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Traci decided to return to New York City. Jill convinced J.T. to join the Glo by Jabot team. Jack proposed to Phyllis. Tricia saw an apparition of 'Carter.' Victoria and Ryan made love. Malcolm considered taking Nate out of the country.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 2, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, July 2, 2001


Jack and Ashley meet with Traci who has decided to go back to New York to see Steve. Traci is unsure about what to do with Colleen while she is in New York. Jack presents the option of Colleen staying at the Abbott house but Traci is unsure about Colleen being around Phyllis. Jack tells Traci that Phyllis has changed a lot since she was married to Danny. Ashley suggests that Colleen could stay with her and Brad. Traci thanks Ashley for her kindness but thinks it might be better for her daughter to stay at the Abbott house.

Jill talks to J.T. about joining the Glo by Jabot kids for the summer. J.T. is resistant but Jill convinces him that this would be his opportunity to have a second chance with Mac.

Newman Enterprises

Alex walks in while Olivia and Neil are talking. The antagonism between Alex and Olivia is very apparent. Neil tries to keep the two women from arguing. Neil receives a call from Victor to come to his office right away. While Neil is away, Alex and Olivia try to discuss the HMO case on a non-personal basis. They each throw accusations at each other about how to handle the case properly. When Neil returns, they are embroiled in a shouting match. Neil lets them know that upon orders from Victor that he has to leave right away. Olivia tells him that she thought he would be there to coordinate once Lawson Medical contacts her. Neil says he will be back in a few days. Once Neil leaves, Olivia receives the call from Lawson Medical about her application and they want to meet with her now.

Abbott House

Colleen comes in while Brad is waiting for Traci. Colleen asks Brad if he knows about what Steve did to her mother. She screams that she hates Steve and that she never wants want to see him again then storms out as Traci arrives. Traci starts in on Brad and tells him that she knows that he felt it was time to overstep and become a real father to Colleen. Brad denies that and tells Traci that Colleen brought up Steve. Brad calms Traci and tells her he wants to help in any way he can.

At the pool, Sean is getting the kids ready to start taping for the summer campaign. Sean notices that Brittany is missing. Brittany is at the shelter trying to dig up info on Mac but gets nothing. Billy talks to Raul and wonders if something happened between J.T. and Mac. Raul calms his friend and says that Mac was only seeing J.T. to get under his skin. Jill arrives and presents the latest addition to the Glo by Jabot team -- J.T. Billy is not happy that his mother would do something like this. Jill admits that since Mac is on camera that they need another guy so Brittany won't be the fifth wheel. He asks to speak to her privately; he tells her that he doesn't want J.T. a part of the summer campaign. Jill tells Billy that he has to live with it; it's business.

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

Hotel Suite:

Jack surprises Phyllis with a romantic lunch. Over lunch Jack fills her in on Traci's plan to go back to New York to confront Steve. He comments that they always talk about his family and asks about hers. She's hesitant to talk about it but opens up. Her mom is an Ice Queen and a bitch. Her father wouldn't dare contradict her mother and doesn't want to talk more about it right now. They're nothing like his family she tells him. His family is far from perfect and mentions his own mother. He's so happy to have found Phyllis. He hasn't felt this way in a long time. She senses that he's up to something and he tells her he has had a great idea. He wants to prove to her how much she means to him and gets down on one knee and proposes. She is stunned.

Neil's Office:

Olivia tells the Lawson Medical representative that she can't meet him right now and will call him with a better time. Alex wonders why she didn't take the meeting. Olivia wants to wait for Neil but Alex says it's not necessary. Alex wonders if Olivia's cover story was a lie. She admits she had to cover which worries Alex. If he finds out she lied it could ruin everything. They argue about how they should handle the case until Malcolm interrupts. Olivia storms out before saying anything to him. Malcolm is surprised that Olivia is helping with the HMO case. He came looking for Neil and she explains he's out if town for a few days. He needed advice which Alex offers but Malcolm remains tight-lipped and promises she'll find out soon enough. Alex is still upset over her blow up with Olivia. She's worried she will push Olivia away from helping. Malcolm assures her that you can't help but anger Liv theses days. He tells her that his lawyer has filed for joint custody. Liv calls and explains that she's meeting with HMO rep in 30 minutes. Alex will be right there.


