The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on Y&R

Nick grew worried that Matt had raped Sharon. Ryan and Victoria discussed getting married in Greece. Olivia's hostility toward Malcolm softened. Mac discovered Colleen at the homeless shelter. Paul confronted Lauren about Isabella. Isabella left town.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, October 1, 2001

The Coffeehouse

Nick and Warton are discussing Matt Clarke drugging Tricia when Sharon and Cassie return from the baby shower. The men cover by saying that they were talking about football so Sharon would not know the real subject that they were talking about. Warton leaves and Nick follows him out and thanks him for covering for Sharon's sake. Nick is also surprised that Sharon didn't mention that Warton told her about the date rape drug Matt used on Tricia. Nick leaves. Victor arrives and brings a gift for Sharon and it turns out it's the same gift that Nikki sent from South America.

Billy and Mac discuss going back to school. Mac leaves because she has an appointment at the shelter. After Mac leaves, Jack arrives and tells Billy that Colleen has run away and Victor overhears.

The DA's Office

Nick goes to see DA Richards regarding the items that Matt Clarke left behind. He is looking to find out if Matt left behind some pills like the ones he used on Tricia and Sharon. He finds out that there were some pills that were analyzed which turned out to be the date rape drug.


Raul is waiting in line to register for class and Brittany is standing behind him. Brittany is excited about starting their senior year in high and school and Raul is happy too because after high school, he can go to college away from Genoa City. As Brittany is getting her books, J.T. appears. Brittany tells J.T. that now that Raul and Rianna are over, he has a clear field. J.T. tells Brittany he is moving slowly as another girl arrives and asks J.T. if they are still on for tonight. After the other girl leaves, J.T. asks Brittany is she is planning to blow him out of the water with Rianna. Brittany says she has no intention of telling her ex-friend Rianna anything but notices that Raul saw everything and notes that he just might tell Rianna what he saw. Raul is stopped by someone from the office who tells him that he is needed at Jabot right away.


Phyllis is looking for Jack and Rianna arrives. Phyllis asks Rianna about her relationship with Raul. Rianna tells Phyllis that she and Raul are keeping their distance. Phyllis offers her help because she tells Rianna that she has a good track record considering what she did for Mac and Billy. Raul arrives and is surprised to find Rianna not Jack.

Ryan's Apartment

Ryan surprises Victoria by decorating his apartment in a Greek motif. He tells her that they had planned a trip to Greece but cannot go right now so this is the next best thing. After dinner, Ryan and Victoria discuss the possibility of getting remarried.

Carlton House

Brad brings the note Colleen left saying she was running away. Ashley comes in and is surprised to find out that Colleen has run away. A parent of one of Colleen's friends from New York calls Traci to tell her that Colleen called to say how upset she was and asked to stay with them when she returns to New York.

Traci is very worried about Colleen by herself back to New York as Jack and Ashley try to console her. Brad tells Steve that Colleen might not take a bus or train to New York, she might hitchhike. Brad asks Steve not to tell Traci about what he thinks. Brad and Steve go to New York to see if Colleen has contacted any friends and one of them will man the phone at the apartment in case any calls regarding Colleen come in.

The Shelter

Mac is meeting with Ned to discuss her schedule and Ned wants her to speak with a new arrival -- Colleen.

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Carlton House:

Ashley, Traci and Jack try to get a game plan together to find Colleen. Jack takes Traci over to the Abbott House in case she shows up there. Later Victor stops by the house to see if he can help find Colleen. Ash doesn't want anything to happen to her nice and Victor offers to keep her company but Ash turns him down.

Homeless Shelter:

Mac is surprised to see Colleen at the shelter. Mac is surprised to learn that Colleen is a runaway. Mac explains that she volunteers there. Colleen realizes she can't stay for fear that Mac will spill to her parents. Mac stops her and tells her she understands what she's going through. She lived in the shelter for six months. She tells Colleen the story of how she came To the shelter and GC. A woman overhears. Colleen tells her that she was supposed to go back to NY but refuses. Mac tells her to get some sleep. Mac promises not to say anything. She then gets a call from Billy who apologizes for forgetting to meet her. He tells her about Colleen and how much it's hurting the family not knowing where she is.


Raul is looking for Jack as per his message and learns that it was Rianna who sent the message. She asks to get past their hurt. He saw her and J.T. making out in the pool house on the last night of the summer campaign. He won't wait around while she tries to figure out what she feels for him. She assures him she isn't seeing J.T. and has barely spoken to him since the campaign. She knows he still cares for her but it's too hard for him since all they end up doing is hurt each other. She asks him not to slam the door and give them some more time.


