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Ryan and Victoria set a wedding date. Nick told Sharon that Matt had claimed Matt had raped her. The doctor advised to wait for a paternity test until the baby was born. Olivia and Neil made love. Raul accidentally overdosed on insulin.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, October 15, 2001

Carlton House

Billy tells Traci about Mac seeing Colleen at the shelter before she left again. Traci cries on Billy's shoulders about how worried she is about her daughter when Colleen comes in the door. Traci is very happy to see her daughter. Colleen tells Traci and Billy how sorry she is about making everyone worry. Colleen tells them that she came back only because of her mother. Brad and Ashley return as the reunion is going on. They are both stunned and happy to see Colleen but Colleen is very distant towards Brad. Traci tells everyone that she wants to go back to New York ASAP.

Billy is helping Mac pack to go home as Jack arrives. Jack tells Billy that he saw Mac at the coffeehouse and that he should call Mac to tell her about Colleen being back. Billy tells Jack that he is not ready to speak with Mac just yet. Colleen overhears and speaks with Billy privately. Colleen tells Billy that Mac was very helpful to her at the shelter and she made her promise not to say anything to anyone. Billy leaves to find Mac.

Brad and Ashley have words regarding Traci and Colleen as Jack eavesdrops. Brad goes up to speak with Colleen and he tells her how much he loves her and he will always be a part of her life. Colleen tells him that she understands that he has made his choice that he chose Abby over her.

Traci and Colleen leave and say goodbye to everyone. Colleen tells her grandfather before she leaves that he is the only person in the family that she can trust.

Neil's Apartment

Neil and Olivia are making out on the couch as things get hotter. They make love for the first time. Olivia questions whether they did the right thing. Neil reassures her that they did the right thing. Olivia expresses to Neil that she is very happy that they finally made love.

Malcolm's Studio

Alex and Malcolm are discussing their relationship. Alex tells Malcolm that he needs to back off a bit and that people can't be the way he wants them to be. Alex leaves a shocked Malcolm.

The Coffeehouse

Mac is having coffee with Jack explaining to him why she did not tell anyone about knowing of Colleen's whereabouts. Jack tells her that she was in a difficult position. Mac leaves feeling very low as Jack's phone rings. It's a call from Ashley to tell him that Colleen is home. Jack tries to catch Mac but she is already gone.

Later, Billy meets up with Mac. He tells her that Colleen is back and apologizes for his behavior. She accepts his apology and they promise never to let anything like this happen again.

Newman Enterprises

Nick is with Victoria discussing Sharon and her pregnancy. Nick is worried. Victoria tells Nick she found out about the pills and Matt Clarke a while ago from Sharon. He realizes that he and Sharon have both been hiding things. He breaks down and tells Victoria that he is afraid that if Matt raped Sharon that night then he could be the father of Sharon's baby as Sharon arrives.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Nick's Office:

Sharon overhears Nick and Victoria talking about the bizarre pregnancy. Victoria excuses herself. Sharon wants the truth about what he's thinking. He wants to take it home but she insists. It's worse than what she's thinking he tells her. Matt told him something on his deathbed, about Margarita night. While she was out of it, Matt claims he raped her. Nick tells her that they don't know for sure if it was true. Matt was a liar. Sharon tells him that he did once before so it's not out of the realm of possibility. Sharon tries to calm herself for the baby's sake. Matt is dead, it's all over. Nick's not so sure. She doesn't understand what he means. Matt may have left something behind, he tells her. She thinks it's just about the effects of the drugs on the fetus but that's not the only possibility. The doctor isn't sure about the conception date. She still doesn't get it. If she wasn't pregnant the night of the margaritas, and Matt did rape her... "It might be Matt's?" she realizes. It can't be she tells him. They need to have a paternity test.


Nikki calls Miguel to confirm that everything is ready for her surprise. Sean stops in to check in with what she wants to get ready for the web aspect of her new product. She asks him if everything is okay as he doesn't seem himself. She asks about Jill but he doesn't know when she'll be back. John comes in and is very impressed with her project. Sean leaves, obviously upset about Jill. John tells Nikki about the Colleen saga.

