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Brad got angry when Ashley tried to keep him from comforting Colleen. Victor told Ashley that he wondered what might have been between them. Olivia decided to go undercover at Lawson Medical. Brittany decided to dig into Mac's past.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, June 25, 2001

Mac begins to tell Billy why she ran away from home. She tells him that how as she grew up with this alcoholic stepfather who became more and more attentive. She says that she could sense that at some point he was going to make a move towards her sexually. She says that she everything possible to stay from being alone with him. Then one day he came into her room while her mother was at work, he confronted her about her distance towards him and that it was time to change that. He started to unbutton her blouse and almost kissed her when her mother returned home early from work. She immediately told her mother what he was about to do but her mother told her that her husband would never do anything like that. Mac tells Billy that from her mother's reaction she knew she was now more alone than ever.

Brittany is visiting Jill and she wants to know what Jill had over Mac's head so she can use it now. Jill tells her that what she knew is now in the past. Jill tells Brittany it is now up to her to get to work on her own. Brittany tells Jill with Mac deciding to be in front of the camera this summer it is going to be more difficult to get to Billy. Jill suggests that she get J.T. involved because there seemed to be something between J.T. and Mac. Brittany asks Jill again for the information that she had on Mac. Jill refuses and tells Brittany that she is on her own. Brittany leaves and says to herself in the hall that she will find out what Jill had on Mac and use it herself.

Victor and Nick discuss his conversation with Sharon. Sharon arrives to speak with Nick and asks him if he really wants to do both projects for Newman Enterprises.

Olivia tries to get information about Lawson Medical from Dr. Kimbrough. He refuses to talk about it; he tells her that it would open a Pandora's box. Olivia goes to coffeehouse and sees Raul. Raul tells Olivia how Dr. Kimbrough has changed his approach to his treatment by giving him every test imaginable. Olivia calls Dr. Kimbrough and tells him that they need to discuss Lawson Medical whether he wants to or not.

Neil and Alex discuss her confrontation with Olivia. She doesn't know whether to take Olivia's words to heart. Neil tells her to consider the source and to see Malcolm in her own way.

Malcolm is talking to Phyllis how his relationship with Alex is progressing nicely. He tells her that he is thinking about asking he to marry him. Phyllis asks if this is too soon. Malcolm tells her that how he is starting to really feel close to this woman. He tells Phyllis about how Alex reacted when they talked about their prom. Phyllis finds out where she went to high school. Once Malcolm gets this information, he has an idea about how to impress Alex even more. Phyllis wants to know what he is planning but he leaves without telling her.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Jack's Office:

Jack and Ashley work on Jabot business then discuss Traci who's planning on taking Colleen to Crimson Lights to meet her crush Raul. Ash senses again that Jack knows what's bothering Traci and won't talk. Ashley would like to reach out to her sister and needs to know what's wrong. Before Jack can say more Phyllis interrupts. She asks about the family dinner and regrets not being able to be there. He can see how important being a part of it is to her. She laughs at her turning into one of those women longing for her boyfriend's family's approval. Phyllis wonders how Traci feels about her since they were both married to Danny. She worries that Ashley might turn her sister against her but Jack assures that won't happen. They will all come to like her. She wants to have dinner with Traci that night but Jack doesn't like that idea. Phyllis thinks she knows why. Traci is going through something. Jack admits it's true but swears her to secrecy. He fills her on Steve and the state of the marriage.

Crimson Lights:

Traci takes Colleen to the coffee shop but she just wants to go back to New York. Traci spots Raul who surprises Colleen by pulling out her chair for her and introduces himself. She's blown away meeting a 'celebrity'. Raul's heard lots about her from Billy and asks for some dish on his friend from his NY days. Traci takes a commemorative picture of them. She asks if he's feeling better after his Diabetes scare. She tells him how a friend of hers saw what he went through, related to it and got checked out by a doctor who discovered that she does have Diabetes. Thanks to him her friend is going to be okay. He's touched by the comment. Ash spots Colleen and Raul and asks Traci if wanting Colleen to stay is just about Brad or does it have to do with her marriage to Steve. Traci refuses to talk about it. Jack didn't tell Ashley anything but she can tells that something's wrong and even guesses that it's an affair. She tells Traci that she needs their support and that she doesn't have to go through it alone. Ash gets her to open up about the details but Traci is too furious to talk with him about it. Colleen will be devastated by the betrayal.

