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Nikki offered Larry a job at Jabot. Billy broke up with Brittany and reunited with Mac. Malcolm agreed to postpone his battle for visitation. Paul was shocked to learn that Christine had agreed to take a case in Australia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 4, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, June 4, 2001

Nikki spoke to the D.A. and offered to give Larry Warton a second chance by getting him a job at Jabot. In his cell, Warton seemed resigned to a long prison sentence. John Silva arrived after seeing the judge and let Warton know that he was going to be released immediately. Larry was happy and tried to give Nick back the picture that Cassie had drawn, and Nick said that it belonged to him.

Ashley was not too pleased with Brad wanting to spend more time with his daughter Colleen. Ashley ran into Victor at Gina's and told him how she was feeling about Colleen reentering Brad's life.

Keith pleaded with Ryan not to seek a legal separation from Tricia right then. Keith let Ryan know that he was considering getting her psychiatric help in Genoa City for the moment. Ryan backed down as Keith received a call from the hospital, telling him that Tricia had disappeared. Ryan, Keith, and Victoria went out to try to find her. Ryan returned to his apartment, and Tricia was there, acting as if nothing was wrong.

Jack questioned Phyllis regarding her involvement in the night that Brittany had tricked Billy. Phyllis told Jack that she had been doing her job by setting up a second camera. Raul and Rianna arrived to get Jack's help in reuniting Billy and Mac. Phyllis told them that she felt that Brittany was a victim in it, as well.

Billy told Brittany that he would not forget what she had done to him and that it was over for them. He also told her that he was not going back to Mac, either. J.T. smoothed things over with Mac. J.T. told Billy that he would be there to help Mac get over him. Brittany told J.T. that since Mac was out of the picture, she would get Billy back.

Brittany ran into Mac and said that Mac would not be able to get Billy back because she would not offer him sex. Raul got Mac out of the coffeehouse on the pretense that she was needed for a meeting with Sean at Jabot. At the same time, Billy received a call from Jack that he needed a favor. Once at Jabot, Raul made sure that Mac and Billy got on the same elevator that got stuck between floors.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Mac and Billy were stuck in an elevator at Jabot, thanks to Raul and Jack. Billy couldn't get any reception on his cell phone but managed to get through to the elevator operator who said they were working on getting Mac and Billy free, but it could take awhile. Billy began to suspect that the voice was Raul's, and they both realized they'd been set up. They bickered some, and she ended up apologizing for doubting him the past fall. He didn't blame her, but she was hard on herself. She said she should have realized something was up when he hadn't been able to remember what had happened.

Mac and Billy agreed it had been a hard time for both of them. He told her they couldn't go back, as it would only bring back all the pain. She asked him if he remembered the good times, too. She realized he still thought she had moved on, but she assured him that she and J.T. were not together. She was the same girl he had fallen in love with. He was relieved to hear that, and she then apologized for CleanQueen but said she'd do it all over again because she'd learned how he really felt for her. They finally reconnected and admitted that they did still care for each other. They finally kissed.

Unbeknownst to Billy and Mac, the elevator operator was actually Raul. He and Jack planned to keep them in there until they could work out their problems. Jack even stalled the elevator repairman from helping and got the elevator communication panel patched into Jack's office phone. Jill saw them plotting and wondered what they were up to. Jack covered, saying he was just telling Raul that he'd canceled a meeting for the Glo kids.

Jill followed Jack to his office and continued to badger him about luring Raul to the office when he'd just gotten out of the office. Sean interrupted the melee with ideas to promote the summer campaign. He wanted to focus on the two couples, but Jack updated him on Billy and Brittany's shattered relationship. Jill was thrown and wanted detailed. Jack wouldn't say anything more, telling her to ask her son.

