The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on Y&R

Ashley confided her fears to Victor. Lauren convinced Isabella to stay in town. Paul punched Michael. Sharon had a nightmare about Matt and the baby. Traci and Steve decided to reconcile and return to New York. Colleen ran away.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, September 24, 2001

The Lab

Victor is trying to comfort Ashley regarding her problems at home. She tells Victor that she brought this all on herself. Ashley loses her composure and tells Victor that he is not the person who she should be talking to about her marital woes. She runs out of the lab very upset and Victor appears to be very worried about her as he leaves the lab.

Carlton House

Steve confronts Traci about her true feelings for Brad. He asks her if she is starting to have feelings for Brad again. She tells him that Brad is not the problem in their marriage, it's the woman he had an affair with. Traci also tells Steve that she thinks it's alright for Brad to begin to have a relationship with Colleen. Steve apologizes for the affair and tells Traci he wants his family back. Brad enters and Steve to go back to his hotel room. Traci asks Brad what should she do about her marriage. Brad tells her the selfish part of him wants her to end her marriage and stay in town so he can have more time with his daughter. He tells her that it is ultimately her decision and he and Ashley will support her no matter what decision she makes.


Lauren is alone when she sees Isabella arrive. Isabella wonders to herself what is going to happen now that she's pregnant then Lauren asks to join her. Lauren questions Isabella about her relationship with Paul. Isabella tells Lauren that she can go after Paul if she wishes but he is still hung up on Christine. Lauren tries to convince that she might be better off to leave town, Isabella blurts out that she is pregnant with Paul's child.

The Coffeehouse

Nick arrives and Sharon begins to tell him about the encounter between Warton and Tricia. Katherine, Victoria and Esther arrive to discuss plans with Sharon for her baby shower.

Newman Enterprises

Malcolm visits his brother and finds out that Newman has made her a very generous offer. Neil tells Malcolm that Alex has yet to accept their offer. Alex arrives after meeting with Michael Baldwin at Gina's and tells a stunned Malcolm and Neil that she is declining the Newman job offer.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001


Victor asks Ashley what's bothering her. She tells him about Brad's refusal to have a baby with her and confides her fears that Brad's more connected to Colleen than Abby and her. He tells her that he will always be there for her.


Alex tells Malcolm that she's turned down the job offer. He's very confused but she claims that corporate law isn't her thing. Neil does his best to defend her decision. Mal tells his brother to hold off telling Vic the decision until he can change her mind. Alex working with Neil would be best for everyone, Malcolm tells Neil. In her office, Mal reminds Alex how they got together in her office. She puts off his romantic advances as she has work to do before packing up. He thinks she should find work before quitting. She admits that she already has another job. She doesn't mention where though as he expresses happiness for her in her new job.


Sharon and Nick make more baby plans. They get into a romantic mood as they talk about their future. Later as they sleep, Sharon has a dream about the baby and Matt Clark who tells her that he left his mark on both her and the baby. She tells him the baby wasn't affected by the drugs he gave her. He thinks she's not sure about that.

Abbott House:

Traci and Steve talk about their almost reconciliation. She admits to getting carried away with the idea that she and Brad and Colleen could have been a family again. She asks him if he thinks they can stay together. He believes they can if she wants to. She tells him that anything she had with Brad pales in comparison to him. She lives him and wants to go home with him to NY.

Carlton House:

Colleen is dismayed to learn that Steve has not left town and is working on getting back together with Traci. Brad does his best to tell his daughter that it would be best for all if Traci and Steve did reconcile. Colleen tells him that she doesn't need Steve now that he's back in her life. Maybe he and Traci can get back together and be a family again. Brad sits her down and tells her that will never happen. He apologizes for letting her fantasy get this far. He cares for Traci and always will, but Ashley is his wife. She cries and runs out.


Lauren is shocked when Isabella tells her she's pregnant. She isn't planning on telling Paul and she still plans to leave town. He's not over Christine and she doesn't think he ever will be. Lauren realizes that Paul doesn't know about the baby. Lauren tells Isabella to tell him, but she remains adamant that it is her decision. As she gets up to leave she has a cramp and dizzy spell. Lauren tells her to put off leaving town until the morning.

