The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 14, 2001 on Y&R

Nick told Victor that Matt had framed Nick for murder. Paul found evidence to link Matt to Jordan's death. Nick begged Larry to testify. Malcolm threatened to take Olivia to court. Billy and Raul became friends again.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 14, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, May 14, 2001

The Hospital Chapel

Sharon and Nick are discussing him leaving the country. They hear a police officer asking a nurse if they had been seen. After the police officer checks inside the chapel and doesn't see them, Nick and Sharon reveal themselves and decide to leave.

The Coffeehouse

Nick and Sharon come to the storeroom at the coffeehouse and find Cody working. They tell Cody not to let anyone know that they are there and that they need to talk privately. Sharon asks Nick if they should get Victor involved. Sharon tells Nick that she is sorry that she came to the hospital but she needed to be with him. She tells Nick that they need to stay together no matter what because the kids have been through enough.

Ryan and Victoria are discussing Phyllis living with Jack. Victoria is furious and feels Phyllis may have already been working for the enemy. Victoria tells Ryan that she is going to show Phyllis who is boss.


Jill and Phyllis are going at each other and Jill tells Phyllis that she does not scare her. Jack intervenes and tries to calm the two women. Phyllis tells Jill that she doesn't know what she is capable of when she is pushed too far. Jill challenges Phyllis to a fistfight. Phyllis lets her know that she has other ways to deal with her. Jill leaves and Phyllis tells Jack that she told Victoria about their moving in together. Jack tries to slow Phyllis down from moving too fast. Jack asks Phyllis to back off Jill. He tells her that he can handle Jill. He tells her again firmly that he wants her to leave Jill alone and she agrees.

Jill is in her office looking out of the window when Sean arrives. Jill asks him if he gets tired of being complimented on everything he does. She admits that she has been dazzled by him some of the time. He tells her that she is a woman who is not easily charmed and that she has the ability to see through other people's facades. Sean asks her if she is willing to take a risk with him then he kisses her.

The Ranch

Katherine and Nikki are visiting and discussing Raul and Mac then the subject turns to Jill. Katherine asks Nikki about Sean. Nikki says that her vibes about them was correct. Nikki says tells Katherine that they are planning a big party for Nick's homecoming. The phone rings and it's Victor who gives her the latest news about Nick. Nikki tries to reassure Katherine that Nick would not flee no matter what happened. The kids arrive looking for their parents. Katherine averts their attention to helping her with decorating for Nick's homecoming.

Neil's Office

Malcolm comes by to tell Neil what is going on with his case but Neil seems distant. Malcolm tells Neil that he has found an attorney and Neil is surprised that it is not Alex. Neil asks Malcolm if he told his attorney everything that has happened to change Olivia's mind about his visitation privileges. Neil tells Malcolm that he did not tell Olivia about Malcolm's plans to go to court. Neil lets Malcolm know that he will testify for him if necessary.

Olivia's Apartment

Aunt Mamie and Nate are visiting when Olivia comes home. Nate turns the cold shoulder to his mother. Ashley arrives with Abby. Nate is playing with Abby when Olivia tells Mamie that she wants to visit with Ashley alone. Ashley tries to make Olivia see things reasonably. Ashley lies it on the line that Nate has changed since he has not been able to see Malcolm. After Ashley leaves, Olivia tries to talk to Nate but he is still real quiet with her. He is anxious to leave to go to his sleepover. Olivia is alone when her doorbell rings and to her surprise it is Malcolm.

