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Larry testified that he had helped Matt frame Nick, and Nick was found not guilty. Lynne found evidence that Isabella's husband had operated an escort service. Isabella told Michael that she wanted out of their plot.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 21, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, May 21, 2001

The Hospital

Olivia explains to Raul and his friends how to handle his condition effectively. Raul learns how to inject himself with insulin with cheers from Billy, Mac and Rianna.


Lynn is on the phone with Christine trying to convince that that she should come home as soon as possible. Chris asks Lynn about Isabella and Lynn tells her that she is a client that Paul is protecting her by letting her stay at his place. Chris admits it is odd for Paul to let a client stay at his home because is something he has never done before. Lynn tells Chris again that she thinks she should try to come home on her time off. Chris tells Lynn she has to go.

John Abbott stops by and asks Gina to have dinner with him. At that moment, Ashley calls and invites John over for dinner. John asks Gina to join him and she accepts. After dinner, Gina thanks Brad and Ashley for the dinner invitation. Gina tells Ashley that she noticed how she and Brad were watching John and if there was anything wrong.

Michael's Office

Phyllis comes by to check in with Michael and on his plans for Christine. They change the subject and Phyllis tells Michael that she has moved into the Abbott house with Jack. Michael calls Christine to find out what her plans are for her time off. Chris asks Michael's advice about whether she should come home.

The Courtroom

Warton takes the 5th amendment so he would not incriminate himself. As he is leaving the stand, Cassie arrives with Sharon. When John Silva sees Cassie waving to Warton, John asks if Warton can remain in the courtroom while additional testimony is given. After watching Cassie crying during the testimony against Nick, Warton asks to retake the stand. Warton tells the whole story about how Matt Clarke set up Nick. Warton confesses to buying the drugs that framed Nick. Silva asks Warton if he was promised anything for his testimony, he says that he was promised legal help for telling the truth. Upon cross-examination, the District Attorney asks Warton if he knows anything about the anonymous call he received to implicate Nick and he confesses to that as well. After leaving the stand, Cassie thanks Warton and tells him that he is a nice man for doing what he did for her Dad. Nick shakes Warton's hands and thanks him. Nick promises Warton that he will help him as he promised he would. DA Richards tells Silva that he wants to drop all the charges against Nick. Victor voices his objection, saying that he wants the judge to give a verdict in his son's case. The judge returns and exonerates Nick on the drug charges, the death of Jordan and Matt Clarke. Cassie thanks God for giving her father back to them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001


Raul senses that something is wrong between Mac and Billy and wants to know what it is. Rianna gives them some privacy to talk. She explains that she messed up. She then goes into details about the CleanQueen situation and the huge can of worms she opened up because of it. Raul sees it from her point of view. But she insists that she should have minded her own business and changes the subject to him getting out of the hospital. She's glad he'll be out, she needs him as a friend. Rianna returns with good news. His parents are in the process of signing the papers releasing him. He is still bothered by the misunderstanding between Mac and Billy. Before his diabetic episode he wouldn't have dreamed of interfering but things have changed. He asks her to drive him home and to make a stop on the way.

Williams Investigations:

Paul receives more info on Isabella's case. She's worried that if he keeps digging it will only anger her husband more, but Paul is determined to keep her safe. The report gives info on tax evasions he made before they were married. He's confident that the pieces are beginning to fall into place. She doesn't understand what the point of digging into the past is but Paul is sure it will pan out. She is very upset about it and Paul thinks there's something else that's scaring her. He wants to know what she's hiding. She excuses herself from dinner. She lies to the guard that Paul needs to see him. By the time they figure it out she has bolted.

The Carlton's:

John, Gina, Ashley and Brad have a pleasant evening after dinner and spend time with Abby. Gina tells John she had a great time and would like to do it again. They both look forward to it. He then suggests instead of merely renovating Gina's she could create an all-new restaurant. They all love the idea. Later Brad and Ashley enjoy some romantic time

Abbott House:

Billy tells Mamie that he wants to throw a party for Raul and asks for her help in the kitchen. Brittany arrives and learns about the party, but she is more interested in being alone with Billy. Later John returns home and wants a drink of brandy. He is upset when he can't find the glasses until Mamie mentions that they moved them to another cupboard five years ago.


