The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on Y&R

Michael kissed Isabella. The judge granted visitation to Malcolm. Malcolm proposed to Alex. Billy told Mac that he loved her. Brittany kissed Sean on-camera. Tricia daydreamed about poisoning Ryan and Victoria. Phyllis was rushed to the operating room.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, August 13, 2001

The Ranch

Sharon is at home working when Cassie interrupts to ask her Mom if they are going to have the barbecue to announce the new baby. Sharon tells Cassie that she can't do it today. So Cassie goes up the main house and calls the entire family to come there as soon as possible. When everyone arrives, wondering what is going on, Cassie appears. She tells everyone that the food is all ready and Noah announces that his Mommy is having another baby to the surprise of everyone in the room.

Williams House

Paul surprises Isabella at his mother's house. Isabella asks Paul if he is still planning to go to see Christine. Paul tells Isabella that the reason he has not gone to see his wife is because there is no point to see his wife. He tells her that Christine was in town and the apartment, the night that they made love. He tells her that is the reason why Christine served him with divorce papers.

The Coffeehouse

Rianna tells Billy and Mac that she is planning to leave the Glo by Jabot campaign. She tells them that she believes that Raul is about to break up with her and she does not want to be around him with the way he now feels about her. Mac takes Rianna to talk privately while Billy talks to Raul. Billy tells Raul about Rianna plans and Raul wants to see Rianna because he thinks he has a way to fix things between them.

Billy and Mac's Private Place

Mac tells Rianna that she should reconsider before leaving the summer campaign. Rianna feels she does not have any other alternative. Rianna tells Mac that she told Raul everything about her and J.T. -- that J.T. was the first person that she made love to. She thought he loved her at the time. She also tells Mac that she told Raul that when they have their first time together that it would be very special because of the way they feel about each other. Billy and Raul arrive and Rianna does not want to see anyone. Billy and Mac leave Raul and Rianna alone, Raul kisses Rianna and she asks him if the kiss means what she thinks it means.

The Courthouse

The judge asks to bring Nate to the witness stand before she makes a decision against the objection of Olivia. Nate takes the stand and the judge tells him to tell the truth about how he feels about Malcolm and how he feels about not being able to see Malcolm. Nate clearly states that he loves Malcolm and that Malcolm is a good father to him. He tells the judge that he loves his mother but doesn't really understand why he can't see his father. The judge takes a short recess and makes her decision. She says that both Malcolm and Olivia are at fault for the recent turn of events. It is true that Malcolm is not Nate's biological father but Nate considers him to be his father. The judge tells Olivia that depriving Nate from seeing Malcolm because of her feelings may have some relevance but it is hurting her son. She tells Malcolm that circumventing the rules set by Olivia is not the way to make points. He is not to make up his own rules regarding the upbringing of Nate. The judge rules that Malcolm should have regular visitation privileges and Olivia and Malcolm need to work it out, if they cannot, she will. After the judge's ruling, Nate tells his mother that he loves her and runs over to his father and hugs him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001


Nick and Sharon celebrate the baby news with the family. They're all shocked but happy for the couple. Nikki takes the opportunity to tell them about her trip to Brazil for Jabot. They wish her well. Victor expresses concern for her, which she hopes is respect if not longing. Nick and Sharon go over baby names and count their blessings. The baby that she's carrying saw her through some of her lowest moments.


Paul stares at the divorce papers unable to accept the end of his marriage. Jack stops by to ask Gina to cater his and Phyllis party. He notices Paul and invites him and Christine to the party. Paul accepts and finally tells Jack about the divorce. Phyllis overheard and interrupts. She and Jack talk about how a disagreement over children led to the end of the marriage. Jack assures her it won't happen to them.


Michael arrives at work to find Isabella waiting. She tells him that Paul has asked her to stay in town but is still obviously hung up on Christine. She's bored at Mary's and wants to go dancing with the lawyer. Michael reminds her that they can't be seen together. She turns on his stereo and entices him to a sexy dance. After the dance he kisses her and tells her how much simpler things would be if she had fallen for him instead of Paul. Paul bangs on the door demanding to see Michael. Isabella hides while Paul hands Mike the signed divorce papers. He promises Michael that he will pay for his part in the divorce.

Crimson Lights:

Brittany moans t Cody how boring her day off was. She spots Sean and decides to join him. She mentions that her birthday is coming up if he's looking for another excuse to throw a GLOW party. She makes a point of mentioning that it will be her 18th birthday (i.e. she'll be legal). He sees through her attempts to make trouble. J.T. arrives later and Britt complains that he wasted an opportunity to get Rianna again.

Abbott House:

Billy and Mac talk about Raul and Rianna and hope that they are making up. Mac tells him that the whole situation reminds her how Billy slept with Brittany and how it got to her. It's different than with Raul he tells her. Their first time will be special because he loves her.


