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Sharon experienced spotting. Nick demanded that Sharon's doctor perform tests to determine the conception date. Neil and Olivia began dating. Sean arranged for Lionel Richie to serenade Jill. Billy was furious at Mac for hiding Colleen's whereabouts. Colleen returned home.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, October 8, 2001

Carlton House

Victor is with Traci and Traci is asking where Jack went. Victor is hesitant to tell her. Traci begs him for information and Victor finally tells her that Jack has gone to the hospital morgue because someone called to say a teenage girl was found dead. Traci asks Victor to talk her to the hospital immediately.

Nick and Sharon's

Nick is planning with the kids when Sharon arrives home. Sharon and Nick talk about Katherine being the godmother of their new baby. Nick and Sharon talk all they have been through and Nick becomes distant and leaves to see his father. While alone at home, Cassie comes in and asks her mother if she has a godmother, Sharon tells her no and she says she is fine because she has Grandma Doris, Victor and Nikki. They both admit how much they miss and wish she were home.

The Plane

Nikki is on a plane on her way back to Genoa City as she thinks about her last visit with Victor before she left on her trip.

Victor's Office

Victoria comes in looking for her father and Nikki turns around in Victor's chair to surprise her daughter. Nikki asks her daughter about what has been going on since she has been gone. Victoria tries to be evasive but Nikki wants to know everything. Nick arrives and they tell their mother about Tricia living with Victor. Nikki says that she is sure that Victor is very concerned to take such a drastic step with Tricia.


Victor meets with Dr. Walker and asks the doctor if it is possible that Tricia could be faking her improvement and not taking her medicine. Dr. Walker tells Victor that it highly unlikely that she could be faking. Victor suggests a blood test to see if she has been taking her medicine. The doctor lets him know that he has no jurisdiction over Tricia because he is not a relative of hers.

Doctor's Office

Tricia is having one of her sessions discussing her living arrangement with Victor and how much she doesn't need to be alone right now. Matt appears as she is having her session. Her doctor notices that Tricia's attention is being diverted. Tricia covers successfully. Her doctor leaves and Matt tells Tricia that she cannot take her medicine. She tells him to leave her alone as the nurse comes in with her medicine. Victor arrives right after the nurse and Tricia is surprised. With Victor there, she takes her medicine as Matt screams for her not to take it. Victor offers to take her home and she goes with him willingly as Matt screams for her to stop.

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Victor's Office:

Nikki continues to wait for Victor. As she gets ready to finally leave she bumps into and is surprised to see Larry. He asks how her trip was and she tells him it was productive. He asks if Victor's around but she hasn't seen him. She tells him to keep her return a secret for now and wonders what he's doing at NE. He tells her he's been working with Victor to get Tricia out of town. He tells her things have been going well at work but she wonders if he's been socializing with co-workers yet. He gets defensive and tells her not to try to change him. She calls him a snob for that kind of attitude, but he tells her he's not worthy of the Ivy-Leaguers. She's the closest thing he has to a friend but he's not her pet project. She offers him one last piece of advice: until he gets that chip off his shoulder he should stay far away from Victor Newman.


Michael updates Alex on how things operate in the office. He notices that she still ahs her NE offer in her attaché and asks to see it. He's blown away by the very generous offer, one he could never match. He doesn't need to worry since she turned it down. He knows she did but it wasn't just to practice private sector law. She loves Malcolm but his spontaneity can be frustrating. It reminds her of what Olivia said about him in court.

Kay, Esther and Mac enjoy dinner. Kay's noticed that Mac seems upset about something but gets nothing out of her. Mac's cell rings and she leaves to answer it. It's Ned from the shelter who's got no news on Colleen. Rianna visits Mac and tells her of her recent talk with Raul and how well it went. Given enough time Raul will come around. She's also been looking for Jack and Mac tells her they still haven't found Colleen. Mac wonders if Rianna is ready to work alongside J.T. again. She's sure she can. She enjoyed working for the Abbotts and hopes that Raul will come around. Kay and Esther notice Jill eating alone and decide to make some quips. Jill lashes back but Kay's comments about Sean get to her.

Neil's Office:

Malcolm begs Neil to make Alex another offer. She can't work with that snake Michael. Neil insists that she's happy where she is. Malcolm comes up with a plan. He's going to dig up dirt on him to show Alex. Like all his problems with Christine. Neil points out that Christine forgave him and that's why he can practice law again. Malcolm figures there's got be a reason why she left NE. Neil tells him that a smear campaign agaisnt Baldwin can only hurt himself. She made her decision and he must live with it. Mal sees his logic and capitulates.


