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Jack believed that Phyllis was still spying on him. The police found drugs at Crimson Lights. Keith and Ryan collaborated to help Tricia get well. Nikki found out who the father of Diane's baby was. Alex confronted Olivia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, February 26, 2001

Nikki's Confession
Victoria stops by and asks where Nikki went. Victor tells her to drop the act and fills her in on what happened -- that Nikki confessed. He is appalled that Nikki and Victoria were so dishonest with him. Victoria pleads their case, but Victor wants to know if anyone thought about the unwanted child.

Nikki has lunch with Kay and tells her about 1) switching the sperm samples and 2) Victor's reaction to learning Nikki was responsible for the switch. Katherine understands Victor's reaction and thinks that deep down Nikki does too. Nikki is convinced that she did the right thing by Victor and has no remorse about Diane, but wonders about the unborn child.

The Christening
Bunny finally arrives and tells everyone that she was locked at the church. She meets Phyllis and Phyllis leaves. Bunny thought she was charming and asks Jack why she was so quick to leave. Jack and Brad are a little impressed that Phyllis kept her word and left right away.

Ashley and John are furious with Jack about Phyllis. Ashley and Olivia talk about her "date" with Neil and plans for the evening. Neil surprises Olivia by saying that they should go spend some quality time with little Nate.

On her way home, an upset Phyllis goes to see Malcolm (who is cooking dinner for Alex) but leaves when she sees she interrupted their evening. Bunny tells Jack she had a wonderful time before leaving. Jack walks her out and goes to see Phyllis.

Jordan's Death
Word spreads about Jordan's Death. Nick plans a large community memorial service (complete with counselors and radio coverage). Sharon wonders if it is appropriate, but they both like the idea of feeling like they did something to help before leaving on their trip.

Tricia tries to comfort Carter after his "friend's" death. Carter sends her out for Chinese so he can call Warton and let him know what happened. He tells Warton not to worry about Jordan or Mark because Jordan is dead and he heard Mark say that if anything happened to Jordan he would nail Nick Newman. Larry says he didn't sign on for murder, but Carter tells him there is no backing out now.

The police start to investigate Jordan's death and question his friend Mark about Crimson Lights and Nick Newman. Rather than answer, the teen asks for a lawyer. The detective is convinced that Nick is involved, but the D.A. won't proceed without more evidence. The detective thinks they should act now before he has time to cover his tracks. As the D.A. reminds him of Nick's earlier erroneous conviction, Warton calls, disguising his voice and saying he has information about the drugs at the rave.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Carlton House:

Ashley and Brad discuss Jack and Phyllis. She's concerned that he's in for trouble with Phyllis. Brad isn't worried. It's not going to last, he tells her. Phyllis is in hot water with Jack after what happened at the christening. Ashley is at wit's end with Jack but Brad tries to reassure her that things will work out. They talk about how well the christening went and their wonderful future together.


Jack asks Phyllis what she was thinking going to the christening. He infers that she had something to do with Bunny being locked in a closet. She admits that it's true. Jack can't believe it but Phyllis is adamant that it was her right to be his date at the christening. She only went to the christening to size up Bunny. When she saw Bunny with her arm around Jack, she decided to seize the opportunity to get her out of the way. She would have eventually let her out anyway. Phyllis is happy that their relationship is now public. Jack can't just shrug it off. Phyllis eventually gets him to loosen up and they make love. Later, Phyllis basks in the afterglow. Jack decides to leave, despite Phyllis wanting him to spend the night. She gives him a kiss to hold him until next time. After he leaves he says to himself that there won't be a next time.


Matt and Tricia finish eating dinner. She wants Carter to meet her dad. Matt doesn't think her dad will ever accept him and doesn't want to bother especially in the mental state he's in now. Maybe another time he tells her. She presses him for when they are leaving town but he remains non-committal. Warton reports in. The DA bought his story. Now they can orchestrate things from a distance. Matt's not worried about that anymore. Larry worries that Tricia is a lose cannon. Matt promises to take care of her.

McNeil Apt.:

Keith stops by to see Tricia but finds Ryan. Ryan explains he came to check up on Tricia. Keith is annoyed to see him there. Ryan is trying to help, he swears. He tries to get through to Keith that Tricia is not well, but Keith isn't convinced. Ryan's convinced that together can help her. He realizes Keith doesn't realize how serious the situation is. Keith thinks he's overstating things. Tricia returns home, uninterested in either of them helping her. Ryan is surprised to learn Tricia's leaving town with another man. Keith and Ryan continue to take shots at each other until Tricia shouts at them to stop. Keep it up and it will be a long time before Keith ever hears from her. Ryan begs Keith to help him help Tricia. They only have a few more days until she leaves. Time is running out. Keith will call Ryan in the morning.

