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Sharon had flashbacks of Matt. J.T. continued to avoid Mac. Katherine decided to petition the court for legal guardianship of Mac. Sean and Jill made love. Isabella received a threatening letter. Traci told Jack that Steve was having an affair.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, June 18, 2001


Sharon and Nick arrive at the coffeehouse. Nick does not want to leave her there alone but Sharon tells him that she will be fine. After Nick leaves, Larry Warton arrives. Sharon is surprised to see Warton. Larry thanks her and gives her a gift for Cassie and Noah. Warton leaves and Sharon sees a guy with dark hair at the jukebox and thinks it's Matt Clark until he turns around.

Mac tells Brittany she does not believe her apology. Brittany then tells Mac and Billy that she wants to be part of the summer campaign because she likes being a star. Brittany asks them to give it some thought before they make a decision. J.T. arrives and Mac tries to talk to him and he walks off without talking to her.

Billy takes Mac to their special place and reassures her that do not have to hide their relationship ever again. Bill tells Mac to her surprise that he thinks they should let Brittany work with them for the summer.


Phyllis surprises Jack with a visit. After an afternoon tryst, Phyllis questions Jack about the Glo by Jabot kids. They also talk about the possibility of a Jill and Sean relationship, Phyllis thinks it would be a good thing to use against Jill.

In Jill's office, Jill asks Sean what is going on with their relationship. She tells him that he makes her feel like a lovesick teenager. Sean tells her that he was thinking about getting together tonight. Sean tries to convince her that he wants to spend time with her then he kisses her. Jack walks in while they are kissing and leaves before they see him.

Victor's Office

Nick visits his father. He tells Victor he is ready to jump right back into work. Nick asks his father to help him by pretending with Sharon that he is giving him extra work so he can back off his plans for his coffeehouse expansion right now.

Michael's Office

Michael gets rid of his secretary so he can take a secret meeting with Isabella. Isabella expresses her concern that Paul may find out her secret if he continues his investigation into her husband's affairs. Michael tells her not to worry that he has taken care of everything. Michael walks Isabella to the elevator when Phyllis arrives and overhears part of their conversation.

Paul's Office

Nikki drops by to see Paul to get his take on what she did for Warton. The subject turns to Christine, he tells Nikki about Christine's accusations and his kiss with Isabella. Isabella arrives and Nikki asks Paul to walk her out. Nikki tells her friend to be very careful.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001


Mac can't believe Billy is willing to give Brittany a second chance. Billy understands where Britt's coming from. Mac says if he can forgive her they are going to have problems. He explains all the instances she asked him point blank if he had any feelings for Mac. Time after time he lied. He needs to clean his conscience. He reassures her that she's his one and only. She wonders why they should let Brittany have the chance to destroy them again. Now that their eyes are open she can't hurt them. If Brittany makes one false move she's gone. Mac still doesn't trust her and Billy reassures her that nothing will come between them. He leaves it up to Mac to decide.

Crimson Lights:

Victoria stops in for coffee and notices Brittany. She introduces herself and asks about the GLOW Summer campaign. Vic praises the GLOW site and asks about the upcoming changes, sensing that Britt isn't too thrilled with them. Britt isn't sure she's going to go back. She also explains about her break-up with Billy. Victoria gives Brittany card and tells her to call if she's up for a change.

Jack's Office:

Ash asks why Jack's in a good mood and he explains that Jill is the reason. He spied a kiss between her and Sean and realizes that it is the perfect ammo Phyllis needs to blow Jill out of the water. Ash can't believe he would instigate a major battle in the company. Jack fumes at the trouble Jill caused for him and Phyllis. Ash doesn't even think her relationship with Sean will last.

Sean's Apt.:

Sean brings Jill to his place and she is surprised at his Spartan place. He's had no need for furniture. He tells her to relax while he gets dinner ready. He treats her to a rare wine and brings out a card table. She asks if he's taking minimalism too far but he remains coy. The dinner was great but Jill is still baffled since she knows Sean could afford to live better. He explains that he dropped out of MIT in his Junior year and traveled around for a year with only his belongings on his back. It was his most creative and inspired time in his life. He worked at a startup company and did well. They gave him a luxurious Victorian cottage fully loaded which he still owns. He realized he was living for his possessions and longed for the simpler life again, hence his arrival to GC. Jill understands the philosophy but it's not her cup of tea. They kiss passionately and he asks her to take a ride with him.


