The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 5, 2001 on Y&R

Victor threatened Diane with criminal charges. Diane and Nikki fought. Billy gave Brittany the ring he had once given to Mac, and Mac was devastated. Phyllis wanted to make her relationship with Jack public. Ashley asked Olivia and Neil to be Abby's godparents.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 5, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, February 5, 2001

Jordan leaves the coffeehouse with the coffee bag filled with the bag of ecstasy and gives a "thumbs up" sign to Carter as he does so. Back at home, Nick explains to Sharon that Carter didn't want to involve the police after his run-in with Larry. The two decide to go to the Caribbean for their vacation at the end of the month. Carter returns home and finds Larry waiting. He lays into his partner for deviating from the plan but Larry points out it worked anyway. Carter then reveals the drug deal went down tonight at the coffee house. Larry upsets Carter when he spots the envelope of money Jordan left and takes half the cash. Mac asserts to J.T. that she'll go to the rave with him under two conditions. She insists there be no drugs involved and wants him not to refer to their night as a "date." Billy spots them talking and asks Mac about it. She tells him to mind his own business. He confronts J.T. but with Mac watching, J.T. refuses to say anything. Meanwhile, Mac has another run-in with Brittany. Jack boasts to Jill that he's playing Phyllis perfectly for inside information on Newman but calls Jill the expert when it comes to using people this way. Boasting that her son won't know who his father is, Victor gives Diane one week to leave town. Later, Diane boasts to Marissa she'll fight Victor if she has to do so. Victor updates Victoria and Nikki who warns Victor that Diane may go to the tabloids to get revenge.

Tuesday, February 6, 2001


Michael arrives to speak with a frantic Diane. She explains about the paternity test, which she believes Victor doctored. Michael doesn't believe Victor would be so stupid to try something like that. She tells him Victor's demand of her to leave town or else he'd press charges. Michael does his best to calm her but Victor does have grounds but he senses that something is amiss if Victor really did tamper with the test. He just doesn't buy it that Victor doctored the test. She's in turmoil but he can't fully support her idea. he pleads with her to see that Victor wouldn't play it so stupidly. He reminds her that the specimen didn't have the most orthodox of journey's to her. He asks if it is possible that something could've happened. Suddenly she has a horrifying thought.

Coffee Shop:

J.T. meets up with Jordan and asks about the rave. Billy bumps into Raul and Raul thanks him for keeping Mac at a distance. It's the right thing for Mackenzie. He tells Billy that Mac plans to keep an eye on Billy at the rave. Billy wonders if Mac is interested in J.T. which Raul dismisses. Later Britt shows Billy her new outfit for the rave.

She then mentions Ecstasy to him. Billy thought they weren't going to do that. Brittany wants to try it, mentioning the good aspects. She asks him to keep an open mind. Nick arrives at work, stressed over his meeting with his father. He wants to settle the manager position with Carter ASAP. Carter doesn't see the point in rushing but Nick wants an answer now.

Victor's Office:

Vic speaks with Nicholas about the Diane situation. Nick then talks about his planned trip with Sharon which Victor expresses happiness over. Nick wants to talk about the coffee houses but hesitates until Vic pushes him on it. They discuss the planned expansion but Vic is concerned with the risky aspects of it but Nick is adamant he knows what he's doing. Victor doesn't believe in letting his children crash and burn on their own. Nick says he'd understand if he lived Nick's like for one day. Victor changes the subject top Diane. He warns his son to be prepared for a media onslaught if Diane continues to press it. Victor expresses regret to Nick about the negative impact his personal life has on his family. Nick isn't worried.

Carter's Apt.:

Warton shows up to find an angry Matt/Carter. Warton tells him he need sot cut lose and have some fun. He mentions having called the dealer in Chicago to get some business on the side while waiting for the plan to go down. Matt flips when he hears that. They must keep a low profile and can't risk being connected to that dealer. Warton tells him to calm down, he couldn't reach the dealer. He's disappeared. Matt screams at him to never deviate from the plan again or else he'd regret it.


Phyllis wakes up on his couch, hung over after her night celebrating her night with Jack. Phyllis asks him how things are between he and Alex. Malcolm dismisses the connection. They are nowhere near the same level as she and Jack.

Neil's Office:

Alex brings info. to Neil about the HMO case. Twice, the judge has denied the opposition's desire to dismiss the suit. Alex is proud of the work she's done but is worried when she's noticed that lawyers from very big firms are working on the case for the HMO. Neil's not surprised but Alex is prepared. She's already filed a motion for discovery and is prepared to be buried under a mountain of paperwork. Neil surprises her by saying that he will ask Victor to hire a team to assist Alex. She thanks him for his support but is bothered by him dragging personal issues (i.e. Malcolm) into the conversation. She wholeheartedly denies any attempt to 'get at him' through Malcolm. Neil's not that important to her. He questions her about her own family life. He asks her to drop Malcolm if she is sincere about working in a civil manner with Neil. Alex tells him that she will see whomever she wants but won't ever bring him up to Neil again.