The Newmans celebrate Nick's freedom. Victor warns Nick not to be too grateful to Warton. As soon as he is free Vic will make sure that Larry is as far away from GC as possible. Sharon thinks Larry testified for Nick because he has a soft spot for Cassie, which was the whole reason Sharon allowed him to speak with Cassie a while back. Nick makes a speech thanking everyone for their help and telling them all how much he loves them. Later Nick and Sharon look forward to some private time.

Pool House:

Brittany eagerly awaits Billy. She then flashes back to when she destroyed the GLOW tape that proved she lied about last summer. Billy shows up and she expresses how perfect everything is between them. She tells him how she told Mac that it was her who exposed Mac's lies to him. She doesn't understand how he can still be a friend to Mackenzie. They continue to argue about Mac until Raul shows up. He needs to talk with Billy alone. He knows everything and is determined to fix it.

Chancellor House:

Mac reminisces about when she got together with Billy. Kay returns with news of Nick's release. Mac tells her about Raul's good news. Kay senses that something is amiss between her and Billy but Mac doesn't want to discuss it. She doesn't want to waste any time talking about it. Instead she wants to talk about her summer plans. She does not want to go back to the GLOW House. She wants to go away and help build houses for the poor. She gets defensive when Kay suggests that Mac is only running from Billy.


Michael and Christine talk over the phone. He tells her about the trip he booked for her to Fiji but she turns him down. That doesn't please Michael too much. Later he receives a mysterious visitor: Isabella Brana.

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Isabella quietly entered the offices of Baldwin & Williams after she was certain Chantal was gone. She told Michael that she wanted out, had repaid her debt to him from years ago, and was finished playing her role. He reminded her that when she originally dropped by to pay him a visit for old time's sake she indicated to him that she wouldn't have a problem with his plan or with appearing to be beaten up. He admitted that things had not gone the way he planned and understood that she was bored. Isabella admitted that the situation had become too uncomfortable but maintained that their relationship went back too far and was buried too deep to be uncovered. She told Michael that Paul did not know what she and James had been up to prior to their marriage and, although he knew about James' past, he did not know anything about hers and she did not want him to start digging around. Michael did not understand why Isabella was bothered about Paul learning about her past but agreed not to question her further. Isabella told Michael that she didn't want to go out again or leave his office and asked to spend the night there, rather than risk the chance of being seen in public. Michael agreed and made Isabella promise not to leave town without saying goodbye and then left the office.

At the hospital, Victoria and Ryan discussed Tricia's condition while she slept. Victoria asked Ryan about any further involvement in Tricia's life and Ryan questioned Victoria's intentions about pressing charges against Tricia. Victoria assured Ryan that she would do her best to make sure no charges were filed against Tricia if she agreed to get help and suggested that she seek help outside of Genoa City. Keith entered the waiting room and told them that he had already told Tricia about Carter/Matt's death and mentioned that Tricia had become so agitated upon hearing the news that she had to be sedated. Keith agreed that Ryan could speak with Tricia alone. Ryan told Tricia that Nick was freed because of her testimony. Tricia told Ryan that she was glad for Nick but still felt terrible about her involvement and admitted that she probably should have sought out help for herself a long time ago. Tricia told Ryan that she wanted to go to England and get help but hesitated and asked him if he thought London was far enough away from 'Carter.' Confused, Ryan questioned Tricia about her earlier conversation with her father when it was revealed to her that Carter/Matt had died. Clearly disturbed by Ryan's comment, Tricia reminded him that 'Carter' was evil and "evil doesn't die." She told Ryan that she had to stay on guard because she would be Carter's main target when he came back because of what she tried to do to him in the car. Stunned by Tricia's remarks, Ryan later asked Keith if he had indeed told Tricia about Carter/Matt's death. Keith told Ryan that he had told her and left to meet with Tricia's doctors. Sensing that something was amiss, Victoria asked Ryan about his conversation with Tricia and was surprised to hear that Tricia is afraid 'Carter' will follow her to London.

Nick and Sharon shared a hearty dinner and tried to adjust to being home together. Obviously shaken by recent events, Sharon tried to assure Nick that everything was okay while Nick chided himself for not being sensitive to what she had been through with Matt. After assuring each other that they would get past the ordeal, Nick carried Sharon upstairs and they made love. Afterwards Nick commended Sharon for her devotion to him and she admitted to him that she is not as strong as he thinks. As Nick held her and promised better days ahead, Sharon quietly and privately wept.