Crimson Lights:

Several kids mention the memorial service for Jordan taking place there tomorrow. Sharon suggests having someone talking about how dangerous street drugs are. Victoria arrives and they fill her in on the rave situation. Victoria fills them in on the Ryan/Keith problem and how Keith saw her with Ryan. Maybe Keith will be able to get Tricia out of Ryan's life.


Neil and Olivia return home after christening to spend time with Nate. He's moody, especially learning that both Neil and Olivia were godparents to Abby. She sends him to bed and apologizes to Neil for his rudeness. She kisses him, surprising and pleasing Neil. He then gets a call from someone who needs to find Alex. Neil offers to find her himself. Neil is bothered by his phone call to Alex and excuses himself. Olivia is pleased with her progress with him.


Alex is most impressed with Malcolm's cooking. He's happy they've broken trough some walls and wants to get to know her better. What you see is what you get she claims. He doesn't buy it and offers to tell her all about him first. She asks about Neil. He is vague and evasive but recounts their childhood. Neil was the perfect son, good grades, awards etc. Malcolm was the jock and was headed for the big time until he was injured in his senior year of high school. Before he made it as a photographer he had tough times. He resented Neil for many years. He still feels he has something to prove. She feels that's ancient history and that something else is the real problem nowadays. She figures that it has to do with Nate, but Malcolm doesn't want to talk about it. Neil calls relaying a message. He asks where she is, but she sidesteps the question. Malcolm wants to know about her now but she has work that needs to be done. He lets her off the hook this time and then gives her a passionate kiss goodnight.

District Attorney's Office:

Warton calls the DA, disguising his voice, offering a tip about the rave/tainted Ecstasy. He mentions a conversation with a dealer, describing Nick and implying that it was the same stuff that the kids took at the rave. He also mentions that the dealer lives in Genoa City. He gives the dealer's warehouse address as the one he and Carter rented under Nick's name. The cop thinks this is the break they need to get Nick and asks to get a warrant to search the coffee shop. The DA wants to play it safe and decides to investigate the warehouse first. He then wonders how this could affect the city; the son of Victor Newman dealing drugs and being responsible for the death of one boy.

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Crimson Lights is closed for a private function, and Nick and Sharon are inside preparing for the memorial they've planned for Jordan. Cody's there also, and he makes a comment that he's going to get more chairs to put out. Nick tells him to get Carter to help him. Cody tells them that he's not there. Nick and Sharon aren't surprised because his behavior has changed since he's decided to accept the job elsewhere. Sharon then says that maybe Carter was this way all along and they are just beginning to realize it. Meanwhile at Carter's, he's on the phone with Warton and they are discussing the evidence Carter has in his possession, another bag of coffee with more bags of "X" in it, like the one given to Jordan. Carter plans on planting it so that the cops can find it before Nick and Sharon go on their second honeymoon in a couple of days. Warton gets upset about this , "second honeymoon", feeling like they're running out of time. Carter reassures him they have time. Warton then says that he's going to drop by the room they rented to frame Nick, and Carter tells him he can't because of the risk of the police seeing him. Warton says he'll be careful. Warton gets to the room before the cops do, and he sees them argue about going into the room without the apartment manager present. The Milwaukee police say they do things by the book. The Genoa City cop, Edmonds, says the warrant allows them access, and that he'll pay for the damage to the door. So, they break open the door and find a glass, a tray with powder residue and a box with a shipping label that reads "Newman Enterprises." Edmonds calls the DA and tells him all the evidence they have asks for a warrant to search Newman's home and Crimson Lights. The DA tells him that they need to wait until the lab reports come back on the prints on the glass found and on the powder residue. "Victor Newman is a formidable opponent," says the DA. He doesn't want Newman coming at them.

