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Tricia suffered from delusions. Jabot planned to have the Glo by Jabot kids work at a boutique. Paul kissed Isabella and later apologized. Neil fantasized about Alex. Traci and Colleen decided to spend the summer at the Abbott home.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 11, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, June 11, 2001

Newman ranch

Victor is not pleased to find Warton at the ranch. Warton lights up when Cassie arrives with Katherine. Cassie tells Warton how happy she is to see him. Katherine offers Warton a ride to the city and he accepts. When Warton leaves, Victor tells Nikki how displeased he is about Warton being out of jail and at the ranch. He lets her know he doesn't understand her reasons for helping this man. Nikki tells him that she feels Warton should be given a second chance. Victor admits he is worried about her safety and but he won't anymore. He storms out. Nikki finds the gift he bought her from his trip.


Ashley confides to Jack that she got bad vibes from Traci regarding Abby's paternity. She tells Jack that she is not ready for changes in her and Brad's life.

Brad's house

Brad is pleased to have Colleen and Traci visiting. Colleen is non-communicative. Brad takes her up to see Abby. When Brad comes back, he tells Traci that he wants Colleen to stay for the summer. Ashley comes home and is surprised to see Traci. Ashley invites Traci and Colleen to spend the night as Traci makes herself at home.

Malcolm's Apartment

Alex and Malcolm are spending a quiet evening at his place. They discuss how nice it is staying in for a change, which leads Malcolm to talk about his childhood: his mother favoring Neil and constantly living in Neil's shadow. Alex shares with him about how her life changed after age 12 when her father left. Malcolm tells her before she leaves that he is glad that she shared such personal information about her life and that he wants to know everything about her.


Neil is having dinner alone as he begins to fanaticize that Alex arrives, asks him to dance then tells him she has feelings for him and they kiss before Gina snaps him out of his trance.

Michael's office

Phyllis is convinced Michael is too calm about Paul and Christine's problems. Michael quickly changes the subject to Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis tells Michael that she is not interested in having children after losing her son to Danny. She tells Michael that she is worried about him. Phyllis tells him that she does not buy his act. His private line rings and Phyllis answers -- its Isabella. Phyllis suspects that Isabella is the new woman in Michael's life. Michael does not answer her questions before asking her to leave. Alone, Michael admits how his plan is going exactly as he wants.

Paul's Apartment

Paul storms out after his unsettling phone call with Christine. Paul comes back after his walk and tells Isabella about his call with Christine. He admits even though Christine accused him of having an affair, he has fought his feelings this whole time. Isabella agrees and they kiss. Paul pulls away and goes alone to his bedroom.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Chancellor House:

Mac gets a call from Billy and they chat excitedly, wanting to see each other. They make plans for her to head over to his place. Kay wonders what her call was about and if her good mood has to do with J.T. Mac laughs at that idea and tells her how she and Billy have reconciled. Kay fills in Esther about Mac and Billy and how hesitant she is about it. She's happy to see Mac smile again though. Jill enters and notices the tension and realizes that they were talking about Mac and Billy. Kay warns her to stay away from Mackenzie. Sean shows up much to Esther's pleasure. Kay excuses herself and Esther. He wanted to see how she's doing this morning. Not good she tells him. She realizes that he's right about not letting Billy and Mac get to her as it could ruin her relationship with Billy. He asks what is it about Mac that gets to her. She's not sure, maybe it's that she's her most hated rivals granddaughter. Jill concedes that Mac is probably not the gold digger she once thought but every time she's around she still sees red. She tells how awful she felt when John took Billy to New York and her connection to Billy deteriorated. she'd hope they grow closer when he grew up and looked forward to his summer visit so much and just a sit was about to happen Ma waltzed in and drove her and Billy apart. It's happening again and she doesn't know what to do. Sean suggests embracing the relationship but Jill can't do it. Everything she's done only makes it worse. She hears what he says and agrees to think about it. After he leaves Jill realizes he's right. She needs to find a more subtle approach to keeping them apart.

