The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 3, 2001 on Y&R

Tricia realized Victor had her under surveillance. Victor rehired Paul to watch Tricia. Neil noticed Alex's engagement ring. Jack proposed to Phyllis in public. Ashley sulked while Brad and Colleen danced. Jill broke things off with Sean.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 3, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, September 3, 2001

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air today. Coverage will resume on Tuesday, September 4th. This pre-emption was planned and there will be no lost episodes.


Tuesday, September 4, 2001


Tricia wakes up and Victor offers her coffee. She reports that she spoke to the hospital and there's been no change with Keith. They talk about her anxiety over staying at the house while Keith was in the hospital. She tells him that if has changed his mind she won't be upset if she has to go back. He tells her he has not. His driver will take her to her therapy or anywhere else. She understands she must earn his trust. Before he goes he tells her that the upstairs is off limits. After he's gone she looks up the staircase but before she goes up, "Matt" tells her not to. He warns her not to say anything and calmly walk down the stairs. Does she really think Victor hasn't wired the place to spy on her? He's watching her. Downstairs a security guard is watching her walk around the Penthouse. "Matt" tells her not to do anything to attract attention, all while not tipping them off that they know about the surveillance. She cannot have anymore conversations out loud with him. She calmly sips her coffee and reads the paper as she subtly looks around.

Victoria's Office:

Victoria updates her brother on Tricia's new living arrangement. She blames herself for forcing Vic to take this risk but Nick reminds her that she's not the only one on Tricia's hit list. Victor interrupts and asks Nick what he thinks. He assures his children that he's in control. Victoria suggests setting Tricia in her own apartment that's wired just as much as the Penthouse. He tells them it won't work, not after the talk he had with her this morning. She said she'd go back home if she wanted him to. This is the best way to keep an eye for her. They can't commit her since there's no evidence. She can't sneak around thanks to the security system. He's not scared of her and when he's through with her, she won't be a threat to anyone.

Williams Investigations:

Lynn and Marissa are surprised to see Paul in such a chipper mood. He tells them he finished up a case ahead of schedule because he has plans for later. They don't know about anything business-wise and Lynn worries about it. Marissa assures her that it couldn't have anything to do with Isabella since she's long gone. Later Mary stops by to see Paul. She bought him a new tie to wear for dinner. Lynn overhears them talking about his plans with Isabella. Lynn asks Mary about it and Mary tells her that it was her idea to have Isabella stay. Mary is offended by that and says Isabella is the only thing that got Paul out of that depression. Lynn blames Isabella in part for the marriage failure but Mary thinks Isabella is a very honorable woman with no bad intentions.


Malcolm visits Phyllis who's being released today. He wonders if the party is still on since he hasn't heard any different. She wonders that too. Malcolm doesn't understand. She says Jack hasn't mentioned it which is a good thing since there's no way she's going now. She asks about Alex and when he doesn't go into details she asks him not to feel bad about being happy around her. She'll be fine. He hopes she does go the party but she assures him she will not. As he leaves, she blurts out that she and Jack broke up and also tells him about the engagement. Malcolm tries to tell her that Jack loves her even if she can't have kids but she's not so sure.

Abbott House:

Jack is overseeing the decorations for the party. John wonders if this means that he and Phyllis have worked things out. Jack tells him that the engagement is definitely off. John expresses sympathy and suggests canceling it. But Jack says it's too late. He argues the points of both staying broken up and getting back together with her. Michael Baldwin overhears and asks him how he could not want her back. Michael is there to speak to Jack about Phyllis. John wants to throw him out but Jack will listen to him. Mike asks if he's going to drop Phyllis just because she can't have kids. He argues that Jack is treating her like damaged goods and he should be ashamed. Get over it and let her know it doesn't matter that she can't have his child. He's done everything to convince her that her experience as a mother won't happen again. Mikey points out the hypocrisy in asking her to overcome her fears but not his of growing old without kids. Jack asks Michael why is it that SHE was the one to break off the engagement. Michael is thrown by that but maintains that it is still Jack's priority to have kids. He suggests in-vitro but Jack has done the research and won't put Phyllis through the emotional and hormonal wringer that it would do. Michael suggests changing his own perspective when it comes to kids. He's crazy if he lets Phyllis go.

Neil's Office:

Ryan asks Neil about Malcolm and Alex who tells him about the engagement. Neil hasn't thought about it too much since Malcolm and Alex have been so busy. Ryan wonders if they've broken up and that's why he hasn't seen his brother lately. Ryan suggests asking Alex what's going on but Neil isn't sure if it's a good idea. If they've broken up then there's nothing stopping Neil from acting on his feelings. Alex interrupts before they can continue and Ryan leaves them. Neil notices the ring and she explains that Malcolm gave it to her. Neil's thrown by it. She meant to take it off so that both she and Malcolm would tell him together but since the damage is done there's no harm in telling him the good news. She understands his shock since the last time they spoke she said she was going to wait. She explains why she changed her mind. Malcolm coming back and was so sweet with her and offered to wait. That's when she realized she didn't need to wait anymore. Neil offers his congratulations.