Sean wanted to know if it was really over or if it was just a spat. Jack assured him it was over. Jill thought it would be a major blow to the campaign, but Sean thought it was actually the opposite. He explained that it would open up things dramatically if they could still stand to be around each other. Jill wondered who had done the breaking up and said if it was Brittany, Jill didn't want her near Billy. Sean then offered to replace Brittany with alternating girls each week.

Ryan couldn't believe that Tricia was home. She acted like nothing was wrong but got nervous when she noticed the door was unlocked. She said she was feeling much better and didn't need to go back to the hospital. She told a happy story about her mother and how her mother's death had affected her dad so negatively. However, Tricia had a wonderful husband who loved her very much. She wondered if he was disappointed in her for losing their baby.

Ryan offered to call Keith, but Tricia bristled at that. She then thought that he just wanted to have Keith over for dinner and suggested inviting Megan, too. Ryan told her to freshen up, and he'd call her dad. He got in touch with Keith and told him that Tricia was there but mentally unstable. He needed help dealing with her. Keith said he would consult with her doctors and be over as soon as he could. Tricia asked Ryan to make love to her, but he offered to hold her instead.

In her office, Victoria anxiously awaited word from Ryan and was happy to see her father back from his trip. Victor wondered if Victoria believed Nick's loyalty to Larry Warton was misplaced. She didn't think there was anything that could be done to save Larry, so there was no need for Victor to worry. Keith called, wondering if she'd had any luck finding Tricia. She then explained to Victor that Tricia had disappeared and was in a delusional state. Victor wondered how connected Ryan still was to Tricia. Victoria assured him that the marriage was over.

At Crimson Lights, Nick thanked Nikki for helping Larry get a job at Jabot. He was sure Victor would not like the idea at all and wanted to be there when she told his father. He wanted to go home to spend time with Sharon.

Raul updated Rianna that Phyllis' idea was in motion. Billy and Mac were locked together in an elevator.

In the Jabot boardroom, Ashley asked how Brad's search for dance schools for Colleen was going. Larry showed up looking for Nikki. Ashley recognized him, and Brad told him to leave as soon as possible. Nikki broke up the argument and explained that she'd offered Larry a job. Warton excused himself, allowing her to explain to the other board members. She told them how Larry had sacrificed himself to help Nick and that she wanted to help him get a second chance.

Ashley and Brad argued that there were warehouses in other towns he could have worked at, but she explained that it had to be in Genoa City. She was personally vouching for him and stood to be at risk if he screwed up. They noticed that she hadn't mentioned that Victor knew about it and speculated that he'd blow a gasket. In the hallway, Warton thanked Nikki for taking a chance on him and hoped it didn't cause too much trouble.

At the ranch, Sharon couldn't believe that Nikki had given Larry a job at Jabot. He could have worked at Crimson Lights, but Nick didn't think it was a good idea with her recent panic attack. She wondered when Nick was going back to work, but he was in no rush. He suggested that they take a little trip with the kids to get some rest and relaxation. The timing wasn't good for the kids, so she nixed it. He got an idea and told her he had to run some errands.

Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Mac and Billy continued kissing on the Jabot elevator. They admitted that they had missed each other and smiled as they hugged. Billy told Mac that he had not felt that good in forever, and Mac agreed. When Mac began to look worried, Billy insisted that things were definitely over with Brittany.

Mac asked Billy if he really wanted to go back to just holding hands and kissing. He insisted that he would not trade what they had for sex. Mac admitted that she would feel like she would have to have sex with him, but Billy assured her that he would not pressure her. Billy took her hand and told her that being with her was the other thing that mattered. Mac told him that she could not bear to go through losing him again. Billy asked Mac to have faith in him.

In Jack's office, Jill, Sean, and Jack were discussing new strategies for the Glo by Jabot web site. Jill was suspicious when Jack suggested consulting Billy before going ahead with plans to feature a new girl with Billy every week on the web site. Jill assumed Phyllis was responsible for Jack's reluctance, and, as he eyed Sean, Jack warned her that she would regret it if she continued her accusations. Sean suggested that they ask Billy, and Jill insisted that Jack knew Billy's whereabouts. Jill tried to reach Billy on his cell phone but was unsuccessful. Sean asked Jill to leave with him to review his new designs, and, as Jill and Sean left his office, Jack mused that she would get her answers soon.