Williams Investigations:

Michael, acting as Christine's attorney, visits Paul about the divorce proceedings. The date's been set for next week. Mike asks Paul about the beautiful woman he was with at Jack's party (Isabella). Paul tells him it's none of his business. Michael keeps pushing his buttons by saying that the divorce is best for all and maybe Isabella can help him get over Christine. Paul punches him out in anger. Later, Paul puts away his pictures of Christine. He calls the hospital asking about Isabella and learns that she's been discharged.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Alex tells Malcolm that her new job is with former adversary Michael Baldwin.

Isabella is staying with Lauren at the Chancellor mansion. Gina confides in Paul that since the divorce is in progress that he needs to get on with his life.

After waking from a nightmare about Matt Clark, Sharon worries about the health of her unborn child.

After reconciling, Traci and Steve tell Colleen they have reunited. Ashley confides in Jack that her marriage is in serious trouble and that she is threatened by Colleen. After Victor consoles Ashley, he assures her he will help in any way because he doesn╣t want to see her hurting.

Tricia accuses Victor of watching her continuously and then setting her up with Warton at the coffeehouse. As a result, she tells him she has no other option but to move out of the penthouse.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

by Ruth

Jack found out that Victor had been there to comfort his sister. He tried to get through to her that Victor always has an agenda and that he still wants to be with Ashley. She insisted that he was just being a good friend. Then Jack moved onto the issue of Brad's behavior. She admitted that they were talking, but each conversation was a waste of time. He told her that Brad would have to answer to him if he didn't straighten out. She thought to herself that it may be too late. . .

Tricia had told Victor that she planned to move back into her father's place and he was questioning her about that before her therapy session. She said that she needed to be somewhere that was comfortable for her and he was not making things easier for her. He cautioned her against a hasty decision but knew that he could not keep her there against her will.

Malcolm took the news that Alex planned to work with Michael Baldwin very, very hard. He asked about how it happened, he warned her about his history and behavior, he almost came right out and forbade her to do it, but she stood her ground. She had done her homework and knew that this would be a good career move for her. The whole thing made Malcolm question whether he knew her as well as he thought he did. .

The baby shower was about ready to get underway while Lauren and Kay helped set up chairs. The "visitor" of the night before was mentioned, but Lauren didn't want to offer any details about her identity. Kay took that well, saying that it was a trait she enjoyed about Lauren -- never a dull moment.

Nikki included a note with her gift offering news of her work in Brazil. More guests arrived, including Lynne and Marissa from Paul's office. Lauren made it a point to ask them about how things were going at the office and wondered where Marissa had come from. Lynne made a hasty exit into the living room, away from Lauren. She mentioned to Marissa that they were finally rid of Isabella and now there was Lauren to deal with.

After Tricia left for her session, Victor talked to John Silva and Paul Williams about his options. The words "wiretap" and "recorded conversations" came up and John had to excuse himself. He warned Victor that Tricia could press charges if she found out that he was invading her privacy.

At Brad and Ashley's, Traci, Steve, and Brad tried to break the news of the family's return to New York to Colleen as gently as possible. She did not accept it at all, and blamed Brad for being just like the others. They told her that she wasn't losing anything, but Colleen felt that she would never trust Steve again and didn't see how her mother could consider it. She went upstairs to pack, then Steve followed, trying to talk to her some more but, to no avail.

Sharon began opening presents at the party. Nikki's gift was a beautiful brush and comb set from Brazil. Cassie was so excited about the new baby -- she knew that it would be the most perfect baby in the whole world. That reminded Sharon of her dream where Matt told her that he left his mark on both of them. She looked a little funny, then tried to get back into the swing of things without anyone realizing what was going on.

Brad was able to enter Colleen's room, but he did not get through to her either. He told her that he would always be a part of her life, he loved her, and that he was willing to wait until she was ready to talk. While he, Traci, and Steve talked about plans for departure, Colleen wrote a note to her mother. She sealed it up and set it on top of the armoire in her room. She made a hasty exit out the back door before anyone realized that she was no longer there. . .

Tricia talked to her therapist, masking her true feelings as usual. The doctor didn't feel very comfortable with these quick decisions that were being made -- she insisted on continuity and routine. Tricia promised that she would stay where she was going -- her medication and her sessions there were so very important to her. Matt was coaching her all along -- he praised her efforts after the doctor left. Soon the nurse brought in the medication, Tricia paused before taking it. Next thing she knew, Victor was at the door. Matt told her not to let him talk to her, but she told the nurse that it was fine. He was following up on a hunch -- would she take her medication with him watching or wouldn't she. . . .