Raul and Rianna kiss. She's happy that he seems to have forgiven her. He makes a move on her but she pulls away. Not like this she tells him. He wonders how she could have sex with J.T. but not with him whom she claims to love. Either she doesn't care for Raul the way she claims or else she's still in love with J.T. Either way he tells her it's over.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

At the doctor's office, Jack and Phyllis are there because of Phyllis's awkward symptoms near her abdomen. Dr Walker runs some tests to make sure Phyllis is okay. Dr Walker wants to run some more tests on Phyllis and wants to admit her to the hospital as soon as possible. Billy and Colleen talk about how Brad is now an important part of Colleen's life. Colleen still resents Steve as to how he hurt Traci. Colleen somehow wishes "Brad would be [her] father in every way." Billy tries to smooth things a little in explaining that Steve does love Colleen and has been her "DAD" ever since she was little. Colleen is a bit confused and says that she doesn't want "two dads in my life. I only want one Dad." At first, Colleen pretended like Brad never existed. Ashley feels Colleen "is headed down a dangerous road" and hates arguing with Brad. Brad was a bit offended that Ashley called Traci to come back to Genoa City and see Colleen. Brad thinks Ashley is being a bit "paranoid" with the situation and tells Ashley, "I want to be involved in Colleen's life now. I missed out on most of her childhood." Brad will not dismiss the fact Colleen is his natural daughter but doesn't like Ashley's attitude towards the situation.

Today is Nate's first visit to Malcolm's since the court proceedings. Nate wonders why Olivia is still bitter against Malcolm. Nate mentions to his mother, "The Judge thought you were wrong. How can you still think you are right?" Neil then stops by to check on Nate and Olivia. Nate told Olivia he had to do what he felt right about supporting Malcolm. Olivia tells Neil "I don't plan on getting over this anytime soon." Neil felt bad about his friendship diminishing with Olivia and surprisingly asks Olivia out to dinner. Olivia doesn't feel this is a good idea. Malcolm and Alex talk about living together. Now that Malcolm's court date is over and he won visitation with Nate, Malcolm feels he neglected his relationship with Alex and wants to move onto the next level. Malcolm CANDIDLY proposes to Alex, out of the blue. Alex is totally shocked.

Ryan's court date is here. Tricia and her father, Keith Dennison, show up to the court. This surprises Ryan as he thought Tricia wanted nothing to do with the proceedings but get the divorce over and done with. Victor Newman shows up to, in order to keep an eye on Victoria. Victor is shocked Tricia showed up at the hearing. Victor talks to Keith and was upset Keith never mentioned about going away or when he was due to return. Keith replied "nothing was set in stone until early this morning" Victor then asked "was it Tricia's idea to return for the hearing?" Ryan is on the stand, testifying that his marriage is "irretrievably broken." The Judge looks at the decrees for divorce and returns back to his Chambers. Tricia is outside the courthouse, getting a glass of water and overhears Victoria talking to Ryan about how she has "never been happier" with the way things are going between them. Tricia is a bit distraught at what she heard and is not taking the situation lightly. Tricia was very diplomatic about the proceedings and Keith feelsshe is learning to "find closure" in her own way.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

by Ruth

Jack brings Phyllis to Reese's office where Phyllis tells the doctor that her stomach pain has been getting worse lately. Later, Reese orders Phyllis admitted to the hospital so they can run some more tests on her. With her dad by her side, Tricia explains to Ryan that she feels she needs to be at the divorce hearing for a sense of closure. After Ryan testifies that his marriage is over and Tricia concurs, the judge decides to consider the decree in his chambers. Victor watches as Tricia hugs Ryan who agrees their marriage is over. Victor offers to help a tired Keith take care of his daughter but Keith won't allow it. Later, Victor admits to Ryan and Victoria that he's not sure about them living together. Ashley explains to Traci that she wants her to come to town and take Colleen to live at the mansion with John and Jack. Brad overhears her and confronts her about what she's trying to do. When she screams at him about her concerns, he announces that it's time for a change where Colleen is concerned. When he suggests how great it will be to have two dads, Colleen angrily tells Billy she never wants to see Steve again. As Malcolm prepares for a visit with Nate, he surprises Alex by asking her to marry him. Meanwhile, Neil finds Olivia angry about Nate's overnight with Malcolm. She orders him to get out but he insists that they get past this.

Friday, August 17, 2001


Jack comforts Phyllis as she awaits more tests. Jack asks Reese for some answers but he has nothing new to report. Jack brings Phyllis some presents form the gift shop when she experiences another pain. She covers around him as they look through bridal magazines for a dress. But the pain is too much and begs him to get Reese. They take her to the O.R.