Out in the lobby, Jill chided Sean for siding with Jack and noticed that one of the elevators was still out of order. She summoned Joe, who told her that Jack had asked him to shut it down. Jill ordered Joe to get the elevator running again and vowed that she would get to the bottom of the problem. The elevator door opened as Mac and Billy were kissing, and Jill glared at them. Jill insisted that Billy get out of the elevator, but Billy refused and pressed the button for the door to close. Furious, Jill continued to glare, and Sean continued to smile. Hiding behind a potted plant, Jack smiled, too.

At Gina's, Olivia joined Michael to discuss Nate's case. Michael pointed out to Olivia that Malcolm was not Nate's biological father and that he had given up his visitation rights a long time before, which could be interpreted to mean that he had not been interested in having visitation with Nate. Michael also added that Malcolm's response to her suit could be made to look like an impulsive and vindictive act to get back at Olivia. Michael pointed out that his relationships with Callie and Drucilla could further illustrate Malcolm's irrational and impulsive behaviors. Olivia asked Michael if Nate's testimony was critical to her case.

Across the restaurant, Alex and Neil were discussing how slowly things were moving in the Lawson Medical lawsuit. Neil suggested that Alex's relationship with Malcolm had to make things seem less drawn out, and Alex commented about his obvious change in attitude where she and Malcolm were concerned. Neil insisted that old issues had been clouding his judgment, but he was able to move on. As he asked for the check, Alex did not look entirely pleased with his comment. Neil and Alex noticed Olivia and Michael across the restaurant.

Neil expressed his concerns about the upcoming battle for visitation and insisted that Nate would be the one who suffered most in the end. Alex mentioned that kids got hurt when their parents didn't love them enough and added that kids also sometimes got hurt when their parents loved them too much, as if she were speaking from personal experience. Neil asked Alex if she wanted to talk about it, and she told him there was no point -- one couldn't change the past. Alex reminded Neil that Michael was an excellent attorney and that no court case was a sure thing. Neil said no one could ever be sure what Michael Baldwin was up to.

Michael told Olivia that Nate's testimony would have better impact if he could articulate his feelings well to the judge. He asked if Nate was still upset and grew concerned when Olivia told him that he was. Michael reminded Olivia that they didn't have much time for Nate to adjust to the transition because Malcolm's attorney had contacted him with news that they would be serving papers the next week, with court sure to follow soon thereafter. Olivia suggested that she might be able to buy some time, and she tried to phone Malcolm at the studio. When she didn't get an answer, Olivia left Gina's to join Mamie and Nate at Crimson Lights.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Nate, Mamie, and Malcolm looked at Nate's artwork. Nate showed Malcolm a picture he had made of Malcolm and said that he wanted to put it in his bedroom but was afraid that it would upset his mommy. Malcolm asked Nate if he could have the picture when Nate finished it . Nate went inside to play some songs on the jukebox.

Mamie told Malcolm that she was happy to see Malcolm with Nate but was sorry that Olivia did not feel the same and admitted that it was difficult deceiving Olivia by helping Malcolm sneak around to visit with Nate. Malcolm assured Mamie that he would be filing papers soon, and they wouldn't have to sneak around much longer. Nate returned to the patio and invited Malcolm to attend the teacher appreciation day softball game with him in a couple of weeks. Malcolm told Nate that he could not make any guarantees, but there was a chance that he might be able to go. Nate gave Malcolm a big hug as Olivia entered the front door of Crimson Lights.