Williams Apt:

Paul flashes back to kissing Isabella. Lynne asks how Isabella has taken the news of her having to move out. He evades the question and she notices that something is bothering him. His life is slipping out of control and he feels powerless to stop it. Paul gets a call telling him that the apartment he had for Isabella fell through. He tells Lynne that there's no rush as Chris took a job in Australia and won't be back until fall at the earliest. He tells Isabella that their kiss was a big mistake. Very unprofessional and improper for him to take advantage of her vulnerability. She wonders if she was the only vulnerable one which he concedes. She enjoyed it. He tells her about the apartment falling through and she wonders if she still needs to move out. he agrees to let her stay but they must remain professional. Michael calls Isabella and fills her in that he got the apartment problem fixed.

Neil's Office:

Malcolm stops by to drop off some prints and reports how well his date with Alex went thanks to Neil's advice. Malcolm never had such a good talk with a woman. They talked about things that he's kept to himself for years as did she. Neil asks if they are both committed to the relationship. Alex hasn't said the words per say but he feels solid in her relationship. He thinks Neil's interest is that he played Cupid and hops it works out. He fills in Neil about Olivia requesting he hold off serving the papers until after Nate is out of school. Malcolm is worried that Malcolm Baldwin will ruin things for him. He thinks Alex could be the solution to helping him seal the deal. Marriage is the answer to getting custody.

Abbott House:

Jack and Phyllis notice Billy's good mood and ask about it. Phyllis senses that it's a brothers moment and excuses her self to Gina's. Billy tells him that he and Mac are together again. He also tells him he remembers that it was Jack who lured him to Jabot in the first place that day. Jack tells him Raul and Rianna were the true instigators he just helped it along. He gives credit for the elevator to Phyllis and tells Billy to walk carefully with Jill. Don't rub into her face. Jack also updates him that Brittany told Jill everything. He implores Billy to play it cool with Billy and not give her an excuse to explode. Billy is ecstatic when Mac arrives. She's just as happy as he is. Billy suggests that Britt and J.T. belong together but Mac thinks he's changed. He doesn't want to get to know J.T. any better. He and Brittany are two peas in a pod. Seeing J.T. with Mac drove Billy nuts but they were only ever friends. As far as he's concerned 'out of sight, out of mind'. He doesn't like the fact that Mac wants to still hang out with him but agrees to stay away from him if it really bothers Billy. She hopes he can take it well. They decide to go to the coffee shop to tell Rianna and Raul the good news.

Crimson Lights:

Raul joins Rianna after talking another insulin shot. They wonder what happened to Mac and Billy in the elevator. J.T. asks about Mac as he's worried about her falling for Billy again. They deny knowing where she is and worry that J.T. will be hurt when he learns the truth. Britt and J.T. chat and she notices he seems worried about Billy and Mac getting back together. She fills him in on their reunion. He can't believe they're back together just like that. She asks him again to join her in a plan to break them up for good.


Alex is eating alone when Phyllis spots her and decides to join her. Phyllis senses an awkwardness and asks about it. Alex asks her what she has on her mind. Phyllis wants to get to know the lady in Malcolm's life better. What you see is what you get she claims but Phyllis is skeptical. Alex wonders if Phyllis own relationship doesn't get in the way of her being possessive of her friends and suspects Phyllis doesn't have a lot of female friends. Alex can't guarantee that no one will get hurt. Phyllis is pleased to see that Alex is committed to Malcolm.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Crimson Lights: Billy pretended to be angry at Raul and Rianna for setting him up in the elevator with Mac. Mac joined him and they all shared a big laugh. Mac and Billy shared a kiss as Brittany and J.T. looked on from the patio. Brittany suggested that they put their heads together and try to break Mac and Billy up. Mac admitted to Raul and Rianna that she had not told J.T. that she and Billy had reconciled. J.T. walked over to the jukebox and Mac went over to talk to him but he told her that she had blown it and walked away.

