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Nick was arrested on drug and murder charges. Paul accepted Isabella's case. Tricia decided to hide with 'Carter.' Billy was angry when J.T. kissed Mac. Michael tried to get to Christine in Hong Kong before Paul did.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 5, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, March 5, 2001

Carter thinks he made a mistake trusting Mark to come forward against Nick Newman, but changes his mind when Cod comes by. Cody tells him that the police searched Crimson Lights and found drugs in a bag of coffee behind the counter. Carter agrees to stick around and cover Cody's shift at work while he is questioned by the police. Larry and Carter are very excited at the news. Warton is still worried about Tricia being a loose cannon. Carter tells him not to worry because he can handle her -- a few smooth words will win her over.

Nick & Sharon
Nick and Sharon get stopped, as they are about to board their flight. A detective wants to ask them a few questions about the drugs they found in the coffeehouse. Nick and Sharon are surprised at the news and want to know how they found it. The detective says they had a search warrant due to sworn testimony and certain evidence. When Nick demands to know what evidence they have, the office asks them to come downtown voluntarily for further questioning. Nick believes if they go ahead and leave that there will be a firestorm of publicity, so they decide to leave the next day instead. Nick assures Sharon that he will straighten everything out in no time.

Ryan and Keith corner Tricia at her apartment, telling her that they don't think she is in any shape to leave town right now. Keith points out that if he and Ryan agree on something, it should be taken seriously. Tricia says she is fine and doesn't need either of them or their help. Keith states that one way or another she will get help. Tricia can't believe they would lock her up, but Keith says he is trying to protect her. They want Tricia to agree to go to the see the therapist now with them or allow them to meet her "friend" -- or at least tell them who he is and how they can reach him.

Jack & Phyllis
Jill tells Ashley that Jack was using Phyllis to get information but became "ensnared by her web." Ashley tells Jill what happened to Bunny at the chapel and Jill is sure that it was Phyllis's handiwork. Ash says it doesn't matter anyway because Bunny never had a chance with Phyllis around.

Phyllis tells Jack that Victoria has demanded that she spy on him. She would quit, but she signed a non-compete clause so she can't. She says she wants to find a way to keep Jack and her job. Jack starts to confess but Phyllis hears it as an idea to give them false information, information that has been discarded, to convince Victoria that she has complied with her demand. She "thanks" him for the idea and they make love. She confesses that this idea proves to her that he wants to keep this "thing" alive and kicking as much as she does.

Jack goes back to the office. He is thrilled that he got the information he wanted about Brash & Sassy, but keeps hearing Phyllis's words about trust in his head. Ashley comes in and wants to know if he broke it off.

Little Nate
Olivia and Alex run into each other at the hospital. Alex dodges questions about her relationship with Malcolm. Olivia apologizes for overstepping. Alex suggests that whether or not Malcolm is having a serious relationship, he will still want to have a relationship with his son. Olivia is furious and leaves.

Malcolm goes to a father/son event at Nate's school and sees Neil there. Neil asks if he cleared this with Olivia. Malcolm gets upset and Neil tells him that Nate is starting to resent spending time with Neil because of all the tension. Malcolm admits he hadn't thought of that, but the difference between them is that he is Nate's father. Neil says he has pleaded his case with Olivia, but doesn't want her to end up shutting Malcolm out all together.

Nate is happy to see his dad and gives him a present to remind him to see him. Nate reveals that it "sounded like" he was too busy to see him. Malcolm is furious and goes to see Olivia, telling her that she has crossed the line.

Nikki tries to track down the guy she hired to make the sperm switch to see if he knows whose sperm it was. He, in turn, has to track down his "independent contractor" who they find out is dead. Nikki cries to Katherine that she will have to get used to living with the guilt of bringing and unwanted innocent child into the world.

Tuesday, March 6, 2001

Victor's Office:

Victoria details the Brash & Sassy Spring campaign to Victor. He wonders where her confidence is coming from and suspects that Phyllis may be the inside source. Phyllis then enters and tells him that he'd be wise not to dismiss any info she gets on Jabot. Victor is skeptical as to how she will obtain the information. She will use her connection to Jack. He thinks she's reluctant to do it and wonders why. She admits to having reservations but not about Jack, about Victor. She wonders if this scheme only confirms his worst fears about her. He dismisses her and tells Victoria that Phyllis is the kind of woman that he can't tolerate but does so only because she is currently useful to him.