At Victoria's office, Victor was cautioning Victoria about the reality of Tricia's situation. Victoria tried to assure Victor that Ryan would remain devoted to her even though he would be supportive of Tricia. Victor reminded Victoria that he loved her and worried about her. She asked him not to worry but to be supportive. She assured her father that Tricia would be out of Ryan's life soon. They shared a hug, and as he left her office, Victor reminded her that he had tried to warn her.

At the apartment, Ryan tried to comfort Tricia. Tricia panicked when she tried to remember their recent past together and began to tremble as she started to remember horrible things and thoughts instead. Tricia became frightened, and Ryan again tried to comfort her. Tricia freaked out when the doorbell rang, and she told Ryan not to answer the door because "it might be him." Ryan assured Tricia that he would make sure it was her father before he opened the door, and Tricia decided to wait in the next room.

Ryan opened the door to find Keith, Dr. Walker, and Dr. Burns. He stepped into the hallway, where he was introduced to Dr. Burns, a psychiatrist from Fairview Psychiatric Hospital. Ryan told them that Tricia was unable to remember things and that her mind was all over the place. He told them that she was cooking dinner for him like nothing had happened. Dr. Burns suggested that everyone wait in the hallway while Ryan talked to Tricia. She suggested that Ryan reassure Tricia until she was less agitated and then let them into the apartment.

Keith and Ryan returned to the apartment, and Ryan went to get Tricia. Tricia thanked her father for coming for dinner, but he told her that he was not there for dinner -- he was there because she had left the hospital. Dr. Burns and Dr. Walker entered the apartment as Tricia screamed at Ryan for leaving the door open. As Dr. Burns looked on, Ryan tried to assure Tricia that they were there to help her. Dr. Walker introduced Dr. Burns to Tricia and explained why they were at the apartment.

Tricia insisted that she was not going anywhere with the doctors, and Dr. Burns tried to explain that she would be going to a safe place where everybody would be working to make sure she got better. She asked Ryan how he could possibly consider committing her to a mental hospital, and as she left the room, she insisted that she would not go. Keith followed Tricia.

Ryan explained to Dr. Burns that Tricia had already fled down the fire escape once and had attempted suicide twice. Dr. Burns asked Ryan to accompany Tricia to the hospital and assured him that she thought it would make all the difference. Tricia returned to the room and agreed to go to the hospital if Ryan would agree to accompany her.

Victoria was worried because Ryan had not phoned her, so she called the apartment. Ryan told her that Tricia had been at the apartment, waiting for him, and that he was going with her to the hospital.

At Nick and Sharon's, Doris agreed to take Noah and Cassie for a swim while Sharon and Nick went for a horseback ride. Doris sensed that something was bothering Sharon but didn't press when Sharon insisted that she was fine. Nick and Sharon went for a ride to the ridge where, while he'd been in jail, Nick had dreamed about them visiting. Sharon discovered a tent and seemed confused upon seeing it. She went inside the tent and found it lavishly decorated by Nick as a surprise for her.

Nick transports Sharon to a faraway land

Nick transports Sharon to a faraway land

Thursday, June 7, 2001

by Nel

Holding hands, Billy and Mac arrived at the Abbotts'. Mac asked Billy how they could be sure that what they had was the real thing. Billy said that what they had had been worth fighting for. They sat on the sofa and hugged each other. Mac told Billy that Jill knew about them reuniting, and she'd threatened to call Mac's mother to let her know where Mac was staying. Billy said that wasn't going to happen because Jill knew what would happen if she made things difficult for them.

Mac said there was someone else who would make trouble -- Brittany. Mac said that Brittany wouldn't let Billy go without putting up a fight. Billy suggested that perhaps Brittany's pride would kick in, and she would tell everyone that she'd broken up with him. Mac smiled and said she was excited because they could go public and behave like a normal couple. Billy and Mac kissed.