Mal and Nate play checkers. Liv stops by to drop off his lunchbox for the next day (first day back at school). Mal asks her to stay for a bit since Nate likes it when they get along. She thanks him for keeping Alex away while Nate visits. Mal tells her about his engagement. He hasn't told Nate yet and thought she should know. He also plans on moving in with her which doens't please Olivia but won't fight him on it. She tells him that she is genuinely happy for him and how impressed she is with his friendship with Phyllis. Maybe Alex can bring out the best in him too. He doesn't fill her in on Alex's new job though.


Alex remembers her argument with Malcolm over her working with Michael Baldwin. Neil stops by and says 'hi' to Alex. He wonders if she's interviewing for a job. Michael interrupts and tells him that she already has a job. Neil is surprised by that. They recount how she got the job for Neil who wonders if Malcolm knows about it yet. He does and was shocked but it is her decision. Neil wonders what tipped the scales to Baldwin/Williams. Private practice appealed to her more than corporate law. Michael privately asks her what Malcolm's real answer was. She admits it was tense but it doesn't matter. They get to work.

Crimson Lights:

Nick holds the results from the search of Matt's possessions, which show that a stash of rohypnol was at the cabin the night he tried to rape her. Sharon and Cassie tell Nick about Victor's gift for the baby.

Abbott House:

Billy has spread the word among his friends and Phyllis is informed. Traci asks Phyllis to keep her company while Jack and Billy are out. Phyllis makes her tea and Traci bears her feelings. Phyllis is sure the love of the Abbotts will bring her back home. Jack saw the exchange and is impressed with his fiancé. He thanks her for reaching out to Traci. She mentions to him about her argument with Ashley earlier. That doesn't matter he tells her. She made the effort and couldn't have known what was going on. She excuses herself, leaving Traci and Jack to talk. He gives her a big hug and promises to stay up with her.


Sharon tells Nick about the shower and how much fun it was. She knows how worried he's been about her and tells him that once the baby is there his work needs to be scaled back. She senses that something else is bothering him She wonders if it has to do with Larry Warton. He assures her everything is fine and they make love. He goes to make a drink for her and when turns around, she's gone. "Matt Clark" stands there and taunts him that he's done something to Sharon. Nick tells himself that "Matt" isn't real. "Matt" reminds Nick what his last words were "I won." Nick wakes up in bed in a panic.

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Nick asks Tricia about Matt and she confirms that he slipped some "roofies" into her drink and later claimed she wanted to make love to him. Nick worries that Matt did the same to Sharon. Chantal helps Alex set up her office on her first day of work. Malcolm arrives and tries to convince her to quit her new job in front of Michael. Alex blasts him for embarrassing her in front of her boss and asks him to leave. Meeting her for breakfast, Neil leaks to Olivia that Malcolm's not happy Alex is working for Michael. Victor calls Ashley and learns Colleen is still missing. When she reminisces about the special times she had with Victor and compares them to the troubles she's having with Brad, she later advises Victor she's taking Abby and going to New York to be with her husband. Meanwhile, Traci updates Jack, Mamie and Billy and decides to drive around Genoa City in hopes of spotting her missing daughter. At the Crimson Lights Mac confides in Cody about her dilemma and he advises her to keep her promise not to tell this person's location. Sharon brings Cassie by and questions Mac about the woman named Amanda talking with Cassie. Mac assures Sharon that Cassie did not cause her any trouble and then runs off to find Colleen and presses her to at least call her family. She refuses and gets Mac to promise again not to tell anyone she's here. Amanda overhears them and later tries to talk with Colleen.

Thursday, October 4, 2001

by Ruth

Lauren talked to Isabella about her pregnancy. Isabella was worried that Lauren would spill the beans to Paul, but Lauren met with Mary at Gina's instead to find out more about Paul's relationship with Isabella. Mary was rather cold to Lauren and indicated that Paul didn't want her advice, so she was staying out of it. Later, Isabella called Michael Baldwin and asked him what he knew about Lauren. He tried to talk her into telling him where she was, but she hung up on him.

Billy and Mac talked about Colleen's disappearance. When Mac became somewhat distant, Billy apologized for bringing up the fact that she had run away from home. She was torn up inside knowing where Colleen was and not being able to tell him.

At the shelter, Amanda talked to Colleen about her plans for the future. Colleen figured that she would take a train or bus to New York and stay with friends -- someone that she trusted. Amanda set her straight about how her parents would be able to find her and that none of her ideas would really get her where she wanted to go. Colleen chose to stand her ground, and Amanda left her alone to her thoughts.

Tricia thought back about the night her father had his stroke and how she had been close to killing him. She felt terrible guilt and Victor offered to take her to the hospital to see Keith. She cried at his bedside and hoped for some type of response from him. Before he left for the office, Victor put his hand on her shoulder in support. She seemed affected by the gesture after he left the room.

