The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 27, 2001 on Y&R

Phyllis returned Jack's engagement ring. Victor agreed to let Tricia move in with him, and he reactivated surveillance in the penthouse. Raul and J.T. got into a shoving match over Rianna. Mac's mom spotted Mac on the Jabot web site.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 27, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, August 27, 2001

Gina's Restaurant

Paul and Isabella are discussing the state of their relationship. Isabella tries to push Paul to tell her what his true feelings are. She continually asks him where they stand. Paul tells her that he doesn't think it's fair for him to ask her to stay in town. Isabella storms out after telling Paul that he invited her to a public place so she wouldn't make a scene. Gina asks Paul for Chris' address because Danny wants to send her photographs of Daniel. Paul wonders why Danny is reaching out to Chris now.

At Mary's house, Isabella smashes down a picture of Paul and Christine then Paul arrives. Paul tells her that he needs to tell her something.

The Coffeehouse

Billy and Mac discuss Raul and Rianna's breakup and Billy hopes that they can work things out. Mac tells Billy that Raul tried to force Rianna to have sex with him to set things straight. Billy can't believe that Raul would do a thing like that.

Rianna is sitting alone when J.T. arrives. J.T. offers to try to make up for how he treated her when they were together. J.T. tells Rianna that he feels responsible for all of her troubles right now. J.T. asks her to go out to a movie. Rianna agrees on the condition they it is only as friends and without any ulterior motives on his part, he agrees.

Newman Enterprises

Neil is in Victor's office discussing Alex staying permanently at Newman when Connie comes in to tell Victor that there was no answer at the Dennison house. Victor gets worried that Keith cannot be located. Victor asks Connie to call Keith on his cell phone. Connie comes back and says that a woman answered Keith's phone and she hung up on her. Connie comes back and tells Victor that there is a call from security at the building he just bought.


Jill comes into the boardroom to ask Jack how she made the invitation list for his party. Jack takes out his bad mood on Jill. John comes in to break up their bickering. Jill leaves when no one tells her what's going on with Phyllis. John asks Jack if he has made any decisions regarding his relationship with Phyllis. Jack leaves and goes to the hospital.


Malcolm is trying to cheer up Phyllis. Phyllis tells Malcolm that she thinks there is nothing for her and Jack since she can't have a baby. Outside Phyllis' room, Jack arrives and fanaticizes that he is their to see Phyllis and their new baby daughter. He cries at the door before composing himself to enter the room. Malcolm leaves. Phyllis tells Jack that because of her prognosis, she thinks it best that she set him free and breaks off their engagement.

The doctors work on Keith as Tricia questions the doctor about his condition. The doctor tells Tricia that he doesn't have any answers until they do more tests. While alone, Matt is pushing Tricia to act now while she has the opportunity. They bring Keith back from his tests and his cell phone rings. Tricia answers but doesn't identify herself but when the caller identifies herself as Victor Newman's secretary, Tricia says she can't talk and hangs up.

Tricia goes to Ryan's apartment. Matt tells her that this is not the place for them to be. Matt tells Tricia that she needs to act while she has the time. Tricia decides to go somewhere else, opens the door to leave and there stands Victor Newman.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Michael and Malcolm argue about whether or not Jack should be allowed to see Phyllis as his presence upset. Inside the room, Jack refuses to take back the engagement ring. She argues that he wants children and she can't so there's no point in them continuing on. She throws the ring at him and he reluctantly takes it and with a sad face leaves the room.

Paul and Isabella talk abut their situation. He reveals to her that he once forgave Christine for an affair she had (with Danny) before they were married. The fact that she can't forgive him tells him that she no longer loves him and the marriage is truly over. He asks her to stay in town and see if they can make something happen between them. He proves to her that he's serious by inviting her to Jack and Phyllis' party. Later Mary is surprised to see Paul and Christine's wedding album destroyed.

As Tricia decides to leave Ryan's apartment before she can be spotted she opens the door to see Victor standing there. He demands to know what she's doing there. She composes herself and explains that she feels safe in her old place and needed to seek comfort. When he demands to know more she reveals that Keith suffered a stroke. When he checks out her story he offers her a ride home. She gives him her apartment key and swears she will never come back.

Sharon confides in Victoria that she's worried about the baby. When Victoria asks why, Sharon reveals that several months back Matt slipped her "roofies." She wonders what they might do to her unborn baby.

Sean comes up with an idea for Brittany's birthday that will create something fun for the viewers to watch: an all-night party. Jill's against it as she still has a grudge against Britt for pulling that kissing stunt with Sean a few days back. Sean insists on it and she relents. He tells the news to the GLOW kids. J.T. presses Britt about her designs on Sean. She insists that she's in control and to watch what happens next. She then goes on-line under an alias and plants more info about Mackenzie on the net hoping to stir up trouble.

Kay is surprised to see Lauren back in town. Mac is excited to see her again too since she helped her out with the prom last year. She tells Lauren the good news that Kay is now her legal guardian.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Katherine and Lauren chat about Jill╣s young beau, Sean.

After Victor finds Tricia at Ryan╣s and Victoria╣s apartment, he has her tailed. Tricia has more heated discussions with Matt about how to keep Victor in line. Tricia visits Victor and proposes that she move in with Victor so he can keep an eye on her.

Nick and Sharon discuss expanding their house for the new baby. Cassie volunteers to give the baby her room.