Abbott House:

Olivia stops by to visit Mamie and asks her to invite Neil and herself to dinner and then not show up. She's decided to go the more subtle approach in her plan to attract Neil. Mamie isn't confident she can pull this off and isn't comfortable in resorting to these kinds of games. Olivia doesn't want to come off too strong this early. Mamie reluctantly agrees.

Walnut Grove:

J.T. asks Mac about their plan for the rave. He wants to know how far she wants to go keeping this a secret. She's fine as long as no one knows ahead of time especially her friends. Raul overhears that last part and asks what they are talking about. Mac sidesteps the question. he wonders why she's so interested in talking with J.T. He figures out that she's going to the rave with him. Raul thinks it's a horrible idea and asks her to rethink the idea. Later J.T. tells her that it will be worth it. She'll have a great time. He then secretly pulls out a stash of Ecstasy.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001

After realizing that Victor just might be telling the truth and has confidence in his test results, Diane asks Michael what she should do. He tells her he will try to answer questions as best he can without violating the conflict of interest. Michael asks her how she knows for sure that the investigator she hired to locate the sperm actually bought it back to the lab. She tells him she doesn't know if he did or not. The lab just said they received the sample and she paid him . She calls the investigator, and he tells her he never found it. So, Michael tells her to think back to when she housed the sample at the Penthouse and if anyone could've tampered with it then. She thinks long and hard and suddenly realizes that there's "something" she needs to do and darts out the door.

At Victor's office, he is meeting with John Silva about how to handle Diane. Diane tells Victor that if Diane goes to jail that the baby would become a ward of the state. Victor doesn't want that to happen because the media will have a field day and hopes perhaps that Diane will leave town quietly. He thinks that she'll be more likely to leave if she knows who switched the sample. So, he calls Paul Williams.

At Jabot, Ashley hands Brad a letter that came that morning. It's a letter from church verifying the date Brad had made with the Chaplin to christen Abby. It's not that far away and Brad thinks perhaps they should cancel. Ashley says it's enough time. She says that her idea for a godmother for Abby is Olivia because she is like a sister to her, but when she suggests Jack as a godfather, Brad objects. Nikki walks in with a report for Brad. He asks for an update about the situation with the switched sperm. Nikki says that Victor's worry about who switched the sperm is unnecessary and he should count his blessings. Brad leaves, and Ashley asks Nikki if she has any theories about who switched the sample. Nikki tells Ashley that Victor has a very clever guardian angel. Ashley leaves, and as Nikki is on a business call, Diane comes in and hangs it up. Diane says that she's there for the truth and God help her if she's done what she thinks she has.

In the Newman Conference Room, Phyllis is trying to convince Malcolm to ask Alex out on a date. She's come up with a plan to get Alex up to the conference room, after all she's reserved it for an hour. Down in Neil's office, Alex comes in to deliver a report when she runs into Olivia. They greet one another and Olivia recalls the importance of the HMO case. Alex makes the comment that Olivia may have the hots for Neil. Olivia tells her that they are just friends, but asks why Alex would jeopardize her and Neil's working relationship by dating Malcolm. Alex tells her that it's none of her business, but she and Malcolm are two adults having fun and not necessarily dating. Alex's phone rings and it's Phyllis who does not reveal herself but asks her to meet her in the Newman Conference Room on the 8th floor. Alex tells her that she has to leave. Olivia tells her that she enjoyed their talk, and Alex flashes her a "look". Later, Neil comes in and sees Olivia who says she's there to bring back his address book he left at her place. He thanks her and remarks that he is swamped. She puts on her coat and prepares to leave just as Aunt Mamie calls Neil. He declines her dinner invitation with she and Oliva at the Colonnade Room and asks for a rain check. Neil hangs up and tells Olivia that he needs to be "on call" just in case something comes up with the HMO case. Olivia tells him that he should go with them and leave his cell phone on just in case someone calls. Neil says that'd be a good idea and says he'll call Aunt Mamie.

In the 8th Floor Conference Room, Alex is met by Malcolm who has a surprise for her. He asks her to close her eyes and walks her into the Conference room where when she opens them, she finds a room filled with flowers. Malcolm would like for her to indulge him in another date and asks her to pick out the type of music she likes. He plays some tunes and dances around for her. After a country tune, she says that's enough. He bends down on one knee and asks her to go out with him again and "no" is not an option. Alex agrees and smiles.