Friday, September 28, 2001

Doctor's Office:

Tricia confronts Victor over him barging into her therapy session. Vic wonders why she won't take her meds in front of her. "Matt" urges her to kill him with the nearby letter opener. She stares at it intently. As she reaches for it she takes the medication instead. "Matt" pleads with her not to take it and when she does he tells her to throw it up before it's too late. He insists on waiting for so she just goes along with him and leaves. "Matt" screams at her not to leave but as she does he vanishes.

Carlton House:

Colleen leaves Traci a note as she runs away from home. Downstairs Steve and Traci wonder what's keeping Colleen. They want to get back to NY ASAP. Brad tells them to give her some time. Jack shows up in a huff looking for Traci and instead goes after Brad for what he's doing to Ashley. He wants to bond with Colleen but at what expense? Brad assures Jack that he has done everything he can to reassure Ashley how committed he is to her and Abby. Traci and Steve interrupt with their good news. Jack's thrilled and relieved and asks how Colleen is dealing with it. Traci goes to get Colleen but can't find her. Jack tells Steve to behave and Brad cuts in with sarcasm over Jack's 'experience' in marriage. Steve shows up and figure that Colleen is downstairs in the kitchen. They don't notice the note has fallen. Traci and Steve return with the news that Colleen is missing. Jack suggests splitting up to find her. Later they still haven't found anything, neither has Mamie at the Abbott house. She's not at the dance school or the boutique either. Brad leaves with an idea. He checks her bags and sees they're empty. He then notices the fallen note and reads it. Traci is furious over Colleen's behavior until Brad fills them in.


Ash thinks back to her confiding in Victor about her problems. Phyllis interrupts looking for Jack. She compliments her on the Boutique campaign. She tells Ash that she's taking after her and Victor's lead. They are competitors, but remain close friends. Phyllis senses that she pressed a button by mentioning Victor. She would hope they could at least civil with each other. She tries to reach out to Ashley for Jack's sake but Ash isn't reaching back. Phyllis assumed that Ash would be in a better mood since her sister and Steve have reconciled. Ash didn't know anything about it and snaps at Phyllis for interfering. Phyllis has had it. She keeps turning the other cheek but Ash keeps slapping it. She warns Ashley that if she keeps it up she's going to lose her brother.

Crimson Lights:

Nick tells Larry to keep Sharon out of any more schemes he comes up. They speculate on Tricia's state of mind. Larry has no idea what she's up to but is certain she's dangerous. He feels bad knowing what Matt did to her (the date rape) but Nick wonders how they can be sure that actually happened. Did Larry see him give her the pill? He was not but he did see the pills and knows what they did to her. Nick tells him that Tricia did some nutty things before meeting Matt and maybe he didn't need the drugs work. But then why would Matt brag about using them if he didn't have to?

Chancellor House:

The baby shower for Sharon is in full swing. Sharon is plagued by thoughts of Matt and what he may have done to the baby. Cassie gets her back in the spirit of things but Doris can tell something is wrong. Sharon confides in Doris her dream of the baby and Matt. Doris urges her to get Matt Clark out of her head. He's dead and cannot hurt her anymore. Lauren spots Lynne and asks about Paul. Lynne is skeptical about Lauren's motives. She's convinced Lauren is a vulture and hopes she leaves town before she finds out Isabella is gone. Mac congratulates Sharon on the baby who tells the teen how special a baby is when the time is right. Mac wonders if her mom ever felt that way about her. Sharon makes a speech thanking everyone for their support and the wake-up call it gave her.

Victoria's Office:

Victoria and Ryan decide to get some work done but she finds that all the work she thought needed to be done already is. She wonders how it could have happened and Ryan confesses to doing it so that she wouldn't have to work late. He has a surprise for her.


Tricia and Victor argue over her leaving. She realizes he still doesn't trust her and she can't be in that kind of environment. If she wants to leave she can but maybe she should re-think her strategy. She should think of what it be like to live alone in her father's house. "Matt" returns and urges her not to listen to Vic. Vic tells her he was impressed that she took the pill in front of him and is sure that he will come to trust her one day. "Matt" continues to tell her not to listen and get rid of the pill. She excuses herself to the bathroom. She later returns and Vic notices she looks pale. "Matt" tells her she did the right thing. She agrees to wait a few hours before making her decision about moving. Vic leaves for work and will see Tricia later. A zombie-like Tricia stares dwon "Matt" who's disappearing. He pleads with her not to give in to the pill's effects.

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