The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on Y&R

Diane decided to leave Genoa City. 'Carter' distributed a bad batch of ecstasy pills. Jordan ended up in the hospital. Keith caught Victoria and Ryan kissing. Larry worried that he could be implicated in the ecstasy scandal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, February 12, 2001

Ash, Abby & Brad
Brad tells Ashley that the adoption hearing is set for next week -- in time for the christening. Ashley wants Brad to help her come up with a "suitable" date for Jack. Much to their chagrin, Jill tells them that she knows who Jack's mystery girl is but refuses to share the information. She tells them that Jack has found himself a hottie who is "no girl scout."

Mac & Billy
Mac sees Billy give Brittany the opal ring that Billy had given her when they were seeing each other. She drops a tray of mugs and glasses and stops frozen at the scene. When she runs away, Brittany demands to know what happened to upset Mackenzie. Billy tells her about how he found the ring in his pocket, saw Mac and gave the ring her to prove a point with Mac. Brittany is appalled and later embarrassed when John interrupts the two. Billy says he is trying to move on (from Mac) and Brittany tells him to prove it. Billy locks the door and they kiss passionately.

Neil & Olivia
Neil confesses that he was glad Mamie didn't make it to dinner because it would have been a different kind of evening with the three of them. Olivia confesses that it was a setup for Mamie to cancel. Neil is shocked to know that Olivia went to such lengths to arrange an evening with him as their relationship had always been based on honesty. Olivia explains that she has felt like they were "off-track" over her dealings with Malcolm. Neil says she means way too much to him to treat that way. Little Nate wakes up and Neil leaves.

Jack & Phyllis
Even after more sweaty and out-of-breath pillow talk, Jack doesn't want to go public with their relationship. Phyllis gets upset (especially when he told her that Ash was setting him up with a date to the christening), but Jack reminds her how upset his family would be and how they think she might be using him to get Jabot secrets. He says he just wants to be cautious and Phyllis caves in. However, when she is showering, Jack goes through her files.

Victor & Diane
Victor tries unsuccessfully to reach an out-of-town Paul Williams, but catches Michael Baldwin in his office. He proceeds -- loudly and clearly -- to tell Michael to tell Diane that he is deadly serious about his offer to her and she will suffer dire consequences if she doesn't accept it.

Meanwhile, Leanna finds an angle to the story when she realizes that Victor is throwing Diane and her child out onto the street. Leanna listens as Diane says that she doesn't want to go through the mess she did before, but she wants Victor to pay for turning his back on her and the child. Diane gets ruffled when Leanna asks if she is sure that the child is Victor's, but a cool Leanna explains to Diane in no uncertain terms that she will have to use the image of her child to crush Victor in the tabloids. Diane agrees.

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Victor's Office:

Nick arrives to meet his father over some NE business. Nick asks if he's heard what Diane's answer will be. He hasn't heard yet and has no idea what she'll do. He then gets a call form the detective who reports over a recent discussion between Diane and Leanna Love where Diane mentions her determination to battle Victor to the bitter end. Victor is legally ready to battle no matter how it works out. He plans to go home and kick her to the curb. Nick warns that Leanna will jump on that and make him out to be a monster. He doesn't give a damn.


Sharon brings Cassie by to see Nikki and give her a Valentine. Miguel reports that Leanna and her crew are at the front gate determined to get a statement from a Newman. They turn on the TV to see her report about Victor's 'abandoning of his child'. Leanna arrive sat the house later surprised at Nikki's cooperation. Nikki makes a very polite statement asking for the media's discretion when it comes to the baby. Leanna senses there's more going on than the Newman's are admitting.


Brad surprises Ashley with a Valentine. She mentions that she's working on details for Abby's christening. She then pulls out something she found in his dresser: his little black book from his swinging bachelor days. She playfully goes through it only to have him mention the dancing attributes of each of his old flames. She gets serious and wants to set Jack up with one of Brad's exes. Ash calls one up and succeeds in getting Jack a date.

Crimson Lights:

Brittany tries to mend fences with Rianna. She's happy about a new development with Billy but is keeping mum on the details. She finally confesses that she and Billy made love and this time he definitely remembers. Later Billy arrives and Rianna leaves them alone to talk. Brittany gives Billy a valentine: a matching bracelet. She's so happy about what they did. Now that they are really connected they no longer have to worry about Mac.

Abbott House:

Billy flashes back to a recent talk with Brittany where she asked him to prove his dedication to her and how he did it (making love to her) John asks how things went with Brittany the night before. Jack interrupts in a chipper mood. John fills in his oldest son on his youngest's romantic problems. Billy assures them that he worked everything out. Jack asks him how they resolved things. Jill arrives wanting Billy and Brittany's help in making Phillip's stay at Jill's more fun. He doesn't want to go to the house for fear of seeing Mackenzie. Jill senses that something's different about him.


