The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 23, 2001 on Y&R

Jack tried to convince Phyllis to have children with him. J.T. threatened to expose Brittany. Brittany anonymously posted Mac's full name on the Jabot web site. Christine saw Paul and Isabella kissing. Paul and Isabella made love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 23, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, July 23, 2001

Jabot Boardroom

Raul expresses his concerns to Sean about J.T. being on the summer project. Sean tells him that J.T. is quite popular and will be around for the entire summer. Jill comes in as Raul is leaving and asks Sean what is wrong with Raul. Sean tells him about their conversation regarding J.T. and the subject turns to Brittany. Sean asks Jill what happened between Jill and Brittany to make her cry. Jill tells Sean that she just told Brittany some truths about life. Jill, however, does not want to talk about the kids but changes the subject to them.

Jabot Boutique

J.T. confronts Rianna about their failed romance and he apologizes for treating her badly when they were together. Rianna asks him if he ever felt anything for her. J.T. tells her he thought that it was just a teen romance in which they had fun and then it was over. He also tells her he did not realize how upset she was until he spoke with Mac. Rianna gets angry with J.T. and tells him that she knows the only reason for his apology is for Mac to see him in a better light but he is wasting his time. She tells J.T. that she is going to make sure that Mac knows the kind of user he is and that he hasn't changed at all. After J.T. leaves, Raul returns and she tells him that she missed him and he is the best thing that has ever happened to her.


Billy and Mac are spending some time alone when Brittany finishes her chat and tells Mac that it is her turn. When Mac leaves to chat, Brittany ask Billy if he misses her. Billy says he is going to take a swim. Brittany then starts to talk about Sean and that he tries to be Mr. Know-it-all and she doesn't buy it. As she is going off about Sean, Mac comes back from her chat. She hears the end of what Brittany was saying. Brittany leaves. She asks Billy if it is possible that Brittany likes Sean. Billy says it would be wonderful then she'd be somebody else's headache.

Neil's Office

Alex fills Neil in on what happened with Malcolm and Olivia while he was away. Neil leaves to see his brother. Neil returns and tells Alex that Malcolm seems to be on an even keel. He asks her if this news has put her mind at ease. She says that she is glad because she does not want him to do anything to jeopardize his chance when he does have the hearing.

Malcolm's Studio

Neil comes over to try to console his brother. Malcolm conveys how angry he is with Olivia and her plan to delay the custody hearing. The model that Malcolm is working with sees his tickets for the baseball game he wants to take Nate to. She tells him that his tickets are for the same time as their next shoot. Malcolm says that he isn't going to miss this game.

Ryan's Apartment

Victoria arrives for an impromptu takeout dinner. Victoria tells Ryan that she wants to get away. They dance and promise always to make time for each other.

Paul's Apartment

Paul confronts Isabella about her past. She tells him that there are a lot of things in her past that he doesn't know. He asks her what is it in her past that he should know. She tells him about her strict Catholic upbringing, about how her father treated her when he found out that she was working in the massage parlor. She tells him that once her father found out what she was doing that he never spoke to her again. She tells him that the reason she didn't tell him about her past is because she couldn't bear for him to turn away from her like her father did. She asks Paul why didn't he didn't just let her leave when she wanted to. He tells her that it's not about the massage parlor; it's about the truth. He tells her that trust means everything to him. She asks him to let her go. He asks her if she really wants to go, are there any more secrets. She tells him no and he takes her in his arms and kisses her. The front door opens and Christine comes in and is shocked by what she sees.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001


The recently returned Christine remembers seeing Paul and Isabella kissing at her apartment the night before. She wonders how he could have done that to her. Michael is surprised to see Christine at the office. She's been offered an extension on her Australian job. She has accepted the offer and will be going back later that day. He can't keep running things himself. If he's not happy about their partnership she is happy to dissolve it. He doesn't want to do that, but she insists that it the Australian job is something she has to do.

Williams Apt:

Paul thinks back to sleeping with Isabella the night before. Lynn notices his distressed look and asks him about it. Isabella interrupts and Lynn excuses herself to go to the office. Isabella tells Paul how much last night meant to her. They kiss again. She was upset she had to stay in the guest room with Lynn instead of with him but understands why. She doesn't feel that they need to hide their feelings anymore since her case is over now. They need to talk, he tells her. Last night shouldn't have happened.