Victor's Office:

Victor tells Victoria and Ryan he doesn't think they should live together. He thinks it will push Tricia to do something desperate. Victoria appreciates the concern but they aren't worried. Victor tells them not rely on Keith to keep her in line. Nikki stops by to say goodbye before she leaves for Brazil. Victoria and Ryan take the time to slip out. He tells Nikki about Ryan and Victoria's living arrangement plans. She understands that he's worried about Tricia finding out. Nikki suggests involving Paul. He wishes her well in Brazil and hopes she comes back soon. They say they'll miss each other. He tells her he's thinking back to all they shared together. It's not over she tells him. They kiss. That was for good luck he tells her. It won't be the same without her he says.


Tricia flashes back to overhearing Ryan and Victoria planning to live together. Keith tells her he can't find her attorney and asks if they could go home but she wants to be there when the judge makes the divorce official. Keith then mentions his conversation with Victor and questions why she pressed him about going to the hearng at the last minute. She asks what Vic said to make him doubt her. "Matt" taunts her that she doesn't stand a chance against Victor Newman. She assure shim she can but is more concerned about Victoria and Ryan living together. She's disgusted with the thought of Victoria moving into her home and her bed. "Matt" asks what she plans to do about it. It's time to get even, she tells him. "Matt" is tired of hearing Tricia blow hot air about revenge. It's time she actually did something. As she tells him off Keith walks in and sees her talking to no one. He asks her what she's doing and she says she was just thinking out loud.


Alex laughs at Malcolm's proposal, thinking he's joking again but he assures her he's serious. She suspects he's proposing to secure his visitation rights. Malcolm tells her it's all about her and nothing else. She thinks he's letting his emotional high from winning visitation get the best of him. He loves her and wants to make it official. She thinks it's way too soon. There must be no doubts in her mind and right now she has some. He tells her he understands. She has to run out for a meeting and tells him they will speak later.


Neil insists on taking Olivia out for dinner to get her mind off Nate's visit with Malcolm. She wonders why he'd want to spend time with her since they argued over Nate and Malcolm. He wants to put that behind them but she's not sure she's ready. Liv rails against Alex's influence on Nate but Neil defends her. Neil tells her that the worst thing she can do is keep complaining about it. Get over yourself he tells her. Nate is doing great. She tries to accept the decision but it's difficult. Is she worrying too much? If it takes over her life she is, but he promises he won't let it happen. She agrees to go out with him when he vows to make her have some fun again.


Sean and Mac talk about Raul and Rianna who are working at the Boutique. He was over there and didn't see anything wrong. She reports this to Billy who take it as a good sign. Billy's mood sours when he notices Jill arrive. He doesn't want to think about her and Sean together at all. J.T. chats with Colleen who's spending the day with the GLOW kids. Britt tells J.T. that Raul and Rianna are working at the Boutique and getting along fine. Looks like he missed his chance to get back with her. J.T. sees that Britt has her eye on Sean. Jill senses Billy's tension about Sean and wants to talk abut it but he doesn't want to talk about it. Jill thinks Mac is behind Billy's attitude change but Mac tells her that's not her style. Jill tells Sean about Billy's misgivings about their relationship. Sean's sure he'll get over it but Jill wants to know why he's got such attitude. J.T. tells Brittany that she's dreaming if she thinks she can get Sean. She looks forward to the challenge. Jill realizes that Mac isn't the one who turned Billy against them; it was Brittany. She vows to make sure Britt's not part of any future GLOW campaigns. Sean reminds her that Britt is very popular with the viewers. Britt has an idea to make some drama and kisses Sean right in front of a camera... a kiss that Jill spots.

Crimson Lights:

Ryan and Victoria look forward to living together. She's upset her dad is down on it but Ryan promises her it will be all right. Larry overhears and mentions Victor questioning him about Tricia a few days earlier. Larry's surprised to learnt that Tricia was released. She was off her rocker when he knew her and he heard she's only gotten worse. He tells them to call him if they need help. When Victoria points out how Larry seems to have truly turned into a model citizen it makes Ryan questions Vic's instincts since he was against Larry being paroled. They head out for a romantic rendezvous. Larry tells Cody he finds it hard to believe that Tricia is so much better.

McNeil Apt:

Ryan and Victoria arrive home to find a bottle of champagne waiting for them. They assume it's from her family and enjoy it, toasting to the end of bad memories. As they kiss Tricia shows up, asking if they meant her when they said 'bad memories'. She hopes they enjoyed her gift. They realize the champagne was from her and start to feel pain. She tells them it must be the rat poison she slipped in it. Ryan tries to call for help but is overcome with pain. But it was nothing more than a daydream of Tricia's, who is still in the courthouse.

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