Jill and Mackenzie bury the hatchet. Mackenzie shares with her why Billy doesn╣t like her relationship with Sean: that he is afraid she will be hurt by the younger man. Jill accuses Sean of being "hot" for Brittany now that she is 18. Brittany posts some personal information about the kids of Glow by JABOT, including information about Mackenzie and her past. Mackenzie and Raul are glad the site has come to an end.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

by Ruth

Tricia and Victor discussed her moving into the penthouse with him. She stated a good case -- he was interested in her recovery just like she was, and she needed someone to rely on while her father was sick. While they were talking, Victoria stormed into the room, surprised to see Tricia there. She was appalled at the idea and was totally shocked when Victor accepted Tricia's proposal. Victor sent Tricia off with the driver to pick up some things, then he would meet her at the apartment.

Traci brought Colleen to the office to tell Brad some good news about dance class. Colleen ended up dancing for them, thrilled to show off for her parents. Brad was very proud and Traci could see that it was good for Colleen to have Brad in her life.

In the lab at Jabot, Olivia visited with Ashley about the situation with Colleen and Brad. The news was grim, and Ashley felt powerless to do anything about the growing relationship between her husband and her niece. Traci arrived asking if her ears should be burning -- Olivia left and the sisters had another unpleasant conversation concluding with Traci's wish that Colleen stay on at the Carlton home.

Jill was acting her normal jealous self with Sean before he left for work at the poolhouse. He tried to convince her that Brittany wasn't getting anywhere with him, but she wouldn't accept it. On his way out, he told Jill that Brittany may be young, but Jill was the one who was acting like a child. . .

At the poolhouse, Raul found Rianna and J.T. enjoying the day and came UNGLUED! He argued with Rianna, he started fist fighting with J.T., then he escaped to the poolhouse for his turn on the chatroom. Mac checked on him but found him to be uncooperative. She offered a snack or drink, but he refused. Soon Raul was alone and not feeling very well. He staggered his way to a can of soda, and drank it quickly. Out by the pool, Brittany's cake was making an entrance and she was making a speech. No one even tried to look like they were having fun and her words were superfluous and empty. Underneath it all, she was enjoying every minute. . . .

Cassie presented her vision of a new room with a skylight to her parents. Nicholas added a bunk bed and everyone was excited to get going on the project. The family decided to go on a weekend vacation to Lake Geneva. Nick spoke lovingly to his wife, feeling glad that she was smiling and seemed to have stopped worrying about the pregnancy. . . .

Friday, August 31, 2001


Victor is having his old surveillance system from the time Diane lived there reactivated. Victoria continues to Pesther Vic with questions about how he could allow Tricia to live with him. He needs to do this to protect his family. He assures her the security system will keep him safe. Later, when Tricia shows up, Victoria is there to wish Tricia good luck. Vic tells them he must be off to work. Outside he tells Victoria he knows what he's doing.

Dennisson House:

Tricia packs her things while "Matt" congratulates her on a brilliant move. She gives him credit for it and also thanks him for reminding her to include all the Newmans, not just Victoria and Ryan. Victor values family above all. And she will use that to destroy them.


Malcolm meets up with Alex for dinner. He has a surprise for but will save it. She enjoys being engaged she tells him and apologizes for making him wait. His patience helped her make the decision easier. He decides it's time for the surprise and presents her with a ring. She's ecstatic.


Britt is all smiles while the other kids are all somber. The Last night of the campaign has no one happy. After learning from Mac that chatters learned some personal stuff about the GLOW kids, J.T. accuses Britt of being the leak but she points out she was slammed too. He's still suspicious though. Sean pulls her aside and tells her he overheard her telling J.T. that she plans on getting all her irons in the fire. She needs to change how she deals with problems or she'll never be happy. If she really wants to talk he's willing to listen. She wonders why he's reaching out to her now. Raul, Mac and Billy talk about how times have changed for them. Should he have seen how things were with Rianna last summer. Mac assures him that Ri's feelings for him are real. They tell Raul that maybe in time they can have it back again. He goes to the Pool House to speak to Rianna when he spots Rianna and J.T. kiss.


Ashley can't believe that Traci has done a 180 where Brad and Colleen are concerned. They agreed that Colleen shouldn't be too attached to Brad but now Traci has changed her mind. Ash reminds her that Colleen wants to replace Steve with Brad and it isn't healthy. It would be best for everyone if Traci and Colleen moved back to John's place Ashley says, but it's Traci's decision. Traci realizes there's risk but there's risk either way. Bottom line, she's Colleen's mother and it has to be her choice. Ash relents and won't ask them to leave.


Brad and Colleen continue to bond when they are surprised by a call from Steve. He wants to speak to Colleen who resists until Brad asks her to speak to him. She does but turns down his invitation to spend a couple of days in NY. Later Traci and Ashley pop by and they all make plans for dinner. Brad fills her in on Steve's call. Ash tells Brad she prays her concerns are misplaced.


A cleaning woman is taking a break by doing some online shopping. She shows her coworker how easy it is by buying some cosmetics online. They go to the Jabot website and accidentally stumble into the GLOW section. The other woman is confused when she sees the GLOW webcast. She is startled when she recognizes one of the girl's on the site. "It can't be...." She asks her shopping friend to help her find out more info. They go to the chat room. They ask who the girl in the white top is and Mac, who's on chat, answers "It's me, Mackenzie." The shopper woman asks her friend "What's gotten into you, Amanda?"

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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