Nikki brings the kids to Crimson Lights and wonders why it is closed. She asks if it's about the kid who died at the Rave. They say yes and in the meantime have to explain to Cassie why and how he died. They tell her about the dangers of drugs and she vows never to take them. Then, in walk Miguel and Doris who are there to pick up the kids because Nick and Sharon are leaving on their second honeymoon today. Then, to everyone's surprise, in walks Victor. He talks to Doris, which gives Nikki an opportunity to leave without have a confrontation with him. Sharon and Nick notice this, and Nick decides their parents' problems are their own. Victor walks away on a phone call. In walks Carter to a not so warm reception from Nick and Sharon. He said that he had something that came up which could not have been helped. After they walk away, Carter, with gloves on, plants the bag of coffee on the shelf. He turns around only to see Doris staring at him. She tells him that she's heard about his job offer and thinks it's great that he's going after his dreams. He says thanks and walks away, while she stares at him mysteriously. Outside, Victor and Nick are talking about Victor's appearance there, and Victor tells him that Connie told him about the Memorial Service and that he thought it was a great idea. He wishes he could come by the coffeehouse more often. He tells Nick he's proud of the job he's doing with his family and wishes he and Sharon a good trip. He leaves. Sharon tells Doris it's time for the kids to go. Doris says there's something about Carter she doesn't like and that maybe it's good he'll be gone. Nick gets the kids to promise to be good for Doris, and kisses them goodbye. Carter has become panic-stricken over the fact that Nick and Sharon are leaving today. He goes over to them and asks if that's correct. They confirm it and tell him they'll be gone for two weeks and maybe more. He pretends, with a smile, to be happy for them. He goes into Nick's office and calls Warton and tells him the bad news. Warton is livid and tells Carter he has to find a way to keep them there. After thinking and eavesdropping on Nick and Sharon, Carter sees her take a Kleenex out of her purpose and knows "just the way" to keep them there.

At the Carlton's, Ashley is awake after a bad night with Abby. She nursed her all night, but she woke up crying. She took her temperature and is waiting for a call from the pediatrician. Brad tells her that he wished she'd woke him up. He tells her she should in the future. When the pediatrician calls, he tells Ashley to bring Abby in but that he thinks it's colic. He gives her come suggestions, and Ashley says she'll have the nanny keep a close eye on Abby all day. She'll call in and check on her. Brad tells her to get some rest and come in late. Ashley says there's too much to do including discussing the fall plans for the Glo by Jabot site and discussing Phyllis with Jack. Brad tells her that he's sure that after his conversation with Jack that he's going to cut Phyllis loose. Meanwhile, at the boardroom Jack receives a call on his cell phone. It's Phyllis who wants to know where they'll be meeting for dinner. Jack tries to avoid her at all costs, and she says that it's o.k. for tonight but that now that their relationship is out in the open, they need to go at it full-steam ahead. She says that it will happen soon. Just as Jack hangs up, in walks Jill. She asks if Jack has anything on Phyllis, yet. He tells her it's a complicated situation. Jill takes this as a no. She once again tells Jack that he can't handle Phyllis. Then, in walks John who's furious and wants to talk to Jack about Phyllis. He doesn't see Jill in the corner until she acknowledges him. He tells Jack that this relationship could have serious repercussions where Jabot is concerned. Jill says she told him that. John is furious that Jill knew about the relationship and asks Jack why he told Jill, of all people. Jill tries to make it seem like Jack trusts her and wanted to confide in her. John doesn't believe that for a minute. Jack says that's why he didn't tell them about Phyllis to begin with. Then, in walk Ashley and Brad putting more fuel in the fire. Behind them comes Nikki, and Jack makes the announcement that he's calling it off with Phyllis and they can now get off his back. They discuss the Glo by Jabot house and the fact that the building of the new facility is behind schedule. They need ideas on how to promote the kids until then. They decide on the pool house again for 2 weeks in April. Jack remarks that people just want to see Billy and his friends, no matter where they are

Over at Newman, Phyllis is waiting for Victoria in her office. She wants to show her her ideas for the Spring campaign. Victoria comes in and says that she's impressed with what Phyllis has. She didn't know that Phyllis was working on this since she was out of the office yesterday. Then, in comes Neil who tries to get Phyllis to tell Victoria just where she was yesterday. He goes on to tell Victoria that Phyllis is seeing Jack Abbott. Victoria doesn't seem at all shaken and tells Phyllis that whatever she does in her personal life is her business. Ryan walks in and sits down. Neil is staring at Victoria speechless. Phyllis lays out her plan for the new band that Brash and Sassy are promoting for their Spring Break tour. Ryan adds more info about their rights to a song the band has just recorded. Neil sees that Phyllis has outlined a campaign filled with a live-stream of the band performing, a contest for tickets and displays at cosmetics counters. He is impressed. Victoria likes the idea but wants to hold off on the promotion, so that they can hit Jabot harder than ever.