At the Abbott pool house, Raul tried to get Billy to admit his true feelings for Mac. Billy, still upset about the CleanQueen revelation, tried to convince Raul that he wanted to move past it and concentrate on Brittany. Billy told Raul that things are different now because he believes Mac and J.T. are having sex. Raul suggested that Billy not believe anything J.T. says about his sex life and insisted that his information was not true. Billy implored Raul to stop trying to patch things up for him and Mac. Satisfied that their friendship was back on solid ground, Raul left the pool house but told himself that there was no way that Mac and J.T. were having sex.

At the Chancellor Estate, J.T. dropped by to see Mac and told her that he was aware of the CleanQueen incident and viewed it as no big loss for her. J.T. sensed that Mac wanted to talk about Billy but got upset when she spoke about all of her and Billy's near misses. Realizing that Mac was still in love with Billy, J.T. lashed out and Mac began to cry. J.T. kissed Mac and left, feeling sad and rejected as Katherine looked on.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis needled Brittany about the videotape, which showed Brittany pretending to have sex with Billy. Phyllis correctly guessed that Brittany's pleasantries were an excuse to gain her cooperation and silence and reminded her that she could verify the existence of the videotape if necessary. As she was leaving, Phyllis again reminded Brittany that she understood her motives for being apologetic and nice and refused to comment when Brittany asked if she planned to reveal her secret.

At Paul's office, Lynne reminded Paul that his lightened caseload would enable him to visit Christine. Paul insisted that the new developments in Isabella's case would prevent that and said that he planned to ask Fred about the escort service James was involved in prior to his marriage to Isabella. Lynne suggested that Paul drop the case since Isabella was not being cooperative and admitted that she does not like her. Paul insisted that Isabella may be more forthcoming if she felt she could trust him. Lynne asked Paul if helping Isabella full time was more important than seeing his wife. Paul restated his case and an upset Lynne left the office after promising to arrange his meeting with Fred. Minutes later, Isabella phoned Paul and told him that she was leaving town. She apologized for leaving and dumping her bodyguard and promised to tell him goodbye in person over breakfast at Yves the following morning.

Thursday, May 24, 2001

by Ruth

Michael Baldwin and Isabella talked about why she wanted out of their agreement and Michael realized that she had feelings for Paul that were going farther than she wanted them to. He let her go, telling her that her debt was paid, and noted that she planned to have breakfast with Paul at Eve's Bistro.

Paul waited for Isabella to arrive at the restaurant -- she came shortly after he did. He tried to convince her that the case was not over and that he could not just drop it all of a sudden. They talked about what he found out about her husband's escort service. She acted ashamed at first because he told her that he knew that she had worked there, but turned her story around when he said that she was the bookkeeper. He reached out to hold her hand to comfort her -- Michael Baldwin was sitting a few tables away, reading a newspaper and noting every move that they made.

At the coffeehouse, Raul told Mac about the rumor that Billy had heard about her and J.T. He and Rianna left just as Mac was pulling J.T. aside out on the patio. She gave him the third degree about who started the rumor that they had been sleeping together. She would not let him leave until she knew the truth.

Billy answered the door to find Brittany stopping in for breakfast and picking him up for school. Phyllis had been asking him questions about his personal life -- he told Brittany this and she became suspicious that Phyllis was up to something. Billy went upstairs to change his clothes, and Brittany and Phyllis had it out. Worries that Phyllis may spill the beans about the tape still haunt Brittany.

Nick and Sharon planned to spend a nice day home with the kids, doing whatever they wanted to do.

Alex and Neil talked about the case and he seemed to have confidence in her just like Victor did when it came to her capabilities in the courtroom. Before he let her leave, though, he said that their relationship had changed and he wanted to know where they stood.

Olivia confronted the doctor who had visited with Raul several weeks earlier, telling him that his diagnosis had been faulty and wondering how it could have happened. He became very defensive, acted like she was putting him down, and left in a huff.