Olivia thinks about her previous conversations with Dr. Kimbrough concerning the HMO. It prompts her to call and make an appointment with Lawson. Alex shows before the meeting and they work out the details of what to talk about. Liv will meet him in her waiting room while Alex listens from the office. Liv explains why she wants to join Lawson. She could use more money and has heard that Lawson can be very profitable. She mentions all the right things to let him know she's interested in more money.

Pool House:

Jill introduces the newest member of the GLOW team: J.T. Billy refuses to allow it but Jill pulls rank and says it is a done deal. He explains to her privately that he and J.T. hate each other. That will make the summer very interesting she theorizes. Both Raul and he hate him so Jill polls the girls. Britt has not problem with it and before Rianna can say anything Jill assumes she doesn't either which leaves Mackenzie. Mac agrees to go along with Jill's decision. Raul hopes the rest of the board won't go along with Jill's idea. Jill explains to Sean why she's brought J.T. aboard. Sean thinks there's more to it than simply adding conflict. He wonders if the other board members will go along with it and is angered at her trying to feed him a line. It's obvious that J.T. is there only to throw a wrench in Billy and Mac's relationship. She admits that's true. Billy asks Mac why she didn't stand up to Jill about J.T. She sees it from Jill's side that they need someone for Britt to interact with. Anyone but J.T. Billy suggests. She insists that he's changed but Billy refuses to buy it. She's annoyed that he thinks her opinion doesn't matter. They're friends she insists but he thinks it's more. He saw them kiss but she reminds him that they weren't together then. He tells her she's asking a lot but she throws in Brittany and how hard that is for her. He insists that that's different since she was always apart of the campaign. Outside, J.T. and Britt talk about B&M. Britt's sure Mac is defending J.T., and as long as Jill is on his side he should be golden. Raul asks Billy to get his brother to kibosh J.T. but he tells him that he can't. If he does than Mac will think he doesn't trust her. They're stuck with him. Mac tells J.T. the news that he'll be staying. She warns him that he should stay out of Billy's way. No problem he assures her.

Abbott House:

Traci thanks Brad for his support with Colleen. Traci explains to her daughter that she's going back to New York to talk with Steve, which confuses and angers Colleen. How can her mother even think of taking him back. She refuses to go along too. Traci explains that Colleen will stay there with her family while Traci's in NY. She'll be gone a week or so.

Jabot Boardroom:

Ashley fills in John about Traci's decision to confront Steve and leave Colleen here for the time being. He hopes Traci won't reconcile at any cost and stands up for herself. Ash is sure Traci will see through any empty promises. Traci stops by on her way out of town to say goodbye. John reminds her that she will always have a home in GC. She cries and asks them to take good care of Colleen. Ashley asks Brad why he didn't listen to Jack when he said to stay away from Colleen. Brad doesn't take orders where his daughter is concerned and he really hates her attitude regarding Colleen. She simply thinks it's too soon for the girl. He tells her Traci is fine with him helping out Colleen and wonders if Ash has a problem with that. She tells him to stop being defensive. As long as Traci is fine with it so is she.