Victor's Office

Paul and John Silvia are discussing Nick when Victor arrives with the news that Matt Clarke is dead and Nick is under suspicion of murder. After Victor calls Nikki, he tells John and Paul that he is sure that his son is innocent. John receives a call from the D.A. who says that Nick needs to be in his office within an hour or he will issue a warrant for his arrest. As John is relaying this information to Victor, Nick and Sharon arrive.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Victor's Office:

Nick and Sharon learn from Paul, John and Victor about the DA's threat to have Nick arrested unless he show sup at the police station in 1 hr. Nick explains what Matt did to himself but Sharon senses they don't believe him. Nick recounts how Matt got the guard out of the room and pulled out his ventilator tube. John thinks it will be hard to prove to the DA who's on his way over. Richards arrives and agrees that Matt Clark's involvement is potentially significant but can't dismiss Nick's involvement in both the drug case and Matt's death. He agrees to a bench trial and allows Nick to remain free on bail. Paul asks about Warton who is very uncommunicative lately. John suggests offering Larry a plea bargain but the DA scoffs that there is no cause to do so. He thinks they've all made Matt a convenient scapegoat. Nick, John and Victor head out to question Larry. Nick, meanwhile, looks forward to going home to spend time with his family afterwards.


Ryan and Keith anxiously await news on Tricia. Reece can't be sure if she'll be okay. Keith wants details from Ryan about the crash. He explains that Tricia called him several times but Ryan couldn't get through to her. He also mentions her suicide attempt. Keith wants to know why he wasn't told. Victoria mentions that Ryan was almost killed by Matt Clark trying to save her. He wonders who Matt is and Ryan explains that's Tricia secret boyfriend. He can't believe that Tricia was involved in Matt's scheme. Paul arrives asking about Tricia. He fills them in Matt's death and Nick's involvement in it. Paul worries that if Tricia doesn't make it Larry may be their only hope. Reece arrives with news: Tricia is awake. They go in to see her and she is in rough shape. Keith assures her that she'll be all right, but she disagrees.


Malcolm insists on talking with Olivia who threatens to call the police but relents and allows to him to stay briefly. He finally tells her that he plans on suing for joint custody. She is unfazed by this. He's always jerked Nate around when it's convenient for him and nothing's changed. She can't see what he could possibly say to a judge. Nate is her son, not his! He's "drawn battle lines so prepare for war," she tells him. He asks her not to make him take this step. She questions his truly thinking about Nate considering that Nate would most likely have to testify let alone watch as they fight over him in court. She's mortified that he would put his own happiness over Nate's well being. She refuses to see how a judge would side with him based solely on his word. He mentions that Neil is on his side.

Neil's Office:

Alex reports on more dead ends with the HMO case. Neil brings up Malcolm's case with her and how he will testify for his brother. She wonders if he's mad at her for getting Malcolm on this vendetta. She's hurt that he thinks she just caused trouble with no thought to the consequences. If he's only upset about the custody issue why is he testy with her she wonders. He tells her he is not bitter over their relationship. Alex concedes that at first Malcolm was at first just trying to get under his skin but they've moved past it. She still feels he's got an issue with it.

Jill's Office:

Jill and Sean kiss. They make plans for dinner but he senses that something is bothering her. She mentions her run-in with Phyllis. She asks Sean how well he knows her. He tells her that his relationship with Phyllis is anything but professional. He and Phyllis go way back, before the craze even. They never collaborated but worked the same social circles. They never crossed the line, though the thought did cross his mind. Jill has to head out for a few minutes so San will wait for her just as Phyllis saunters in. She expresses her 'sympathy' over Jabot's scrapped campaign but tells him he's doing great work. She wonders how he's doing in sleepy Genoa City. She regrets not showing him the town when he first arrived, but he said that he understood, as her personal life was quite hectic. Phyllis suggests double dating with him and his new squeeze. Later, Jill returns and Sean grills her on her run-in with Phyllis. She rails about Jack sleeping with the enemy, which he sees as being melodramatic. He suspects that Jill interfered in Phyllis and Jack's romance and Phyllis went after her. Jill isn't scared.

Jabot Boardroom:

Jack and Phyllis make plans for a romantic dinner and he reminds her to stay clear of Jill. When he needs to take a call, Phyllis heads to Jill's office. Later Ashley stops by and asks about John and his memory problems. He had a checkup a little over a month ago so there should be no problems but he will keep an eye on him. She fills in Brad that Jack will keep an eye on John. She worries that Jack may move out to live with Phyllis leaving John a little more isolated. Brad assures her that it would never happen. Jack is a permanent fixture in that house.