At Gina's, Gina asks Tricia how things are with Ryan. Tricia says that things are not well and that she's moving on. Just as Gina asks if this means she's leaving town, Ryan

Comes in. They walk over to a table and sit down. Tricia says that from the look on his face it's obvious he has a problem. He tells her that he's spoken with her therapist. He tells her that he cares about her and knows that she may be doing this to shut him out or to get back at him. She doesn't believe a word he says about caring for her. She knows he can't wait for the day when their marriage is over but that it should be by the end of the month. She then adds that he can relay that message on to Victoria.

At the coffeehouse, Nick tells Carter he needs an answer now about managing the coffeehouse. Carter tells him that he has another job offer, to be assistant football coach and asks Nick if he ever told him he was varsity quarterback in high school. Nick says no. Carter tells him that he wants to follow his dream and knows he should understand.

Nick asks him if this is his two-week notice. Carter says that it is and that he's loved working there and thanks Nick for the opportunity. Carter walks away and Nick asks Cody if he'd like the job. Cody says he isn't finished with school yet. Nick then asks if Carter ever mentioned anything to him about playing football. Cody tells him no and that the jock image just doesn't fit him. Nick agrees.

Out at the ranch, Sharon and her mother are discussing plans for hers and Nick's second honeymoon. They'll be no room on the cruise for February and they'll have to push it back until March. Sharon feels bad about leaving Noah and Cassie, but Doris tells her that they need this trip. In her attempt to clean out her closet for Doris's church sale, Sharon comes across a plastic bag with the red jacket Nick gave her, the same coat she was wearing when Matt Clark raped her. She has a flashback of the night. Doris sends Noah away, and asks Sharon what the problem is. Sharon shows her the coat and Doris asks her why she's kept it. She tells her because Nick gave it to her. Doris tells her she needs to put all this behind her. As Doris reads a book that Noah has brought back for her, Sharon goes to the computer and pulls up the story about Matt Clark's shooting. She says to her self that Matt can't hurt her no more and that her mom is right. She needs to get over this. Doris tells her that she should share how she feels with Nick, but Sharon says every time she mentions it to Nick he gets upset about the whole thing. She just wants to keep it in the past.

Thursday, February 8, 2001

Ashley paid a visit to Olivia in order to ask her to be Abby's godmother. She quickly accepted and offered her idea about who should be godfather -- Neil would be perfect because then the godparents would be so compatible. Ashley complimented her on her progress at planning ways to get them together. She left saying that she had to run it by Brad before she gave an answer.

Jack had called Phyllis for another date that night -- this time she wanted to do it at her suite. Room service could mean food or it could mean something else. . . . Jack then received a visit from Ashley, who had to explain why she couldn't ask him to be the godfather, using the fact that he was already family as an excuse. He knew that Brad was behind it, but insisted that he would not ruin Abby's day. Ashley wanted him to be sure to bring a date -- if he didn't bring his "mystery woman", then she would set him up with one of her friends.

Neil asked Victor for an additional team of attorneys and a higher budget for the HMO case. When Victor found out that Alex was not the one who asked for it and that the two of them seemed to be able to work together, he decided that things should stay just as they were -- Neil and Alex as a team. Neil met up with Alex back at his office and didn't hide his disgust about Victor's decision very well. He abruptly told her that he would leave his cell phone on, but was leaving for dinner. When asked if it was a date with Olivia, he basically told her that it was none of her business, because she refused to talk about her personal life to him.

Phyllis ran into Malcolm after he tried very, very hard to convince Alex to spend the evening with him. Alex had to turn him down because of work plans, plus she almost admitted that Neil had something to do with it too. Before she left, though, she told him that she loved the flowers and that he was a sweet guy. Phyllis consoled him, but challenged him not to give up and let his brother pull his chain and run his life. He didn't know what else to do. Just then, Alex called back -- her conference call had been canceled and Neil was being a creep -- so she said "Yes!" to the date. They made plans to meet at the Colonnade Room. Phyllis was happy for him and they promised to compare notes about their dates the next day.

Ryan came into Victoria's office clearly upset about something. He admitted that her instincts about Tricia could very well be accurate and ended up suggesting that a call to Keith Dennison may be the only answer. They placed the call and left a message. While they were waiting for a return call, they wondered whether or not Keith would be willing to help -- Ryan was sure that Keith would do anything for his daughter.