Wednesday, July 4, 2001

As Cassie and Noah play at the Newman family barbecue, Nick reminisces about the 4th of July celebrations of his youth. Nikki arrives and tells Nick that she's thinking of transferring Warton elsewhere. Nick believes Nikki has already gone beyond the call of duty, and believes that as long as the new job doesn't mess up Warton's probation, it's a win-win situation. Nick also thinks transferring Warton will help her relationship with Victor. Victor arrives with gifts for the children. Ryan arrives home from a bike ride, and he and Victoria discuss what they will do with their day off. She suspects Ryan doesn't want to attend the Newman barbecue, and Ryan suggests an alternative, as they kiss and make love. Ryan and Victoria recall the first time they met, the first time they made love, and their wedding day. Ryan hands Victoria some documents and she is surprised to see that they are divorce papers. Ryan is happy that they can now move on with the rest of their lives together. At Paul's apartment, Mary comments on Isabella's terrific cooking and how she should teach a cooking class. As they are speaking in the kitchen, Marissa comments to Lynne on how chummy Isabella has become with Paul. Lynne agrees, admitting she is reluctant to move out of the apartment until Christine returns because she doesn't trust Isabella. They both watch Paul and Isabella laughing on the terrace. Marissa remarks that Paul is acting as if Christine is gone, and Lynne responds that she will be soon if she doesn't come home. Malcolm arrives at the coffeehouse and surprises Nate with baseball tickets. Just as Malcolm tries to assure Mamie that Olivia will never find out about their visits, Michael and Chantal walk in. As Malcolm and Nate embrace, Michael spots them. He admits to Chantal that he's having second thoughts about taking Olivia's case.

Thursday, July 5, 2001

by Ruth

Phyllis is totally caught off guard by Jack's proposal and bursts out laughing. Jack explains that he is serious and she composes herself. Jack tells her he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Phyllis tells Jack that she needs some time to think about it. She has reservations because she loves him. Jack doesn't understand this, but Phyllis stops him from talking with a kiss. Brad attempts to break the ice with Colleen, but without success. John thinks Colleen would be better off staying with Brad and Ashley because he knows Phyllis will be a bad influence. Brad wonders if moving Colleen to their house would be disruptive for her. John agrees and decides Colleen should stay, but he will talk to Phyllis about her behavior. Although Brad and Ashley think Jack and Phyllis should move out of the house, John likes Jack living there and Phyllis makes Jack happy. Victoria and Nick talk about the family growing closer again, and how she plans to bring Nikki and Victor back together again. When Nick asks her about Ryan, she tells him that he may be cutting the cord with Tricia even as they speak. Keith and Ryan go to visit Tricia at the hospital. According to Dr. Burns, she is recovering well. Tricia tells Dr. Burns that she feels reborn. Ryan and Keith are glad to see how well Tricia looks. Tricia tells Ryan that she is sad their marriage is over, but letting him go is the right thing to do. Tricia realizes she is truly moving on, and tells everyone that she is checking herself out of the hospital today. Alex listens in on Olivia's interview with Dr. Ingersol. He tells Olivia how Lawson Medical will take care of her if she orders fewer tests. Olivia tells him she must think things over before she signs the contract. Warton overhears Nikki tell Leo that she's thinking about terminating his employment. Leo reminds Nikki that Warton's parole is conditional and terminating him may cause problems. Warton confronts Nikki and tells her he likes working there, but Nikki tells him she has only one option. Later, Nikki arrives at Yves' and is surprised to see Victor there. He tells her that he is there to have dinner with Victoria. Nikki is there for the same reason.

Friday, July 6, 2001

Pool House:

The GLOW kids get ready for the first webcast. Billy gets grumpy because of J.T.'s presence. Britt hopes he doesn't blame her for his presence after all Jill brought him on board because she didn't want Brittany to be a 3rd wheel. He doesn't blame her, it was his mom's decision. Britt later tells J.T. he should be ecstatic considering how Mac went to bat for him to let him keep his job. J.T. asks Rianna if his presence is affecting Mac in a negative way. If it is he will bail. Rianna doesn't think it will be a problem for her and believes him in his sincerity. Raul worries to Mac about how Rianna is dealing with J.T. considering they once went out and he hurt her badly. Raul doesn't believe J.T.'s changed either. That's in the past Mac tells him. He doesn't want Rianna to be uncomfortable all summer and asks Mac to find out how she feels about J.T. but she can't do that. Mac later takes the opportunity to ask Ri about J.T. She asks Rianna to assure Raul about her feelings for J.T. but Rianna remains strangely quiet. Brittany plays the part of the perfect team player which only irritates Raul and Billy. Raul resolves to focus on the positive.


