The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 16, 2001 on Y&R

Tricia gave Noah a piece of candy. Olivia agreed to testify against Lawson Medical. Paul kissed Isabella. He found nude photos of Isabella and evidence incriminating James. Colleen moved in with Brad and Ashley. Brittany sought comfort from Sean.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 16, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, July 16, 2001

The Coffeehouse

Tricia is at the coffeehouse talking to Noah. She asks him if he likes chocolate and gives him a piece of candy. Nick and Sharon are talking about Tricia, discussing what they will do for the evening with the kids away. Noah comes in with the piece of candy and tells his Mom that a lady gave it to him. Sharon tells him that she told him never to accept anything from strangers. Sharon questions him about this lady and looks for her outside but Tricia is gone. Sharon does find out that the woman was blond and about her age which makes her very suspicious.

The Colonnade Room

Malcolm has surprised Alex with a re-creation of the prom she never went to in 1988. He has the songs from that year, a terrific dinner, they take prom pictures and she is crowned Prom Queen. Alex is overwhelmed by what Malcolm has done for her. She tells him that no one has ever treated her like that in her life.

The Abbott House

John is home alone with Colleen when Traci calls to check on her daughter. Colleen questions her mother why she is staying so long in New York and why is listening to this man who has betrayed her. Colleen runs out of the room in a huff after speaking with her mother. John calls Ashley to tell her and Brad about Traci's call and the effect it had on Colleen. John asks them to come over but Ashley asks them to come over to their house which Colleen agrees to.

The Carlton House

Colleen lets everyone know that she is not happy about her mother and stepfather being together. Ashley and John leave Brad and Colleen alone. Brad makes more headway with Colleen by telling her about her early life at the house. He tells her that this is the house she was born at and that he delivered her because her mother was unable to get to the hospital. Colleen seems to be very interested by her conversation with Brad.

Doctor's Office

Tricia goes to her doctor and tries to pretend that everything is okay. In the middle of her session, Matt appears. When the doctor leaves he alone, she asks Matt if he is impressed by her performance. Matt asks her what was her plan where Noah was concerned.

Paul's Apartment

Nikki arrives and Isabella is visiting with Mary. Mary tells Nikki that she really like Isabella. When Mary leaves, Nikki asks Isabella what are feelings for Paul but Paul arrives before she answers. Paul walks Nikki to the door and she cautions him about getting too involved with Isabella because if so it will be the end of his relationship with Christine.

Ryan's Apartment

Nick stops by and he and Ryan discuss Tricia. Nick tells Ryan that Victor went to Keith to try to get Tricia back into the hospital. Ryan asks Nick to try to help him by getting Sharon to less vocal about Tricia. Sharon arrives with Noah. While there Sharon talks about the woman who gave Noah the candy then starts searching for a picture of Tricia. When she shows the picture of Tricia to Noah, Noah confirms that she is the woman who gave him the candy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Dennison House:

Nick and Sharon stop by to see Tricia. Keith tells them she's at a therapy session and asks what it's about. They don't want to upset her but they need to talk to her about her recent trip to the Coffee shop. Tricia arrives and asks why they're there. She admits to going to CL because she wanted to apologize to Nick for her part in Matt's scheme. When she saw Sharon she chickened out. They want to know why she spoke to Noah. She admits that she gave him the candy but wonders why they so upset. She realized that she shouldn't have given him anything as she was a stranger to him and apologizes for the error. Sharon doesn't by her story but leaves. Keith asks his daughter what she was thinking going to CL. She admits she made a mistake. The therapy is making her realize all the terrible things she did and wants to make amends. She only wishes everyone could realize how sincere she is. She asks him if the mouse poison has worked yet and then plays with one of the chocolates.

Crimson Lights:

Victor is looking for Nick and Sharon but he just missed them. He notices Larry seated. Larry doesn't want trouble and offers to leave. Victor wants to talk to him about Tricia. He hardly knows her Larry tells him. Vic wants to know what he observed of her during her time with Matt Clark. He got the sense that she wasn't all there. Larry also senses that Vic might be trying to get him to incriminate himself but Vic assures him he wants info on Tricia and wants Larry to tell him everything. Matt always liked to keep her off balance. He got his kicks that way but never physically abused her that he knew of. He also doesn't think Tricia really understood what was going on, but once she found out what Matt was up to with Sharon she snapped into action. She wasn't a victim at the end. Victor agrees. Later Nick and Sharon return and see Victor. They tell him about confronting Tricia about her visit there and the candy she gave Noah. Nick tries to give her the benefit of the doubt but Sharon refuses. Victor wants to have the candy tested.