Victor finds an upset Gina and asks what's bothering her. She motions to Michael and tells him about his recent scene with Mary Williams at the restaurant over Christine and Paul's marriage. Victor asks Michael what's going on with Christine. He explains to Victor that Christine accepted a consulting job in Australia which has delayed her return to GC. Victor speculates that Michael is behind her being out of town and warns the lawyer to watch his step. Later, Christine stops in and notices Victor. They exchange pleasantries and asks about her job. When he asks how long she's been back she tells him "To long".

McNeil Apt:

Ryan and Victoria enjoy the morning together. They agree not to talk about Tricia but then get a call from his lawyer. The date for his divorce hearing has been set. He's excited to be finally able to move on with his life, with Victoria. She mentions marriage but they need to take time to figure out where they want to go. He mentions their lousy track record in marriage. They agree to take things slowly and she suggests finding a place for them. He rules out the tack house and she 86's his apartment from his marriage to Tricia. Ryan wants to ask Keith how Tricia is taking the news of the divorce but gets the machine. They wonder where Tricia and Keith are.

Pool House:

J.T. and Brittany arrive early for the day. Britt's brought mail from home that she hasn't gotten to yet. She asks why he blew off his chat yesterday. He went to the boutique to straighten things out with Rianna but it blew up in his face. As she rifles through the mail she sees that her letter to Mackenzie's mother was returned back to her undeliverable. J.T. notices the letter and questions her about it. When she refuses to say anything he threatens to tell Mac about it. She threatens to tell Mac about their fling last summer. They reach a stalemate.

Chancellor House:

Esther mentions to Kay that Jill hasn't come home the two previous nights. She frets that she spends the nights with Sean. The news of a Sean/Jill pairing surprises Mackenzie. She wonders what Billy will think of Jill's "Mrs. Robinson" romance. Billy arrives to pick up Mac for work. Kay reminisces about her own summers when she was a teen and her first boyfriend Charles. Life was so simple back then and so fleeting. She asks them not waste the time they have together.


Jill surprises Sean with breakfast. Their meal is interrupted by a delivery of a sofa that Sean didn't order but he figures out that Jill is behind it. He appreciates the gift but has no intention of keeping it. She just wanted to make some sort of an impact on his life like he has on hers. He tells her she has made a huge impact on him. He changes the subject to Brittany. He speculates as to her true motives for wanting to work on the GLOW campaign. He's worried Britt could be a wild card. Jill doesn't think Britt has a chance to break up Billy & Mac but he points out that Jill was constrained by her concern for her relationship with Billy, Brittany isn't.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Nick and Sharon tell Victor, Keith Dennison called to tell Nick he was in Boston with Tricia. Victor wonders why Keith never called Victor in the first place to tell him. Victor calls and Tricia answers the phone. Victor asks Tricia how she is doing. Tricia tells Victor she is in Boston for her sister's graduation. Tricia tells Victor she is trying to make amends with her sister. Victor asked Tricia, "shouldn't you be sorting your own problems first before you sort out other's problems." Victor gets the sample back from the lab and it turns out the candy sample was just plain chocolate and sugar. Nick and Sharon are relieved. Carter says Victor has a mouth "like a steal trap" and feels like he's Tricia's "devil's advocate." Victor sees an impression of Tricia "wearing a mask." Victor thinks it was Tricia's idea to leave Genoa City but he could be wrong. Victor says "there's nothing more dangerous with a woman with an agenda." Tricia says "the best way to surprise your enemy is to be unpredictable." Tricia says to Carter, "stick around and you'll find out."

John Abbott is curious if Jack has joined Phyllis in California for her convention. Ashley asks John if he is still okay with "the situation." Colleen asks Brad how he and Traci broke up in the first place. Brad tells Colleen in the simplest terms, "We just grew apart." Brad tells Colleen after they split, Traci met Steve and they grew together. Colleen asks Brad if Steve was the cause of their breakup. Before Brad could answer, Heidi the babysitter appeared. Brad takes Colleen to dance class and sees Ashley in the Jabot Boardroom. Ashley is proud of Brad and how he's handling this situation.

