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'Carter' turned off Jordan's respirator, and Jordan died. Phyllis crashed Abby's christening party. Nikki admitted to Victor that she was responsible for the sperm sample switch. Larry contacted the D.A.'s office with information about Nick.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 19, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, February 19, 2001

Concerned about her brother's love life, Ashley approaches Jill and convinces her to reveal that Jack is dating Phyllis. Outraged, Ashley boasts that she's a terrible woman who works "for the enemy." Meanwhile, Phyllis refuses to take Jack to her bedroom until he reveals Ashley set him up with Bunny for the christening. Carter finds Tricia upset and ready to leave town tonight. He calm her down and learns about her father's visit. He insists that they stay and encourages her to believe that she can wait the few more days it will take to tie up some loose ends. Keith interrupts Ryan and Victoria's kiss and claims he now knows why his daughter is so upset. Ryan argues that his relationship with Victoria had nothing to do with her strange actions lately and though he asks for the man's help, Keith claims he's going to help his daughter get Ryan out of her life. Esther tries to offer her own input as Nikki and Kay work on planning Mac's birthday party. Jill interrupts and ruins the planning with a few snide remarks. At the rave Mac worries when J.T. admits he gave Brittany his pill. Meanwhile, Brittany presses Billy to pop the pill with her. Jordan passes out so someone calls for the paramedics. Mac's relieved to find Billy and Brittany have not taken the ecstasy. Jordan's date for the night is the next one to pass out. J.T. takes Mac home and thanks her for stopping him from taking the ecstasy. Larry and Carter worry when they hear a news report about the rave trouble.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Carlton House:

Ashley, Brad and Abby prepare for Abby's christening. He surprises Ash with the completed adoption papers. She's very pleased at the timing. They discuss the fact that Phyllis is Jack's mystery woman. Ashley's trying not to let it get to her, but she decides she has to ask Jack about it.

Abbott House:

Jack and John discuss last night's rave and the drug problem there. Billy comes downstairs and they ask him if he knew anyone who went to the rave.. Billy asks if any names were publicized. Nothing yet. Brittany arrives, upset over what happened the night before. Billy fills her in on his cover story. Ashley and Brad arrive, hoping to head to church together. Ash pulls Jack aside and grills him about Phyllis. She thinks he can do much better and begs him to give Bunny a chance. Jack is bothered at the irony of him asking her to butt out of his personal life. He refuses to let her be a wet blanket on his life.


Warton wonders if Matt has heard anything about the kids who took the tainted Extasy. The public is up in arms over it and might pressure Jordan to come clean about where he got the drugs, which means they might go down with him. Matt is sure it will work out just fine. They don't even know if Jordan is in any trouble. They later learn Jordan is one of the kids in the hospital. Matt wants Warton to go to the hospital and snoop around to see if Carter's name is being mentioned in connection to the drugs. Warton refuses. He's leaving town and tells Matt to do the same.


Nikki bumps into Victoria only to find her in a foul mood. Nikki keeps her company anyway and guesses that her mood is due to Ryan. Victoria explains her recent run-in with Keith Dennison. Nikki tries to look at the bright side but Victoria wants to drop it. She changes the subject to the secret Nikki is keeping. Nikki relents on the condition that she keep it a secret. Nikki admits to being the one who switched the sperm samples. Victoria is ecstatic. Victoria agrees to do her best to steer Victor away from digging into the truth. She also agrees to give Nikki the heads up if it looks like Victor is close to the truth so that she can orchestrate the moment rather than let a third party tell him.

Phyllis arrives, dressed to the hilt and meets with Malcolm. She's going to the christening, determined to mark her territory where Jack is concerned. She mentions who Jack's date is. Malcolm knows who she is and is impressed. He reassures her that the date wasn't Jack's idea and that she has nothing to worry about.

Victor's Office:

Paul and Victor are determined to learn how Diane got pregnant with someone else's sperm. Victor is sure Diane didn't know about the switch. Paul has checked, and all systems were normal at the lab. All outsiders have to go through rigorous scrutiny at all times. He can't fathom how the samples were switched. They can only determine that someone had to switch the samples deliberately. Paul has a theory about the motive: revenge. Victor doesn't see why an enemy would deprive him of a child he never wanted. Paul corrects him: not his enemy, Diane's. They will look over the employee files from the lab to see if there's any connection to her. Victoria walks in on them and learns what Paul is working on.

Chancellor Estate:

Katherine asks Esther if she's seen Mackenzie yet this morning. Jill overhears and mentions that she heard Mac return home with her date, J.T. Kay refuses to believe that Mac would go out with him. Jill presses Mac to admit to Katherine who she was out with last night. Mac wonders why Jill cares. Jill savors Mac's less than pristine date. Kay begs Mac to tell her that it isn't true. Mac doesn't want to talk about it. Kay changes the subject to Mac's birthday but Mac rushes out.