At Walnut Grove, Billy approaches Mac and asks her if she's going to the memorial service. Mac says she may stop by. Billy thanks her for warning him and Brittany not to take the "X." Mac tries to get him to admit that it was Brittany who tried to get him to take it, but he doesn't. He thanks her again and walks away. J.T. walks over to Mac and asks her what's her decision on her going out with him to make Billy jealous. She says she's not sure Billy will react the way J.T. thinks. J.T. tells her that she knows he will react that way which is why she went with him to the Rave. While they are talking Rianna sees them. She finds Billy and asks him if he's seen Raul. Billy asks her if she's checked the computer lab. She says he's not there. She then goes on to tell him that she saw Mac talking to J.T., and they looked friendly. Billy asks how friendly. She wonders if that's the reason Raul is upset with Mac. She then asks Billy if he and Brittany are fighting. He says that Brittany has been acting weird since the Rave. Rianna says it's because Mac was there. Billy says that he's tried to get her to lay off Mac especially since she did them a favor that night. He tells her that they are closer than ever and that he's proven that by wearing her bracelet. Mac shouldn't be an issue for Brittany anymore. Brittany's his girlfriend and should not worry about Mac because nothing is going on with them. Mac overhears this and walks away. Billy finishes by saying that every time he thinks things are going good, something happens that gets him confused. Rianna says, "You are talking about you and Brittany, right?" Billy says, "Yeah, who else." Later, Billy finds Mac in front of her locker and tells her that he hears Raul is upset with her about the Rave. She asks, "What do you care?" Just then, J.T. walks up and asks her what time he should pick her up that night. She gives him a time, and they walk away with his arm around her leaving Billy perplexed.

Thursday, March 1, 2001

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria applauded Phyllis for "doing her job" and getting close to Jack in order to get information for them to compete successfully. Phyllis denied that those are her motives, but Victoria insisted that the goal was to find out what they have up their sleeve for Spring. The idea was to get Victor to increase their budget so that they can make an even bigger splash. After Phyllis left, Victoria talked to her father about the budget changes. He agreed to them IF she can learn what Jabot's plans are for the GLOW spring campaign.

At Jabot, the board meeting adjourned and Nikki admitted to Jack that she told Victor about the switch. She started talking about the baby, when they were interrupted and she left to talk to Ashley and Brad about the anti-aging cream. John told Jack that he was very glad that he was going to break it off with Phyllis, and then Jill surprised him by insisting that he stay with her in order to get information about Brash & Sassy.

Phyllis set up a date for Jack to meet her at her hotel room later. Jack tipped the doorman in order to get in before Phyllis returned. He saw a folder that he was tempted to look at -- just then the phone rang. Victoria left a message on the machine for Phyllis. He got an earful as she went on and on about how they were going to get info from Jack and that their budget would be increased if they were successful.

When Mac ran into Rianna and Raul at school, he gave her the cold shoulder, not believing that she considered them friends. Rianna tried to get him to lay off, but he didn't like the reasons why Mac went to the rave with J.T. J.T. and Mac planned their date that would be a charade meant to get to Billy. She assured him that it was only for show. At her locker, Mac dropped her books and Billy rushed over to help her pick them up. He started quizzing her down about her involvement with J.T. She said that he was a popular guy and that she was ready to have some fun, considering all that the two of them had been through.

At the coffeehouse, the memorial service was just getting over when Jordan's friends talked about how Nick should pay for what he had done. Carter listened in on the conversation with a smile on his face. He had taken Sharon's wallet out of her purse as a stalling tactic, giving the police time to follow the tracks to the coffeehouse. While Sharon and Nick scrambled to look for the wallet, then get the cash that they needed for the trip, Detective Edmonds had received the results of tests matching Nick Newman to the drugs. He paid a visit to the coffeehouse on a fishing expedition. He found out that the Newman's were leaving the country on vacation soon and rushed back to the DA for a search warrant. That was the last straw -- they called to request an immediate search warrant of the Newman property.

Friday, March 2, 2001

District Attorney's Office:

The detective investigating the rave is anxious about getting the warrant to search Crimson Lights before Nick can leave town. The DA tries to assuage his fears to no avail.