Malcolm brings the flowers from the date with Alex to Phyllis. He mentions that things with Alex went well. Phyllis reports that she and Jack had a great night. She then notices that she left an important NE folder out all night while Jack was there. She trusts him but why leave temptation lying around. She then tells Malcolm that Ashley plans to set Jack up on a date for Abby's christening. Malcolm assures her that there's no one out there who can hold a candle to Phyllis. She wants to make sure of it. She calls the chapel where the christening is happening and manages to get the info on when it is. Malcolm can't believe she's actually going to crash a christening.


Jack reminisces on his night with Phyllis. Jill wants an update on the Phyllis plan. She almost spilled the beans to Brad and his sister. She'll keep his secret if he keeps her appraised. He admits to seeing Phyllis the night before and how he caught a glimpse at a Newman Enterprises folder. It wasn't vital but shows a good sign that she leaves things lying around. Jill's frustrated at the lack of progress. He assures her that when the time is right he will make his move. He has his eye on the prize. Leave him alone, keep her mouth shut and have some faith. She reluctantly agrees. He tells himself that it takes time and the more time the better.


Marissa visits, wondering what Diane is planning. Michael arrives, wondering the same. She's made up her mind, she's standing her ground. Her recent chat with Leanna Love convinced her that her instincts are right. Michael warns her that Leanna Love is a user looking to fuel her story. He then tells her about Victor's visit to his office and the message he wanted him to give Diane. Diane doesn't give a damn but Michael presses. He firmly believes Victor isn't bluffing. Diane isn't fazed. Michael half-heartedly wishes her luck. The phone rings. It's Leanna, who's waiting for Diane downstairs. It's time to get things rolling. Diane stares at Christian. Victor arrives ready for his answer. She asks him if he intentionally chose Valentine's day. Is it supposed to be ironic. He's surprised that Leanna isn't perched outside. Diane asked her to leave. She then mentions she's made her decision: she's leaving town.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Matt invites Sharon and her hubby out for dinner before he leaves to take the coaching job. She agrees to ask Nick and reacts when he casually touches her. Jordan overhears this and confronts him outside. He blasts Matt for going back on his promise to supply him with ecstasy. Matt claims Nick will take over once he leaves town. Hearing Mac was out sick today, Brittany's pleased to assume she won't be at the rave. Rianna and Raul exchange Valentine's gifts. Though he asks where she is going, all Diane will tell him is that she'll be out of the penthouse and Genoa City by the end of the day. Claiming she's doing this for her son's sake, Diane vows to run her own paternity tests to prove that he is Christian's father. Victor offers her his blood to test and claims that she can only blame herself for all that has happened to her. An angry Leanna confronts Michael and demands he convince Diane to follow through on their agreement but he refuses. Nina calls Phillip to explain that she's been offered a screenplay writing job in L.A. and will be there for the shooting of the movie. She wants him to join her but he insists on staying with his friends in school and assures her that Jill will be thrilled to take care of him. Nina then calls Paul and asks him to check up on Phillip once in a while. She urges him to make a trip to China to see Chris. Michael and Marissa say their goodbyes as Diane leaves town with Christian.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Victor looked around his apartment with relief after Diane had finally moved out. He called Paul Williams in to discuss an assignment -- find out who switched the sperm samples.

Just as Nick and Sharon were speculating about how bad things could get with Diane and Leanna Love working together, Nikki called with the news that Diane was leaving town to protect her son. They were very relieved, and when Cassie came downstairs to see what was going on, they celebrated with hot chocolate together. Before retiring for the night themselves, they discussed their options to get that 3rd coffee house up and running. Sharon wondered if they made mistakes with Carter that prevented their success with him. Nicholas wasn't so sure that Carter's behavior made sense and that he was the right person for the job after all.

At the offices of Jabot Cosmetics, Nikki paid a visit to Jack to tell him the news about Diane. She was pretty smug about the whole thing until Jack reminded her about the one loose end that could be disaster -- the fact that Nikki switched the sperm samples. Nikki hoped that Victor would let it go now, but Jack warned that Victor's need to control things would take over without a doubt. Their conversation led to another secret that they shared -- Jack had known what Nikki was up to and given her a referral to someone who could help her out to do the switch. She assured him that she paid cash and used another name so that they couldn't be traced. Nikki was sure that Victor now had no reason to continue his inquiries. . .

Ryan tried to call Tricia on her cell phone and she finally answered while she was in bed with Carter. She was short with him and hung up very quickly. Ryan was again troubled about the whole situation when Victoria arrived to offer her help. They talked about the "mystery man" that Tricia must have, and they resolved to find out who he was.

At Carter's apartment, Tricia dressed to go home, her mood a bit down and brooding. When Carter asked why, she shared her concerns about feeling cruel impulses toward others and being a bad person. He insisted that there was nothing wrong with her. She told him that he was the best thing that ever happened to her and left when Larry came to the door pretending to need to use the phone. At her apartment door, she was startled by the touch of a hand on her shoulder -- it was her father -- Keith Dennison.