Brittany walked into Crimson Lights and saw J.T. She growled that she and J.T. were supposed to be partners, but he had double-crossed her. She said that the argument she'd had with Billy had been a minor setback, but she would put Mac in her place and win Billy back. She asked J.T. if he'd seen Billy. J.T. said that Billy would more than likely be at Jabot. Brittany said she would pay Billy a visit at Jabot, and she would win him over and bring him around to liking her again.

Meanwhile, at Jabot, Sean watched as an incensed Jill ranted at Jack that Billy was back with "that trash," Mac. Jill continued to yell, and she accused Jack of helping Billy and Mac get back together. She noticed Jack's expression hadn't changed, and she commented that he didn't seem surprised that Billy and Mac were together. She accused Jack of being behind the union. Jack told Jill that she couldn't fight Mother Nature. Furious, Jill asked if Jack was going to help Billy and Mac find a motel room. Jack ordered Jill to leave.

As Jill and Sean were about to leave, Brittany walked into the office and stated she was looking for Billy. Brittany said that the argument she'd had with Billy had been a minor setback, but she would sweet-talk Billy into liking her again. Jack informed Brittany that her argument with Billy had been far more serious than Brittany realized.

Still furious, Jill interrupted and informed Brittany that not only had Billy broken up with her, but he had reunited with Mac. Jill stated that she was disappointed in Brittany because she'd counted on her to keep Billy away from Mac. Jill said she wouldn't make the mistake of relying on Brittany again. Brittany was stunned by the information about Billy and Mac as well as Jill's rebuff. Brittany left.

Nick and Sharon entered an oversized tent that was lavishly decorated in an Arabian Nights theme. In awe, Sharon claimed that it felt like she'd walked into a fairy tale. She couldn't believe that Nick had gotten the whole thing set up on the Newman ranch. Nick and Sharon changed from their everyday clothing into the Arabian outfits that Nick had provided. Sharon was surprised that the outfits fit so well. Nick clapped his hands twice, and two waiters, also dressed in Arabian garb, carried in trays of food. Nick asked if Sharon was ready to eat.

After Nick and Sharon had feasted on the food, Sharon said she couldn't believe that Nick had arranged such a wonderful surprise. Nick said that he could do anything when he was inspired. Sharon said he was amazing, especially since he'd wanted them to go on a second honeymoon, but she hadn't been ready. She couldn't believe that Nick had created such a wonderful fantasy on the Newman ranch. After they proclaimed their love for each other, Nick informed Sharon that their horses had been returned to the barn, they had alternate transportation, and the kids were taken care of. He clapped his hands once again, and the music began. Nick said he loved Sharon more than she would ever know, and he asked his beautiful wife to dance with him.

Back at the coffeehouse patio, Mamie and Malcolm sat at a table, and Mamie warned Malcolm that Olivia would be very angry if she saw Nate and Malcolm together. Malcolm said he had a right to see his son. Nate jumped into Malcolm's arms and hugged him.

Olivia arrived at the coffeehouse and asked Cody if he'd seen Mamie and Nate. Cody hadn't. While on the patio, Malcolm saw Olivia, and he told Mamie that she and Nate had to leave because Olivia had arrived. Nate didn't want to leave and insisted on staying with Malcolm, but Mamie convinced him that they had to leave.

In the meantime, Olivia asked Cody to let Mamie know she'd been looking for her, if he happened to see Mamie. Cody suggested that Olivia exit via the patio, because Mamie and Nate might be there. Olivia thanked him, and when she entered the patio, Malcolm greeted her. Olivia told him that she was looking for Mamie and Nate. Malcolm said they weren't there, but he was about to leave. Olivia said she wanted to talk to him about the divorce. She asked Malcolm to hold off serving the divorce papers until Nate was done with school.

Malcolm told Olivia about the softball game that Nate would want him to attend later that month. Olivia accused Malcolm of showing off for Nate rather than doing the right thing for his son. Malcolm said being at the game for Nate was the right thing, but he said that when Nate asked her why his dad hadn't attended the game, Olivia would have to explain it to Nate. Malcolm told her that he would speak to his lawyer about holding off service of the divorce papers.