Carlton House:

Brad tells Ashley that she was right and he should have seen that. Now it's time to get back to normal but Ash wonders if they can. Brad notices that Ash is happy Colleen is gone. She is but that's not a bad thing. Colleen is back with her mom and stepfather. There's nothing wrong with that. She resents that he put the whole thing on her shoulders. He admits he misread Colleen but he's still committed to Colleen. She was not being paranoid about Colleen she was right and he ignored those warnings. Colleen ran away because he felt her think she could have another family with Brad. She wonder show he could have doubted her desire to help and he can't get over that she thinks Abby means less than Colleen to him. They realize they're right where they started. He wonders if she wants things to work out between them. He loves her and their daughter. Later she calls Victor to tell him Colleen was found. He senses that she's upset about something but she claims she's fine and hangs up. Later Victor shows up at the house. He's glad everything worked out with Colleen and asks about her. She doesn't think they should talk about her marriage. She asks him not to be concerned with her. She tells him she shouldn't have turned to him during the crisis.

Walnut Grove:

Rianna spots Raul and hesitates talking with him. Raul notices Britt reading up on web site creation. She asks him for some help. J.T. sees Rianna and asks how she's doing. She hopes there's still hope with Raul and tells J.T. so. Rianna updates Raul and Britt about Colleen. Rianna wonders about Raul and Britt's meeting. She asks to speak to Raul. He says he's busy with Britt but agrees to speak with her for a minute. Raul gets a passing computer geek, Horace to help Brittany out in his place. Rianna asks him where Raul's head is regarding them. She realizes that them reconciling will take time but thinks that the best way to get there is for them to talk again. J.T. interrupts Horace' tutorial to talk about Rianna. Horace interjects that they weren't done and Britt takes him to the coffee house. Raul wonders what they could talk about. She brings up college and asks for his input. He agrees. They agree to meet at the coffee shop after her work-study group. When she realizes it's with J.T., Raul asks to make it another time.

Jack's Office:

Jack fills in Phyllis about Colleen and passes on Traci's thanks to her. Colleen and Traci have returned to NY with Steve. Unfortunately Ashley and Brad have not come out unscathed. He swears her to secrecy: he thinks Vic's interested in Ashley. She doubts he would cross that line but Jack scoffs at that. He also doesn't want to tell Brad since every scenario he can imagine has Brad only pushing her into Vic's arms. Later Brad shows up and Phyllis expresses her relief that Colleen is back. Jack will see Phyllis at home later and she leaves. Brad asks for a report and Jack asks about the tension between Ash and Brad. He genuinely wants to help. Brad wonders why.

Victoria's Office:

Ryan is searching the web for hotels for their trip when Victoria comes in upset about Nick and Sharon. She can't tell him the full details but he cautions her to think positively until they know something for sure. She changes the subject to their vacation spot. She's impressed by his find. They decide to get the place. They realize that if their trip is to be their honeymoon they need to act fast. Victoria's not worried about a big wedding since it's their 2nd.

Crimson Lights:

Horace gives Britt some web site technology. She asks about loading video clips to a website. Sean notices and asks what Britt's up to.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

At Dr. Thompson's office, Nick and Sharon are there. Nick tells Dr Thompson that he feels the baby might not be his. Dr Thompson now has her answers as to why Nick was asking about Sharon possible conception date. Nick admitted he had been feeling restless about what Matt Clarke said he did to Sharon. Nick feels the baby might not be his because of the night Sharon was drugged; Matt Clarke said he had raped Sharon. Sharon is not sure about anything "because I don't remember anything that night" Dr Thompson asks if Sharon had any visible signs of damage. Sharon replies "not that I could visibly see" Nick is being frantic. Nick replies, "There is a baby that Sharon is carrying and I don't know whether it's mine or it belongs to that Monster!" Nick asks to have a paternity test done but Sharon is in her third trimester. Dr Thompson suggests Nick and Sharon wait until the baby is born.

At Jabot, Rianna is working in the Boutique. J.T. was supposed to work with her but showed up a bit late. J.T. bought a special bracelet for Rianna. J.T. is concerned about Rianna talking to Raul again. Rianna tells J.T. "we're making progress. It's off to a slow start but things should get better, within time" As J.T. puts the bracelet on Rianna's hand, Raul walks into the scene, noticing J.T. being friendly with Rianna, once more.