Crimson Lights:

Nick and Sharon eagerly look forward to their upcoming trip. Cody arrives with news of the rave. He fills them in on the kids that were hospitalized. Nick remembers that Jordan wanted to put up posters for the rave and is relieved that they didn't allow him to. He wouldn't want to be tied to the rave in any way.


Matt snoops around and spots a regular, Mark, from the coffee shop in one of the rooms. He asks what happened. Mark's girlfriend Sarah arrives and they talk about the effect the drug had on them. After Matt leaves, Sarah asks why Matt, a waiter from the coffee shop, would be there. Mark explains he was just checking up on the kids. She wonders how he would react if he knew that it was his boss, Nick, who supplied the bad drugs. Mark will talk with Jordan before talking with the cops. She tells him that they might not be able to. Jordan is in really bad shape. He vows that if anything happens to Jordan, Nick Newman will pay.

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Keith Dennison shows up at Tricia's apartment and tells her that he talked to Ryan. He says that after their conversation, he realizes hers and Ryan's marriage was over. He told her she may need a good divorce attorney. He gives her a card, and she says she'll call him, after all, she hasn't had a real marriage in a long time. Keith then tells her that after she files she should move back to London. She tells him to stop planning her life and that she's moving to Indianapolis. He tells her she shouldn't go alone, and she tells him that she's going with a friend. Keith asks if it is as male and if so what is his name. Tricia tells him that he doesn't need to know anything except that he was there for her when no one else did. She especially doesn't want him to do to him what he did to Ryan when they began dating. She tells him that she's fine and he should go back to London. She gets her jacket and leaves Keith there.

In the ICU, Jordan is mumbling "more X....lights...Nick....Nick...Nick..." The nurse at his side tries to get him to say more. But he doesn't. Out at the nurse's station, Carter comes over and asks a nurse if he could go in to visit "his friend" Jordan. The nurse tells him that only family is allowed in. Carter asks for just a minute, but the nurse says it's doctor's orders. So, Carter sits on a bench where he overhears the doctor talking to the police officer about Jordan and when he'll be able to talk to him, as his name was mentioned by a lot of kids in reference to the Rave. He believes Jordan may have been the dealer and wants to get information from him on the identity of the supplier. Doc tells him that Jordan may have suffered permanent damage due to the hypothermia. The nurse who was in Jordan's room comes over and tells Doc and the police officer what she could make of Jordan's mumblings. After hearing this, Doc says that the police officer can have a couple of times. But he never gets there because Jordan starts "crashing". Doc runs in. When he comes out, he tells the police officer that Jordan is stable and that he should come back in a couple of hours. Meanwhile, Carter still sits on the bench in fear.

At the coffeehouse, the kids crowd around a radio with Nick and Sharon listening to a news report about the Rave and the kills in the hospital. After the report, Nick and Sharon start to think about some of their customers who could've been at the Rave. When Mac comes in, they ask her if she knows who is in the hospital. She says no but that they should pray for those who are. After she walks away, Nick starts to feel guilty stating that there was something that he could've done to prevent this. Sharon tells him that he can't blame himself, after all these are teenagers and college students. Carter comes in looking distraught. Nick and Sharon ask him if he's upset about the Rave. Before he can answer, Cody comes over and tells them that he heard Jordan was one of those hospitalized. Nick again feels guilty. Carter walks away and into Nick's office. He's trying to think of how he can get into Jordan's room. An idea pops into his head, and he finds a phone book. Outside, Raul finds Mac and asks her if Billy is o.k. They may not get along, but he still cares about his well-being. Mac tells Raul that Billy is fine. He then tells her it was a good thing she decided not to go. Mac doesn't respond to the comment and says she has to get back to work . She walks away, and Raul catches up with her and says, "You went to the Rave after all, didn't you."

At Newman, Victoria is trying to convince her father to stop the search for the "sperm swapper". Victor says he wants to tie up this loose end. Victoria is adamant that someone did him a favor. Victor wonders if Victoria knows something. She tells him she just wants him to get on with his life. Victor asks her if there was something she needed to talk to him about. She tells him it's not important and that there's someone she needs to see. She goes over to Jabot and tells Nikki that Victor has hired Paul. Nikki said that her tracks are covered and if Paul does find the "professional" she hired to switch the samples her name will not be mentioned, and Victor will not find out. Victoria reminds her mother of the 35 mill she loaned Jabot and how she thought Victor would never find out. She tells her to tell Victor before he finds out from Paul. Back over at Newman, Paul is in with Victor. He tells Vic that he talked with Robertson labs and that his sperm was the only one being stored there, in other words, they had no info. He also talked with the Doc where Diane's procedure was done and they provided no info either. Paul say that perhaps they've reached a dead end. Victor says he won't accept that. Then, Paul suggest they look at enemies, and mentions Jack. Victor says he doesn't believe Jack would've known Diane's plans and would've done this "favor" for him. Victor says he's not giving up. He's gonna find out who this is. After Paul leaves, Nikki comes over to Newman. She tells Victor that she's heard from Victoria about him hiring Paul. She then tells him that he can call off the investigation because she's gonna tell him the story.