Ashley doesn't understand why Jack now trusts Phyllis. He explains how he overheard the message from Victoria and how Phyllis admitted that she was ordered to spy on him but refused. Ashley doesn't buy that Phyllis was worried about her job until Jack mentions her non-compete clause. He maintains that she was very sincere with him. Ashley asks him if he's in love with Phyllis. He feels guilty for what he's done and wonders if he should give her the benefit of the doubt. Ash suggests letting her down easy. He then confesses to seeing the Brash & Sassy Spring campaign info. He worries that if they use it the Newman's will blame Phyllis. Ashley is unsympathetic and tells him to deal with it, wishing him luck. He later gets a call from Phyllis. The plan is working she tells him but she definitely needs something to give them. Something harmless but that will satisfy the Newmans. She wants to work out a strategy tonight but he tells her tomorrow.


Warton and Matt listen to the news for any info on an arrest but nothing so far. Warton then wonders why Matt has decided to stay in town and suspects that he has a second agenda that involves Sharon. He always planned to stick around to make sure everything goes smoothly. Larry reminds him that it was supposed to be about the money. Matt dismisses his concerns. Larry questions how he will juggle two women when Tricia is such a lose cannon. He swears that Tricia is completely under his thumb.


Keith and Ryan press Tricia to name her mystery man but she holds firm. She won't put him through what Ryan and Tony both went through. Ryan suggests that the man only speak to him, without Keith present. She calls Carter and he apologizes to her for his earlier outburst. She mentions that Ryan and Keith want to meet him. He refuses. He tells her to leave and come to his apartment immediately. Ryan finds it strange that her mystery man won't even talk to him over the phone. He questions if the man is looking out for her best interests.

Olivia's Office:

Olivia and Malcolm continue to argue about Nate. He can't believe that she told Nate that Malcolm doesn't want to see him. She thinks Nate is just exaggerating but he's livid. She threatens to call security unless he calms down. Things can't go on like this he tells her. She agrees. She has tried to work out a way to include Malcolm in Nate's life but it hasn't worked. Limited visitation is hurting Nate so she is cutting ties completely.

Williams Investigations:

Paul is impressed with the books and congratulates Lynn and Marissa on their good work. He leaves to meet with Nikki. Lynn suspects that Paul maybe planning a trip to Hong Kong. Mary overhead and can't believe he would consider doing that.


Paul meets with Nikki for dinner. She felt at loose ends and thought he might be as well with Christine gone so long. He misses her and regrets not joining her in Hong Kong. He worries that the decisions they made might lead to the end of their marriage. Nikki can't believe things had gotten so bad. Part of him wants to hop on a plane to HK but the other part worries that if he goes he will only find out that the marriage is dead.

DA's Office:

Nick and Sharon are escorted to the DA for questioning. They aren't happy that their trip was postponed for this. They want to clear up this misunderstanding ASAP. The DA is happy to oblige and produces the coffee bag filled with Extasy that Carter/Matt planted in Crimson Lights. They realize the coffee is theirs but they've never seen the drugs. Sharon suggests that someone must have planted it but the cop mentions that Jordan implicated Nick on his death bed. They're shocked and confused. The DA clarifies that Jordan mentioned Nick and Crimson Lights. They claim he must have been referring to another Nick. The cop wants to arrest him right then but the DA stops him and excuses him from the room. Nick thinks the cop has it in for him. Sharon tries to see things from the DA's point of view but Nick only gets more annoyed. The DA won't take it any further tonight. Nick is annoyed and presses him to either arrest him now or let him go. He tells them that they should stay in town but Nick won't have it. Get their act together by the morning or he'll hear from Nick's attorney. The DA tells the cop later that they must tie everything together perfectly before moving forward. The DA doesn't believe Sharon is involved but is not sure about Nick. Sharon is sure it will work out but Nick is bothered by the whole situation.