The Lodge:

Mary and Isabella have breakfast together. Isabella tells Mary that she and Paul have reached an understanding. They will take things slowly. Later, Isabella asks the waiter if they rent rooms there too and asks to book a double for that night.

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Jack shares his disappointment over the broken engagement with Ashley.

Jack goes ahead with the party because it is too late to cancel it. After talking with Jack about Phyllis and their engagement, Michael visits Phyllis in the hospital. He tries to convince her to go to the party anyway. She says Jack was relieved when she gave him back the ring. She agrees to go to the party- to "go out in style."

At the Abbott party, Ryan encourages Neil to tell Alex how he feels before she marries his brother and it will be too late. Neil resists and tells Ryan he is off base. Malcolm is angry with Jack for the way he has treated Phyllis so he and Alex leave the party early.

Tricia has realized the penthouse is under surveillance and continues her conversations in her head. She "says" to Victor "You have no idea who you are dealing with" and contemplates slipping something into his drink. She also arranges for Sharon to come to Victorıs penthouse. When Sharon arrives, she is shocked to see Tricia and is immediately frightened. Warton warns Nick about Tricia's vendetta against them and Nick quickly leaves the coffee house.

Mac and Billy come to the party together and Billy says she looks more beautiful than prom night. After Sean tells her about the party, Brittany crashes it and then sings a song to Sean. While she and Sean are dancing, Jill arrives and is shocked to see them.

Gina Roma is John's date for the party.

Thursday, September 6, 2001

by Ruth

At Victor's apartment, Sharon confronted Tricia, asking her what she really had in mind, knowing that she would never ask to stay with Victor unless she had something up her sleeve. Tricia stuck by her story, that he main goal was full recovery and that Victor was merely helping her out temporarily. Nicholas arrived just in time to prevent an outburst by Sharon, then took his wife to see Victor. Later, Tricia talked to herself about what she should do next. If she couldn't get revenge on all of the Newmans, perhaps "cutting off the head of the snake would kill the whole serpent."

At Jack's party, Jill ran off when she saw Sean dancing with Brittany. He followed her to the mansion, waiting at the door until she finally let him in. He repeated that he had no feelings for Brittany. Jill told him that she didn't like the way that the situation was making her feel and act, so whatever it was that they had between them was going to have to come to an end.

Lauren kept a close eye on Paul and Isabella, and asked Katherine if she could stay around awhile longer in light of the fact that there were so many handsome men in Genoa City. Katherine agreed, but warned her not to start something with Paul. She vowed that she wouldn't bother them, but listened in on the couple making plans for later that evening. Just then, Victor called Paul away and Paul promised Isabella that he would meet her at the Lodge in an hour. Victor wanted Paul to take over security at the apartment, because the other service firm should have notified him when Sharon entered the building to visit Tricia.

Ashley finished up her attempt to convince her brother that it was OK to break up with Phyllis while she waited for her husband to show with Traci and Colleen. Jack resisted despite her discouraging words. When Brad found his wife in the pool house, she was cold to him, telling him about her talk with Jack and that marriages often have troubles even when they start out on steady ground. Later, when Gina and John sang a romantic dance number, Ashley tried to ask her husband to dance, but he reached his daughter first.

Phyllis and Michael made a grand entrance at the party. She was acting a little too animated, shaking Isabella's hand over and over and over again. Michael tried to calm her down, but she wanted to have fun one last time before she returned to her world that felt like it was ending. Jack spoke to her briefly, but she walked away before he could really say anything. During the dance, Phyllis watched the couples dancing and looked at Jack with tears in her eyes. She asked Michael to take her home and he tried to change her mind, reminding her that her tears meant that she and Jack were really meant to be together. They started to leave anyway -- then Jack stopped everyone in order to make an announcement. He thanked everyone for coming and explained the original purpose for the party. "Something had happened" to change their plans, but it had also convinced him of what was really important in his life. He raised his voice, took Phyllis' hand, and proposed marriage to her in front of all of their guests.

Mackenzie had been talking to her grandmother about how it was best that her father had been away all summer and didn't know about her name being brandished about on the Glo by Jabot chat room site. Katherine wondered if she was still worried about her mother coming to town and causing trouble -- oh no, the summer was over, and everyone had probably forgotten about it by now. Meanwhile, a stranger approached the bar at the coffee house. She asked Cody if he knew a girl named Mackenzie Browning. He asked who wanted to know -- her name was Amanda. . . . .

Friday, September 7, 2001

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air today. Coverage will resume on Monday, September 10th. This pre-emption was planned and there will be no lost episodes.

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