At the Abbott's, the parents, godparents and relatives of Abby's are gathering in preparation for her christening. Olivia and Neil arrive together. Ashley and Brad thank them for agreeing to be godparents. Brad takes Neil up to meet Abby while Ashley and Olivia mull over what it means for Olivia and Neil to have arrived together. Olivia says she doesn't know. Brittany and Billy are still discussing the Rave. Brittany says she knows Billy thinks Mac is their "savior" and tries to kick Mac down by stating the only reason she was at the Rave was because she was obsessed with Billy. She feels Mac might give them away. Billy tells her to stop ragging on Mac. He walks away from her. Jack sees this, and later reminds Billy of what he said in an earlier conversation about feeling good but at the same time feeling bad. Jack tells him the danger in that and that he should follow his heart. Meanwhile, Bunny calls the Abbott home to tell Jack that she will meet them at the chapel. Ashley is furious with Jack tell him that he could've offered to pick her up. Jack tells her that there is no question and nothing to be discussed. Bunny said she will meet them and that's what she will do. After Jack walks away from Ashley and upstairs to see Abby, Brad and Ashley tells Neil and Olivia that Jack is dating Phyllis Summers. Neil is shocked and they all think it's a bad idea.

At Gina's, Phyllis is showing off her outfit to Malcolm. He tells her that it's nice but that maybe she shouldn't crash the christening. It is a personal family affair. She says she has to go and check out this high society date Ashley has fixed Jack up with. Malcolm reminds her of her past relationships and how she "shoots from the hip". He tells her that there's nothing wrong with that, but that it's not been her best weapon in the past. She realizes and says that when she she's shot from the hip in the past, she's often shot her own self in the foot. He tells her that he knows Jack means a lot to her and is not just some ship passing in the night.

At the chapel, they are still waiting for Bunny when the Reverend tells them they can do a quick run through of the ceremony. Billy and Brittany get into another discussion about Mac. Billy tells her that if she keeps talking about Mac and the Rave that she can leave. He leaves her there speechless. Jack and John remain I the lobby and in walks Bunny. John gives her a hug and leaves Jack and her alone. They say hello and discuss the fact that they both know they were set up. Meanwhile, in the wings lurks Phyllis. She overhears Jack and Bunny's conversation and becomes enraged after she hears them both agree that they are both looking forward to using this time to get to know one another.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

Keith Dennison and Jill found each other at Gina's becoming reacquainted. She asked about Tricia and he proceeded to blame Ryan for everything, vowing to break his neck if he could. Jill defended Ryan, refusing to believe that he did not have Tricia's best interests in mind. She encouraged Keith to try talking to Ryan again, it could be his best hope. Keith responded that "If Ryan is my best hope, there is no hope." With that, Jill left him to his thoughts.

Carter met up with Nick and Sharon at the hospital, saying that he was there worried about some friends. The next thing he knew, Tricia had shown up, having followed him there. She ranted and raved as he tried to calm her down and/or get rid of her. Nick and Sharon heard her voice and came to see what the yelling was about. Carter ducked into the restroom giving her orders to get rid of them. She took their questions as personal attacks and started yelling again. This got the attention of a nurse who asked her to leave. Nick and Sharon left instead and Carter sent her away as soon as the coast was clear. Then Carter found a hospital uniform and snuck into Jordan's room. He put on gloves, turned off the alarm on the ventilator, and made sure that no one could see what he was doing. . . . . . .

At the church, the baptism came to a close. All were happy except Billy and Brittany who stared daggers at each other the entire time. Ashley and Brad announced some special news -- the adoption was final and Brad was truly Abby's father. Even Jack hugged Bradley, though he was a man of few words in that situation. Bunny flirted with Jack, telling him how nice the day had been and Ashley felt sure that her efforts would be rewarded. Phyllis watched from the shadows, scheming away. The family started leaving for the reception and Billy asked Jack to make excuses for them -- it would not be pretty if they attended the reception given Brittany's mood at the moment. Bunny entered the coatroom to get ready to go, then Jack was called into the chapel to help the reverend do something. Phyllis slipped into the lobby, locked the coatroom door, and put the key in a plant! Jack and the reverend returned, not finding Bunny in the lobby. Thinking that she had already left, they turned out the lights and left the building. Bunny tried the door and found it locked. She knocked and yelled, "Is anyone there? Please Help!!"