Phyllis tells Michael about Billy and Mac's reunion and her part in it. Teenage romances don't interest him. She changes the subject to the conversation she heard earlier. She didn't see his secret 'girlfriend' and Michael isn't telling more. Phyllis is curious why he's so secretive and wonders why he's so angry. She asks him to go a double date with her and Jack. He turns her down and she thinks it's due to Christine. He's worried Chris will find out he's seeing someone. That's not it he assures her and tells her to drop it. Phyllis is determined to meet her and he snaps at her to leave it alone. She agrees to stay out of it.

Williams Investigations:

Isabella apologizes for interrupting his meeting with Nikki. She insists that he wasn't taking advantage of her when they kissed. He tells her it was exactly what he needed. He tells her they should move on but Isabella can't help thinking about his wife. Paul doesn't blame Isabella; he should have remained professional. She wonders if she was no longer his client. Lynn brings him the number of the prison James is in which frightens Isabella. He tells her that the sooner he's sure James isn't a threat the sooner she won't be his client, which interests her. She tells him Mary invited her to dinner and wonders if Paul told her about Chris job in Australia. He hasn't and she agrees not to spill. He later speaks to the warden and will see James the next day. He and Lynn talk about Isabella and he tells her that he will miss her when she's gone.

Abbott House:

Traci remembers telling Brad that she's marrying Steve. She wondered if he could make room for her in his life. When he couldn't she decided that she would move to New York with Steve. Colleen breaks her train of thought asking what Steve had to say in their last phone call. Did she ask him about visiting them in GC. No, but Steve is busy and insists that Colleen not bother him by inviting him. They may not be in Genoa City long and should make the most out of it. Later Brad asks Traci if it would be all right if Colleen spent some time in GC. He wonders if she would be interested in taking part in the GLOW House. Colleen was a huge fan of the campaign and fully supports the idea of including her. Traci mentions it to Colleen who is excited but she thinks they won't be in town that long. Ash arrives alter and asks how his visit went with his daughter. Brad fills her and Jack in on Colleen's reaction to the GLOW house and his disappointment. Ashley tells Jack about John's instincts about something bothering Traci. Later, Jack and Traci chat. He senses that something is amiss between her and Steve and asks her to explain. Nothing is wrong she assures him. He suggests to her that Colleen and she could go back to New York for a few weeks then come back for the campaign. She can't go back she tells him: Steve is having an affair.


Mary and Isabella have dinner together and make small talk. Mary suggests getting Isabella out more. They talk about religion and Mary invites her to visit her church this Sunday. She will try but isn't sure how long she'll be in town. Isabella gets a mysterious letter from James.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

After a visit to a park and dessert, Sean brings Jill to his stark bedroom and pulls her onto his bed where he begins to kiss her. Mac explains that because Billy had sex with Brittany, she doesn't want her around but Billy points out that with them together, Brittany will finally understand that they are a couple. Traci asks Jack not to tell anyone that Steve's having an affair. Just then, Brad returns with Colleen and Ashley. When Brad comments that his daughter's anxious to get back to New York City, Traci reminds him that she makes the decisions, not her daughter. John arrives and asks about Billy and Phyllis coming for dinner. With Phyllis busy, Billy and Mac return but Mac begs off joining them. Outside, Mac tells Billy it's okay for Brittany to work on the website. He thanks her with a kiss. At home Kay assures Mac that she's going to be her legal guardian, once they notify her mother and go to court. Billy gives John and the others the news about Brittany and Colleen looks forward to meeting Raul, if she can. Billy later calls Brittany with the decision. Mitch, Mary and Isabella arrive at Paul's office, complaining to Paul about the letter from James. Mary's amazed a man in prison could find her and threaten her. Lynne's unsympathetic and reminds a worried Mary on the way out that Isabella's bodyguard was with her. Mary remains concerned. Paul reads the letter which features only an understated threat.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

by Ruth

Victor arrived at the Ranch at breakfast time, as Nikki was starting her day. She tried to be pleasant, but he made no bones about it -- the only thing that they have in common is their children and she is starting a wayward home for criminals, so there was nothing else to talk about. He had come to meet with Nicholas about their plan to postpone the travel that he would have to make in order to start those new coffee houses.