Isabella doesn't get the importance of James' cousin's cabin. The cousin was never questioned by police as far as she recalls. She tells him that James used to do all sorts of work at the cabin. Paul theorizes that James may have kept the dummy books at the cabin, which the police don't know about. He will go there to search for the books. She doesn't want to get her hopes up though. He's sure that what they will find will give her her life back. He's looking forward to once the case is over and the talk they will have. Her past is behind her and she likes that.


Gina asks Mary when Chris is due back but Mary has no idea. They talk about the rough time Chris and Paul have had in the marriage. The only bright spot in it according to Mary is Isabella. She has been a lifesaver for Paul. Michael overhears their conversation. Gina takes a call and Michael decides to speak with Mary. He tells her that he knows all about Paul & Chris' marital problems and asks about the mysterious Isabella. Maybe Christine would like to know more about her. Mary isn't surprised he would tell her about Isabella. She sets the record straight and explains that nothing was going on. Michael disagrees; Paul is obviously smitten. Mary almost tells him where to go but holds her tongue. She asks him to leave but he goads her about Paul's marriage and her low opinion of Christine. He thinks Mary's got her wish with Isabella, but how long will that last since there's not one woman on the Earth who's good enough for her precious boy. He pities the woman who falls for her son. She slaps him for that. He tells her he'll see her in church.

Colonnade Room:

Alex is enjoying her 'prom'. He was hoping they'd watch the sun rise. He jokes with her about the 'prom'. They share several romantic dances together. He offers either an all night diner or a club to dance. She'd rather they went back to his place instead. She takes one more look around and thanks him for giving her a prom.

Malcolm's Apt.:

Alex tells him that whole evening was perfect. He grabbed some souvenirs for her before leaving, which he presents to her. They enjoy a glass of champagne together and then head upstairs to make love.

Carlton House:

Ashley gets a call from Jack who tells John, Brad and Colleen that Jack had to go to California for a few days and would explain later. Colleen mentions meeting Phyllis and her offer to teach Colleen about the website. John obviously isn't too pleased with that but lets it slide. Ashley later tells Brad he should happy with the strides he's made with Colleen who has grown a lot happier lately.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Before leaving for the cabin, Paul kisses Isabella passionately. While he searches the cabin and finds nude photos of Isabella, she meets with Michael and learns about his confrontation with Mary. Colleen questions Billy about Brad. When Raul arrives, Colleen overhears them talking about her troubles and when Billy reveals that Brad is her birth father, she turns down their offer to join them at the pool and lets them know she doesn't appreciate them talking about her. Brad and Ashley arrive and hear about this trouble. Ashley calls Traci and insists that Colleen come live with them. Colleen watches as Ashley and Brad kiss. After making love all night, Alex suggests to Malcolm that she move in with him. Malcolm loves the idea but worries it would affect his efforts to earn custody of Nate. She agrees and confesses that she's falling in love with him which takes his breath away. Bothered by her lecturing father, Tricia calls her sister and encourages her to contact their father. Meanwhile, Keith tries to convince Victor and Sharon that his daughter made an innocent mistake in giving candy to Noah. Keith overhears the candy being taken away for testing. When Megan calls, Keith considers a trip to Boston.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

by Ruth

At the Glo by Jabot house, Mac and Billy gave each other back rubs while Jill, J.T., and Brittany glared at them. Shawn and Jill reminisced about being together and he convinced her that young love usually ended quicker than expected especially when left alone. Brittany listened in on their conversation and attacked Jill for giving in so easily. Jill proceeded to let Brittany know that they had never been allies, Jill just considered her the best of two evils. She reminded Brittany that she left her son in the snow to die and that she didn't need her meddling. After Jill left the room, Shawn found Brittany crying, and she melted into his arms.

Billy admitted to Mac that he regretted letting Brittany work for the Glo by Jabot House. Raul and Rianna talked about the summer before and he tried to find out more from her about what happened with her and J.T.

Keith Dennison agreed to travel to Megan's graduation, but insisted on bringing Tricia along. She said that she couldn't miss her therapy sessions, but he worked it out with her doctor.

Keith checked in with Victor to see if the candy incident could be forgiven and forgotten. Sharon was there and Victor seemed to cooperate with Keith. But just as he was leaving the office, someone from the laboratory came to see Connie and announced that he was there to analyze a piece of candy.

Paul Williams informed Isabella that he had found the evidence needed, but was quite cool to her. When Lynne entered the room, Isabella tried to smooth things over with her, acting like it was a given that, after the case was settled, they would be seeing each other more and more. Lynne wouldn't buy it, though. Paul locked up the photo album in his desk drawer with a sick look on his face. He had not revealed to Isabella what he had found there.