Sharon has gone in for a check-up after the twinge she had. The doctor assures her that everything is fine. The doc excuses herself to answer a page. Sharon notices Tricia and her bodyguard enter. Tricia approaches and asks what Sharon's doing there, hoping nothing's wrong with baby. Tricia is there to see her father, who has shown little sign of improvement. She is grateful though for Victor. He's been wonderful during this rough time. She tells Sharon to trust Victor's judgment and not to interfere.


Brittany stops by to check up on Sean who's too buys to entertain. Rianna calls looking for Sean. She tells Britt to tell Sean that she's decided to stay on at the boutique. She notices a light bulb missing and offers to change it. She gets up on the stepladder and 'trips' into his arms. An amused Phyllis observes. She laughs at Britt's amateur seduction techniques. Britt leaves in a huff. Phyllis warns Sean to be wary of her. Sean congratulates Phyllis on her engagement. Phyllis asks him about his drama with Jill over Brittany. He tells her to back off where Jill is concerned. She tries to get him to forget her but it backfires and only incites him to try to win her back.


Sharon picks up the kids toys and remembers finding out how Tricia got to move into the Penthouse. Victoria startles her when she comes to pick up a file for Nick. She tells her she was at the hospital and mentions seeing Tricia who seemed very calm. Their talk was oddly reassuring. Victoria asks if everything with the baby is okay. Sharon is trying not to stress out. She is determined to keep Matt Clark out her mind once and for all. She thanks Victoria for not mentioning her Matt fears to anyone else. She later calls the doctor. Something's wrong and she's coming to the hospital.

Jill's Office:

Jill is surprised to see Sean in her office and even more surprised to see Lionel Ritchie setting up for a performance.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

At Dr Thompson's office:
Sharon meets with Dr Thompson and mentions she has been "spotting." Sharon asks the Dr if this is normal. Dr Thompson replies, "it should stop within 12 to 24 hours." Sharon can't help but feel concerned for her baby's danger. Dr Thompson feels Sharon should be open with her husband about her symptoms and to "let Nick be there to support you through this pregnancy." Sharon calls Nick at the office and asks Nick to come home. Nick told Victor he had met with Tricia to ask her about the drugs Matt Clarke used to try to rape Sharon. Victor was stunned Nick would go to the apartment. Nick had mentioned the DA found "lots of Rophynol in the cabin. Who knows what Matt Clarke would have done to Sharon" Nick comes home to comfort his wife. Sharon tells Nick about the spotting. Sharon replies, "I don't want this to be a crisis, but I can't help but feel concerned for my baby" Nick then asks Sharon "is there anything else I should know?" Sharon replies, "Well, the truth is I haven't been completely honest with you"

At Gina's:
Nikki meets with Ryan McNeil for dinner. Nikki was shocked to learn Tricia Dennison is living with Victor. Nikki has a hunch Tricia has "an agenda." Ryan tells Nikki "Victor is a smart man. If anyone can handle this, he can" Nikki still doesn't feel totally reassured, tho. On the other hand, Nikki responds to Ryan about Victoria. "This is the happiest I've seen Victoria in a long time" Ryan hopes this happiness can continue for a long time. Nikki then replies to Ryan about Tricia "Tricia is such a menace to everyone but Victor Newman"

At Malcolm's:
Malcolm is spending another night with Nate, while Olivia is out. Malcolm tells Nate about his engagement to Alex. Nate is worried "Mom won't let me see you again." Malcolm replies "I have told your mother about this and I don't think she will fight me on this one. The Judge won't let her get away with it." Nate has a sad look on his face. Malcolm wants to know what is troubling Nate. Nate replies "I wish you and Mom could get back together." This concerns Malcolm as Nate is a bit hesitant to Alex possibly becoming his new "stepmother." Malcolm tells Nate Alex is going to move in with Malcolm, eventually, but its only one step at a time, for now. "We're not going to pressure you" Alex comes home and tries to be friendly with Nate. Alex makes small talk and doesn't succeed. Alex is shocked when Nate mentions, "You're gonna be my new stepmother" Alex doesn't feel she is ready to handle the responsibilities of parenthood. Malcolm snaps as to why Alex continues to work with Michael Baldwin. Malcolm is concerned with Alex's reputation. Alex replies "I brought an industry to their knees. People will know my name and capabilities of my work" Alex is about to storm out of Malcolm's apartment when Malcolm apologizes for his behavior. Malcolm calms himself down and remembered what Neil told him about keeping his cool with Alex. Alex reminds Malcolm "let's keep Neil out of this equation and let YOU and ME work out our problems, together" As Malcolm and Alex embrace, Nate comes walking down the steps, with tears in his eyes.

