to dinner, hinting that she was going back to her old resolution of playing the field.

Victor proudly announced to his family that the paternity test showed that Diane's baby was not a Newman. After they left, Victor thanked Nikki for her support. Nick decided to make plans for a vacation for him and Sharon.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

At Carter's apartment, he planned on making the sale of ecstasy at inventory that night. He placed the "X" in a bag of coffee with plastic gloves. Tricia called him and asked him to go out to dinner. He told her he had to work, and no one could cover his shift. She asked him if he had found a new job. He told her he'd had no luck but that he was ready to leave and start a life with her.

After Tricia hung up, Ryan walked in. She wondered why he hadn't called and let her know that he was heading over so that she could make plans not to be there. He told her that he was there because she had worried him the last time he had seen her. She told him that she was getting better and was moving on, starting fresh in a new place. He asked her if she thought it was the right thing.

Tricia said she had to leave. Ryan asked if she'd be back soon. She told him that it didn't matter because he wouldn't be there anyway. After she left, Ryan made a call to Tricia's doctor and left a message saying that he needed to talk about his wife.

Meanwhile, at Crimson Lights, Nick told Cody that he was switching inventory to the next night. He asked Cody to keep Sharon occupied because he had a surprise planned for her. Cody agreed, and Nick left. Later, Carter walked in just as Sharon and Cody were standing at the bar. Sharon said she needed to talk to him.

Sharon apologized for getting drunk. Carter said that he shouldn't have let her take the second drink and that Nick was probably upset with him. She told him that Nick was actually upset with her. Carter then had a flashback to Sharon lying on the sofa. Sharon asked if she "did anything" the night before.

Carter told Sharon that she had nothing to worry about then he said he had to go. She went over to Cody and told him that she was leaving. She asked if he had noticed "that look" in Carter's eyes. Cody said no. Sharon left and looked at Carter just as he looked at her out of the corner of his eyes. "It won't be long now, Sharon," Carter said.

In Victor's office, Victor and Nikki were still discussing the news of the paternity test being negative. Nikki tried to reinforce the "guardian angel" theory. After saying that he was in no rush to tell Diane but that he'd tell her that night, Victor told Nikki that he had thought she'd be more curious. She said she didn't care how it had happened. It was just a blessing.

Connie called in and told Victor that Justin Johns of Robertson Lab was there. Victor asked Nikki to stay, as she might be interested in what Johns had to say. Johns thought he was answering questions about the problem of Victor's sperm traveling, but Victor told him of the birth of Diane's baby and the results of the paternity test. Johns asked if Victor was sure, and Victor replied that he had gotten the test performed twice. He asked Johns if perhaps there had been a switch before the sample had made its way back to the lab or somewhere in the lab.

Johns said there had been a DNA test done, and the only switch could've been in the delivery of the sperm to Diane's clinic. Johns didn't really have an answer, and he left. Nikki invited Victor to the ranch for a celebratory dinner, but he still had to tell Diane. He told Nikki that he was still amazed at how curious she wasn't. She said she was just counting their blessings and was happy she could still amaze him. She left and paused outside his door with a smirk on her face.

Nina was upset that Tomas had planned to leave her without telling her. He told her that their relationship was no longer healthy. She said that their problems didn't apply to their personal lives, and they could work through them. They loved each other. She said she wouldn't go to Los Angeles if it would break them up. He said it was the chance of a lifetime, and he couldn't live with himself if she didn't go.

Nina reminded Tomas of a remark he had made about them being together forever. He said that perhaps their paths might cross again. He didn't promise her that he'd be there when she returned. Knowing that she had succeeded would make him very happy.

Nina realized she couldn't change Tomas' mind and gave up. She got her coat and walked out. She broke into tears in the hallway just as Tomas did inside. She gathered herself and then walked out.

Paul had a flashback to Nina telling him that Christine was going to talk to him about getting pregnant while in Hong Kong. He said something to himself about why she hadn't said anything to him. Just then, Jill appeared in the doorway and asked if she could join in his conversation. She told him that she didn't think it was a good idea for Phillip to stay with him for part of the time while Nina was gone. He said that those weren't his plans and that spending time with Phillip would be good for both her and Phillip.

Jill said that her time with Phillip was like getting a second chance, especially since she'd made mistakes with her own son. Paul told her that Phillip would get better food with her, since Christine was away in Hong Kong on a case. She said that was a true test of their commitment to marriage and told Paul not to pass on the opportunity to have a baby. She thanked him and left. Paul looked at a picture of Christine and sighed.

Jack went to Ashley's office, where Abby lay asleep in her playpen. He picked her up and took stuffed animals out of a bag that he had taken there for her. He told Ashley about the "amazing night" he'd had at Nikki's. She told him that not only was he a good uncle but that he'd make a good father, too.