Jack arrives looking for Phyllis and Gina takes the opportunity to take shots, which prompts Phyllis to retaliate. Phyllis mentions bumping into Sean and how she offered to have him and his girlfriend over for dinner. Jack doesn't think that's a good idea, which is when Phyllis sees Sean on a date with...Jill.


Larry is happy to see Nick and wants to know when he's getting out. He's not surprised to learn it won't be anytime soon. Now that they have Matt they don't need him. But maybe Matt isn't talking and now they need Larry again. John will help him but Larry wants out now and tells them to demand an immediate release from the DA. Then and only then, will he talk.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

At the jail, Victor, John Silva, and Nick told Warton about Matt's accident and the circumstances surrounding his death at the hospital. They pleaded with him to help exonerate Nick by testifying against Matt. Warton insisted on a plea bargain and immunity in exchange for his testimony. John Silva told him that the DA believed Tricia's testimony would be all that was needed and that he refused any kind of deal pertaining to Warton. Nick tried to assure him that the Newmans would provide an attorney for him and make sure that it was known that Warton's cooperation and actions saved Sharon's life. Victor reminded Warton that he was implicated in the drug charges and was taking a big chance with Matt dead and unable to vouch for him. Warton remained skeptical, even after Victor gave him his word that he would come through for him if he helped Nick. Thinking that Nick would make more progress alone with Warton, Victor and John Silva left the room. Warton admitted to Nick that he was very glad that Sharon was okay and was upset when Nick told him that Matt hit Sharon. Warton admitted that he knew Matt was twisted enough to do what he did. Nick pleaded with Warton to testify in the hopes of getting a reduced sentence and admitted that he believed Warton was on the straight and narrow until he met Matt. Skeptical about Nick's assurances, Warton decided that testifying was too big a gamble. He apologized to Nick and asked the guard to take him back to his cell. Victor returned and, sensing what had happened, expressed his sorrow to Nick and told him that they should go home.

At Olivia's apartment, Malcolm told Olivia that Neil had agreed to testify on his behalf for visitation with Nate. Olivia refused to believe Malcolm and told him that she would see him in court. Malcolm agreed and left the apartment. At Neil's office, Neil and Alex were discussing her interest in the situation when Olivia stormed into the office. Olivia accused Alex of urging Malcolm to fight for visitation which prompted Alex to leave Neil's office outraged. Still not believing what Malcolm told her, Olivia mentioned the conversation to Neil and was shocked when Neil confirmed what Malcolm had told her. Neil told Olivia that he had made his decision with Nate's best interests in mind and pointed out to her that Nate would be crushed without Malcolm in his life. Feeling betrayed and furious, Olivia stormed out of Neil's office. Later at the bar at Gina's, Alex received a call from Malcolm pleading with her to come to his apartment. When Alex arrived at Malcolm's apartment she told him about her run in with Olivia. Malcolm tried to explain Olivia and Neil's close relationship to Alex and seemed optimistic that Neil's influence would help resolve the situation without having to take it to court. Alex questioned her suggestion that Malcolm fight for visitation but Malcolm reassured her that it was the best thing for Nate. Malcolm thanked Alex for being in his life. Alex listened to Malcolm but seemed very worried about the upcoming battle for visitation.