At Walnut Grove, Raul asks Mackenzie about Colleen and how Billy is handling her situation. Mackenzie tells Raul "when Billy's family was freaking, I was caught in the middle, big time" Mackenzie told Raul she had seen Colleen at the Homeless Shelter and had to keep secret about Colleen's whereabouts. Mackenzie knows there was a woman Colleen had spoken to and it convinced Colleen to come back home. Mackenzie replies "I want to thank that woman myself"

At Crimson Lights, Brittany is meeting with Horace and learning about how website work and run. Sean happens to stop by and wonders what Brittany is up to. Brittany replies to Sean "I am learning websites, because of you, Sean" Brittany admits she likes being a "flirt" and its gotten her way with the men but Brittany's smarten up a bit and will have her "way" with Sean, sooner or later.

At Jabot, Ashley walks in on Brad and Jack talking. Jack was warning Brad to be careful of Victor snooping in his marriage. Brad confronts Ashley about Jack "blowing smoke about his marriage." Ashley dodges Brad's question at first but Ashley replies "I've had a few conversations with Victor and it's not a big deal" Brad is furious. Brad replies "when I first asked you to marry me, who butted in, Victor Newman. When I asked you to marry me, years later, who shows up on our doorstep, Victor Newman!" Brad feels Victor is a threat to his marriage, because Ashley has been confiding in him. Ashley then replied, "I married you, Brad" Brad storms out of the Jabot Boardroom.

At Newman Enterprises, Wally, Victor's driver asks Victor to come along on a special journey. "It's a surprise", Wally replies. Victor then replies "you know, Wally, I hate surprises and no one orders me around" Wally is still trying to keep a secret but manages to allure Victor to this awaited "surprise" Low and behold, Nikki is dressed in a beautiful floral dress. Nikki replies to Victor "I know you couldn't come with me to Brazil so I brought Brazil to you, instead" Nikki had a nice dinner arranged and shared a special dance with Victor. Victor replies to Nikki, "I've missed you. I mean I really missed you"

Thursday, October 18, 2001

by Ruth

Victor opened a huge gift from Nikki after dinner in paradise. She then moved the conversation on to the topic of his new house guest. He answered her questions and she found out that he felt that he had been successful at urging Tricia to take her medication again.

At the penthouse, Tricia was thinking about how she had offered to cook for Victor and wanted to do it that evening. She went to Gina's with her guard to get ideas and recipes. She cooked up a storm and, while she set the table just right, she thought back about Victor's hand on her shoulder back at the hospital.

Raul paid Rianna a visit at the boutique to find her holding J.T.'s wrist while he wore a bracelet that she had given him long ago. Raul refused to stay around and J.T. tried to patch things up and get her to admit that she believed that he always cared about her. She agreed that she knew what he was saying, but soon left for the coffeehouse to find Raul.

Raul was there. He had taken his insulin shot soon after he arrived while visions of Rianna and J.T. together rushed through his brain. Mac and Billy were trying to convince him to visit colleges with them and/or go to a movie with them and invite Rianna. He refused to go for it, then he took his insulin shot again, thinking that he had forgotten it earlier. Mac and Billy left then Rianna showed up. He let her sit down, they said a few words, then J.T. arrived, ready to make trouble. He started badmouthing Raul, Raul started a fight, Cody broke it up, then kicked J.T. out of the restaurant. Rianna could tell that there was something wrong with Raul -- he was acting weak and dizzy -- she screamed for some orange juice or soda while he pushed her away.

Katherine paid Paul a visit at his office. She was planning a fundraising event and wanted Paul's company to provide security. He agreed, then she told him that she was worried about him. She suggested that she spend some time with Lauren, who he was surprised to find out was still in town. . .

At Gina's, Lauren was joined at her table by Michael Baldwin. He had several questions for her about her "relationship" with Isabella Brana. She answered his questions with her own questions and neither one was getting anywhere. Soon, Paul Williams approached the table and Michael made a swift exit. Paul sat down and he told Lauren not to ever talk to Michael, he could not be trusted.

Ryan arrived at the apartment to find Victoria ready to talk about wedding plans. She asked him to reserve the entire Colonnade Room for the reception, so he did. Then she invited the reverend from All Saints Church to come over and talk about marrying them. November 9 was the date (the day after Ryan's divorce would be final) and it had been booked at the church for over a year. She sent him off in a hurry, told Ryan how disappointed she was, then started making another phone call on her mission to be married in just a few weeks. . .