Nikki and Victor realize they were set up by Victoria. Victor, peeved at his daughter's interference, tells Nikki to sit anyway. They sit in an awkward silence and eventually bicker over semantics of their situation. Nikki wishes the tension between them would go away which Vic blames entirely on her. Nikki's irritated with that and asks him to drop the recriminations. She asks him where things stand between them now but he doesn't know how to answer that. She realizes this is about Larry Warton. He doesn't understand her lately. Why, because she does things her way now? No, it's what she's done (i.e. Larry Warton). They revel how Victoria got them to meet there and Vic tells her Victoria suspected Nikki has changed her mid about Larry and asks her if that's true.

Crimson Lights:

Sharon and Cassie enjoy the afternoon at the coffee shop. Victoria tells them she's sorry she missed the Newman barbecue. Nick, Sharon and Victoria talk about the plot to bring Victor and Nikki together. Victoria also mentions Ryan's upcoming divorce. Sharon's thrilled for her sister-in-law. Nick fills in Sharon on Victoria's latest scheme with Victor and Nikki. They then discuss Nikki plan to give Larry a job elsewhere which would be the prefect solution to the tension. Larry shows up and thanks them for the invite which we learn was actually from Cassie who wanted to get him the smoothie she promised him. Larry thanks them for what they've done and how he appreciates their help. He's sorry for complicating things. He's very impressed with Nikki and is happy to have worked it out with her. They are amazed at how well he's taking the news of him leaving Jabot. He corrects them on that and explains that he's staying at Jabot.

Mental Hospital:

Tricia announces that she's checking herself out to a shocked Keith, Ryan and her doctor. Seeing the divorce papers made her realize it's time to move on. She realizes she's not cured but feels it's best to find a way to manage her insecurities herself. She assures them all that she's committed to getting better. She will still come to therapy and take her medication but would live outside the hospital. She will stay with Keith in GC. The doctor thinks it would be more beneficial for her to stay in the hospital. She sees her point but wants to take baby steps towards independence. She's not jumping back into her old life she just wants some more independence. She knows that she won't get better overnight and leaves the three of them to talk about it. The doctor maintains her reservations but asks if Keith is willing and ready to be there fully for Tricia. He assures her he is. With a strong support system this could work in Tricia's care. Keith will assume full responsibility and thanks Ryan for all his help. Tricia is happy to be going home as is Keith who reminds her that this is for a trial run right now. She agrees that if she slips at all she'll go back to the hospital. When no one's looking Tricia pockets her medication.

McNeil Apt.:

Victoria has dinner waiting for Ryan when he returns home. She wants to celebrate his freedom. He gives her the good news that Tricia has signed the divorce papers. He also tells her that Tricia checked herself out. Victoria is livid at that. Ryan assures her that she's changed but Victoria still thinks she's a lunatic killer who could strike at any time. They don't have much of a choice -- she's leaving.


Alex is very pleased at Olivia's spy work getting all the good dirt on Lawson straight from their representative. Thanks to Olivia they will deal a huge blow to Lawson. She thanks the doctor for all her help. Malcolm then bursts in and tells Olivia that she's gone too far. Her lawyer has gotten a delay in the hearing to allow for discovery. She's within her right to do so but he thinks she's lied. Michael arrives which only infuriates Malcolm more and makes veiled threats, which Alex curtails. Michael updates Olivia on his latest action in court. Olivia just sees Malcolm's outburst as yet another example of Malcolm's destructive behavior. He is still hesitant about her course of action. It's been a month and she has still made no headway with Nate. It will take more time she tells him and asks him to delay more if necessary. He still pleads with her to back down. Malcolm's sure that once Nate takes the stand he will ask the judge to let him see Malcolm but Alex suspects Olivia will use this time to wean Nate off Malcolm. He asks Alex how Olivia could delay this more. There are any number of ways to do it which pushes Malcolm too far. He's ready to play dirty now. If he has to he will take Nate out of the country.

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