Phyllis gave Michael a bad time about the whole thing with Paul, Christine, and Isabella like she does quite often. He wouldn't put up with it or admit that he knew all about Isabella. Phyllis even hinted that he should have thought of setting Paul up with Isabella. He kicked her out of his office not wanting to listen to what she had to say.

Jack and Paul were visiting at the Abbott home about the case. Jack asked about Isabella and Paul went ahead and gave him an update. Jack encouraged Paul to go for the relationship if it was important to him, speaking from experience. He left Paul in the living room, telling him that he had a phone call to make. Paul picked up his cell phone and asked for a credit card tracer on Isabella.

Friday, October 5, 2001

Street Corner:

Traci calls Jack for an update. Neither has heard anything and Traci is worried where Colleen might be.

Victoria's Office:

Ryan prepares a special meal themed after their upcoming trip to the Greek Isles. Both are excited about the trip and their relationship. Victoria can't help but worry about Tricia. They agree to let Victor handle it. Later Victor stops by but isn't there to check up on them. He's letting them have free reign since one day they will run things. He finds out about her trip plans and is happy for her but suggests someplace else since he and Diane honeymooned there. She doesn't worry about it though. Vic's happy to see her smile again. She asks him about Tricia and asks how she's been. Tricia's been making progress.

Williams Investigations:

Lynne and Marissa talk about Paul and where he could be. Lynne thinks Lauren will be hot to ease his pain. Mary shows up wanting to speak to Paul. Lynne explains why he can't see her and they all wonder where he could be. Mary fills Lynne in about her fight with Paul. Lynne disagrees with Mary about her motives with Isabella. Lynne reassures her that Paul loves her and will come around. Mary tells her about her breakfast with Lauren and fears that she has made things worse by talking with Lauren.


Lauren shows up at Isabella's room but can't find her anywhere. She finds a note telling her Isabella had to leave and asking her to keep her secret. Paul shows up and demands to know why Isabella is staying there and what Lauren's doing involved in this. Paul tracked down her credit card charges and wants to know what Lauren does. Lauren promised she wouldn't say but Paul is adamant. She tells him that she met Isabella in a restaurant and convinced her to stay in town to think things through on the condition that she not tell Paul. She doesn't think Isabella will be back though. Paul asks what they talked about. Isabella thought for sure that they had no future. He's had nagging feelings that maybe they did have a future. Maybe this is for the best. Lauren clutches the note and ponders her choice: keep the secret or tell him he's going to be a father.

Walnut Grove:

Billy pulls Mac aside to kiss. They both find it odd being back in school as seniors. Soon college will be coming and they'll have to deal with it. After helping a freshman find his way, Billy remembers that Colleen should be starting too but isn't because she's on the streets. Mac keeps quiet about what she knows. She calls the shelter and learns that she's disappeared from the shelter. She's mad at herself for not saying anything while she had the chance.

Abbott House:

John gets another update from the police but no word yet. Traci is happy to have him back home. She panics at the possibilities as to where Colleen could be. Traci recounts her attempt to find her and the sense of hopelessness she felt on the streets. She blames herself for not listening to his advice that things were getting tense. She shouldn't have let her bond so much with Brad at the expense of Steve. It's because she hates Steve so much that she refused to go back to NY. John begs her not to blame herself.

Carlton House:

Victor shows up and announces she wants to help. Jack questions why he would be there and Vic reminds him that he is Colleen's godfather. Jack assures him that everything is being done. Vic knows that Ashley is in NY and he is worried about her. She's confided in him and Jack tells him to mind his own business. Vic tells him that if Brad had listened to Ashley none of this would be happening. Jack asks him to leave but Vic tells him he will use his resources to help find her but Jack knows he's just moving in on Ashley. The police call looking for Traci. They have located a girl, possibly Colleen. She's at the morgue. Jack leaves for the hospital. Later, Traci returns and finds Vic waiting. He offers his help and mentions that Jack left to see someone. She suspects it has to do with Colleen and begs him to tell her.


Nick flashes back to when he found Sharon passed out with Matt. He can see that it was the roofies and not just margaritas as they thought. Sharon returns and wonders what Nick is doing home in the middle of the day. He evades the question and then Tricia has a twinge. The baby is kicking. Both are looking forward to being parents again. They wonder about the kids' reactions to their new sibling and Sharon plans to ask Kay to be godmother.


Kay meets with Sharon. Sharon tells her the fun news that the baby kicked today. Kay is very happy for them and is curious as to the reason for their meeting. Sharon asks for the honor that Kay be the baby's godmother. Nothing would make Kay happier than to be the godmother and thanks Sharon. In a matter of months she's become a grandmother and godmother. She's very blessed.

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