Olivia leaves for her Conference trip. Olivia decides to visit Michael Baldwin for some advice. Olivia tells Michael her relationship with Nate is diminishing and Nate doesn't contact much with Olivia anymore. Michael is unsure that he can't help Olivia any further with her case. Olivia is taking Michael's advice for a change. Olivia doesn't like stalling the court hearing but she is confident that that no matter how much she stalls, she thinks the Judge will grand Malcolm visitation of Nate. Olivia's flight is delayed for a few hours. Olivia decides to go back home and try to sort things out with Nate. Olivia needs to do some soul searching. Malcolm stops by and Nate is anxious for Malcolm to take him to the Cubs Game in Chicago. Alex warns Malcolm not to do anything foolish. When Mamie returns back from packing, Malcolm leaves Mamie a note stating that he took Nate to Chicago. Mamie is shocked Malcolm would take off with Nate alone. Mamie is worried Olivia is going to find out about this whole mess.

Jack tells Phyllis he can't wait to have children. Phyllis is still upset over the fact that she lost Daniel to a man "that isn't Daniel's biological father." Phyllis thinks she is "an unfit mother" and feels like Jack is pushing the "children" subject down Phyllis's throat. Phyllis doesn't want to become a mother again and gives back Jack's ring. Phyllis told Jack it felt like he's using her to "carry his child." Phyllis tells Jack he could have any woman he wants to do that for him. Jack tells Phyllis he doesn't want any other women. He wants Phyllis Summers, the woman he's fallen in love with. Jack would be "honored and proud for Phyllis to carry his child" and says, "It would be one damn good kid." Jack loves Phyllis and wants Phyllis to be the mother of his children. Jack hopes that with Phyllis having his child, it would "heal old wounds" and give Phyllis a proper sense of "love" that she never had with Danny. The love Phyllis felt for Danny was based on "deception" when she was carrying Daniel. Jack hopes he can turn Phyllis's life around with the birth of "their baby."

Thursday, July 26, 2001

by Ruth

Victor was suspicious of Keith and Tricia's trip to Boston, so he called the number that Keith had given to Nicholas. Tricia answered and went on and on about how she needs to earn the forgiveness of her family members -- a little too much for Victor's taste. Even though they received negative results for poison in the lab tests on the candy, he wondered if she was hiding behind a fašade with some type of agenda in mind.

Back in Boston, Tricia talked to Matt about her conversation with Victor. He warned her not to say too much -- Victor had a mind like a steel trap and nothing could get by him. She was unfazed and vowed to keep her enemies guessing. . .

Malcolm and Alex were having an early lunch when she discovered his Cubs tickets for that day's game. She thought that he was taking her but became very upset when she realized that he wanted to take Nate behind Olivia's back. She talked him into allowing Mamie to take him so he called and told Mamie that he would be there soon to tell Nate in person. When he arrived, Nate was so anxious that Malcolm caved in before he knew what was happening. They left a note for Mamie telling her that they had left for the game. . .

Meanwhile, Olivia had said her goodbyes then stopped by Michael Baldwin's office before going the airport. He interrupted his endless pile of work to talk to her. He asked Chantal to check on her plane reservation and they spoke privately. She told him that when her son looked at her it felt like daggers plunged into her heart. She had figured that Malcolm would have screwed up by now for sure. This meant she would be rethinking things on her trip, not necessarily giving in. The news of a two-hour delay of her flight came from Chantal. She left Michael's office to return home while she waited for the plane's departure. . . .

Before he took her to her first dance class in Genoa City, Colleen asked Brad about why he and her mother had broken up. He said that sometimes life throws you a curve ball and that they had grown apart. He dropped her off and met Ashley at Jabot. She was very supportive like she has been lately while he questioned his handling of the situation with Colleen.

Jack and Phyllis were right back in the heat of things after she realized that he wanted to have children with her. The wounds were still too fresh and she couldn't stand the possibility of people thinking that she was an unfit mother once again. He was very understanding about it. He refused to give in, though, even after she handed the ring back to him. He insisted that their marriage would be the total opposite of her marriage to Danny. He said that their child would be such an amazing person and that he would be "very, very proud" to walk beside her as she carried their baby and through out their lifetimes. In the end, she caved in to his sincere words of love and let him put the ring back on her finger. . . .