Friday, May 25, 2001

Crimson Lights:

Mac angrily accuses J.T. of telling people that they're sleeping together. He tells her that it wasn't him, it was Brittany. Mackenzie is livid. Later Brittany shows up and notices J.T. and Mac talking. Mac confronts her over her lies and J.T. leaves them to 'work it out'. Britt tries to leave but Mac forces her to stay and listen to what she has to say. Mac can't believe how manipulative Britt has been but Britt throws in her own lies about CleanQueen. She then accuses Mac of wanting nothing but having Billy back but Mac just wants to be friends. Brittany doesn't believe it. Mac argues that she could have easily destroyed her relationship with Billy by revealing what really happened last summer. She will now though but Brittany isn't fazed.


Nick, Sharon and the kids enjoy the day at the pool. Nikki and Miguel join the fun and decide to throw a party for the family. Nick tells Nikki that he can't help but think of Larry for helping him out. He made a promise to help Larry and he will continue to. They continue to enjoy the celebration and the kids try to surprise him with balloons and a cake but Noah doesn't keep a secret too well. He'll let them set everything up by laving and going to visit Larry in jail. Nikki will go along t make sure he doesn't let his big heart let him get carried away. Victor shows up while the kids are decorating to say his good-byes before leaving for his business trip. Sharon tells him where Nick is and that Nikki is with him. Later they return and Vic tells Nick that he wishes Nick would stay away from Larry. Nikki informs Sharon that Larry has hired John Silva has his attorney. She also tells her that what she saw at the jail surprised her and has given her something to think about.


Paul tells Isabella that since he knows everything now there's no reason for her to leave town. She disagrees. It's time to move on. Paul thinks that if she doesn't resolve her problem she will always be looking over her shoulder. She will consider it. Michael is intrigued by how things have worked out. After Paul leaves Michael returns Isabella's necklace to her and asks to speak to her in private but she says their arrangement is over. He disagrees, until recently the plan was to prevent Paul from visiting his wife but now he sees that he's been thinking much too small. She's managed to get Paul to fall for her and he is eternally grateful to Isabella for it. All she needs to do is pursue him more fully. She believes that even if the marriage ended her relationship with him is doomed by her past. He doesn't think it will matter in the end. She later calls Paul and asks what she should bring to dinner.

Neil's Office:

Alex asks Neil how Olivia took the news of him siding with Malcolm in the custody battle. She feels betrayed by him. Malcolm put him sMackenzie dab in the middle of this terrible situation. They argue more when Neil wants to know why she's so concerned about how it is affecting him. She excuses herself when Ryan interrupts. Ryan updates Neil on Tricia's condition. He then asks what was it he interrupted earlier between him and Alex. He feels that she's not very forthcoming with him. Ryan thinks there's more to Neil's frustration than he lets on.

Malcolm's Studio:

Phyllis stops by to see Malcolm. She update shim on her new living conditions. He's very happy for her but she thinks he isn't totally supportive. She explains how she kind of pushed her way into the house. She asks Malcolm and Alex over for a party but Malcolm thinks she's being too obvious in trying to please the Abbotts. Phyllis senses that there might be problems between he and Alex. She wonders why they are taking it so slowly. He says she's worth the wait. Alex arrives and Phyllis invites her to her pool party. Malcolm has to leave and Phyllis decides to get to know Alex better but she needs to leave.


Nick waits impatiently for John. He notices Larry at the visitor center to tell him that Nick is there to support Larry and promises him all the help he needs. John arrives and goes to speak to Larry. Nick bumps into Larry's parole officer and admits how wrong he was about Larry stalking Victoria. He explains his deal with Larry and asks why he thinks Larry would save Nick. Is he really turning over a new leaf? He believes Larry fully intended to be a good citizen when he was first released but the accusations of him stalking Victoria made him vulnerable and feeling trapped in his past. Matt swooped in at the right time to turn him fully. Nikki doesn't understand why Nick seems to forget all the bad things he's done before but Nick will stand by him.

Abbott House:

Brittany isn't happy that Billy didn't tell her that Phyllis is living there. Jack asks to speak to Billy privately for a moment. It's about the GLOW House this summer. How would Billy feel about Mac working there again? Billy is totally against the idea which confuses Jack who thought they had mended fences. Billy won't elaborate and assures Jack that Mac wouldn't want to be involved anyway. Mamie tells Billy that she saw a cab show up and they notice Brittany's car is in the driveway too.

Pool House:

Mac rummages through the tapes trying to find the incriminating one but Brittany reveals that it no longer exists.

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