Ashley is looking for Jack but can't find him anywhere. Brad guesses that she's worried he's changed his mind about dumping Phyllis and his back with her. Brad's sure they don't have anything to worry about here Phyllis is concerned. Jill isn't so sure. Something in Jack's voice made Jill think that he has some regret where Phyllis is concerned and that he may have gotten in too deep with her. She and Ashley get into some heated words but Brad breaks it up. He has a meeting and has to leave, asking them to behave. They continue to argue about Jack but Ash gets Jill to realize they're on the same side. Jill concedes, and admits Jack's true plan: to spy on Phyllis.


A furious Jack has overheard Victoria's message for Phyllis congratulating her on her ploy to get info on Jabot from Jack. He ignores a call from Ashley and deletes the message just before Phyllis arrives home. Phyllis senses that something is bothering him and wonders if he had a bad morning too. She doesn't go into details and it only further implicates herself in Jack's eyes. She excuses herself for a moment, leaving Jack a chance to look through the Brash & Sassy Spring campaign logbook. He takes notes from it before she returns. She still feels he's upset at her. She thinks it's about the christening. Vent away she tells him, it's not as disturbing as what she had to go through that morning. She tells him that Victoria is ordering her to spy on him. Jack is taken aback by this admission. Phyllis is very disturbed by Victoria's plan and tells him that she refuses to go along with it. She could no more spy on him than he could on her.

Ryan's Office:

Keith drops by to see Ryan. He's not sure why he's there but gives Ryan a chance to make a case. He lays down some ground rules. Keith can't treat her like a child anymore. Keith is annoyed that Ryan presumes to tell him how to be a parent and goes to leave. Ryan manages to convince him stay for Tricia's sake. Keith has taken the liberty of calling some doctor's. He's prepared to force Tricia to get help. Ryan is surprised Keith would commit her. He's not happy about it either. Ryan has an idea but it involves finding the man Tricia is involved with. He hops they can convince her mystery man to help them get to her. Keith is skeptical.

Matt's Apt.:

Larry returns to find an upset Matt/Carter. He informs Warton that the wheels of justice are moving slower than they hoped and that it seems Nick will make a clean getaway after all. Tricia arrives ready to leave town with Carter and isn't too happy to see Larry there. Tricia asks if Larry was at Jordan's memorial. He makes snide remarks about the service which only weirds out Tricia more where Larry is concerned. Matt informs Tricia that he's not sure he wants to leave town. She wonders about his new job but he's not going to take it. She tries to reason with him, telling him that it's the grief that's getting to him. He's very cruel and tells her to leave. Tricia is crushed. Larry congratulates him on cutting that tie but Matt doesn't care. The whole plan has gone up in smoke.

Chancellor House:

Nikki drops by to see Katherine to update her on the sperm situation. Her conscience is getting to her now. She feels guilty being partly responsible for bringing this baby into the world under such bizarre circumstances. Katherine suggests that there's something she can do to make things right. Nikki samples some of Esther's alternative cooking and does her best to choke it down. Katherine is sure Nikki will find a way to make amends for her role in the baby's paternity. She doesn't know how to make up for it. She wonders if kidnapping the baby and raising him herself is the only way to ensure his happiness but Kay doesn't think it needs to come to that. She suggests sending someone to check on Diane and the baby every once in a while. She even suggests that Diane may turn out to be a good parent. Kay asks if Nikki truly thinks that Diane is an unfit mother. Nikki isn't sure how Diane will react to a baby that isn't Victor's. She wants to protect the child but she also has no rights. She realizes that there is one person who does: the biological father. She doesn't know who it is but, the person she hired to switch the samples might.

Victor's Office:

Victor informs Paul that the search for the sperm switcher is over. Paul thinks that Victoria is the culprit based on his earlier conversation with her. He felt she was covering her tracks. Victor explains that it was Nikki's tracks Victoria was covering. Connie interrupts with news that man wants to see Victor. He was sent by Diane Jenkins. The man is there to take a sample of blood for paternity tests. Victor wants to see credentials but the man was ordered to keep the location of the lab a secret. When the man asks Victor is he's refusing to provide a sample, Vic relents. The man takes the blood sample and heads out. Victor still can't believe what Nikki did. To think of her hatred for Diane before the welfare of an innocent baby is callous and unlike the Nikki he knew. Paul asks how the rest of his family is doing and Vic informs him on the wonderful lives of his oldest children.


Nick and Sharon are ready to head out of town for their second honeymoon to the Caribbean. Nick is dressed for the part and eager to go. He presents his wife with lots of presents for their trip. Later, their flight boarding call goes out and they make their way to the gate. Seconds before they are about to board, the police stop them, asking about the death of Jordan Senatt.

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