Nikki and Victor finished up their conversation about Tricia, moving on to more important things. She commented on how it was a beautiful evening for a swim, stood up, dropped her dress to the floor, and jumped in! She called out to him to join her in the water while he sat, amazed and amused at her behavior.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Crimson Lights:

Rianna tries to get Raul to drink some OJ to compensate for a diabetic episode but he angrily refuses by smashing the glass on the counter. In a fit of rage, he tries to run out but Cody manages to restrain him. He gets into an even bigger rage and Rianna realizes that this isn't just a normal diabetic shock. Something is really wrong. He then starts convulsing. Later Billy and Mac show up looking for Raul. Cody fills them in what happened. Mac goes to call the hospital and Cody fills in Billy about Raul's fight with J.T. J.T. then returns. Billy talks to him and J.T. goes off on about Raul and what a jerk he's being. Billy realizes that he doesn't even know what he did to Raul and eventually start fighting. They stop and after Mac finds Billy and he tells her about the fight. Billy explains that J.T. was tormenting Raul when he start to freak. She talked to Rianna and found out that Raul is okay and that his parents are with him.


Katherine comes to see Nikki who recently had a shower. Kay noticed Victor's car leaving and she wonders what is going on. Nikki, quite pleased with herself tells Kay that she gave Vic a taste of his own medicine. She explains about her Brazilian themed evening including the skinny dipping incident. She then fills in Kay about her trip to Brazil and how well it can turn out for Jabot. She is determined to make her mark in the business world. Nikki fills in Kay about Tricia's living arrangements. Nikki's no longer worried though. What harm could come of it she wonders.


Tricia prepares the final touches on the nice dinner she made for Victor. Vic returns home and notices the effort she made. He tells her he already ate. She was hoping to surprise and he thanks her for the effort. They instead skip to dessert which they enjoy. She asks about his evening at the Ranch and he mentions that he went swimming. She talks about the good ol' days with Ryan and how she has no one but herself to blame for messing it up. She thanks him for his kindness to her in her hard times. He tells her he wants her to get well. She's sure that Fate brought them together. She was sure he would never be supportive of her and he wonders why then did she want to move in. She evades the question chalking it up to just instinctual. She says it's hard to remember details that far back. Is there a reason he's asking, she wonders. She regrets not being able to give him a clear answer since he's been so nice. He tells her he has her best interests at heart. She excuses herself as tired and goes to bed. Before going she places her hand on his shoulder and thanks him.

McNeil Apt:

Victoria informs Ryan that they are getting married when they wanted and where they wanted. She convinced the couple who had the church booked to change their location. Ryan wonders how that happened and Victoria mentions that she bought them a honeymoon, a really nice one. He asks why the change of mind about the size of the wedding. She remembers their first marriage in Chicago with no one they cared about around them, sneaking around etc. This time it will be different. They work on the guest list and Ryan gives her a present he meant to give her earlier. It's her engagement ring. She's very touched especially when he gets on one knee and officially proposes. She eagerly accepts.


Paul wonders what's eating away at Lauren. She explains about Michael's interest in them, but Paul doesn't get it. Someone watches them from across the room. Paul tells Lauren to avoid Michael like the plague. She knows not to trust him. He mentions his visit from Kay and that she might be matchmaking between them. Lauren finds that amusing. They reminisce about their marriage and the fun they had. Later Gina notices someone sitting and is surprised they are still in town: it's Isabella and she's not in a good mood.

Williams Investigations:

Mary stops by but only Lynne and Marissa are there. Lynn tells her the news that Lauren may be out of town. Mary is very pleased to hear that. Mary excuses herself and asks them not to tell Paul she was there. Afterwards, the girls scheme to get Mary and Paul on good terms again.

Lauren's hotel room:

Paul tells Lauren that she's good for him and they kiss passionately. He tells her he should be going and she reluctantly agrees.


Raul wakes up in the hospital. Reese and Rianna are by his side. Thanks to Rianna they got to him in time. They figure out that he overdosed on insulin. She tells him his parents have been called and they are on their way. He feels stupid for taking that second shot by mistake. Rianna blames herself for stressing him out but he takes full responsibility for it. His parents arrive and comfort their boy. He assures him he's ok. Reese assures them that Raul will be fine. Outside his parents thank Rianna talk. She explains that she hasn't been around lately because they had a big fight. They obviously like her and hope she and Raul can work it out.

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