Nikki finds Victoria and asks for Nick or Sharon. She's wondering about Nick's decision to hold off on the expansion. She wonders if Victor and Nick convinced Sharon to go along with Nick's plan to stay close to home. Victoria's words remind Nikki of the rift between Victor and Nikki over the Larry situation. Victoria promises to keep her mother updated on Nick and Sharon.


Warton is working and accidentally bumps into another employee, Julie. He helps her clean up. Larry's pleased to get a smile from a nice girl. He notices that she forgot one package and decides to deliver it himself. Brad is furious when Julie can't find an important letter. Larry brings it by and explains what happened. Brad scolds him on proper procedures, which gets Larry's goat. Nikki overhears him getting upset and scolds him further for speaking disrespectfully. Larry apologizes. He alter calls his Parole Officer and can't believe what he did. The PO tells him to apologize to both Brad and Nikki and to have faith that it will work out. Nikki can't believe Larry would do that but Brad defends him saying hat everyone makes mistakes. He wonders if she's having second thoughts about helping him since it burned the bridge with Victor. She's not sure that if it weren't for Larry she and Victor would be fine. Something always comes between them but she obviously wants to reconcile with him. Larry overhears them talking about her making it up to Vic by rescinding his job.


Olivia wants answers from Raul's doctor, Roland Kimbrough. She knows something's fishy going on now with all the tests he's now running. Is he overcompensating or is he angry against Lawson medical. Tell her what's really going on she asks. He admits that Lawson has caused him to lose his way. He's in too deep. It's to too late she tells him. He can undo the damage. He tells her about how Lawson lured him in. He was young and in debt and they offered him a solution to all his problems.

Newman Enterprises:

Neil reminds Alex that despite her icy relationship with Olivia, she can still be good resource for the case against Lawson. She can use her connections to get insider info about the shady company. Alex doubts they could even find a doctor willing to expose themselves by revealing Lawson's dirty deeds. Later Olivia stops by. She has something important to tell both of them. She got Dr. Kimbrough to open up and gives the details that Lawson gives financial incentives not perform certain tests and how they get around loopholes. Olivia's not sure Roland will testify for them. Alex is determined to get him to help somehow. They realize they must proceed carefully. Olivia suggests a plan. Get a doctor to infiltrate Lawson medical and get the info themselves. She volunteers to do it. What Lawson is doing makes her ill and she'll do anything to stop them. Alex thinks it can be done legally. Neil thanks her and Alex even offers thanks. Maybe she's not the cold-hearted bitch Alex thinks she is then tells her that she hopes that the sooner the case is over the sooner Alex will be out of town.

Victoria's Office:

Victor stops by for an update on the summer campaign. They talk about Nick and Sharon's situation. He got a call from Nick who reports that Sharon is going along with the idea not to expand. Victoria asks him to speak to Nikki to fill her in but he refuses. He tells her not to put stock in the little conversation they have. Vic tells her there's always something upsetting the family harmony. He tells her about Nikki's request to be friends. Victoria doesn't think that that will hold at all. He thinks the emotions always run too high, both negative and positive. She asks her father what he will do about it. He doesn't know.

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Jack discovers that his talk with Phyllis about Traci has brought up old feelings about her failure with Danny and her son. When she wonders why he would want to be with such a lousy mother, he reminds her that everyone makes mistakes and assures her that he needs her in his life. Before Isabella arrives, Mary lets Paul know that she invited Isabella to make him happy even though he's a married man. With Mary out of the room, both Paul and Isabella comment on how good the other person is for them. Tired of Victoria pressing him to be accepting of Nikki's decision to hire Larry, Victor orders her never to talk to him again about the ex-con. Meanwhile, Larry calls his probation officer after hearing Brad and Nikki discussing his job future at Jabot and is warned that Nikki may be the only person keeping him out of jail. Nikki apologizes to Larry for being short with him but he reminds her that she's the boss and walks out. Victoria later advises her mother that Victor may be open to a relationship if she fires Larry but Nikki refuses since it could send him back to prison. Larry finds Victor at Crimson Lights and demands a chat with him. Traci explains to Ashley how she caught Steve having an affair. Ashley urges her to tell Colleen but Traci refuses for now. Ashley runs home to tell Brad while Traci sits down with Colleen.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