Wednesday, March 7, 2001

Remembering Carter's demand to come see him, Tricia tells Ryan and Keith she's going to bed. They later discover that she has slipped out the window and is gone. Unaware that Larry and Carter have almost had a fight, Tricia arrives at Carter's place and asks him to let her in. Carter forces Larry to leave through the window and then lets Tricia inside. She explains her father's threat to commit her and pleads with him to take her away. He promises to leave tomorrow after she grabs all of her things from her place. Back at home, Sharon presses Nick to call John Silva about their latest troubles with the D.A. Claiming the guy just wants to get a promotion by going after a big name in town, Nick convinces her that they don't really need help because there is no real danger. He promises her that they'll leave for the Caribbean tomorrow. Hearing from Lynne why it's a good time for Paul to go to Hong Kong, Mary decides to find her son. Meanwhile, at Gina's Nikki tries to convince Paul it's time to go surprise his wife. In another booth, Michael chats with Chantal about the emergency fax Chris sent this morning. He decides to hop a flight to Hong Kong because the case is so important. Mary finds Paul there and can't stop herself from warning him that he'll be making the biggest mistake of his life if he flies to Hong Kong. Hearing this, Michael quickly cancels his trip to Hong Kong but decides to try to stop Paul as well. Alex and Neil advise Victor the court case against the HMO will be a long one. Mentioning what happened at Nate's school, Neil encourages Alex to be there for his upset brother. Malcolm warns Olivia if she stops him from seeing Nate, he'll tell Nate what she is doing.

Thursday, March 8, 2001

After an intimate night alone, Nick and Sharon received a visit from John Silva and told him about the accusations that the D.A. was making. Nick and John decided to go back to the DA's office and Sharon decided to check in at the coffeehouse with Cody.

Michael decided against canceling his flight to Hong Kong after visiting with Chantal about how lonely Christine must be. Phyllis paid him a visit and they bantered back and forth about his feelings for Christine as usual.

Tricia showed her true colors when Carter told her that they have to wait a little while to leave town because of cash flow considerations. He left her alone in the apartment to go and see what was going on at the coffeehouse.

Rianna stopped in to see Mac before school and asked her if she was seeing J.T. just to annoy Billy. Mac wouldn't admit it but Rianna had her answer. She promised not to say anything to Brittany and told Mac that she would like to be her friend. Mac agreed and Rianna left for school.

Detective Edmonds pushed harder, but DA Richards still wasn't ready to act on the evidence against Nick. Just then, Jordan's friend, Mark, came in to talk to them about the case. He was just leaving the office when Nick and John arrived. Before long, they were reading him his rights and putting him under arrest.

Jack and Billy talked about what was going on in Jack's life, but Jack wouldn't provide any details. They talked about the Glo by Jabot kids and about how they were all getting along lately. Billy admitted that he and Brittany were NOT getting along and before too long Jack sensed that Billy was more worried about Mac than Brittany. Jack left for work and Billy noticed that CleanQueen was in the chat room on the website. He sent an instant message to her, needing someone to talk to. Esther was on the computer at Kay's house, but Mac took over when she saw the message from Billy and Esther had to get something out of the oven. They started chatting, wondering how things were going in each other's lives. Billy sounds exasperated and CleanQueen is all ears. . . .

At Paul's office, Mary argued with him about the reasons that he shouldn't go to Hong Kong. He kicked her out, but she had given him food for thought. Lynne came in to ask how he was doing and encouraged him to call Christine to find out how she would feel about a visit. She was in Singapore, so they didn't have an answer. Just then, Isabella, a beautiful prospective client, arrived telling him that she was in terrible trouble and that he was the only person who could help her.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon was glad to see Carter there offering to help in a time of need. He told her that he would postpone his trip in order to help his friends. She hugged him in gratitude. . .

Friday, March 9, 2001

Victor's Office:

Victor is impressed with a project Nick was working on and wants to get word to him about it without intruding on his vacation. Connie informs Vic that Nick and Sharon are not on the boat as scheduled. John Silva arrives and updates Victor that his son has been arrested.