At the hospital, Keith and Ryan tried to assure Tricia that things would get better for her. Tricia apologized to Ryan and questioned why she didn't pay attention to the horrible things that Carter/Matt had done. Believing that Tricia was getting too upset, Keith insisted that Tricia stop talking about it. Ryan left the room so that Keith and Tricia could be alone and was met by Victoria. Ryan told Victoria that he could not talk to Tricia because Keith was guarding her like an attack dog. Panicked, Victoria explained to Ryan that Nick's bench trial would be tomorrow. Keith interrupted their conversation when Tricia asked to speak with Ryan alone. Ryan returned to Tricia's room and listened as Tricia asked for his help. As Ryan tried to assure Tricia that she is not a bad person, Tricia told him that she helped Carter/Matt, heard him talking to Sharon, and saw the pills, but stopped short of telling him what the pills were and how he used them on her. She told Ryan that Carter/Matt used her and hurt her and that she gave him everything of herself because he told her that they would be together. Ryan assured Tricia that he would help her and keep her safe. Tricia told him that she followed Carter/Matt to the cabin and although she knew what he was going to do to Sharon, she was unable to help her. Ryan assured Tricia that Victor arrived in time to save Sharon and asked her if she used his computer to get access to the Newman Enterprises computer system. She admitted that she did and apologized as Keith came back into the room. Keith asked that Ryan end the conversation and Ryan reassured Tricia that he was not in any trouble because of what she did. On his way out of the hospital room, Ryan gave Tricia a gentle kiss, told her to get some rest, and reminded her that everything would be okay. Outside Tricia's room, Ryan assured Victoria that Tricia would be able to tie Matt to the computer and suggested that she be questioned tomorrow. Victoria told Ryan that she would give the news to her father and John Silva so that they can get a statement from Tricia.

At Gina's, Phyllis was stunned to see Jill and Sean having dinner and related to Jack that she is unable to understand Jill's allure. Jack avoided answering Phyllis when asked about any past involvement with Jill. As Jill and Sean headed to the dance floor, Jack excused himself to the men's room and suggested that Phyllis stay put. As Jill and Sean began to dance, Phyllis tapped Jill on the shoulder and asked to cut in on their dance. Jill refused but Sean assured her that they would share the next dance. Realizing that Phyllis has not changed, Sean refused to discuss Jill with her, told her to mind her own business and back off. As Sean and Phyllis danced and reminisced, Jill ran into Jack at the bar and warned him to keep Phyllis away from her or things would get ugly. Jack exchanged pleasantries with Sean and whisked Phyllis away to have their dinner at home. Sean told Jill that he told Phyllis to back off and suggested that Jill use discretion with her. Touched by Sean's defense of her, Jill told Sean that he wouldn't be pushing his luck if he tried to take things to a higher level personally with her. Jack and Phyllis arrived at the Abbott home to find Brad and Ashley discussing their concerns about John. Ashley was stunned when Phyllis extended a dinner invitation to them, unaware that Phyllis had moved in.

At the Newman ranch, Nick and Sharon were greeted by a somber welcome home party which included Katherine, Nikki, Miguel, Cassie, and Noah. After Nick was reunited with Cassie and Noah, Katherine and Miguel offered to put the children to bed so that Nick, Sharon, and Nikki could have some time alone but Nick decided that he wanted to spend some time with the children.. Both Sharon and Nikki tried to assure Nick that he was home for good.

Thursday, May 17, 2001

by Ruth

Phyllis tried to help out with breakfast at the Abbott house. Jack assured her that they would get past the uncomfortable feelings and the others would see things their way eventually.

Tricia told Ryan, John Silva, and the doctor about Carter yelling at her in the car telling her that she couldn't turn him in because then she would be an accessory to Jordan's murder. She also told them about the pills that he had been hiding and using. They all rushed off to the bench trial, with only the judge hearing the case.

Paul Williams and Ryan stayed behind to talk to the doctor about how Matt could have killed Jordan while he was on life support. They talked about possibly disguising the heartbeat, then the doctor thought of something that he could check and ran off.

Neil and Ashley ran into each other at Gina's and talked about Olivia's insistence that Malcolm never see Nate again. Meanwhile, Mamie brought Nate home to pick up his backpack before school and Nate would not give his mother the time of day. He left for the bus and Olivia ended up kicking her out for sticking up for Malcolm again and again.

Jill tried very hard to convince Brad that he and Ashley should do something about Phyllis getting her claws into Jack. It was too dangerous for the business. He refused to do anything, then she vowed to fight her own fight with Phyllis.