Paul arrived at home, and Isabella asked where Lynn was. Paul said she would be out for the evening with a friend. He told Isabella that he wanted to look at her list and see if there was any connection between the escort service and the money laundering. Isabella warned Paul that they were dangerous people, but Paul said he would be cautious and would make sure that no one could trace the information back to Isabella. He hoped that Isabella could trust him. She confirmed that she trusted him completely.

Paul told Isabella that one thing was clear -- resolving her case would take much longer than they had anticipated. Isabella asked if that was a problem. Paul said that Christine would be returning home in a couple of weeks, and he had to find alternate living arrangements for Isabella. Isabella said she didn't want to leave. Paul said if she was concerned about her safety, she needn't worry because he would make sure she remained safe, but Isabella said it had to do with more than her safety. Paul looked exasperated and said he was going to get cleaned up.

While Paul was out of the room, Isabella answered a phone call from Christine. Christine said she wanted to speak with Paul. Isabella taunted Christine and told her that Paul was in the shower, and Lynn was out for the evening. Isabella said she would be happy to give Paul a message. Paul entered the room, and, disappointed, Isabella handed him the phone and informed him it was his wife.

Paul told Christine that he'd been thinking about her, and he asked if her case would still take another couple of weeks. Christine asked if he was checking her schedule to see how much time he still had with Isabella staying with him under the same roof. Paul tried to explain and said he understood why Christine would be upset about Isabella answering the phone. Christine told Paul that Isabella had been taunting her, but Paul said that Christine was imagining things. He asked why Christine had called. Angry, Christine said she'd forgotten why she'd called, and she would call him back when she remembered. She hung up.

After his failed call with Christine, Paul told Isabella that he wished he didn't have to ask her to leave, but for the sake of his marriage, she needed to be moved to another safe location.

At Newman Enterprises, Neil handed Alex Perez the file she'd been looking for. Alex said they needed to talk about the HMO, but Neil said the next day would be soon enough, because she had a date with Malcolm that evening. Neil hoped that Malcolm had somewhere special in mind for their date.

Alex left when Victor arrived. Victor asked Neil if they'd made the right choice hiring Alex. Neil assured Victor that she had been the right choice. Victor questioned Neil's relationship with Alex because he didn't want the relationship to affect his case. Neil assured Victor that he and Alex were strictly colleagues, nothing more. Satisfied, Victor left.

A short time later, Malcolm paid Neil a visit. He told Neil that he'd had a run-in with Olivia, but he didn't want to talk about it because he was there to see Alex. He asked if Neil knew where she was. Neil said he didn't. Malcolm wanted Neil to give him a few ideas on how he could entertain Alex. He wanted to make a big impression on her. Neil told him to trust his instincts, but Malcolm said he didn't have any idea what to talk about with her, and he wanted her to know how much he cared for her.

Malcolm told Neil he wanted to take her to Las Vegas for all the partying, glitz and glamour, but Neil didn't think that was the best idea. He told Malcolm to speak to Alex from the heart, and when Alex spoke, Malcolm needed to really listen and make her feel special.

Alex arrived at Crimson Lights and ordered a coffee. Olivia walked up behind her and asked if Alex had encouraged Malcolm to fight for visitation with Nate. She asked what Alex's motives were in helping Malcolm get his son back. Alex explained that she'd seen the pain Malcolm had been going through, and she offered him what she believed had been the right solution. Alex said she had no interest in hurting Olivia, but she felt that Malcolm had the right to see his son. Olivia snapped back that everything would be fine if people like Alex didn't stir things up. Olivia told Alex to worry about Alex's own life and to leave Olivia alone.