Friday, July 27, 2001

Neil's Office:

Neil gets a call form Mamie who's looking for Malcolm. Neil asks why she's anxious to talk with his brother but she will tell him later. Alex enters and asks what's wrong. He mentions the mysterious call from Mamie. She hopes it's not about the baseball game in Chicago. She explains how she found out about the Cubs game and Malcolm's idea to take Nate. She thought she got through to him though and wonders what he's thinking.


Malcolm and Nate make a pit stop at a diner on the way to Chicago. Mamie calls him on his cell phone and gives him hell for taking off with Nate. He tried to tell Nate that they couldn't go but once he saw Nate he couldn't go though with it. She's worried something will go wrong.

Olivia's Apt.:

Mamie is frantic, trying to decide what to do about Malcolm and Nate when suddenly Olivia shows up. Her flight was delayed so she'll wait for a while at home. Mamie panics when Olivia wants to see Nate. Mamie covers by saying he went to the movies with his friend Doug. When the plane is still delayed with no apparent ETA for repairs Mamie grows more and more anxious. Olivia confesses to her aunt that she's starting to have a change of heart about the case against Malcolm. Mamie is surprised at the news and leaves the room to fill in Malcolm on Olivia's return to the apartment. They agree to meet at Gina's to get Nate back home without Olivia knowing. Later Mamie tells Liv that she has to run an errand and will be back ASAP. Olivia then calls Doug's mom. Expecting the machine Olivia is surprised when she answers. Liv wonders who took the boys to the movies but Doug's mom doesn't know what Olivia is talking about. Doug is away at camp.


Nikki gives a distributor hell. Larry overhears and is impressed with her business savvy and toughness. She asks how he's doing and he tells her how blessed he feels. Later he bumps into the mail girl who asks him out for a drink. When he realizes it's a group thing, he bows out. Nikki overheard and wonders why he turned down the offer. He doesn't think he can handle himself well in group situations. What does he have in common with any of those people. She tells him he's underestimating himself. He has something to offer people. A food delivery arrives for her and she asks him if he'd like to join her for dinner.

Hotel Room:

Jack still waits for an answer from Phyllis about his second proposal. She still has doubts about her mothering abilities. He tells her they will take it all one step at a time. He loves her. She admits that she's never felt this way about anyone in her life. He asks her to take a chance on them, but she can't. If she takes off the ring it'll ruin the surprise for their engagement party she teases. She tells him that no one has ever said the things he's said to her or shown her the respect and love he has to her. She tells him that she loves him too and hopes his faith in her isn't misplaced. They talk about how to break the news to his family. She's nervous about it all but he assures her they will face it together.


Sean proposes having a cookout at the Abbott pool house to end the day. Brittany can't make it due to family obligations. Billy asks Sean not to push J.T. into the group too much. It just creates tension. J.T. asks Mac about her mom. She bristles at his questions and asks him to drop it. Billy picks up on her tension and asks what he said to her. She tells him what J.T. asked and asks him to let her deal with it. Billy wonders how J.T. knew she even had a stepfather. She thinks he must have just assumed it. Billy is really irritated that J.T. asked about her personal life. She admits that she still gets a chill thinking about her mother. Sean asks Mac to take a chat.

Crimson Lights:

Brittany curses her bad luck when she looks at the letter she sent to Mac's mom that was sent back to her. Cody asks about the letter but Britt is vague. He's sure she can make her problems go away. Britt's friends are irritated that Britt is spending the summer hanging out with her ex and his nerdy girlfriend. She's better than that and wonder why she's doing that to herself. She lashes out at the girls as being jealous who retaliate that she's nothing but a doormat now. She notices on one of the computers that Mac is doing a chat. She finds one of the people chatting and spills a drink on her to drive her away form her computer. She uses the girl's net ID and chats with Mac. She tells Mac that she knows Mac in real life from the homeless shelter. She tells Mac how impressed she is with her considering all she's been through. Mac is disturbed by the questions and asks not to speak about it but Britt doesn't let up and tells everyone how Mackenzie Browning is an inspiration. Mac freaks seeing her full name on the internet.


Mamie meets up with Malcolm and Nate. She explains about the plane delay and her cover story about the movies. Nate agrees to go along with the story to protect Malcolm. Mamie worries about how she's going to explain how she just happened to pick Nate up. "Don't worry about it Aunt Mamie." spits out Olivia. " I already know the truth."

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