Chancellor Estate: Katherine tried to finish her conversation with Jill and pointed out to her that she was worried because they had both agreed that their grandchildren had caused each other pain. Jill tried to convince Katherine that, although she was sure that Mac and Billy's relationship was a bad idea; she was convinced that her ranting was not the answer. Esther listened to their conversation as Jill suggested that Mac and Billy might decide for themselves that they are wrong for each other. Jill left the house and Katherine and Esther remained skeptical. Katherine assured Esther that she didn't believe that Jill would sit idly by but promised her that Jill would never harm her granddaughter again.

Victoria's Office: Ryan phoned Dr. Burns to ask about Tricia's first night at the psychiatric hospital. Dr. Burns told Ryan that Tricia had a good night and had already seen two other doctors, and that she would also be seeing Tricia shortly. Victor listened in as Ryan ended the phone call. Victor told Ryan that he was glad Tricia was getting help and assured him that he was not holding him responsible for the grief Tricia had caused his family. He told Ryan that he was grateful to him for resolving the nightmare but asked about his future with Victoria. Ryan told him that he and Victoria were taking things slowly but did intend to continue their relationship.

Fairview Psychiatric Hospital: Tricia was escorted to Dr. Burns' office and expressed her concern about her past behaviors. Dr. Burns told Tricia that there was hope and that it would be possible for Tricia to turn the direction of her life around but Tricia insisted that Dr. Burns was not aware of the things that she had done. Dr. Burns reminded Tricia that she was there to help, not judge, and that she was going to help her figure out what happened so that she would not make the same mistakes in the future. Dr. Burns reminded Tricia that she needed to concentrate on getting well and excused herself to visit with another patient. Dr. Burns agreed to let Tricia remain in her office but asked a nurse in the hallway to keep an eye on her. Tricia daydreamed that Ryan came to visit her to remind her that she was there to get well for their sake as husband and wife. The nurse in the hallway heard Tricia talking and looked in, but realized that she was talking to thin air.

Neil's Office: Neil question Malcolm's decision to propose to Alex but Malcolm insisted that a committed lifestyle would impress the judge. Neil reminded Malcolm that he should get married for the right reasons, not simply to help his case with Nate. Malcolm assured Neil that he sincerely wanted to marry Alex. Alex entered the office and Malcolm kissed her. Obviously uncomfortable, Neil excused himself from the office and Alex told Malcolm that she sensed weird vibes. Malcolm told Alex that he had agreed to postpone his part in the visitation proceedings and about his near miss with Olivia at Crimson Lights. He assured her that everything would be okay with Nate and with the two of them as he kissed her again. Neil returned to the office and reminded Alex about their afternoon meeting. Alex left the office and Malcolm admitted to Neil that he did not propose because he had decided to wait a few more weeks. Neil appeared to be daydreaming and Malcolm asked him if the idea of him marrying Alex bothered him.

Brad and Ashley's: Brad watched Colleen as she slept and commented to Ashley how peaceful she looked. Traci overheard Brad asking Ashley if she would agree to letting Colleen stay and expressed her concerns about disrupting their routine with Ashley's baby. Traci suggested that staying with her father might be the better solution. Colleen came downstairs but declined having breakfast. Traci suggested that she and Colleen leave right away to see her father but was evasive when Brad asked how long she and Colleen would be in town. Brad hugged Colleen and she and Traci left. Brad confided to Ashley that he wished Colleen had stayed longer and that he was worried because Traci was being evasive about the length of their stay. Ashley seemed sure that Traci would return to Steve in New York soon and suggested that Brad visit Colleen there. Brad expressed his desire to spend more time with Colleen in Genoa City.

Newman ranch: Nikki thanked Miguel for helping Nick with his elaborate surprise for Sharon while he served breakfast. Victoria came downstairs and Nikki sensed that something was bothering her. Victoria told Nikki that she was concerned about Victor's attitude toward Ryan and worried because Ryan did not call her back after he took Tricia to the psychiatric hospital. Nikki warned Victoria about letting the past keep her from seeing things clearly, but Victoria assured her that things with Ryan were incredible. Victoria asked for Nikki's support and admitted that the situation with Tricia was frustrating.