Jack said women weren't lining up to be the mother of his child. Ashley told him that she'd take care of that by setting him up with someone she knew. Jack told her that he was seeing someone, and Ashley hoped it was not Phyllis. Jack told her that the "relationship" was rewarding in another way and that he couldn't afford to see anyone else while he was seeing her.

Meanwhile, at the Lodge, Michael declined Phyllis' offer of dessert and a dance. He said that something had to be going wrong for her to be out with him. She told Michael that Jack was resisting because of her recent employment at Brash & Sassy. Michael suggested ending it with Jack and becoming involved with Michael, no strings attached. Phyllis said only under the condition that she knew it was really Christine that he wanted. Michael said she'd just had to say that.

Phyllis' cell phone rang, and it was Jack. He asked her to dinner, but she told him she had already eaten. Then he asked her to go over to his place to talk as soon as she could. She hung up and prepared to leave. Michael said he had changed his mind about the dessert.

Thursday, February 1, 2001

John Silva told Victor about his legal options with Diane.

Brad was surprised to learn Victor wasn't the father of Diane's child. He was sure that the news should bode well for Nikki's future with Victor.

Sharon returned home and was surprised to see that Nick had divided up the living room into four themed sections, each displaying an option for a romantic getaway.

Diane told Michael that she planned to threaten to leave town to maintain her connection to Victor.

Tricia feared that she needed to leave Genoa City before things took a bad turn.

Victoria admitted to Ryan that she had overstepped by contacting Keith. Ryan worried about Tricia's strange behavior after he learned that she had cut off his communication with her therapist.

At the coffeehouse, Matt placed the planted drugs and gave Jordan instructions on how to make the deal. Matt freaked out when Cody said that Nick had postponed the inventory.

Phyllis was thrown when Jack suggested they break up. They both played a masquerade until their chemistry prevailed and they were in each other's arms.

Diane's confidence turned to utter disbelief when Victor handed over the results of the paternity test, which showed he was not the father of her child.

Friday, February 2, 2001

At the penthouse, Victor told a shocked Diane that he was not the father of her baby. She couldn't believe it. She demanded another test in the lab of her choice. He silenced her and informed her that she would be leaving town with her child. He instructed her to never return. He threatened to press charges against her if she didn't follow his orders.

Ashley welcomed Brad home. Brad told her the news that Victor wasn't the father of Diane's baby. Ashley was taken aback. He recounted the bizarre tale of what had happened with the sample. She wanted to change the subject quickly, but Brad pressed on. She asked what the investigation, if any, would focus on.

Nick and Sharon continued to plan their romantic getaway. Their lovemaking was interrupted by a call from Carter, who needed to see Nick immediately. He claimed that Warton was making a scene and wouldn't leave. When he learned Cody wasn't there, Nick decided to head over himself to help out. Nikki stopped by later and learned of Nick and Sharon's vacation plans. Nikki vented to Sharon about Victor's insistence on finding out who had switched the sample.

At the coffee shop, Jordan the drug connection, grew impatient. Larry arrived, and they waited for Nick. Larry asked about the bag of coffee that contained the ecstasy. They staged a fight for Nick's benefit. Nick threw Larry out. Carter stalled for time.

Nick updated Sharon, who suggested getting Cody to fill in for Carter and getting him to a hospital. He claimed he was feeling better when he spotted Jordan return. Carter told Jordan that everything was set and gave him instructions on how to make the buy. Jordan made the purchase as instructed, and Nick unwittingly handed over the bag with the drugs in it.

Jill made plans with her new housemate, Phillip. He asked Mac about her upcoming birthday party. She offered to let him help her plan the party, which angered Jill to no end. Phillip told Jill how much he was looking forward to spending time with Mac. She warned him away from Mac because she was not their "type." He was more impressed with Mac's hardships than repelled. Jill vowed not to let Phillip get pulled into Mac's world.

Jack and Phyllis basked in their post-lovemaking glow. She asked where they stood. He wondered the same thing but didn't feel the need to define anything. She admitted to lying about finding him boring and he about her being a flake. They enjoyed their more passionate relationship. Jill spotted Phyllis leaving and made a dig. She wondered how much of the goodbye she had seen had been an act on his part.

Billy and Brittany were on their way to help out with a food and clothing drive. She filled him in on her run-in with Mackenzie at school earlier. He vowed to do his best to keep Mac away and felt that the rave would be the best way to do it.

Raul and Rianna were working at the food drive at Walnut Grove. He told her that Mac had asked him to go to the rave with her to keep an eye on Billy and said he had refused. She could see Mac's side of things. He refused to indulge Mac's plan. If Billy wanted to self-destruct then there was nothing to stop him. What had happened the previous summer still burned Raul. Mac arrived with donations. J.T. spotted her, and they discussed the rave.

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