Friday, May 18, 2001


John presents the judge with Tricia's statement. The DA objects but the judge will read it first. John tells Victor that it won't decide the case so Victor realizes they need more to free Nick. They need Larry Warton. Paul and Ryan arrive and they wonder why John didn't include the part of Tricia's testimony that implicates Matt in Jordan's death. She wasn't too lucid and he didn't want to tip of the DA without real proof. Paul thinks they now have some. They have a readout of Jordan's heart monitor and, how before Jordan died, someone else placed the monitor on their own chest. They believe Matt did it to kill Jordan without alerting the nurse's station. Soon they'll have a readout of Matt's heart pattern to compare. John still doesn't think they're home free yet. Paul will trace outgoing calls from Matt's apt. to see if he logged on to the NE website from there. Larry is still key to the case. Victor isn't happy that Nick's fate rests in Warton's hands. The judge returns and asks the cop as to Tricia's mental state. The DA allows it to be entered. John then calls Larry to the stand.

In a private room Sharon is upset that she and Nick didn't make love his first night of freedom. He isn't though. He was happy just holding her. They have a lifetime together ahead of them. Kay calls reporting that Cassie knows about the trial and is very upset. Sharon speaks with her who's furious that they lied to her about everything being okay. Sharon tries to reassure her but her daughter hangs up. Nick sends Sharon back to be with the kids.

Larry is finally brought in by a guard and he gives Nick an angry glare. John asks Larry about his being falsely accused of stalking Victoria and his relationship with Matt Clark. Larry isn't worried about being in jail much longer. John then asks if he knows Tricia McNeil. When John asks if he and Matt ever rented a warehouse room in Milwaukee Larry pleads the 5th.


Miguel thanks Kay for looking after the kids while Nick and Sharon are in court. Cassie overhears them talking about the trial and asks what they meant. Sharon returns home to speak with Cassie. She tries to answer her questions and fears. Cassie wants to be in court with Nick.

Walnut Grove:

Brittany tells Billy that she can't believe how Mackenzie lied to him about the whole "CleanQueen" thing. Rianna mentions that Raul may be released later today. Mac is excited and wants them all to go get him together. Billy will go on his own time. Rianna once again asks Mac what happened between her and Billy. She finally explains the whole story to a disbelieving Rianna. Rianna doesn't think it's that bad but Mac feels bad about all that he shared with her. They wonder how Billy could have found out. "I told him" blurts out Brittany. Mac is furious but Brittany claims she was honestly trying to be friends until she saw Mac chatting to Billy at CL. Mac calls her self-righteous but Brittany throws it right back in her face. later J.T. and Brittany argue about Billy and Mac. She's sure Billy is no longer interested in her. This time for good.

Paul's Apt:

Mary visits and speaks with Lynne. She's here to see Isabella who's out at the moment. Mary wants to spend some time alone with Mrs. Brana. When Isabella shows up she is happy to spend time with Mary. She wants to explain the circumstances but Mary heard the whole story from Lynne. She reassures Mary that she could never cross that line with a married man. Though if he weren't married it would be a different story. Mary promises to keep that a secret. They look forward to their dinner.


Billy visits Raul who looks forward to getting out soon. Bu he's not looking forward to having to deal with his disease. Billy reminds him of their first summer camp trip and how Raul was all upset thinking he'd be homesick but ended up having a good time. They laugh at the memories and both are happy to finally be friends again. Raul can never forget how Billy saved his life. He was just returning the favor, Billy retorts. Raul is really happy that Billy and Mac are getting along so much better. Now that they can finally put the past behind them they can now all be friends again.


Paul and Lynne meet for breakfast and Lynne asks about Chris' offer to meet with him on her vacation and that Paul refused her. Lynne pressures him to make the time to see her but Paul excuses himself.

Hong Kong:

Lynne calls Christine asking how things are going and asks if Chris is still free for that week. She lets Chris know that Paul might reconsider if they spoke again. Chris then asks about the woman who answered his phone the other day. Lynne explains about Isabella. Lynne asks her again to come home. Chris suspects that Lynne sees Isabella as a threat to the marriage.

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