Christine sat in her office and ignored her ringing phone. When it went to voicemail and she heard that it was Michael calling, she answered the call. She told Michael that she had thought it had been Paul calling her back, and she didn't want to talk to him at that moment. Michael said he was sorry about her call with Paul, but he'd called her because he wanted to tell her about an opportunity to work in Australia. Michael believed that Christine would immediately say no, but she surprised him when she asked him to give her the details.

Friday, June 8, 2001

Paul was helping Isabella find an apartment. Lynn returned from the doctor's office and was not feeling well. Paul updated her on his idea to have Isabella move out. He then explained his recent bad phone call with Christine and how it had inspired him to ask Isabella to move out in hopes of bridging the gap between him and his wife. Isabella overheard Paul looking for apartments and silently blamed Michael for letting it happen.

Paul later told Isabella that he'd gotten the apartment for her. It was in a safe neighborhood across town. Christine called but hesitated saying anything. She then informed Paul that she had decided to take on a case in Australia that would delay her return home by another two months. Furious, Paul slammed the phone down as Isabella looked on.

In their office, Michael was surprised to hear from Christine that she would consider the extended case in Australia. He gave her more details about it, which only served to entice her more. The extra two months away didn't really faze her too much. She would get in touch with him as soon as she made her decision. Phyllis overheard and asked Michael what he was up to. She found out that Christine had turned down the Fiji trip. Phyllis sensed that something was up, since Michael should be up in arms with Christine returning home soon, but he corrected that by mentioning the Australian trip.

Ashley and Brad had been summoned by Jack to his office to talk about the teen line. While waiting for him Brad updated Ashley on his search for dance schools for Colleen. Ashley wanted to clarify and asked whether, if Colleen did come to visit, she would be staying with them. Ashley explained that she just needed to get the guest room ready. Brad thought it would be a hard sale with Traci. Brad's reservation with Colleen staying at the Abbott house would be influenced by Phyllis.

Jack arrived and filled Ashley and Brad in on Billy, Brittany, and Mac. The change, of course, required a major shift in the campaign that they would work out at their meeting the following day. They asked Jack about Colleen staying at the house that summer and how Phyllis might be an issue for Traci. They asked Jack to keep her on a short leash, which only incited Jack.

Jack said that, for the record, he was fine with Colleen staying at the house, and will Phyllis would be, as well, as long as Brad behaved himself. Ashley made a deal with him: she would keep out of his love life if he promised that Phyllis wouldn't make their dad uncomfortable in his own home. Jack assured her that John would be eating out of her hand in no time. He changed the subject to some tension he had sensed earlier from Ashley when they had mentioned Colleen.

Jack tracked down Nikki and invited her to an update meeting for the Glo campaign. He asked about her recent hire, and she explained that she was helping Larry out. Jack said that if she believed in him, Jack would support her. He wondered how Victor would respond, but Nikki didn't care.

Later Larry reported to Nikki on how his first day had gone. He was really happy with his coworkers and his position. He was especially happy with the benefits he was going to be getting as a janitor. He asked her for some help. His old landlord had thrown out all his old stuff, including his clothes. Nikki said she would authorize an advance on his pay and even loan him some old clothes from her attic. Since he'd need clothes for work in the morning, he can head out to the ranch and pick them up right then.

Nick and Sharon continued to enjoy their Moroccan "getaway."

Nikki called Nick and Sharon's and was surprised to find Katherine there, helping babysit the kids with Doris. Victor returned from his trip and talked with Katherine. He hadn't heard about the latest with Larry Warton but was sure he wouldn't get any breaks. He was a criminal who deserved to rot in jail. Victor asked where Nikki was, but Katherine told him that she'd be home soon. He'd gotten a present for her, too. They headed off to see the kids.

Later, Nikki and Larry arrived, and she sent him up to the attic to get the clothes. Nikki was surprised when Victor walked in. Victor was taken back as Warton walked down the stairs, carrying a box of men's clothing, commenting on the feel of his "new" shirt.

Ashley and Brad were surprised when Traci and Colleen paid them an unexpected visit.

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