Tricia arrived at Carter's apartment, interrupting a call from Larry wondering about what problem he had had at the coffeehouse. Carter hung up, and scared Tricia when she told him that she talked to Ryan about her future. He felt better, though, when she told him that she hadn't mentioned his name or even the fact that there was another man. They hugged and started kissing, but Carter stopped, saying that he had something that he had to do. She made sure that he knew that he could have her anytime he wanted, then left. He had no doubt about that, he told himself, he just wouldn't have her for very long. . . . Larry came over and they reviewed the current situation with Nick and the job. Carter laughed when he thought of the job he told Nick that he had taken -- assistant football coach. Larry was worried that he had gone too far when he found out that Nick and Sharon knew Matt as a football star -- always taking a little more risk than was necessary. Carter assured him that everything would go as planned.

Nikki decided to listen to Diane who had a letter opener pointed at her ready to attack. Diane proceeded to tell Nikki how she must have stolen the sample from her apartment that day that Diane found her there, then taken it back to the lab and switched it. Nikki denied such involvement emphatically, but seemed to enjoy rubbing it into Diane that she deserved what she was getting because of her deceit and scheming to get something that was not hers to get. They started yelling and screaming at each other, then a knock-down drag-out fight ensued in the board room. . . . \

Friday, February 9, 2001


The vicious catfight between Diane and Nikki rages on. Ashley interrupts and stops Diane from attacking Nikki with the letter opener. Nikki exits, leaving a sobbing Diane alone with a bewildered Ashley. Ashley attempts to comfort the distraught woman, sympathizing with her plight. Diane doesn't understand why Ash is being sympathetic. She vows that she is not out yet. Later Ashley informs Brad about the fight. Brad then informs his wife that he will relent to her on the issue of Jack as Abby's Godfather. She mentions to him the idea of Neil as the Godfather and that Jack is okay with it. Brad has no problems with it. Ash wants Brad's help in fixing Jack up and wonders if he knows who the mystery woman Jack's been seeing is.

Phyllis' hotel room:

Jack arrives to find a scantily clad Phyllis ready for their date. They cozy together for a romantic night. He asks why she hasn't settled a permanent place to live. She wasn't sure she would stay in town long but now, with Jack in the picture, she's willing to make her stay long term. She admits to feeling insecure at first with his unwillingness to go public and asks if the time has come. He says it hasn't.

Colonnade Room:

Neil and Olivia arrive for their dinner with Mamie. Neil is still unaware that Mamie isn't showing up as per Olivia's plan. He is also unaware that Alex and Malcolm have also arrived for a diner date. The Maitre'd tells them that Mamie called, unable to attend due to an 'illness'. Alex and Malcolm enjoy their dinner together. Neil and Olivia head to the dance floor where they are spotted by Malcolm and Alex. Malcolm wonders if Alex will run out to avoid Neil or stand firm and hold her ground. Before she can answer her phone rings with news that the conference call is back on and she has to go back to the office.

Crimson Lights:

J.T. gives Mac tips on what to wear to the rave. Billy notices them talking. Raul and Rianna arrive talking about Mac going to the rave with J.T. Both are concerned for her. Rianna wonders if Billy could stop her from going to the rave. Brittany overhears and is furious that Mac is going and also stunned that J.T., not Raul, is going with her. She tells Billy what Mac plans and begs him to worry about her nemesis. Billy directly asks Mac if she's going to the rave with J.T. She admits it but won't be swayed to change her mind. Billy vows to not let Mac ruin her life as he eyes the ring he gave her long ago. Brittany spots him looking at it wondering if that's a Valentine's gift for her. He claims it is and gives it to her. Mac sees the exchange and is stunned.

Victoria's Office:

Nikki composes herself and is startled to find Victor. He senses that she's upset and asks about it but Nikki is mum. He figures that it involves Diane. Nikki admits to the fight. Victor is confused as to why Diane would target Nikki as she had nothing to do with the situation. She dismisses it as the ravings of a mad woman and wishes she could have foreseen this turn of events. Once again, Vic questions her involvement in this affair.


Diane returns home where Michael is waiting for her. She tells him about the fight with Nikki and her suspicions. Michael plays Devil's Advocate, wondering if Nikki would go to such elaborate lengths to hurt Diane. She's certain Nikki is behind both the initial theft of the sample and switching it before returning to the lab. She has a sudden insight and feels that her first instinct was right and that both Victor and Nikki were in on a scheme to trick her into thinking that the samples were switched. He thinks it's just wishful thinking. He suggests taking Vic on his offer and leave town to perform another paternity test. If she's right and Victor is the father than her return would be that much more glorious but if she stays and Victor is not the father she could go to jail leaving Christian a ward of the state. Diane invites Leanna Love over and tells her that she now wants to obliterate Victor.

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