Nicholas tried to introduce the idea to Sharon by telling her that his father had two exciting projects at Newman Enterprises for him and it would be hard for him to work on the coffee houses if he took both of them. She made it clear that she wanted the coffee houses to be the priority and she didn't mind him being gone from home while he was working on them.

Victor found out from Nicholas that Sharon still needed some convincing to get her to agree to their plan. He paid her a visit and told her more about it. He wanted to "keep it in the family." He asked her if she knew what he was saying and she confirmed that she did -- and she didn't like it one bit. . . .

Jill awoke at Sean's apartment wearing a robe that he left for her, smelling a delicious breakfast in the making. The previous evening had been so special for both of them. She had to run off to a meeting, but wanted to stay to make sure that she didn't have to wait so long the next time. . . .

Alex woke Malcolm from sleep at his studio with his favorite rolls and coffee. They talked again about her childhood -- she said that "Happiness in the Projects was an apartment without roaches." He told her that his photo shoot had a prom theme, which lead to talk of their prom nights. He told about his funny hair do and wanted to exchange pictures, but she wanted to drop the subject right away. Malcolm was very thankful for the breakfast and Alex seemed a little distant when they talked of the past. . . .

During breakfast at the Abbott's, Jack and Billy talked about any reservations that Billy might still have about letting Brittany be in on the summer project. Billy said that he wouldn't have agreed if Mac hadn't, it was Jill he was worried about. Jack had a plan that may work in that arena -- but he wouldn't disclose it quite yet. He sent Billy off to school to be happy -- something that he hadn't been for a very long time.

Mac came downstairs and was greeted by Esther who wanted to congratulate her for the good news and gave her a hug saying that she was part of the family the minute she stepped in the door. When Katherine entered the room and Esther left, Mac confided in her grandmother that she wasn't very happy about watching Brittany on the website all summer and having to stay behind the scenes. She asked Kay if there was any possibility that her mother could get her now -- Kay said that a fuss would postpone things, but not stop the guardianship. Mac reveled at the news and ran off for school. . .

Jill arrived at the estate giving Esther a bad time and starting in on Katherine too. Kay had some papers to show to her -- the guardianship papers. Jill acted like it didn't matter and that the kids would probably break up on their own -- Kay rubbed it in that Jill had no control over the matter for once. Jill was not convinced. Then a call came from Jack -- he wanted to meet with her ASAP in the boardroom. No Questions Asked. . . .

Mac arrived at the computer lab seeing Brittany talking to Billy. Brittany was getting the deaf ear from him as she thanked him again for the chance to work at Jabot for the summer and told him to trust her, she wouldn't do anything to cause problems. Mac bounded into the room with wonderful news. She had decided that she wanted to be more than a stagehand this summer -- she wanted to be a genuine Glo by Jabot kid -- in front of the camera and everything. . . . .

Friday, June 22, 2001

Walnut Grove Academy:

Mac announces to Billy and Brittany that she intends to be on camera for the Glo by Jabot campaign this summer. Britt, clearly annoyed wonders why. Billy questions if it's a good idea, hinting about her mother. She assures him it will be fine. Mac tells them it was Brittany who was responsible for giving her the idea of being on camera. Britt told them that her working for the GLOW house would add drama. Showing Billy and his ex staying friends would be great. That's when she realized: what would make the campaign more interesting than having Billy's new girlfriend joining them?

Jack's Office:

Jill arrives per Jack's demand. He wants to make sure she stays in line where Billy and Mac are concerned. He reminds her how he promised to pay her back for what she did to him and Phyllis. He tells her he knows all about her and Sean. He wants details and mentions seeing them kiss passionately in her office. She slips that she didn't come home the night before. She asks what he could possibly do to her. He warns her to stay away from Mackenzie. He doesn't buy her new stance to stay out of it. Jill tells him Mac is a non-issue. Billy is too important to risk it over her. He tells her to stay in line or he'll play the "Sean" card, meaning he'll sick Phyllis on her by filling her on the extent of Jill's relationship with him. She's even more vengeful against Jill and the only thing keeping her in check is Jack's wishes.