Larry had bad news for Matt about the drugs that they bought for the set-up -- they were found to be low quality product and made several kids sick who took them at a party in Decatur.

Meanwhile at Crimson Lights, Billy and Raul ganged up on J.T. to rub it in that Mac was not going to the rave with him. They exchanged insults and J.T. refused to believe them. Brittany made an entrance, all dressed up for the rave, then exited for the restroom to put on her makeup. Mac arrived and proceeded to tell Billy off about what a cruel thing he had done to give her ring to Brittany, that they really were different kinds of people, and that she was crazy ever to think that they could be happy together. She left his table and he said to himself, "That was the whole idea, Mac."

J.T. was glad to see her there until she gave him the news that she didn't feel like partying tonight and that she had changed her mind about going with him. He refused to beg, but was clearly disappointed. She watched Billy and Brittany leave for the party then overheard J.T. telling his friend that Billy had basically told him in so many words that it would drive him crazy to see Mac with him at the rave.

Billy and Brittany entered the party house, looking around and getting acclimated. Brittany excused herself to the restroom, sending Billy into the big party room to check it out. She tried to buy some ecstasy for both of them, but the dealer only had two pills left and one was for him. He and his friend took off to try to find some more. Billy wondered what was wrong when he found her again -- she just was disappointed that her surprise for him had fallen through but had hopes that her resourcefulness would make it possible later that night. Just then, who walked in the door but Mac and J.T. . . . . . .

Friday, February 16, 2001

Matt's Apt.

Matt is upset that they may have sold Jordan tainted Ecstasy. Stuff that can really hurt the takers. Warton thinks that it can only hurt Newman more, but Matt worries that the town will be in an uproar and search for the truth. They must stop the kids from using, he declares. Matt returns without any luck. No word on the rave. Warton still doesn't get the problem. Matt's not convinced that if it hits the fan that Jordan won't spill about Matt's part in the whole thing. He later gets a phone call from Tricia who wants him to come over. He yells that he'd too busy but Warton tells him there's nothing he can do and that he should go see her.


Ashley secures a minister for Abby's christening. Jack interrupts her and Brad's kisses. She tells her brother that she's got him a date for the christening. It's someone whom he's not too close to and isn't too keen about it. But Ash presses him to either show up with Bunny or bring his mystery woman. He'll take Bunny.

Crimson Lights:

Phyllis bumps into Michael and he fills her in on how he saved Vic from Diane's clutches. She's impressed that he talked Diane into leaving town. She asks about Paul and Christine but he sidesteps her prodding. She then changes gears and asks what high society is like, hoping that the woman brought up like that are homely. He figures her questions have to do with Jack. Matt arrives and asks some of the kids about the rave but gets nowhere. Cody overhears and volunteers to ask around and go with him. Carter says not to bother as they would be so much older than everyone else there. Phyllis tells him about the christening. Michael tells her she either trusts Jack or she doesn't. She mentions her idea of crashing the christening but considers simply trusting him.


Tricia is surprised to see her father Keith at her doorstep. He claims he 's just passing through and wanted to check on her. He asks what is going on her life, particularly with Ryan. She evades the questions. He asks her point blank what is really going on. She confesses that Ryan has moved out and they will file for divorce. Keith expresses sympathy and wonders what Ryan did. Tricia refuses to talk about her marriage with him as he was so against it from the beginning. He leaves, concerned for his daughter.

Victoria's Office:

Ryan is determine dot find out who Tricia's mystery man is. He thinks it's the key to helping her. Victoria agrees to help but wonders if Keith will pull through for them, seeing as he hasn't gotten back in touch with them. Victoria has the idea to use Victor as a decoy as a way of getting in touch with Keith. Ryan hopes that Keith can set things right. He thanks Victoria for being there for him and they kiss, which is witnessed by Keith.

Phyllis' Hotel:

Phyllis prepares for her evening with Jack but contemplates crashing the christening. She crumple sup the note with the details of it up. Jack arrives and is surprised she wanted to meet at her place since she was the one who wanted to go public. She quickly sets a more seductive mood and asks about his date for the christening.

The Rave:

Mac feels uncomfortable there, but J.T. is happy as a clam. He tells his friend that he plans to slip Ex to her to loosen her up some. Jordan has sold most of his stash of Extras and decides to take the last few for himself and his date. Mac continues to look for Billy. She and J.T. run into Jordan and his girlfriend who are already showing the signs of the drug. Billy spots Mac there with J.T. Brittany is determined to ignore her. J.T. asks Mac to try ecstasy with him but she refuses and says that if he does it, she will walk. He agrees to forget about it and asks his friend to find someone to buy the Ex off him. Billy confronts Mac and tells her that she's having a good time with J.T. which he can't believe. Jordan's feeling bad side effects from the Ex but continues on. Britt finds a morose Billy and blames Mac for his mood. She then learns J.T. is trying to sell his hits of "X" and is intrigued. She later shows Billy the hits she bought and offers one to him...

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