Victoria arrived at her office as Victor and Ryan were discussing Ryan's commitment to Tricia. Victor commended Ryan but assured him that they would have a big problem if Ryan attempted to string Victoria along.

Abbott Home: John was very happy to greet Colleen and Traci. Colleen again declined breakfast and John commented on how much she had grown since their last visit. John wanted to discuss Paris and Colleen's dance seminar but agreed to wait until they were unpacked and settled in. Colleen went upstairs to unpack and John began to question Traci. Traci tried to assure her father that she was simply emotional from having watched Brad interact with Colleen but he didn't believe her. Traci insisted that he go to the office and Colleen came downstairs with the phone, announcing that her 'dad' was on the phone wanting to speak with her. Traci sent Colleen back upstairs and told Steve that she had nothing to say to him and hung up the phone.

Crimson Lights: Mac went after J.T. and Rianna asked Billy to go easy on him because he really cares about Mac. Billy told Rianna that he didn't want Mac having anything to do with J.T. Mac told J.T. that she was sorry he was upset and J.T. told her that she had made a huge mistake by going back to Billy. He told her that Billy was all wrong for her but she insisted that he had the wrong impression of Billy. Mac told J.T. that she did not want to lose his friendship but he reminded her that she had already put a wall up between them. J.T. walked away and Mac followed him. Billy had been watching Mac and J.T. and started after them when Brittany asked Billy when he had planned to tell her that he was dumping her. Rianna and Raul excused themselves and Billy reminded Brittany that their relationship had ended when he learned the truth about last summer. As Jill looked on, Brittany asked Billy if one mistake meant that their relationship had to end. Billy tried to convince Brittany to call it even since they had both made mistakes. Brittany told Billy he was clueless if he thought that would happen and that she would never forgive him nor would she ever forget.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

At Crimson Lights, Brittany threatens Billy saying she is going to get revenge, after she leaves Mac comes in saying J.T. ran off and is really hurt. She says she just wants to relax and be happy. Raul and Rianna come in after seeing Brittany run out. They talk about the summer campaign. Brittany and Jill run into each other and Jill says she heard her declaration of war and says she made a bad mistake. Brittany says she doesn't want anything to do with Billy any longer, she has her dignity. She just wants to lick her wounds and move on. Jill will not stand Mac being with Billy and says she has to fight for what is hers. She has to do damage control, because of freaking out on Billy. Jill devises a plan to break up Mac and Billy.

Meanwhile Brad and Ashley meet with John before the meeting and John comments on Traci and Colleen being in town. Brad says he wants to spend as much time as he can with Colleen (which seems to upset Ashley). Ashley says Traci won't be staying long and Brad says well Colleen can stay after Traci leaves. John says don't count on that, she is having problems, but he can't lay his finger on it, but that she might stay in town for a while. After Brad leaves Ashley asks to talk to her dad about Traci, he's I know I had reservations at first with Brad, but now Traci seems really happy with him. Ashley notices the slip and corrects her dad, but he says don't get worried about it, it was just a slip of the tongue, not to think anything of it. Once they get into the meeting, they start to throw around ideas and Ashley says she has a big plan. They should open a store selling nothing but Jabot products and have the Glo-By-Jabot kids work in it. They could get professionals to teach the kids to do makeovers and such. Brad says there is one problem with personnel: Mac and Billy are an item again. They are all concerned about Jill. Billy/Mac/Raul/Rianna come in and they toss the idea at the kids who jump at it. Billy apologizes for the problems that his relationship is having on the campaign, but says that if Mac is not a part of it, he will not be either. They say it is no trouble. Billy and Raul also comment how they don't want to do makeovers. They talk about adding a clothing line and Jack will contact Lauren Fenmore. They all agree that will work. Jill walks in and says she will be a team player, even if she doesn't care for the circumstances. A few minutes later, Brittany walks in and Jack asks her what she is doing there and she says am I not still part of the campaign?