At Crimson Lights, J.T. offered to do something for Mac that would make up for her saving him from the bad drugs. She tried to turn him down, then he mentioned and idea that he had. He told her that he was very sure that it drove Billy crazy to see the two of them together. He also knew that Billy was still very important to her. He suggested that they could "mess with Billy's mind" if she wanted to try it out. Mac told him that she is not into playing games, but when Billy and Brittany entered the room at just that moment, she hesitated in her final answer to J.T. . . .

Victoria was in Paul's office on a fishing expedition, trying to find out what they did know and encourage Paul to end the investigation for the sake of her father's emotional health. He took that as an opportunity to ask her some questions about who she thought the culprit could be. They talked about motives and she shared her thoughts that they must have no evidence, so the case must be a dead end. She left abruptly and Paul told Lynn that Victoria definitely knew more than she was letting on. . .

In Victor's office, Nikki piqued his interest about who had switched the samples. Victor came to the conclusion that it must have been Victoria and demanded that she tell him if it was. Nikki's cell phone rang -- it was Victoria trying to tell her mother not to let the cat out of the bag -- but Victor hung it up right away and put Nikki on the spot. Finally she told all -- that she had switched the samples. . . .

Friday, February 23, 2001

Victor's Office:

Victor can't believe that Nikki is the one who switched the samples. She tries to explain why she did it and why she couldn't tell him (they weren't on good speaking terms) but her pleas fall on deaf ears. There's no excuse in his opinion for what she has done. Nikki can't believe his attitude. He was pleased with the result of her tampering. It was his choice to make not hers he claims. She was thinking of herself not just the family. She admits that was part of it. He's furious that she let him go on for months wondering about the baby's paternity all the while knowing the truth. She didn't want the credit for it but Vic doesn't buy it. Nikki tries to get him to see the good in this: he isn't the baby's father! What if he hadn't insisted on a paternity test? She would have insisted on it. She knew the truth would come out so there was no need to worry about revealing her part in it. She believes that the end justifies the means in this case. In fact she wants a little credit for it.

Abbott House:

Brad and Ashley admire their daughter, the newly baptized Abby. The other guests enjoy the celebration. Jack explains that Billy and Brittany won't be coming. He's surprised that Bunny isn't there yet. Brad assures a nervous Ashley that Bunny will be there.

Meanwhile at the church Bunny is still locked in the closet courtesy of Phyllis who looks on, unconcerned. There's no one else around and Phyllis calmly walks out.

Back at the house, Olivia updates Mamie on the Bunny situation but Mamie isn't convinced that anyone can interfere in the love life of Jack Abbott. Ashley is getting more concerned about the MIA Bunny while Jack isn't. The doorbell rings and Jack is surprised to find Phyllis there. He talks with her outside. He tries to get her to leave but she won't hear of it. It's time to tell everyone about their relationship. She walks in to the immense surprise of the others. Ashley pulls Jack aside and demands Phyllis gone. Phyllis interrupts wondering why Ashley set Jack up with Bunny when she knew he was seeing her. Ash wants her gone immediately but Phyllis isn't going anywhere.


In Jordan's room Matt, dressed as a doctor, prepares to turn off his respirator but realizes the alarm would go off. He then decides to remove the heart monitor and place it on himself. At the nurses' station Jordan's heart rhythm seems to be unchanged. Matt then calmly and slowly turns off the respirator. Jordan wakes up in a panic and sees Matt standing next to him. Matt checks his pulse. Jordan is dead. Shaken, he tells Jordan that he had no choice. He closes Jordan's eyes and returns everything to it's place. He escapes unnoticed by hiding in the closet and sneaking out during the commotion. Nick and Sharon notice the trouble. They stop Dr. Walker who tells them the bad news. The cop notices Nick and Sharon's interest in Jordan and asks Dr. Walker who they are.

Crimson Lights:

Brittany and Billy are still arguing. She's upset at being taking a back seat to Saint Mackenzie in his eyes. He dismisses her claims. Mac saved them from taking the tainted Ecstasy, but she doesn't think that makes her a savior. She needs reassurance from Billy but he doesn't know what to do. She storms off in a huff.

Rianna arrives and asks Mackenzie if she knew anything more about the rave. Mac admits to her that she went and fills her in on the whole thing. She goes to ask Billy and Brittany more about it but finds only a sullen Billy. She reports that back to Mac and wonders if Brittany leaving has to do with the rave.

Carter's Apt.

Matt returns home to find a furious Tricia. How dare he treat her the way he did and leave her to deal with Nick and Sharon. He has other things to worry about but she won't hear it. She continues to rail on him but then notices his very withdrawn mood. Something really is bothering him.

Nick & Sharon's:

Nick and Sharon return home. Cassie puts on a brave front about spending time with grandma Doris while Nick and Sharon are on their trip. She loves her grandmother but will miss them and worries that something bad might happen. They assure her that nothing bad will happen to them.

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