As per Nick's request, Victor tells Sharon he knows what's best for Nick where work is concerned and that focusing on NE would be better than expanding the coffee shops. Nick wants to focus on two major projects for the company but feels obligated to do what Sharon wants. Sharon wonders why Nick didn't say anything. He wants Nick to be ready to take over NE one day and asks her to look at it from his point of view. It can be so good for Nick. She agrees to speak with Nick about it.

Nick apologizes to Nikki for putting her in the middle of Victor's line of fire with the Larry situation. She tells him not to worry. She knew what she was doing and believes in her decision./ Victor will never come around and they shouldn't expect him to ever admit he's wrong. They would have issues even if Larry weren't a problem. Later Nikki tells Victor that he missed Nick. They talk about Nick's concern about Sharon and their plan. She finally asks him point blank why they have to be this way to each other. He can't believe she doesn't understand it. She understands the Larry situation but they've been through so much. He tells her to drop the sentimental nonsense. Remember last summer when she invested $35 million in Jabot, she then went against his wishes and helped free Larry Warton plus she's partially responsible for Diane's baby coming into this world. She asks him to get past what can't be changed and be friends again. They've always been emotionally attached no matter if their lovers or enemies. If they can't be together romantically, why not friends. He asks her why she does these things and storms out.


Alex meets with Raul's doctor wanting to ask some questions. He doesn't want to speak with her when he finds out she works for NE. He bristles when she tells him doctors should earn their living by providing care, not withholding it. Alex bumps into Olivia and they talk about Malcolm postponing the custody suit, hoping that Liv's request was not just a delaying tactic. Olivia wonders if Malcolm has managed to take the relationship to someplace other than casual fun. Look past the handsome face and see the lack of character. Neil got the morals and decency in that family and hopefully Alex will be able to see that. Alex tells her that Olivia is the one who is the blind one. Later Raul's doctor speaks with Olivia. She tells him Alex is gone so he can relax. She wonders why he wanted to avoid her. He explains that NE filed suite against Lawson medical. She wonders why he would be concerned. He's just about had it with Lawson he explains.

Newman Enterprises:

Neil gets a visit from Malcolm. He's excited now that Nate's school is out and he can now pursue custody. Neil tells him he knows about the clandestine meetings with Nate and warns him to be careful. Malcolm tells him how Olivia almost found out recently at the coffee shop. He can hold out for a little while longer. Neil wonders if Malcolm's proposed yet. He's still working to that but in the meantime is enjoying the ride and learning about Alex. Malcolm mentions how she clamed up when asked about her prom. Neil thinks Alex couldn't go and he drudged up bad memories. He feels bad for what he did and thanks Neil for his amazing insight into Alex. Neil leaves him to check his messages. Later Alex stops by and is surprised to see Malcolm there. She mentions bumping into Olivia at the hospital. She wonders why Malcolm is there but he playfully keeps mum and leaves.

Crimson Lights:

Sharon goes to see Nick and tells her about Vic's visit. She doesn't understand why he's putting the pressure on Nick to do both projects now. He continues to play down how rough it will be to expand the coffee shops now. He wonders if the timing is right. She's upset that he assumes she can't handle it alone. He knows she's fine and apologies. After he leaves she has another flashback of Matt attacking her. When will the nightmare be over she asks herself.


Britt tracks down Jill in the boardroom and fills her in on the good news: she got Billy to let her be apart of the campaign; and the bad news: Mac will be on camera too. Britt knows the reason she was camera shy was because of something Jill had on her and wants to know what Mac's secret is.

Abbott House:

Billy and Mac are in a great mood. She explains why she can now be on camera with him and the others. Kay has filed for custody so Amanda is no longer a threat. He's excited for her. He later asks her what exactly is it that Mac ran away from. She's kept it in for so long she doesn't know how to tell him but she realizes she can tell him anything. It's time he knew everything.

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