Malcolm says Neil seems bothered by him asking Alex to marry him. Neil asks why would he be upset and Malcolm tells him he doesn't seem very happy for him. Neil tells him he hopes he is doing it for the right reasons, not just to get visitation to see Nate. Malcolm assures him this is not the case. Malcolm asks Neil for help on how to pop the question to Alex. Just then Phyllis walks in and asks Neil to look over some papers. Malcolm excuses himself and heads to Alex's office. Phyllis comments on how happy Malcolm seems and says Neil is the sole reason for this. He looks puzzled; she says that if Neil wouldn't have told Malcolm he would back off, that Malcolm would not be the happy man he is today. Neil is not comfortable talking about this to Phyllis and that this is a place of business. She tries to continue, but to no avail, she leaves upset and curious. Meanwhile Alex thinks back to conversation she interrupted between Neil and Malcolm (she walked in just as Malcolm said the worst she can say is no). Malcolm walks in and startles her. He asks her what she was thinking about and she asks him what he was talking about to Neil the other day in the office. He beats around the bush and they kiss. She asks him again, but he says she will find out in good time. She asks why he feels the visitation hearing went so well, he says that to she will soon find out. He leaves, but she wants more answers.

Victoria walks in as Victor is questioning Ryan about his motives with his daughter. He tells him that he has a responsibility to Tricia, their marriage may be over, but he has made a vow to help her through this. When this is all taken care of, he will be with Victoria for the long haul. The answer suits him for now. He leaves and Victoria apologizes for her father. She asks how things went with Tricia. He says things were touch and go for awhile, but everything went alright. She asks if she got committed. He says yes, but that she committed herself. Victoria seeming concerned asks if she can check herself out and Ryan answers yes. This upsets her even more and Ryan assures her that Tricia is cooperating and sees no reason why she would check herself out. He says she wants to turn her life around and that everything will be okay. She reluctantly agrees. Over at the institution, Tricia is having another hallucination. She asks if Ryan will be with her forever and he says yes. Just then Victoria walks in and asks what Ryan is thinking, she already killed two men, what makes him think he won't be next. Tricia lunges at her and they start to fight and Tricia pushes Victoria and she hits her head and is killed. Ryan asks what she has done and she says she's sorry. Just then a nurse walks in and asks if everything is all right. She says he was right there, but catches herself and agrees everything is fine. The doctor comes in to see her and asks if she is upset. Tricia tells her it seemed so real, that Ryan was really there. The doctor wants her to take drug therapy, but Tricia does not want to. She explains that is what Carter did to her, but she assures her that these are not the same drugs that Carter used. She reluctantly agrees and asks when will it start, the doctor tells her immediately, Tricia again is concerned, but when the nurse comes in with the pill, she takes it.

After Victor goes back to his office, Nikki is there waiting, he asks her what she wants. He says he doesn't really want to talk to her. She says she is not there to talk about Larry Warton. She says she agrees with him about Ryan. Victor is shocked. He asks if she has heard that Tricia is in the mental ward, she says yes, but she is not convinced that Tricia will be cured. Victor says why is she so determined to make the same mistake twice. Nikki says Victoria doesn't see it as a mistake, she was very young the first time. Nikki says that she may be simulating her and Victor's relationship. Nikki thinks that Victoria should grab on to life and go with it, even if it is a mistake. Nikki also tells Victor she found the gift he left for her. He doesn't say much, but that his homecoming wasn't very good, thanks to Nikki helping out Warton.

Friday, June 15, 2001

Victor's Office:

Victor continues to berate Nikki for hiring Larry Warton at Jabot. She defends her position, feeling that it was the right thing. Victor thinks she's lost her mind. Victoria interrupts and updates them on Tricia's situation. Nikki excuses herself to go to Jabot. Victoria asks Victor if he's put his doubts about Ryan behind him and accept their relationship. He agrees to let her live her life. She thinks that he and Nikki had a fight and he explains what Nikki has done. Victoria can't believe what her mother has done. Victoria asks if Victor really thinks Larry's dangerous. Of course he is, Victor yells. He's a criminal! Nikki is a fool for doing this. Victoria asks him to give Larry and Nikki the benefit of the doubt and let it play out. He thinks she purposely defied him the second he left town just to stick it to him and show him she's independent.