by Ruth

Larry Warton ran into Victor at the coffeehouse and they didn't get along very well, of course. Larry was still upset about what he heard Nikki talking about and made no bones about it that he didn't appreciate being used and thrown away. He went back to work and Nikki called him in. After cutting through his attitude, they came to an understanding that he did have a chance for a future -- she even admitted to him that he reminded her of herself several months earlier when she wasn't very sure of herself. She encouraged him to fight back -- he would always be a loser if he acted like one. He left after apologizing but not knowing for sure if she was going to fire him. She had a lot to think about. . .

Victor and Victoria went back to Newman Enterprises to talk about his plans for her future. She wanted to talk about how they have finally gotten rid of Larry Warton and how things could be better in their family. He passed that topic right by and asked her about working on special projects with her brother. She was happy to give it a try. They parted soon thereafter.

Isabella and Paul had dinner at Mary's house. Paul seemed to be feeling better at the end of the evening, even after filling up on spareribs and enduring the torture of "Baby Pictures." The couple returned to Paul's apartment and, just when he was about to thank her for cheering him up, Lynn walked in the door. Isabella went to bed and Paul offered Lynn a nightcap. She refused and, when he told her that he was sorry that she couldn't make it to dinner, she asked him if he was serious about that. . . .

Traci told Colleen about the troubles she was having with Steve and, before she could tell the specifics, Colleen asked if he was having an affair. She didn't believe it at first and yelled that her mom was lying to her. Jack came in the door and offered some kind words. Colleen felt so sad for her mother, but when talk of not going back to New York arose, she couldn't imagine leaving her home. She ran off to be alone, leaving Jack to comfort his sister.

Meanwhile, Brad and Ashley were having a heated discussion about whether or not he should go over to the Abbott's and try to be there for Colleen, possibly even tell her about the affair. Ashley fought him at every turn, telling him that Traci should handle it her own way and they may feel that he's trying to take advantage of the situation if he did anything. Finally he realized that her protests could be coming from somewhere else -- he asked her if she didn't want him to go over there because she didn't want him to get close to Colleen. . . .

Billy and Mac shared ice cream in their secret place, then called Raul and Rianna to tell them about plans for the website. When the call came, Brittany had just walked in to the coffeehouse -- they ran off without giving her a second look. Brittany felt dejected, then saw J.T. and tried to talk him into working on the website. She saw it as a way to get Mac back from Billy and promised an interesting summer. He wasn't biting on that quite yet.

Raul and Rianna weren't happy to hear that Brittany was joining them, but were thrilled to hear that Mac was. The kids visited their teen years talking about baseball and dolls. After those two left, Billy told Mac that he was glad that she opened up to him and that if she gets scared again, don't hesitate to tell him.

Friday, June 29, 2001


Victor sees Ashley eating alone and decides to join her. He sees that something is troubling her and she explains that Traci and Colleen are visiting and the marital problems. She's uncomfortable in Brad's determination to now play a major role in Colleen's life. It's not the right time for Colleen to get a new father. She thinks it's selfish of her not to want him and Colleen to bond. He understands where she's coming from. He also tells her he wonders what might have been between them.

Neil's Office:

Alex tells Neil she had the best sleep of her life what with their new game plan against Lawson Medical. Neil is hesitant to get Olivia to go uncover at the HMO. He thinks it will be asking too much from her as it could take months before getting any useful information meanwhile she's saddled with many more patients. Alex decides to try getting Dr. Kimbrough to talk again. Later Olivia stops by with coffee and muffins and tells Neil about her suspicions about Lawson's connection to Raul's misdiagnosis. He tells her they might not need her help but she insists she wants to help not only for the case but to mend fences with him as well. He doesn't want her to feel obligated and tells her that Alex is speaking with Kimbrough right then. Olivia is sure Alex doesn't want her involved and that's why he's trying to get her out of it.