At Gina's:
Neil is having dinner with Olivia. Olivia can't help but be a bit curious as to her status with Neil. Olivia replies "are we friends, companions, more than friends?" Neil replies "its not like it's a HI BUDDY, relationship. Its a bit more than that" Olivia then replies to Neil "then it's safe to say we're dating." Neil can agree with that. Gina approaches Neil and Olivia and is happy to see the two of them out again, back into the swing of things.

At Jill's office:
Jill walks into her office and notices Lionel Ritchie and Sean. Jill is stunned to see Lionel, in person. Lionel Ritchie replies, "Please, sit down. The show is about to start" Lionel serenades Jill with his song "How Long." It's a song, or rather a story, about how important people are to each other. Lionel asks Jill, "How much longer are you going to make this man suffer?" Sean tells Jill, "I don't care about age. I care about you, and there is no other girl in the world who can make me feel good like you do." Jill asks, "Where do you see us 10 years down the road from here?" Jill will not let herself be hurt again and Sean gets the message. Jill nods "no" and it basically means, she won't get back together with Sean.

At Victor's apartment:
Tricia tells Victor she ran into Sharon at the hospital while she visited her dad. Tricia replies "we had a civilized conversation, for a change" Tricia is glad she is trying to make amends for what she's done. Tricia offers to make Victor dinner sometime "soon."

Thursday, October 11, 2001

by Ruth

Billy overheard a conversation that Mac had with Katherine where she admitted that she knew that Colleen was at the shelter but couldn't tell anyone. He was furious with her! She tried to explain about confidentiality, but he vowed that it would be her fault if anything happened to Colleen.

At the shelter, Amanda watched as Colleen touched base with Ned before she ate supper and left for good. Amanda held her back before she left, asking her about her situation and telling her about how she lost her daughter years before. Amanda asked her more than once about her feelings for her mother and reminded her that her mother was sick with worry -- it was like a knife through her heart not knowing where her daughter was. She admitted that she deserved the pain that she felt after her daughter left, but did Colleen's mother deserve hers? Before she left, she gave a final warning to think again before she did something that she could not undo. . .

Phyllis was at home waiting for Jack after his episode at the hospital morgue. She had done some shopping and wanted to model her outfits. He was hesitant to agree, but she insisted and he was floored by her in the various dresses. The first was white and slinky. She said that she was going to wear it to Paris when they attended the opera. He was ready to call the travel agent after that one. The next one was black with slits across her chest. That one was for an art exhibit in Soho. Jack commented on the starving artists whose art would go by the wayside when she walked into the room. The last one was a Little Bo Peep number, perfect for when she "had designs on her man." They embraced, shared their love for each other, and it seemed that Phyllis' plan to help Jack get his family problems off his mind was working. . .

Nikki ran into Jill at the office and Jill was in an awful mood. Something was mentioned about "mismatched couples" and Jill took offense. Nikki found out that she and Sean were having problems and proceeded to warn her that she shouldn't leave town without making a phone call. Nikki knew that Jill had feelings for him that she should not deny. After Nikki left the room, Jill picked up the phone, dialed, and heard only the sound of his answering machine. . .

Nick and Sharon continued their mind-blowing conversation about what she was thinking and worrying about with the pregnancy. She mentioned again that she may have been pregnant that "Night of the Margaritas" and Nicholas started remembering things. He remembered picking her up off the couch and talking to Matt on his deathbed. Could he be worried that he is not the father of this baby? Sharon felt better after sharing her thoughts with her husband and apologizing, but Nicholas seemed very preoccupied and thoughtful.

At Victor's penthouse, he touched base with Tricia before retiring for the evening. She tried to make amends with him, but he was guarded. She repeated her thanks anyway, and he went upstairs. During the next scene, Tricia was doing her needlework again. She looked at Victor's picture and said out loud, "Victor needs to know." Then Victor came down the stairs. He asked what it was that he needed to know and she proceeded to admit that she had not taken her medication until recently and that she had strong feeling of anger and revenge toward his family. All the while, Matt was in the background yelling at her not to destroy them -- it was all a hoax -- Victor was trying to trap her. She yelled back at Matt and Victor wondered who she was talking to. She was showing her true colors and then. . .