Nick is furious that he has been arrested for selling drugs. It's all circumstantial, he claims. John Silva agrees and suspects that the DA has more up his sleeve. Nick wonders if Mark (Jordan's best friend whom they saw at the jail) could have said something to incriminate Nick. John thinks it's time to contact Victor. Nick agrees but is more worried about telling Sharon. Nick goes through procedures (fingerprinting, photographs etc.) which only remind him of the first time he did it years ago. Nick is finally put into a cell where more flashbacks haunt him. He can't believe that it's all happening again.


Tricia is packing, ready to leave town. Warton bursts in and the two exchange words. She can't understand why Carter even talks with Larry. She looks forward to leaving him behind when she and Carter split. Warton presses for details as to when they are leaving, explaining that Carter has been see-sawing about leaving. He's looking froward to them leaving and tells her to give Carter a message: he has to return to Milwaukee to his job and that he will be in touch. Tricia is adamant that Carter will never speak to Warton again. Carter finally returns. Tricia tells him that Warton is leaving. He tells her that they aren't. She can't wait anymore but he screams that they don't leave until he says so.

Williams Investigations:

Paul meets with a new mysterious client, Isabella Branya. She is divorced from her husband and suspects she's being followed. She explains that at first she had a wonderful marriage but then about a year ago the police arrested her husband James for business misdealings. Paul asks her for more details. She was asked to perjure herself to protect him which she refused. He went to jail and everything they had was taken away about a month ago. The last time she saw him was in prison several weeks ago. The conversation turned ugly and she suspects he's had her followed. She wants to Paul to help her but he isn't sure the timing is right and will refer her to another agency. She refuses, stating that he's the only one she trusts. He's confused as they've never met before. She explains that a friend of hers, Samantha Lee worked at the same firm as Christine used to. Samantha was one of the employees sexually harassed by Michael Baldwin. Paul has a reputation of fiercely protecting women in danger. He agrees to help her but needs more information. He tells Lynn that by the time he's done with the case Chris should be back from Singapore and in Hong Kong.


Phyllis updates Michael on the events at the christening and how everything is working out for her. She asks about his planned trip to see Christine but he keeps mum. Michael learns that Christine is coming back to Hong Kong early (the next day) and plans a trip to meet her.

Chancellor House:

Mac continues to chat with Billy on-line using Esther's screen name. He mentions that his love life is more complicated than it seems. He eventually talks about his ex girlfriend whom he is worried about since she's involved with some jerk. She asks if he's having conflicted feelings. He says 'yes' and that he has no one to talk to about it. She offers to help. Brittany calls Billy at the Abbott house and asks to see him at the coffee shop. She wants to know where they stand and if he doesn't show she'll have her answer. Later Mac wonders why she hasn't heard from him in a while only to find he's logged off.

Crimson Lights:

Sharon is a wreck trying to keep her mind off things. Carter is supportive. She feels guilty that he stayed behind to help her. He tells her not worry and that his job is fine. He promises to stay by her side until the crisis is averted. Tricia calls asking when he's returning. He'll be there soon he tells her. Sharon wonders why she hasn't heard from Nick yet when Victor arrives and explains that he knows everything and that Nick has been arrested.

Billy arrives to find a neglected Brittany. They argue over who should have made more of an effort to talk to the other. Brit wonders if he's really been trying to keep Mac away. Maybe he's been lying to himself all this time. She wonders if she's been fooling herself too and that they should break up. If that's how you feel maybe we should break up, he retorts.

Abbott House;

Jack and Ashley talk about the info he has on Brash & Sassy. If it's as good as he says it could affect Jabot as a whole. She wonders if he's more concerned over Phyllis than his own company. He explains that if they play this card too early then any headway he's made could be blown. She wonders why the Newmans need to be tipped off at all. They can use the info in a way that doesn't arouse suspicion. Jack explains the plan Phyllis came up with to feed the Newmans false info to misdirect them. It has to be authentic but dated. Ashley agrees to go along with the scheme for the sake of the company. Phyllis arrives and wants to work out the scheme against Victoria. He will give her the info on a scrapped plan for their spring campaign.

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