Malcolm ran into Nate and Olivia at Gina's by accident. Nate asked if he could stay with his dad while she was out of town and Olivia refused.

Friday, July 20, 2001

Abbott House:

Brittany cries on Sean's shoulder after being berated by Jill. Sean wonders why she wanted to be here so badly. She hated the way things ended last summer and wanted things to be better but Sean doesn't buy it. Either she's not in love with Billy as she claims because seeing him with Mac would be unbearable or else she's planning revenge. She won't talk about this with a virtual stranger. He asks what else is really going on. Does it have to do with her father? Is he physically or emotionally absent? He can understand it as he went through something similar himself.


Raul asks Rianna point blank what J.T. did to her. She tells him that she knew he didn't care about her but still stayed with him even knowing he had a thing for Brittany. She kept hoping he'd care for her but he never did. The only thing that got her to change her mind was being around Raul. He was everything J.T. wasn't and more. She soon realized what a bad relationship she was in and walked away. He thanks her for telling him about it and is relieved that it was nothing more than J.T. just being a jerk to her. She thanks him for opening her eyes to what a real relationship can be. He goes upstairs to grab some more supplies for the shop and J.T. shows up wanting to speak with Rianna.


Mac questions J.T. about Rianna who doesn't see the big deal. He wonders if she thinks he did something bad to Rianna. Billy interrupts after finishing his web chat. It's J.T.'s turn. J.T. tells himself that he's out of there. Billy asks what they were discussing but she doesn't want to get into it. Later Britt walks in on them kissing and asks where J.T. is. She goes to find him in the pool house but he's not there.

Neil's Office:

Victor stops by to asks Alex about the HMO case. She'd prefer to go over it with Neil first but Victor insists. It's good news she tells him. Lawson is going down and Vic appreciates her hard work. She thanks him for the opportunity to take on this case. Neil, her staff and Olivia were a big help. He asks if she's going back to Minneapolis but she might stay. Neil arrives and Victor lets Alex fill him in on the good news. Neil tells her to expect a job offer from Victor and asks what she'll say. She'll decide when the time comes. She changes the subject of the custody case and tells him about Olivia's stall tactics.

Malcolm's Studio:

Mamie stops by to ask about Malcolm's big plans for Alex. He tells her how he recreated Alex's high school prom for her. It was a big success. Mamie is relieved to hear that. He seemed down when she just walked in. He explains that is due to his recent run in with Olivia at Gina's. He asks her to take Nate to the baseball game in his stead. Mamie remembers that Olivia is leaving town for a while to go to a conference which gives her an idea. Once Olivia is gone he can be free to visit at the apartment as much as he wants. They have a whole week to themselves.


Neil drops in, just back into town for some lunch. He bumps into Olivia. He asks about the HMO case and she tells him how she got all the goods on Lawson Medical. She gives him all the details about how the meeting went. It worked out wonderfully and Neil is very grateful for her help. She's a little put off by his seeming astonishment that she would actually help. She takes offense to that. He never doubted her heart at all. He hopes they can take this effort and teamwork and apply it to their personal lives. He misses their friendship. She isn't responsible for building those walls. He sided with Malcolm against her. She doesn't really blame him as Mal is his brother but she can't get past it. He tells her she should drop the hostility. The judge is bound to side with Malcolm and if she keeps it up Nate is the one who will get hurt. Before she leaves she tells him she will be happy to testify in the HMO case.

Williams Investigations:

Paul meets with the Assistant US Attorney. He has information on the James Franklin case but will only divulge it only on certain terms. The lawyer scoffs at that but Paul plays hardball. He insists that the witness (Isabella) knew nothing about the laundering so the attorney agrees to grant immunity to her. Paul gives him the evidence and after going over it he concludes that the case won't even need to go to trial. James will go away for along time and she will never have to see him again. Lynn tells Marissa that Paul sure didn't seem happy for a man who just solved a big case. In his office Paul looks over the massage parlor album he found at the cabin. He puts it in an attaché case and heads out.

Williams Apt.:

Isabella tells Mary the good news that her case will soon be over. She plans on cooking Paul a celebratory dinner. Mary asks where that leaves things now that the case is wrapping up. Isabella hasn't thought that far ahead yet. She wonders if something is bothering Paul as he seemed distant the last time she saw him and can't figure out why. Later Paul returns home. He asks Mary to give him and Isabella some privacy. Isabella senses his distance and asks him to spit it out. He throws down the massage book and asks her if she recognizes it.

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