She awoke from her dream. None of it had really happened. Victor did descend the stairs, however, wondering why she cried out. She denied any problems -- it must have been a bad dream. . . . .

Friday, October 12, 2001


Amanda notices that Colleen took her advice and stayed the night. Colleen still can't fathom going back to NY as if nothing happened. Amanda pleads with her to listen to her heart. Her mom loves her and the pain will go away. Colleen says she has to go and asks Amanda to say goodbye to Ned for her. Amanda overheard Ned talking to Mac and learns her daughter knows Colleen. Ned was impressed with how Amanda handled Colleen. she did everything right and hopes that she reached Colleen. First time for everything she mutters to herself.

Chancellor House:

Mac tells Kay that Billy overheard Mac talking about knowing where Colleen was. Mac agonizes over her decision to keep it a secret. She wonders if Billy will ever forgive her. Mac calls the shelter and finds out Colleen was there and left again. Mac decides to go and tells Traci what she knows.

Abbott House:

Traci tells Billy that she's okay and that he should go to school. He flatly states that he is staying by her side. She thanks him and makes some tea. Billy then gets a call from Mac and blows her off. Later Mac shows up with news about Colleen. She tells him she was back at the shelter but left again. Since she doesn't know when she left which only infuriates Billy. She should have said something the first time. Billy tells her not to say anything to his family. He'll handle it and asks her to leave. Traci thanks her for her support. Mac excuses herself and leaves. Billy tells her that Mac found out that Colleen was at the shelter but left that morning. She asks if they knew how Colleen was. He doesn't know much. If only Mac found out before she left the shelter. All the possibilities run through Traci's mind and she cries on Billy's shoulder for her baby to come home. Suddenly a voice: "Mom?." Colleen is back.

Connelly Apt, NY:

Steve has reached a dead end. He's spoken with all of Colleen's friends with no leads at all. Ashley and Brad try to convince him not to give up. Steve tells them it's time for them to go back. They've done everything they can and need to go back to their lives. When Ashley wonders if Colleen might be hitchhiking, Brad gets angry with her for even suggesting the idea. He apologizes but the thought repulses and frightens him. They agree that they have issues to resolve but Ash suggests putting them on hold until Colleen is back.

Crimson Lights:

Alex and Malcolm bump into Neil. Neil asks if Mal has gotten over her working for Michael. He hates it but refuses to let it ruin things with Alex. Neil quickly excuses himself and mlacolm notices his rush and wonders what is going on with Neil. Malcolm talks about trying to fix Neil up but Alex tells him to let Neil run his own love life. He changes the subject to their wedding and asks to set a date. She's hesitant to settle anything. He asks her when she'll be moving in and tells her to feel free to redecorate to suit her tastes. She's about to be part of a fmaily and should start to think that way. They should go to some furniture stores. She asks him to stop it right now. He asks what is with her attitude and she tells him she's not a decorating type and that's it. He thinks there's more to it. Are they over their past troubles?

Nick & Sharon's:

Nick remembers talking with Sharon about when the baby was conceived and the possibility that it was around the time of the roofie incident. He then remembers Matt's dying words, referring to raping Sharon the night of the roofies. Sharon notices his distress and asks him if he's okay. Sharon tries to assure Nick that the odds of the baby being harmed by the drugs are slimmed. Nick doesn't let on what he's really worried about. Sharon offers to cheer him up to get his mind off this but he tells her he has to go to work. He doesn't even ask how she and the baby are doing since the spotting from the day before. Sharon tells him that it stop and she's sure the baby will be fine. Later Victoria stops by and learns of the spotting. Sharon regrets telling Nick about her fears for the baby since Nick was so blind-sided by it. Victoria tells her that Nick already knew about the pills. Sharon is surprised by it and attributes Nick shock to learning that she may have been pregnant at the time. Sharon is still puzzled by why Nick didn't mention anything about the drugs after Sharon told him about it.

Doctor's Office:

Nick stops by to see Sharon's OB-GYN to ask about the spotting. He shares his fear that the drugs may have harmed the baby and wants to know when the baby was conceived. When she says that they can't pin it down anymore than they have he becomes furious. The doctor strenuously warns him not to be around Sharon. She tells him to get a grip and calm down for his wife's sake.

Neil's Office:

Olivia stops by with breakfast. It's a thank you for the wonderful evening they had. Now that they're officially dating she wants to do things like this more often. They share their first kiss.

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