Nick and Sharon's:

Sharon reminisces about the special night Nick planned for her recently. She tells Nick she has her own surprise planned for him now. She plans an elegant breakfast for them which they enjoy. She then offers him a sensual massage as well. Afterwards she wants to go to work today. She assures him she's ready to go back thanks to him.

Jabot Boardroom:

The GLOW kids and the board are flabbergasted that Brittany wants to work on the campaign even though she's broken up with Billy. She thinks the breakup will be good for the viewers who will relate to them dealing with the it. They agree that could work but ask Billy if he'd be okay with it. Billy can't believe she's serious. She offers it as a challenge but he thinks it's a bad idea. She asks to talk with him privately before he decides.

Jack's Office:

Nikki apologizes for missing the meeting. He asks about her bad mood but she doesn't want to talk about it. He fills her in on Ashley's boutique idea including the fashion angle. She asks to be involved in that aspect. He also tells her about the Billy & Britt breakup. Jack comments that teenage emotions sure are erratic. So are Victor's she chimes in. She tells him about Vic's reaction to the Larry Warton situation. She berates herself for still wanting his approval. He tells her to give herself some slack, it hasn't been that long since she was dependent on Victor. She's done an amazing thing the last few months. She's a productive, creative and successful woman and she did it all herself. She tells him about the gift Vic got her and how much it meant to her, like there was hope. He tells her to pull back and reassess. She realizes no matter what they have no future together, she knows it but her heart keeps gnawing on her.

Jill's Office:

Jill and Sean talk about the never-ending excitement at Jabot meetings. Jill suggests putting a teaser on the website to get some buzz going for the new campaign. He tells her how impressed he was with how she handled herself at the meeting with Billy & Mac. She thanks him for setting her straight. He wonders if it's for real. Her abrupt about face is hard to swallow. She loves her son and sees that her anger towards Mac isn't worth destroying her relationship with her son. He flirts some more with her but she sets it back to business talk. He brings up how Billy will fit in the campaign. Jill's sure Britt will still be involved in the campaign. Maybe her scheming would be good viewing. He suspects she and Britt are planning this together.

Crimson Lights:

Raul advises Billy not to let Brittany con him. Mac is part of their talk he tells Britt and asks what she has to say. She apologizes for her earlier outburst. She assures him that it won't happen again. After he left her to go to the meeting she felt something: relief. Raul checks his blood sugar and everything is good he tells Rianna. They decide to stick around and wait for Billy and Mac. She asks him if he's ready to tell hi story to the web viewers. He's not sure he's ready to do that but agrees to think about it. They talk about their new summer plans and how exciting it's going to be at the GLOW boutique. Rianna then gets Raul to go for a walk with her. She wonders if Britt can get Billy to change his mind. Raul's sure there's no way Billy will change his mind. Brittany explains how during the relationship she used to have gnawing pangs of insecurity, paranoia and uneasiness. Now that all is out in the open she feels better again. They must also feel the same way. A fresh start for everyone. Maybe they can all be friends. Mac is skeptical. Britt tells them they all did things they're not proud of and suggest they move on. Nick and Sharon arrive. Sharon is ready to return to work. Britt reminds Billy how he continually told her that he was over Mac and ask that he allow her to have some joy in her life and let her work on the campaign. He leaves it up to Mac to decide. She doesn't buy Britt's story at all.

The Jabot Lab:

Ashley fills in Brad on John's most recent memory lapse, when he thought Brad was still married to Traci. Brad doesn't think it's too serious. Brad then comes up with idea of having Colleen work at the GLOW campaign this summer. Ash doesn't want him to jump the gun and suggests he run it by Traci first. John brings by reports but can't find them at the moment. He's sure he brought them. Ash is clearly upset at the latest memory lapse.

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