Alex visits Dr. Kimbrough's office and mentions that she has spoken with Olivia. It's in his best interest to cooperate but he disagrees. He has to think about the consequences for his family first. He doesn't have to testify she just needs information. She wants details on how it works and he gives her the name of a recruiting officer who knows what's going on. She thanks him for his help and warns him to not mention this visit to Lawson. If he does he'll go down with Lawson.

Abbott House:

John tells Jack he still finds it weird having the competition living in their house. Billy fills in his brother that Mac wants to be on camera. He wonders how both Jill and Brittany will take the news. Billy wonders if Jack has a problem with the idea. He doesn't like surprises. Mac is unproven on camera while Britt is a proven star. No more surprises he tells his little brother. He assures jack that it will be the best Summer ever. Billy leaves to go see Mackenzie as Traci comes down for breakfast. She has something she wants to tell her father. John can't believe the news that Steve has cheated on her. Colleen knows everything and is pretty upset. She thanks Jack for being there for her. Colleen comes down and John comforts her before going to work with Jack. Colleen never wants to see Steve again. Traci says it had nothing to do with her, it was between Traci and Steve but Colleen is adamant. She hates him. Later Brad arrives looking for Traci but finds Colleen .

Crimson Lights:

Raul tells Rianna to stop avoiding Britt as they're going to all be together all Summer. Brittany wants to clear the air about Mac joining them. She has no problem since at the Boutique all the boys will be flirting with her now that she's single. Raul and Rianna don't understand why she wants to hang around Billy & Mac. The job is all she has and wants to rekindle her friendship with Rianna and Raul. She even has gifts for them to kick off their summer; a bathing suit for Rianna from Fenmore's and sunglasses for Raul. She even has stuff for Billy and Mackenzie. She realizes she can't buy their friendship but hopes they can start to mend things. They politely thank her. Britt wonders why Mac used to be so afraid of bring on camera. Raul's defensiveness piques her curiosity. She remembers that Mac first came to town and stayed at a homeless shelter. She hightails out of there. Later Rianna asks Raul if he knows the reason Mac was camera shy and he tells her that Mac gave him an idea when they went out. He doesn't buy Britt's act.

Williams' Apt:

Paul tells Isabella that he found out her note from James is definitely from him. Fingerprints and typewriter type confirm it. He didn't confront him about it but feels the case is close to wrapping up. He's sure that if James can get busted for money laundering while in prison he'd have no use for Isabella anymore. He has the perfect ace up his sleeve: Isabella. He wants her to go through all of James' papers and personal items in hopes of finding a vital clue. She agrees to give it a try. He explains that he wants to wrap up the case as he cares about her and can't cross that line while she's still a client.

Jabot Boardroom:

Jack and Brad talk about Traci. Ashley told him about the situation with Steve. He asks about Colleen but Jack doesn't want to talk about it. Brad gets upset about shutting out of Colleen's life once again. Jack tells Brad that Colleen knows about the affair and will be taken care of by the family. Brad reminds him that he's her family too! He's angry that both Jack and Ashley are keeping him away. Jack tells him he's not needed right now and could only hurt the situation. Jack's reaction doesn't surprise Brad but Ashley's does. Later Jack tells Ashley that Colleen knows about the affair and Traci tells them that it only got worse. Colleen hates Steve now and Traci is at a loss as to what to do next. Jack suggests time to heal but Traci thinks letting it fEsther will only make it worse and wonders if she should go back to New York. Jack offers to allow Colleen stay while Traci goes back to NY for a while. She asks Ash what she thinks of the idea.

Chancellor House:

Billy arrives for a visit and fills her in on telling Jack about her working on the GLOW campaign. She's still a little nervous about her mom finding her but she feels safe with Billy. They speculate that the odds of Amanda even finding out about her by seeing the GLOW campaign are pretty slim. She tells him that before Kay can legally be her guardian Amanda will be informed. That makes her nervous. John Silva stops by with news for her. Amanda is nowhere to be found. They tried to contact her but failed. There's no need to keep trying to contact her as they have published an announcement and doubts her mother will ever see it. They decide to celebrate. She tells Billy she's not ready to tell Kay about her stepfather yet. Mac can't think of anyone who would tell Amanda where Mac is.

Outside Crimson Lights, Brittany contacts the homeless shelter Mac used to live at and asks if she can volunteer. Her 'friend' Mac told her all about the shelter.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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